Monday, July 30, 2012

The Sabah Game

I know a lot of people are hoping that Lajim and Bumburing will be the real thing. I read on Twitter, the Malaysiakini boss Premesh publicly prayed it wouldn't be yet another "fake dawn". Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to tell you that Sabah has not only produced greater politicians than the two, the state has also manufactured a lot more explosive political events. Lajim and Bumburing holding hands with Anwar Ibrahim is no great shake by Sabah's standard.

As this simple piece by The Choice says it, the Lajim-Bumburing twins, they are no game changers.

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  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Damage control. Good attempt but try harder! Najib must be pissed off and have no choice but to delay the election further.

  2. Anonymous10:46 pm

    mr rocky bru, you cakap bikin senang hati saja,

  3. Anonymous11:59 pm

    anwar mmg pandai kutip sampah je.

  4. Jamrut,

    Saya bilang yang betul baa. Tahun 94 lagi hebat insiden lompat melompat, sampai Pairin frust menonggeng. Ada ingat? Masa tu kan Anwar bukan main hebat dengan helicopter nya Juga briefcases of money. Who can forget.

    Before than, 1986, lagi hebat Kota KK diletup bagai Belfast. Puak pemisah sampai kini Ada lagi, mau Sabah jadi independent. Tanya adik Pairin yang juga champion lompat. Lajim baru nak join Anwar, Jeffrey sudah nyahkan Anwar sejak awal lagi.

    Really, no surprise at all.

  5. Kamal5:52 am

    Sabah politik messi macam nasi kandar.Sedap jika ada cili hijau.
    Parliment beuford kawasan Lajim dan Tauran sudah tentu jatoh dari tangan BN.
    Kadazan Marah kerana Najib tidak serious dengan RCI,dia umum dan senyap.
    Lajib meletak jawatan kerana Musa Aman potong semua peruntokan Parlimentnya.Kenapa Musa bertindak demikian.

    Mengikut perkiraan Risik,BN akan hilang 10 kerusi Parliment di Sabah dan 10 lagi Parliment di Serawak.
    Jadi jika Pakatan Menang 80 kerusi di Semanajong mereka menang simple majoriti.

  6. Anonymous8:39 am

    Locky Boss do you have a Plan B for your future in case BN is ousted at next PRU?

    Care to share in your blog so that we readers can give you some advice if you want it?

  7. Anonymous8:45 am


    I suggest u go and see Dato' PM Najib and convince him about the same thing. So that he has no two ways about dissolving the parliment before Raya. Latuk Rocky, you're our best hope and one and only that can convince PM. Just do it Latuk.

    Mr. Octopus

  8. Anonymous9:02 am

    No game changer ? Cakap saje pandai Latuk. Kalau bukan game changer, kenapa takut tetapkan PRU13 ? Komen shiok sendiri saje, tapi sebenarnya takut...

  9. Anonymous9:06 am

    We the foot soldiers are burnt out and turned fatigue ..."tak boleh tahan lagi dengan" this very long and protracted war ....Time for BN to change her Field Commander and revamped the War Room line up...lets go for the kills by doing the pre-emptive strike anytime NOW...

    Pvt Nordin
    Kelab Penyokong Teh Tarik BN
    Batu 3 Shah Alam

  10. Anonymous9:06 am

    These are not game changers because we have 400 pct increase in voters aligned to us. The people from Kalimantan and Mindanao are the real game changers.

  11. I don't think anyone of us in the Peninsular will ever understand Sabah politics. I've lost count of how many political parties have come and gone there and how many times MPs and ADUNs there have switched sides.
    All that Najib and Anwar can be united on is that they can never fully trust the loyalty of their members there.....

  12. Heard the Sabah PKR people not very happy. Bumburing and Lajim were said to be given decision making power on who will be the Sabah PKR candidates in GE13 as part of the rewards package for crossing over. They will try to use that as a tool to tempt more BN reps not likely to be fielded again to cross over to extend their political career. The real Sabah PKR leaders are feeling sidelined because of this as they stood helpless while these new gang takes over the party there.

  13. Anonymous12:40 pm


    Leave sabah to the Sabahans...They are now mature enough to determine their future path. whether you like it or Not.

  14. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Not much rhetoric but it's a start..Can be good can be bad..PR have nothing to lose as they have nothing much in Sabah..Only BN have much to lose..Let's wait and see.


  15. josephine ngan ee huah2:47 pm

    sabah politician terkenal dengan lompat parti sejak dulu lagi. tak terkejut pun.

  16. Anonymous3:36 pm

    u have a syndrome of denial

  17. Anonymous3:59 pm

    yup...and a big game changer would be..."80 ahli PAS Pengkalan Chepa umum keluar parti"

    Kalau MT UMNO umum keluar parti bukan game-changer....nampak sangat denial syndrome

    Good luck defending Titanic anyway Rock!!

  18. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Maybe just a conspiracy so that he can jump back to BN/UMNO after next election. UMNO likes these frogs and can only win through these frogs.

  19. Anonymous5:01 pm

    ada orang cakap PRU ditangguhkan disebabkan ada loncatan tersebut...tapi..bagaimana dikatan PRU ditangguhkan jika tarikh PRU pun kita tak tahu dan belum ditentukan..ini..adalah permainan bahasa yang kunun nak menunjukkan DSN takut...

  20. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Karpal Singh was right when he said elected reps should not jump out of the helicopter. It is just not right.

    Anyway, it appears fair if BN reps jump over. But it is not fair if PR reps jumps.

    So now, these two jokers will be praised to the hilt, until they have been used to the maximum. Once their usefulness has expired, they will be booted out and demonised in the usual PR standard operating procedures. And of course, there will also be the gag order.

    Wanna bet?


  21. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Lajim dgn Bumburing mmg takde apa punye

  22. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Whatever comes, I choose UMNO. But UMNO must also be brave and bold enough to fight for the rights of the Malays.

    Unfortunately, I still couldnt see that spirit within the current UMNO under Najib. Instead, he is giving away a lot of things that deservedly belongs to the Malays..

    I'm confused.

    Hantu Gigi Jarang.

  23. Anonymous9:29 pm

    First it was 1, then 2. They are smarter to grab the fruits available before the floodgates are open after PRU 13. Maybe too late also to demand anything after that.

    That's quite normal in Sabah politics, don't you think so?

    Every night, a lot of politicians are actually thinking which horse should one be on.

    The normal Sabahans just wait for the date of PRU13. Most have now got wiser and have made up their mind and this is reflected in the reception some parties are getting.

    Only those in Semenanjung are actually still hoping against hope their wishes come thru at PRU13.

    The Land below the wind already know which direction the wind is blowing.

    Go eat your heart out.

  24. Anonymous8:15 am

    rocky dah kecut teloq. hehehehe....

  25. Rocky, you used to do it discreetly but now you do it openly, unashamely.

    Have you got no maruah???
    Tak rasa malu ke?

  26. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Try harder next time