Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Fauzi Shaari and Yusof ZA could be doing PDRM and the AG a great favour

How Anwar plays it: Anwar Ibrahim, of course - and you can't blame him, really, did not waste the chance to play the opposite sides (Yusof vs former boss AG Gani Patail), as the excerpts from this report quoted by Din Merican shows:

Anwar welcomed Yusof’s participation in the defence team, disclosing that he had checked whether he was available and then contacted him.
NONE“As you can see, (Yusof played) a role in the preliminary stage with Karpal, and is not here to make up the numbers.
“Yusof’s participation shows that he does not condone this … politically-motivated charge.
“There are many who are in the AG’s Chambers who hold the same view and are waiting for the right time to be with me.”
His willingness to join the defence team “is a clear perception that not all in the government condone” such action.
Anwar added that some have been of the view that Yusof should have been appointed the AG.

Original posting

Playing both sides now. Those born to hate the PDRM and the Attorney-General Chamber, or for that matter the Establishment and its institutions, tend to align them with Umno. Examples abound. My old friend Commander (Rtd) S. Thaya, who used to serve a pro-government NGO before becoming a columnist with a pro-Anwar portal, is so bold as to label our Royal Police as "The armed division of UMNO" (May 2, 12), a sentiment echoed by Suara Keadilan on May 9 in A Shitty Affair! PDRM: The Empire Strickes Back - The Armed Division of Umno.

When it suits them, they will label not just the police and the AG but also the judiciary, the media, the forensics and everybody else that did not agree with them (and that they did not agree with) as conspirators against the truth, justice, Anwar Ibrahim, etc. Example, this piece here by some lawyers who were so sure that Anwar would be convicted for sodomy. How wrong they turned out to be -  Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted! 

And you can't blame people if they suspect, rightly or wrongly, that the acquittal may have something to do with former Solicitor-General ll Yusof Zainal Abidin, who was the lead prosecutor against Anwar in the Sodomy 2 case and who earlier today re-emerged from early retirement as the defender of Anwar, who has been charged for his involvement in the Bersih 3.0 riots. 

Yusof - Anwar Ibrahim's secret weapon?. 
 (Asked about his involvement in Anwar's case ...) Yusof said: "He called me last night, I was willing and able."

He also said that "he was not joining any political party" and that he was an "advocate and solicitor and a free agent".

He said that he took optional retirement in February and had his own law firm and was the only employee in the firm.

Karpal, when asked how he felt about having Yusof onboard said: "This is his first case as a defence counsel. Let's see how he goes, we are there to guide him and anyway he is a very experienced prosecutor".

Karpal also said that when he heard on Monday night that Yusof would be joining the team, he was taken aback.

"Quite incongruous, difficult to reconcile, nevertheless he has opted to be on our side."

Read more: Anwar, 2 others charged over April 28 rally - Latest - New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/latest/anwar-2-others-charged-over-april-28-rally-1.86479#ixzz1vagMhFkT

Difficult to reconcile, indeed.

Well, still think the PDRM is an extension of UMNO?

Meet Fauzi Shaari, the former Federal CID director who has just joined PAS, admitted that he was a closet fan of the so-called Islamic party since his teens. Read Former CID Director Fauzi joins PAS. He is even advocating the hudud laws for all in Malaysia but "we are living in a multiracial country. We need to make the people understand about Islam and hudud before implementing it".

Was Fauzi Shaari the only PAS supporter happily drawing good salaries and perks from the PDRM/government, never mind if the PAS ulamas would surely rule it as duit haramNot likely, right?

That's why I say Yusof and Fauzi could be doing not just UMNO but also the AGC and the PDRM a favour. They are living proofs that these institutions are not aligned to a single political party or ideology.  Only people like Commander Thaya and Malaysiakini and their political masters want us to believe that that is the case, because it would be to their advantage if people are gullible enough to believe so.


  1. Anonymous6:11 pm


    So PAS will get their HUDUD laws implemented.

    Does that mean karpal would be meeting his maker?

    And DAP would be completely irrelevant for minority votes only.

    And PKR leaders will migrate to turkey?

  2. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Is that all you can say Rocky Brute??

    Why Should anyone do the Disreputable AG a Favour??

    He doesn't Need a Favour...He is one Favourite Character of Najib!!!

    His Aim in Life is to Prevent Anyone from touching the PM... even if it means Covering up.

    Justice for Malaysia

  3. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Terbaik yet again, Dato!

  4. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Thanks for this write-up. Yes, it needs to be said.

  5. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Apa punya cerita ini.
    Why can't you write something interesting- I thought you were a journalist.

    Why don't you put some of your old works, so that people can judge you better. Your current works are a waste of time to read.

  6. Anonymous8:25 pm

    apa-apa pun UMNO kena cermin diri sendiri, cuba tengok betul-betul dalam cermin tu, mesti nampak wajah si babi aljubs, itulah dia UMNO, sama je ngan si albontoti !!! corrupt=UMNO=ANWAR=BABI !!!

  7. Anonymous8:58 pm

    These people like tong kosong in kapal karam are just noisy and blame just about everybody other than themselves and almost definitely have never served tge country in any noble manner.

  8. Mazlan8:58 pm

    I think there is confusion between the institution and the people who may work within the institution. All institutions tend by convention to be seemingly aligned to the government of the day by the fact that the ruling government tends to appoint the heads of those institutions. However the people in the lower and middle ranks are just like ordinary citizens who vote according to bread and butter issues.

  9. Anonymous9:34 pm

    when someone spit to the air, the saliva will fall back onto his face.

    and now it is proven that the public sector not only a place for the goov' dogs to earn a living but oppos's dogs as wells.

  10. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Hiya Latuk Locky,

    What about Saiful? Is this a great favor for him too?

  11. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Blackwater revival....Retired Senior Civil Servants turn mercenaries for hire..........

    Prof Awe Kecik

  12. Dear Prof Awe Kecik,

    To me what's important is that people who hold these crucial posts in the government/institutions serve professionally and place nation and the people before selves and their political ideologies.

    In both Yusof and Fauzi's cases, we will have to consider that they served the Yang diPertuan Agong well. Neither man let their bias, if any, got in the way of their jobs. As far as we can tell, at least. (There have been calls for the authority concerned to investigate Yusof and his conduct and performance during Sodomy 2, but I think that's a fair request).

    I hope neither Yusof nor Fauzi would resort to bitching about their jobs, now that they are out of the system. It would only expose them as weaklings and hypocritical.

    Remember the ex-High Court judge who thought he was exposing Dr Mahathir's influence over the judiciary, when what we saw was how weak he had been as a Judge who was supposed to uphold the judiciary system - he became brave only after he has retired and he has secured his pensions.

    In contrast, the ex-Judge Dato Ahmad Idid who wrote that letter exposing the late CJ, remember him? He stood up against those whom he thought were undermining the Judiciary while he was still in service. Ahmad Idid did not wait until he has safely retired to make a stand.


  13. I KNOW MORE.1:17 am

    Bro, you might want to go through the hour long "lecture" DSAI gave in Court instead of answering questions.there were many occassions where he blamed the "prosecution" for fabricating evrything and also Kerpal and the rest of the defence team attacked Yusof with all sorts allegations.DSAI has got no credibility left as Yusof will be played like a Grand Paino.

  14. Ya, so how did this Yusof become the lead prosecuter in Anwar's case? Something must be wrong. Is Gani Patail sleeping on his job? To lose the case due to technicality, why? They curi-curi the towel and toothbrush from Anwar's cell. Why wasn't there a formal request by police to take the DNA sample? After all, there were DNA specimens found in that boy's anus.

    And then, the funny thing is, first the presiding judge rejected the curi-curi evidence, then he made u-turn and said can accept pulak, and finally, the decision time, he said the DNA sample unreliable because curi-curi (not properly taken). Totally dumbfounded by the decision.

    Are we Malaysians all taken for a ride? Or disneyland ride?

  15. Anonymous6:23 am

    Quote Rocky--"To me what's important is that people who hold these crucial posts in the government/institutions serve professionally and place nation and the people before selves and their political ideologies."

    The understatement of the year!!!!!!Do you really believe we have that now?
    Just like the "only 22 thousand plus who attend Bersih3 rally statement."Hahaha

  16. Anwar said Yusof "played a role in the preliminary stage with Karpal". Yusof said he was only called the night before the hearing to join the team. So who's the liar here?

  17. Bru,

    We pray to God, that Malaysians are rational and have wisdom when they vote in the next GE.

  18. Anonymous11:00 am


    The last sentence in the black box is telling as are some of the other contents excerpted within it. For an ordinary, rational guy like me, the black box leaves a surreal impression of chamber teeming with forked tongue pythons, anacondas, cobras, vipers et al slithering hand in glove with private legal perverts to suborn the course of justice in order to save someone’s butt. A veritable snake pit of equivocators for whom the collective mantra is “ justice be damned”.

    Little wonder, why certain prosecutions ended the way they did under the cloak of darkness and why certain MACC investigated cases never glimpse the light of day even if the perpetrators gaily admit their guilt.

    Just like black boxes from fallen aircraft that survive the carnage to tell of a past beyond the present, this black box provides a clue as to the base motivations that drive certain characters.

    Looks like moral turpitude is not the sole provenance of the depraved after all:


    When law and enforcement is infected by sycophants ready to bugger justice, then we are on the slippery slope to hell.

    Warrior 231

  19. Kamal.11:18 am


    You are fanatic BN and Najib follower and supporter.Let it be.Thats politic.Like play Poker.

    I knew Yusuff since student day.He is sincere and God fearing.You dont question his credibility.

    Same goes to Dato Fauzi.When he was head of CID,He dont mixed with the underworld gang,didnt go to Karoke ar drink whisky.Didnt bet heavily on golf course.

    Rocky,let me tell you,there are many many more top civil servants ,Police and Army and Petronal,Felda and many many more org.Who are fed up with Najib.They continue to fed PKR with all the inside info.They know who took the bid contract,who took the big commission.In fack in term of spending and careless Najib is worse than Pak Lah.

    Look at Felda listing,they screw the felda settler big time.Felda global lease 300,000 hc felda plantation far 99 year at the rate 250 m a years.you must be mad.They paid 75 ringgit a year for one hetcar.Some of the settler land near the town and worth 1 million an ac.Look at Punchak Alam how much the pay Felda settlers,Look at LB Johnson scheme in NS,how much settler got.

    I hope bro,you be pretical and dont suppurt babi buta.

  20. Kamal,

    I have to take your word for it, that you went to school with Yusof and that you knew Fauzi intimately, including the fact that he didn't bet heavily on golf!

    But that's the point I am trying to make. Yusof and Fauzi were in the system and yet they were NOT pro-Umno or BN. They were, as you seem to imply, professionals. And that's what our civil services have always been: professional, apolitical, etc.

    But when a certain decision is made against the Opposition by the judiciary , for example, the whole judiciary is labelled as pro-Umno.

    When the police cracked down on rioters, they are labelled pro-Government.

    When the MACC investigates Pakatan politicians, they are called dogs of the government.

    You see the hypocrisy and bias?

    But when a civil servant leaks info with malicious intent, as in the example you gave re Felda, then we should be weary.

    As much as we don't want the civil service to be owned by BN, we don't want it to be held by the balls by PR, either.

    1. Anonymous8:05 pm

      Civil servants apolitical? what the fuck are you smoking?

  21. Anonymous12:18 pm

    You are spot on as usual, Bru.

    No one wants a civil service that is beholden to any party. That is corruption, pure and simple.

    By default that means the dangling of future positions , of potential windfalls, of other sundry benefits whether explicitly or implicitly be it by action or speech is tantamount to corruption too.

    If information leakage is traceable or attributable to individual disgruntlement or other such personal inclinations and the snitch stands to gain by the said leakage, that is corruption too as the his base motivation is the benefit.

    Of course, the beneficiary in the scenario above, would guise his/her act as public service or in national interest or whatever mumbo jumbo to salve his/her stained conscience and rationalise a future kickback in the forms I mentioned in paragraph 3. A future kickback that will feed kith and kin,

    Funny that such creeps are averse to any leak if they are in a cushy position. Does the noun "hypocrite" ring a bell somewhere?

    Warrior 231

  22. Anonymous1:34 pm

    A govt servant or ex govt servant joins the opposition because; he was denied promotion or could not get any lucrative projects. If you are not good enough just accept the fact that you are not good enough.

  23. Yusof tali barut4:09 pm

    Now we know why Anwar got off scot free for liwating yet another young man. Or was that Yusof just plain useless. He has no experience as defence lawyer but still anwar took him. Just to spite the Govt. as usual. And when he loses, he'll just blame BN as usual. What a charmed life for god's gift.

  24. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Saya adalah executive salah satu GLC. Saya berani kata, lebih 70% executive adalah enyokong pembangkang. Banyak yang kami tak setuju dengan dasar dan campur tangan kerajaan dalam urusan GLC, terutama kontrak. Buat masa ni, kami akur aje dengan yang disuruh. Lepas pencen, baru berani bersuara. That' life in Malaysia.

  25. Anonymous6:03 pm


    The society in general appreciates your role as the


    There is nowhere they can vent their frustration against the opposition except to vent it at your site...Toxic Words and Barbaric connotations and all!!

    Its equivalent to a place where they can wiggle their buttocks or cry their tears away.

    You really deserve the Datukship if not for Nothing Else!!

    Joe Black

  26. Anonymous6:13 pm


    Tuan Moderator,

    Peguam yang bela kes bunuh tak semestinya dia sokong pembunuhan. dia bela kerana itu kerja dia. Noktah.

    Dalam konteks yang sama peguam yang bela penghasut dan perusuh bukanlah kerana dia sokong hasutan dan rusuhan.

    Namun, politik punya pasal, kesediaan golongan profesional untuk membantu secara jujur, boleh disalahgunakan untuk menunjukkan seolah-olah hasutan dan rusuhan mendapat sokongan peguam.

    Meskipun peguam tadi tidak merelakannya, dakwaan yang dicipta oleh pembangkang menjadikan profesional sebagai bahan lelucon.

    Adilkah kalau profesion yang mulia itu DILIHAT SEOLAH-OLAH alat untuk menyelamatkan pembangkang dari tali gantung rakyat?


  27. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Rocky, don't play stupid, we know there are some good cops and some bad cops same as in the AGC. The difference being the Chiefs of these places that are Tools of UMNO, so don't treat the Readers as kids, we know you are on whose payroll so please do not pretend that we do not know who you are spinning. So don't you go spinning for your Boss.

  28. Kamal7:09 pm

    Agree 100 percent.but we are not in UK or Frace or US.They are fed up and they turn to opposition.Look at Police Force.They are suppose to be indepednt,Tun Haniff was the best IGP we ever had.But after Haniff and when Pak Lah was PM,syed Hamid as home minister move his office to 30 floor bukit Aman.Since then all the IGP n Deputy try to accomadate Pm or Home Minister.Deciion was make just to please political master.most decision look bias to opposition.Berseh 2or 3 will not happen if you leave it to police.

    Now the whole of civil servent was destoy.They become more upset when Njib reverse the pay scheme that was approve by cabiet earlier.You make Top civil servant look bagang or stupid.?

  29. Anonymous7:25 pm

    I think Bro what all this means is that we have all had enough of this bunch of idiots and their cronies screwing up big time.

    So Rocky stop been a Doktor Putar and do the right thing.

    ABU-anything but UMNO!

  30. Anonymous9:24 pm

    "I know the revolutionaries are hated right now. The country is blaming us for everything, and at the same time we have seen so much blood we feel conflicted about calling upon people to demonstrate," protester and blogger Sara Abdelrahman said.

    Some Egyptians say the situation has deteriorated.

    "Everything is worse! The price of everything has increased. People can't make a living. We can't eat. The situation is awful, and the hardships are greater," one woman said at a Cairo metro.


    Comment : Maybe fans of Arab Spring are too into their petty delusions to take note but others better beware as to what they are all getting into, even as the Siren beguiles the soul: spring buds that bloom winter's misery instead of flowering summer's joy.

    But then again, we may yet be tricked into falling for Jezebel's charms only to regret our lust for a false illusion and live the cuckolded husband sadly ever after:

    "The revolution was like a beautiful woman. She charmed us, and we fell in love with her and killed the tyrant to marry her, but she was just a trick -- another burden to add to our heavy load, and we are falling out of love."

    But then again, our oh-so-vain yet oh-too-inane bourgeois are so engrossed in their tiny, insignificant little worlds that they cannot see that splint in their eye even as they espy the flying elephant in the sky:


    Ah..... if only the world were a crystal ball of Loubattins, Moleskins, Cappucinos, Pradas and Gucci......instead of cow-heads, butts, burgers and proles.

    Warrior 231

    p/s: Apologies for quoting from that local rag.

  31. trifling-jester10:09 pm

    the civil service is apolitical? again, spinning out of control!!

    like blaming the learned judge for not making noise while he was a judge, yet in the same sentence not implicating the puppetmaster responsible for it all.

    you spin so blatantly and poorly sometimes its almost like youre hired by the opposition to make the govt look bad.

  32. Anonymous7:40 am

    If anyone thinks PDRM is independent of UMNO , should get his /her head checked

  33. Anonymous7:41 am

    i am still appalled , taken by this chap called kamal.
    everytime civil servants joined the opposition or in sync with them, everybody starts to say they know him, they are honests, they are this and that and if they gave info to the opposition all the infos are true and they are martyrs.
    well, i for once will say this to kamal,
    bullshit, fucker! take you cybertroopers somewhere else!


  34. Anonymous8:34 am

    So one or two traditional UMNO supporters got disillusioned with their bosses' criminal behaviour, jumped ship to the other side, and now you spin the tale that PDRM and AG's Chambers are fair and objective ?

    I'll have some of what you are smoking, Latuk.


  35. Anonymous10:48 am

    It's got nothing to do with disgruntled civil servants who didn't get their promotion or that their children didn't get scholarships. It's all to do with the disillusionment of this gomen, where the PM has shown to have no balls, and the raping of the treasury goes unabated. People have their conscience, not like those who get datukships and write what the boss wants to hear.

    In 2008, 95 pct of civil servants voted for BN. In 2012, around 70 pct will vote for BN after being enlightened by all the scandals.

    It's still not too late for you to turn to the bright (and right) side of the Force.


  36. Anonymous4:41 pm


    It also goes to Show that the Sodomy 2 Case was not genuine!!!

  37. Anonymous8:07 am

    Would Yusoff represent a sodomy? Think for yourself!!

  38. Anonymous1:58 pm


    UMNO is a Party of Gangsters and you a part of it.

    All Rakyat Malaysis should vote to get these gangsters OUT OF POWER!!!

  39. Anonymous7:00 pm

    I am absolutely amazed at the way in which things are spun here . When the police act in a totally unacceptable way ie beating the hell out of unarmed civillians they are said to be a proffesional body ??? I have watched the rerun of the supposed provocation over and over and there was absolutely no justification to the way the police acted . Many police were not wearing any form of identification which implies the assault was premeditated . Nothing has been done to investigate the police . A political aid was killed while in the custody of the MACC and you want to call them a respectable institution ? There are countless cases of corruption from high levels in the government and yet nothing is ever done about it and you want to say the institutions of law and justice are independant ? I am in disbelief that someone who can write so well can ignore so much information and try to deflect all the crimes commited as opposition propoganda . I mean really have you no shame ?

  40. ram@yahoo.com7:44 pm

    This"cari makan" INSTINCTS Is applicable to every individuals/ humans per se! Whoever puts the plates of foods on the table is the savior for ones own family, get it.? Especially who pays the most.In this case its not the "morality or the prejudiced thinking of who's right or wrong", but who's paying me to defend me more.In this case , to engage a lawyer who are against him at that time for a liwat case , a lead prosecutor does carry a lot of weight. Even amongst staffs of companies , its not loyalties that counts but who who pays more that really matters , correct me if I am wrong! But for that guy , how does he face his neighbours , friends and former colleagues, sendiri mau ingat lah bro!

  41. Anonymous12:04 am

    When Rocky was anti-paklah, all chinese cheered

    then now pro-Najib all chinese accuse him of spinning, and PAID to do it

    conclusion = chinese money-minded and racist against Malay govt

    Rocky is neutral and factual (with a creative angle to all his postings)

    which is why these chingkies STILL visits like goatfarter and minuteballs

    and oh bloodystone et al

  42. Anonymous1:34 am

    1. On another vein, looks like what I have been intimating earlier is coming to fruition:

    "In addition, if European financial institutions were to try to significantly shrink their balance sheets, this could hurt credit availability in Singapore, given the relatively large scale of their lending, S&P said. "The cracks are already starting to show," the rating firm said, noting that recent data indicated that Singapore's banks were already reliant on wholesale funding for their foreign-currency loans.

    and a consensus is slowly emerging on this score,between both analysts:


    and markets:

    Elsewhere, the full implications of Arab Spring are coming home to roost:


    I wonder whether our local secularist liberals, pseudo-lawyers, pseudo-democrats and other sundry poseurs in the opposition camp understand the implications of bedding with extremists they are so gaily enamored with.

    Warrior 231

  43. Anonymous12:51 pm


    UMNO is a party of Petty Traders given APs and Money to Harrass the Public and any opposition!!!

    You can claim to be a member of Otak kosong bunch!!

    Too bad you are not given any Kereta Mewah for your dirty work....

    All you got was a Cipluk Datukship!!!

  44. Anonymous11:05 pm

    I understand that the powers that be are terrified of mass people power movements , I think what that warrior fellow was saying about the Arab Spring is very misleading . In Egypt it has not really been a revolution , it was more of a military coup , the aspirations of the people have not been met and as long as the status quo keeps spinning nonesense to try to remain in power they are going to face civil upheavals , one could argue on the lines of Warrior that every civil liberty movement that humanity has ever seen is foolish and detremental to the people who want change , this is of course the argument that every dictator / oppressor has used to try to convince the people that it is best to just stay at home and not vie for change . There should never have been an anti-apartheid movement in South Africa , blacks in America should have just kept quiet and accepted their second class status in the land of the Hopis and Navajo , according to mr.warriors rationale , things that rock the boat of the established powers should be avoided , extemeists will take over , better the devil you know etc etc . Humanity will never just sit back and accept injustice and oppression indefinately so Mr. Warrior it looks like you are in trouble . Hmmmm very good English , maybe Oxford educated , could it be the voice of KJ ?

  45. Anonymous11:36 am


    anon @ 11:05 PM should redirect his "vested interest" and pseudo-intellectual" ADVICE to PAP in singapore


  46. Anonymous11:43 am

    anon @ 11:05 PM

    "Humanity will never just sit back and accept injustice and and oppression"

    tsk tsk tsk

    such idiotic stupidity and a pathetic attempt at grandeur

    how can a mere 20k clueless yellow, green and red lembus represent "humanity"

    a motley of ignoramus and ingrates led by a hindu vegetarian leading a pack of lembus is an indication of "oppression" and people's "aspirations"

    gosh the financial sponsors must have regretted footing the bill for scums and imbeciles

  47. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Anon @ 11.43 am
    So you are asking for a definition of what it is to be "human" , hmmmm you are one arn't you , surely you could figure that one out without me needing to guide you through the basic underlying principles that unite human beings rather than divides them . Hmmm you guys are politicians or at least work for politicians , I thought they taught you this stuff in your British public schools , how to keep people away from the things that unite them as to continue to rule over them . Now lets see , a mother under normal circumstances loves her child , this is something that all humans have in common , no matter what their race or religion , a father under normal circumstances loves his child , this is a human experience irrelevent of race or religion , when humans see themselves in each other they can no longer be brainwashed into thinking it is okay to treat others like sub-humans , oppressors generally try to avoid this from happening , they fill media chanels with racist hatred in the hope that one group will dehumanize another - this is oppression , keeping people caught up in the world of fear and hatred . When people are tortured in the hands of the authorities are you saying there is no oppression ? When people are made to work extensive hours to put food on the table for their families only to have the tax man take a large chunk of it to fill the pockets of corrupt politicians are you trying to say that this is not oppression ? When people are locked up for years on end with no trial - are you saying this is not oppression ? So really whether it happens today or tomorow , this year or next year the fact remains that at some point human beings will clearly see through the lies of politicians and realize that they can do better , which would mean bringing an end to selfish power hungry criminals hold on the minds of the people . One simple fact that assures this of happening - our essence is love without it humanity would never have survived . So carry on with your racist name calling , how long will it work ? I really feel sorry for you people , given up your souls for the illusion of worldly power .

  48. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Part 1


    Fact 1
    Arab Spring has often been cited by local oppositionists as the source of inspiration for the Malaysian street bacchanalia:


    But having made that claim, they should know more than anyone else that to cite it as their Muse and revile it as their Medusa in the same breath is simply not on. Once embraced, they need to grapple with its potent terror or resign themselves to its deflating horror:


    Maybe many in the opposition are too bedazzled by the false to see the Truth:

    "The profoundest instinct in man is to war against the truth; that is, against the Real. He shuns facts from his infancy. His life is a perpetual evasion. Miracle, chimera and to-morrow keep him alive. He lives on fiction and myth. It is the Lie that makes him free….. (Jack Landon)

    Fact 2
    The local revolutionaries be it from the self-styled "civil liberty" types from Bersih or from the opposition ranks are dominated by hardcore extremist whether of religious or racial persuasions. 80% of the Bersih 3.0 marchers were from PAS, Unit Amal of PAS was at the forefront in waging “war” at the “battlefront”, PAS supporters were at the frontline during ISA 2009 and in Perak 2010.

    Pre-Mubarak Tahrir Square was the domain of the Brotherhood, post-Mubarak was not, for the Brotherhood instinctively knew that the revolution would self-cannibalise itself and victory would be theirs. They were right, for one year on they are on the threshold of complete dominance.

    Fact 3
    PAS is on record that it would broker alliances with ANY party as long as its goal of implementing its obscurantist Wahhabi fueled pseudo Islamic state comes to fruition. At the very least, its talk of its version of the Shariah for the Muslims has received tacit and silent consent from the pseudo-secular and pseudo-democrat DAP and PKR. Well how distant in context is that to what the Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood are proposing for Egypt?
    In any case, does anyone fathom the implications of PAS pronouncements on the Malaysian polity. A Pas Wahabi Shariah is the blueprint for a political pogrom. i.e.,the cleansing of Muslims harbouring different ideologies inimical to PAS under the guise of religion. Yah, the naysayers may argue that I am jumping the gun by pointing to Kelantan but then again there is no Shariah there as yet, right?

    Extremists have always piggybacked on the disillusioned to the portals of power in the Malaysian context = PAS-Semangat 46, 1990 comes to mind before PAS – Keadilan 1999 and PAS-DAP-PKR 2008 (note the 9 year cycle). In 1969, it was PAS-Gerakan-Socialist Left.

    Warrior 231

  49. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Part 2

    Fact 4

    The notion of injustice and oppression by the State is a mirage concocted by political desperadoes to create the illusion that civil liberties and the like have been so severely compromised in Malaysia that it is a god-forsaken land of stuffed jails, mass graves, underground dungeons and hidden torture. chambers. To equate Malaysia with Libya or Egypt or even Tunisia is pathetically laughable what more to draw parallels with Myanmar or even China (where even a blind man is accosted by the State):


    Every nation state has its own Pandora Box. Even the US polity admit that their democracy has been taken hostage by Washington’s lobbyists fraternity. Singapore which has retained its much maligned ISA is not the enfant terrible of SEA politics but Malaysia that has rescinded its version is still subject to contempt even though jettisoning or severely compromising its right to ‘detention without trial’ would be regarded as heresy by any repressive state worth its salt.

    Fact 5
    Even the most “oppressed” Egyptian would aver that things are so bad a year on that they now yearn for a dying Mubarak, nay, even his sarcophagus would do. Libya is a quagmire of utter chaos where Gadaffi’s ‘rule of fear’ has been replaced by his people’s ‘rule by the gun’ and where even religious adherents of the same faith are subject to terror.



    I bet the kaffirs in Malaysia would be delighted when the Muslims draw swords against their fellow Muslims!

    Has the Malaysian Federal government conspired to cut to its nose to spite its face by derailing investments into Penang, Kedah and Selangor?Why, wasn't the Federal government kind enough to lift 600 million in debt off Penang's shoulders? Has it cut off Federal Grants to Kelantan or sabotaged economic activity in Kedah?

    Perak is held up as a case in point but there are legal precedents littering Malaysia and the Commonwealth plus constitutional loopholes, ugly though it may seem to be. In fact, the very same thing was proposed for Sept 16 2008.

    By contrast, has not Tripoli bore the brunt of the effects of anti-centrism vis-à-vis Benghazi in post-Gaddafi Libya?


    Why, even Hougang paid the ultimate price for defiance by being marooned at the end of the unshuffled deck in Singapore:


    See Najib Razak doing the same to the Malaysian Chingkie after they humiliated his coalition in GE 13?

    Warrior 231

  50. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Part 3

    Revolution, by default, implies change. Change is only valid if it is for the better. If revolution disguised as a demand for civil liberties leads to the defragmentation of prevailing social order and the emergence of hell on earth, then that wouldn’t constitute change for the better but an invitation for disaster and only the irresponsible and the insane would contemplate that a worthwhile barter.

    If soaring inflation, food shortages, unemployment, civil disorder etc are the net outcome of the proposed change then I would rather gladly the status quo remain than be a grumpy pot moaning my angst for an irretrievable past when the present is a bleak wasteland with the future a gloomy repast.

    Better to be gladly fettered in chains than to be gaily free in misery would then be the mantra of the hoi polloi and the petit bourgeoisie while the rich and the powerful who led them down the garden path revel in their grand mal delusion. Politics is neither gamesmanship nor brinksmanship, it is statesmanship and leadership, period.

    No, I aint Oxford educated but Stanford trained. So I am not who you imagined. I am a self-made Malay patriot who earns his keep from beyond our shores but the Malay heart in me beats for my fellow Malays. I can walk away from here as easily I can walk away from Malaysia but that’s besides the point for I have a mission to do. Maybe henceforth, I will start writing in my mother tongue Malay to inform my brethren the dangers that await them from trusting opportunists like you.

    Warrior 231

  51. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Pencuci Mulut

    Mungkin, saudara seIslam dan se Melayu dengan saya boleh mengambil iktibar dari apa Allah azza wa jalla melalui sifat Rahimnya ingin sampaikan kepada para hambanya secara tersirat agar mereka sedar sebelum terlambat:

    "Last fall, in parliamentary elections, 47 percent of the seats went to the Brotherhood party and about 25 percent went to ultraconservative Muslim Salafist parties; many Egyptians believed that Islamist parties would be honest, incorruptible, and concerned about the public’s welfare.

    But when I went around last week to working-class districts of Cairo, such as Imbaba and Saida Zeinab, which had voted heavily for Brotherhood candidates for parliament, nearly all the people I met said they wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

    Even more common was the complaint of carpenter Saad Mohammed, who said, "We gave them their chance, but they just talk and don’t do anything. We hoped for security and jobs. This country is in chaos and it needs someone with a strong hand in control."


    Mirip dengan kisah sedih Kelantan, bukan begitu? Inilah yang bakal menimpa umat Islam di Malaysia apabila memberi wala mereka kepada golongan pseudo-Islam Wahhabi dan Khawarij PAS setelah ditipu daya oleh pujukan Syaitaniah mereka.

    Berbaiah dengan pemimpin Islam yang lemah atau fasik jauh lebih baik dari pemuka munafik dan kaffir yang gagah dengan serban, jubah dan hujah berdegar-degar tetapi kosong dari segi amal dan maruah diri sehingga terpaksa menompang dengan Kuffar serta menggadai kalimah Allah semata-mata untuk berkuasa.

    Warrior 231

  52. Anonymous10:41 pm

    anon@5:31 PM

    what talking you - you sure you're not existing in some far out region

  53. Anonymous1:24 am

    Anon 5.31pm

    Your appeal to Aristotelian pathos flounders on thin ice precisely because it comes across as mawkish cant garnished by hackneyed sentiment. Who are you trying to fool with your tautology? You would be better off wrapping that bromidic sermons of yours in fish wrap and stuff it up in that star bereft part of your anatomy where the sun never shines and the moon never glimpses.

    Isnt it oppression to rend peaceful societies asunder and maroon its citizenry in a rudderless world of chaos and anarchy?

    Is it humane to deny fellow men the basic essentials of life and comforts of freedom just because you disagree with the powers that be on puerile grounds?

    Is it deemed compassionate to drag the innocent and the neutral into your petty political bickering?

    Are we all to collectively suffer the vicissitudes of existence on the account of one individual's and his coterie's lust for power?

    Leaving aside my queries, your contradictory stance makes it even easier to unpick your the seams of your threadbare cloak of Pharisean hypocrisy:

    "oppressors generally try to avoid this from happening , they fill media chanels with racist hatred in the hope that one group will dehumanize another - this is oppression"

    let me rephrase that for your numb skull's benefit:

    oppressors generally try to avoid this from happening , they fill alternative media channels with "holier than thou cant", with preachy light/darkness imagery; with sanctimonious good vs evil symbolism in the hope that one group will dehumanize another - this is oppression.

    Why given your pulpit thumping rant, you aint no better, for dint you just accuse those who dont share your world view as:

    "given up your souls for the illusion of worldly power"

    Maybe the mirror on the wall is coveredthick with tartuffian dust and stained dark with pecksniffian arrogance. Maybe a spot of cleaning may yet cleanse your mealymouthed unctuous pronouncements. Need I say more, humbug?

    Warrior 231

    P/s : oh woe me...for bartering my soul for Mephistopheles' gold...hahahahahaha

  54. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Datuk, anda pun jadi pembangkang selepas dipecat. Sudahlah, memang melayu Singapura tak berguna.

  55. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Well Mr.Warrior , I really enjoyed reading your rant . Yes , you do have some valid points and no I do not agree with your overall world view even though I do understand it . Your quote from Jack Landon does not support any of what you say . What you are assuming is that your world view is the truth and the reality . I am very aware that the human is full of failings but this does not mean it should never try for something better and yes I agree with you it normally doesn't matter who is in power ,nobody seems to do much of a better job than anyone else but as what you were saying about violence I have to completely disagree with you , obviously if there are people in power who are willing to kill and commit serious crimes just to stay in power , at some point they must be removed and I do believe this is why we supposedly have "the rule of law" but what if those in charge of upholding the law are the ones breaking it , should everyone be terrified that to speak up would mean chaos and in such a situation who do you think would be creating the chaos ? We can go around and around on this , I will never agree with you , well at least not in the forseeable future and you , well , I guess you love yourself very much and believe that some people should always be sitting on the heads of other humans to maintain "order" - just a blanketed threat of violence if people want to see change happen . Same old argument , you know scientists have been having a lot of problems with the theory of evolution , it turns out that species "evolved" in very short spaces of time , there is no evidence that the changes that took place happened over a very long period , the only reason why homo sapiens out-did their predecessors was that they had access to more parts of their brains , homo sapiens are still using such a tiny amount of their brain capacity , what happens to the old systems that were designed for the homo sapien when the homo sapien moves forward ? Obviously the ones who have become vey comfortable with their positions of power will feel vey insecure and would probably be amonst the last to accept that change is inevitable , I mean most history we learn in school is the history of baboons fighting over who dominates the others , I guess the status quo has no problem with drawing blood to keep the position they have created for themselves in the blood of others hence your constant referals to the chaos that ensues movements for change .Anyway Mr. Warrior I hope your life is full of peace and happiness , I would love to chat somemore but the "lie that makes " me free is calling me back to my delusionments , lol .

  56. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Anon 9.51pm

    You started the conversation first as you mentioned my nom de guerre so I responded out of common courtesy and Malay civility.

    You see, I dont have this perverse hankering as some have to engage in cyber conversations especially when the other party is not prepared to cast aside its tinted glasses, delusions,paranoia whatever and analyse the issue based on facts.And neither do I have the inclination to yearn for petty triumphs here to salve an inferiority ridden ego as others here long for.

    My take has always been clear: you (or anyone for that matter) put up your stuff and I put up mine and let the readers decide who is talking sense based on facts. Simple.

    But the moment you attack me like a coward of course I am entitled to respond.

    Be that as it may, it seems your pathetic attempt to caricature me as a fuddy duddy ensconced in comfort and fearful of change or violence is laughable.As I clearly stated, change is only desirable when it actualises transformation for the better, brings vast improvements to the current status quo, entails a progressive and superior paradigm shift.

    If it is just shuffling a pack of cards in an old deck or replacing one devil with another (no lesser or greater here as all devils start small)then forget it as the implications for the masses is not worth the effort. In simple terms, the ROI is not worth the outlay.Only a mad idiot would aver otherwise.

    Finally, about those oft repeated murderer rants, why dont your opposition fuckheads sell it to the Sun in the UK, the Times of London, the Daily Mirror or the Daily Telegraph etc. Am pretty sure, they will be falling heads over heels to cash in on that juicy sensational stuff, dont ya think twatlick while your pimps get to earn a lot of moolah and public goodwill in exchange. Why they aint doing it is best left to idiots like you to figure out. After all it is something so simple and obvious, that even a primary schoolboy would have figured it out by now.

    And that innate idiocy infecting your herd-mentality driven rabble explains why many sane ones out there are leery of joining your fellow crackpots in the streets.

    Warrior 231