Friday, October 12, 2012

Now Pengerang's RAPID gets Pakatan's, er, nod

THEN ... We will kill Pengerang!

but NOW ... We will not kill Pengerang!

PAKATAN's RAPID FLIP-FLOP. That's the thing about some of these Pakatan politicians, they politicize first and think later. And the component partners don't talk to one another. PKR says Pakatan will abolish RAPID, PAS says Pakatan supports the project. Luckily, they are not the government. RM60 billion RAPID is Malaysia's largest development project to date; if the Government of the day had been half finicky, the nation would go down the drain.
Which one is which now? Well, since Salahuddin's statement is the most recent on from Pakatan, we'll have to assume that his statement overrides his comrade from PKR Chua Jui Meng's, the former Health Minister. If we can assume that Pakatan's official stand is to support the RAPID project, well and good. So RAPID and Petronas, you guys "can continue (your) development in Pengerang". Hehe, looks like Salahuddin Ayub is practising on how to speak like a Menteri Besar already ...  
But seriously, it is wise of Salahuddin to come clean on this and distance PAS and himself from Chua's statement. I think he knows that the people in the area are going to come down hard on him and Pakatan if they try to stop the project and deny them their share of the spoils!  
I think Salahuddin realises that RAPID is not a project that will benefit only the people in Pengerang or Johor, it will be the catalyst for Malaysia's growth.  
We shall wait for Chua Jui Meng to come around and do a back-flip, rapid-ly.


  1. Chua Jui Meng is a washed out ungrateful Ex-minister/politician, thank God he left MCA/BN.

  2. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Most importantly, Rocky think that we should not stop the UMNO from profiting from this project. Rakyat disengsarakan, UMNO diperkayakan.

  3. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Hi, Anon Ass Hole In One Zero Three

    So if Pakatan Liwat initiated the RAPID, so it is okaylah sebab semua dia punya MP ADUN daripada golongan malaikat? is it?

    Ada mata ka... tengok Pakistan, Iran, Bangla, China kat sini ...bukan rakyat Malaysia pun... kenapa baru sini ada less than 5 years can own up C230 and S Class?

  4. Anonymous4:42 pm

    I like your inference:

    Well, since Salahuddin's statement is the most recent on from Pakatan, we'll have to assume that his statement overrides his comrade from PKR Chua Jui Meng's, the former Health Minister.

    Now, can you tell that Datuk in NST not to publish Anwar Ibrahim's quotes of many moons ago? Because, going by your logic, those printed by NST are archaic and have been overridden by his latest statements - which NST does not want to feature.

    But I think you got no power to tell (officially), although you can plan and execute many 'Mole' activities.

    I want to also hear what you have to proof that Soros did not meet the present PM. i believe your team is half-way thru already to call that thing a bluff!

    Life is getting really juicy for you folks ah?


  5. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Typical dysfunctional moronic behaviors of the Pakatan dunggus.

    Yesterday they said no, today they said yes..Yesterday they opposed, today they agreed.

    Malaysia will return back to stone age if the pakatan dunggus come into power.

  6. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Pakatan Rosak is a coalition of rejects, disgruntled, frustrated dropouts and religous freaks led by a devious and dubious character.

    So, things like these is an obvious expectation.


  7. Anonymous6:26 pm

    They are all idiots. Dont give these bunch of idiots your vote in this coming election.

  8. Anonymous7:44 pm

    RM60 Billion project ended up with only a RM5 billion project and the rest in UMNOputra pocket.

    Better let PR do it and save us Malaysian, a RM5 billion project is a RM5 million project in PR.

    So Latuk Rocky please don't write what is on the surface skin deep only, do use your binocular to see more clearly.

  9. Anonymous7:32 am

    I am very curious about this Pakatan-Trio's 4 States under their rule. They make so much noise on whatever BN Govt plans to do, but all these years since 2008, what have they themselves done for the benefit the Rakyats?

    Can anyone here please list down ASAP accordingly?

    Potential big Investor

    1. Anonymous11:21 am

      There is no Rakyat, there is only Pakatan Rakyat.

      We do only what benefit (Pakatan) Rakyat!

      So vote us, and help you God!

  10. Param, Param!

    I think you are a little confused (I don't blame you because that's their goal, you see - make you confused).

    1. Salahuddin and Chua Jui Meng are.not the same person. Anwar 2012 (your boss now).and Anwar back then (when he was UMNO boss no 2 and DON'T) are the same person. How can he override himself?

    2. Those old Anwar quotes in the NST? That's the problem with people like you - you say you want press freedom but you don't want to live with it.

    3 If it was up to me, I would not waste so much space to give Anwar the free publicity. People know the real Anwar already, how capable he is in.changing stands to suit different occasions. Didn't The Economist call him a (political) chameleon?

  11. Anonymous11:48 am

    Looks like Sallehudin will be contesting in Johore .


  12. Anonymous12:48 pm

    param practices the "do as I say not do as I do" - the mantra of pakatan bozos

    they contradict each other so often that they confuse not only the rakyat but themselves too

    that's what you get when the coalition is not even registered

    the only common denominator is to destroy UMNO/BN as an obstacle to putrajaya

    they are USING each other to grab power thru back doors, leaping frogs, foreign funds, slander, blatant lies, empty promises, back stabbing ......

  13. Jasper Bloodstone2:46 pm

    It looks like the Rapid project in Johor will have some competition.

    See the Reuters report "Sinopec starts work on US$850m oil storage terminal in Bantam" (Singapore Business Times, Oct 11).

    "Asia's top refiner, China's Sinopec, has started work to build South-east Asia's largest oil storage terminal (with a capacity of up to 16 million barrels of crude and refined fuels) at the Batam free trade zone in Indonesia... in an US$850 million investment to boost petroleum trading...

    "About 360 hectares of land in Batam's Free Trade Zone has been set aside, with a refinery and petrochemical project being considered in the second phase of development....."

    Oil storage terminal. Refinery. Petrochemical project. Boost petroleum trading. Sounds very much like what Rapid is hoping to do.

    The oil majors and oil traders sitting in Singapore (the region's top oil trading hub and the third largest oil refining and trading hub in the world) can now choose between Pengarang and Bantam.

    Maybe those Pakatan people were on to something here.

    And Petronas muscle notwithstanding, the government would be embarrassed if the Rapid project were to be out-competed by a lower-cost Bantam.

  14. Anonymous5:25 pm

    It is as though we have a few irritating back seat drivers, with each yelling different comments.

    And all the said back seat drivers have no valid driving licenses nor have ever driven before.

    Thats the Pakatoons

    Save Malaysia

  15. alexlee5:40 pm


    it is so clear to me and to so many others that the Pakatan government abhors criticiams.


    what's worse -- you cannot QUESTION them.

    They will shut u up -- kit siang, guan eng, nik aziz, anwar, wan azizah...they're all the same.

    of course DAP is the "yours (the people) are not to question why"..

    nik aziz -- "we are the party of God, we do God's business, so don't question us because that means you are questioning God".

    and Anwar --'ve seen how he was with local journalists...he used to brush them off if he didnt care to answer their questions...he could get very belligenrent and angry if u asked him questions he didnt like, and he was DPM.
    Anwar only cavorted (and still does) with the foreign media.
    what wsa it they said "dia bela" as in dia jaga, the foreign press...anwar kan charming.

    with BN -- i've realized that -- hey -- they can take the shit man.
    sticks and stones and all...

    another thing -- imagine those peopel who trumpet for democracy and convinced that Pakatan is the real deal -- hello -- they're NEPOTISTIC lah...
    you mean you buggers Pakatan supporters are okay with that?
    what kind of *uckers are you all?

    buta lah kamu semua..

    1. Anonymous10:43 am

      hello dumno, we don't care about Pakatan, but can u tell your bosses to explain corruption in the country ? don't treat the rakyat like fools.

    2. Anonymous10:46 am

      and don't boast about transparency when u award tenders to the highest bidders and hide behind OSA when questioned about the evaluations.

  16. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Acvtually, the fuckatan arsefuckboys are mere lackeys for Chingkpigs on the other side of the Tebrau.

    There are O&G plants over there which stand to lose billions with Pengerang in the pix. So what else but sabotage ala 'baling batu sembunyi tangan', a skill the moneylaundering Chingkpigs are good at and for which's realisation the pseudo-Malay Fuckatan arsewhores, cuntlicks, cliworms and johnjuicers are ever ready to oblige in return for gay sex and lots of money.

    I know what's going on in those beyond the Tebrau chingkpigs' heads....

    Warrior 231

    P/s: Now English ticha (u know who yerself), can you clean up my granmar (sic..hic) a bit.......hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  17. Jasper Bloodstone5:04 pm

    The warrior is wilfully misdirecting - again.

    Ask him who has invested in Singapore's Jurong Island and how much? Ask him to list it out in detail by name and amount.

    It should be a piece of cake for him, seeing as how he's got all these "impeccable (but unnamed) sources" south of the Causeway.

    Now, let's see how many of those investors succumb to the siren call of Rapid and Pengarang Honor.

    Add in the projected Sinopec development in Batam, and things could get mighty interesting, if you catch my drift.

    Because that would be the horse whiskers and then some - Batam and Jurong Island cooperating and complementing to take on Rapid/Pengarang.

    Now before I dole out the corn likker (no sissy single malts for us Romney-Ryan fans), let's ask ourselves why Petronas invested a fair bit of spare change in the GMR power plant project on Jurong Island. Strange the way these oil company types work, don't you think?

  18. Anonymous2:02 am

    Gay boy lover and LGBT backside fucker... sidling up to the backsides of conservative icons like Romney-Ryans' ......strange the way these closet trannies and gay pigs operate, dont you think?hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Sometime in August at the instigation of their fellow Chingkpigs from we know where, CAO abandoned a JV with Dialog Group and Misc at Tanjung Langsat:

    The sudden inexplicable withdrawal and the subsequent leasing of storage facilities in Singapork confirmed my sources earlier intimations on the subject. Pursuant to scuttling the CAO-Dialog-MISC project at Tanjung Langsat, my source disclosed that the next stage would be the termination of the Pengerang project via concerted and ramped up efforts at shapng public opinion in Pengerang. This was done via bogus and Chingk led and helmed environmental NGOs with the active support from political slutwhores from this side of the Tebrau.

    That this is taking place is no coincidence. The next stage would be to use legal avenues plus an accelerated plan of fear mongering and tarnishing the image of certain foreign investors.

    At the same time, the selfsame Chingkpigs have seduced the gullible Indons to cede their territory in Bataam so as to solidify their increasingly tenous grip on the O & G industry.This has been done with slush money being funneled into certain accounts............

    I will stop there as I do not want to compromise any future disclosures which will take place from time to time..suffice to say that lunatics and morons who have been misdirecting their filthy short cocks into shitty gayboy arses should just continue doing that...ramming their stumpy johns into shit lest their delusions get the better of them..

    Warrior 231

  19. Anonymous11:11 am

    CJM is a trojan horse...

  20. Jasper Bloodstone3:02 pm

    Ooh, warrior - do tell. Just who are these "sources" of yours and why are they so fearful of identifying themselves?

    And are you serious in implying that the likes of Shell, ExxonMobil, Sinopec, CNOC etc are subservient to the wishes of elements in that place that shall remain nameless?

    That's an awful lot of muscle from a little red dot, isn't it?

    I note you have avoided my challenge to list the names of the companies that have set up plants on Singapore's Jurong Island and the investments they have committed there. Why?

    And why have you avoided answering my question about Petronas investing in a power plant project on Jurong Island - information which is readily available?

    And I don't think that the Indonesians will take kindly to being described as "gullible". Maybe they find the Singgies easier to deal with than their erstwhile brethren and kinsmen on the other side of the Straits of Malacca!

    Let's see how Rapid/Pengarang will compete against Jurong Island and, now, Batam.

    It's all about numbers, investment flows, infrastructure and mindsets. It's no more "build it and they will come" - a mantra from the Mahathir era that has mostly outlived it's relevance.

    There's a lesson in there somewhere for the proposed TRX project in KL, seeing as how it wants to compete against Hong Kong's Central and Singapore's Raffles Place/MBFC.

    Oh, btw, since there's been a mention of "gullible Indons", what are we to make of reports in the Singapore media that Lion Air is negotiating with Singapore's EDB and Changi Airport Group to set up a Singapore-based airline and a hub at Changi Airport (supposedly in terminal decline)?

    It seems that Pak Rusdi Kirana is carefully spreading his risks instead of plumbing wholesale for Malindo Air and KLIA!

    I just wonder who is "gullible" here?

  21. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Jasper is a liar.period.

  22. Anonymous12:19 am

    Your shit doesnt faze me one iota, Chingkpig, nope, not one mite.

    Rather than pushing yer shit here, it would be better if you stuff it up yer filthy arse or parade it in front other gay boy chingk arsefuckers like you who are game to swallow anything coming from your slimepoop brains.

    Fact of the matter, I have been proven right umpteen times from money laundering to Air Asia.

    Folks, here are some stuff that validates the moneylaundering:

    "banks in the Confederation have urgently advised their German clients to swiftly transfer their untaxed assets to Singapore, thereby escaping the clutches of the German tax authorities when the provisions apply'

    and here is an admission of guilt:

    which merely affirms Singapork’s status as a jurisdiction of primary concern with regard to money-laundering and other financial shenanigans.

    Additionally, Singapork's sudden climbdown contradicts the earlier arrogant attitude shown towards the Indians on the very SAME issue:

    I am reliably informed that the volteface came about when the German minister leaned over and whispered something about Temasik and GIC exposure to Euro and the cocks of the Chingkpigs literally shriveled and their balls shrunk on hearing that……hahahahahahahahahaha….the street bully getting his comeuppance when trying to roll with the big guys so to speak:

    2. As for AA,unlike the pompous self-informed pig, I know what a shitty mess AA is in, that explains this:

    Now someone is so hard up for compensation money, he is even game to letting Cue Pee Ahhh...go to the dogs while those IPOs are fairytales recycled come Christmas every year. And if acquisitions are unimportant as fat boy boasts why is the selfsame company wooing a Korean airline. K-Pop fever?....hahahahahahahahaahahahhah
    Fact is a collapse is looming and proxy shares held in the company on behalf of Temasik and Gic are gonna be worthless garbage come next May or thereabouts.

    3. And yer condescending take on them Indons on Changi is pathetic for we understand the strategies being cunningly played out on an unsuspecting Chingkpig inconsequential outpost (now that they will take anyone to fill the hole left by Qantas!!!) unlike you, shitbag who got pwned into silence by a Yank called Cousins...hahahahahahahahahahahaha. What about yer 3 week pondanish inelegant silent sabbatical, hei chingkpig. I am gonna relive that fer you below to underscore the point that yer silence is indeed humiliation wrapped in derision.

    Now scram outta ma sights as you seem to get agitated everytime I post something when I am not interested in your shitty garbage or responding to you. So learn how to mind yer own biz unless the whore dint have the time between her cockfests to teach her kid that...stupid pundek of a shameless chingkpig.

    4. Folks as for Petronas and Jurong, the transaction is not surprising as an influential pseudo-Muslim Chingkpig is pulling the strings behind the scenes for his Chingk masters:

    I lost faith in Petronas once they jettisoned Hassan Merican who is now helming a Singaporkian outfit as there are no capable and experienced Chingkpigs down there!!! but there is talk in Petronas that certain deals are not done yet and may still be subject to review post GE 13 so nothing stands confirmed, mr idiot.

    Warrior 231

  23. Jasper Bloodstone8:50 am

    Note how the warrior deliberately avoids answering the question I raised.

    Let me repeat it front and centre: how much investment has Jurong Island secured and who has invested there? Names and projects, if you please.

    Simple enough for you?

    The money laundering thingy has been repeated ad nauseam that it's beginning to sound like the boy who cried "anjing" (or is it "wolf").

    Yup, the German Finance Minister visited Singapore and met with the Singapore PM. So what?

    There's an enhanced DTA and information exchange agreement between the German and Singapore tax authorities, the latter in keeping with OECD guidelines.

    Has Malaysia done as much? Has the Malaysian government negotiated with it's Swiss counterpart for information on Malaysians who have funds in Swiss private banks? Have those funds transfers been documented and accounted for?

    Regarding Lion Air, it's a matter of public record what Rusdi Kirana said about Singapore. You can go read it on the Singapore Straits Times website.

    Let's see, from a traffic and business viewpoint, which is more important to Lion Air - KLIA/Malaysia or Changi/Singapore. It's all about numbers and profits, isn't it? Or, maybe not, in the fantasy world that you appear to live in.

    As for the Cousins dude - why should I bother with him when he couldn't even justify why he has chosen to remain in Singapore and hopefully be gainfully employed there, while casting aspersions on it?

    If he had the courage of his convictions, he'd up and remove himself back to the US or to whichever other salubrious locale that catches his fancy.

    Back to topic - just show me how Rapid/Pengarang can mix it up against Jurong Island and/or Batam?

    Maybe your "sources" in Petronas can set you straight on this!

    So, don't evade the issue by your now tiresome racist and sexist rhetoric. It's getting stale and I doubt that even the "hawks" in the administration are paying much attention, seeing as how they have a whole heap of other problems looming on the horizon.

  24. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Dei Lying Shameless Pig
    As for the Cousins dude - why should I bother with him when he couldn't even justify why he has chosen to remain in Singapore and hopefully be gainfully employed there, while casting aspersions on it?

    If he had the courage of his convictions, he'd up and remove himself back to the US or to whichever other salubrious locale that catches his fancy."

    YOUR Words AT 8.50AM.




    Warrior 231

  25. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Since PIG wants to play games, lets remind the Chingkswine of his comeuppance.

    First he starts the game by posting this challenge to Cousins:

    Jasper Bloodstone said...

    Richard Cousins

    You have claimed to be an American expat in Singapore.

    Then you should be able to answer a few simple questions:

    1. How many American banks do business in Singapore?

    2. Of these American banks, how many have regional HQs, regional back office support and senior American executives in Singapore?

    3. Have any of the American banks operations in Singapore been implicated or accused or indicted by the American authorities for tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing, or for assisting "blacklisted " countries avoid US sanctions?

    4. Don't the US Fed, US Treasury Department and US State Department hold regular consultations with their Singapore counterparts? You might want to ask your Embassy in Singapore for this information.

    5. And, going off on on a slight tangent, what is the total stock, to date, of US FDI in Singapore, and how many American companies (excluding banks) have operations in Singapore?

    If the "US government monitoring agencies" are doing their jobs, the end results certainly aren't visible in Singapore's banking, financial and business communities.

    That's passing strange, spooky even, given the deep respect accorded by certain parties to this "blacklist".

    The real world goes on, blacklists or no blacklists. And that, sadly, is gall and wormwood to the warrior and others of his ilk.

    Oh, one more thing. If the warrior has the courage of his convictions, he should be calling on the Malaysian government to ban all inward investments into Malaysia from that particular blacklisted money laundering tax haven. The cheek of Khazanah getting into bed with Temasek! True patriots would puke!

    9:05 PM

    available here:

  26. Anonymous2:40 pm


    Richard Cousins said...

    I will answer on my behalf and my behalf ONLY.

    1. Q1&2
    The assignation of any country in a blacklist is irregardless of how many American banks operate in that jurisdiction. If we are to take your illogic to its conclusion, then all US banks would have been banned in Switzerland post the UBS tax evasion scandal.

    2. Q3 US investigations into tax evasion, money laundering etc are thorough and due to that time-consuming. A watertight case is a prerequisite for indictment and conviction. 6 days ago wire reports indicate that Bank of America and JP Morgan are under probe

    At least one major bank with a base in Singapore has been indicted and found guilty Laundering_1229963_21.html

    Q4 the US and its law agencies are under no obligation to consult with their counterparts elsewhere regarding what is essentially jurisdictional issues. Nevertheless,expressions of concern, alerts and warnings are intimated to the delinquent jurisdiction before the report is compiled. If you care to read the country report on Singapore in its entirety, you would notice that it was blacklisted on account of its feeble prosecutorial efforts and lax attitude towards moneylaundering not that it, as an independent jurisdiction, does not have comprehensive laws to deal with ML. In simple language, the law is there but there is little or no enforcement due to a lack of will to do so.

    But I sincerely doubt you have read the report given your constant

    A. confuting ML with non-related issues like FTA, FDI etc

    B. defensive and at times blatantly evasive stance to the issue.

    Being cited for ML has no impact whatsoever on trade, FDI, regional HQ etc as much as being blaclisted for Human Trafficking or any other matter for as you say the world goes on all those stuff ( so no response to silly Q5 is warranted)

    But being blacklisted is indicative of the Singaporean economy' s reliance on ML as a main source of its economic growth and that probably explains the Singaporean lackadaisical attitude towards its eradication.

    I have no intention of being Warrior's uninvited attorney and neither I do care. But I do care when my country's reputation is sullied needlessly by uninformed ignoramuses like yourself. And to imply that US would simply list a sovereign state on the whim of its law agencies is a hallmark of stupidity, I suppose.

    That will do as my final response to the issue.
    12:01 AM

  27. Anonymous3:16 pm

    The net outcome of Cousin's factual rebuttal:

    A buttfucked and stunned Chingkpig went into shocked silence and total hibernation for a good three weeks or so. Enuff said.

    Now pig as all Chingkpigs are wont to do when cornered,resorts to ad hominem (character assasinate) Cousins as a way out to save his (pig's) face and salve his deluded ego....wont work, shameless pig and never does. Grow some balls, discard your gayboy fetishes and man up for a change, pondan.

    What he does to Cousins is not surprising as he once attempted the same against me, disguised as Gaius Vinius the Dayus

    (pig ad hominems me in the above, subtly egging the blog owner to muffle me....dint work, pig and NEVER will when Truth is up and about....hahahahahahahaha)

    Note how Chingkpig in fear tries to ban me instead of engaging in informed debate.

    Speaks volumes of his race...the Chingkpigs to whom dissent and alternative views that challenge their flawed logic is anathema and will either be suppressed or worse, the bearer of truth will be killed

    Conclusion: Pig is a paid pondan Singaporkian SB troll who does not deserve any response in future.Period.

    Warrior 231

  28. Anonymous1:21 am

    Now the counterspin has begun so as to dispel the suspicion that the LGBT boys are not mere Singporkian Chingkpig lackeys:

    Apparently, a lot of people can see through their saboteur antics which has let the cat outta the bag as to who are the actual instigators behind the whole thing.

    Singaporkian hands are replete in the whole sabotage scheme and no surprises there as the moneylaundering Chingkpigs were also behind the Lynas kerfuffle on orders from the pigs in China who were afraid their monopolistic grip on rare earth was on the wane:

    "A senior executive at a major rare earth enterprise said that an Australian group is building gigantic rare earth production facilities in Malaysia, with a total output capacity 10 times that of Baogang Rare Earth. The project has received production permits from the Malaysian authorities with a target of producing 20,000 metric tons in the initial phase. Rich resources and modern equipment will lower the production cost to around A$2 (US$2.07) per kilogram, making the market price extremely competitive, he said."

    This dovetails with an earleir attempt to coral Rare Earths from would be competition by buying into Lynas itself!!!:

    But that plan was fortunately scuttled by the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board :

    In steps Red Dot to the rescue to ingratiate itself to its papa's cock in Beijing and by default, leveraging on its local Christian Chingkpig proxies who call the shots in PR and the selfstyled Green NGOs Movement to do its dirty job...the rest they say is history undressing itself in our rear view mirrors.........

    As I have repeatedly stated, pseudo-Muslim and pseudo-Malay LGBT arselovvas and their butch clitsuckling sluts will do anything for Chingkpigs everywhere to harm MALAYSian interests just to taste shitty arses and uncircumcised smegmaed prepuced cocks and filthy Chingkslut lesbocunts.

    You have been warned MALAYSia

    Warrior 231

  29. Anonymous1:40 am

    And those who love to see MALAYSia as a progressive modern nation of abundant wealth, should read and ponder this:

    Think about the excerpt below:

    "This legalistic merry-go-round has been promoting a distorted view of Lynas and its processing facility even as the issue has broad implications for Malaysia aside from the rare earth market itself. Should LAMP proceed, eventually, after the next Court hearing, Malaysia will be second only to China in rare earth processing capacity. Yet the implications for Malaysia will be greater still as the actions of the Anti-Lynas protesters – when devoid of rational approaches – might discourage private sector investment in all Malaysian productive industries in all economic sectors , mining and beyond. The LAMP project has the potential to make a significant contribution to Malaysia’s GDP when it reaches the operational stage while the PAK opposition leader Ibrahim and the SMSL are trying to block it, gambling its potential economic benefits. Malaysia, until recently, has been one of the best places to invest in Asia. Investors, looking for alternatives to China, will then perceive Malaysia as a poor place to do business. Anwar Ibrahim understands this and it is likely that rather than taking the risk of ruining investment opportunities, Ibrahim, himself will agree to a compromise settlement with Lynas – unless of course the PR truly has some kind of economic death wish by discouraging much needed foreign investment."

    Now you can see what the motley bunch of pseudo-malay Chingkpig cocksucklers, arselickers, cuntonguers and twatsmoochers under the leadership of a bunch of dimwit, stupid, racist, anti-malay and anti-Muslim Christo-adoring Chingkpigs are angling at.... Come on say I am lying....hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Truth is indestructible except by the Allah's Will.

    G'nite MALAYSia wherever you are.... you will be forever close to this Warrior's heart.

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous2:04 am

    Couldnt help reading the comments on the Lynas link I posted just now. Suprise, surprise....Malaysians galore but looks like the Christo Chingkpig sabotage campaign is unhinging at the seams..if you trawl downwards:

    Christo? well this is an admission from an anti_Lynasite himself : Jade Lee =

    It may enlighten some readers here, if you are open minded enough to listen and to learn the truth, it was a few church leaders in Kuantan who have first started to discuss the Lynas issue and to raise awareness of their congregation to oppose this project because of the moral issues involved.

    It is clear then that the Christian Church especially its Chingkpig corner is at the forefront at agitating and fomenting disaffection.

    Apa lagi Hisham? If you still have balls that is.....


    Warrior 231

    p/s: Observe how the anti-lynas China fueled, Singpork directed Chingkpig bastards get pwned for their stupidity....hahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah

  31. Jasper Bloodstone12:58 pm

    Sorry to rain on the warrior's and Cousin's parade(s), but both have evaded the pertinent and relevant issues.

    In Cousin's case, he has chosen to engage in verbosity to hide his lack of substantive information(unless, of course, he has an inside line to the US investigatory authorities).

    Let's look at his replies.

    1. The existence of a so-called "blacklist". What happened to it. Has any US government agency taken action against Singapore, or Singapore-based institutions, based on this "blacklist"? If yes, please detail such action.

    2. You cannot dance around the issue by claiming that such investigations are "thorough...and time-consuming"". Are you seriously claiming that the combined might of the US investigatory authorities have yet to uncover any concrete and "watertight" instances of ML involving Singapore-based institutions?

    3.You said that BOA and JP Morgan are under probe. Have their Singapore-based operations been accused of, or indicted for, ML?

    4. "At least one major bank with a base in Singapore has been indicted and found guilty. Why not come out and say upfront that it is Standard Chartered Bank? And to say that it has a base in Singapore is stating the obvious. Why not state that the same bank has bases in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Malaysia? You are attempting to use guilt by association, and in the case of Stanchart, it was accused on ML for Iranian-based entities. Where was the Singapore angle in this?

    5. Has the US government officially or unofficially expressed concern to the Singapore government about ML? Given the hyperactive behaviour of the US mainstream media industry, such concern or warnings would have quickly seen the light of day. Where has this happened?

    6. Be assured that I have perused the report in some detail. It contains no specific allegations as such. Correct me if I am wrong here.

    Mr Cousins - you are too clever by half. You have conflated issues into an all-singing all-dancing conspiracy that has Singapore as a major ML centre ("the Singaporean economy's reliance on ML as a major source of it's economic growth...." yadda yadda. Can you cite any mainstream economists (apart from a certain Andy Xie who is certainly not mainstream) who have said this, with supporting evidence?

    I am bemused that you would agree with me that "the world goes on all those stuff (sic)".

    So much for "blacklists" and the associated conspiracy theories spun by the warrior and his ilk.

    The unpalatable truth of the matter is that he and his coterie have been unable to "blacken" Singapore's reputation, in spite of vigourous attempts to do so, using ML and government finances as tools.

    And since, Mr Cousins, you have written about your "final response", I take it that you have chickened out, seeing as how "the world goes on", to use your own words.

    And why are you so coy about telling us if you are still gainfully employed in Singapore, with an Employment Pass or Permanent Residency status? It wouldn't do to condemn the place that feeds you now, is it?

  32. Richard Cousins5:56 pm

    Since you are so adamant on taking a personal and vindictive approach to the issue, let me respond with a broadside of my own.

    a. The fact that it took you approximately 25 days to craft a response is an obvious admission on your part that my initial response had hit the mark and befouled your strident claims as to your jurisdiction’s probity in matters financial. That it took you so long to respond is indicative of how you could not reconcile fact and reality with your delusions.

    b. You compounded the issue by launching into a slew of personal attacks casting aspersions on my ethics and even questioning my moral integrity for you didn’t mince words in calling me a ‘hypocrite’ just because I dared to challenge your apparently delusional state of mind. Warrior 231 was spot on when he stated you will resort to ad hominems when cornered as attested by your personal verbiage against his person at:

    To read that you were literally cajoling the blogger there to ban him would have been laughable had it not been for the startling fact that your moral turpitude is such that you will stoop so low to demand implicit censorship when you could not marshal a cogent, factual and logical response. By gawd, are you so completely obsessed by a chimera that you cannot critically assay it in a detached and objective manner?

    c. My being on this island is an exigency caused by my multinational company’s in-house promotion and professional emplacement policy. Therefore, rest assured that I am not here to make hay or because this is my El Dorado for I have no intention whatsoever to make money at a place such as this where ethical principles and personal integrity are shoved aside due to the lure of tainted lucre. I am dictated by my company’s procedures as I am bound to be as any loyal employee would. In fact, since ONLY they(my MNC) pay my remuneration and other related stipends, it is their prerogative to post me where they deem fit. Thus, it is NOT for anyone else least of all an imbecile like you to tar me a hypocrite when your country DOES NOT in any way pay my salary but instead hypocritically taxes my income to finance its shenanigans! Who is the hypocrite now, if I may ask?

    d. You are probably too dense as to the operations of law agencies and authorities with regard to money laundering, tax evasion and their processes of indictment and prosecution. That you continue to confute the issue with economics, trade etc is evidence enough to show that you have no inkling or understanding of the issue at hand. Your idiocy even extends to throwing asinine challenges disguised as fact and your absurd extrapolations is a source of much mirth and fun at your expense at my workplace ( have garnered quite a following as a crackpot with a warped sense of reality). I cited the JP Morgan case as an example and in your stupidity you queried where is your paradise in the equation. Pretty obvious you are unable to connect dots or make valid and logical deductions.
    e. You deride Andy Xie but you KEEP AVOIDING the simple question why didn’t Singapore charge him for the obvious defamatory and slanderous statements he made. This is the very same country that took umbrage at JB Jeyaretnam, the WSJ , The Economist, the now defunct FEER and numerous other publications and personalities for allegedly “creating’ much minor kerfuffles. What gives Andy that invincibility from litigation given that the proof was readily available and to top it all he was virtually in their custody!!

  33. Richard Cousins6:18 pm

    d. Your claims of your jurisdiction NOT being dependent on money laundering as a crucial crutch that underpins its prosperity is only VALID if you CAN DEBUNK the US State Department report and the subsequent list generated. No other gobbledygook or twisting can obscure that fact. Accept it or debunk it WITH EVIDENCE NOT ROOFTOP CATERWAULS for there is no third way is available!

    e. Your stupidity is only surpassed by your deficiencies in the language. Your claim to have read the report and that it contains no explicit allegations is laughable simply because the report per se is not a document of indictment but a collocation of matrices designed to evaluate different jurisdictions and their commitments to money laundering and tax evasion. This is clearly stated in the preamble and the terms of reference of the very report you have claimed to have read!!

    “Every year, U.S. officials from agencies with anti-money laundering responsibilities meet to assess the money laundering situations in 200 jurisdictions. The review includes an assessment of the significance of financial transactions in the country’s financial institutions involving proceeds of serious crime, steps taken or not taken to address financial crime and money laundering, each jurisdiction’s vulnerability to money laundering, the conformance of its laws and policies to international standards, the effectiveness with which the government has acted, and the government’s political will to take needed actions. The 2012 INCSR identifies money laundering priority jurisdictions and countries using a classification system that consists of three different categories: Jurisdictions of Primary Concern, Jurisdictions of Concern, and Other Jurisdictions Monitored.

    Come on even the heading is self-explanatory:

    ‘2012 INCSR: Major Money Laundering Countries’

    what more to be cited as a’ jurisdiction of primary concern’ in a report tabled in Congress!

    Further, expressions of concern by the US government were clearly intimated in the report and doubts as to the commitment of your jurisdiction to apply the law was expressly stated here:

    "Currently, there is no requirement for reporting large transactions, which limits the ability to track significant financial movements. Singapore should consider the adoption of such reporting.
    Singapore’s legal system generally provides for the investigation and prosecution of money laundering offenses. However, the implementation of these laws is uneven, particularly in prosecuting money laundering as a stand-alone offense, and investigating foreign-sourced cases.

    You can see for yourself in paragraph 2 above that the laws are there but implementation is lackadaisical and 34 cases prosecuted out of 11934 in 2010 must be some impressive law enforcement stat! don’t you think?

    Yet you choose to ignore all these in your misguided quest to pursue a hidden agenda of whitewashing the truth by spinning more tall-tales.

    The Indian White Paper, the German DTA agreement, censure and demands from the Indonesian parliament and prosecutors are prove as to your esteemed jurisdiction’s indulgence in money laundering and tax evasion shenanigans. Why even the New York Times is implying the obvious with this article.

    Probably you are too stupid to read between the lines or you are too na├»ve in persisting with your delusion that your jurisdiction’s integrity is beyond reproach but that is your problem, not mine.

  34. Richard Cousins6:19 pm

    f. To say I am chickening out is scrapping the barrel for barbs literally, for it was you who threw the challenge and I responded to that WITHIN the parameters you set. Now you are moving the goalposts with extraneous details to hide your humiliation, I presume. But anyone intelligent can see your game. Ultimately, I can only conclude that you lack the ethics and the honesty to come to terms with reality. To engage such a boneheaded moron is not my cup of tea. Maybe , you can find kids elsewhere who will indulge in your favourite pastime. That will be my final response and no more.

  35. Anonymous1:41 am

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahhahahhaha (breathe)...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahhahahaha

    "Oh my gawd"..(texan are you, Rick?)(wink wink)

    ouch.....right in the crotch and that might have the inflated ego of that cockless false cunted shebitch of a male trannieboy writhing deflated in agony.

    But I did read earlier that you disliked my so-called racism. Well yank...i am never a racist...just spitting the truth especially at those condescending, patronizing, Chingkpigs who think the world revolves around their balls and we Melayu bermaruah are incapable of anything let alone governance!.

    That is why everything refers back to so-called " squeaky clean, efficient, brainy" Singapork which is used as a shield and as a comparator from behind which this pondan brainless chingkpig cowards take potshots, pass snide remarks and hurl derision at anything Malay from Islam to Ketuanan Melayu to even our integrity as if they are paragons of virtue or holier than holy infallible pieces of shit.

    And i have enough maruah in me NOT or EVER to take that lying down. If not for the graces of Ketuanan of "bertimbangrasa, berhati perut, sopan santun, budi bahasa, and a thousand other values steeped in the rich noblesse of Malay culture and heritage and if not for the precepts of Islam leashing whatever misgivings we may have had in 1957, these bastard pigs would have been slaughtered like the Japs did in 1942, yeah lined up from Ang ko Mio to Shenton Way and thrown like carcasses of pigs into unmarked hastily dug ditches in Pasir Ris and Sentosa.

    And what do we get in return? Gratitude for our forefathers good nature and self-effacing sacrifice? Nope...not an iota. Instead we get shit from CCP dominance cant and Sons of Heaven superiority crap from descendants of runaway whores, pimps, addicts and coolies disembarking in tongkangloads into instant riches.

    Now you get the picture why I respond the way I do BUT with a difference. I deal in and peddle only the TRUTH and no edifice of lies built on flimsy foundations is ever going to withstand the rivulets of truth dribbling through its core.

    But I wont be surprised if the Chingkpig persists with his delusions. It is ingrained in all inferior cultures that seek to hide their inferiority via supremacist cant. It is the ultimate paradox infesting the bully's inner being: exert superiority to hide the hollow inferior core. All chingkpigs by nature are bullies. Its only imposed humility that represses their primeval instincts from manifesting their innate bigotry. Suppressive authority is one mechanism devised by politico-structures in all nooks and corners of Chingkdom whether indigenous or diaspora to keep thier heart of darkness from beating with throbbing intensity in the public sphere. From the PRC to Singapore that is the reality = one party authoritarianism and a pliant, obedient herd of pigs. Malaysia had that to mediate a combustible multicultural powder keg but sleepyhead aka Dollahfuckarse unraveled that and the rest is history.

    We need to go back to that halycon calm of pre-dollah and we surely do not need preachy westerners like you to harp on our socalled 'racism" in order to prevent us from reasserting control in order to restore socio-political equilibrium.

    But barring the above observation, I think you did a pretty good job of exposing the Chingkpig as nothing more than a prattling, shitbrained airhead and I thoroughly enjoyed her humiliating comeuppance. In part 2, let me have the honour of delivering the coup de grace.

    Warrior 231

  36. Anonymous2:01 am

    Part 2

    Here are some tidbits for Rick and the rest of all principled individuals who aspire towards the creation equitable, prosperous societies built on the tenets of hard work, innovation and creativity instead of the short cut way of moneylaundering, tax dodging scams and other illicit pathways to instant riches>

    1. This is a redacted cable on Zaw Zaw from the US embassy:

    study it especially 6C. This crook is blacklisted under OFAC but the very same individual is given the chance to redeem himself here:

    Note SPH= Singapore Press Holdings

    Strange isnt it that an "upright" country would even deign to entertain the idea of admitting a blacklisted crook!!

    2. Here are Unctad figures on FDI stock and flows from 1980-2011.

    Map all the main tax havens in the world according to their locations onto the flows. cayman Islands, BVT (Americas); Switzerland (europe); Songapork (SEA); HK (East Asia

    What does that say, Cayman Islands, British Virgin territories, Spork, HK super duper midget economies exporting wealth at astounding rates outpacing even Chingkdom and Japan!!

    3. Here is an extract from a blog. Note all names mentioned in the post are criminals in one way or another. Please read the visitors' comments to get a better pix:[[ssBlogThread_VIEW]]&tid=[[9541]]

    I can post more but ultimately that would be pointless for deformed, delusional, mindless cretins. Only the brave and morally upright will see the reality as they know the truth will set them free from the clutches of a delusional illusion.

    Warrior 231

  37. Anonymous2:12 am

    Finally for all the claims of international verification and acclamation of its financial governance by agencies like S&P, Moody's etc, Transperancy international etc as proof of its success, it should be borne in mind that:

    1. the selfsame rating agencies
    were classifying subprime derivatives as premium grade investment instruments while banks like Citi et al were given rave review as recently as 2008.

    2. 'Visionary' economists, and financial policymakers like Greenspan, larry summers, Robert Rubin were boasting about the US phenomenal growth as recently as 2007.

    3. UCI was vouchsafing for Lance Armstrong's clean cycling victories as recently as 2012 and even armstrong was insisting on his innocence as recently as July 2012.

    Well we know better do we......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  38. Jasper Bloodstone8:38 am

    Not so fast, Mr Cousins.

    Let me ask you this: in spite of all the reams of documentation amassed by the US authorities about "jurisdictions of primary concern", has it made even ONE IOTA of difference to the totality of bilateral Singapore-US relations?

    As your countrymen are fond of saying "the proof of the pudding is in the eating". Leaving aside your florid verbiage, there is plenty of evidence that US MNCs, financial institutions and even US government agencies are having a reasonable share of the said "pudding" in Singapore.

    And as you have written yourself "life goes on...." That, Mr Cousins, is a flabby and flaccid moral cop out. It seems that the US doesn't have the will, political or otherwise, to deal with a "recalcitrant" like Singapore, "jurisdictions of primary concern" notwithstanding.

    That, I suspect, is a major cause of your angst - that in spite of all your breast beating and vitriol, it's still very much "business as usual"

    It's sad, in a way, that your "moral outrage" is being greeted by a collective yawn by your own government and institutions.

    Which, no matter how you spin it, can't be denied,

    "Life goes on...."

  39. Anonymous3:26 pm


    Study the shithead's desperate attempt to save face which ironically traps him into an admission:

    "It seems that the US doesn't have the will, political or otherwise, to deal with a "recalcitrant" like Singapore, "jurisdictions of primary concern" notwithstanding."
    Jasper Bloodstone at 8.38am

    Simply put it amounts to this:

    1. Ok, I finally and grudgingly admit and concede that Singapork is a centre for moneylaundering and other dirty shenanigans.

    2. But yet despite Singapork being tagged a money-laundering entity, the US have no cockmuscles to institute any action.


    (1) is the smoking gun of admission we have been looking for which vindicates my stance (which i always substantiated with incontrovertible proof) that the prosperity of Spork is largely due to moneylaundering and being a tax haven for tax dodgers and NOTHING MORE or ELSE. And which corroborates Andy Xie's contention:

    "Andy Xie's resignation as Morgan Stanley's chief economist in Asia last week followed an e-mail in which he characterized Singapore as an economic failure dependent on illicit money from Indonesia and China.

    I wouldnt be too fast on dissing the US about (2). The Yanks have a subtle and strange way of tripping one outta delusions as Switzerland will attest and to imply that US MNCs, by virtue of having regional HQs there, are partaking in the feast is virtually no defense for Singapore's 'moral and financial turpitude'.

    Worse, JB has put Singapork in a spot as any yank reading that would immediately conclude that he(JB) is saying the Yanks are immoral turds who have a hand in the pie as well!!ohoh JB...hahahahahahaahahaha

    Whatever...Most importantly, now all those Chingkpig claims of good management, solid financial stewardship, transparency, blahblahblah..all that garbage about Changi, SIA and the rest of the stuff spewed here ad nauseum amount to nothing more than a MOUND OF SHIT to hide the real fact:

    Singapork is moneylaundering central and a tax dodger's haven.


    thanks Cousins and JB, your florid exchanges have sure proven a melayu bermaruah has been right all along as we always are being morally scrupulous in all our dealings!

    Warrior 231

  40. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Warrior 231, spot on man! Effectively, you are saying that Jasper's boasts about Singapore were lies and tall tales after all.

    I suggest we cut and paste this thread and post it whenever the idiot raises Singapore here.

    Warrior 231 Fan