Sunday, September 30, 2012

Empowering Resident Associations

The RA at my place in Puchong had a mooncake party in the common park last night. The conversation, inevitably zooms in on Najib Razak's proposal :to empower RAs and get them to promote patrolling activities in residential areas.

Did anyone of us expect this? To be honest, I didn't and (like Anwar Ibrahim) I was floored by the consideration that must have gone into this Bajet (except, unlike Anwar, I didn't denounce this Budget as not people-friendly). The people in my RA, who happen to be mostly Chinese, said they were utterly surprised and were full of praise of the unprecedented initiative.

Certainly, they too did not expect the government to give such a big recognition to RAs. If they had, they would have quickly registered our RA with the ROS before last Friday!

So, we agreed to start the process of registering the RA this week. RM10,000 will go a long way in helping RAs get the ball rolling. There are about 80 homes under our RA and we're paying RM130 a month for this and that, and we all think that the sum is about right and we shouldn't be paying more.

Thank you, Ajib Gor, on behalf of my RA. The money you have set aside for us will help us get that park bench we need well before our RA Christmas party. We had to make do without one last night ...

Here's to safe homes and empowered RAs!


Anonymous said...

Only 80 houses in your taman? He he rocky it must be one exclusive area.

Anonymous said...

Good Ma!!

It seems that the government is encouraging the Public to longer depend on the Police or Authorities...

With the government handouts All and sundry is encouraged to go out and form Groups to Patrol the streets It can even be a fulltime vigilante jobs for some, just like the old cowboy towns in the 1800s in the US!!!

All for Peace

Anonymous said...

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad received the 2012 Rafik Hariri United Nations (UN) – Habitat Memorial Award at a ceremony held at the New York Public Library here Friday night.

bru said...

Of course! You think Puchong no class, ah? Bandar Kinrara where I have lived the last 20 years not only has a golf course and a gigantic Giant, we also have a cricket stadium.

Makmurnya kami. That was before Gibind became MP for Puchong.

Anonymous said...

Mana punya PEMIMPIN BANGSAT yang membuat Ringgit Malaysia begitu kechil sekali against other CURRENCY,,!!!

Now ternyata BEGITU ramai Orang LUAR membeli tanah di JOHOR,,!!

Expatriate ni kerja di SINGAPORK tapi tinggal di JB,,coz DUIT dia orang NILAI tinggi,,

Nasib kita MELAYU mengharapkan GOMEN buat KONDO(Flat) 850 sq ft saja lah!!,,PR1MA,,,

Berapa ramai MELAYU yang mampu beli rumah RM350K,,,,!!??? With 10%down payment,,,mampu kah bayar balik,,taking consideration JOINT ACCOUNT,,??? BODO-BODO gaji mesti RM10k,,!!!

Mamat SPORK gaji SD10k,,hidup MEWAH di JOHOR,,!!! Ulang alik pergi kerja pakai EDL expressway,,seronok je,,FREE MEH,!!!

MELAYU apa dapat,,Tinggalalh di rumah SARANG Burong MEREPATI,,tiap-tiap tahun dapat 500 ringgit,,Gomen bagi lagi!!!

PERKASA dah jadi PER KAKsa,,!!


Anonymous said...


Peruntukan paling menggiurkan dalam Bajet 2013 --> RM90mil for 300,000 new RELA uniforms. RM300/each. Yam...yumm...Yummyyy!!!! So Latuk, can u help me to get this contract? My neighbourhood tailor has just quoted me at $120/each.

Ah Lok Tangkak Tailor

Anonymous said...

If we have a very efficient police force and a corrupt free government who needs RA and live in g&g environment. This all cos by the inefficiency of our government of the day. And the best joke is on the one hand they tell us our crime rate is down and on the other hand Ah Jib kor gives our RAs allowances to beef up our security. The best option is still to upgrade our security forces and have more personnel to patrol our roads and dont simply let foreigners masking as workers coming in to commit crimes.


Anonymous said...

Rocky !
Chinese are mostly two face tigers ! ha ha ha! You never know when malays confront them....
You are an informer...special branch...working for gomen???So we put on our laughing tiger muka for you for we never trust so easily !!!.so sometimes you will be fooled...we tell you nice things about ajib kor you want to hear...what is there to lose ? Yes also you find alot of government paid Informers...from taxis drivers ..retirees to ordinary folks!

Anonymous said...


Let's see ... Not Bad, 80 houses at $130 each (that's if all pays!)about 10,400 per month. Enough for a few security guards plus additional costs.

Still $10,000 for the taking from Govt should last you a month...

For those starting out in poor area, after the first month sudah pokai... duit habis disband the security and run back to the police for help..

Better to spend the money beefing up police patrols.

Oh! By the Way, The in Laws of Najib's son should benefit as they run one of the biggest security guard firms in the country!

Anonymous said...

Bodohlah Rocky.....Ah Jib Gor give RA 10K, belakang dia gasak million and billion of ringgit from the rakyat !!

Rosmah punya permata projek sudah berapa ratus million sapu !!

Anonymous said...

dpt kat kat ank karpal hncur puchong!

Anonymous said...

Bahagian 1
Ini merupakan siri penerangan saya mengapa saya akan mengundi BN demi menjaga kepentingan Melayu/Islam berkekalan. Dalam siri pertama, saya telah mengutarakan sebab-sebab dari segi agama khususnya akidah, dalam bahagian ini pula, saya akan mengupas dari segi ekonomi:

Mereka yang terpegun dengan tawaran harga kereta murah dan pemansuhan PTPN dalam Belanjawan Pakatan terlupa akan satu kenyataan Ketua Umum PKR yang turut dekeluarkan seiring pembentangan bajet berkenaan
Dibaca sepintas lalu, kedua-duanya tampak tiada kaitan tetapi manusia yang arif akan permainan politik licik Bruder Anwar bin Ibrahim (BABI) akan menanggapi intipati apa yang tersirat disebalik kenyataan tersebut yang dizahirkan juga dalam bajet berkenaan. Pendek cerita : memastikan kehancuran Melayu Islam.

Jika diteliti secara kritis, bajet Pakatan adalah mirip bajet-bajet yang di bentangkan BABI pada pertengahan 1990an yang memperlihatkan pengurangan bantuan kerajaan kepada orang Melayu Islam serta menjarakkan jurang pendapatan antara kaum agar terus memihak kepada pihak kaffir khususnya, Cina.

Buktinya tersirat dalam kajian data yang dibentangkan dalam kertas kerja ini (1) dimana pengurangan ketara dilakukan terhadap kedua-dua belanja mengurus dan terutamanya belanja pembangunan yang mana impaknya amat ketara pada sector pertanian yang bertumpu di kawasan luar bandar di mana majoriti Melayu Islam bermastautin:

Belanja Pembangunan untuk Sektor Pertanian (1990-1998)

1990 : 16.1 billion
1991-1995 :11.5 billion
1996-2000 : 5.9billion

Jelas data ini menunjukkan bagaimana BABI menghancurkan nasib mayarakat marhaen luar bandar dengan dasar pro-urbanisasi (memihak kepada golongan Cina ) dan anti-ruralisasi (merugikan golongan Melayu Islam). Natijah dari tindakan zalim BABI, jurang ketidaksamaan pendapatan (income inequality) juga menokok dengan mendadak samada antara Melayu/Cina maupun Melayu/India

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Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

Bahagian 2

Satu lagi bukti kebencian terhadap Melayu/Islam ini tampak dalam pengurusan krisis ekonomi 1997-1998 dimana polisi ala-IMF BABI merugikan orang Melayu lebih dari golongan kaffir. Bagaimana? Buktinya terkandung dalam nukilan rakan dan peminat BABI sendiri, Jomo Sundaram (2) dimana:

In early December 1997, the Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim began to
reassert control over economic policy. After securing full cabinet support (in
Mahathir’s absence, in early December 1997), Anwar implemented a series of orthodox policies, not unlike those conventionally regarded as IMF solutions. The
central bank, Bank Negara, raised its three-month intervention rate from 8.7% at the end of 1997 to 11.0% in early February 1998. Drastic 18% reductions were made in
budgeted government expenditure. Loans in arrears were redefined as non-performing loans after three months, instead of the previous six months. Bank statutory reserve
requirements were also raised and tighter definitions of non-performing loans were

These measures almost certainly exacerbated the recessionary tendencies already setting in throughout the region. Anwar approved the tighter fiscal and
monetary policies from late 1997, in line with market expectations as much as IMF recommendations.

Malaysia’s orthodox measures deepened the impact of the crisis. The massive ringgit devaluation imported inflation into Malaysia’s very open economy. Overzealous
efforts to check inflation exacerbated deflationary tendencies. The stock market collapse (by more than half since its peak in the first quarter of 1997) adversely affected both consumption and investment through the ‘wealth effect’. Credit restraint policies adopted by the government from December 1997 further dampened economic activity. The depreciated ringgit increased the relative magnitude
of the mainly privately held foreign debt as well as the external debt-servicing burden.

Tampak sekali, tindakan BABI adalah bukan sahaja pro-cyclical ala IMF tetapi juga anti-Melayu/Islam yang antaranya dizahirkan dengan

1.mengurangkan belanja sektor awam sebanyak 18% yang secara langsung memberi impak kepada golongan bumiputera (yang menjadi tulang belakang penjawat awam, dari segi pembekuan pengambilan pekerja baru, ketiadaan OT, pemotongan elaun dsbnya serta juga merugikan kontraktor dan pemborong Bumiputera yang ketandusan projek yang secara tidak langsung mengimpak keatas kelas pekerja bumiputera yang bekerja dalam syarikat-syarikat Bumiputera tersebut ala ekonomik domino –effect).

2. menaikkan kadar faedah intervensi sekaligus menaikkan kadar faedah serta quantum bayaran balik pinjaman bank dalam kalangan pengusaha dan pemilik harta Bumiputera menyebabkan ramai pengusaha Bumiputera gulung tikar dan ramai keluarga Bumiputera yang kecundang merealisasikan impian memilik harta.

3. merubah pengistilahan pinjaman tidak fungsional (non-performing loan) dari 6 bulan ke 3 bulan sekaligus menambah bilangan pengusaha bumiputera serta individu yang di senarai hitam akibat kekangan aliran wang bagi membayar pinjaman.

Kesemua tindakan tidak siuman BABI mengakibatkan bukan sahaja ekonomi merundum tetapi memberi impak negatif yang besar keatas kaum Bumiputera yang mana mengalami penyusutan dari segi pendapatan dan pemilikan harta sekaligus menyumbang kepada pelebaran dalam jurang pendapatan antara kaum (Gini 1997= 0.47) yang tertera di atas.

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

Bahagian 3

Jelas taktik BABI untuk merobohkan economic base pengusaha Melayu yang tak sehaluan dengannya dalam persada politik membawa juga kepada penghancuran economic base Melayu Islam disamping mengukuhkan pegangan Cina kapiak keatas ekonomi tempatan.

Persoalannya ialah dimana persamaan strategi BABI dahulu dan sekarang dalam menaikkan penguasaan ekonomi oleh kaffir. Tampak jelas dengan pengumumannya memansuhkan hak istimewa orang Melayu yang mengiringi pembentangan bajet pro-kaffir yang turut juga berperanan melemahkan ekonomi Melayu Islam.

Dalam bahagian akan datang, saya akan menukilkan hal ini serta mendedahkan bagaimana pemansuhan hak istimewa Melayu Islam akan menelanjangkan orang Islam kepada gerombolan kaffir yang sebenarnya tidak kehilangan apa-apa pun sepanjang hak istimewa itu wujud (malah kapiak tetap beroleh pelbagai keuntungan dengan tidak ada kerugian ketara dalam sistem “affirmative action’ untuk Bumiputera).

Tindakan BABI juga akan jelas terbukti sebagai satu tindakan menzahirkan kebenciannya dan dendam kesumatnya terhadap Melayu Islam yang kian lama tersemat dalam hati sanubarinya yang penuh kekotoran dosa dan kekejian diri itu. Wallahualam

1. Household Income Distribution Impact of Public Expenditure by Component in Malaysia H. Mukaramah*, Ahmad Zafarullah Abdul Jalil and Nor’Aznin Abu Bakar:International Review of Business Research Papers Vol. 7. No. 4. July 2011 Pp. 140-165

2.Jomo Kwame Sundaram (2004) Malaysia’s Pathway through Financial Crisis GEG Working Paper 2004/08


Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

Dato' Rocky,

In my residential area, i.e one of the Denai Alam enclave we form our own militia group to protect our enclave from intruding criminals days and night. We have to form undergound security system because the police station seem too far away

Datuk Paduka Solomon Cassim

Anonymous said...

is that why we dont see you shopping at MD and eating at G?

Anonymous said...

Restoran rishads pun ada....hahahaha

Anonymous said...

bini ada berapa?

Anonymous said...

Yes sir, he won then hilang tanpa di kesan..