Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Move aside, Air Asia ...

New budget airline. Tony Fernandez/Air Asia's honeymoon ends today with the launch of a new budget carrier by no less than the Malaysian PM himself. According to blogger Apanama in his latest posting Bravo to new born-in-Malaysia airlines, the partnership between Lion Air and Nadi will give birth to an airline that offers low fares (like Air Asia) but with full service (like MAS and Garuda)!

Ironically, after the MAS-Air Asia share swap fiasco early this year, Tony F announced his move to Air Asia's "regional office" in Jakarta, a move seen as a slap in Najib Razak's face.

Immediately, the new airline is good on two counts: 
1. Promote healthy competition and ends the monopoly by Air Asia now that it is big and strong 
2. Strengthen Indonesia-Malaysian ties


  1. Anonymous12:48 am

    plus minus about 4-5 flight a day from indonesia to penang,and 1 flight is on medical tourism.all of them using cheap air

  2. I thought Air Asia was to end monopoly by MAS...providing healthy competition.
    All forgotten the few bail outs of MAS..and now so rich...no need to pay back...use billions to buy new planes...making sure...Air Asia cannot compete.
    Out come new Lion Air.
    Next maybe Tiger Air?
    Come on Rocky...UMNO b is using MAS like using Proton..Berjaya Steel...and now New Straits Times too ..to lose billions...and the wheel keep turning....waiting to win 13th GE...then billions will suddenly appear from no where...to buy this or that shares or the whole operation.

  3. Charles F. Moreira2:17 am

    Good. I hope Nadi will prove that a budget airline can still treat passengers with dignity and not take them for granted.

    And to Monsterball who wrote, "I thought Air Asia was to end monopoly by MAS...providing healthy competition."

    Air Asia is not competition to MAS, just as a budget hotel is not competition to a five star hotel.

    On the other hand, Jati is competition to Air Asia and other budget airlines in the region.

  4. It started COMPETING at local destinations and went on to Global.
    The word "Budget Airline" is just to fool people....and succeeded.
    Anyway....my point is that UMNO b found time to
    expand" MAS again...and Air Asia can go to hell.

  5. Anonymous6:32 am

    all these DAP kiasu people have nothing better to say than negative remarks about almost evertyhing.

    why can't they support good initiatives like this?

    My only concern about partnering with our neighbour is their tendency to slack. There are so many incidents involving aircrash in their country and i can only relate most of it to human factor. Otherwise, why do other countries have very small occurance of aircrash?

  6. drMpower7:18 am

    people like to do certain things, just to prove a point. including throwing spanner.
    thats how mature we are.

  7. Anonymous7:24 am

    just hope it is not Another air asia. Period.

  8. Anonymous7:31 am

    Being launched by PM is not a pre requisite for success.if they use the same handouts mentality and ALA-MAS union labour then we're going to witness a quick death.

  9. Anonymous7:34 am

    Good luck to the new airline but one thing for sure before your wish of Denise of airasia, MAS will die friday unless gov to pump in more tax payer money for more bailouts

  10. Anonymous8:37 am

    why not let MAS have its own low cost airline? Firefly expansion.

  11. Anonymous8:48 am

    Whatever the government does is wrong. All crony, corruption and bail outs. Nothing good about the BN. So what is the government to do? Sit still? Dont create new businesses? What about the unemployed? Isnt it the responsibility of the government to create employment? You dont have to be a Harvard trained economist to know these elementary things. When a new venture is set up the economy turns, people gets employed and more mouths are fed. The main responsility of any government is to see that the people have enough to eat.

  12. Anonymous9:00 am

    Ha Bagus La Tu...

    Indon domestic airplanes are famous for simply dropping from the skies!

    Sapa Berani Dia Dapat Padahnya!!!

  13. Anonymous9:09 am

    wont last long if they put some moron in charge

  14. Anonymous9:26 am

    he he he
    anuwar and cronies guarantee cried and lost PRU13 due to air asia lost to this new airline.

    tak pa la anuwar. lepas ni DAP tolong jual syurga on behalf of PAS.


  15. dua sen9:58 am

    Competition is always good for the consumer. As for the new budget airline, the proof of the pudding is in the eating !

  16. Anonymous10:31 am

    Usual motive is setup big venture for some UMNO cronies to make big bucks 'legally' before it ended up being bailout using the taxpayer.

  17. Anonymous11:23 am

    I agree with you, Charles F.Moreira!

    Unlike the frustrated the PRick supporters who only want to dream of the worst... even to the extent of comparing apples with rambutans.

    What a bunch of sickos!

    They should be sent to Tanjung Rambutan where they belong... especially their self-serving leaders.

  18. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Hahaha....all you people think that running a low margin business is easy....if you don't have economies of scale, you will never succeed. Look at India's first generation low cost airlines - none succeeded, and now even Kingfisher about to go into liquidation.

    It is all about the people. If you don't have the right people to lead, to command and control, then what chances do you have ?

    AirAsia has over 100 aircraft now, what does this new airline have ? Did you know that Lion Air has a bad reputation ? Do you know that one of its aircraft crashed ? You think people will trust this new airline ?

    Rocky, I suggest you stick to journalism. This is beyond your comprehension. It will die as fast as it is established.

  19. Anonymous12:27 pm

    good bye airasiak!

  20. More competition is better. Monsterball your really a monster with balls.

  21. Anonymous2:48 pm

    They still don't get it? First they screw up MAS then they sold Air Asia for one ringgit to Tony where now Air Asia market cap is bigger than MAS. So what make them capable of running this new airline successfully? And MAS still bleeding now.

    Envy Air Asia been turned around and successful when they failed again and again...Just hire the right people to run your businesses - simple logic.

  22. Tony Hernandez2:53 pm

    1. Indonesian low-cost carrier Lion Air will start a hybrid airline in Malaysia in a joint venture with the country's National Aerospace and Defence Industries (NADI).

    2. The new carrier, named Malindo Airways, will start operations in May 2013 with a fleet of 12 Boeing 737-900ER aircraft.

    3. The airline will offer a "hybrid product" using aircraft with a two-class configuration – 12 in business and 168 in economy. The aircraft will also be equipped with in-flight entertainment systems and in-flight connectivity, Lion president director Rusdi Kirana said at a press event in Kuala Lumpur, ahead of the signing ceremony.

    4. Under the joint venture agreement, NADI will hold 51% in the new carrier and Lion 49%. The airline has named Kirana's personal assistant Chandran Ramamuthy as its chief.

    5. Malindo will be based at Kuala Lumpur International Airport terminal two and focus on routes between Malaysia and Lion's hub in Indonesia before operating to other cities such as Bangkok, Manila, Hanoi and Guangzhou. It will also operate on domestic routes.

    6. The carrier intends to add 12 aircraft to its fleet annually, including the Boeing 737 Max and 787. These aircraft will come from Lion Air's current order book, said Kirana.

    7. The five 787s Lion has on order – originally set for its premium carrier Batik Air – will instead go to Malindo in 2015. Lion is now in talks with Boeing to order an additional 10 787s, said Kirana.

    8. To compete as a newcomer, the new airline will offer ticket prices lower or at least on par with that of Malaysia low-cost carrier AirAsia, said Kirana, adding that Malindo will have a low cost base owing to the involvement of NADI.

  23. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Airod dulu dah LINGKOP,,,,ada hati nak buat NEW AIRLINE,,!!!

    Habis duit Rakyat,,!!!


    1. Anonymous7:23 pm

      Airod is expanding la bro. Go to subang airport and see for yourself. They are building a new hangar now. Get ur facts right pls.

  24. By the way....Tony was involved in sales and marketing music business for years at Warner Bros.
    He is a very intelligent marketing man.
    He will give away free tickets to fill up the planes as it cost him no loss and make the pennies here and there.
    That's something UMNO b blokes will never learn ...as they are busy enjoying cozy jobs ..easy easy money...talking cock like Rocky.

  25. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Satu lagi Projek UMNO/BN....ertinya Projek kelentong rakyat !! kah..kah..kah...

    Woi Rocky, apa sudah jadi dgn FGV...harga sudah jatuh dah !! Target price : RM0.50 kah..kah..kah..

  26. Sdr Rocky's Bru. My thoughts on this latest development:

    1. I am a strong believer in Malaysia-Indonesia cooperation. The tunjuk perasaan and tit-for-tat aside, there's a lot to be gained from Malaysia-Indonesia economic collaboration.

    2. For whatever it is worth, I had told both Pak Lah and Najib that relations with Indonesia and Brunei should be the number one priority in our foreign relations.

    3. We need better ministers and diplomats in our dealing with Indonesia and Brunei. I don't consider our Labour Minister effective in dealing with the issue of Indonesian workers, the maids in particular.

    4. The collaboration between Nadi/Airod and PT Lion Air is a challenging one, but can work if the two parties are sincere.

    5. NADI/Airod has MRO expertise and ample space in Subang. Lion Air has 100 over aircraft in operation and some 600 more on order.

    6. Lion Air is restricted to a degree by congestion at Sukarno-Hatta which has resulted in it not being able to improve its dispatch reliability. Moving some of its aircraft to KLIA will solve part of the problem. KLIA has ample space with the construction KLIA2 low-cost terminal;

    7. Malindo's choice of KK as its secondary hub will help boost travel and enhance regional integration.

    8. In the initial stages, the introduction of Malindo Airways this May will affect AirAsia and MAS. AirAsia could mount a response by using its Jakarta Asean Hub, but MAS may be further hurt by the competition.

    Thank you.

  27. If Jati air or any other which uses the same supply chain methology as what Brahim's does for MAS, charging RM10 per 500ml mineral water (for all I know it may be Syabas piped water with rust partucle as the mineral), won't last long... then crony will buy the Jati. Air at RM1.00... Rakyat pay for their incompetence...

  28. Charles,

    On behalf of Monsterball, thanks for the 101 on monopoly. I hope somebody can give a crisp basic on Umno B for Monsterball's sake. He's going rabid on something that he has totally misunderstood!

    Like you, I too hope the new airline will do well and benefit the industry as a whole, without taking anyone or anything for granted.

  29. Datuk Scribe @ A. Kadir Jasin,

    If it doesn't at accordingly, MAS will be affected by the competition. It could be a case of "dua semut bersaing, gajah ditengah yang sakit pert". But MAS has Firefly, its own budget airline, which is now able to resume a "flight" that was rudely interrupted by the failed MAS-Air Asia share swap deal. Use Firely wisely and it is possible, actually, for the "gajah" to stay above the competition and fly happily ever after, so to speak.

  30. Anonymous7:37 pm

    I dont understand why we keep attacking Tony and his Air asia.I thought he is diong a good service to meke evertbody can fly.
    Give Tony and Kamaruddin a break

  31. Anonymous7:54 pm

    the government should stop creating businesses. whoever becomes the ceo or chairman or whatever in the company is called a crony. maybe appointing monkeys from kalimantan forest to run glc's would be a good idea. any human being appointed would be regarded a crony. so if pakatan takes over, all big companies will close shop and no new ones opened. all employees would become umemployed. no new schools, buildings, hospitals, airlines, airports or even roads. award a project to a company that company's head is labelled a crony. but appointing monkeys would not be possible too. the company responsible for catching the monkeys would be a crony company!

  32. So Mr Tony will feel a bit heat... hahaha Bravo Malindo Airways

  33. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Hope no need to bailout again later using Rakyat's monies again.

    NADI belongs to whom?

    BAM ke?

  34. I don't see why anyone should object to low cost carrier (LCC) Malindo Airlines.

    More competition can only mean better days for consumers. While Air Asia has seen off the threat of every LCC in the Asian region, including that from MAS, they can't take anything for granted.

    The only thing that's worrying is Malindo's business plan. In the short term they can treat the additional cost of providing "full service" for an LCC business as an initial investment/advertising cost; in the long term, it will not be viable as there's no free lunch.

    This is also the reason why MAS has failed in recent years. A confusion of philosophy - you can't promote yourself as a premier 5-star airlines and then provide 2-star inflight meals and services.

    The Other question is about NADI. It has prospered entirely from government guaranteed defence contracts. Why are they venturing into LCC business, about which they know nothing? Is taxpayers' money being used to "subsidise" private enterprise. What's the deal here?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

    1. Anonymous8:21 am

      1st you welcome the competition then you argue the company behind it, what? I bet you wouldn't have an issue should the owner of the company is non Malay right? Sickening double standard..

  35. Anonymous10:13 pm

    When any Corporation has the backing of Sovereign Funds no Private Coerporation can complete with it because the War Chest is a bottomless pit. Privatization means oppostunities for the private sector and private equity and not for public sector and GLCs using government dough.

  36. Smart ass Rocky can twist like a snake....with hollow words.
    No need to understand this or that la...and don't try agree to disagree with me.
    One word he takes...and twist it to something else.
    This is a UMNO b blog and all have any connections with the government...including Air Asia...have opportunities to earn millions....by co-operating.
    Who are the losers??......tax payers.

  37. Anonymous12:26 am

    with all the best brain, cannot even turnaround mas... hows the fuck can a new carrier going to survive, let's wait for another expensive bailouts curtesy of taxpayer money...

  38. Anonymous8:38 am

    for the macha here saying tony fernandez is intelligent marketing man, clearly u hv very shallow knowledge & only read TF's propaganda social media. go back & read about southwest airlines la dey, don't lar use english words to show yr intellectual level, actual fact u r just another brain-less TF's butt-licker

  39. Anonymous9:49 am

    Firefly cannot compete with AIrasia. If you check at anytime for any route, Firefly ticket price is often 2-3x more than Airasia.

  40. Mazlan10:37 am

    This will not just provide competition to Air Asia but because its providing in flight entertainment and aerobridges and meals - this is a major threat to MAS as well.
    MAS still needs to pull its finger out. It still ahs too many old planes and does not fly to that many destinations anymore.
    My company stopped using MAS as it had stopped flying to or reduced flights to many key destinations in Europe and Asia. MAS's service has also been really poor.
    As for Air Asia I think we all know in their case they have always been a 'cheap' airline....

  41. Yong Soo Heong11:12 am


  42. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Rocky, Blog with some dignity

  43. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Is it true that the new B737-900 on order by Lion Air will now be transferred to the new Malindo Airways with a government of Malaysia guarantee ?

    How many billions will that be ? As usual, the rakyat is treated like idiots by the gomen.

  44. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Rocky blogs with dignity

  45. Anonymous4:35 pm


    You sure you pay taxes or not? We can check because we know Kickdefella know your details ...


    1. Anonymous2:13 am

      Kickfella kno fuck beside sniffing around ppl anus...

  46. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Rakyat Malaysia will support the new airline

  47. Anonymous7:33 pm

    When KFC gave out their special offer people wallop their burgers within few hours of announcement.

    So, cheaper with additional perks cost of air travel would give same effect.

    And reflecting Proton/Perodua cars, when first launched not many dared buy their cars but look around you today... Gaudyfather and Monsterball lau ren must also be driving one of these cars too?


  48. As Rocky grows older....his brain is like Mahathir.
    One talk with no substance.... the other writes bloody nonsensical stuffs.
    Both try to twist to win votes for umno B.
    Both are IDIOTS!!

  49. Anonymous2:11 am

    Since 2008... Whatever the fat bugger launch, yet the end result till date is just a big fuckung zero... he can talk until the cow come home & only moron Latuk like u still keep licking his balls...

    Go get a life, with or without that fat bugger the sun still shine... pls give some respect to ur self.

  50. Anonymous8:15 am

    we do no yet performance new jet liners..maybe OK or maybe KO.at least airasia is proven..

  51. Bro Rocky,

    ..""Use Firely wisely and it is possible, actually, for the "gajah" to stay above the competition and fly happily ever after, so to speak.""...

    Easier said than done. Your opinion pakai untuk tulis karangan boleh lah...

  52. Anonymous11:01 am


    caste system dpp is now an aviation business guru


  53. Bro Rocky,

    .."Use Firely wisely and it is possible, actually, for the "gajah" to stay above the competition and fly happily ever after, so to speak.""..

    Easier said than done. This kind of opinion is not helping the reality happening... pakai untuk tulis karangan boleh la.

  54. Anonymous11:04 am

    midgetball can always be a US or OZ taxpayer

    not only will they shut his gap up but make sure he speaks like an american or an australian

    no chingkie dialects, cinapek

  55. Anonymous3:01 pm

    hahahahaha midgetballs

    no matter how you criticise Tun Dr M or Rocky, they are pulling in the million hits

    unlike midgetballs who must tumpang Rocky for his unsolicited views

  56. Anonymous3:39 pm

    anon 9:08

    Next time write with your brains functioning. Not like a stupid fool.

  57. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Monster with no balls and God Farter,

    PLease la dont be jealous of Rocky.....He is goin places while you guys are still under your tempurung....hoping for DAP to come to power.....errr which is NEVER EVER...ha ha ha ha

  58. All Malaysians..rich and very poor...all are paying taxes..directly and indirectly.
    Only umno B idiots cannot comprehend....with a classic example of one talking cock by Anon 11.04 AM.

  59. Anonymous7:17 am

    Dear Monsterball,

    If you don"t have enough grey matter to contribute constructively to this blog, I suggest you save you effort to Pakatan related sites, they love you there.

    Just wondering whether all the hoohaas about Tony Fernandez business prowess are really true or it is all to do with strong cables, greedy pejawat awam, and generous "policy assistance".

    Naturally, when the temperature gets hotter, the best things to do is retreat to a cooler climate.

    ps. Mosterball still dreaming of free water, free education loan, toll-free highways and cheap luxury cars. Me too, unfortunately I am not a dreamer, let alone a daydreamer.

  60. Anonymous10:08 am


    monsterball actually replied to his new moniker midgetballs

  61. Anonymous1:58 pm


    Yoong, precisely. You can't said it any better.

    For monsterball, as long as its good for the rakyat, it must be bad for the fuckatan.. That's why all the crap talking.

  62. Jasper Bloodstone4:16 pm

    It boggles the mind to see of the arguments posted here.

    Lest anyone forget, Lion Air also has several flights from Indonesia to Singapore.

    And I don't think that Pak Rusdi is about to give up on Changi in favour of KLIA, the warrior's wet dreams notwithstanding.

    My sources inform me that there are more flights between Indonesian cities and Changi weekly than there are between those cities and KLIA. Add up the numbers for yourself.

    Pak Rusdi doesn't want to go head-on against Garuda in the Indonesian market. Hence he has opted for a flanking manoeuvre into Malaysia, where MAS is still figuring out what to do come Asean open skies in 2015. Firefly is not the panacea to MAS's problems as it will have it's hands full competing against AirAsia, Tiger Air, Jetstar, SilkAir and now, Malindo.

    It's all about tapping into and riding the growth markets in Asean and the wider region bounded by China, Japan, India and Australia, while fending off the ever more aggressive Gulf airlines in the full-service market.

    Tony F, Pak Rusdi, Pak Emirsyah, Alan Joyce and Goh Choon Phong have already figured this out.

    MAS and it's unions are still believing in a cloud cuckooland where competition is a dirty word!

  63. Laugh as much as you like.
    Midget balls..big balls....meat balls...no balls...are words.
    "Monsterball" is my nick....and I walked my talks with balls.
    Kopitiam fellas and Freedom Fighters votes will decide the final results of the coming 13th GE.
    Why do you think Najib keep stalling to announce the 13t GE date??
    I am glad all have learn to twist and turn well after 12th GE.
    Each time I read you low class remarks about me....especially from PERWIRA...who is extremely quiet now...are showing otak otak full of shit and no intelligence.
    Lets see who will dance to the last dance after 13th GE.
    Maybe no 13th GE at all!!!
    People Power are watching!!
    You all young chickos...old rambutans..jungle bananas...sick shitheads..are the sad case of Malaysians produced by Mahathir.

  64. Pay taxes all Malaysians.. must...but not to pay high taxes to benefit umno B cronies...you smart ass...Anon 7.17AM.
    Anyway...you all idiots can talk as much as you like.
    Go read Home Minister....biggest idiot of all...his comment on the red paint splashed at Anwar's bus...and the does of remarks for his speech at Malaysiakini blog.
    Strange ..all watch free TV9....no money to subscribe to Malaysiakini blog ar??
    Ping-pong ball is small but deadly strong....and a game...that needs strength and lots of energy......boom boom boom...
    Eat too much sambal balachan...and chilly stuffs...you cannot control or play that small ball.
    Hardball like the tennis ball...also cilipadi is taboo.
    Any of you blighters notice any great ping-pong and tennis players from your kind..with a big mouth like Home Minister?
    Am I a racist? ..no la.
    How can people who walk at BERSIH 3 are racists??

  65. Anon 7.17AM...comment shows how much intelligence he has.
    A low class Arm Chair Critic he is...and telling me to get lost?
    This blog is for smart guys like him?..hahahahahahahahahaha

  66. 8 years ago....I labelled supporters of umno B are vipers and snakes.
    Now that Mahathir has confessed his umno B lawmakers are all devils....then you snakes .vipers .ravens...brainless running dogs...can all go to hell and meet Mahathir...and there...one bank only...Bank of Hell..set up by China..long long log ago....hehehehehehehehehe
    I can see the lion den I came back..no more lions...only scarecrows.
    Want to dance with monsterball??...come on....lets dance.

  67. Mahathir has declared he is a Devil and so you ravens...scarecrows...vipers and snakes..don't play play with the Angel's protector.
    I come back to the lion den...and what do I see???..no more lions...just straw dogs an scarecrows.
    Sarawak Hornbills are strapped up with DAP rockets to fire at will at one of Najib's security blanket State.
    I suggest you idiots better get ready to work sincerely hard and stop fooling around.
    I am applying to be one of the many Head Hunters....for PR Govt to replace you lazy bums...or sent you to Timbuktu for long term retirement.
    Want to fuck with monsterball???.....come on lets dance.
    Where is that fucking PERWIRA..lau ren this..lau ren that..take pills.
    Shithead PERWIRA is the classic example of a no brain man...supporting umno B.
    Rocky not tat smart as you all think he is.....too much worry.
    No money...also worry. Got money..also worry.
    Why like that???... too greedy.

  68. feel sorry for monsterball.. he is trying really hard to get the attention of readers of this blog... he couldnt use his brain to produce such masterpiece so the only thing he can do is 'menumpang' like he has been doing his whole life ... good job telur raksasa(penis kecil).... dont try to squeeze on your balls along with ur penis pls.. it wont fit..

  69. Anonymous1:26 am

    ".....the warrior's dream notwithstanding"

    Looks like someone cannot eat, sleep, shit, drink in peace without the fear of the warrior haunting even his wet dreams, even when the warrior is NOT around.

    Says enough of his delusional mentality....hahaha...chasing shadows in the dark......hahahaha. Some crackpot of an expert on all things earthly.

  70. Anonymous4:13 am

    bloodystone can help but bring in red dot into the equation

    Indonesia is relooking at how they can compete with red dot

    and suspicious of Indonesian names of chinese ethnicity

    so Pak R may have to work out new strategies


    Tiger Airways is a non-starter

  71. Raymond Lim10:17 am

    Dear All

    What is the most important success factors besides all those mentioned and not mentioned here? It is AirAsia culture and its people. If it is so easily duplicatable then AirAsia will not be so successfully. Wake up and I dont think AirAsia should worry about competing, in fact they are happy for those competitors who invest to make the cake bigger. To me, AirAsia is gear for more success with the latest happening.

  72. Anonymous2:55 pm

    What's all the fuss about? This is about creating economic activities.

    More economic activities = more jobs = less unemployment = business opportunities = more money changing hands = jealous opposition.

    So what if the project fails?

    Air Asia can do another swap deal like the recent MAS deal can't they?

    It's just sour grapes making all the fuss, because their agenda is to simply object anything good.

    A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING, and remember that.

  73. Naz must be suffering from thousands of mini crabs biting his balls...visiting Little India too frequently.
    My balls are one small...one huge size.
    One who tries to squeeze his balls into his penis like Naz keep pushing his penis...rubbing his balls for cheap thrills.
    Sure I do.
    What about others??
    Naz is talking with a cow brain.
    At least better than Home Minister Hisham....BRAINLESS WITH A BIG MOUTH!!!

  74. Jasper Bloodstone9:18 pm

    Anon 4:13 AM

    Proof, please, of your outlandish claims.

    The little red dot hosts a world class airline (SIA) and a world class airport (Changi). Facts which any related ranking will show.

    It's a fact also that there are more flights daily and weekly between Changi Airport and Indonesia than there are between KLIA and Indonesia, with more Indonesians travelling to Singapore by air than they do to Kuala Lumpur.

    Go add up the numbers for yourself and prove me wrong!

    As for the warrior, he has piped down considerably after emoting that Changi Airport and the little red dot are on a never ending slippery downhill path. It's strange how facts on the ground have given the lie to his pie-in-the-sky claims. Maybe his sojourns in the halls of academia have made him wise up.

    As for Tiger Airways being a non-starter, I dare say that they have larger passenger volumes than Firefly. Again, go add up the numbers.

  75. Anonymous3:49 am

    Warrior-academic?academia??????hahahaha. Proof enough you are truly delusional. Seems to us you know more about him than we or even he knows himself. And pray hasnt he mentioned he is an engineer countless times here and elsewhere.
    OIC and forgot, you are too deluded even to grasp simple realities

    His claims may yet come to pass, tho' pie-in-the sky they may seem to the deluded.

    as for the rest of your shitty replies, better stick those fairy tales up where the sun never shines.

  76. Anonymous7:34 am

    poor bloodystone STILL peddling red dot in Malaysian blogs - as if any rakyat cares

    numbers alone does not equate to QUALITY of existence

    your rambling denotes a regret having relocated to red dot over the vast semenanjung

    you begin to realise that Malaysia is a great place to be in the long run, after red dot exhausted its "brains"

    P.S. you might want to expound on Qantas decision vis-a-vis SIA


  77. See, bola raksasa has admitted how much he is craving for attention ... your momma must have dropped you when you was an infant and she hates you so much afterward. thats explain y u needed all this attention.. come come let me give u a hug ...poor little monsterball ......

  78. Jasper Bloodstone9:42 pm

    Anons 3:49 AM & 7:34 AM

    Please refute the points I have made, item by item, if you can. Let's see the results here.

    Anon 7:34 AM

    "Qantas decision vis-a-vis SIA"? Really?

    Has SIA's share price been impacted? I don't think so.

    Incidentally, SIA's market capitalisation is way higher than that of the great and glorious MAS. Now, why do suppose that is? Come on, dazzle us with your knowledge of the equity markets and the economics of the airline industry.

    SIA is not losing any sleep over Qantas getting into bed with Emirates. If anything, it removes one competitor on the "kangaroo route" from the UK to Australia via Singapore. Count how many flights SIA has from London to Singapore daily and how many flights it has from Singapore to destinations in Australia. Tell us the numbers, please.

    Also, why didn't you mention that SIA has a code-sharing agreement with Virgin Australia that gives it access to the latter's Australian domestic network?

    See, talk is cheap. But when facts are put on the table, the rabble rousers turn tail and head for the hills in abject silence!

  79. Anonymous2:12 pm

    What crap shit are you talking? Why turn the tables about warrior when it was YOU who made the asinine claim of warrior being in academia. And when we, his friends who know more about him than you ever do, did or will, laugh your shit off,you go mad, stupid shit!

    You see that is precisely your problem, you think you KNOW everything and everybody,even warrior but actually you know SHIT and you talk a lot of shit under multiple nicks to boot.

    You know nothing about aviation, economics etc and paltry little about everything else. All you can talk is shit about share price,market capitalization, number of routes etc on which planes fly on half empty loads, hubs which are no lpreferred hubs as Qantas shows and whole load of other garbage shit which you can't shit out of your anus, I suppose.

    And your shit of all shit is issuing threats and shitty challenges just to show how shitty smart you are. Shows what a stupid,immature kid you are and a real shitty, deluded one at that!

    Warrior- academia......hahahaha hahahaha. Warrior,are you reading this latest shit from Jasper Bloodstone, mister professor hahahahahahaha

  80. Anonymous6:03 pm


    bloodystone can only regurgitate facts presented by some "expert"

    poor things red dot scholars can only do just that - vomit other's research work

    but when it comes to analytical thinking - zilch

    future predictions - elek ama

    1. Jasper Bloodstone1:05 pm

      Relak, lah. Brudder, go and lepak, or whatever it is you do best.

      Please rebut my facts. If you can, that is.

      And, if you want to debate about Malindo vs AirAsia or AirAsia vs Lion Air, bring it on.

      Shouldn't be too difficult for your intellectual horsepower now, right?

  81. Anonymous10:05 pm

    All these talk are comparing apple with orange and some apple with durian to justify points sound so funny. Monsterball had my admiration in his fighting spirit.

  82. Anonymous7:01 pm

    One more squeak from you anon 2.12pm and i will have your head on my platter for dinner!

    Silence, dont yah have any manners, anon 2.12pm. The mental patient, Jasper Bloodstone, is having a severe amnesiac relapse aggravated by transient ischaemic attacks brought about by his previous lobotomy and all you can do is to rile him further up delusion alley on the account of me! yes...me!

    Go easy on him will ya as he will never understand anything with half his cranium stuffed with shit , courtesy of the Singaporkians' almost bankrupt healthcare system. Dint ya know that he was lobotomised to prevent senile dementia and what else went into that hole in his brain except...yup you guessed it right..pure unadulterated first class Singaporkian shit, piping hot off them sewage pipes in Jurong East!! (u see stuffing shit is the cheapest way to patch up a lousy state-sponging pig in Singapork)

    Now...quit your haranguing anon 2.12pm for the mad pig needs his rest and it aint doing him any good if you go on about me...especially me... for that will drive the sus barbatus real mad and Hougang Mental needs that kerfuffle the least at the moment what with all the preparation for a strongroom for a certain Harry (victim of syphilis induced dementia courtesy of his whore mother)

    Now quit anon, while I prescribe Jasper Bloodstone 50mg of Haloperidol to be supplemented by IV (intravenous) Lozerpam 2mg 1.4ml/mol for the next 72 hours to stabilise the delusion and a jab of Valium 25mg to keep the pig calm. Yah..got to keep Biperiden and Clozapine on standby..if required

    Hmmm...does that make me a MBBS or simply put, a doctor now...I wonder.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (breathe)...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah (breathe)..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....OMG.............my cock.........hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  83. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Monster ball have 1 ball bigger than the other...pity him having a deformed body.. thats why he have this temper tantrum issues just to get attention... his mother must really hated him for having a son that cannot her grandchild....

    Bloodstone is just a looser from Singapore... period....


  84. Jasper Bloodstone4:24 pm

    Ooh, the warrior speaks and the ground trembles.....sort of.

    It's passing strange that he has this perpetual hard-on with regard to a little red dot that keeps showing up his own native land in any category you care to mention.

    It must be hard eating humble pie, after turfing out the said little red dot on it's ear and expecting it to go under in a hostile world.

    That didn't happen, did it?

    Fast forward from Clob, when Dr M thought he'd grievously hurt the Singapore stock market, to now when the Bursa Malaysia-SGX trading link has started, and when Malaysian banks count on their Singapore operations for part of their profits.

    As for your tired old chestnut about money laundering tax havens, that has been shown up for the LIE that it is. Yes, you read it right - LIE.

    With regard to the subject of this post, let's see how SIA performs against MAS and how Changi Airport performs against KLIA. As for Malindo Air, let's see how Rusdi Kirana manages all the irons he has in the fire. He must be hedging his bets, seeing as how Lion Air continues to bulk up at Changi Airport instead of opting lock-stock-and-barrel for the siren call of KLIA. I guess that Indonesian businessmen (and women) aren't fools to be swayed by empty rhetoric!

    Oh, btw, a doctor friend of mine says that your prescriptive skills leave much to be desired. I suppose that must be the result of imbibing too heavily of the nostrums of superiority.

  85. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Hougang mental is in bedlam what with the addition of an old syphilis afflicted mental patient going by the moniker Bastard Lee. And why the bedlam?

    Well folks, they just placed him in the strong room next to patient 545 Jasper B aka the mad pig (in these parts) who promptly resorted to cocksuckling and arselicking the senile old bastard even before Lee was outta his overalls.......hahaha

    Yep...doctor friend was well spot off due to one score: that was the best we could prescribe you given the abysmal state of the Singaporkian healthcare system. Utter shambles due to years of underinvestment what with all the illgotten gains from the laundered money going into the pockets of bastard Lee.
    Hmmm 500billion by conservative estimates:


    Warrior 231

  86. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Hougang mental is in bedlam what with the addition of an old syphilis afflicted mental patient going by the moniker Bastard Lee. And why the bedlam?

    Well folks, they just placed him in the strong room next to patient 545 Jasper B aka the mad pig (in these parts) who promptly resorted to cocksuckling and arselicking the senile old bastard even before Lee was outta his overalls.......hahaha

    Yep...doctor friend was well spot off due to one score: that was the best we could prescribe you given the abysmal state of the Singaporkian healthcare system. Utter shambles due to years of underinvestment what with all the illgotten gains from the laundered money going into the pockets of bastard Lee.
    Hmmm 500billion by conservative estimates:


    Warrior 231

  87. Anonymous9:50 pm

    And one more thingy, Babi : why not you write a letter to Hilary Clinton and the State Department explaining in detail and with evidence that their moneylaundering blacklist is a LIE since you have ALL the evidence to embarrass Uncle Sam in public. That would be their ultimate comeuppance wouldn't it and mighty deserved too, don't ya think.

    And you will be feted as a national hero in Singapork for preserving the honour and integrity of the great pig sty this side of Asia! What a honour would that be, right? Come on do it before you anonymously slip into cloud cuckoo land forever....hahaha.

    And I bet, the USA will try to make up for it by offering yah a free ride to New York, straight jacket u under the statue of Liberty and bundle you off in a high security van to Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Centre (KFPC) where a better and more comfortable strong room will await you. That would be a good barter for rundown Hougang and old Lee's arse and cock, don't yah think?

    One last point pig: if you claim that I am obsessed with Spork, what about your own fixation with MALAYsia? Seems to me you are too deluded to see the obvious....sad.......hahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  88. Jasper Bloodstone1:38 pm

    Heh, heh - the warrior is so stewing in a cesspit of his own making.

    It's surreal that Malaysian banks (regulated and supervised by a hypervigilant Bank Negara) are rushing to do business and expand their operations in an alleged money grubbing, money laundering tax haven.

    Does it mean that their pursuit of "filthy lucre" takes precedence over issues of morality and "doing the right thing"?

    And now we have the Bursa Malaysia-SGX trading link. What a marvellous opportunity to invest Malaysian wealth into shares of Singapore public-listed companies!

    It looks as if the mindset that led to the demise of Clob has been well and truly forgotten (and let's not forget who was the "architect" of the controls that led to the demise of the said Clob).

    Let's now talk about that infamous "blacklist". It's surreal (gee, how I love that word) that a list with such potentially damaging and inflammatory consequences has had so little (read nil, nada, zero, zilch) effect in real life.

    Or, maybe, the US State Department is speaking with a forked tongue, or, as may be more likely, it's left hand doesn't know what it's right hand is doing, and the top echelons of that Department obviously not concerned, seeing as how Iran and Israel are more important......

    Be that as it may. The facts on the ground is that all the big US banks have substantial operations in that little red dot, with the approval, no doubt, of the US Fed and Treasury Department, which, in their own little ways, are just as influential as the US State Department.

    Which is why I have stated that the warrior has LIED. Full stop.

    Now, if you want to shift the goal posts towards Malindo Air, AirAsia, MAS, KLIA, Changi Airport and such like related issues, put them forward for debate. That, after all, is the topic of this thread.

  89. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Dei Pundek Bloodstone

    Do what Warrior at 9.50pm recommended, if you have the balls that is. Then we will see who is lying and who is teling the truth. For now, no matter your demented take on the US, that list stands confirmed and verified unless YOU can prove otherwise.


    Not for you to pass judgement on your own shit anyway. Looks like the cockless bastard pig is trying to absolve himself of his shit.

    Bravo Warrior...kasi kow sama itu babi

    Warrior Fan

  90. Richard Cousins6:38 pm

    Appears that the more you write, the more silly and ignorant you sound regarding the US government monitoring agencies, how they compile their lists as well as the linkages or lack of it between enforcement authorities and normal market operations.

    It is clear that you haven't read or comprehend the State Department, Treasury + Enforcement agency compiled report. Period. Can you spare us your idiocy for a change. It ididnt strike me, an American expatriate in Singapore, how stupid a Singaporean can be!

  91. Jasper Bloodstone9:05 pm

    Richard Cousins

    You have claimed to be an American expat in Singapore.

    Then you should be able to answer a few simple questions:

    1. How many American banks do business in Singapore?

    2. Of these American banks, how many have regional HQs, regional back office support and senior American executives in Singapore?

    3. Have any of the American banks operations in Singapore been implicated or accused or indicted by the American authorities for tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing, or for assisting "blacklisted " countries avoid US sanctions?

    4. Don't the US Fed, US Treasury Department and US State Department hold regular consultations with their Singapore counterparts? You might want to ask your Embassy in Singapore for this information.

    5. And, going off on on a slight tangent, what is the total stock, to date, of US FDI in Singapore, and how many American companies (excluding banks) have operations in Singapore?

    If the "US government monitoring agencies" are doing their jobs, the end results certainly aren't visible in Singapore's banking, financial and business communities.

    That's passing strange, spooky even, given the deep respect accorded by certain parties to this "blacklist".

    The real world goes on, blacklists or no blacklists. And that, sadly, is gall and wormwood to the warrior and others of his ilk.

    Oh, one more thing. If the warrior has the courage of his convictions, he should be calling on the Malaysian government to ban all inward investments into Malaysia from that particular blacklisted money laundering tax haven. The cheek of Khazanah getting into bed with Temasek! True patriots would puke!

  92. Richard Cousins12:01 am

    I will answer on my behalf and my behalf ONLY.

    1. Q1&2
    The assignation of any country in a blacklist is irregardless of how many American banks operate in that jurisdiction. If we are to take your illogic to its conclusion, then all US banks would have been banned in Switzerland post the UBS tax evasion scandal.

    2. Q3 US investigations into tax evasion, money laundering etc are thorough and due to that time-consuming. A watertight case is a prerequisite for indictment and conviction. 6 days ago wire reports indicate that Bank of America and JP Morgan are under probe


    At least one major bank with a base in Singapore has been indicted and found guilty

    http://news.migage.com/articles/HSBC%20Probe%20Shows%20Bank%20Allowe20Money Laundering_1229963_21.html

    Q4 the US and its law agencies are under no obligation to consult with their counterparts elsewhere regarding what is essentially jurisdictional issues. Nevertheless,expressions of concern, alerts and warnings are intimated to the delinquent jurisdiction before the report is compiled. If you care to read the country report on Singapore in its entirety, you would notice that it was blacklisted on account of its feeble prosecutorial efforts and lax attitude towards moneylaundering not that it, as an independent jurisdiction, does not have comprehensive laws to deal with ML. In simple language, the law is there but there is little or no enforcement due to a lack of will to do so.


    But I sincerely doubt you have read the report given your constant

    A. confuting ML with non-related issues like FTA, FDI etc

    B. defensive and at times blatantly evasive stance to the issue.

    Being cited for ML has no impact whatsoever on trade, FDI, regional HQ etc as much as being blaclisted for Human Trafficking or any other matter for as you say the world goes on all those stuff ( so no response to silly Q5 is warranted)

    But being blacklisted is indicative of the Singaporean economy' s reliance on ML as a main source of its economic growth and that probably explains the Singaporean lackadaisical attitude towards its eradication.

    I have no intention of being Warrior's uninvited attorney and neither I do care. But I do care when my country's reputation is sullied needlessly by uninformed ignoramuses like yourself. And to imply that US would simply list a sovereign state on the whim of its law agencies is a hallmark of stupidity, I suppose.

    That will do as my final response to the issue.

  93. Richard Cousins12:39 am

    Sorry, I forgot to link the country specific report


    Note only 14 prosecutions out of 12000 Suspicious Transaction Reports in 2010 or a prosecution rate of roughly 0.09%

    Even the FAtf cites this lax attitude here


    Look at 8 and 9 of the Executive Summary although all parts are relevant

  94. Anonymous11:19 am

    The silence from one party is deafening especially since a Yank entered the thread.

    Maybe the delusion is becoming too painful to bear. The ultimate schizophrenia besetting a totally immoral self as it is caught in a mother of all battles: a delusional lie jostling with a nerve jangling truth.

    Talk of inner demons. Elsewhere the bastard pig was rightly banned here as it attempted to display some tony arselicking and tony cocksuckling:


    But then again, just desserts for trying to ban me elsewhere under the guise of Gaius :

    "Warrior 231, from his posts on the Rockybru blog, seems to have conceived an atavistic, if not visceral, dislike of Singapore - much of it clothed in crude and racist language. That's his problem"

    When unable to respond with logical truth-laced factual arguments...ad hominem the innocent party with calumny to destroy its credibility
    (Procedure 33(c) as in the 'Singapork Troll Trainers Manual'page 47 prepared by TCB of the Singapork SB's Psywar Division)

    talk of cowards with pigshit for grey matter.....hahahahahahhaha

    Warrior 231