Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Expert: Rafizi Ramli is NOT a whistleblower

Also read: Whistleblower Act cannot save Rafizi Ramli

Edited and updated 130am on Thursday, 3 August:-
The article below was sent to me by a source who was very close to the parties that authored Malaysia's Whistleblower Protection Act 2010. The sender has requested anonymity ...

The Rafizi Ramli exposè of the National Feedlot Centre (NFCorp) Scandal: The Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 [Act 711] Point of View


The National Feedlot Centre (NFCorp) is a firm that runs the Federal Government’s cattle farming project, which was awarded to the firm in 2006

Linked to former Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil’s family.

Probe into financial mismanagement of NFCorp beganlate last year, as a result of the Auditor-General’s 2010 report that NFCorp only achieved 41% of its target of 8000 cattle in 2010.

Since the scandal broke in October 2010, PKR has been demanding Datuk Seri Shahrizat for explanation on the alleged financial mismanagement and corruption, in addition to unveiling further allegations of financial misappropriation by NFCorp.

The Charge

Mr. Rafizi Ramli, the strategy director of PKR, was charged under subsection 97(1) of BAFIA for disclosing four customer profile documents pertaining to the balance summary of NFCorp, National Meat and Livestock Sdn. Bhd., Agroscience Industries Sdn. Bhd. and Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail (Datuk Seri Shahrizat’s husband) to two individuals, namely –


A media consultant named Yusuf Abdul Alim; and


A journalist named Erle Martin Carvalho,

At the PKR headquarters in Merchant Square, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1 on 7 March 2011.

Conviction will result in a fine up to RM3milliom and jail up to three years.

A conviction will also seriously jeapordize Mr. Rafizi’s chance of standing as a candidate in the next general elections.

Mr. Rafizi’s arrest and subsequent charge is being touted by certain quarters as victimization of a whistleblower and would only serve to deter “future whistleblowers”, and would deal a serious blow to the public’s perception on the government’s seriousness in combating corruption.

Mr. Rafizi’s plight from Act 711’s point of view

Careful reading of Act 711 clearly shows that Mr. Rafizi does not fall within the ambit of a whistleblower envisaged by the Act, for several reasons –


The disclosure was not made to any enforcement agency – breach of section 6 of WBPA


The information disclosed was made public – breach of section 8 of WBPA


His identity is known to all and sundry – breach of section 8 of WBPA


He had revealed information which is prohibited by BAFIA from being made public– subsection 97(1) of BAFIA and section 6 of WBPA. Even under section 8 of the WBPA the disclosure of improper conduct cannot be disclosed or ordered to be disclosed in any court of law

Looking at the players involved in this drama it is clear that the actions of Mr. Rafizi and the people coming to his defence are clear examples of manipulation of the letters of the law to suit one’s political agenda.

The Opposition will never stop politicking every move of the Government, even to the extent of manipulating the tenets of the law and provisions of legislations to suit their agenda.

Their loose interpretation of the term “whistleblower” is clearly used as a tool to attack and ridicule the effort and good intention of the Government in introducing Act 711 in the first place.

The reasons a whistleblower should remain anonymous are –


1. Protection of the information contained in the disclosure


2. For his protection and safety, as well as the safety of the persons related to him;


3. Protection of the person accused of the wrongdoing, should investigation reveal him to be innocent after all; and


4. Protection of any person named in the information disclosed, who may be harmed if the information is made public.

Mr. Rafizi’s conduct is a pure case of character assassination as he would stoop to despicable means to obtain information in order to taint the reputation and good name of certain individuals or his political rivals.

The action of the people coming to his defence in claiming that he is a whistleblower who is being victimized for being a member of the Opposition, despite knowing that he did not come with clean hands is also aclear case of manipulating and distorting the provisions of the law to confuse and influence the public, or rather, pretending to be ignorant of the letters the law or just plain stupidity on their part.

The conduct and attitude of the Opposition is shameful, irresponsible and contemptuous towards the spirit of the Act, and it would be a shame for them to seek protection under this Act when it is appallingly clear that goodwill and betterment of the nation was the last thing they had in mind when making such claims.Instead, all that they have to offer is criticism of the government’s effort in combating corruption and claiming their rogue acts as a class act in unveiling corrupt practices andknowing that such information is prohibited by law from public disclosure, yet unashamedly claiming to the whole world that they deserve the protection under the very Act that they have been criticizing. 


  1. Anonymous8:03 pm

    hmmm... let me guess...the sender is Shahrizat the cow girl ?


  2. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Rocky, you should change the title to ...... "UMNO Cow Brain : Rafizi Ramli is not a whistleblower".

  3. Anonymous8:36 pm

    What kind of expert? can't even dare to reveal his name!


    1. Anonymous7:03 am

      Yeah, just like you BI. Whatever that is. Oh hold on, I geddit... Brainless Idiot...

      Ku Halim Ku Mansor

  4. Anonymous8:37 pm

    does that mean if I disclose a document stamped Rahsia containing evidence of corrupt practices involving government officers, then I can be charged?

    1. Anonymous1:09 pm

      According to this, I believe no, as long as you disclose to the right authorities and go through proper channels.

  5. Dear Rocky...

    It's a subjudice.... and contempt of court....

  6. Anonymous9:10 pm

    I am actually not surprised something like this would happen.

    Anybody who is worth 2cents worth of brains would know that PKR were always trend setters in thinking up new ways to be sneaky. I suppose now their aiming for "Lowest Depths A Man could Sink" award by fabricating problems from nothing, breaking the law that protects those who do not have the voice to do so, and all this done in the correct steps from the "PKR Manual : How to raise our kids".

    It comes as a disappointment that some people would bother to support such embarrassing "leaders"/Comedians in their claim to fame as leaders of tomorrow under the guise "For Malaysia" (That was the punchline).

    I'm pretty sure if there was ever a check list of things a political party must understand - Understanding the law is up there...probably on item 1. Did someone forget to tell PKR and it's legion of sheep? Oops.

    This country and our parliament is already filled with enough old jokes lah, please, let's not fill it with some added bad jokes too - leave that for the comedy court.

  7. Anonymous9:23 pm

    who care if rafizi goes to jail, most important chinaman got the lrt job!!!

  8. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Your `expert' really needs to get his/her basic facts right before claiming to be an`expert'. Rafizi is not - and has not ever been - the MP for PJ Utara. Even a non-expert will know that Tony Pua is the MP concerned. Full of crap, your `expert' who, evidently, is too scared shitless to reveal him/herself. Podah!

  9. semua OK except the part where si rafizi tu dikatakan MP PJ Utara. Tapi MP PJ Utara tu Tony Pua kan. Rafizi masih tahap berangan nak jadi MP.

  10. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Elo Batu!

    So next Rafizi will be charge under OSA coz dia dapat tau the project goes to George Kent!!!!

    Kita rakyat Mangkok Ayun niTak kisah coz banyak lagi Rafizi akan TIMBUL,,! The fact is rakyat anggap PERBUATAN rafizi adalah BETOL and he a RAKYAT HERO,,,

    Anyway its a MERDEKA Joke,,!!!

    Ngapa lambat sangat nak ELECTION,,suwo PM cepatkan CIKIT kerana rakyat dah tak SABAR nak bagi PAKATAN change of GOMEN,,!

    BN bole menang this coming election KALU najib berundor coz rakyat tak suka dia,,rakyat suka dia coz dia ni SANTA CLAUSE,,je!!!

    -LAN CHOU-

  11. ~ word are well written by the expert ...hahaha.. its subjudice as mention above... may it wrong in the eye of the law... or legally right.. but for us a layman ITS ABSOLUTELY MORALLY RIGHT..RAFIZI IS AGAIN ABSOLUTELY OUR HERO..!! LETS THE COURT DECIDE... LAST BUT NOT LEAST "BEST OF LUCK MY MAN' WE'LL ALWAY BE YOUR StOUTs SUPPORTER...!!

  12. Rocky.
    You can argue this case until cow come home.Bad taste for Najib.esp when election is around the corner.
    They should do it after GE.This is criminal case ,no time limit.
    People already forgot about cowgate.why you activate again.

  13. Good one. To make it short - Those claiming to be a whistle blower must come with clean hands. Political glamour boys are not protected under the Act. Got it.

  14. Anonymous8:31 am

    Let's have a look at another definition of whistleblower shall we?

    A whistleblower is a person who tells the public or someone in authority about alleged dishonest or illegal activities (misconduct) occurring in a government department, a public or private organization, or a company. The alleged misconduct may be classified in many ways; for example, a violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public interest, such as fraud, health/safety violations, and corruption. Whistleblowers may make their allegations internally (for example, to other people within the accused organization) or externally (to regulators, law enforcement agencies, to the media or to groups concerned with the issues).

    Perhaps our WBPA is flawed?

  15. i think the expert has his own right to remain anonymous... he is exercising his right..we always fight for our own right.. right as citizen, as human and so forth... but, when other people exercising it, some of us against him...

    whether he is expert or not, is depend on u all.. think, if the expert disclosed himself, the will be new stories, and things might be complicated..

    juz humble opinion...

  16. Anonymous9:01 am

    yawn! The Rock toks Kok again!

    Who is this ExperrgghhT?

  17. Anonymous9:14 am

    How would Pakatan monkeys react taking cue from Rafizi's act, someone working in a Bank where Anwar Ibrahim keep his account exposes the details of his money to the public to justify his contention that Anwar receives foreign funding?

    Would the Pakatan monkeys agree?

    Kong Kek Kuat

  18. Anonymous9:16 am

    It were just like saying that your daughter is not your daughter even if her DNA from from you as long as she bears your name.

  19. Anonymous9:19 am

    Amazing how increasingly stupid your post is.becoming. Are you working for jibby or din?

  20. OrangHilir9:46 am

    In Middle-East, people like Chubby Rafizi and his loose anal Ketua Umum would have been shot and fed to the dogs. Consider themselves lucky.

    Anything we do must be done within the confines of law. You cannot simply go and 'expose' someone's deed without referring to the relevant authority. The accused, even Anwar Ibrahim has every right to defend himself in the court of law.

    You cannot interpret the Whistleblower Protection Act as you please, let alone give your own meaning to it.

    If everybody does as they please, why do we need law in the country? Who cares? Go demonstrate in front of someone's shop, or go do the 'butt exercise' in front of Ambiga's house. It's your basic human right, not the rest of the people's.

    I'm seriously worried if these kind of people come into power. Don't know what kind of surprise or magic trick they will give you.

  21. "The disclosure was not made to any enforcement agency – breach of section 6 of WBPA"

    "The information disclosed was made public – breach of section 8 of WBPA"

    If we were to follow this sets of law, one thing for sure this case will be swept under the carpet and the public will probably never got informed.

    Watch the movie The Whistleblower (on astro now i think), starring Rachel Weisz. Based on true story.
    Kathryn Bolkovac tried to alert United Nations officials about the misconduct, but she got fired. Then she go public. Only then changes started to happen.

    Sometimes a radical action is the most effective.

  22. Anonymous11:43 am

    In Bolehland, the procedures are very clear. If you are a bank clerk with information that the son a senior minister is transferring millions out of his bank account to Switzerland every month without completing exchange control forms because he is a pal of someone bigwig from Bank Negara, and you have evidence that he has a monthly salary of RM5,000 then what do you do ?

    The law says that you must handover all the bank statements to MACC following a report. Then MACC is supposed to investigate and take action. Months go by, years go by, and still no action. What do you do ? Thank goodness we have people like Rafizi and Phua and Ong Tee Keat. We go to them and show them the bank statements.

    These politicians then make the scandal public, not by revealing the bank statements, but by making all allegations relating to transfers and overseas purchases of properties and businesses. The MACC says they can't investigate because nobody has made a police report. Does the person who made the earlier report by himself - and got ignored by MACC - jump up and reveal himself ? That disqualifies him as a whistleblower because a whistleblower has to remain anonymous.

    In the meantime, and after periods of inaction by the authorities, the politicians are forced to reveal their hand in public, which then forces MACC to investigate.

    The first thing that the MACC investigates is not about the transfers of funds overseas. It's about who leaked the information, who are the other parties that can be ensnared as red herrings to protect the criminal. If the dirt cannot be swept under the carpet, some "slap-of-the-wrist" charges are slapped on someone junior. Then they charge the politicians who exposed the bank statements as violation of BAFIA.

    This is the type of justice system we have in Bolehland. If you accuse someone without evidence, they say you have no evidence. When you show incontrovertible proof, they charge you with OSA, BAFIA. Never mind that the contents prove wrongdoing. Exposing the contents is a far bigger crime.

  23. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Expert that has not done his homework. That's the kind of expert you accept? With advisers like yourself picking up half past six people and foxing them off as experts to the public, no wonder the Barisan people are going downhill

  24. I love the standard malaysian response when someone says something they don't like to hear. the equivalent of shutting their ears with their fingers and going "la la la la la".

    The author has presented several laws which he claims Rafizi has breached, but instead of looking up those laws and seeing if it flies or if they can actually counter it, they go all gung-ho in blasting the author without much valid points, using the usual "swearing and mocking makes me clever" approach.

    In any case, I found the article interesting and will be looking into this though I have always found it odd that Rafizi is charged as he is not a banker or anyone from the inner workings of the case and thus, is not a whistle blower and not culpable, but rather a man taking opportunity of Johari's eagerness to help his beloved party. Because if not, the two media guys should also be charged.
    I would have thought that Johari is the one culpable in this case. Anyone can clarify for me?

  25. Anonymous12:59 pm

    wow-- the mad cows are after a brilliant n honest malaysian, next a runaway train will be after RAFIZI-- where does all this end?? surely RAFIZI did a good job as a citizen to expose wrong doings-- why is he charged?? what happen to the thief n robber>>as a senior citizen- i do not understand?? is this 1 TRANSFORMATION ?? looks like the titanic is hitting an iceberg soon

  26. Mr. Angry1:13 pm

    I'm reading some of the comments and...WOW, Only 1 guy provided a proper response. The rest of you spastics aren't even able to respond to the core issue - Rafizi broke the law, claimed to be a Whistle Blower after he fucked up staying anonymous because he's a downy, and now all you sodomy anonymous buddies are crying when they don't understand the law.

    Typical mad hounds of PKR, rabid and picking at the small shreds of meat that they can find in an otherwise beefy article.

    Respond to the big questions lah! The problem with so many of you PKR Special Children are that ya'll just can't formulate proper arguments and debates. All Talk, then mana tau, Small Cock seja.


  27. Anonymous1:22 pm

    BN could not have done a better job in managing public perception. Warn all whistleblowers that they cannot simply divulge information damaging to UMNOputras. First order to MACC and police is to investigate YOU - the whistleblower. Drop your conscience, let sleeping dogs lie. Sweep everything under the carpet.

    This gomen is a sure goner at the next GE.

  28. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Trying to justify the arrest of Rafizi ? When what he exposed was true, and if he did not expose it, the crooks would still be feeding merrily under the Feed-a-Lot scheme. How much money did Rafizi save the country by exposing the scandal and preventing further feeding by the family ?

    BN should award a Datukship to Rafizi.

  29. Anonymous1:39 pm

    What are this Pakatan fools making so much noise about RM250million. Dont they know things are much worse in some other countries. Janji Ditepati!

  30. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Stop the distraction. The crux of the matter is there has been a gross abuse of funds by Shahrizat and family. End of story.

    Anne O'Nimus.

  31. Thank you MA,

    People do go on emotional amok when it comes to issues like this. We should go back to basics: You break the law, you get it. Does not matter if your name is Salleh or Rafizi. Or Lim Guan Eng.

  32. Thanks Eddy, correction made on behalf. PJ Utara MP is Tony Pua, who lashed out at the seeming failure of the Whistleblower Act to protect his comrade Hafizi.

    Which brings me to wonder why certain lawmakers bothered championing a new law when they don't even understand the spirit of the law or if they can't accept that law when it gives them - or friends - the bloody nose ...

    ANd Hafeez, spot on about the expert's anonymity. He is not a blogger or a regular commenter. The irony is the Anons who are demanding to know his identity are anonymous, too! Hehe.

    Dear tsysll,
    Nice movie. Maybe they will make one on Rafizi one day.

  33. tsyhll : agree that sometimes radical actions are needed to bring change. but the difference between the movie and this case, in the movie, she tried the right way first. when it failed her, then she went public. rafizi did not do that. his supporters stand with the assumption that nothing would be done if he had gone through proper channels, a situation none of us can truly say for certain, would be true. and therein lies his blame.

  34. iskandar3:10 pm

    rafizi is a politician-lah.

    honest guy?

    please-lah.PKR wanted to bury NFC for their political mileage..

    whether or not NFC is guilty, the process of law will take place-- the same process of law that heard the cases of Guan Eng-Utusan, Zunar-Govt et etc..

    so you guys who are clearly pakatan supporters sound so silly.

    one law for you, one law for me, izzit?

  35. genobasi3:18 pm


    it seems clear to me that the DAP or Pakatan will derail any effort to investigate them.

    1. teoh beng hock. May he rest in peace. but they politicised his death so much, deliberately and by design, that investigations of the abuse of funds etc were stopped.

    and they will stop at nothing to demonize the police and the MACC -- all the law enforcement agencies. it's their agenda to make people lose confidence, faith in the government.

    they will even prop up murderers and all those bad guys and make martyrs of them (if they so happened to have died in custody).

    if you asked me, Pakatan ni jahat. if you think BN jahat. Pakatan lagi jahat.

    when they get into power, especially the DAP, you cannot touch them.

    I've been watching and studying their antics since they got into power...ada baik but generally, they are so untrustworthy. but they are good as opposition.

  36. Anonymous3:33 pm


    The other directors of NFC also broke the law (jointly and severally liable), they didn't get it, did they? Did they charge Salleh budu for misappropriating public funds in the purchase of Spore condos and Kazakh condos? Mind you part of the money they abused belongs to you as well. Do you not get angry??

    Many UMNO/BN top politicians broke the law but they didn't get it as the AG (with so much skeletons in his closet as well) refused to charge them. Or if they were charged, the charge is greatly reduced like the case of Khir Toyo. These are all facts.

    Did they bother to thoroughly investigate the massive RM500 million kick backs paid to Perimekar disguise as commission? No Sir, if you are in power, you break the law, you will get away with it. It is always the opposition that 'kena'. Come on bro, we were not born yesterday.

    Bro, use your head and think. Don't be obsessed with UMNO/BN. If Rafizi needs to be prosecuted, so be it and let the court decide. But UMNO/BN cannot practise selective persecution. That is abuse of power.

    Like the Anwar's sodomy case. It is purely political prosecution. If the government believe or have strong evidence that the sodomy did happen, why only charge Anwar? Do you honestly believe that the act can take place without consent? Ask any pondans and they will tell you that it is impossible. If it is consensual, why Saiful was not charged? Sodomy is an offence in this country whether it is consensual or not. The fact remains that Saiful is protected and was promised that he will not be charged and send to jail. Without the promise, he will not dare to lodge a report.

    Please remember that the people's court is more powerful. History has shown that when the people rise, corrupt regimes will fall. If UMNO/BN offers you position or title, you have the right to accept it. But do not think that the rezeki you got comes from them that you have to kow tow to them even when they are corrupt and abuse their power. Your rezeki comes from GOD.


  37. MAHAthir yang PERKASA4:17 pm

    Those COWs living in Bangsar and Singapurapura are truly happy go lucky lot!

    "Janji Feed&LOOT RM250,000,000 Ditepati!"

  38. Perkasam4:19 pm

    Janji Wa Tolong Kroni Cina Kaya Ditepati!!!

  39. Anonymous4:55 pm

    'you break the law, you get it'..sure or not Rocky ?

    Seem like only Pakatan geng face the laws and UMNO/BN geng manipulate the laws to their advantage !!

    So, tell us who the mastermind behind Altantuya gruesome murder ??


  40. Mr Angry6:23 pm

    This is directed at tsyhll:

    *Above link is an article from Deloitte, by David Lehmann (Who is the head of Deloitte's Forensic Department here in Malaysia).*

    If people adopted your train of thought on Whistle Blowing in Malaysia, we might as well give this country to the dogs.

    It's actually shocking read this article...and you justify your beliefs with a movie "BASED" on a story. Sensationalism is the bread and butter of fools.

    At Rocky,

    The law HAS TO always prevail. It is when people have lose their vigilance in respecting the law, when they become so deluded from their own self-absorbed bullshit, they start to actually lose that sense of balance on what's right and wrong. I ain't saying I'm a saint, I just think that there are a lot of false saints now a days.


  41. Anonymous8:02 pm

    You know what's wrong with this country, Latuk ? Crooks roam free while those who finger the crooks get charged. This sense of injustice is going to work against your boss.


  42. Anonymous8:03 pm

    to all stupid pkr supporter,
    pls go to basic. rafizi broke the law and he will face the music. period.
    all i can say to rafizi: best of luck & padan muka!!!!!


  43. Anonymous9:55 pm

    It is a somple matter.

    When it affects one of their cronies, the Pakatan mob will go all out to look for faults of others, with a hope to digress from the issue at hand.

    In this case, their modus operandi is to cast doubts and create as much distraction as possible so they can cover up the Talam and water issues.

    Any fool can see that.


  44. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Siapa Rafizi ni? Berprinsip benor2 ke dia ni atau hanya sekadar satu watak yang suka glamour yang digambar sebagai hero ? Watak macam dia ni banyak dalam filem-filem hindi. Apa jasanya pada negara dan rakyat ? Sanggup ke dia berkorban, kalau negara ni diserang musuh atau dia yang lari dulu atau dia sendiri musuh dalam selimutnya ? Macam dia ni pernah ke merasa susah untuk mempertahankan pertiwi. Lagi satu negara kita ni kan ada undang2nya. Kalau kita buat undang2 sendiri, dapat maklumat atau rahsia, terus saja dedahkan tanpa dirujuk kepada pihak berkuasa untuk disiasat, nescaya porak peranda dan hancurlah negara. Rafizi adalah hero mengikut skrip yang telah ditulis. So, tak ada apa istimewanya, buat apa lah nak dibesar-besarnya kes dia ni, sampai masa nanti tahulah undang2 macam nak buat keputusan atas tindakannya itu. Tak perlu lah layan kelompok ni yang kononnya berjuang atas nama hak asasi manusia mengikut pengertian dan kepentingan kelompoknya saja.

  45. Anonymous10:36 pm

    To stupid Anon 8.03,

    So many UMNO/BN goons broke the law, but they were never charged. Why? Please answer with conscience not emotion.

  46. comeonlah12:34 am

    When I read the comments,I think my brain went on low ram.Lotsa non-thinking people who I supposed do not read.Is reading so hard nowadays?Ooo people are so glued to their tv or playing PlayStation.What is reading for..hmmm...

  47. Anonymous12:50 am

    Humans without brain and heart will never bersyukur...all they do is to find fault in break the law means you broke the simple as that.....!

  48. Anonymous1:20 am

    Hooray, Rafizi caught a bunch of thieves and presented them to the authorities. The authorities only charged one thief out of the whole bunch, and is now charging Rafizi with displaying the thieves' account details.

    Hip Hip Hooray for this gomen.

  49. Anonymous2:39 am

    U Malay can brag how damn good u r... but de end de cinaman still rule....

    1. Anonymous3:22 pm

      Yeah, you will rule the hell in the end.

  50. Anonymous2:58 am

    Rather than trolling or bashing one another, I suggest ALL OF YOU to read BAFIA and Whistleblower Act. After that, compare. By then, I HOPE that most of the people here can give a very constructive comments. Typical Malaysians mentality... Always go gung ho about something without reading the law first.

  51. Anonymous3:41 am

    Adakah pejuang negara yang tidak melanggar undang-undang kerajaan semasa?? Berapa ramai yang melanggar undang2 untuk perjuangkan kemerdekaan selama lebih 400 tahun?

    Kalau tidak ada orang yang melanggar undang-undang semasa 13 Mei, adakah akan wujud Dasar Ekonomi Baru?

    Gunalah otak.

    Di sebalik upah wang ringgit yang anda terima, anda tahu siapa yang benar dan siapa yang salah.

  52. Anonymous3:44 am

    so many clowns under anwar's tutelage

    all end as half-baked wannabes

  53. Anonymous3:46 am

    Anonymous 2:39 AM said ...
    U Malay can brag how damn good u r... but de end de cinaman still rule....


    yeah rule the tong taik pikul type

  54. Anonymous3:49 am

    anon@10:36 PM asked, "So many UMNO/BN goons broke the law, but they were never charged. Why? Please answer with conscience not emotion."

    Because there were no hard evidence, just sheer baseless allegations by PM wannabes and his clowns, heh heh

  55. Anonymous3:54 am

    goatfarter said, "Crooks roam free while those who finger the crooks get charged."

    you know why - because that finger is filthier than those pointed at

    in a nutshell, if clowns wanna act smart they should first attain a high IQ - otherwisw substandard anwar's clowns should just attain glamour by acting in lowly rated movies

  56. Anonymous3:57 am

    Rafizi tried very hard to be cool like a hero when he lifted his handcuffed wrists BUT his accomplice is CLEARLY uncomfortable

    his expression says "why am I so gullible to listen to this hero wannabe? This is the stupidest scam the biggest regret of my life!!"

    and rafizi is balding so young

  57. Anonymous4:51 am

    Come on lah Rock. Whistleblower is about seeking protection. If Rafizi goes to Govt to seek protection before he whistleblows....what kind of protection is he going to get? Is Govt gonna say, "Yes Rafizi boy, u have done good, go ahead and expose our fraud and we will protect you." But on the other hand, BAFIA has been flouted, so Rafizi has to face the music lah. He must be prepared to face the consequences.

  58. Anonymous7:47 am

    This is what we don't want to see happening in Malaysia and why this matter should be given serious consideration!

    Charge him accordingly if round guilty!


  59. Mr Angry,
    The Deloitte article that you linked here is just a guy opinion's on the perception of whistle blowing in Malaysia.

    It is like the perception of crime in Malaysia. The numbers maybe reducing, but people still got mugged and killed everyday in Malaysia. Same like the public perception on our local MACC to fight corruption is still low, at least to me.

    If you care to do some research on the movie i mentioned, you will know that about 80-90% are facts. There are some that cannot be revealed due to legal issues, and off course to make the movie more fun to watch.

    My point is the case of the UN is a very large corporation that is supposed to be the protector of the people. The reputation is on the line here. They can't allow a single person brought them down. Too much at stake. There's even a similar case, which goes through the UN's proper channel, UN and the whistle blower settled for undisclosed amount of money, and a gag order is forced upon the whistle blower. At the end, the public will never know the whole story and all will be forgotten.

    You talk about the law like this country everybody is a law abiding citizen. Like UN, the current government got lots to lose in this case. Any party with the right interest will milk this dry any way they can.

    I'm pretty sure, if the situation is turned around, where the culprit is the opposition, the other party will manipulate this case the same way.

    In the end, I don't really care about Rafizi or the Whistle blower act, all that I care is whoever broke the law must pay, be it Rafizi or NFC. No diversion please.

  60. Anonymous11:06 am

    What is your intention Rock? That is important. If we want to tear any report with your subjective right or wrong, it is peanut. All the comments reflect exactly that yes, no right or wrong only our intention expressed out clearly what kind of human are we make off....

  61. Anonymous12:55 pm


    Why Rafizi supporters want to take credit for NFC? No shame, ah? The AG was the one who reported in his report about NFC. Rafizi only exposed the bank accounts, etc, which are CONFIDENTIAL. Based on these accounts, he became judge and jury.

    Pondan punya hero!

  62. Whistle blower act is to protect those who have solid info on corruption but dare not expose it for fear the safety of himself and his loved ones.

    But if Rafizi is braved enough to expose the corruption and choose not to be hidden from public views by not choosing to seek protection uncer the act, why not??

    Why dont you write about the fact that the both NFC and MRT cases are not investigated as keenly and urgently by the authorities as the way Rafizi is?

    Rocky, your kepala otak really berisi "batu" ke. Is that why you call yourself "rocky"

    You are getting bodohier and bodohier with each writeup.

    Even if you need to bodek and butter for the sake of your career, pls do so with some moral/ethics/brain!

  63. Anonymous6:35 pm

    What a load of rubbish sent in by the " EXPERT ", with All the Govt machineries at Najib's control, the whistleblower WILL instantly be slained and the Culprits Protected at all cost, now this is Najib's Govt so lets not pretend, I can only say it SUCKS for Malaysians and goes to you Rocky, you had a slight taste of it and because you are a coward you opt to join them instead of doing the right thing by helping to expose, so pray tell us why are you such a coward ??

  64. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Yay ! Stealing is not a crime, exposing theft is a major crime. Keep it up.

    "That's why you FAIL."

    Master Yoda

  65. Anonymous10:45 pm

    A Stealin' We will Come
    A Stealin' We will Come
    Hey Ho the Merry Yo
    A Stealin' We will Come

  66. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Helloooooo Najib:

    If Rafizi were to pass the information to MACC, MACC would most likely sweep the scandal under the carpet. Then MACC would go after Rafizi anyway because they would need to try and plug the leaks.

    The rakyat's belief is that this gomen has no balls to go after the family of an UMNO Supreme Council member.

    If you don't believe that this is the rakyat's perception, then call for elections now, and see the outcome.

    Or are you still scared ?

  67. Anonymous12:00 pm

    haiya pr troopers, don't act smart lah, you all know nothing about law, coz you just lembus the stupider the better

    you think your minority freedom can displace the majority rights eh?

    just like rafizi lembu, believing himself as the people's hero, ambiburger also thinks she's the saviour of the rakyat

    of course the veteran sodomite still believes his spot as PM (sheeesh)

    well DS Najib has no qualms using the present laws to charge anyone for breaking them, eat your heart out, pr lembus - kena saman

    pssst never make the mistake that a few boisterous ranters here REPRESENT the rakyat of 29 million

    your miserable 20k at bershit 3 is a mere pathetic 1%

    and ohh refrain from your wretched SCARE tactics of "UMNO will be brought down" - best you crawl back under your coconut shells, and dream on

    kudos Rocky!!

  68. I am also a rakyat. What Rafizi has done is notbwithin the law.
    He has in fact abused the law in his quest for a platform.he also has to be investigated.

  69. Anonymous5:15 pm

    When I see a burglar threatening Rocky with a machete, I do the honourable thing and just shoot the burglar. If I am an UMNOputra, the newspapers and the gomen will hail me as a hero. If I am a Pakatan supporter, I will be charged with attempted murder.

    That, in a nutshell, is BN persecution in Bolehland. Let the elections begin, and then we can see who is the minority and who is the majority.

    Kenapa takut, Najib ? Be a man !

  70. Anonymous7:00 pm

    master FAIL too..because exposing theft by stealing information as in the case of also stealing and IS a crime...

  71. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Lembu punya kondo, Rafizi dapat bala
    Salah laku NFC, kerajaan tutup mata

  72. Anonymous11:48 am

    pakatan cybertroopers have wrinkled brains - after kena soaked, scrubbed and spin dry by pr washing machine

  73. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Scenario: Imagine you have too expose vile acts of indecency committed by a so called MAFIA boss who has connections to assassins and so forth.

    Who you want to reveal your name? Go ahead and try! Your family will end up dead anyways!

    Look at all the first world countries - they have the WBPA and we are in tandem with their policies as well.

    That is why Pakatans' supported need to go for further studies. I bet most of them are not educated.

    UMNO may have a cow brain but at least they have a brain unlike Pakatan who has NO brains - that's worst!

    Anti-Hypocrisy and stupidity!