Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Rafizi charged under Bafia

"If the government is to govern the country, the law must be enforced." - Anonymous
Upholding the law. Many people thought that the PKR Strategist was getting away with it. Perhaps, Rafizi thought he was going to get away with it. But this is the Bafia, man. Even the liberal-minded businessmen and corporate dudes I talked to this morning were happy that Bank Negara had taken Rafizi to court for revealing confidential banking details related to the NFC issue.  

There was a feeling that this country was slipping slowly into anarchy. The people who know the law, especially, are breaking them. And getting away with it. "It's about time the Government forget about politics and start enforcing the law". If the politicians are allowed to get away with breaking the law, the common thief will be encouraged and inspired. 

Kudos to Bank Negara governor Zeti Aziz for having the balls to uphold the law and not allowing foreigners to think that our regulations, including Bafia, are there just for window dressing.

This should be a wake up call to the Inspector General of Police, I'd say. 


  1. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Bullshit the law. Then charge Shahrizat family for Laundering Money under Anti Laundering Act

  2. It will be interesting to see how this plays out - as it will also be going up against whether the Whistleblower act covers disclosure of potential illegal activity or wrongdoing.
    I don't think Rafizi looks too worried as his lawyers will relish to use the platform to challenge whether the Whistleblower act is relevant if what he and the others did was to expose wrongdoing by the NFC.
    I beleive in the US and UK - the whistleblower acts there protect those who reveal details of accounts if they are deemed to uncover acts such as tax evasion and money laundering.

  3. Anonymous2:00 pm

    apa la rafizi.

    source pun tak jaga identity.

    sloppy work.

    protect la informer.

    takut aku nak tolong pkr ni ....

    1. Anonymous10:03 pm

      Ha3 spot on

  4. Anonymous2:05 pm

    What about all those people who dont follow the rules? Reports about corruption of Ministers receiving money in personal accounts??? No case? What about the fellow with the millions in cash in the office? What about the reports against Musa and Ghani? What law and what country is this?

  5. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Dear Rock,

    Are u sayin the IGP has been sleepin all this while? In what sense ah? Coz all this whilst we r bein told by the home minister, PEMANDU Minister, driver PEMANDU Minister, the IGP himself...that our IGP n his merry men are doin an excellent job with flyinh colors...

  6. Right on, Rocko.

    This is a nation that shines when it comes to ethics and non-discrimination in applying the law. No two ways about it.

    These damn foreigners think they can do anything and get away with it. Even having been invited to ensure GE13 goes the way it is meant to go, has its conditions. They have to know the law will get you even if you try to twist like the tail of a cow to swat at pesky flies sitting on stinky butts.

    Guess the cows will continue to roam free like they are meant to. Even if it is within the confines of the condos.

  7. Jasper Bloodstone2:18 pm

    Isn't that similar to other alleged money laundering tax havens, all of whom make a big deal about banking secrecy?

    Isn't Bafia just as onerous as similar laws in, say, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and Luxembourg?

    I suppose Malaysia can be regarded in the same light in the willingness to uphold banking secrecy laws.

    No more double standards!

    And whistleblowers be damned!!

  8. Anonymous2:32 pm

    How come Bank Negara is paralysed on taking action against the Negeri MB who admitted to have illegally transfered millions abroad.
    Selective PERSECUTION indeed.

  9. Anonymous2:53 pm

    The UMNO has no answers to their corrupted practice and have to silence their opponent to continue exposing thier wrongdoings. Just like one exCM who rape an underage girl and have to silence the whistleblower by putting him in jail. Dato Rocky is a defender of corruption and he actually practice fasting in this holy month. Just a hypocrite.

  10. Anonymous2:55 pm

    "the common thief will be encouraged and inspired" Ya but in this case, the theives are being protected by silencing them. UMNO thives are using the law to protect their wealth in stead of protecting the rakyat. This is another proof that BN must fall.

  11. Anonymous3:06 pm

    "There was a feeling that this country was slipping slowly into anarchy"

    Been somewhere till you lost touch with reality...Bru....hahahaha.

    The country has already slipped into anarchy, law and order wise.No I am not talking about crime on the streets which is as pretty much better than the anarchic days of Bentong Kali, Botak Chin et al. Time series data analysis will show that to be true and kudos to the cops for keeping the nation relatively safe.

    What has slipped into anarchy is law enforcement at the political and corporate levels.There have been numerous cases of corruption reports against the opposition, alloyed with proof yet the MACC absurdly cites no evidence and lets the file to yellow. I can start with the MB who had an all expenses paid trip to Mekah right down to another MB mired in sand mining but as is the case, MACC says no evidence. We also had the CM who 'organised' a tennis fiasco and who exchanges the sea for money and another who launders money on the side while his neighbour presides over state wealth transfer into the family coffers even as a silly lady makes a cow of herself...but again tarak kes... I thought that is for the courts to decide not some greying blacksuited head honcho who know nuts about the law....

    Corporate? Well, we have a Singh who loves singing on his job while his makan Talam alone and we have an Indian high-flyer on the loose while evidence points to insider trading, share manipulation and other shenanigans when he swapped undies with a rival....

    But the worst crime of all is endangering the nation which a madman and his pet monkey enjoy doing with their collective removal of all security and sedition laws.In fact the ugly faced monkey is so into it that you must be wondering that there must a banana in there that is exciting his brains. No wonder the petty criminal is emboldened and many like me are waiting for the day the army steps outta them barracks, blast the bastards from both sides into oblivion and rule Malaysia as it should be ruled : with an iron fist and a beating heart and I hope they will legislate politics outta existence as well while they are at it and shoot down any street lout or jay walking slut who dares to raise their voice or even their t-shirts!!

    Warrior 231

  12. Rocky , spin all you want but the rakyat are "Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa' with Rafizi

  13. Rocky , spin all you want but the rakyat are "Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa' with Rafizi

  14. Anonymous3:28 pm

    I am a law abiding citizen and I wish that others would too. The plus point here is that when you dont break the law, you tend to sleep well at night.

    I personally believe that those who break the law continuously have some short circuit somewhere simply because they have lost much or most of their positive feelings.

    Anyway, kudos to the authorities for having the courage to take action and not succumb to politics.

  15. Actually I am quite happy with this. Precedent having been set, Bank Negara is now obliged to not use information gleaned from Bank Statements against depositors. That being so BAFIA is the best kind of protection afforded to those involved in misappropriation and corrupt use of company or personal funds. Obviously you, Rocky, are fine with the misappropriation of funds by NFC and that is why you seem to be gloating here over the charges against Rafizi! That Ali Baba himself made his fortune having stolen stolen property after having killed off the robbers does not make Ali a hero or a good man!! Maybe you read that story differently.

  16. Anonymous3:42 pm


    BAFIA is put in place for a very good reason....and there is no two ways about it. There is no compromise! It does not matter whoever breaks the law be it politicians either in government / opposition or the layman.... they should be dealt with.

    Many of us in the business circles were wondering what was actually happening to this case as it was rather quiet for a long time.....

    Now we believe Bank Negara can be trusted to act in accordance to the law.....

  17. Anonymous3:46 pm

    dude, it's Ramadhan la..for once please don't allow money to rule your heart and mind.

    All those so called friends whom you consulted are no doubt fellow Bangsat Negara (BN) as well.

    But you know what, I'm happy that your PM took this decision too! It's nice to see you guys working for PR as well. Hell of a strategy mate!

  18. Buah Ciku3:55 pm

    What happened to the Whistle blower Act?

  19. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    Fine BUT don't forget the other side of the coin la! Are we saying Mat Budu, Family & Co. can get away with the "crime" in the name of Bafia? Bafia my foot! We are missing the point bro.! The law & regulation must not be taken at face value la.. the public interest in the case is much MORE important than upholding the Bafia by the "Mafia"! Ni yang susah kalau ada mentality just following the book at one's convenience... its the spirit of the law that is important... now we have a bunch of family gangsters who are abusing public monies and we are allowing them to use Bafia trying to wash their hands clean.. come on lah enough of this... we are ignoring the message and ended up killing the messenger!


  20. Anonymous4:30 pm

    The end does not justify the means. I have to agree with you Bro on the country slowly drifting into anarchy.
    We couldn't do anything to the people who started a riot on the streets of KL a few month ago. We are the only government in the world who just let them go off the hook; and we even let them feel free to plan another one. Obviously, there's something wrong in this country.

  21. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Yup..sue them and send them to that no more corruption and mismanagement of our beloved country will ever come to light.Let those that bleed our country dry roam free and screwed us till kingdom comes.
    And the punchline here is.. we actually have people supporting this..what the fxxk..


  22. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Bro, you absloutly right, everything is politically motivated for these people...just read thye comments in M'kini and you will relaise that this country rather be run by "Perception" then actual facts..I cant how thses people can say "wait till Pakatan Comes to Power" it only tells me that Pakatan will abandon the Consituation and the all the Laws and run the Counrty soley based on "perception"...mati lah kita..time to move my family to another country as i dont want to be subjected to "perception" only rule...

  23. a wake up call for attorney general perhaps?

  24. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Does Rafizi like it without his consent someone expose his bank account statement in public?

    Serve Rafizi The Lembu right!

  25. Anonymous5:41 pm

    what?? what about the whistleblower act??

    kau ni bru, benda camni kau nak report kat blog kau. dah dah la tu makan duit rakyat. ingat bru, makan duit haram ada padahnya. anak, bini nanti perangai comfirm mcm kroni BN punya. semua masuk neraka.

    cuba comment sikit pasal brapa ramai org tak suka lagu & logo tema kebangsaan baru-baru ni.

    ni tak. dah dpt duit dari najib, sampai maruah sebagai journalist pon sanggup campak tapi

  26. Anonymous5:52 pm

    All the UMNO bigwigs will end up with no arms if we uphold the law.

  27. Anonymous6:00 pm

    All the crooks are running loose and you charge one guy under BAFIA ? Was what he exposed inaccurate or wrong ? Because of his exposure, the Chairman of NFC was charged with money laundering, no ? If he didn't expose the account details, would the gomen have bothered to charge the chairman of NFC ?

    Furthermore, why was only the chairman of NFC charged ? Why wasn't the entire board charged ?

    Stupid is as stupid does. This gomen is on its last legs.

  28. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Rockybru : "It's about time the Government forget about politics and start enforcing the law"

    so, all this while the gomen never enforce law lah ? or they only enforce " I help you, you help me' law !!

    If the gomen really enforce law, 90% of cabinet minister sudah masuk penjara lor....

    Rockybru, you are getting silly by days !!

  29. Dear Bro,

    When the law is bad, sometimes the people have to find a way to change it. Nothing is definite and the saying "Law is meant to be broken" stay.

    When a Law is not right, something need to be done to correct it. Sometimes Law is used by some quarters to control or hide something. Only a wise man and hero will stand forward and do something about it.

    The others will just stand still and whine about "it is the law"

    Shiok Guy

  30. Anonymous6:22 pm

    anon pukol 2.00pm, kalau takut dilambong ombak jangan berumah ditepi pantai

  31. Anonymous6:40 pm

    to act on corruptions and other misdeeds, we need the evidence otherwise it is a futile action. Mind you, in a corruption case ,will the giver come forward and accuse the receiver that he gave ....? In reality the giver has no balls to say it and the rest of you only talk cock.

  32. Anonymous6:48 pm

    There's hope for the country when bozos and morons like Rafizi Ramli who cant even cover his own ass and his source's ass is behind bars.

    Life goes on...PR macais still barks up the wrong schoolbus.

  33. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Malaysia is really in the shit now, even Bank Negara is in Najib Razak's pocket, syabas Malaysia. And Rocky, I guest you are very hardup these days, since you cannot beat them you decided to pawn yourself to them....but be warn, what you do now will haunt your children but then people like you are too selfish to worry about that ya ??

  34. Dear Shiok Guy,

    There is nothing wrong with the law. Bafia exists everywhere there is a banking sector. Among other things the Bafia protects the confidentiality of individuals and companies.

    The Whistleblower Act, recently introduced in Malaysia, on the other hand, allows us to expose the wrongdoing of individuals and corporations while safeguarding the person disclosing information about a crime.

    The Act, however, is not a passport for somebody like Rafizi to interpret a classified information and use it to make allegations against his political enemiese.

    The law was drafted in such a way that there are procedures to follow to safeguard even the accused. Those procedures include going to the relevant authorities - not the media - with the information and allegation(s).

  35. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Bru, you seriously expect the corrupted authorities to act on their masters. Come on lah not all malaysians are as stupid as you think.
    This is persecution......if can't see the truth then surely you are blind.

  36. So George Kent wins the contract for the Ampang Line when it was the worst technical performer and has no experience in rail or MRT projects! What happened to the Bumi agenda and open transparent tenders?
    And the day after the award is announced Rafizi is charged???? Coincidence or not?
    Can't wait for the trial and also see how MRT Co. justify awarding a Chinaman crony company that has a track record of manufacturing water meters getting a Billion ringgit rail contract!

  37. Yek Ming Yong,

    If you think the law is bad, help PR win the election, and once they do, have the PR Govt replace it with a better one through the PARLIAMENT. You know, that thing people normally do in civilized and developed countries.

    Just because u think some laws are bad (your personal opinion of course) then its ok to break it in order to change it? don't be so drama lah.

    If you prefer anarchy, why bother living in a democratic country in the first place? why bother going out to vote? why bother with politics? Oh right, you lot prefer going out on the streets under the pretense of freedom of speech.

    Nobody is on NFC's side in the lembu case, but at the same time, if the Govt would let Rafizi slide his way out of this one, it would bring bad reputation on how we handle business here.

    Professional la sket bro. Kata Urban voters these days dah pandai2 belaka. Act like it lah.

  38. Anonymous1:09 am

    Guess you will need a banker (or rather a former banker) to join in this fracas. I for one, has waited for months to see that action is to be taken on this case. A banker and his customers establish a relationship that is based on trust. The banker assumes the responsibility to protect the customers' personal information, while trusting that the customers' funds were legally obtained.
    Before I go further, let's just say that the following are just assumptions as under the law, it would be comtempt of court to comment on 2 ongoing proceedings. Let me give an example, let's say a person using funds with questionable background, ie funds believed to be of government fundings for project being illegally diverted for himself. This would be wrong in the eyes of the law and also the eyes of the banker as his explicit trust in the customer to only deal in legally obtained funds had been violated. Under the Anti-Money Laundering Act/Counter-Financing of Terrorism 2001, the Banker (reporting institution) is obliged to report this to the coordinating agency, in this case would be Bank Negara Malaysia via a Suspicious Transaction Report. How does the Financial Intelligence Unit is no longer of our concern. With that particular report, Bank Negara will compile a financial intelligence report on that person from other reporting institutions to build a case. Those who had performed such investigations would know better as they are frequently requested by the agency to provide details for investigations.
    But as banker who is not involved in the investigation, he may be frustrated to see as if his there were no actions on his reports. So he may try to leak out the information to the public. Even if his customer had first broken his trust, by revealing his customers' information to the public is still wrong. Thus, necessitates action to be taken on him under the law. Two wrongs doesn't make one right.
    For individuals who had never performed investigation before, many will assume that it is an easy job. You go in, you gather evidence, you go to court, and wham, the suspect goes to prison. But the reality is that investigating a case is rarely that easy. You may think it is easy if you watched one too many episodes of CSI. There are too many cold trails in every investigation. When I was an investigator, rarely we could get the smoking gun that conclusively prove that a person is guilty as charged.
    Returning to this case. I do not have all the particulars for this case. But I have a deep suspicion on the actual motive of the clerk. The minister and her family are mainly based in Lembah Pantai. Thus the bank's branches in and near Lembah Pantai should be the one having access to the minister's family information. But the clerk was based in Jinjang branch. The only way that he could have obtained or seen the information is that he purposely digged for the information rather than to have seen it by chance. And knowing the particular bank's practice, he is not supposed to have access to the same information as only an officer have access to the information. Thus I can only assumed that he had obtained the information by deceit.
    On the other hand, his intention may have been sincere. A large swath of Malaysian society today no longer have institutional trust. They see that any agency that is related in any way with the government as corrupt and untrustworthy. Which is the sad state today.

  39. Anonymous12:42 pm

    kudos! imagine how many broke laws in UMNO and got away.

    rocky, how long you gonna keep taking money from UMNO bro?

  40. Jasper Bloodstone12:53 pm

    The warrior and the army....what a love fest!

    But veering perilously close to the boundaries of treason, is it not?

    Bru - I am surprised that you didn't take him to task.

    Is this part of your newly-discovered interest in "freedom of expression or speech"?

  41. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Ya La Tu BN ROcky

    Kalau Opposition Bukan Whistleblower
    Kalau UMNO Whistleblower

    Macam Budak Budak Sekolah Punya Mentality

    Mungkin Rocky Brute Tak pegi sekolah Kot!!

  42. Thanks Anon 109AM (former banker/investigator),

    That's a good, rare insight into a matter like this one.

    May Ramadan's blessings be with you.

  43. ayamjantan2:45 pm

    let me see -- the pakatan people are angels. they do not break the law.

    and when they do, and action is taken, they scream bloody murder.


  44. Anonymous3:02 pm

    rocky -- some of your commenters memang bodoh.

    they're not impartial and definitely blinded by their politics.

    they think laws are to be broken.

    bank-customer is like doctor-patient, lawyer-client.

    also maybe -- priest-congregationist who goes to confession.

    cuba kita dig into any of Pakatan's subsidiary companies' profile...get a kaki in a bank to do it and discover money laundering, corruption, abuse...imagine that?\

  45. tuttifrutti3:22 pm

    please-lah. as much as I think NFC ni betul palat, they did not commit murder.

    so, not a matter of life an death and I believe without info from the whistle blower, the case is stacked against Salleh and co.

    Besides, as I know it, investigators can get hold of that kind of info by a court order.

    so - what gives? it is not okay to break the law -- even for public interest that is not a matter of life and death.

  46. Anonymous3:23 pm

    you see these Pakatan assholes....just listen to them.

    they have no qualms about breaking the law to bring people down.

  47. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Go and burn in hell, Jasper. Fact of the matter is you do not know what treason is or anything else for that matter.

    Your only reason for existence is to spin lies for your master and act like a troll mouthing inanities ad nauseum.

    Now you are sooooo afraid that you want me banned, kepo mug. You don't have to take the trouble to needlessly goad Bru. Why don't you save us the hassle and ban your moronic self instaed, stupid fella!

    By my reading of the Constitution
    (though it is silent on the issue),
    a military takeover is not treasonous provided such a takeover does not supplant the status of the King or the constitutional monarchy. In fact, the military is only beholden to the King (Art.41). Only a numbskull busybody would shout treason like a madman! Thailand is a classic example where elected governments have been consistently usurped by the military with no effect on the status of the King.

    I cannot recall offhand but have read somewhere where the military took over for a transition phase during which it cleansed the system, banned certain scoundrels for life, before reconstituting party politics. Wonder whether that model could be replicated here? Anwar, Rafizi, Nik and co will be shitting in their pants!!

  48. Anonymous4:28 pm

    And allow me to stress one more thing, Bru

    The comments I made here are for discussion purposes only, especially the unprinted one.In no way, am I fomenting rebellion or other such nefarious deeds save in the mind of ignorant scoundrels like Jasper Bloodstone.

    And I should add that, in no way too, should illiterate idiots and uneducated yahoos like Jasper Bloodstone be allowed to twist them outta context in order to "fix" someone up.

    Daulat Tuanku!Hidup Melayu!

    Warrior 231

  49. Jasper Bloodstone8:55 pm

    Ho, ho, ho.....the warrior is grasping at straws.

    Par for the course!

    His reading of the Constitution is interesting. Perhaps it should be tested in court if the A-G believes it to be a matter of public interest.

    I was under the impression that in parliamentary democracies, the armed forces are subordinate to the civilian executive (i.e. the government of the day).

    Maybe not so in an absolute monarchy.

    Malaysia has a constitutional monarchy, not an absolute monarchy. Make of that what you will, unless you have Cromwellian proclivities.

    I suppose you are referring to Myanmar (a shining example, no doubt), Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and, maybe, Thailand. The armed forces in these countries can hardly be said to be role models, can they?

    Or, perhaps, you are partial to the more sinister military dictatorships that infested Latin America in the Cold War and post-Cold War era. Their fates are a matter of public record.

    Maybe the warrior is hankering after a local version of the late General Pinochet?

    Now, wouldn't that be something to look forward to (for discussion purposes only)?

  50. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Thank you Rocky Bru for allowing my comments (former banker/investigator). For the record, I am a former BN supporter turned PR supporter (not because of PR's policy but rather because I'm peeved by many of BN's policy and rather have a check and balance August House). And knowing the team of investigators (I've worked with them before) that were assigned to investigate the case (surprise surprise, they are mostly PR supporters too), they will not let personal sentiments get over their professionalism. Having political sentiments to cloud our judgment is the last thing that we would want to happen.
    Oh ya, thanks for the Ramadhan blessings. I do not observe Ramadhan (for very obvious reason), but I will be observing it out of respects to my colleagues who do. Salam Ramadhan to you too.

  51. Anonymous12:19 am

    As I said, go burn in Hell, Jasper Bloodstone. Waste of time engaging a numbskull moronic idiot like you. No wonder they picked u for trolling duties here and elsewhere.Thailand not a parlimentary democracy?hahahaha... that says much of your brains. Enuff said.

    As for Pinochet, that is pretty self revealing of you, isnt it Jasper. Guess his antithesis Allende must have been appropriately your hero. For after all, that commie was a:

    "drunk, degenerate, homosexual"

    No wonder your hatred for Pinochet, Jasper. After all he rid Chile of an arselover for which Chileans will be forever grateful, warts and all notwithstanding:

    Political analysts here attribute General Pinochet's popularity to his willingness to step down peacefully and to the economic success of Chile, which has one of the highest rates of growth and foreign investment in Latin America and one of the lowest levels of inflation.

    As Isaid, burn hell in Jasper with Allende's c...up your a... for company.

    Anon 9.57pm
    Your revelations about the investigators and your desperate vouchsafing of their supposed professionalism and neutrality is so nauseating if not downright laughable. It says as much about them as it does of you.

    Probably, these are some uber species who can separate their sentiments from the call of duty.....hahahahahahaha. Give us a breaklah..dummy.

    I pray that they burn in Hell for dereliction of duty.Scums like this are the ones who suborn the law and are worse than whores.

    A coup followed by a cleansing of the poisonous partisan plants in the system would be a good start.

    The BAFIA is not a new game. My good brother, SatD already raised it in his blog a couple of months ago.

    Warrior 231

  52. Anonymous3:11 am

    serves rafizi right.....nak jd whistle blower pun use lah the right channel...instead he acted stupidly by printing pnc bank statements and distribute them to public...informer pun tak reti nk protect ....LOL....not so genius after all..:)