Monday, July 09, 2012

No Summon, No Cry (Against Defenders of Traffic Criminals)

Traffic rules are easier than ABC even a child understands

I don't know about you but I try hard to avoid getting a saman. I don't see the point of paying RM150 for parking in a N0 PARKING zone just because I can. In order to avoid getting the saman, I don't beat the red light, I don't double park, I try not to break the speed limit, and I make sure I have a valid driving license and road tax. The result: I haven't been getting a ticket for I don't know how long.

Now if you are a Rempit and don't respect the traffic light, you double park as if your bapak's road and treat the highway like an F1 circuit, and then you get caught and are issued traffic summons and may face harsher penalties, I am sorry you will not get any sympathy from me.

Rempit Hero. Unfortunately, we do have politicians who are coming to support these Rempits. Politicians like Bill Leong (left). He is telling you that there's an evil conspiracy to saman all of us, and that half the money collected will go to some private concern linked to a political party
 What he should be telling us is simple: Don't break the law and you won't get any traffic summon.

Meet Bill Leong in Break no law, get no ticket.
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  1. Mazlan11:41 am

    Its the same with those who complain about traffic cops 'asking' for RM 50. Just say no and take the ticket - coz from my experience they only stop those who have actually been speeding and those who do illegal traffic manoeuvres...
    I've been stopped quite a few times. Every time the Cop does hint about it being cheaper to give him 50 bucks rather than take a ticket.
    However every time I just say if I'm wrong I will take the ticket... The Cops have been pleasant about it and half the time just warn me and tell me to go on my way and the other time issued a ticket. Ironically when I go to the Balai to settle I can bargain each ticket down to 50 bucks anyway.
    So the lesson is stop bitching about the summons - coz you were in the wrong in the first place. And if you do give a cop the bribe you are worse than him as you are aiding and abeting.....

  2. Anonymous12:16 pm


    do u know that DBKL issues more traffic summons than the KL police?

    benci, tau!

  3. Anonymous1:08 pm

    I though UMNO youth is the
    No 1 supporter of mat rempits!

  4. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    This is where your logic really gets warped. If people are not worried about getting summons because 9 times out of 10 they don't, then that's a risk that many will take. Overall, the number of summons will not fall just because the penalties go to the gomen or go to a JV with the gomen. If it's a JV with the gomen, why that special company ? Just because they put up some additional speed traps ? Can you or I get this special treatment ?

    Would you like to join me in privatising the anti-dadah unit, and whatever we seize gets shared between us and the gomen ? How about we privatise the collection of income tax, so that we get 10 pct of whatever we collect from taxpayers ?

    This project is criminal piratisation. Whether the "lucky" company is in cahoots with MCA or UMNO or MIC does not matter because we all know it has to be a "connected" company to be able to win such a pirated deal.


  5. Jasper Bloodstone2:30 pm

    Then why should the authorities give "discounts" on fines for traffic offences?

    Surely it goes against the grain to see recalcitrant traffic offenders being treated so leniently?

    Get a message to the Traffic Police - issue summons according to the law and no more "discounts".

    And apply it equally to VVIPs, VIPs and the plebian rakyat.

    And our overseas guests too!

  6. Well I remember my saman have not been paid

  7. Anonymous5:36 pm

    The automated enforcement system can be prone to abuse to benefit the operators. One way is by shortening the duration of the yellow light.
    Link below cites examples of cities in the US that do this.

    Instead of cameras, why don't we use police personnel to enforce this? Having the police step up patrols on the streets and highways will be more effective.


  8. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Bill Leong: another typical paranoid Apek who sees everything bad when it comes to us. Must be those mercury -laden concoction from the tongsang singseh accumulating in his brains. One look at the face can tell oredi.

  9. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Dei, if I made a mistake and went over the 90km per your limit and I'm caught on camera, I want that fine to to to gomen, not some BN crony. Understood ?

  10. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Latuk, did you consider the following issues:

    1. Entrapment, especially on low speed limits and dimly lit zones.

    2. Privacy of information especially with respect to a person's whereabouts and with whom.

    Your want to give these opportunities to a company whose main objective is making
    money ?

  11. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Malaysians are a damned pampered arrogant lot in their own country. They break the traffic rules, refuse to pay the "saman", quite "innocently" offer the law enforcer a bribe to make the saman go away, then arrogantly call all police corrupt. And months or years later when they are forced to acknowledge and pay the saman, they expect DISCOUNTS!!!! And the gomen pun kesian will (stupidly) offer discounts. Personally, I think all those people who don't pay their summons on time should have penalty added on continously macam bank charges. You miss the first deadline penalty 10% until second deadline then add on another 20% and so on. Bila dah bertimbun, just arrest and make them work do community service like cleaning the longkang by the road. Because we all know when these Malaysians go overseas they are the most conscientious drivers in the world. Yeah, one more thing - impound the Singaporeans and Thais vehicles at exit points if they have lots summons outstanding.

  12. Anonymous12:30 am

    I for one will have to admit I do have quite a number of "samans" for speeding. I gladly pay the fines.
    But I have an issue when having 3rd break light failure, even though it is the law, but to give "saman" is not fair at all!!!!! Light bulbs get blown all the time especially on our uneven roads. Do the cops expect us to stop when we realise there is a third light failure, summon a mechanic to fix it before resuming our journey? Dato, tell the cops to have some common sense lah.

  13. Kereta pembesar tu yg selalu dipandu laju macam pelesit, siap maki hamun orang lagi, mangkuk hayun punya pemimpin, ingat dia sorang ada kerja.

    Pemimpin kencing berdiri, rakyat follow lar...

  14. Anonymous8:45 am

    aiyoyo the rempit hero is an ah beng?? LOL

  15. Anon third brake light out,

    I agree, cops should exercise discretion. Tolak ansur in some cases. And most of them do, in my experience. We've just got to be courteous to them ..

  16. Anon 850pm,

    Singapore has a super-efficient method of making you pay all your tickets before you leave the country. Their system has been in place for years. No reason why we shouldn't reciprocate.

  17. Anon 840pm,

    1. Entrapment
    I would like to see them try. The job says over 1000 cameras in accident-prone areas, not otherwise.

    2. Privacy
    Secondary to me. Not more important than saving lives by punishing those reckless drivers.

  18. Anon Dei 835 pm,

    Your money goes to the government la dei! Plus the government does not have to cough up with the millions to install the system in the first place. Tak paham2!

  19. Mazlan,

    Agree with you about the bribe. It is so easy to say NO to bribe. But some duckers don't get it, that giving is as bad as taking. The same people can't understand the logic that if you are caught breaking the law, you get penalized.

  20. Mazlan11:51 am

    I'm sure the DBKL and other local authorities issue more tickets than the cops.
    Just look at all the idiots who double park around the Klang Valley or park on yellow lines - blocking up traffic and so on.
    I get so pissed at those who double park and make me wait frwaking ages to get out of my space and look at me as if I'm in the wrong.
    The authorities should hammer them as much as possible.