Monday, May 07, 2012

The Economist on Najib's image after Bersih

More evidence is crawling out of cyberspace about what really sparked the violence at the end of Bersih 3 on April 28. In the clip above, Azmin Ali's words and intentions were as clear as day.

Even The Economist had to concede that Najib Razak's reputation as a reformist has remained intact despite Bersih 3.0:

Mr Anwar had some explaining of his own to do. He was caught on video near one of the police barricades talking to one of his colleagues; critics allege that he was inciting supporters to push aside the barriers. Mr Anwar himself says this is nonsense. 
Either way, it is clear that Bersih won’t be able to dominate the moral high ground—at least not on the score of one weekend’s theatrics—as they did last year. The campaign for electoral reform goes on, but Mr Najib emerges from this year’s fracas with his reformist credentials essentially intact, not much worse for the wear. - READ MORE
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  1. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Now we know the outsiders take on the Bersih event. The foreign media couldn't be more correct, aren't they? After all, if you wanted to know an impartial view practically on everything and anything, you have got to look at someone who sits outside the 'frame'.
    Malaysia have been basking positive light lately. You have read and heard it. Malaysian education system is among the best in the world, and even better than countries with the like of the US, UK and Germany, based on Global Competitive Report released by the World Economic Forum. Malaysia too recently has been declared as the safest city in Southeast Asia, with Singapore comes second according to Global Peace Index (GPI).
    Mr. Najib must have been doing a pretty good job.

  2. Razak6:51 pm

    Do you think the Economist reporter will write for free.?

  3. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Wow Rocky,

    Look at what tons of money can Buy....Same way as how you were Bought. Economist Author? Many times more than what you received !!

  4. bourne identity8:00 pm

    welll...what can you expect of words that come out from a kaki bontot?
    BOLLOCKS..Anwar is BOLLOCKS... do check out what BOLLOCKS mean :-)))

  5. The about turn by the Economist vis-a-vis Bersih 2.0 to 3.0 must be seen in the light of UK PM Cameron’s visit here recently. At the same time there was an extensive interview on BFM88.9 with the local CEO of British Aerospace and how wonderfully they are supporting our arms industry.

    Cameron was here to push that sucker Najib into replacing our Migs with Eurofighter Typhoon Areoplanes. However, despite being asked several times about the cost of a plane, the CEO waffled on about “the whole long-term package including maintenance and economically competitive pricing etc., etc. etc.

    So, everyone can now understand why the Economist thinks that despite PM Najib blocking any investigation by PDRM into identifying who ordered the killing of Altantuya, that Najib’s largely unrealised transformation proposals and economic performance have suddenly carried the day.

    Another $8 billion scorpene submarine-type government initiated financial fraud and scandal is in the making; only this time, it will be the British. Hopefully, no lady will be C4'd this time around!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  6. Anonymous8:20 pm

    data ran belongs to your father? No? So stfu about umno asshole

  7. dude...u r bigger than this...

  8. Anonymous1:56 am

    everybody knows that anwar like to demo since the early 70s ( except during the period when he was in Umno)

    No big argument about that.

  9. Najib has split does Rocky.
    That can be also with flexible minds.
    But Najib and Rocky are flexible towards one keep bullshitting Malaysians.
    Najib is projecting he is a caring PM...all exposed...a flip flopper...liar ..a poor actor.
    For that....Mahathir can act better than him...crying openly and lying 14 times with not one bit of shame shown.
    His skin is as thick as a cowhide.
    Rocky acting....why he is paid to do that....thus you can say....Rocky has become a very selfish man indeed.
    Who cares what Economist paper is saying.
    250,000 walked and Najib had to be in Kuching...same tell grandfather story to 1000 Sarawakians.
    He is a coward to run away...irresponsible...exactly like Dollah.
    Mahathir...the Father of recommending ISA to return.
    I wonder what Rocky has this to say.

  10. Anonymous9:08 am

    pigi dah! journalist burok. quote when convenient.

  11. Tunkuman Aziz10:25 am

    RM500,000,000 sure can buy off many People, PhDs and Birkins!

  12. MAHA Thir10:27 am

    Wonder why PDRM's Wanted List did not publish the photo of that undercover dog who kicks a fallen traffic cop???

    See for yourself...

    Syabas Bangla Polisman... Cepat tukar baju dan Betul!

  13. Anonymous10:31 am

    "even the Economist...."

    Even the Economist agrees that changes to the election rules must be made, so why don't you spin it the other way i.e. the Economist agrees with the Bersih agenda but not the outcome ?


  14. Anonymous11:18 am

    So why Ambiga's citizenship has to be revoked?

    You can reason out this one?


  15. trifling-jester11:49 am

    now the economist has sung praises on your paymasters, you cheer them. with the likes of you running mainstream newspapers, is it any wonder they get no respect whatsoever?

  16. Anonymous1:30 pm

    You say:
    "Even The Economist had to concede that Najib Razak's reputation as a reformist has remained intact despite Bersih 3.0"

    The Economist says:
    "Once again, these ugly scenes do little to bolster Mr Najib’s claims to be a different kind of reform-minded leader."

  17. Anonymous2:55 pm

    I'm sorry, what law did Mr. Xenophon break? I'm sorry, did you mentioned anything about Utusan and NST's fake news and bullshit (it's not even spinning at this point) about his speech condemning Scientology?

    Why are you obfuscating issues and making things so complicated when it is really quite elementary? You're too old to be this stupid.

  18. Anonymous5:24 pm

    amboi amboi. dah lain eh kau sekarang bru? semenjak dpt rm10 juta dari UMNO bukan main lagi kipas najib kaw kaw.

    asal tak publish article yg mahkamah perancis dah kasi document MEMBUKTIKAN NAJIB NAK AS1 BILLION UTK SCORPENE?

    pasal bersih semua hang dok kutuk lain mcm.

    kantoi gila beb.

  19. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Says all you could, never trust this asshole that got in from the backdoor.

  20. Anonymous2:46 am

    Najibs reputation as a reformist...well...let the polls speak for themselves then we will really know what reputation he has

  21. Anonymous10:54 am


    baseless allegation = Najib a hindu, killed altantuya, planted Saiful as bait, scorpene corruption, used govt funds for daughter's catering, wife spent billions, daughter (not even there) spent billions

    FACT = safest country, press freedom (outranked 1st world singapore)

    ACTIONS taken = repeal ISA, allowed bershit, turun padang (seluruh negara) KR1M, Kilink 1M, BRIM, accept bershit2 demands, NEVER sued the immoral pakatan leaders character assasination

    Conclusion = DS Najib is a great PM (reason why anwar & clowns want him removed)

    so pakatan lembus = eat your heart out!!!

  22. Anonymous10:56 am

    dpp nyanyuk

    asyik asyik ulterior motives

    hullo dei, be more gracious lah and give DS Najib credit he deserves

    paklah era over - Malaysia back on the original track to vision 2020

  23. Anonymous11:01 am

    Anonymous @ 8:20 PM
    "data ran belongs to your father? No? So stfu about umno asshole"

    naaahhhh Dataran (check spelling) belongs to the descendants of Ketuanan Melayu - the umbrella totting species can just get lost to tongsan

    where the climate is perfect to contain and freeze your vermin-infested flesh that is in your DNA

    (accumulated over years of eating that short legged creature)

    P.S. too much aircon and sengkelet (toilet paper)which is your culture are the MAIN causes that destroys the earth

  24. Anonymous11:11 am


    ambiga clearly admitted receiving foreign funds - that is interference in a sovereign country

    in other words = penghianat negara

    she could have run seminars and workshops to educate the masses to improve their lot thru education esp inthe rural areas, if she TRULY believes in free and fair elections

    the rakyat will benefit more this way than to be given free trips cum picnic in town

    bershit2 demands were accepted therefore bershit3 is unnecessary and a threat to peace and harmony

    their insistence on Dataran is suspect - was it because photoshopped "evidence" had been prepared in advance as well as "reports of police brutality"

    so if uncle sam and auntie hillary will accept this achi of courage - noone's complaining - good riddance to toxic garbage

    or maybe achi ambiga should migrate to india to help improve the lot of her female kind, and also emulate Mother Theresa and campaign for the abolishment of the caste system where the untouchables are treated WORSE than slaves

    only then can nik aziz guarantee her a ticket to heaven

  25. Anonymous11:16 am

    wow Rocky

    these pakatan doomsayers are getting obviously frustrated

    they miss the "old" Rocky who support anti-establishment sentiment

    pathetic chaps, situation changes but they remain static - denial syndrome

    hullo dimwits, the only constant is change - get out of your comfort zone lah zombies

    and go easy on harassing Rocky - he's entitled to freedom of speech - the same one you goons were fighting for, remember

    haiya, pakatan retards "mudah lupa"

  26. Jasper Bloodstone4:47 pm

    Barack Obama publicly backs same-sex marriages.

    French President-elect Francois Hollande openly cohabits with a female partner to whom he is not legally married.

    Does that mean that Obama and Hollande will not be welcome to visit Malaysia on official trips?

    You gotta walk the talk, lah. Cannot have these moral ambiguities leading Malaysians astray!

    Anyway, isn't the Malaysian PM scheduled to make official trips to the UK and US?

    What image of Malaysia will he be carrying with him to sell to the Cameron-Clegg and Obama administrations? He's got to sell hard to get that much-needed FDI flowing Malaysia's way.

  27. Anonymous1:44 am

    bloodystone bloodystone

    why go so far, anwar and ambiga support sexual freedom too

    PAS also counsels others' wives in hotel rooms

    duhhhh? trying to show off your cut and paste expertise eh?

    1. Jasper Bloodstone7:37 pm

      Not really, dude.

      This thread is about the PM's image, right?

      Which is especially relevant given his upcoming visits to the UK and the US.

      How is he going to rationalise the Bersih movement to the people he meets and the media in these countries?

      I brought up the examples of Obama and Hollande as politicians who have the courage to express their views forthrightly, regardless of political correctness.

      Can we say the same here?

      On a lighter note, it's a pity that we don't have the equivalent of a George Clooney hosting a fundraiser for the PM.

      Maybe Clooney might do it (and bring his A-list Hollywood pals along), if he were asked nicely.

      But that would be foreigners interfering in Malaysian domestic politics!