Thursday, September 27, 2012

Belanjawan Pakatan [against Belanjawan Negara]

None of the above understands economic or public finance
says A Voice in ... Turned on by a meaningless budget

Updated:  I didn't call it a stupid budget ..

Bukan Belanjawan Negara ...

Original Article:
I was hoping that Anwar Ibrahim & Co will have more to offer in their "shadow" 2013 than just entertainment value. So far, it has inspired some OK jokes on Twitter. But like I pointed out to YB Nazmi, it should be Belanjawan Negara and NOT Belanjawan Pakatan. If you think I'm trying to be petty, just imagine if the Umno guys decide to call it Belanjawan Umno, gelak tak?

On Twitter, someone feigned surprise that Anwar did not propose the setting up of a Pakatan Airways. I didn't catch the joke at first, until someone had to thrown in the  broad hint: private jet, lah! Ah, so ... My bad. That private jet business is going to hurt like the Sept 16 failed takeover of Putrajaya back in 2008.

Underlying the jokes, the bantering and the outright quarrels over the "alternative" budget Pakatan Rakyat is trying to use to score points over Najib and the real Belanjawan Negara he will be tabling tomorrow is a simple fact: the lack of credibility. There's also a dire lack of experience. Anwar was Finance Minister and Dr Mahathir got him to table some Budgets as a preparation to make him his successor during the mid 1990s, but apart from the appendix of tough Malay words that he had made a feature in "his" Bajets, he has not made a major impact. Nowhere near what Daim Zainuddin suceeded in pulling off each time.

In the 2013 Budget, Anwar will be seen as desperately trying to dismantle, abolish and undo whatever achievements made by the ruling Government. In doing so, he even overlooks the fact that some of those policies were agreed upon or devised when he was in the Government, when he was in a hurry to become the PM. The GST, for example, was already talked about when he was Finance Minister. Strangely, now Rafizi, his strategic thinker, says GST is a "ploy" to conceal the ills of the economy, an economy that has many in the developed West green with envy!

What's most disturbing is Belanjawan Pakatan's appetite for abolishing successful schemes (such as PPPTN, which has benefited thousands of students from poor families) and demolishing growth agents (such as 1MDB, which is undertaking the Tun Razak Exchange which will rival Singapore's financial centre). I could not help to tweet that perhaps Anwar is out to destroy everything that starts with "1" because of its association with the Prime Minister's 1Malaysia concept. But then his wife is 1Azizah, no? Hehe.

In any case, 1MDB must be doing all the right things for Anwar Ibrahim to fear and want so much to kill. Perhaps Pakatan Rakyat should think again: some 1.5 million people benefit directly or indirectly from 1MDB's CSR programs alone. Must these people be collateral damage for one man's political survival?

Of course, the answer is no, they shouldn't. But then, this is Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat, not Belanjawan Negara or Belanjawan Rakyat after all ...

May be continued ...


  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Any incentives for cinadolls in PR belanjawan?

  2. Anonymous2:18 pm

    What do you expect from a finance minister like ANUwar Berahi who doesn't even hold any degrees in business, finance or whatsoever..

    only morons and dimwits will believe his 'Belanja Tak Ketahuan'

  3. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Bang Rock,

    Shouldn't the Opposition come up with its proposed Budget AFTER the government tables the 2013 Belanjawan? That way, the Opposition will be of some use and help us layman understand what the government is trying to do with our money and propose how these can be done better!

    What do you think?


  4. Anonymous3:04 pm



  5. Anonymous3:56 pm

    His wife is an adopted Korean

  6. Anonymous4:29 pm


    I bet even till tonight treasury guys must be busy burning midnight oil as some contents inside PR's budget look sexy enough to catch any men on streets. Expect some last minutes tweak jobs on the already embargo ready budget copy. Anyway that young bean counters at 1MDB should start charting fews option should the most dreaded things happen.

    * Mau keleta mulah saja

  7. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Anwar said he wants to raise Malaysians disposable income.Would you mind to show us how you gonna do it bro?
    You wanted to get rid of the freeway tolls, abolishment of taxes, get rid of PTPTN by giving free education, raise the oil royalties by 20 percents, reduce taxes on imported cars. Those measures are sound economic policies... soon enough the federal government will become cash- strapped and development agenda will be compromised. They are trying to create a future generation of Malaysians who are addicted to government handouts.
    Even Rafizi now all of a sudden becomes the spokesperson of PROTON and is full of hope for its future expectation..

  8. Anonymous4:33 pm

    UMNO punya belanjawan hanya memperkayakan menteri-menteri serta kroni-kroni mereka...rakyatlah yg kena screw !!

    Kali ni, bik mama akan dapat allocation berapa juta ??

  9. Anonymous5:02 pm

    You are an econimist and you might not understand figure.You are pro BN Blogger so I am no suprise if you hentam PKr Budget.

    But just look at our naional debt.

    In 2005 when Pak Lah was PM our Naional Debt ol at 229 billion.In six years the national debt now at 456 billion,If we included off balansheet and govertment guarantee the Naional debt is around 573 billion which is about 67 percent of our GDP.

    Bro,our country is on par with debt laden country like Greece /Italy.

    Be objective and talk to Najib to slow down spending.

  10. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Anwar failed his Malay Studies degree. Anyone see his graduation pictures?

  11. The main difference is :-

    Bajet Pakatan is a budget for Pakatan politician and

    Bajet Negara (by Prime Minister) is the budget for the people since the budget is from the people's suggestion.

    Najib ask malaysian to suggest/advise him on the budget, so the budget comes from the people.

    Did Anwar ask the people ? No. hence it is a budget for them (the politician).

  12. Salam Datuk,

    Was thinking about that Badjet PKR regarding 20% royalty to Sabah and Sarawak. It was this, why not also Kelantan and Terengganu? See, that would be a total of 80% royalties.
    And if by sincere good fortune Johore and Pahang were to become oil producing states and also given 20% royalty each, you'd have to give out 120% in royalties!

    Inspired by movie about a person ending up giving out more than a 100% of his share.

    Best regards

  13. Anonymous9:43 pm

    In the 1998 financial, i see what happened this way....
    ..Al Juburi was ready to scarifice 20 million malaysian so that he can become a PM...
    ..Mahathir sacrificed 1 person i.e. alJuburi to save 20 million Malaysian..

  14. Anonymous9:50 pm

    I am waiting for my reliable, intelligent, highly respected and high integrity blogger Pure Shite to comment on this Pak Atan budget.

    That would be an interesting reading. His analytical approach with facts and data is just awsome.

  15. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Belum sempat lagi semak Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat 2013 tapi excited jugak soal PTPTN.

    Sbelum GE13 boleh bagi surat aku janji tak kepada semua pelajar2 (signed, sealed dan dimana nak dapat pampasan kalau mukir janji) bahawa tidak kira apa jurusan yg akan dipilih dan tanpa syarat atau kelentong, semua kos pembelajaran, sara hidup dan peralatan pembelajaran seperti komputer dll akan diberi secara PERCUMA oleh Pakatan?


    Kena detail le sikit, nanti kalau tak ditunai janji nganga saje rakyat - last last jadi macam Monsterball sampai tua asyik duk maki dan mencarut aje kat kamu nanti.


  16. Anonymous10:29 pm


    1Azizah means wannabe PM's wife

  17. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak - University of Nottingham, England
    Academic qualification: B.A. Hons. Economic (1974).

    Anwar Ibrahim only holds an Arts qualification in Malay Literature from Universiti Malaya.

    How lah to compete??

  18. Anonymous11:08 pm

    As long as we understand there is a prohibition on stealing rakyat's funds, Pakatan is on the right track.

  19. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Freddie Kevin: you are as dumb as they come. The 20 pct refers to the contribution of gross oil revenues from each state, not from the total revenues of the country.

  20. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Belanjawan pakatan setan2 gondola

  21. Anonymous12:41 am

    who knows maybe they will cover any deficit by refinancing of land ie giving more money for less land.

    hey wait a minute...

    got it terbalik.
    if more money goes out for less value then the deficit will surely widen....
    but never mind its only economy, not their money

  22. chowceebai Rocky kia can sure twist like hell.
    Digest this Rocky boy...."When a doctor keep giving the wrong medicine to a patient...there is something wrong with the doctor.
    But when the patient keep going back to the same doctor..there is seriously wrong with the patient" said Tunku Razaleigh.

  23. Anonymous7:22 am

    Anon 10 40
    If what you are saying is right then you must report immediately to respected universities such as George town univ and Oxford who were deceived by hiring anwar as lecturer
    Anwar may not have economics degree but he has people on his team who are bright and young like rafizi tony pua Dr dzull and many others

  24. Anonymous9:30 am

    The Oracle saw The Greecing of Malaysia Economy...if the power that be went for BUDGET RAKYAT...George Soros battleship is dancing in South China Sea ready to extend the arm of "deliverence"...

    Prof Awe Kecik

  25. Anonymous10:48 am

    Someone who holds a GENERAL DEGREE of MALAY STUDIES, not even a third class degree..? only pakatan goons will believe his "Belanja Tak Ketahuan"

  26. Jijan Mali11:17 am

    Belanjawan 'Syok Sendiri' Pakatan Rakyat and to make it more convincing get Mahfoz 'Bean' to present it. That will make my day ha,ha,ha......

  27. Anonymous11:32 am

    other incentives in the PRick Belanja,1.

    1. new mega house for BrotherAnwarBinIbrahim

    2. new airplane for BrotherAnwarBinIbrahim

    3. 4-year-tax incentives for Chinadoll brothels... (wait seminit... tax-free lah and with special PRick start-up capital subsidy)

    4. 4-year-tax incentives for being Gays & Lesbians... (wait seminit... tax-free lah and with special PRick subsidy... but only for coffee-boys, lor!)

    5. new bank licenses for BrotherAnwarBinIbrahim to launder dirty money.

    6. all monies collected will go through BrotherAnwarBinIbrahim.

    7. tax incentives and other special subsideis will be given to worshippers of BrotherAnwarBinIbrahim.

    8... ?

  28. Anonymous11:37 am

    Write about those numbers ! The ones that is making us bankrupt soon not this sugary budget...
    The national debts ...the one we hutang lah! How can ...borrow without consequences???? In no time malaysia will become no man's land!

  29. Anonymous11:48 am

    Anon @ 11:08 PM

    If you scrutinise very closely at the pakatan "experts" you know they are on the right track to swindling rakyat's money to fund their lavish lifestyles...

  30. Anonymous11:54 am

    1MDB doing the right thing ? What have you been smoking, Latuk ? Ask bankers in town, and they all wince about 1MDB overpaying by RM 2 billion for Ananda Krishnan's Tanjong Energy, and overpaying by over RM 1 billion for Genting Sanyen.

    Do you know that the deals are "imposed" from top down ? You want evidence, please proceed with an audit and put Shahrol on the stand.

  31. Albert Choong3:18 pm

    Tak salah, itu chandangan Pakatan Rakyat. U suka kita boleh panggal -lah itu :
    Belanjawau Negara oleh Pakatan!

  32. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Anon 7:22am ( wrote, ...then you must report immediately to respected universities such as George town univ and Oxford who were deceived by hiring anwar as lecturer...

    Gee whizz, what a sycophant!

    BraderAnwarBinIbrahim was NOT hired by those universities, idiot!

    Furthermore, BraderAnwarBinIbrahim was asked to deliver lectures... as a speaker!

    BraderAnwarBinIbrahim was paid by the same "mysterious" NGO's that has been financing Arabsprings and all pro-American puppets!

    BraderAnwarBinIbrahim only has honorary degrees.

    You know what "honorary" degrees are?

  33. Anonymous10:08 pm

    ramai penulis bangang dalam blog ni,bajet pakatan belum boleh diimplimen kerana belum mmerintah,itu hanya perbandingan.Mengenai digree najis dalm ekonomi hanya taik saja.ketirisan 28 billion dalm perbelanjaan negara dan hutang yang mencecah 476 sebaik sahaja benjawan 2013 dibentangkan menunjukkan pm najis bodoh ekonomi,bangang dan tak tahu urus kewangan negara.Hutang pandai la.Dr m tak ada digree dlm ekonomi tetapi perubatan.

  34. Anonymous11:15 am

    Anonymous juga BABI tak begitu, mengata orang yang bukan-bukan tak puas hati juga melalak tak henti-henti apa yang dapat buat penat sahaja bukan orang hendak baca dan dengar. Rakyat tahu apa yang benar dan yang jahil. Mungkin juga BABI yang jahil, pak turut, pengampu be end dan seterusnya, ha,ha,ha, selamat mencoba. syabas, teruskanlah supaya dapat habuan. terima kasih.

  35. Anonymous11:26 am

    Anonymous, apa yang marah sangat mengata orang BABI itu, Jika mengata orang BABI diri sendiri pun BABI juga kerana yang berkenaan sudah tentu mengenal antara satu sama lain. Lain kali jangan sesuka hati mengata orang BABI nanti terkena diri sendiri. Salam sejahtera.

  36. Anonymous11:30 am

    Apa yang sebok sangat membandingkan kelulusan universiti seseorang. Kadangkala apa yang kelulusan universiti hampas tak tahu buat kerja dan bergantung kepada orang bawahan yang tidak ada kelulusan universiti. Orang yang berpengalaman dan berusaha lebih bagus membuat kerja daripada orang yang berkelulusan.