Friday, August 24, 2012

Anwar to quit politics after PRU13 if he fails to get Putrajaya

"Soal bila hendak bersara tidak penting dan tidak ada kaitan dengan kebajikan dan perjuangan membela rakyat. Persaraan yang bersyarat memberi gambaran bahawa motivasi dan pendorong utama beliau berpolitik ialah untuk merebut jawatan Perdana Menteri dan bukan membela rakyat seperti yang sering dilaungkannya." - Masidi Manjun of Sabah on Anwar's threat to quit politics if the people do not vote BN out of Putrajaya in PRU13, Jangan Jadi Serigala Prihatin Di hadapan Biri-biri
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The Right of Reply
Anwar will pursue an academic career if he does not get Putrajaya 
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has reiterated his plan to end 30-year political career if he fails to unseat Prime Minister Najib Razak at the next election.
“I will try my best. I am confident we will win. But if not, I will step down,” Anwar said last night .. 
The end is near? They say they will fight to the end so that Malaysians can, at least, buy cheaper cars (though they won't say how or by how much), but then they do something else altogether. With the general election looming so near, Anwar Ibrahim seems to sense that the end, too, is near. So he says if we fails to become the PM after the next GE, he will quit politics. No fighting to the end. It's hard to believe him, of course, but it's rather telling when people like Din Merican, who reads Anwar like a book, isn't trying too hard to challenge or protest Anwar's pessimism.
"Failure to take over Putrajaya, trafic as it may be, is not the end of the world for (Anwar). He will still be remembered as the man who transformed politics in our country." - Din Merican's Anwar will pursue an academic career if he does not get Putrajaya.
Thanks to Blogger Ellese  for picking up the strange vibes at Din Merican's blog. Like Din, Ellese was also a fan of  Anwar Ibrahim believer until his handling of the 1998 financial crisis. "The crisis  was good for revealing to us the devil and incompetence in Anwar".  Read more at The Right of Reply


  1. Anonymous6:26 pm

    who the hell believe what anuwar has said?

    I bet you, he will come up with 1000000000000 excuses if he lost and top 10 will be those excuses of phantom voters and umno corruption which he was the inventor of it when he was in UMNO

  2. Din Merican . . . baru kenali Anwar? Angkuh dan terlalu perasan dirinya hebat.

    A Johnny Come Lately whose blog is filled with Malaysiakini conspirasies that ended up proven false.

    Cukup2lah. Games dah over.

    Tell that to Rosli Dahalan, Robert Phang and Dato Zin.

  3. Anonymous1:20 am

    Rocky will you quit as well? Please? Spare usyour dribble?

  4. Anonymous1:55 am

    anon 1:20

    stop talking like dropout cybertroopers

  5. Anonymous8:48 am

    With due respect, Anwar should have pursued further studies in his early days instead of inciting varsity students to become rebels without a cause.

    Anwar was a bright student but he became obsessed with rebel culture and used Abim as a vehicle to garner support. He knew how to fool the narrow minded followers by testing their stupidity. In fact, he preached some silly stuff such as throwing away TV sets, sleeping on the floor, wearing gunny sacks for clothing, growing goat's beard and many other nonsenses.

    His stupid followers were too naive and obeyed his charismatic con game, some till today. People like Mat Sabu and similar ilks are loyal supporters.

    So, yes, it is not too late to repent and go back to school. But this time, use the school to study the right things, not to use the students to be rebels.


  6. Anonymous9:03 am


    If Malaysians Prefer going with Najib whom Tun Dr Mahathir called "The Devil We Know" then there is no point for Anwar to continue on...

    Its like a Football Game... There is no point to continue playing a game where the other Team is allowed to Cheat!
    And the Audience (like yourself and the Obese BigDog) cheering on for the Cheating Team!

    There is no point continuing with a Race Against an Opponent that is allowed to use Performance Enhancing Drugs!!

    Joe Black

  7. Anonymous10:05 am

    Boleh blah da...
    Memang di nanti-nantikan. Memalukan umat Islam dan kaum Melayu.

  8. Anonymous11:15 am

    Anwar Hidup or MATI,,,we no care! Cuma kita MAU,,kasi tukar ini GOMEN SIAL,,,,,!!

    Ini Syawal,,bulan BAIK or Tada BAIK,,Tiada MAAF bagi GOMEN,,!!


  9. Anonymous2:13 pm

    anon 11:15

    sebab ini gomen semua orang boleh hidup senang. awak nak senang macam mana lagi? tak sedar untung punya manusia.

  10. Anonymous2:16 pm

    anon 1:20---if you dont like rocky why visit his blog? you cant face reality?

  11. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Attack as much as you want faint Anwar, we don't care! We just want the corrupted UMNO to lose in next election, that's te beat gift from Allah for Malaysian can get.

  12. Anonymous2:35 pm

    He has nothing to loose. He has RM3Billion to spend. To hell with those who have supported him. Now he has more time to play with china dolls.

  13. Anonymous6:47 pm

    An illustrious career in Analogy, the first such in depth research venture to be undertaken with support and collaboration from George Washington University, Columbia, the Konrad Adeneur Foundation, Bnai Brith et al beckons.

    Oh how the gay (to be read as a double entendre) awaits with bated breath and itchy arses for groundbreaking discoveries in such esoteric stuff like arsing et al.,

    Raya greetings from the unknown

    Warrior 231

  14. Anonymous6:47 pm

    An illustrious career in Analogy, the first such in depth research venture to be undertaken with support and collaboration from George Washington University, Columbia, the Konrad Adeneur Foundation, Bnai Brith et al beckons.

    Oh how the gay (to be read as a double entendre) awaits with bated breath and itchy arses for groundbreaking discoveries in such esoteric stuff like arsing et al.,

    Raya greetings from the unknown

    Warrior 231

  15. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Sorry for poor grammar as after the mood elevating warmth of Iran, the cold of nowhere is pretty humbling.


    1. An illustrious career in Analogy beckons for the world is about to witness the first research venture into the tantric mysteries and black hole possibilities of the anal orifice ( note it disgorges as much as it sucks in......hahaha) with support and collaboration from Georgetown etc..........

    2. Oh how the gay world awaits with bated breath and constipation..........

    3.maybe the IMF and the American Jewry can fund a chair at Georgetown devoted to the study of
    Analnomics : the vestibular tortion analysis of International Financial architecture in the era of PostFordian Keynesism using Simon's Bounded Rationality framework.....hahaha shit!

    Anyway as an exStandfordian, here is a glass of vodka raised(n' downed long) to Cupertino's Apple.....who says originality and creativity does not pay, a slap in the face for copycats and counterfeiting socio-economic parasites the world over.

    Regards from a land afire

    Warrior 231

  16. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Anuwar should not just quit, he should just fuck off from Malaysia. He should make his move out now, not after PRU13.

  17. Anonymous11:53 pm

    oh lord, baruah ni nak mengajar ke nak blajarkan anak orang lain pulak...rosak..rosak...

  18. Anonymous8:30 am

    Let Annuar go and screw the students. He thinks he is smart but let them screw him left and right.

  19. Anonymous10:32 am

    Guess Malaysia may follow other countries soon to have the first woman PM after PRU 13?

  20. Anonymous10:51 am

    Kesian siUMNO haters, hidup senang tapi hati tak tenteram.

    Semoga UMNO terus memimpin dan membangunkan negara indah Malaysia.

    Hidup UMNO! Janji ditepati.

    Kalau tak suka bleh blah lah, apa tunggu lagi. Malaysia akan lebih aman dan makmur jika sepet sengkelet cabut lari balik tongsan.

    Sikit sikit salah UMNO - takde paper nak cebok pun nanti salahkan UMNO.

    Oooiii tu zaman paklah dah tutup chapter dah! DS Najib is the "devil" we know and love.

    Forget the "angel" plaster lim - already showing horns after the plaster is removed.

  21. Ala, macamlah tak tau trick Mat Leather King ni.
    Just saying it to gain sympathy.
    This power crazy scum will fight on his death-bed to be PM even if only for a day.
    He will be KOed this coming GE. And his trick will be to get frogs to jump to his side.
    Then he will declare another 916.
    And he will be screaming foul when he loses. You know that age old sorry excuse of EC penipu,
    Oi Nuar, we were not born yesterday.
    Stop using that kesian saya mode.
    Nobody cares a whit about you. Stop thinking you are Alpha Omega, you sod.

  22. La-di-La11:09 am

    A Voice

    Touche. Din is a nobody who pretends to be somebody.
    He and new trophy wife are living in the past. Syiok sendiri mereka kononnya hebat.
    They enjoy the adulations from the same commentators. Nothing but churning Malaysia Kini articles and idolizing that nettle Netto
    Din is a pengampu, pembodek. Most times flip-flopping for Mahathir, Najib. Nak hidup lah.
    But went his fans are angry with him for supporting UMNO, he will flip back to bodeking PKR.
    Gotta be wary with people like him who only wants glory. Baru dapat Dato' dah nak masuk kubur.
    Trying so hard to get Tan Sri pulak.
    Dream onlah Din tua kutuk.
    You are nothing but self-glory seeking who deletes everyone not with you on your blog.

  23. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Tokoh Liwat Negara, Pencipta Politik Wang and Bapa Rasuah Malaysia barely graduated from the U with a basic degree in Malay Studies. What can he teach? He does not know a Balance Sheet from shit. So he definitely cannot teach finance or economics. He has vast expertise in homo erectus behaviour but there are no courses in that area either. So a career in academia seems out of the question. Visiting Bangkok seems a more possible option.

  24. Anonymous2:07 pm

    2:18 janganlah tunjuk bodoh. party lain bersih sangat? pkr selangor kotor awak tak nampak? dap penang rasuah awak tak nampak? awak ni buta? anwar sapu 3B tak apa bagi awak?

  25. Anonymous5:41 pm

    "He will pursue an academic career..."?

    As in universities, colleges, etc - mixing with young students (read: boys)??? :)

    - Beetle Boy

  26. Bedul5:45 pm

    Anon 1.27pm

    My thoughts exactly. What and where can a peliwat with General degree in Malay studies teach?
    He should just run a brothel in belakang mati since he's the champion in LGBT.
    I will not send any of my kids if I know he is teaching in that varsity.

  27. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Kalau mengajar di uni, ajarlah betul2. Jgn liwat anak orang pulak nanti wahai al jub...Main cina doll pun jangan ok? Bolehkah al dub? Ok al bont? Ada faham al pungg?

  28. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Berhenti sekarang lagi baik. Kasi cuci bersih itu rumah di US. Spinner King aiyaaa...

  29. Anonymous10:15 am

    Anwar is an expert in sodomilogy. Perhaps he should lecture on that subject. No need to wait until retire. He can do it now.

  30. good riddence n go fly kite..khaaak tuiiih!!

  31. Anonymous10:34 pm

    I have serious doubts that this anwar celaka will do what he says. It is an open secret that this celaka is a tin kosong bising merata. He is a total loser.
    Lagi mau test market. Celaka punya manusia ini anwar.
    Kecik2 tak mahu mampos sudah besar nak menyusahkan negara sendiri. Banyak celaka punya manusia.


  32. Mustapha Ong11:36 am

    Good luck to bro Sheikh. He should quit now or never and he is just wasting his ill-gotten money and time as well as the people's patience.I am also pissed off with Simple Simon's column that "Anwar will stay in his Segambut Mansion if PR wins and he becomes the next prime minister".

    I think the writer is nuts and he does not have inside information about Anwar when he was the DPM and Finance Minister in Mahathir's cabinet before he was sacked in late 1998. Actually Anwar was hoping to be the first PM to stay in Seri Perdana as he was involved in the construction process at that time when he was in power behind Mahathir's back.

    Mahathir had discovered many things about Anwar's stategy here in Malaysia and also overseas through his strong anti-Mahathir connection. Some of those anti Malaysia agenda could not be disclosed due to obvious reasons, as some prominent UMNO leaders who are pro Anwar were also involved in his agenda to overthrow Mahathir. Some of these pro Anwar leaders are still in Najib's adminstration, including some politicians and senior civil servants.

    As one of my friend, Yunus Said posted (Malaysia-Chronicle) that all those opposition leaders who are against development by the BN government,should not visit Putrajaya/Cyberjaya, should stop using KLIA and LCCT airports, should not use the SMART tunnel and other super highways, should not fill petrol in Petronas stations, etc.

    All these are testimony and credit to the successes of the BN government under the UMNO/BN leadership from the first to the current sixth prime minister. On the contrary, what had the PR government achieved from Selangor, Kelantan, Penang and Kedah since they took over from BN government?

    Last but not least, the opposition had claimed victory over last night's people's celebration (Merdeka eve) at Dataran Merdeka and KLCC. They had hijacked the success and non violent gathering of our 1Malaysian nation and claimed that "Promised Democrarcy or Janji Demokrasi" was successfully carried out without any untoward incidents and security breach. What a shameful posting by Maria Begum (Malaysia-Chronicle) published today which I considered to be unpatriotic as a fellow Malaysian.

  33. Anonymous7:00 pm


    Hoho, mau jadi lecturer? Ajar student baring atas jalan,rempuh pagar,pukul belakang orang, pijak bendera,melalak sani melalak sana ....etc..etc

    Menyemak sahaja.