Thursday, July 05, 2012

KLIA2: Tony lambasts Najib over Tony's claim

In Low Class Operator, blogger Big Dog mauls Tony Fernandes for his bitching about KLIA2 in What's with the new terminal? (or "terminal illness", as he refers to it on his Twitter). Big Dog does not have to work with or for Malaysia Airports to know that KLIA2 is state-of-the-art and value for money. He compares the cost of building KLIA2 (250,000sq metres, RM5 billion) with Heathrow's Terminal 5 (350,000 sq metres, £4.2 billion). 
KLIA2 - Tony's Fiasco or Malaysia's state-of-the-art?
YB Tony Pua is already taking the cue from Tony Fernandes and has demanded that PM Najib Razak investigate the claim made by his namesake of the RM5 billion "fiasco". An word tired from abuse, fiasco, but I don't think both Tonys care as long as it serves their purpose.


  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Come on Datuk, don't treat your fellow Malaysian like stupid fools. Malaysian build the airport in some Jungle land using cheap foreign labour paying them below market price while in UK, the airport was build on prime land with minimum wages.
    What we need is just a simple airport withour the full service like KLIA, we want true low cost and not being extorted with expensive airport tax.

  2. FIREFLY1:35 pm

    List of other LCCs:

    Batavia Air
    Indonesia AirAsia
    Lion Air
    Mandala Airlines

    Jetstar Asia Airways
    Tiger Airways

    AirAsia Philippines
    Airphil Express
    Cebu Pacific
    South East Asian Airlines
    Spirit of Manila Airlines
    Zest Airways

    Republic of KOREA
    Air Busan
    Eastar Jet
    Jeju Air
    Jin Air
    T’way Airlines

    AirAsia Japan
    Hokkaido International Airlines (Air Do)
    JAL Express
    Skymark Airlines
    Skynet Asia Airways
    Jetstar Japan

    Jetstar Airways
    Tiger Airways Australia
    Virgin Australia

    AirAsia ?
    AirAsia X ?
    Firefly (turbo prop)?

    So folks, judge for yourself whether Malaysia need more LCC for healthy competition! Well my answer will be YES…YES…YES!


  3. Anonymous1:49 pm

    why not just answer the basic question as to why the costs have ballooned from RM2bil to 2.6 to 4 and now 5??

    and with numerous delays to accompany it as well?

    So, now we've to accept that not only are we incompetent at execution but also at planning?

  4. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Then why was KLIA2 initially budgetted at RM 1.7 billion ? And now it's 3 times the original estimate. Why compare Heathrow when you should be comparing with Zimbabwe international airport or Lagos International, sama2 3rd world construction costs and finishes ?

  5. I am a simple person, Datuk, and only need simple answers, not character asassination by big dog or small dog. Question is were all the aerobridges and what not included in the first budget of RM1.7billion in 2007? Or were they only added in in 2009? 2010? 2011? Somebody please tell us what was included in 2007 budget and how the amount balloned to RM3billion. If the frills and fancies were added in at a later date than 2007, it wouldn't be fair to accuse MAHB of padding the budget.
    By the way, don't compare UK's costs and HK's costs with us lah. Standard of living and superior materials costs tak sama dengan Malaysia.

  6. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Ya Rocky,

    Keep on Supporting the Corrupt Prime Minister and his Honchos icluding your Kici Maya Self!!!

    The Low Cost terminal that is not Low Cost Hah!!!

  7. FIREFLY3:37 pm

    1. In particular, low-cost carriers typically fly their aircraft for more hours and flights each day, scheduling the first departure early in the morning and the last arrival late at night. However, long-haul aircraft scheduling is more determined by timezone constraints (e.g. leaving in the evening and arriving in Europe the following morning), and the longer flight times mean there is less scope to increase aircraft utilization by adding one or two more short flights each day. The business model comes with considerable fiscal risk, as seen in the many companies that have become bankrupt such as Laker Airways and more recent airlines.

    2. Australia's Jetstar Airways has operated international flights SINCE 2005, when it began services to Christchurch, New Zealand. In late 2006, more international services began.

    3. In April 2006, the industry magazine Airline Business analysed the potential for low-cost long-haul service and concluded that a number of Asian carriers, including AirAsia, were closest to making such a model work. On November 2, 2007, AirAsia X, a subsidiary of AirAsia and Virgin Group flew its inaugural flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Gold Coast, Australia. AirAsia X claims that it is the FIRST TRUE low-cost long-haul carrier since the end of Sir Freddie Laker era.

    4. In August 2006, Zoom Airlines announced that it was to establish a UK subsidiary, to offer low-cost long-haul flights to the USA and India. The company suspended all its operations from 28 August 2008 due to financial problems related to high fuel prices. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines started flying from Hong Kong to London Gatwick Airport , Vancouver, British Columbia . The company ceased operations on 9 April 2008, after over a billion Hong Kong dollars in losses.

    5. On March 11, 2009, AirAsia X started its first low cost long-haul service into Europe; to London Stansted, England. The daily flights to Stansted are operated by two leased Airbus A340-300 aircraft. On 12th January 2012, AirAsia announced it would be suspending services to London on 1st April 2012.

    6. On March 12, 2012, AirAsia X has announced it will be suspending flights to and from Christchurch, New Zealand by end of May 2012. It comes as the airline also has suspended flights to Europe and India. AirAsia X boss Azran Osman-Rani said the European cuts were driven by economics and the Indian ones by bureaucracy. He blamed the Indian cuts on visa restrictions between Malaysia and India and increased airport and handling charges in India.

    7. The price policy of the low cost carriers is usually very dynamic, with discounts and tickets in promotion. With some airlines, some flights are advertised as free (plus applicable taxes, fees and charges). Depending on the airline, perhaps as many (or as few) as ten percent of the seats on any flight are offered at the lowest price, and are the first to sell. The prices steadily rise thereafter to a point where they can be comparable or more expensive than a flight on a full-service carrier.

    8. Many low-cost carriers show a ZERO COST for some flights. Most charge additional fees for airport check-in, baggage check-in, 'handling charges', seat allocation and credit card processing. These charges are non-refundable even in the case of cancellation by the airline..

    After reading the above what is your conclusion, folk?

  8. Jasper Bloodstonec3:49 pm

    The Big Canine is not bashful about censoring comments that are not in consonance with his unique worldview.

    So, he's got a lot of chutzpah to criticise Tony F and Tony P about their criticisms of KLIA2.

    Let's be frank here - has Malaysia Airports been an outstanding model of good corporate governance, transparency and an uncompromising approach to customer satisfaction and customer service.

    In other words, it's not just about the "hardware" (whiich any one with the bucks to spend can do), but also the "software" - i.e. a total package.

  9. Hi everyone ... my question ... why did Msian government had to go out & work on a new airport ... even for a low cost when the blue print for KLIA was years behind the so called 'estimated / forecasted' passenger count. We have not met that target also. We have not really maximised / fully utilize the 2 existing runways ... why the need to reconstruct a whole new airport with it's own new runways? We cannot share the runways?? I just don't understand the logic here.

  10. Mazlan4:57 pm

    I notice that in other parts of the world company's have a very pro-active media and corporate comms team who respond to accusations in a very clear and transparent manner and are able to clear the air quickly.

    What makes this story run and run in a negative way is the lack of response from MAHB. What makes it worse is we have a Minister of Transport who is a complete moron and can barely speak English.

    MAHB - please get your act together. Engage your critics and the media and the bloggers quickly and transparently.
    Take them to the new KLIA2 - tell them the issues and be clear where the money is spent and how.

    Otherwise you let Tony and Tony rule the airwaves and the mud may stick.
    If there is nothing to hide then respond clearly and succintly.

    Tony F annoys the shit out of me but without you shoving it back in his face with facts and figures he gets away with it.....

  11. Anonymous5:57 pm

    This is Malaysia's way of doing mega projects.Always got cost overrun or need government bailout. And when you ask MACC to investigate sure nothing wrong one. Follow the trail and you will find the rent seekers and the cronies making away with bundles of ringgit.That's our way of getting things done.

    On another note,with all the accusations of sex scandals and alleged affairs of opposition politicians ..I cant wait for BN politicians to come out with video of opposition leaders screwing some kind of animal..that would make more interesting garbage to read.


  12. Awang7:16 pm

    What wrong with Najib's man.cannot even accept critism.How to un the country.You need a lot of yes man.

  13. Anonymous11:56 pm

    typical of ungrateful people.

  14. Anonymous3:06 am

    The IHH IPO is expected to give Malaysia bragging rights as the top IPO centre in Asia this year, surpassing traditional financial hub Hong Kong.

    Read more: IHH listing set to inject RM5b profit into Khazanah

    and this:

    The IHH IPO is expected to give Malaysia bragging rights as the top IPO centre in Asia this year, surpassing traditional financial hub Hong Kong.

    Read more: IHH listing set to inject RM5b profit into Khazanah

    and this:

    If I am an investor, Malaysia to me is a place of strength, the country to come to. It is an excellent place to be," said UNCTAD investment and enterprises division chief, Professor Hafiz Mirza, who presented the report here yesterday.

    Read more: Malaysia Asia’s 5th favourite FDI destination

    wonder whether we all would be collectively stupid to trade all the above for stuff like the Selangor-Talam fiasco.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:07 pm

      Didn't the Unctad World Investment Report 2012 show that Singapore topped the S E Asia FDI rankings in 2011, with Indonesia in 2nd place & Malaysia in 3rd place?

      Seems to me that little cesspool of iniquity, money laundering and tax havenism is attracting it's fair share of FDI.

      Perish the thought that all those MNCs are indulging in questionable activities in Singapore.

      Or, maybe, they haven't been briefed on the notorious US State Department list of "jurisdictions of primary concern", and the implications thereof.

      Makes you wonder why they are ignoring the attractions of a cool, morally upright maruah Malaysia in favour of the dubious (allegedly) attractions of Singapore and Indonesia!

      As for the much-ballyhooed listing of IHH, let's not forget that it's a dual listing on Bursa Malaysia and SGX, making it "the first concurrent IPO in these two markets" (Singapore Business Times, 5 July 2012).

      "IHH's proforma revenue for FY2011 registered some RM5.2 billion, with Turkish operations accounting for about 37 per cent while 36.3 per cent came from Singapore and 21.2 per cent from Malaysia".

      Seems to me that Khazanah and the Malaysian government recognised the importance of doing a dual listing of IHH, instead of relying solely on Bursa Malaysia.

      Or maybe the 22 "cornerstone investors" in IHH made their views known!

  15. IT.Sheiss5:18 am

    I'm rather tired of this clown.

    Tony Pua only knows to criticise any national level project without offering alternative suggestions.

  16. Anonymous8:31 am

    Why does everyone, Big Dog included and you too, think that the A380 is going to be the saviour of MAS ? The problems with MAS is not mainly due to equipment, although they can argue that the cost per passenger mile will be lowered with the A380. The problems are mainly due the overbloated headcount, poor scheduling resulting in too many aircraft being on the ground, and the heavy mark-ups on things like uniforms and F&B.


  17. Bro,

    DAP will help Tony fight his cause. Simple. Tony is Kalimullah's friend. Kalimullah's ECM Libra is now in Pneang doing business and helping Kim Guan Eng.

    SO...begitu lah.

    Just like Malaysian Insider, set up by Kalimullah and gang. During Pak Lah sleeping PM time, it was the insider, propping up Pak Lah. It was so pro-Pak Lah, Khairy and the 4th floor boys. NST even wrote about it. courtesy Lee Siew Lian wife of Leslie Lau (Malaysian Insider aka Kali's machai).
    After Najib took over -- hello -- it is anti-Najib. Spitting vitriol about Najib and, of course, his government.

  18. YES Goatfather,

    Why does everyone else think so but not you??

  19. Anonymous10:48 am

    Cos, Latuk, I am an aviation expert, and you're not.


  20. Anonymous11:06 am

    Tony F needed government support to grow from 2 aircraft to 100 aircraft. So in the past he delayed payment to everybody - MAB, vendors, passengers, consultants - and the government allowed him to do so. Now he has reached 100 aircraft, he has secured economies of scale, so he can tell the gomen to F*** off. Tony F can now be a responsible citizen.

    Question to Najib should be: what are you going to do about it ? Continue to give contracts to the highest bidder and not the lowest ?


  21. jendol11:38 am

    Datuk Rocky,

    akll these assholes are really assholes.

    it's true what one commenter said, MAHB doesn;t know how to bare all and expose Tony F for he really is.

    MAHB has been giving in so much to Ton F and Air Asia during Pak Lah's time.

    Bodoh ke semua ni -- The LCCT was built for Tony-lah. Yes,he got his way.

    and all the fees and paymnents he supposed to pay MAHB -- he never did. he owes MAHB a lot-lah.

    malas nak cerita..hah itu-lah. macam MAHB, malas nak cerita.

  22. Anonymous12:36 pm

    State-of-the-art theft of public funds.

  23. Anonymous1:01 pm


    How do I know you are not a bunch of 18 year olds acting out of his age?

  24. The real intention behind this article is for another title to be given to him instead of Datuk it should be Tan Sri ?
    If the Datuk is that good and smart, why is Malay Mail being given away for free now ? Do you need an answer for that ?

  25. Anonymous2:22 pm


    Good on you Godfather

    Typical of Rocky!

    Rocky,Keep Away from Things you do not understand nor have the brain capacity to understand!!

    In any case that just about leaves everything out of your field of knowledge except for talking Cock!!!

    Joe Black

  26. Anonymous11:41 pm

    just pass the construction job to so much... macam pandai

  27. Datuk,

    AirAsia is a real rip off. They charge everything they could and at the end of the day, the fare charged is almost premium airline charges.

    If one factor in the delays, exposure to weather/jet fumes, comfort and safety in terminal and between terminal and aircrafts and connectivity to Kuala Lumpur (via ERL), it is really more value for money to fly Malaysia Airlines instead of AirAsia.

    What Tony "Greedy Ular' Fernandez is afraid of is consumers wise up and realize that traveling with AirAsia isn't worth it after all. And this Total Fucker is more interested in his bottom-line, more than anything else.

    He doesn't care about the comfort, safety, security and connectivity of passengers. Least he cared, is about serving the National Agenda.

    Especially when MAHB airport charges increase will compound to hurting his profitability, more than anything else.

    Why is he bent of demonizing Malaysia Airports, after he conveniently announced that AirAsia's operation is relocating to Jakarta, second time within a 13 month span?

    It is becoz at the end of the day, relocating to Jakarta would strategically cost him more.

    This propaganda about the 'increase' of development and construction cost of KLIA2 is actually part of his own doing. What he will never tell consumers that he keeps asking MAHB to add more stuff, like fully automated baggage system and premium lounges .

    All these would eventually increase the cost of KLIA2. Then this self profess 'airline prophet' with the fake and pretentious English accent would thump his chest and shout "I told you so!".

  28. Anonymous10:38 am

    Pls see for explanation on the cost increase to rm4b.

    There is no rm5b price tag. MAHB has confirmed this.
    From the PDF link, you'll see that tony had requested for a lot of things- remember the "powerful baggage handling system" request some time back which came in late and part of the structure had to be modified to accommodate this very late request?

  29. Anonymous10:44 am

    For clearer explanation see

  30. Anonymous11:43 am

    During MAHB’s briefing to analysts (29 November 2011) the following requests were apparently made by AirAsia AFTER the initial RM2 billion budget:

    1 – Terminal to handle more than the initial 30 million passengers
    2 – 68 gates as opposed to the 55 gates initially
    3 – Substantially enhanced comfort level for passengers
    4 – Fully automated Baggage Handling System when they had initially wanted a manual baggage system
    5 – A 4km runway instead of a 2.2km one (they don’t need a long runway cause they only operate A320s and no B747s)
    6 – Provisions for A380 aircraft (are they buying 200 A380s ??)
    7 – Tune hotel
    8 – Airside transit hotel
    9 – Premium lounges (isn’t this a full service carrier hallmark)
    10 – AirAsia head office with apron access
    11 – AirAsia staff multi level parking
    12 – Hub for public transport ERL, taxis, bus and future KTM

    If these requests are true (and MAHB is confident that they are) can anyone tell me how klia2 was supposed to be a terminal with ‘simple facilities’?? Sounds to me that Tony WANTED a good, nay GREAT terminal from the very beginning.. Knowing full well that any additional demands will incur additional cost, Tony goes around saying MAHB can’t keep to the RM2 billion budget..

  31. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Just like the DAP led pakatan. It's all about MONEY!!! Wealth of MONEY shows ultimate success. Hey! U can't afford to live in Penang? Get the hell out!
    Human Factor? What? Humans on this earth are supposed to on make MONEY only la! less or no money how to live? Bodoh.

    To Tony it's the same philosophy. Hey you dont do what i say so i can make MORE MONEY, I will screw you all around! Got that Mr Govt! See, i'm so big headed now because of your support, i've already headed to Indon.

    It's nothing about being Patriotic and embracing the national agenda, it's all about MONEY laaaaaaa!

    Tony F for (leave it to your imagination).

  32. Jasper Bloodstone3:41 pm


    It's obvious that you don't understand the raison d'être for budget airlines/low-cost carriers.

    Why am I not surprised, given the rhetoric that has been ramped up over AirAsia by various quarters, including politicos who have little understanding of the realities of the airline industry?

    A letter in the Forum pages of the Singapore Straits Times ( today 7 July summarised the issues well.

    With the caption "Budget air travel: have realistic expectations", Alvin Tan wrote (I quote excerpts from his letter; the full text can be viewed online):

    "Travellers complaining about the shortcomings of budget carriers should be aware that these airlines can offer low prices only by standardising their products, which are essentially seats and weight allowances, which can be chargeable, for hand-carried and check-in luggage...

    "Their modus operandi is similar to that of fast-food restaurants, which offer relatively affordable and standardised products....

    "Travellers with "non-typical" luggage.....are better served by full service, or legacy airlines like Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Singapore Airlines....

    "Such airlines charge a premium because of the resources they commit to meeting passengers' needs, from employing their own staff at overseas stations to handling almost all manner of check-in luggage.

    "Finally, travellers should note that budget carriers typically offer low prices for advance ticket purchases. Booking closer to the travel date, the price advantage budget carriers offer is diminished, or negligible.

    "However, this long-term commitment is not necessarily reciprocated by the airlines due to their high plane use; a delay in one flight will affect subsequent flights since the same aircraft is used. A spare plane and back-up crew for service recovery are rarely available for quick deployment."

    In other words, you get what you pay for. Which is why it's different experiences flying Tiger Airways and Singapore Airlines, for example.

    Or flying AirAsia and MAS!

  33. Anonymous7:14 pm


    Spot on mate, as 11.43am backs you up succintly. The modus operandi of the Keling Pariah pig is to blame all others except himself and tar others by revealing only selective facts.

    This pariah is a leech who happens to be an embarrassment to the snake species as well.

    Warrior 231

    Bru, incoming illicit funds can be easily masked as FDI to hide money laundering. Only stupid delusional fools will claim that UNCTAD siftsthrough the data first as to which is Illicit money and which is genuine FDI. To requote Andy Xie as relayed by Peter Tan below:

    ``Actually, Singapore's success came mostly from being the money laundering center for corrupt Indonesian businessmen and government officials,'' Xie, who was based in Hong Kong before leaving Morgan Stanley on Sept. 29, wrote in the e-mail. ``Indonesia has no money. So Singapore isn't doing well.''

    a 2006 revelation affirmed by the US State Department after careful investigation here:

  34. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Tony F is going against airport tax..

    If i'm not mistaken, Air Asia got a lot of tax exemption from the govt since i don't know when...

    and he still bitching about airport tax??

  35. Charles F Moreira7:18 pm

    Let's do some comparisons with our neighbours.

    Suvarnabhumi International Airport Departure Tax (Bangkok International Airport Departure Tax) = 700 Baht (about RM70)

    Since February 1, 2007 the 700 Baht international departure tax was included in the price of flight tickets.

    About 10 years ago, I paid 500 baht (about RM50) airport tax at Don Muang Airport, Bangkok.

    FLYING out of Singapore will cost more from Jan 1, when departure taxes go up.

    2008: From $21 now - $15 airport tax and $6 security charge - travellers leaving from Changi Airport's main terminals will pay $28. (RM70)

    At the Budget Terminal, the tax will go up from $13 to $15. (RM37.5)

    Flying out of Seletar will cost $18 (RM 45), up from $16 now.

    Airport taxes were last raised in 1994.

    The security tax was introduced in 2002 to cover the higher cost of securing the airport following the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States.

    The current rate of the Air Passenger Departure Tax is HK$120 (RM49) per passenger (12 years of age or above) departing by air from Hong Kong through Hong Kong International Airport, or by helicopter from Hong Kong at the Heliport at the Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal. Pursuant to the Air Passenger Departure Tax Ordinance (Cap. 140), a passenger under 12 years of age is exempt from the tax. With effect from April 1, 1999, passengers who arrive and depart from Hong Kong by air within the same day are also exempted from the tax. For all categories of exemption, please refer to the Second Schedule of the Ordinance.


    Tax at Kuching, Penang and Langkawi International Airports are RM65

    So only Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong is cheaper among regular neighbouring international airports in ringgit terms, while LCCT KLIA is cheaper than budget terminals in Singapore.

    Enough said.

  36. Charles F. Moreira7:32 pm

    May I add

    Soekarno-Hatta airport, Jakarta 150,000 rupiah (RM50.70)

    Now let's see Tony tell Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong to reduce their airport tax even to the RM 32 LCCT KLIA charges.

  37. Charles F Moreira7:37 pm

    Sorry I got Chek Lap Kok airport tax wrong. At RM40.9 per HK$100, HK$120 airport tax would be RM49.

    So at RM32, LCCT KLIA is the cheapest among our neighbours.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone12:51 pm

      Charles M

      I dare say that AirAsia is uplifting it's.fair share of passengers out of Changi Airport in spite of the airport tax there.

      As too the other LCCs - Jetstar, Lion Air, Cebu Pacific, Tiger Air, and now, Scoot.

      Let's not forget our very own Firefly.

      All of these airlines have no qualms about expanding their ops at Changi.

      So, what point are you trying to make?

      Or are you suggesting, albeit indirectly, that Changi Airport Group runs a tighter ship than Malaysia Airports?

      Now that would be brimstone and anathema to the cool maruah intellects out there!

  38. Anonymous7:52 am

    Charles F Morreira is talking nonsense. You equate a full-fledged international airport with a bus station that is the LCCT ? You equate free market labour economies with a controlled labour market economy where the Bangla and Indon workers used to get RM 600 per month ?

  39. Mazlan12:14 pm

    I think this battle of whose dick is bigger between Jasper and Warrior is pointless. Comparing Singapore and KL/Malaysia is like comparing the taste between apples and oranges.
    Every one has their own taste.
    Singapore survives through its financial positioning because it does not have public constraints on what it wants to do. If they want to be a casino and money laundering centre - so be it. Works for them.
    However Malaysia should not go down that route - as we need to focus on being a nation that is creative and innovative. There is talent that is not being made use of - so lets build on that.
    as for KLIA - I am still frustrated that MAHB has not done anything to address Tony F's complainst and allegations.
    From the details of the new KLIA2 it is in no way a low cost terminal - the look and feel is more like a premium terminal.
    And since it is being done at AirAsia's behest what the hell is he complaining about? If the issue is delay - then MAHB should expedite.
    As for me I have flown on AirAsia twice and there is no way I would ever bloody fly them again no matter the cost. They are no better than European LCCs - delayed flights and crappy non existant service and too many hidden costs.
    So MAS - get your act together as I wanna fly on well run premium carrier any freaking day

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:41 pm


      I didn't know that dick size comparisons were part and parcel of this dialogue.

      The warrior makes a point. I rebut. He rebuts my rebuttal. And so on and so forth.

      The only difference being that his verbiage is a good deal more colourful and aggressive than mine.

      One might even term it "incendiary".

      Like you posted, Singapore is doing what they think is best for their long-term interests. More power to them.

      But I do wish that they didn't have a helluva big "first mover advantage" in financial and legal services, biomedical sciences, petrochemicals and MNCs hosting.

      And pertinent to this topic, I wish that MAS had stepped up to the plate a long while back and given SIA a better run for it's money, instead of trying to play catch-up as it's doing now.

      As for AirAsia and other LCCs, it's horses for courses, isn't it? Given a free market, LCCs live or die based on consumer choices. No one is putting a parang to your throat and forcing you to fly AirAsia, Tiger Air, Jetstar, Cebu Pacific or Lion Air.

      But apparently there are enough of these cost-conscious consumers out there that enable the LCCs to take the fight to premium full-service airlines.

      And it's a foolish airport operator that ignores this trend, or worse, belittles it.

  40. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Those days KLIA AIRPORT started with 6 billion then up up and away and finally more than 10.
    Now this airport is the same and it makes you wonder they must have gold taps in the toilets.
    This mega projects by the government is to scam us TAXPAYERS!!!!

  41. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Very simple...Explain the cost overrun? So difficult ka?

  42. Josephine ngan ee huah11:53 am

    I really don’t like Tony Fernandes greedy atttitude and always complaining. hear he move his hq to jakarta and he move there too. He think Malaysia must give in to him always. I say no way , malaysia deserve true malaysian entreprenuer that love their country and will remain here.
    I use to be a air stewardess with airasia and i know the inside out of Airasia. I am a chinese lady but my husband is an indian man but we do not like tony style.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:47 pm

      I know a lot of Malaysians who work in SIA as pilots, tech crew, cabin crew and aircraft engineers and technicians.

      By your logic, are they not "true Malaysians"?

      Or is there one set of rules for "true Malaysian entrepreneurs" and another set of rules for "true Malaysians" who cari makan by living and working overseas?

  43. Charles F. Moreira2:17 pm

    Anonymous wrote:

    "Charles F Morreira is talking nonsense. You equate a full-fledged international airport with a bus station that is the LCCT ? You equate free market labour economies with a controlled labour market economy where the Bangla and Indon workers used to get RM 600 per month ?"

    Jasper Bloodstone wrote:-

    "So, what point are you trying to make?
    Or are you suggesting, albeit indirectly, that Changi Airport Group runs a tighter ship than Malaysia Airports?
    Now that would be brimstone and anathema to the cool maruah intellects out there!"

    My reply:-

    I am just doing comparisons of airport taxes at different terminals at different airports in neighbouring countries.

    Agreed that apples to apples comparisons between budget terminals are more difficult to find except for this.

    "At the Budget Terminal (Changi), the tax will go up from $13 to $15. (RM37.5)"

    Now that's still more than RM32 at LCCT-KLIA, while the others are higher. Airport tax at KLIA2 is not known yet.

    So why the big fuss over a raise in airport tax to RM32 at LCCT-KLIA and not over our neighbours' higher airport tax rates. Why the double standards.

    That's my point.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone6:02 pm

      Charles M

      You omitted the fact that Changi Airport's Budget Terminal will be closed this year. It will be demolished and replaced by a new "hybrid terminal" which will become Changi's Terminal 4.

      In the interim, the LCCs currently operating out of Changi's Budget Terminal will shift their operations to either the airport's Terminal 1 or 2.

      How the airport taxes will be calculated after this move is not known as yet, I think.

      Yet for the LCCs currently operating out of Changi Airport, it's no big deal.

      And it's known that the new "hybrid" Terminal 4 at Changi will not have aerobridges.

      It's entirely possible that AirAsia will move from Changi's Terminal 1 to the new Terminal 4 when the latter is operational.

      In any case, CAG (Changi Airport Group) has a package of financial incentives which it uses to reward those airlines that contribute significantly to the growth of passenger numbers at the airport.

      It's quite possible that AirAsia could be benefiting from these incentives, which may outweigh the issue of airport taxes, which, in any case, is a straight pass-through to it's passengers.

      And it's also quite possible that AirAsia is having better cost-benefits at Changi than it does at KLIA!

      Because, Charles, incentives offered by airport operators to their client airlines are closely guarded commercial secrets.

  44. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Charles Moreira

    See the point you are making and really appreciate the effort. Kudos man, for having the guts to disclose the facts unlike certain tony cocksuckling and Singapork arselicking delusional cretinous pigs.

    To their shitfilled craniums Tony is "gawd" and Singapork " second heaven"

    No point arguing with them numbskulls but the facts you put up once again reassert that the pariah conman is ...well...a conman and a cowardly pondan twisted one at that. Now if you folks will excuse me, I will have to re-watch the British GP to see where the damn Caterham cars are running. I thought they were somewhere in the middle or front of the pack!, ah well..........

    Bet Bernie Ecclestone is not susceptible to arm-twisting or tomfoolery.......hahahaha

    Warrior 231

  45. Jasper Bloodstone12:20 pm

    Oh, warrior-San

    How the mighty are fallen?

    Is that the best that you can do, offering a comparatively meek statement of support to Charles M?

    Note that Charles hasn't contradicted or rebutted the points I raised.

    And the erstwhile Petey guy in Singapore (apparently) has gone quiet after firing his Andy Xie blanks.

    I wonder why he isn't commenting on the aviation scene in Singapore and the region, seeing as how he's been verbose on matters Singaporean, albeit with a regional context.

  46. Anonymous1:37 pm

    There is nothing to rebuttfuck, Mazlan Pundek. Jasper the Pig is just spinning a yarn to ‘shock and awe” your fucked-up gullible nature. Wakeupla barua and quit being a pathetic Chingk cocksuckler.

    There was no any first mover shit or advantages from Chingkie planning whatsoever. Remember, Singapork had virtually every advantage to start off with as provided by theBrits and the Chingkie gangstas like Kim Swee and Harry got gwailoh’s like Albert Winsemius to build on that.

    The lazy chingks then set about cocksuckling the British and the Yanks for protection while secretly setting up a moneylaundering centre to allow the region’s despots like the Suhartos, the marcoses, the Thais and myanmerese bastards etc to squirrel billions of their illgotten gains into Singaporkian banks. The rest is history.

    Now the bastrard shiteating arse unwashed Chingk thief, pimp, counterfeiter, money launderer cum loan shark scumbag realizes that Malaysia is rising on the dint of Melayu Bermaruah’s hard work and superior intellect. The bastard Chingk cant take it like he can take a cock in the mouth during his buttfuck sessions.So he has instructed the local Chingk pigs to stage an open revolt.

    So he schemes to destroy that Melayu Bermaruah Renaissance (the second Coming after Malacca) through local Chingk cockscukling, arsewhoring and twathumping bastards like Anwhore, Nurul Izzah the slutface, Azizah the bitch, Ambiga Thaioli, Nik Aziz bin Kepala Butoh, hardy awek bin Pukimak etc etc. The Singaporkian Chingk pigs are so afraid that they have instructed their PAS and PKR lackeys to destabilize Johor as they feel that the state poses a long term threat.

    Also economic sabotage is undertaken by hired Keling cocksucklers like Tony Pariah and his ilk while low paid trolls like Jasper the Pig are hired to spread disinformation over cyberspace. Political sabotage through violence is another Chingkboy specialty which this evil filthy goddamn race perfected through years of commie indoctrination and training.

    Ambiga,Anwhore, arsemin and Guano are their point sluts in the whole scheme of things and sources tell me that those Singapork diplomats at bershit were there to give instructions on how to foment a riot as well gather intelligence besides assessing strategy.
    Of course the puppet masters is the Old Boys link known as the DA Pigs led by cockshit Guan Eng who once he seizes power will order a massacre of the Malays, the destruction of Islam and its symbols and other such anti-Malay/islam moves which I am well aware through my sources….

    Allah Forbid they will succeed as we, the Melayu Bermaruah are marshaling our forces to slaughter, if they ever dare start an uprising, the yellow vermin and rape their bitches till their bleeding redeems the depredations the bastards inflicted on our beloved Tanah Melayu over the last two centuries!

    Warrior 231

  47. Anonymous12:38 am

    Charles and the rest of the folks here:

    Notice carefully how Jasper the Pig twists and throws in canards to take us off tangent.

    The core issue as raised by Charles M is why should Tony Pariah complain considering exorbitant charges elsewhere. Charles M-hit bulls-eye by trawling and disclosing the actual facts but the bastard pig in his responses is avoiding that and bringing unrelated fuckedup lies into the equation to bury Charles factual data and save the face of his fellow Singapork operative.

    Again note in the other post about Tony Pariah below, how the Chingk bastard pig twisted when challenged with regard to airport passenger arrivals which as reported in the Edge is higher in KLIA than Changi. Caught, the bastard brings in connectivity
    (an utterly stupid diversion).

    This is basic troll training procedure in operation. I know all about those troll training sessions going on in Singapork as part of the cyberwarfare strategy.

    Rule 3 says: Divert the topic when challenged with truth.

    Ask Andrew S... who is part of the setup as intimated to me by my informant. Dare you, Pig?

    Nice try bastard, but you aren't fooling anyone, least of all me so go fuck your mother to salve your wounded pride.

    Warrior 231

  48. Peter Tan1:34 am

    No point wasting precious time in arguing with an idiot like you, Jasper Bloodstone.

    Thank you for the concern, anyway.

  49. Jasper Bloodstone2:12 pm

    "Allah Forbid..." indeed. Wow, it seems that the warrior is looking to invoke the support of The Almighty in pursuit of his agenda.

    Is that sacrilegious or what?

    And how that is even remotely relevant to this thread is difficult to understand.

    Note how he has morphed the discussion about the whys and wherefores of KLIA2 into pursuing his own particular albatross or bete noire.

    Sad, really.

  50. Jasper Bloodstone4:30 pm

    To the warrior

    Point of clarification - who is "Andrew S"?

    Could it be that you meant to write out his full name, but wimped out?

    And who is this mysterious "informant"? If he or she has the courage of his or her convictions, why not go public and disclose his or her identity?

    Or are you tossing around accusations under the comfortable cloak of anonymity?

    Let's get to the point, shall we?

    Charles M posted about Tony Fernandes complaining about airport taxes in KLIA .

    Charles then posted data about airport taxes levied by other airports in the region, pinpointing Changi Airport as an example of where the taxes are higher than KLIAs.

    I pointed out that airport taxes are transparent to airlines as they are straight "pass-through" charges billed to passengers. If at all, hefty or "exorbitant" airport charges may act as a deterrent to potential airline passengers, especially those of more modest means.

    Airport taxes are part of the tariffs levied by airport operators to fund the operation of their airports and to provide a package of services to passengers and airlines. The tariffs also include landing fees, apron charges, security surcharges etc.

    Tony F is perfectly entitled, as an airline operator and as a passenger, to complain about airport taxes, at KLIA or at any other airport where AirAsia operates.

    It's up to Malaysia Airports to rebut him with facts and figures.

    Have they done so, or are they acting all coy and bashful?

  51. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Dei Pig

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    Dont give us yer twisted logic and asinine lectures in yer condescending piggish tone, Chingkie liar. Wrap the sermon up in your bible and stuff the blardy book up yer arsehole where it really belongs with the prostitute shagging hippie boy and his inverted cross.and after farting to yer arse's content, address the issue like a man would not like some namby pamby shifty pondan boy!

    Tony Pariah makes a hue and cry in Malaysia to entertain his fan base of morons like you. Ever heard of him of raising a whisper in Bangkok, Jakarta, never mind moneylaundering Singapork? No, Nyet, elei, zilch, nada, zero, kosong, telor, lanchiau.

    That was what Charles M was harping about in simple straightforward English: the tendency to complain like an old fucked up prostitute just because she got shortchanged with a stumpy cock like yours and keeping quiet like a churchmouse elsewhere where no one...yeah no one excepting you gives a blardy damn about her yelps as her arse is torn to shreds. And all this after ripping the relevant people up with his talltales and tonguetwisters like a true blue pariah boy with a false falsetto accent to boot. Plastic as they come and well deserved plastic up yer arse too, I reckon.

    Aw, come on pig, dont tell me u dont know Andrew S...dont pretend here Chingkie shitfaced shifty bastard of a scumbag! Now get lost, idiot son of a loose (as in longgar) and torncunted sow. Go fuck her, she is hankering for some stumpy twig for a change

    Warrior 231

  52. Jasper Bloodstone6:37 pm

    Nope, I don't know an "Andrew S". Nein, nada, zip.

    Now, then, there's "Andy Xie". Who's gone mysteriously quiet after his departure from a certain prominent Wall Street firm. Him, too, I don't know.

    So, this "Andrew S", like the "informants" of yore, remain cloaked in mystery.

    Or, maybe, they exist in a John Connolly novel, like the Travelling Man, The Collector and Mr Pudd!

  53. Jasper Bloodstone6:56 pm

    Since we are on the subject of Tony Fernandes, it is timely that AirAsia took out a full-page ad in today's Singapore Straits Times.

    Interesting text too: "WORLD'S BEST EVER. THANK YOU FOR VOTING US THE WORLD'S BEST. 2009. 2010. 2011. 2012"

    This, of course, refers to the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2012, where AirAsia got the "World's Best Low-Cost Airline" award. Ditto for 2009, 2010 and 2011.

    There must be a goodly number of AirAsia fans out there. Maybe even certain bloggers and politicians as closet supporters, in spite of their public personas.

    What's interesting is the sub-text in the ad which reads as follows:

    "Through our wide network of 14 hubs across 77 destinations and our passionate AirAsia Allstars around the world, we will continue to keep our fares low so that everyone can fly."

    14 hubs. 77 destinations. And Malaysia Airports wants to play hardball with AirAsia?

    It will be interesting to see who blinks first, when spreading your risks and exposure is the name of the game!

  54. Anonymous10:11 pm

    "keep our fares low" what crap!!

  55. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Found this an interesting, informative and oh-so contemporary read.

    Too big to fail never sounded more bizarre:

    Why, even Skytrax was once taken in by all the glitz and glamour. Only a football club is missing somewhere in there....

  56. N'tonn9:50 am

    KLIA2’s escalating cost to almost 3 times its original budget can be justifiable on several grounds. If, it makes sense the additional requested facilities are added to, on top of existing planned facilities. It would be pennywise merely to stick to costing budget but coming up short on facilities, and having to pay through our noses on costly upgrades years into the future. By then I'm sure who will be banging the most noise. Base on these, I'm certain future users would not mind paying a little extra for a KLIA2 with almost a full-fledge airport terminal rather than an appendage shack with rudimentary facilities to boot. Airport taxes have not been a deterrent to Malaysians traveling abroad and I'm sure MAHB will ensure this, base on its track record, and marketing wisdom. As for Tony, he's just blowing up some hot air for his fan boys to provoke MAHB into not passing on unreasonable cost to the soon-to-be-overlord tenant. Still, I rather have KLIA2 with all its shortcomings compared to some brand new multi-billion dollar Spanish airports abandoned without seeing a single landing or passenger. So don't be too harsh with your critics on Malaysia. Brush away all that dirt and dust, and sometimes the grass is far greener and healthier here than them land of honey, democracy and civil liberty.

  57. Anonymous10:36 pm