Saturday, May 05, 2012

Tunku Aziz to Bersih organisers: "You are no angels"

Tunku Aziz had warned all of them. The DAP newcomer said Bersih 3 would lead to mob violence. They wouldn't listen. They gave him hell. They told him to stay at home and play with his grand kids. DAP big boss' son Lim Guan Eng found it apt to openly reprimand the old man, told everyone that the statement by the Melayu had "embarrassed" the party.

Then the mob did get violent. Like all mass street protests anywhere in the world, things got out of hand.

Now Tunku Aziz tells Bersih organisers: you guys are no angels so don't blame others for the violence that erupted during Bersih 3. Orang Melayu kata: Itulah, tak dengar cakap orang tua-tua. Listen to your elders. Respect them.

Read The MOLE's interview with a defiant Tunku Aziz, post Bersih 3.0

Another old man - THE old man - has just written about Bersih 3. He said if elections in our country were not clean and fair, how is it that the ruling party has never been able to wrest Kelantan from PAS? Why did it lose Sabah? Penang in 1969 and again in 2008? How could it lose FIVE STATES and the two-thirds majority just in the last general elections?
13. So why the demonstrations and the demands for the elections to be clean and fair? Well should the opposition lose in the States or at the Federal levels, then one can safely assume that the opposition will claim that the Government had not conducted the elections fairly, that the Government cheated. 
14. There would then be more demonstrations, perhaps bigger and more violent ...
Read Dr M's Bersih 3. Sometimes we must listen to our elders.

Stupid Stupefied. Still on Bersih 3, you've got to watch and listen to this exchange between one of the Bersih 3.0 leaders ( who is now on the police WANTED list) and an expat journalist.

Footage courtesy for Dr Novandri.

Serve the yellow* bitch right. And so much for Bersih respecting us journalists! Good for the dude. I hear he is an expat who's been a photographer for one of the foreign wire agencies. Not really sure what went on earlier but the Malaysian woman spewing expletives and racist remarks was totally stupefied by his response in crisp Bahasa Melayu. I suspect she can't hold a conversation in BM.

* reference to t-shirt colour, not skin


  1. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Rocky - tell us approximately how many pple were at Bersih 3.0?

  2. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Too much of porks, I guess! BTW don't see her as Malaysian. Maybe on tourist visa looking for job as GRO at Jalan Pudu!


  3. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Whylah all the racial overtones...yellow bitch and orang melayu...trying to stir or provoke response...sorrylah majority of us RAKYAT are much more mature and do not stoop so low as to name calling

  4. Anonymous3:10 pm

    The way she speaks remind me of the braggart Lim Guan Eng. I couldn't help seeing Lim Guan Eng in her. Satu tongkang... padan lah pun.


  5. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Remember my comments awhile back of the Wahabbi plot, well Nik Aziz merely reaffirmed that contention as stated in Tun's blog.

    I wrote that:
    "pious Muslims on the outside but Kaffir/munafiks at the core. That sums up Nicky Azees, Hardy Awek, Karl Samad and their sympathisers perfectly. Pious humbug against infideldom pours from their gob yet passionate embraces are reserved for a lady kaffir called Ambiga.

    But Nicky (to use his correct kaffir name) is not a surprise package. After all, he had honed his skills at the famed Darul Ulum Deobandi/Wahabbi madarasah in Uttar Pradesh, India: (UMNO blog eh, well i got other neutral ones to suit your taste)

    And Deobandism/ Wahhabism is the heart for all deviationists extremist shit in Pakistan and Afghanistan, from Taliban down:

    Deobandis/Wahabbis trace their lineage to the Kharijites of the early Muslim era, the first heretics to surface after the Prophet's(PBUH and HF)death. For primer go here:

    download the stuff and observe the startling similarities between Kharijism and PAS theology of shedding Muslim blood based on the KafirMengkafir principle as espoused by Hardy Awang and supported by Nicky, of course!. And Anwar in the equation? No surprises there too for ain't ABIM a hotbed of Wahabbism sponsored by the Saudi Wahabbis. Wasn't Anwar supposed to join PAS, his spiritual home, as were Fadzil Noor, Siddiq etc, before he flitted to UMNO (on a PAS mission to destroy it from within- in 1995, Mat Sabu is on record in the Hansard of asking AI when he will be the PM as he once bragged to PAS insiders)

    And the kaffirs in Bersih? Well they are under Uncle Sam's and right wing Christian extremist tutelage, the ones assigned to put yet another unsuspecting Muslim state under Christian hegemony as they prepare for their Nuclear Armageddon (the Christian shit believe Armag is REQUISITE to trigger Rapture and all their other shitty HOCUS POCUS). Sounds like a poor movie script, right? Well, that's how it is panning out and Malaysia is just another minor cog in the global eschatological wheel invented by the damned Armag-crazy Christos!

    Didnt, the Prophet (pbuh and HF) warn us of Dajjal ALMASIH why ALMASIH ah??? You guess is good as mine.

    Warrior 231

  6. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Haha. That was one comic moment in the event.
    A pity that the comments on Youtube quickly became racial. The irony was lost on so many.

    "Angry Bird" got pwnd.

  7. Anonymous5:13 pm

    DAP slit eyes flexing their muscle under the disguised of yellowish BERSIH for Yellow Power show-off....or what the Yankees called the yellow perils...

    Salleh Telegu

  8. Anonymous6:08 pm

    In bullet points :

    * Anwar's going for broke.
    * Main objective to be PM to wash his sins.
    * DAP and PAS wants him as PM, to be led by the nose aka blackmail.
    * Foreign agents backing him too, with blackmail as reward.
    * Bersih is just an eyewash.
    * Ambiga's been used, followers hoodwinked.
    * PKR, DAP and PAS leaders fully aware of plot but pretend to play dumb.


  9. In her not so elegant way, this woman defended her stance - very correctly - and took issue with "CORRUPTION", explaining to the "white idiot" to "respect M'sia" - nothing wrong there in my eyes when UMNO spare us no grace and then think Rocky, the billions lost to UMNO/BN !!!

    In her defense, she definitely got caught up with both moment and emotion while the "white idiot" countered with his religious leaning - that too not a good idea when we consider the biggest thieves in M'sia (let's just start with Mamak Kutti, Bollah Dabawi and Najib) are all Muslims just like the "white idiot" - ada salah kah my analogy because I would come across like an angel - wanna take a look at my tax file/bank a/c's - but PM and ex-PM sure won't offer the same disclosure.

    Betul kah Datuk Rocky berbillion sudah lesap, songlap and kena curi by UMNO while the Malay heartland don't know better and can only watch and stare even if they knew.

    There is no hiding and you should know right from wrong Rocky.

  10. Anonymous7:40 pm

    but this is the kinda nyonya the rich elite malays just love to have as wif wat. Terkangkang2, sepet nak mampus, bau2 perfume hamis bakuteh gitu.

  11. Anonymous7:48 pm

    nyonya in rage do an Emily Rose everytime they are contradicted wat. Too bad she has the glasses on or you can see the sepet slits darting demonic flashes. Can get really fucking ugly ...Habis all the branded clothes and style gone!! KKKkKK

  12. Anonymous8:42 pm

    it seems a standard text anthem calling other corrupted as though they are elevated on a high pedestal hence on high moral ground and deserves everything.

    They are more a matter of fact.


    They are actually a bigger, meaner and hungrier wolf cloaking under kambing's skin, hiding behind much hypocrisy.

  13. Anonymous11:20 pm

    tunku ni macam tak berapa pandai....mana punya tunku ni? tunku ke dunggu?

  14. Anonymous11:27 pm

    The video did not show the context so cannot judge fully. However, the lady's sharp reaction is a mystery. But the guy seems to be saying that he is a Muslim and he live in Malaysia. Why did he has to bring his religion in? To intimidate the lady? And because he is a Muslim and his wife is a Malaysian, therefore he can label the lady as 'biadap' and tell the lady not to be 'biadap'? This sort of logic can inflame. Just put him on the receiving end and someone tells him not to be 'biadap' while declaring that she is a Buddhist, lives in Malaysia and that her husband is a Malaysian and you will know what I mean; especially if say, the incident occurs in Myanmar which is majority Buddhist and which has a record of lynching minorities including Muslims (Malaysia has a record of Muslims lynching non-Muslims in 1969). I think the guy is more 'biadap' than the lady by bringing his religion into play and thereby indirectly threatening the lady with lynching. He should not be speaking like that to a lady in the first place. As a foreigner, he should learn that it is very un-Malaysian to do so. The Muslims I know do not use their religion to make threats. He should have just ignored the lady!

  15. Anonymous11:32 pm

    fuyooo.....wait till you see her in action in the kitchen with an Indon maid.

  16. Anonymous3:53 am

    apa nama betina ni? Jacqueline? Michelle? Marion Fook Mee? Nama mesti nak teror mat saleh punya walopon muka cam belacan,cakap omputih pon hodoh.

  17. Anonymous6:19 am

    Rocky, you Racist Rat.

  18. Anonymous7:18 am

    I wonder who is this yellow shirt woman? How can she suggest the Malay who seems to be the most populous groups to get out of Malaysia?

    Chinese have China. Indian have India. Malay have Malaya? What happened to Malaya now called Malaysia where Chinese Indian and others admitted as Malaysian and became part this great Malaysia.

    Ini bangsa bangsat lah.

    This woman in yellow surely should look into the mirror of herself. She should be deported to China or Taiwan. I think both of this country will also not accept this kind of person to their country.

  19. Anonymous8:26 am

    Stupid Stupefied.

    Ah, rocky, but you are just like this lady. You spout crazy conspriracy theories about foreign interference in the country with no evidence and vent the same way.

    Same side of the same coin

  20. Anonymous1:37 pm

    this is a preview of the chinese pendatang aiming to become PM of Malaysia

    pap failed so bershit will attempt a second chance

    such arrogance, a misfit under the Malaysian sun - the umbrella signals a pendatang race

  21. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Hahahahahaha.....Pendatang descended Chingkie shit trying to tell "foreigners" to vamoosh while cockless and balless,maruahless pseudo-Malay trannie boys in the background shamelessly egg the bitch on.The shocked and stupified look on her face at the gentleman's response is indeed priceless. Tabik to him for flawless Malay and his Maruah as a Muslim.

    As for the pondans in the background, if they had balls, cocks and maruah like real Men do, they would have told the Chingkie pendatang descended bitch off.

    This is a classic illustration of the scenario in Putrajaya if the PR coalition is fated to rule. Chingkie bitch (symbolising DAP)ruling the roost and belittling Muslims while pseudo-Malay pondans and Muslim heretics (PKR and PAS Wahhabis) are reduced to helpless, fearful and cuckolded bystanders.

    Ini adalah gambaran jelas dan tepat apa yang bakal berlaku jika ditakdirkan PR memerintah. Betina bangsat (DAP)memperlekehkan orang Islam manakala Melayu bapok dan Islam murtad (Wahabi2 PKR dan PAS) melihat saja dalam keadaan dikembiri, gerun dan takut. Apa nak buat kerana itulah bakal kesudahan baghal yang ikut setan tak berteloq macam Nuaq, Arsemin,Samad,Situkartiub dll.

    Sebenarnya insiden ini merupakan juzuk simbolik dari yang induknya. Bukankah Bershit dipimpin betina pariah, Ambiga (DAP) yang pengikutnya rata-rata terdiri dari manusia pepatung yang dayus dari segi maruah bangsa dan agama seperti Anwhore and Arsemin (PKR) serta Nikki Azees dan Hardy Awek (PAS) dibantu oleh balaci tak berteloq seperti si serabai Samad dan pencacai samseng jalanan bapok 2Car Tiup (ya tiup...seperti dalam 'tiup batang Cino').

    Tidakkah jelas, kepada Melayu-Islam yang berfikir akan satu lagi petanda dari Allah azza wa jalla akan bala yang bakal menjelma. Ingat banyak peringatan Allah isyaratkan bersesuaian dengan sifat Rahimnya sejak 2008. Cuma saya nak ingatkan, janganlah di salahkan takdir seperti ghalibnya masyarakat Melayu buat bila ditimpa musibah sebab amaran Allah telah pun sampai dengan jelas dan nyata dan tidak ada ruang untuk kita berdalih. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak menganiaya makhluknya melainkan mereka menzalimi diri sendiri.

    Jadi ambillah peringatan dan amaran Allah ini sebagai petanda dan pendorong akan kemenangan yang dekat berkat kehendakNYa jika kami bersatu sebagai Melayu/Islam yang berani dan bermaruah dalam menghancurkan komplot Wahabi PKR/PAS dan Kapiak Kristian/Cina demi masa depan agama/bangsa kita.

    Warrior 231

  22. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Dear Dean,

    If you want to play racial, then by using a little bit more of your IQ will tell you that Malays have Indonesia - where they originally came from! In fact a lot of them have India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and yes, also China,(e.g. our sixth PM), etc!

  23. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Funny that those chingkies blamed UMNO/Malays have been sucking all the billions of RM.

    (1)How about the "Baba" in the Ali-Baba equation in the government contracts/projects.Nothing were said against these blood-sucking, slit-eyed rodents.

    (2)How about the contraband/smuggling which cost Malaysia billions since 17th century? Malays?

    (3)How about cheating/evasion of taxes. Malays?

    Anymore, guys?

    Nevermind... These 3 items alone have been costing Malaysia billions if not trillions since these chingkies came ashore. Believe me, even Mainland Chinese brand them as traitors, suckers.... Its just that Malays are too polite (borderline to stupidity) NOT to question their parasitic existence.

  24. Anonymous6:59 pm

    YES! Rocky's a racist when he commented on a FACT on a 'yellow' person.

    But a lot of Ah Beng's are heroes for bashing Maly this and Malay that.

  25. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Yellow bitch? Rocky, you racist, conniving, umno fuk...

  26. Anonymous7:40 pm

    kpd jantan2 melayu - walocamno kaya ke VVIP kamu, jangan lah wat bini. Tahan lah nafsu nak bau pukimak bakuteh tak cebok.Zuriat ko punya muka jamin cam berok kuning jer nanti.

  27. Anonymous5:47 am

    hehehe ... sepet holding on fast to her umbrella for fear the sun might darken her YELLOW skin.Oh well, Chinese dont look good tanned anyways.

  28. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Yellow shit in the background another fuckarse Chingkie paiah boy. Look how he pours oil on fire at 0.44 , stupid clueless spermswilling pig.

    Now it is clear as daylight which ethnic main stirrer of trouble: the BABIS aka CHINGKIE SCUM.

  29. Anonymous11:21 am

    aiya nyonya...u tak reti ckp melayu ka? lagi mau claim malaysian? yellow bitch suits u just perfectly...

  30. Anonymous11:35 am

    Hey Warrior

    Great analysis - in perfect Bahasa Melayu pulak tu

    Hope the lembus will read your interpretation and warning