Saturday, May 05, 2012

Where were the batons during Bersih 3?

This image of a cop defending himself - and public peace - with his baton has stayed on my mind since Labour Day, when the picture was taken during an Occupy Wall Street demo in New York. Read here. I was wondering why our "riot" police during Bersih 3 did not look this impressive. 

Someone pointed out that our cops did not have their batons. The IGP had instructed batons to be taken away form every policeman covering Bersih 3, it seems. Betul ke? No can do, IGP. Next time you want to send in your boys to meet a mob, equip them with the basics at least.

No wonder the cops used their legs and fists, just like the Bersih thugs.


  1. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Malaysian police not equipped with baton but all of them equipped with pistol and some with m 16 as they are allow to point lethal weapon against fellow Malaysian and probably willing to kill if they are 'provoked'.

  2. Anonymous1:57 pm

    whatever reasons are, these nik aziz keparat laknat and guan eng chauvinist racist, wannabe will always blame ALLAH, UMNO , BN and POLICE.

  3. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Elo Rocky,,,

    Hang ni memang BANGANG!

    Dekat negeri MAT SALEH tu,,perancangan nak pukul POLIS memang ada TAPI in Malaysia tempoh hari PERANCANGAN Polis nak TIBAI peserta telah di RANCANG olen BAPAK MAT GAMPOW!

    Dekat OBER C tu,,polis-polis tu ada juga nama and Number polis tercatik di UNIFORM mereka Tapi di KL ni tak ada langsung,,,,ni arahan sape! another SOP!!

    Kasi CLARIFY pada rakyat,, cerita 1 BILLION DOLLAR man,,,minta KOMISEN tempoh hari to purchase SUBMARINE.

    1 Billion Dollar Man suda lupa,,RAMPASAN KUASA di Perak,,,adake dia cakap dan juga MAMAK KUTTY,,,BERSIH demonstrate to TOPPLE the Gomen!!! To MAMAK KUTTY,,please be informed anak dia MARINA pon ada menyertai BERSIH 3,,so anak dia pon nak rampas KUASA,,,,ni lagi satu BAPAK BANGANG!!

    Apalagi kasi BUBAR PARLIMEN and call for ELECTION....kita tengok SIAPA MUNTAH DARAH and SHIT BLOOD,!!!


  4. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Violence is violence whether with baton or hand and feet...what kind of irrational logic are you trying to make to justify violence..we should be advocating against violence instead of condoning it....nice try but the issue at hand is indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force by the authorities.

  5. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Please Lah ...... you are very sick!


  6. Anonymous3:36 pm

    These were umno thugs...and you are nothing more than a umno pup. A kurap one too.

  7. Anonymous4:03 pm

    So you agreed that Malaysian police behaved like thug as well? I thought they suppose to behave professionally even though they are provoked.

  8. Anonymous4:15 pm

    "The biggest flare-up came at around 2 p.m., when 100 protesters with black bandanas over their faces sprinted north from Sara Roosevelt Park on the Lower East Side while knocking over trash cans and banging on cars."

    Did the bersih protestors do that?
    I guess you weren't there.

    The second picture is a perfect depiction of the police doing their job. Kicking (in a group no less) a man who is already down, when a handcuff would have solved the problem.

    They look impressive already if you ask me, baton in hand, or not.

  9. Ten men in blue kicking and bashing 1 guy. That's how they are supposed to enforce and uphold the law?

    Police or Police State?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  10. Kamal7:15 pm


    You are outdated.Baton was no longer effective.It was introduce. By British when they were our Master.Against demonstrators Gas and water canon more effective.Against the thugs and gangster use gun.
    Against the Politican use ISA.Now Najib abolish ISA,release all the thugs and gangsters from police radar list.

    Good Luck Malaysia.We are heading toward doomday.

  11. Anonymous10:25 pm

    U are comparing Malaysian police with Americans ? Great joke. Talking about baton, what did FRU was carrying? Your cock?

  12. Anonymous10:31 pm

    yeah you are aright mate. these six or so cops were kicking one protestor just to defend themselves. yes, the police and government are right. We should vote for Barisan. We should.
    Hope this clarification helps your shallow readers who might not be able to follow your spins lately, as you continue to scrape the barrel for pro-bn shit.

  13. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Rocky, I like your back-handed 'compliments' to the IGP and the police!

  14. Anonymous11:19 pm

    belasah bang belasah! suku sakat kau jugak.

  15. Dear Rocky's Bru

    What an opinion you have! I respect your opinion but I do not agreed with you.


  16. Anonymous2:31 am

    Well,i still looking for a picture where the police do some kung fu style kick or at least some fighting pose,hehe..well i also wish the polise will be equipt with the tranquilizer gun and paper spray,i guess that item should be a great help in the riot case

    But maybe...Malaysian rioters is not hardcore enough,in this pampered country,the kung fu police man is just enough for the spoil rioters!

    P/s: eye for an eye,fist for a fist


  17. Anonymous7:33 am

    Bongok...disana para demostrator nya ganas dan bersiap sedia menghadapi polis...tapi disini hantya guna botol air plastik je....bongok

  18. Anonymous8:51 am

    You know Rocky, police in most countries are trained to not be provoked and on how to deal with unruly protesters. Their duty is to protect people and maintain law and order.

    But here you are implying they have carte blance to beat up people because they are provoked?

    Come on, this justification is rubbish. it means anyone should hit another person because the are provoked?

    Kudos Rocky, hope the kind of police and society you want never comes to pass.

  19. Anonymous10:54 am

    The soft approach by our police during the bersih demos does not earn them any credit. I agree at least basic equipments should be provided. Most of I suggest Perasi Lalang 2. looks necessary because these demos i getting out of hand and becoming cancerous.zainol+56

  20. Anonymous12:17 pm


    I used to be a fan, big fan of your postings but lately it seems like you are giving the journalism world a bad name. Your postings clearly lop sided and have no intention to uncover the truth. Im not surprised if BN unable to retain two third majority in this coming election, for sure one of the contributing factor is this blog or in short and sadly,you.

    Concerned malaysiana

  21. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Saya median dgn igp bodoh nie. Not to mention dulu saya Adalah bekas FRU (1965 - 1980). Dua peralatan asas kami bawa iaitu Chota (baton) Dan bungkis rotan (shield like Spartan shield). It's to protect ourselves and also to get rid the demons - trators. Do I make it clear here my junior igp? U seems to soft but endangering your force or probably our Hishamudin's bright idea? The demons tengok polis madam kucing kurap aje. We always give human rights to the demons but what about rights of other citizens like police. My dear igp masa u muda muda dulu you are not that brilliant and brave enough! Play safe? Always play safe. Now you and Hsiham the brilliant minister are sacrificing or killing your men. Better both of u step down! Both of u are useless to the force

  22. Anonymous1:33 pm


    in the OWS photo, we have 1 cop vs 1 protester

    in b3.0, we have 4 cop vs 1 protestor. and who also attack media & journalist, which rocky has conveniently forgotten.

    if baton was used, the fallout on the government wd be even worse than now, injuries wd be worse and could have been deaths. think about it...

    ps: no wonder malay mail went into trouble again in 2011. with people like these...

  23. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Hey Rocky

    You have great political powers according to Concerned malaysiana @ 12:17 PM

    It appears that you can influence the election results

    what a nutcase this chap is

    anyway congrats Rocky for the compliment paid to you


  24. Anonymous1:48 pm

    PDRM officers should be equipped with the electric shocker just to see these yellow dimwits "dance"

  25. Anonymous said...
    Hey Rocky

    You have great political powers according to Concerned malaysiana @ 12:17 PM

    It appears that you can influence the election results

    what a nutcase this chap is

    anyway congrats Rocky for the compliment paid to you


    1:45 PM


    Haha! You rained on my parade, bro/sis wow. I was enjoying the compliments from the cybertrooper, meh ..

    But seriously, the decision to take away the batons was flawed, in my opinion. Our cops should be equipped to defend themselves if there are to effectively defend us and uphold peace & ensure security. Without the baton, they were lame ducks. That's why those thugs and goods at Bersih became so brave as to rain kicks and punches on our cops.

    To me, that must never happen again. We are all for peaceful parades of dissent, whether we are New Yorkers or Bangsarians. But the mobs are not welcomed anywhere.

  26. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Bravo Dato!

    Spin Champion !

    Lepas ni lepak bangsar dato baru ada classsssss

    tip velvet 50 for your awesome vehicle compliments of your master

    Kudos Dato!

  27. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Elo Bro,,,,

    Adakah alasan kamu sama kat Prancis,,sape-sape yang terlibat dalam kes "KOMISEN SCOPANE" bole di panggil untuk di bicarakan???

    Anyway,,,,UMNO nak sambut 66tahun PEMERINTAHAN!!!! Kamu tak ikut lari ke????

    Elok juga ek! kalu BERSIH 4 buat larian dari PERLIS,,SABAH,,SERAWAK or other part of the world to DATARAN!!!!

    By the way,,,PENIAGA-PENIAGA Melayu yang kata RUGI berjuta-juta semasa PERHIMPUNAM tersebut,,,SEDAR lah CIKIT,,,,PEKERJA memang MELAYU tapi TOKEY-TOKEY mereka adalah BANGLA,,MAMAK,,VIETNAM,,tak caya PERGI tengok Satu BANGUNAN belakang BALAI POLIS Dang Wangi,,,SIAPA tinggal ctu!!!

    MELAYU mana reti berniaga!! kecuali the 1 BILLION DOLLAR man!!!!


  28. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Do like Spore. Prohibit all demos!!

  29. Anonymous10:52 pm


    Whoeeee a bunch of kids and some really old men and women unarmed attempting to overthrow the government with bottles of mineral water whilst marching towards a patch of cowgrass!!!!

    Come on rocky time to start your crap on that as well!!

  30. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Untuk perhimpunan haram macam nie, saya cadangkan polis dilengkapi dengan marker paintball dimana pallet yang digunakan adalah serbuk lada atau bahan kimia tidak berbahaya bertujuan melemahkan perusuh2 tersebut.


  31. Anonymous4:42 am

    Senarai rancangan besar DAP yang diberitahu oleh Mohamed Razali adalah seperti berikut:

    1. Kristian Agama Rasmi.
    2. Malaysia akan ditukarkan kepada Republik. Guan Eng ada pejabat mewah di Singapura dan setiap minggu berjumpa Lee Kuan Yiew. Kewangan DAP terlalu kuat.
    3. YDP Negeri Pulau Pinang akan ditukar kepada Cina.
    4. Sistem Raja berperlembagaan akan dibubarkan, Raja adalah berketurunan lanun kata Lim Kit Siang.
    5. Isu azan hanya test kesensetifan orang Islam.
    6. Pertandinagn tilawah Al Quran akan dihapuskan.
    7. NGO Melayu akan dihapuskan. cth PEKIDA & PERKASA.
    8. Perkahwinan campur akan digalakkan, Insentif RM 5,000 akan diberikan atas alasan humans right (penghapusan etnik Melayu).
    9. Bahasa Inggeris bahasa Rasmi.
    10. Mata pelajaran Agama Islam akan dimansuhkan.
    11. Chin Peng akan diberi pengampunan dan diberi gelaran Tun.
    12. MARA jabatan yang dianggap rasis akan dibubarkan.
    13. GLC akan dipegang dan diterajui oleh orang Cina.
    14. Di hotel Palma Penang, lagu Negara ku yang baru telah dimainkan. Tiada sebut pun tentang raja.
    15. Rejimen Askar Melayu Diraja akan dibubarkan kerana telah banyak bunuh orang cina (komunis) sebelum ini.
    16. Panglima Angkatan Tentera dan Ketua Polis Negara akan ditukarkan kepada orang Cina.
    17. Kakitangan kerajaan berketurunan Melayu akan dikurangkan.
    18. KEMAS, BTN dan MKN akan ditutup.
    19. Kedutaan Israel akan dibuka.
    20. Pengkalan Tentera Israel akan dibuka di Port Dickson.
    21. Majlis antara agama akan menggantikan Majlis Agama Islam
    22. Wang zakat akan digunakan oleh orang bukan Islam. Percubaan telah dibuat di Perak sewaktu dibawah Nizar MB boneka. Ngeh pernah mintak untuk guna wang zakat tetapi dihalang oleh Mufti.
    23. DEB akan dimansuhkan
    24. Parti berteraskan agama akan dibubarkan termasuk PAS. Mat Sabu pernah kata "Saya sanggup makan babi dengan Lim Guan Eng dari makan ayam dengan Najib daam satu majlis tertutup." PAS telah berjaya diliberalkan.
    25. Yahudi dan CIA akan bantu menjayakan rancangan DAP.

  32. Anonymous7:26 am

    where is the baton? no need baton, can use the kaki and tangan to hantam..soalan BODOH.

  33. Anonymous10:14 am


    how much u get paid?

    I wish to get paid too

    finding life difficult to live in Msia now.


  34. I think not equipping them with batons served to prove the violence and extremism of the anarchists who are orchestrating these for their own ends.

    If the rally was avowedly peaceful then the risks of violence was low and police were justifiiably equipped with no batons.

    And surely the police and the security forces have the reserves to restore order if the rally cascades into regime change ala CIA.

    The police used their brains. We shouldnt ape the trend which is more show off than actual brain power.

  35. spencer6612:17 pm

    or it can be interpreted in this way......

    1. the removal of baton during the demonstration will give the tempting opportunity to the policement to draw their pistol knowing full well they can become defenseless in the event of riot.


    2. the police assumed that any breach, the water cannon and tear gas will do the work fine.

    in my own view, the policemen who acted brutal, went beyond their call of duties and got personal with all the taunting and remarks thrown at them. so this clearly shows the state of training our policemen went thru.

    you don't get emotional over remarks. our policemen here tend to get emotional, actually, very emotional. they have the big brother mentality. so do you, in very postulate and dissenting ways

  36. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Rocky, here's an interesting one on Youtube:

    Ranjit singh dhillon: what say you??

  37. Dear EdiÁ•ě,

    Finding life in Malaysia hard, bro? And still got time to post comments on the blogs?
    Sounds rather cozy to me.

    You want to get paid? Earn it la, bro. Work. Some of those people who walked during Bersih 3.0 admitted they were paid. I hope you were too, if you did walk.

  38. Anonymous5:53 pm

    aku faham bahasa cina. korang yg naif sangat ni biar aku kasi tau sikit. Depa ni senyum siut, cheering bila tengok melayu hentam melayu. Caya lah.Kat kamu dia tunjuk baik konon. Dasar cina.

  39. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Cinaman like Edi - easy, get lost,go down to OZ where they just love u guys. But you have to pay your taxes lah, no tipu2 left and right with the mat salehs, ok.

  40. Anonymous6:06 pm


    You got pretty sister or not. Must be gedik, never mind if face and body like chee yok. Can recommend to rich malay vips lor. Fuyooo..their ego will rocket sky high when they marry an amoi ma. Then your ma, pa, cousins, datuk, nenek can also enjoy his wealth. Dont worry lah he will dig harder to be *fair* to all his wives. Learn fast.

  41. Anonymous11:28 am

    edi edi

    folow your great grandparents decision lah - when life got tough in china, migrate to greener pastures, in your case, they came to Tanah Melayu

    now you can always country-hop to which ever country wants to accept you

    make sure you are highly qualified, owns alot alot money, can speak their national language, is responsible, able to get employment and a long list of criteria

    Psst - a word of warning, otherwise you end up as foreign worker

    P.S. do you think China will be as GRACIOUS as Tanah Melayu to accept you as a rakyat (without that LONG LONG list of criteria)

    edi edi count your blessings lah and go hug Rocky - he lets you space to let off steam

    Steady lah Rocky - the blog that rocks .....

  42. Dear Rocky

    You are always in my blog roll even now I do not agreed with what you are writing. But I respect your right to be different. We all have our view and opinion, as long as we do not imposed them on others.

    Reading the comment section make me feel sad about how the issue always drag to race and religion. I am a Malaysian and always will be. When I was studying oversea, I always said I am Malaysian. We all are.. When people ask me, are you from Taiwan or China, my reply is "Please don't insult me, I am a Malaysian"

    We are are migrant from other part of the neighborhood country like Indonesia, Thailand, China and others.. Malaysia is a melting pot of different type om migrant .. we all.. If we all go back to our ancestor homeland.. Malaysia will left only Orang ASLI and Native of Sabah and Sarawak.

    Can we stop all this racist and religious bashing?

    Shiok Guy

  43. Dear Shiok Guy,

    Thank you for letting me remain on your blogroll. I should add you on mine.

    I agree with you, we should stop the race and religious bashing. This country we call Malaysia is ours - yours and mine. Even though it is Malaysia, it is not a country that belongs to just the Malays. The Malays make up a great majority of the population, but we have the other Bumiputeras (including the Orang Asli you referred to), the Chinese, the Indians, etc.

    But, bro, we need to give cognizance to history. We need to respect the history of this country.

    Consider what you wrote in your penultimate paragraph:

    "We are are migrant from other part of the neighborhood country like Indonesia, Thailand, China and others.. Malaysia is a melting pot of different type om migrant .. we all.. If we all go back to our ancestor homeland.. Malaysia will left only Orang ASLI and Native of Sabah and Sarawak."

    Basically, your statement means that you will not recognize the fact that the Malays had any special/historical claim to Malaysia.

    Why is so difficult to give regards to that part of our history? Why is it so, so difficult to say that, yes, this Land was indeed first inhabited if not founded by the Malays?

    Such admission does not make the Malays "Tuan" to the other races (although everyone must address the Malay Rulers "Tuanku"). It is just part of this country's history. Of late, however, this part of history has been questioned and challenged by some quarters. I think we both know why.

  44. Dear Rocky,

    I never dispute West Malaysia is Tanah Melayu.

    My blog does carry some of my bitterness about fighting for my education in NZ. I started with only NZ$3000 when I landed in Wellington.

    I was offered BSC in local university but my dream was to study Electrical and Electronic.

    I fight on, using NZ$3000 as backup plan/money if I cannot make it, so I can buy myself a ticket to come home.

    I landed on Wed, I started working in Restaurant on Sat as Kitchen Hand. I work as gardener, painter, cook (fish and chip shop), construction laborer to pay for my education.

    NZ offered me the citizenship but I proudly turn it down after working for NZ Telekom for 5 years. Because I want to come back to HOME - Malaysia.

    I just want Malaysia a better place for our next generation to come. I have 2 autistic sons, and getting special need help and education for them is a big challenge in Malaysia and it is costly too.

    Can you help in the $ part? :) he he he


  45. Anonymous10:33 pm

    yeah Rocky,

    shiok guy and his clan wants to REWRITE history so that the special status will be abolished

    they would love for Malaysia to be a republic where the Raja is non-existent

    only then can the chinese claim this blessed land and end up in total political power just like singapore

    as long as singapore holds on to West Malaysian workers CPF - malaysian malaysia agenda is alive and kicking

  46. Anonymous4:05 am

    This land was founded and first inhabited by the Malays ? What have you been smoking ? You should do a DNA test to see if you were part Kerala, part Aceh, part Bugis, part Yunnan, part Thai, part Filipino.

    Shame on you for trying to usurp the aborigines of this land.


  47. Anonymous1:49 am


    goadfather wish that Rocky is chinese

  48. Anonymous11:19 pm


    You numbskull British Coolie!

  49. Anonymous1:55 pm

    I just love to see the chingkies got grilled as a result of their own big mouth..

    mouth so big, balls, pecker & brain so micro always never fail to amaze the citizen of blogsphere..

    and that what make them so fucking funny..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-