Saturday, September 29, 2012

A big, big budget for the small people

Anwar Ibrahim says the 2013 Budget is not people-friendly.

I think he was just dumbstruck. The Budget is undeniably rakyat-friendly. We are talking about the real Rakyat here, not Pakatan Rakyat. Ask the lower-income people, the government servants, pensioners, our soldiers, the cops, the old and the young, and anyone who is interested in the Belanjawan and I think everyone will say there's something for them. It's THEIR budget.

What I like about the Budget is the long list of stuff and goodies for the small people: Malaysians who earn less than RM3k a month (which is a continuation of the focus since Najib's New Economic Model back in 2008) and even specifics for those earning RM2k!

Maybe these guys are too small to be Anwar's people.

Touch points of Budget 2013:


  1. Anonymous1:03 am

    Rocky... it is a 'bull-shit' budget !! do you have any idea how much is the deficit in this budget ??

    UMNO akan bankrap-kan Malaysia !!

    1. Anonymous11:59 am

      Mu pakar ekonomi ke? Kalau beri pendapat sertakanlah fakta fakta ilmiah untuk menyokongnya. Baru ada kelas! Jangan beri pendapat ikut perasaan saja!

    2. Anonymous10:24 pm

      anon 1:03:ko igt pemimpin2 Bn bengap mcm pmbgkg ke nk buat bajet membgkrapkan negara?bajet nk mnsuhkn ptptn,tp mn nl cekou 47-70b mcm si rafizi ckp ms debat dgn kj hri tu?tak ke bgg namenye..

  2. Anonymous1:10 am

    Big budget for the people.Fully agree.But Malaysia will go bankrup in a matter of time.National debt on the raise,revenue drop,FDi drop,unemployment among graduate on the raise.You ask the cashiers at the hyper market,all of them are university graduate.

  3. Anonymous1:11 am

    I suppose you dont mind the increasing deficits and national debts.

    After all its Pakatan Rakyat that will have to resolve once it comes to power?


  4. Anonymous1:37 am

    Cash given from Standard 1 to pensioners. Seems like Najib have no confidence to BN and have to resort to buy votes. Sadly this won't work and even more sadly, PR have to deal with the hugh debt due to UMNO stupidity.

  5. Anonymous2:01 am

    again, the middle class lose

  6. Anonymous2:57 am

    u fucking call tis a budget?

    steal from hardworking folks and give to lazy assholes?

    chow chi bai...

    3 billion down the drain??? which fucking u he came from???

  7. Anonymous3:00 am

    u call pr budget shit



  8. hoi Rocky....don't keep picking words out of a context and keep carrying Najib's balls.
    Go manage a company...spend spend spend with no will power to correct all the massive corruptions.
    Go keep all the unproductive dead woods.
    This is a political budget...not people or country friendly.
    Santa Clause has arrived in presents..all year round.

  9. Anonymous3:22 am

    It has already been said that revenue collection will increase by a billion ++ . And the deficit will be reduce by from4.5 to 4 % of the gdp. Fdi is dropping everywhere because the west has no more money. Unemployment of graduates is high because they cant speak english. Dentist and medical students in ipta usually are 100% employed within six months (um statistics by ts ghauth jasmon). Most ipta students in critical are employed within six months. U must talking to the uni students or diploma students. It was way the middle class will loose? Reduction in income tax, money of domestic comsumption, money for students, more clinics and kedai rakyat 1malaysia. All of these will reduce the burden of thr middle class. It terms of revenue increase in domestic consumption will help in economic growth (as supported by the financial times). Its said thats people blindly read malaysiakini. And not look at the budget as whole. -abdul rahman

  10. Anonymous6:58 am

    wow.. so many specialist here ah.. PR can resolve ah? hahahaha that is pure COW DUNG my friend.. yannnadehhhhh! u all in PR just finish masturabating ah? don't like it don't take it... Ok? or you will be the first in line to get the RM250 rebate for 3G phone? ham ka chan u!


  11. al zarqawi7:54 am

    Its funny when fukatan jokers talk about abolishing import car tax and ptptn and at the same time worry about deficit and national debts. Wats wrong buying votes via free water not working ke ?

  12. Anonymous8:22 am


    Whenever Muhyideen Says something you can bet your bottom dollar that it is the complete opposite!

    Yesterday Muhyideen said the Budget is not an Election Budget...Hence IT IS AN ELECTION BUDGET..ANOTHER TERM FOR A VOTE BUYING BUDGET!!!

    Well...We'll see Najib's next MOVE. If he Calls for Election THEN SURELY THAT IS PROOF IN THE PUDDING! Take the Bribe and Vote for us!

    Joe Black

  13. Anonymous8:46 am

    Some silly comments about Malaysia going bankrupt. They have been saying this for 55 years. When the government tries to help they say vote buying. If the government does not help they say they are ignored. For once, wake up from your jealousy and bias attitude.

  14. Anonymous8:52 am


    Whats wrong with graduate working as cashier at hypermarket?

    Malaysia will go Bankrupt?

    I have heard this for a very long time since Tun M era...

    So, whats you people are going to do .. go on strike? .. go to the streets and held demonstration..?

    Have you people done anything better to increase your earnings?

    Self employed.....

  15. Anonymous9:10 am

    Eventhough I'm UMNO supporter.... this time I against it. For me the budget is useless and de-rail from 2020 agenda.

    This budget is for higher income and lower income people. Middle income people is NONE!!!

    This is the worst budget ever !

  16. Anonymous9:18 am

    A typical UMNO style budget, they always think that we malay are stupid like them. They do not look at our economy holistically and plan the budget strategically other than thinking of BN survivality.
    I hope and pray to allah come GE13 the rakyat especially muslim malay is smart enough dump all these morons.

  17. Anonymous9:19 am

    A typical UMNO style budget, they always think that we malay are stupid like them. They do not look at our economy holistically and plan the budget strategically other than thinking of BN survivality.
    I hope and pray to allah come GE13 the rakyat especially muslim malay is smart enough dump all these morons.

  18. Anonymous9:20 am

    A typical UMNO style budget, they always think that we malay are stupid like them. They do not look at our economy holistically and plan the budget strategically other than thinking of BN survivality.
    I hope and pray to allah come GE13 the rakyat especially muslim malay is smart enough dump all these morons.

  19. agree with u, its a big big budget for the people by PM.. compared to pakatan's buyjet.. hehe.. got it? buyjet = budget.. hahaha

  20. Anonymous9:40 am


  21. Anonymous9:44 am

    Daripada bagi cash, lebih baik gomen hapuskan duti kereta untuk 1.3cc kebawah. 1.5cc kebawah 50% potongan, 2.0cc kebawah kekalkan dan 2.0cc keatas nak naik lagi pun tak pe. Manfaatnya jauh lebih mesra kepada rakyat peringkat bawah. Cukai RPTG patutnya dinaikkan lebih tinggi untuk mengawal harga rumah.

    Datuk, saya penjawat awam peringkat bawah. Anak lima orang. Pakai proton saga buruk. Balik raya lepas, keta buat ragam lagi. Teringin juga nak pakai proton saga baru, bukan nak mewah cuma sekadar nak bagi sedikit keselesaan pada anak bini. Minta-maaf datuk, kali ni saya pangkah PR sebab duti keta 1.33cc yg terlalu tinggi, bagi saya yg tak mampu ni. Sapa-sapa yg nak kutuk saya, kutuklah. Susah saya saya jugak yg tanggung. Kalau Datuk ada peluang jumpa YAB PM kita, sampai-sampaikanlah salam saya.

  22. Anonymous9:47 am

    suke bace posting u. sangat kelakar. pra tadika kehidupan. hehe. sure bn menang besar punye. sure punye. saye pun pileh mengundi jugak.

  23. Anonymous10:18 am

    cut this subsdidy, cut thAT subsidy...

    whack the middle-income earners...

    give peanuts to the have-nots...

    even morons knows how to give away money thats not theirs...

    fuck, thats is one fucking fantastic budget...

  24. Go to hell with PR (Pembohong Rakyat) ang BN (badut2 Nasional)

    Tha numbers of Badut2 is increasing every days.

    Thw bigge3st BADUTS are NMY and MRY.

  25. Anonymous10:57 am

    budget bn..... bankrap negara ?

  26. Anonymous11:04 am

    How about those that retired from Telekom , TNB , POS dan LPN . They are getting small amount from their pencen, not to say that they are not loyal to the govertment service but there was no choice to them but to work with the new company.They have to work after retired because of the low pension they receive and small amout they got from their EPF fund.Their pay is very small during last 25years when compare to know days . Hope DS Najib and the govt would see about this.

  27. Anonymous11:26 am

    to the zombie-PRick-cybertroopers who wrote rubbish like:

    1. you have any idea how much is the deficit in this budget ??...

    2. ...But Malaysia will go bankrup in a matter of time...

    3. ...I suppose you dont mind the increasing deficits and national debts...

    In the words of Alfred E. Newmann, What, me worry?

    Why no worries?

    Hey, you guys are really zombies... zombies are mindless cretins!

    You accept money from Uncle Sam but, why don't you learn from them!

    So, zombies... what is Uncle Sam's budget deficit?

    How much is Uncle Sam's trade deficit?

    ... if you zombies can count to that much.

    Final question to the zombie-PRick-cybertroopers...

    Is Uncle Sam bankrupt, yet?

    Remember the mantra, "be too big to fail!"

    Geez, what idiots!

  28. Anonymous11:29 am

    Salam Bru,

    Need your help to seek clarification regarding BR1M.

    PM in his speech said "where the head of the household earning less than RM3,000 is eligible for the assistance" while in news report says "BR1M aid of RM500 to households earning not more than RM3,000".

    If the husband (the head of the household) earns RM2,000 and the wife earns another RM2,000 (total household earning RM4,000), does this family entitle to the RM500 BR1M?

    Appreciate your assistance Bru.



  29. Anonymous11:31 am


  30. Anonymous11:31 am


  31. Anonymous11:45 am

    dear bro Rocky
    looking at the comments up there , biasalah bro Rocky kalau dah manusia yang tak mahu menengok dan menggapai apa yang baik cukup senang lah tulis yang mengata2 yang burok pasal budget ini.Aku tengok orang macam ni walau apa pun baik yang mereka nikmati dinegara yang aman dan bahagia ini semua nya tak betul.Pasal bangkrap telah di jana semenjak 10/15 tahun yang lepas..tapi aku lihat negara ni makinmakmor, berjuta2 pelancong datang sevar halal, secara haram yang tak mahu balik..negara Malaysai makin hebat dipandang oleh dunia , kat sini semua nya baik belaka..munkin ada sikit crime..tapi crime di London, Ney york pun teok jugak..
    manusia yang tak bersyukur dan berpandangan negative, yang kata bull shit pasal kata memang sedap jari menaip text dan nak menghentamdan tak pernah puas banyak berkeliaran di alam cyber tapi pada aku biar lah si luncai tu ..

  32. Anonymous11:50 am

    PR budget proposed a deficit too. So why all this talk about banging the government's budget? Hypocrites

    As the title says, it focuses on a certain target market. The government can't please everyone.

    Which is riskier? Giving out freebies like education and traffic summons or looking at reducing subsidies and build revenue?

    If the government were to propose less spending, then there will be detractors who would moan about lower GDP and the government's "lack of attention" to the people's needs. So either way, the government would never win.

    Overall, there are many things that we want on the wish list, I agree. But this is the immediate focus. One thing I would agree with the other budget though. If it's not already in place, please have Khazanah declare a dividend policy. That'll put additional pressure to Amok & Co to perform and make good investment decisions. Some of the things like funding innovation proposed by the other budget is already in place.

  33. Anonymous11:59 am

    How abaut those who retired from govt department like Telekom ,TNB , POS and LPN they are drawing very small amout of their pension.Not to say that they are not loyal but it was the govt policy of privatization.This people have to work after 55 bcos of a small EPF saving and a small pension receive by them.

  34. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Dear Mr Rocky,

    it's true what you said..

    this budget means a lot to Malaysians especially the small people..

    Thank a lot DS Najib and Barisan Nasional who are always 'prihatin' towards Malaysians..

    My vote will be with you DS Najid!

    Sekali lagi jutaan terima-kasih DS Najib!

    To the Pakatan 3 Jahanams, your reign of bullshit will be over soon!

  35. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Anon 1:10

    Look around you? Does it look as if Malaysia is going bankrupt? The only thing going bankrupt are the opposition, of ideas.

  36. charleskiwi1:15 pm

    You obviously are showing that you are blind or know nothing about economic. Even a blind man can tell it is a vote buying budget that Malaysia cannot afford and worst of all in deficit. What is so good about a budget in deficit ?
    It is a sure way to accelerate Malaysia into bankruptcy when Malaysia is already so heavily in debt, rated to be at par with Spain and Italy !
    Please tell me why China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore have so much funds in their reserves when they do not right now even have the black gold ? They have one thing in common, they are not only frugal in their expenses and most of all have very little corruption when compared with Malaysia. Yet you call this a big, big budget for the little people. Please do not comment when you have nothing negative or positive to say about the budget. Just stick what you do best, sedation and nobody will say that you are ignorant and a lackey of the about to fall regime. That way you might even have a job after the Umno is kicked out of Putrajaya which is far better than being a jobless lackey !

  37. Ellese2:41 pm

    Rocky I think you're nice. I'm finding all pr bloggers and supporters just cannot think straight and accept contrarian view. From din Merican to dr hsu to tmi et all. For instance when they complain on BN deficit spending will make us bankrupt like the above commentator I told them pr also deficit budget. They can't answer and started banning and censorship.
    Same with corruption. I told them with all the corruption pr allege to wipe out and savings made they still come up with deficit budget. And then i tell them it's funny coz despite pr claim on corruption how come bn budget can still have more hand out than pr's budget. Then they become quiet and start censoring.
    They're funny people and you're too kind. They call people stupid but are they not one with these simpleton double standard arguments.

  38. Anonymous3:10 pm

    hello pro opposishit commentors,

    this budget is for small people like me who needs some cash immediately. i dont bloody care about country's deficit or wtf you called them. i just need need cash to pay my rent, cars, kids tuition etc etc.

    i sokong 100% Najib and current goverment. if u all dont like them, get the fuck out of Malaysia and live somewhere else...

  39. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Anon@1:10 - you asked 1 cashier and you say all cashiers are graduates. Get your facts right. Be broad minded. Get a bird eye view of things and not the view of a frog under a coconut shell.

  40. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Just one good reason why BN MUST be voted out: Lynas.

  41. Anonymous4:57 pm

    what a great budget by Najib. Even any bachelor & homeless 21 year old drug addicts will take time off to line up in claiming $250 cash voucher.

    * Robin Hood

  42. Anonymous5:20 pm

    I bet those 5 commentors above would be the first one in line to take the goodies!!!

  43. Anonymous6:28 pm

    I've been hearing this malaysia go bankrupt things for the past 4 yrs...please say something else la weh

  44. Anonymous7:25 pm

    If this budget will make malaysia belly side up... i wonder what will happen to FOC PLUS and 20% off from car tax?

    We don really have that much oil reserve left in our countryland....

  45. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Lets wait for what some of the financial news, agencies, ratings houses, WSJ, Reuters say before blowing the horn.

    Pro-BN bloggers, ministers, ordinary folks comments are good only for the ears to hear but seriously whether finacially the country is heading in the right direction must be from those foreign experts out there who can crunch all the numbers given.

    Let just say, if it's bad just don't came back with another story of Jewish conspirasy, Illuminatti, Soros and what not.

  46. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Satu lagi kad kredit, with love from 1PMMalaysia! Spend, Spend and Spend! Buy, Buy and Buy somemore. Don't worry, be happy. Live today to the fullest!
    But what about besok? Lusa?
    Erh, erh, err.............leave that to tuhan ok?

  47. You can be cocksure Najib will not be in Parliament on Monday when Anwar delivers his rebuttal speech.
    Najib should be there...but he dare not face Anwar for a debate of any sort.
    Anwar sat and listened like all others.
    Anwar said he will allow Najib to rebut his rebuttal speech.
    Najib's balls will shrink if he dares to rebut.
    He is good only giving his prepared budget speech.
    His mind will go blank...and he will mumble and fumble...talking off the cuff.

  48. Anonymous1:43 am

    PARAM 1.11AM,

    When is Pakatan Rakyat going to resolve what?

    When is Pakatan Rakyat going to come to power?

    And is it going to get help from the moron Anwar Ibrahim. Who graduated in Malay Studies with general degree only. Who is also the Selangor Gov economic adviser with RM1 pay?

    And all Pakatan Rakyat manifesto are not obligatory! Not meant to be regarded as promises! TIPU.

    Wake up la moron.

    Go and compare national debt of other countries suh as Singapore, US, Japan, UK etc.


  49. Ellese5:18 am

    I think you are nice and tolerant. All pr bloggers from din Merican to dr hsu to don play puk to tmi et all ban or censor contrarian views. They can't answer so resort to censorship and banning. For instance on these budget. I ask that pr and its supporter can't argue bn makes us bankrupt for the deficit budget because pr also put us into more debt because pr too believe in increasing debt by virtue of their proposed deficit budget.

    Also point out that all bn handouts have been built into the budget and yet it came within the limit of 4.5 deficit. Pr too does the same with billion dollar handouts within its own deficit budget. What is strange is that pr has taken into account of all the alleged corruption and savings made and yet came out with a deficit budget with less handsout than BN. Strange bin Pelik. If there's so much savings from the alleged corruption there should be at least as much handouts as BN with so much surpluses budget. The only explanation I think pr is either pr is conning people or rafizi and his pr ilk tak pandai maths kot.
    And for telling this you get ban and censored. Kata believe in freedom of expression. No even one pr blogs believe in this. Always resort to selective enforcement. You can use expletives or harsh words against bn but can't even point out hypocritical stand like above in pr blogs. Rubbish all these pr bloggers. That's why I say you're nice.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone8:08 pm


      What about Greece, Portugal, Ireland?

      Or Spain?

      And now, India.

      The external economic environment isn't promising - US recession + QE3, Eurozone problems, China slowdown.

      For an export-driven economy like Malaysia, the external warning signals are flashing red.

      How long can the government depend on the domestic consumption story to drive the economy?

      That's a story that may have outlived it's usefulness!

  50. malang6:09 am


    where is the revenue coming in? the world economy is really unhealthy. can get 4.5%? i don't think so.

  51. Anonymous9:16 am

    So many critics from Pakatan budget experts. Let's see Penang and Kedah's so called bajet rakyat after this.

  52. Anonymous10:08 am

    The people friendly budget made Pakatan budget look stupid. As Sabahan (transplant) residing in Tawau, who need a bridge to Labuan when the budget can ensure lower price of goods? To those detractors who think the budget would sink us deeper into deficit, well The Edge think Pakatan's would send us bankrupt in 2 years!

    Deficit (I don't think it is) is good!


  53. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Pakatan rakyat bulshitters now resort to questioning deficit.

    They don't know what they are talking about.

    Criticsm for the sake of it.

    With their shadow buyjet, msia will be in deficit 100% ie bankrupt..

  54. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Every budget of every country is a vote buying budget. For those who think that Malaysia is going bankrupt better leave today. Get out and dont come back. Why remain here if the country is going bust?

  55. Anonymous4:09 pm

    pakatan morons have no idea what they say, they just oppose for the sake of opposing

    pathetic lot of ingrates who DESERVE to be conned and fooled by pakatan goons

    DS Najib is a learned economist much like Daim and Tun Dr M

    The ones going bankrupt are the buku jingga creators who are also the dropouts and fake economists

  56. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Can this Pakatan goon really explain how the 53% deficit make this country bankrupt?.
    And please put in comparison to other developing Country.
    I do believe that the goon here only know how to copy paste instead of producing proper writing them self.


  57. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Can this Pakatan goon really explain how the 53% deficit make this country bankrupt?.
    And please put in comparison to other developing Country.
    I do believe that the goon here only know how to copy paste instead of producing proper writing them self.


  58. Anonymous7:32 pm

    we sureli vote for najib this time around...cannot trust DAP anymore.

  59. IT.Sheiss8:49 pm

    This is a populist, election budget (despite BN denials) but I welcome whatever it provides, especially for the small people and also Pakatan Rakyat's proposals for an alternative budget.

    Of course both sides would bash each others' budgets, that's politicking.

    Anyway, as I had always said, BN targets the lower income urban and rural electorate, which has enabled it to stay in power this long. It is a master at playing the populist game, which is hard for PR to match, even in promises.

    PR's budget proposal tends to address its urban, middle class constituency more than it does the urban and rural lower income group.

    The proof of the pudding will be in the eating, so let's see whose budget wins in the upcoming general elections.

  60. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Anon 2:39 PM

    We are not stupid, we are waiting for the crash to happen so that we can buy over all the goreng pisang stalls for RM 1 each. We remain here to take your BR1M, your KR1M and whatever goodies you give to the rakyat with OUR money.

  61. Anonymous6:44 am

    Malaysia going baNkrupt means plenty of opportunities to set up maid agencies to place maids overseas. Also can buy assets at firesale prices. Look at the Philippines. When it declared bankruptcy in 1983, the rich families all end up taking over monopolies like sugar, petrol, electricity distribution, etc.

    So don't tell people to leave the country. We are cash rich to buy over Syed Mokhtar assets at cheap prices.

  62. najib manaukau9:02 am

    To all the real pendatang,

    There never was a place called Malaya just like Australia or U.S. they belonged to the Aboriginals and Red Indians, the real sons of the soil of this land are the Orang Asli as appropriately named by your forefathers as Indonesian immigrants.
    Your ancestors immigrated to Malaya in overwhelming numbers from Indonesia and please remember not even as muslims but as Hindus. They later took control of the political scene and then named this land as Malaya and called themselves as Malayans so to justify themselves as sons of the soil, just like the white peoples from Europe that went to Australia and America and named those countries as Australia and America. They too just to justify their immigrations to those countries and called them Australia and America because of their political control.
    There never were such countries as Australia or America just like there never was a country called Malaya or people such as Malays. Because the original people of Malaya are the Orang Asli, that is why your ancestors who were Indonesians called them Orang Asli (the original people).
    Your ancestors came to this land as refugees for various reasons, some of them came to run away from the many natural disasters Indonesia is famous for, some came as refugees looking for a place to hide their stolen loots as pirates and the captains even ended up as Sultans. Because Malaya is so near to Indonesia and the land then had no border control as the Orang Asli were too ignorant to do so. Nonetheless these natives, the Orang Asli, were and are the real sons of the soil.
    So stop calling all the later immigrants as pendatangs or ask them to leave this land because you are not the real sons of the soil. You may have the political cloud to implement the many ridiculous policies but stop these habits of calling everyone else to leave the country if they don't like it for whatever the reasons. Just remember you too are pendatang.
    Finally, remember you too are pendatang, once again the real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli and stop treating them the way you are !

  63. Anonymous9:58 am

    I think we should thank Pakatan for giving us the political tsunami in 2008. Otherwise BN would not have distribute cash to us as they are now desparate to cling on thier power. We should take their money and continue to vote Pakatan, more goodies will be given by BN for sure. Thank you, Pakatan!

  64. Feed&LOOTrm250,000,00011:36 am

    RM200 smartphone rebate is Chicken FEED in comparison to RM250,000,000 COW Feeding in Bangsar OneMenerung!

  65. Anonymous12:19 pm

    ye ka. aku tengok lagi sekali aku tak dapat apa2 pon. semua dgn titik peluh aku sendiri. kalo aku declare bankerap jadi miskin lagi mungkin dapat rasa kot.Nak jadi kroni2 depa pon tak kenal org dan tk ada mercedes, BMW nak tayang dulu.