Sunday, September 23, 2012

The hottest Legoland Park in the world

Legoland Malaysia 
The problem with Legoland Malaysia, as you will find out soon, is the lack of shades. The place is a sauna. When they built it, obviously they forgot to plant trees. And then someone probably thought our weather was like Denmark or England, so no need for shades. At the opening last night, everyone complained about the heat. Can you imagine the kids enjoying their rides under the blazing Johor sun?

The other problem with the first Legoland park in Asia is that people don't seem to care. Yesterday, the park opened to some 10,000 visitors. It had more or less that number of soft-opening day last Sept 15 and about 11k on the second day. On the third, the number almost touched the 15,000-people capacity!

I didn't grow up with Lego but my youngest is a big fan and I suppose many Malaysians must have grown up with Lego. PM Najib Razak, who accompanied the Johor Sultan and Raja Zarith to the opening last night, seems to be one of them. And since none of his political opponents have raised any objection about the ambitiousness of "bring the world to Malaysia through Legoland", I suppose they, too, must love Lego! 

This school holidays, general election or no, we plan to come to Legoland for the rides with our big fan. It's going to be hot but since when did that stop us from having fun when we were kids, right?

Legoland Water Park ... coming in 2013


  1. Anonymous2:56 pm

    universal studio in singapore was also very hot.if they were ever to built disneyland in malaysia or anywhere in this region it should be in a cool climate place like genting highland or cameron highland.

  2. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Legoland.nothing compare to Universal Studio in Singapore.We always get second grade entertaiment business.Why dont they built Disney land..

  3. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Dah SAH,,,memang Bangang,,!!!!

    Pokok tu sedang di TANAM,,,give them a few months,,nanti REDOP lah dia,,!!!

    Dulu SHAH ALAM,,,Putra JAYA sama juga!!!

    Issue yang lagi BESAR banyak,,ngapa tak mau diKETENGAHKAN,,macam kata kata MADEY(Mamak kutty) "ORANG MELAYU LUPA DAN TIDAK BERSYUKUR,,,!

    Cakap sama kutty tu,,,,BUKAN keturunan DIA and NAJIB yang harus MEMERINTAH Malaysia selama-lama nya,,MELAYU lain selain dari UMNO BOLE MEMERINTAH,,!!


  4. Anonymous8:20 am

    Legoland is not the only hot creation of Malaysia. When the first Safari Park opened its door in February 1981 in Simpang Rengam, Johor, it was the hottest place after the Sahara Desert. The concept of safari was completely distorted with not a single tree in sight.

    Instead of roaming wild as they would in their natural habitat, the lions and tigers under the scorching Johor sun were forced to seek shelter in man-made kampong-style wooden huts! Many of them eventually died in disgust. Needless to say the jungle reclaimed the land soon after.

    I had the misfortune to speak with the contractor who felled the trees, it was ostensibly to save the animals from lightning strikes! Wakakakaka!!!

  5. Anonymous12:24 pm

    during the last media visit we were told that there were 3500 trees planted and yet have to fully grown before absorbing some heat throughout the park.

  6. Anonymous12:25 pm some favour to your regular readers please...screen the biadap foulmouth comment like one fr pu...above. merosakkan jiwa baca...

  7. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I went to Disneyland in Florida in the 80's during summer holiday, lagi panas giler... but people from all over the world did not seem to mind, mcm kat sini.

    Lagi sgt panas dan kering. Kitorang dok balun air batu dan aiskrim, hehehe those were the days.. duit pun tak berapa ada.

  8. Anonymous1:42 pm


    Tak payah tunggu berbulan-bulan untuk pokok to grow. Sekarang boleh tanam poko yang dah besar. Pokok yang sudah ada di situ, pasal apa tebang.


  9. Anonymous2:02 pm


    Auditor General report will be release 2 weeks after Parliment Session,,,!?????

    What the Agenda,,!!!! Ada secret nak HIDE ke..!!!!

    So BERTEPOK lah TANGAN all the BANGSAT BN goon pada hari PERBENTANGAN Budget this coming Friday,,!!!!

    All the PAKCHIS/MAKCHIS akan kata,,inilah THE BEST Budget for the Rakyat,,!!!!!

    Jangan sampai RAKYAT BERTEMPEK di HADAPAN PARLIMEN selepas Solat Jumaat this week,,Udah,!!


  10. Anonymous2:08 pm


    U are so racist...shame on you

  11. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Anon 6:44 is so downright stupid. LEGOLAND and Universal Studio are catered for different visitors. LEGOLAND is for much younger visitors. Afterall, you should not compare lego and cartoon or movies.

    Surprisingly a lot of LEGOLAND advert came up in Channel 5 MediaCorp Singapore in the run-up to the opening day. Channel 5 also claimed to be the official channel for LEGOLAND Malaysia Opening Ceremony. WTF?

  12. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    What is the problem ? For every problem we face, we always have a solution (usually an expensive one). Air Condition the place, make it the biggest airconditioned theme park in the world. Khazanah is shareholder and can pay for it for the prestige of the being the world's no. 1 airconditioned park. If Dubai can have a ski jump, so can Bolehland.


  13. Anonymous5:25 pm

    You going on FOC tickets by Legoland lah?


  14. Anonymous5:30 pm

    I still remember the Safari Park... Yes, it was very hot.
    Hey, maybe Johor can have another go at it now that we know what went wrong (including the need to have more shade)

  15. Anonymous8:18 pm

    yo remember the Safari Park? cool....
    legoland? once in a year maybe....budget?

    Johor Darul Takzim

  16. You can be sure....every post put out by Rocky is to favor umno B governs forever.
    It is his blinking.. sickening low class job.

  17. Anonymous11:27 am

    To Pundek,

    Dah namenye Pundek, tulis pun mcm Pundek lahkan.. When people highlight weakness its for the them be aware and the improve.This's called positive criticism. Not like the PKR goons comment that's always stupid, negative and usually ridiculous, like those of Pundek..


  18. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Someone passed away of a heart attack on the night of opening....presumably of the heat. Please check

  19. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Legoland or Letgoland?

  20. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Salam Rocky,

    Lately I've been surfing Yahoo Malaysia.

    Apparently, the news they post are heavily skewed towards opposition condemning BN.

    Please do have a look at it or investigate. I believe Soros or foreign agents must have a hand in this.


  21. Bestnya Legoland bro. When you go update yeah? Would like to go when I finish my studies for good. :-)

  22. Anonymous8:52 am


    Not surprised that Legoland did not receive accolades as much as you who have really not been there claims...

    Iskandar? Looks like another MiniPutrajaya!!! Govt Servants Hollow Abode!

    All Hot Air and no Action!!


  23. Masalah utama kat legoland ni lalat kat tempat makan dan kat luar medini mall. Satu lagi harga yg agak tinggi. Tak tau la harga makanan dan barang kat universal studio macam mana, tapi di legoland nak beli satu botol oren pun dah RM6, kat luar barang sama RM2-3 je. Kalau anak ramai kena bawa bekal je la. Lain2 ok la, sesekali kumpul duit boleh la pegi.
    Satu lagi ramai pekerja muda tempatan. Bagus. Tapi saya minta sesetengah dari mereka lebih serius dan beri tumpuan pada pelanggan. Bukan senang nak dpt kerja dik oi.

  24. Every minute...someone will pass away.
    The Devil he is...the God he is...{yen yow hai ke..qui yow hai ke}
    That double headed snake has the best of both worlds...and the worst from both worlds are coming after him...right now.

  25. Jasper Bloodstone9:01 am


    Did Khazanah settle for "3rd best" in Legoland, after failing to attract Disneyland (Tokyo, Hong Kong, and now Shanghai) or Universal Studios (Singapore)?

    There was a lot of hot air being blown about back in the day about getting a Disneyland or Universal Studios theme park in Malaysia. Several business proposals were floated by well-connected business types which went precisely no where.

    It was much like that initiative to get MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to set up a campus in Malaysia. Again, zilch. But MIT did take the plunge in deciding to be a partner in Singapore's SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) - the little red dot can still attract the big names.

    As for Legoland, the jury is still out as to whether it will have the staying power and financial muscle to keep upgrading and reinventing itself, once the initial euphoria and novelty has worn out. And whether it can avoid the Malaysian penchant for relegating maintenance and customer service to low priority status, while favouring instead glitzy opening ceremonies with big bang VIPs!