Sunday, May 06, 2012

Xenophon, we know what you did on April 28

Mr X showing a finger
OZ lawmaker was breaking the law of THIS land! And who happened to invite this Australian lawmaker to Malaysia during the Bersih 3 riots? Correct anwswer, Anwar Ibrahim. Why was he invited here? Did he have a hand in starting the mayhem on April 28? Did he beat up any of our police officers? As a lawmaker, surely he knew that as a non-citizen, he had no right to take part Bersih 3 or any assembly in Malaysia.

I hope the authorities don't place Xeno above our laws. Since he's going to sue NST already, well, see him in court!

Thanks again to SatD for his timely legal input and extraordinary research. We need an AG like him. Go to his blog HERE to leave your comments..

p.s. We also now know that this close pal of our Opposition leader is a great anti-oil palm campaigner (go to this article from Oil Palm Truth Foundation, thanks to some serious research work by Pasquale in Nicholas Xenophony of Australia campaigns to label Malaysian palm oil as unsafe ... and he is a good friend of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?!!