Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So, Suu Kyi doesn't know?

In Defense of Myanmar and its people, blogger Barking Magpie says we must not be too quick to condemn the Burma government for "not helping".

Original posting:
No Eid for Rohingyas. For years, Suu Kyi was a name revered by many, including Malaysians. The junta were rulers of Myanmar and Suu Kyi, the country's democratic future, was under seemingly perpetual house arrest. She was a victim, the oppressed. Today, thanks to international pressure and regional support, Suu Kyi is one of the democratically-elected leaders of her country. Today, the only ones oppressed in Myanmar are the Rohingya Muslims. They are being violated and killed systematically. If there's anyone in Myanmar who could - and should - come to their support, it is the Nobel Prize winner Suu Kyi.

But she, apparently, has not. 

Read her Song of Silence by A Voice. 


  1. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Itulah nasib umat Islam sekarang -> dibunuh, dihina, diusir. Tapi di Msia kita bercakaran hanya disebabkan fahaman politik

  2. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Questn is why are u so bent on demonising her? Tak cukup kutuk orang kita untuk UMNO ke? If anyone is to be criticised for the Myanmar situation it is the Government. Why dont u do that or you feel the similarity with this Govt that u blindly promote?

  3. Anonymous9:47 pm

    She exposed herself to be just a fake activist. A puppet who unable to act on her conscience without being dictate by her master. Tengokla bila beliau dibebaskan. Her first visit to the outside world was to visit her masters in the west. One incident and all her credibility as human right down in a drain.

  4. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Rocky knows.So what you going to do,bro.

  5. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Never thought of her as a hero. Seriously what has she done so far?? Maybe deserve a potato couch of the century award for staying at home and doing nothing!

  6. Anonymous12:24 am

    Mother of all Buddhist Fascism and friend of Anwar

  7. Anonymous12:27 am

    Rohingyas adalah Pelarian yang tiada Negeri,,,,Malaysian saja yang membesar-besarkan cerita yang sebenarnya tiada CERITA sama macam Palestine juga!!!

    Mereka semua akan berkubor dengan sendirinya,,!!

    Sama juga cerita,,,Malaysia economy expand 5.4% in Q2,,,,tapi rakyat merana,,,tengok saja di BAZZAR Ramadan,,,harga makanan melambong TINGGI,,,apa ke JADAH,,punca naik!!! APA bole buat kita juga yang lantik GOMEN,,!

    Di SYRIA,,,,tak lama lagi hancor lah NEGARA Islam tu,,the fact is DUNIA tak suka BASHEER,,Negara OIC buat abih beras je,,MEETING konon,,!! Dont get SURPRISE hari RAYA ni SYERIA kena BOM by the Allied Forces....NEGARA Christian mana ada Gadoh,,!! Cuma Negara Islam aja yang selalu BERPERANG,,!!


  8. Aung San Suu Kyi's first ever statement to the Burmese Parliament included a section calling for laws to protect the rights of ethnic minorities in Burma, "equal rights" as she termed it. She, of course, remains in the small minority of Opposition MPs.

  9. Anonymous3:15 am

    now you want to spin across the border.


  10. Anonymous5:12 am

    We have enough of our own problems, let us solve one by one problem starting from cow and condo.

    Looks like UMNO is now trying to divert attention?

  11. Anonymous6:21 am

    Quite honestly I don't see how or why what Aung Sung Suu Kyi does or does not should be of concern to you. In Malaysia, the government have granted refugee status to these Rohingyas, why don't you ask them to give them citizenship status and acquire voting support for UMNO?
    The trouble with most Malaysian editors are they are too politically swayed and just want to criticize - anyone and any cause that is of no concern to our country.

  12. Anonymous8:34 am

    Aung Sung Suu Kyi & Anwar Ibrahim make a good partner. Puppets of the West. This serves as a lesson that if UMNO BN failed in the coming election the malay muslims will become marginalised like in Penang or Singapore.

    If the Malays of PR think they got a bad deal from UMNO BN they can visit their brethren in Singapore and see for themselves how they have been treated especially after the govt gave citizenship to third from Filipin,Myanmar etc...

    The problems with malay muslims they don't travelled down south to see for themselves. The hatred with anything UMNO makes them blind
    and will do anything to see UMNO collapse and that includes sleeping in the same bed with political prostitutes from DAP and PKR.


  13. We are getting greedy & selfish day-by-day - kiasu was invented for Chinese now dah menjangkit ke Melayu dsb. Kerja paling senang adalah menyalahkan orang lain- tapi, apa peranan kita?

    Buka minda jgn asyik nak bantai orang lain/gomen sahaja kalau diri sendiri pun belum tentu betul

  14. Anonymous9:32 am

    We r talking about Myanmar n not d country political situation. Ape yg nk d sentitifkn sangat. Nk komen kena ikut tajuk. Ni nk suruh bg citizenship. Kononnya nk tlg UMNO. Cuba tengok kt kelantan tu. Banyak orang Siam yg ada dua citizenship. Tk. Bising pun. Sebab dia orang sokong pas kan. Ini lah yang d katakan "kalau kena ke bunga dia senyum, kalau kena ke dia dia marah"

  15. Kancheong9:37 am

    How come when PAShit talk about Rohingya pakatan supporters semua diam like setan bisu ? But when proBn media mention about it pakatan fuk faces will come saying thats not our problem, should concentrate on Malaysialah. But the same fuk faces will show support for foreign issues when the issues is reversed. I can still remember when Taliban use ancient buddhist staues for target practise Lim Kit Siang and DAP seem very furious about it and issued 13 press statement condeming the act. Why all of a sudden when come to Rohingya being butchered become indifferent ? My advise don't be bunch of kaninabos.

  16. Anonymous9:57 am

    anon 6:21
    you are saying this because muslims are involved. dont give excuses.

  17. Anonymous10:08 am

    This 6:21 anon does not know politics. He is just like North Korea. Close the country and let people die of starvation. Why should any country help you? You dont want to help others.

  18. The West wants Myammar oil,gas and timber.Only Syuu Kyi can give them.

  19. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Why blame her ? and not the Burma Gomen ? The power is in the hand of the junta lah !!

    Penan di Malaysia jugak kena di gasar oleh UMNO/ BN..why Rocky dan kawan-kawan semua diam macam tikus aje ??

  20. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Rocky have a point here guys. It's kind baffling we have yet to listened from Suu Kyi.
    The people in the West too; who had had supported her in those years and so vocal about it, were so coy and timid when it comes to Rohingya.

    The only good news come to Rakhine so far were just aids from the Turkish government and US 50 million pledge from the Saudi Royal family.

  21. Anonymous1:20 pm

    tak yah lah sebuk2 hal org lain nak tunjuk baik sangat. Rumah sendiri masih kelam kabut byak hal tak selesai lagi!

  22. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Itu kan kerja Mahathir, Perkasa, Zulkifli Nordin, Suhaimee Baba ?

  23. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Rocky, please try to connect Aung Sung Su Kyi with Anwar Ibrahim or Lim kit Siang, this maybe a good opportunity to destroy Pakatan before the GE.

  24. Anonymous2:53 pm

    As if Aung Sung Suu Kyi is God when it's not only in Myammar that has muslims problems. Almost everywhere in the world when there are certain percentage of muslims, there is problem. In Thailand, in China, in Russia, in Philippines, in India and not forgetting the worst atrocities are committed in Muslim Middle East. As for Rohingyas, there are a bit difference when the majority bully the minority muslims. In Malaysia, it's the majority bullying the minority.

  25. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Mat Bangla bunyi macam orang bukan Islam yang tak sekolah. We are talking about humanity bukan pasal gomen. You are too politically biased and blinded by your unintellectual emotion.

  26. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Just because this blogger writes about another country one silly fool says UMNO is trying to divert attention. Bodoh punya orang. Apa problem yang belum solved? Cow and condo sudah masuk court case. Lu tak baca paper ka?

  27. Anonymous5:37 pm

    What about malaysia foreign minister? makan gaji and rat up in the hole, frog in the well and our PM? Can tell Syrian PM to go to hell but dumno over rocky's whinning. What about those like Kulim MP, mufti and ali baba and they are quiet in favour????

  28. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Dumno wants whites only just like those from Yugoslovia

  29. Anonymous7:04 pm

    anon 2 53
    show me one case where minority is bullied?

  30. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Halo 1:20

    Kerja kerajaan memang tak boleh selesai. Itu sebab kita ada kerajaan.

    Apa bangang sangat awak ni?

  31. Anonymous12:03 am

    Anon 2:53PM
    Majority bully minority???

    When your ancestors were part of the majority in their own country (over 1.5billion x 2 countries = 3billion) why did they decide to come all the way here to become minority in another majority community of hardly 30million - got logic or not?

    And some of these so called minority whereever they migrate, the world over, to become minority citizens of a new country, scream all over the world, claiming themselves to be bullied by the majority!

    Logic or not?


  32. Anonymous2:09 am

    anon 7.06 pm.

    Bila banyak putar belit memang tak akan selesai selamanya. Ko mesti kaki menyusu dari team ni.

  33. Anonymous7:04 am

    Because of Aung Sang Su Kyi husband is white,everything done is correct.
    Suu Kyi doesn't know because she didn't want to know and take responsibilities and appear to be don't know. Mrs Don't Know only know on how to become President of Burma with the help of white supremacist.This is democratic fighter in the eye of western perception.Nothing else matter...

  34. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Care Dato, don't insult her too much otherwise Najib have to apologise on your behave to the world

  35. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Ya, when Muslims get killed, big issue. Non Muslims are persecuted everywhere, even in Mlaysia, and u people and Ball-less Rocky talk cock. Malaysia practoses apartheid, everyone knows

  36. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Non muslims persecuted in Malaysia? What the F>>K are you talking about? This is news to me? You have non muslim billionaires and you say non muslims are persecuted? No non muslim doctors, lawyers, ministers, judges or businessmen in Malaysia? Any non muslim forbidden to earn a living here? Apartheid? Do you know the meaning of the word? Dont shoot your mouth off like a donkey? Or maybe you ARE a donkey.

    1. Anonymous11:23 pm

      Name calling ke ni. Oh my my. How your parents have taught you well.

  37. Anonymous12:44 pm

    AGREE with 12:03.
    Very well said.

  38. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Muslims are weaker each day no thanks to our inability to overcome our own selfish pride.
    It is no wonder that Islam itself will become as it was during the beginning. Getting smaller and leaner. I for one can see it happening.
    We live in a world filled with munafiquns and fasiqs.


  39. Anonymous10:48 am

    Anon 2.53-In Malaysia, it's the majority bullying the minority

    Perut kenyang,buncit bagaikan nak meletup..macam tu kena bully juga ke??? Talking bullshit...

  40. Anonymous11:59 am

    Cow and condo sudah beres ? Gimme RM 50 million project, I'll take all the money overseas, you charge me with money laundering, and I'm willing to go to jail for 5 years. My future generations are taken care of. Boleh, gomen yang mungkiri janji ?

  41. Anonymous11:00 pm

    the problem is when the muslims are not united all over the world. when their brethen are oppressed, do you hear of other muslims (across the world from especially rich countries in the middle east, etc.) giving aids to help their poor muslims? kebanyakan "jaga kain sendiri"

  42. Anonymous7:19 am

    only PAPster shit heads will ignore the plight of others

    it's puzzling what good values that you have that will will do good to this country

    why dun u pack your bags and fuck off

  43. Anonymous4:52 pm


    you are an evil. you wont get anything. dont think you can just go to jail without having to repay what you have squandered. you are not a well read person.

  44. Anonymous11:54 am

    She has demanded equal rights and respect for all in Burma. Note equal rights - not special rights. I think that is a good step forward.

    Muslim countries exp in middle east are also going to take this matter to UN and they may even allow a few to enter their countries. Wonderful, I say.

  45. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Whatever you think please realised that Rohingya problem is at our doorsteps. So the faster Suk Kyi do something about it the better. 90,000 myanmars refugees are here in Malaysia begging and stealing, without jobs.

    So they are muslims, thats why they are being brutalised by the Bhuddist monks in Burma. Read the NST article.

    Buddhist monks in thailands too are attacking Pattani Thais. Monks are not there for no reasons. They are there to look after their interests.