Saturday, September 15, 2012


9QUESTIONS. TV Nine has a program every Thursday in which a subject will be asked a set of nine questions on a single topic. Tonight's subject is a vocal Independent MP who will answer questions from nine personalities on the recent flag controversy. I get to ask one of the questions. Do tune in at 1030 tonight.


  1. The SUBJECT should be "Is there a need for DEBATES after DEBATES???" & if you want 9 ANSWERS...herewith would be the answers:

    1) NO! becos politicians should be seen doing work for 'the rakyat' & NOT appear on stages, TV & radio to entertain 'the rakyat'. Politics is NOT Bollywood or Hollywood.

    2) NO! becos debates bring NO winners, debates brings NO changes & debates brings NO purpose. It only bring childish behaviour out of politicians as to show who is more daring & who would chicken out. How childish!

    3) NO! becos DAP would be the 1st party to always participate as they are filled with abundance of people who only know how to talk, talk, talk & talk but when it comes to walking their would easily find them on their bed sleeping or underneath their bed hiding.

    4) NO! it's waste of TV space. I would rather watch better shows instead of watching goon heads trying to show who can speak better. I rather have a 'wakil rakyat' who put the talk into walk instead of telling fairy tales. One good example of a fairy story teller is none other than ANWAR IBRAHIM.

    5) NO! becos after several debates held, there isn't any WINNER at all. All we have are just BIG LOSERS. They always debate 'OUT OF TOPIC' by inserting their own agenda/propaganda.

    6) NO! becos the supporters of the debate participants always behave like HOOLIGANS. They give the country a bad image. Even terrorists behave much better than them.

    7) NO! becos Malaysians politicians are all UGLY. I won't get spooked by horror movies but I sure do get spooked by local politicians sight & sound.

    8) NO! becos debates only make a politicians look more stupid (BTW, they are stupid enough now). The more debates held, the more these 'bodoh punya' politicians will think debates will earn them votes. Do they think the voters are blind & as stupid as them? The voters are able to see who is working, who is sleeping & who is only known for talking.

    9) NO! becos "TALKING IS CHEAP". People who talk less are often good workers, while, talkative people are filled with BULLSHIT but with NO substance. When NAJIB snub ANWAR for debate, I instantly knew NAJIB is a worker rather than talker. As for ANWAR, he's a rubbish vending machine becos he always give millions of excuses whenever he fails to walk his talk. I suspect ANWAR had been deprived of media attention while he was in prison & this is why he's all out now trying to make up for the deprived times.

  2. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Independent MP? Who the F are you trying to kid....looks like another umno wankfest

  3. Who cares about TV9 will produce?
    How many watches TV9?
    All medias are controlled by umno B.
    Read Malaysiakini is better than watching TV9.
    Everything Rocky anak Attan put out is asking all to support BN.

  4. I watched the entire session at 10.30 pm- 11.05 pm. on NTV9.

    YB Zul Nordin was -as always- concise, sharp and direct.

    Great session.

    Syabas TV 9 !!

    I came across that show by chance,as I was changing channels.

    Surfing blogs, and lo and behold, your blog was mentioning about the show.

    God has His ways of showing truths.

    Syabas to YB.

    So unlike DSAI who talks and rambles, but most of it is crap.

    With regards to Malaysiakini, do view my article in rainbowoftruth.blogspot (3rd August 2009)

  5. Anonymous5:54 am

    Ask yourself how many votes has you win over from PR? UMNO want to pay you $$$ per vote you help bring to them and guess what? Most likely you have to pay UMNO back because the way you blog more and more of them are turned off by you.

  6. Food for thoughts to umno B supporters!!
    Using race & religion in politics is evil and MahathIr's umno B party is truly evil.
    MCA & MIC politicians are nothing but puppets and show dogs for personal benefits.
    Using given power to fool own race...planned projects...each worth billions to earn "commission" for families and friends..under the disguise for country and people...are nothing short of characters of con men..rouges and thieves.
    If all BN supporters...especially umno B supporters still think Mahathir developed Malaysia as what it is now...then they are blind.
    Malaysia is a very rich country and it is very easy to develop a country or a company with so much wealth by hiring the right people....and the people who are developing the country are highly educated professionals that we do not see or heard of them at all.
    13th GE is hinted by Najib to be in November.
    He loves the number "11" like
    good luck charm.
    Malaysians know why Najib depends on the stars....moon and numbers...for 13th GE.
    That is his last resort.....depending on luck..and why must he be like that?
    To sum up....Devils Vs Angels..Patriots Vs Traitors...are the labels given by Mahathir and Najib.
    However Malaysians will ignore all these childish formulas and will go to the polls to vote against massive corruptions and double vote for a clean vote for...a true united strong country to be respected by the hole world.......Malaysians first...race second.
    Why do so many Malaysians who work for the government are behaving so selfish...because of a cozy job.
    This is about country and people...and let not your support give ideas to create Emergency Rule....where hundreds must die which you can count yourselves as part of the veil ones.
    The day you regret to support the real devils...with hundreds dead...will be too late.
    You can be cocksure People Power will not allow Najib any hanky panky to win 13th GE....or create troubles not to have it.
    Thanks for reading.

  7. Anonymous9:18 am

    It will be dream come true for many if pakatan forms next govt and umno bloggers like you are out of a job cos no more big bucks coming your way

  8. Anonymous10:07 am

    I'll watch it. No one tells me who to vote. It's my vote..

  9. Anonymous10:11 am

    Yeah Rocky, your question should be, "How fast can pakatan goons be shipped to Soros's country since he loves them so much?"

    Malaysians are sick and tired of their imbecile antics.

  10. Anonymous10:23 am


    midgetball is the only true pakatan cybertrooper, he writes from his golden heart, syabas!

    problem is his brain has got too many cobwebs generated from years of toxic frustration caused by an identity crisis

    his soul and spirit is still in communistic tongsan but he stays put in blessed Tanah Melayu

    he longs for equality which his ancestors rubbished but he tries to con the bumiputeras to believe in being Malaysians first, altho his cinapek clan clamour for china schools where mandarin is not even their mother tongue

    only thing is that the wise bumis can see thru his con-game and therefore the article 153 will never be abolished

    UMNO/BN is the right party to govern blessed Malaysia

    midgetball and cinapek clan, the sepet and sengkelet - eat your heart out

    Errr ... thanks for sharing the LAUGHTER

  11. Anonymous10:39 am

    Zul Noordin an "independent" MP ? What have you been smoking, Latuk ?

  12. Anonymous10:41 am

    Clowns like Zulkifli Noordin are trying to portray themselves as winnable candidates. I'm willing to bet that these people will not be re-elected.

  13. Anonymous10:43 am

    how much najib paid u to ask the question?

  14. Anonymous10:57 am

    Monsterball lau ren,

    TDM, Najib, UMNO, corruption, racist bla bla tapi sampai tua lu still lingering here in Malaysia?

    Cannot imagine why your ancestors migrate here and left behind such a beautiful country of origin... CHINA..

    See how far they've progress today without people like you being part of them! Lu tarak rasa malu ke? What a frustrated bitter old man you must be - with own race also cannot live or compete or earn a living then migrate ebeliwear snort around like oink oink...

    Go give more offerings tolay and ask for good blessings.. tomolow last day wan...


  15. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Hello Monster NO Balls,

    Enough la of your diatribe against UMNO b and Rocky!

    You must have been shafted down your ass real bad by UMNO b and Rocky to be so hung on on them. Probably you need Anwar to shaft down your ass then you feel better.

    What a loser you are.....

  16. Anonymous1:24 pm


    I tried to read monsterball's, but stopped at the second line cause to many craps written.

  17. Anonymous2:03 pm

    i think monsterball i having a midlife crisis...

    even though rocky do support UMNO/BN it is his right and it is his right to promote/shows his support to them..

    you can read,watch,hear anything and no one stop you..

    as for me i will vote for whom i like.. for TG Haron Din,for Ust Nasaruddin, for Zulkifli Nordin, for Karpal Singh, for Najib Razak, for Mukhriz and more but definately not for all those goons in PKR..

  18. Anonymous5:15 pm

    lets says yes to pr so that they will keep on entertaining us but vote for bn.

  19. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Anon 9:18 AM,

    When Pakatan form a new government, You'll handing down your children an uncertain future. Not knowing what going to be in store for them. A good life will end at you. Wouldn't that be selfish?
    I am an old man. If things change for the worst, at least I have lived and enjoyed a good part of my life.

  20. Anonymous6:40 pm

    More often than not, those who throw the questions are fuckup nincompiops

  21. they keep saying brader rocky this and that , yet they keep coming and coming back.... thanks guys for bringing more traffic to this blog.. brader rocky sure appreciate you...

  22. Those umno B sontoloyos talking cock to me and about me.
    Read...what to you learn?..Nothing!
    Rocky anak Attan is my dear good friend but I hate his no balls.
    You need not sell your the devils la.
    Mamak is Rocky's what???...a confessed Devil.
    hoi Rock...are you anak Saitan or anak Attan???...another sontoloyo.

  23. Don't read my comments also must tell the whole world.

  24. PERWIRA!! Wow what a load of same repeated crabs you keep talking to me.
    poorah...this your country ar?

  25. Seriously speaking...these umno b goons keep ignoring there are as many Muslims in PAS and combined with keDAILan Muslim members....umno B is in real serious trouble.
    Who keeps throwing red paints at Penang DAP HQ and Anwar's bus?
    What do those actions show?
    WAKE UP!!
    Most of you...better get ready to be fishermen ...plant rambutan and durian trees.
    PR Govt will not bribe you for votes.

  26. Anonymous4:20 am


    these pakatan goons just dont wanna see Malays as government leaders

    they sorely miss the ole Rocky who was anti-establishment

    but then they forgot sleepyhead is no more PM and that SIL is NOW only a name that carries zero weight

  27. Anonymous9:43 am

    Both Barisan and Pakatan have their shortcoming. Many in Barisan still in dreamland, where all their worldly pursuit can be realised. Driving along the highways, being zipped by the likes of cayennes, s-class or the odd supercars, I just wonder where all the money come from? Could it be that they are milking while the cow is still healthy?

    Pakatan still have wet dreams. They know many of their promise are not achievable, but what the heck, promise, promise, promise, many of use are forever in dreamland.

    It's good that now have choices and we will make a choice soon. History have proven that we are bound to make mistakes, and just pray that we dont make fatal mistakes, like when the germans choose the man with the funny moustache as their leader.

  28. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Agree with you Naz. Try presenting an "opposing view" in Makaysiakini. It will never get posted. This is what to expect if they get into power.

  29. Sally4:47 pm

    say what you like about rocky but whether your comments are pro or anti him, he still publishes which is more than I can say about other bloggers..