Friday, July 06, 2012


"We are strictly a non-political non-religious color blind citizen’s initiative who care enough to lobby for the safety of all Malaysians in general and females in particular. We are campaigning for safer car parks, safer streets, and the right to be safe in and outside our own homes."
Hats off to blogger Dave Avran [Spanking the Monkey/his Facebook] for initiating MARAH: Malaysians Against Rape, Assault and Snatch. Marah is Malay for "anger". Dave's MARAH has drawn a huge following with over 500 people having signed the petition. And it's only one week since it was set up and Dave hasn't even got any kind of promo on tv or radio or the newspapers, so that's quite fantastic, I'd say.

When I met Dave at Rusdi Mustapha's book launch (Malaysian Graffiti) in Bangsar yesterday, he was angry. Not at the police (like some people) but at the criminals, the crooks. Dave told me he wants to help the police and he hopes that MARAH will be of some use to inspire society to help the cops fight crime.

Does he think crime rate is down? Yes, but Dave says all of us must do more to make sure goes further down ...

If you want to support this initiative, click H E R E. M A R A H


  1. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Wow Mr Rushdi What a Revelation!!

    We thought you might decide not to MARAH the Criminals!!?

  2. Anonymous9:46 pm

    With a proper police force, we would not need this. So it is right to be angry with the police no?

  3. Anonymous10:18 pm

    If police have done a good job, they don't even need to initiate this effort!

  4. trifling-jester1:40 am

    i see how you emphasized not being angry at the cops (for corruption), and that crime rate is down.

    rocky, whats the going rate for pro govt blogging per month? 30-40k?

  5. Trifling-jester,

    We should be angry at the cops for corruption and for people like you who corrupt them.

    We are talking about M A R A H mate. Take your politics to my next posting, please ..

  6. Anonymous9:43 am

    Saya rasa MARAH ini serupa dengan BERSIH sahaja sudah di dalangi oleh pembangkang. Kan Ketua Polis Negara dan Menteri Dalam Negeri sudah memberikan statistik bahawa kadar jenayah sudah turun.
    MARAH sahaja nak publisiti murah!

  7. 3 out of 4 comments (excluding bru) more angry at the police rather than the crooks. how twisted is that?

  8. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Rocky - you've accused someone here of you have an iota of evidence or are you talking through your arse again? And you keep your fucked up politics to yourself mate...

  9. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Idiots DAP Pakatan ass licker. You guys keep on harping on hating the police and demonising them. They lay their life on the line to serve and protect fucking shit citizens like you!

    Now if only we could have a sorting system for the police only to serve and protect the citizens who DO NOT create hate and demonisation of the police, maybe we can concentrate their force and energy towards protecting the RIGHT citizens and not waste time protecting citizens like those fucking ass lickers i.e trifling -jester types.

    Then i'm sure they will be more effective.

    Stupid DAP PAkatan ass lickers!

  10. Notes of notable worthiness:

    FIRST, On MARAH, the existence:

    "When I met Dave at Rusdi Mustapha's book launch (Malaysian Graffiti) in Bangsar yesterday, he was angry. Not at the police (like some people) but at the criminals, the crooks."

    Wowee. This is something new. I never thought of THAT. At last we can now point out who the culprits are: THE CRIMINALS THEMSELVES! Next, what are we going to do about it, now that we have a solidarity up and operating. How about signing a petition, addressed to all the rapist criminals out there, with a simple plea, "can you please not rape anymore?"

    Folks! Crime is a disease, a societal malaise. It's perpetrators do not have a union. They don't have a President or General Secretary. Heck, they are not even registered! So what is the point of setting up a society or entity to manifest your angst with? Rape and robberies are abhorrent, with or without MARAH or its sewaktu-dengannya groups. You want to demo and picket your feelings TO WHO? Flash your anger to WHO? UMNO? Lim Kit Siang?

    I am not a member of MARAH and nor shall I likely be in any future. Does that make me less of a hater of rapists and not as responsible a citizen as regards to crime, than if I had been one?

    SECOND. The website says, "We will work with both the Selangor state and Federal governments of Malaysia to achieve our safety campaign objectives".

    Ahah! This reeks of a political gambol with some subliminal riposte: Namely that the "Selangor State" and "The Federal Government" are two mutually exclusive entities independent of each other. As if the King and Agong of the Federal Government is not the King and Agong of the State. As if the Rukunegara to which the Nation rests its sovereignty upon is not the one recognised by the State. As if the 1Malaysia ideologism of the nation is not the ideologism of the state (Wait a minute. What am I talking about. IT IS NOT. Ronnie Lieuw already instructed Khalid Ibrahim to instruct State Municipal council workers to take down all 1Malaysia posters prevalent in any part of Selangor. A case to which my Devolution of Malay Politics article refers to.)

    Such attempt to put in the jarum halus can only come from ONE entity, and the way things are going right now, things currently happening just do not point towards conclusions other than THAT! So Dave, congrats! It feels like you guys are getting closer, no? And Rusdi Mustapha: just goes to show how even book launches can be hijacked sometimes!

    THIRDLY: Well, the usual Canned-Routine of "Police do this Police don't do that so everything Must blame the Police One Except if them robbers come to my gate" parroting, examples of which are provided by Anons 9:46 and 10:18, not to mention the usual Rocky-got-paid-one-maaa of Anon 1:40. (I got tired of reading that but don't they all ever get tired of WRITING like thus?).

    So! M.A.R.A.H. huh. Am tempted to do the association with Shakespeare's "Much Ado about Nothing". But then, I like the Acronym. Has always been liking acronyms. It's my weakness.

    Suman Sumbing

  11. Anonymous4:46 pm


    Malaysian Against Rosmah,Ajib, Hishamuddin.


  12. Anonymous5:18 pm

    rusdi's book? give some credit to all the subeditors who had to clean up his copy all the time lah. the idiot cant even string a sentence in english.

  13. Jasper Bloodstone6:18 pm

    Suman S

    So, just who are these criminals?

    Illegal immigrants? Jobless Malaysians, desperate and down on their luck? Cynical career criminals who are resistant to rehabilitation? Drug addicts? Or those who see a life of crime as paying better than mundane low-paid employment?

    There's no point in waxing eloquent if the root causes of criminality are not squarely identified, without subterfuges and euphemisms.

    In the meantime, we should, perhaps, mount a consumer boycott of all those recalcitrant shopping malls that skimp on safety and security for their patrons.

    There's nothing like hitting their wallets and bottom lines to wonderfully concentrate the attention of the mall owners and operators!

  14. Wah, the regular govt/police bashers appear to be very MARAH that their anti-establishment propaganda has no room in this issue.
    Y u guys so MARAH with MARAH if the group is for a good cause? Anyone forcing u guys at gunpoint ?
    Grow up or go grow your hatred in your own background.

  15. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Apa nya JADAH mamat NAZRI want the AG review,,ELECTION diadakan setelah tamat tempoh,,,5 years memerintah!

    It seems that GOMEN tak confident akan MENANG this coming GENERAL ELECTION,,!!!

    Nampak gaya ALL the ADUN and MPs,,,KOCOT TOLOQ!!!

    ANGKA 13 beb,,kan angka SIAL,,!!!

    -AH JU BOH-

  16. Yo Suman S:

    "Such attempt to put in the jarum halus can only come from ONE entity, and the way things are going right now, things currently happening just do not point towards conclusions other than THAT! So Dave, congrats! It feels like you guys are getting closer, no? And Rusdi Mustapha: just goes to show how even book launches can be hijacked sometimes!"

    What dude? Our friend Dave sets up a citizen initiative against crime & you accuse him of having ulterior agendas & conspiracy.

    BTW you're a bit slow la. That “LimGuanEngBlog” has been proven to be a hoax setup by some pro Barisan net user. A dummy account only believed by dummies like you. >:P

  17. Anonymous9:03 am

    Sadly the police would rather patrol the highways around holiday periods and catch motorists, take bribes and enjoy sup daging at the nearby stalls than keep these car parks safe. Seriously how hard is it to station security and put in some panic alarm buttons up in malls?

  18. Anonymous2:36 pm


    Sekarang Rakyat amat MARAH kepada Kerajaan kerana terlampau banyak sangat berputar belit mengguna Kamu dan Mainstream Media....

    Kita Lihat Sahaja Nanti apabila toba Mengundi...

    Buat Masa Kini Syok Sendiri Saja Lah Si Najib Tu...

  19. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Almost every criminal caught after a violent crime has had some criminal record. Look at the recent arrests in connection with the Singapore family hijacking. Criminals with long list of past records. Now they are proven to have guns - so ask for the death sentence and make sure they don't live to rob again.

    Do you hear us, AG ? Stop worrying and watching over political crimes, catch the real violent criminals, and put them away for good.


  20. trifling-jester4:16 pm

    rocky, i have always been against the bribing of cops (or buying pirated DVDs for that matter). but you are still allowed to be MARAH at me for any reason you choose.

    by the way, whats the going rate for pro govt blogging/spinning per month these days?

  21. Anonymous8:54 am

    typical tongsan mindset, Dear Rocky blogs for awareness also kena hantam

    tired weapon: how much are you paid?

    guess it's in their imported DNA - no money no talk

    pathetic species, bribe others = OK, bribe takers = guilty as hell

    sheesh, no finesse at all