Monday, September 10, 2012

What makes a Journalist of the Year?

Event: National Press Club Awards Nite 2012Date: 12 September 12Venue: Mariott, KL
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Followers of the annual NPC awards, now only in its third year, know that we're rather unconventional. Candidates for the various awards are nominated by their peers rather than by submitting their own articles. There have been cases, therefore, when winners turned down the awards because it was politically incorrect for them! Not our loss. And that is why our previous Journalist of the Year winners were rather unconventional - sometimes controversial - journos.

This year is no different ... (to be cont'd). 


  1. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Letaklah apa award and awards in CASH,,!!

    Masyarakat tak HERAN,,,,coz kalu kamu BODEK,,sure to DAPAT.

    JOURNALIST ni ibarat TAPE RECORDER,,tak ada journalist pon BERITA bole sampai kepada UMUM,,!!!

    Apa JOURNALIST yang PRO PEMBANGKANG take bole dapat ANUGERAH ke,,!!!???


  2. Anonymous10:26 pm

    what makes a journalist of the year.

    make sure your sleep with some china hooker and provoke the people as much as possible.


    that will be a making of a great story of the year.

  3. Anonymous1:14 am

    my money for NPC – Scomi Journalist Of The Year
    is frankie d;cruz...

    but how come "The organisers have decided to defer the Online Journalist category this year due to nominations that failed to meet the criteria set by the committee."

    online journalists , such a burgeoning demographic and nobody meets the criteria? what are the criteria? were the criteria made known or were they held close to the chest?

    could it be that it was deferred because whoever wins, he will prove to be an embarrassment to the organisers?

    where can we read the criteria stated? thanks in advance.

  4. sniper1:16 am


    off the topic.

    did you read last new sunday times issue ( 9th sept ) in the car bus truck section ?

    Go to the truck and transport guide section and read page IV under the title " what the truck is going on" as reported by Niklas Albakri

    see how the Kumpulan Darul Ehsan did a deal on the purchase of compactor truck.

    It's a not so funny deal.....

  5. Anonymous9:07 am

    not u for sure

  6. It's him for sure as no one wants it.

  7. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Zulkiflee Bakar dari Utusan

  8. Anonymous10:32 am

    doubt that any one of them is within Pulitzer category....

  9. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Rocky, can parpukari and helen ang be nominate for best journalist of the year ??

  10. Straits Time has become a toilet paper and may need a toilet clear like Rocky anak Attan to clean it up.

  11. Mustapha Ong9:48 am

    Dear Bro,

    Congratulations to the success in organising this year's NPC Awards 2012 and I thank you for the opportunity. Well done despite some criticism. Hope i'll be there too next year, if i am still around.

    Unfortunately, PM didn't have the luxury to hold the PC otherwise the finishing would be more focused for the media consumption.

  12. Anonymous10:38 pm

    I hope the winner is the guy who regularly writes the front page of Harian Metro :-)