Saturday, April 14, 2012

A yellow sticky note for Bersih re Baharuddin Ahmad

At Bersih 2.0 in July last year, the organisers of Bersih and their die-hard supporters were quick to blame the Police for the death of a middle-aged man who collapsed and died while taking part in the demonstration. They claimed he died in a scuffle with our boys in blue. Post-mortem showed that Baharuddin Ahmad died of a heart attack. 

I don't remember Ambiga or any of her political sponsors assuming responsibility for the death on 9 July 2011. I do remember her declaring Bersih 2.0 a success, notwithstanding the death. Not even a year on, Baharuddin has been reduced to just a news filler.

With Bersih 3.0, Ambiga and fellow organisers should act more responsibly. Start by making sure that all necessary precautions have been taken to cover the protesters (not themselves and their political masters) in the unlikely event of another death.

p.s. And please tell your protesters not to fake their deaths lah. Remember this stupid stunt [read h e r e]? 

The Bersih death faker, flanked by a foreign jounalist and a YB, no less!


  1. Anonymous12:45 pm

    The circus is going to enter the town of kl hahaha bunch of clowns.

  2. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Typical sloppy shoulders

    think these people learned too much from our gov's attitude towards NS's deaths

    Think about it. some will not mind a few more of this in bersih as it they are likey hardcore PR supported anyway


  3. Dear Rocky

    How about for a change, the police escort the marcher? I remember joining a walk in Christchurch NZ, where the police actually escort and clear the road for us to walk to our destination. When we reach the destination, we have a lot of fun. A lot of temporary stores was setup to sell food and drink. The business on the street benefit more because all those people coming out need food and need. Good business and everyone is happy.

    Only if the police to ESCORT their BOSS (The Rakyat). We are the BOSS, am i right? No?

  4. Dear Rocky

    How about for a change, the police escort the marcher? I remember joining a walk in Christchurch NZ, where the police actually escort and clear the road for us to walk to our destination. When we reach the destination, we have a lot of fun. A lot of temporary stores was setup to sell food and drink. The business on the street benefit more because all those people coming out need food and need. Good business and everyone is happy.

    Only if the police to ESCORT their BOSS (The Rakyat). We are the BOSS, am i right? No?

  5. bersih1&21:28 pm

    as usual, you do not give a balanced write-up despite being a seasoned journalist.

    ever thought how Bersih or anyone could even dare tried to put the blame on police/govt/home ministry if instead of making every attempt to ensure Bersih failed, the authorities had actually helped to ensure smooth and trouble-free gathering, with police providing traffic and crowd control???

    truth is their action led to people including me who walked, putting the blame on the authorities!

  6. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Can you tell your umno bosses to chill and let the people walk?

  7. bourne identity3:39 pm

    Bersih? Id advise these supporters to bersih their inner selves first B4 trying to bersih this and that. Maybe ask Mr Drama King to BERSIH his ass first become even thinking of taking the bus to PutraJaya. As well as Ambiga BERSIHing herself first by taking up a foreign citizenship and declaring that Malaysia IS NOT for her.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone1:14 pm

      Seems a funny argument to me.

      Why should Ambiga (or any other Malaysian) have to prove their loyalty, overtly or covertly?

      It's not unpatriotic to ask for "equality", is it?

      After all, wasn't the equality of all Malaysians referred to recently in an event which was reported in the media?

      Unless the media misreported it in the first place!

    2. Anonymous7:24 pm

      Aaahh when it boils down to equality u all harps the magic mantra.. Why this why that what does and what does not..

      My dear kawan.. We have rules and regulations.. Why on earth do you want to seek misadventure?

      Is a citizen deemed loyal if the march itself creates unnecessary hardship to other citizens?

      I for one would like u ppl go and do the walk let say within the vicinity stadium batu 3 shah alam or stadium indera mulia in ipoh or any place that is suggested by the authorities.

      I am a citizen of Malaysia and i do adhere to this nation's regulation. So who are these ppl who wants to disturb other citizens? Are they above the law?

      Are they better citizen than me?

      Where is my equal right to not be disturbed by this walk?

      Who has the say in this matter? You or the government in power who the ppl voted to protect ppl like me and you?

      Unless you ppl won this coming election you can amend the preaent law..

      I will use bahasa pasar pudu bro.. Why la want create bising2 so loud and bring ppl from outside kuala lumpur just to show your might? So kuat meh?


  8. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Beware of "classy" achi ambiga


    This face type indicates irresponsibility, dishonesty, recklessness and some cases brutality. It is associated with lower intelligence.


    People with unbalanced foreheads have a forehead where the hair grows unevenly and down farther on one side than it does on another. This represents discontent and disharmony. Children with behavioral problems frequently have been known to share this unbalanced forehead feature.

    1. Anonymous7:25 pm

      Hahahahahahaha keras perut aku

  9. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Woi Rocky, lu ni memang 'Awang Selamat' of the Malaysia blogsphere !!

    'Abang din' dah bagi jawatan Awang Selamat pada rocky kut !!

  10. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Apa itu Bersih. Betul ke dia orang ni Bersih. Kumpulan ini guna `brand name' yang baik-baik untuk menutup perbuatan keji dan mungkar.

    Sehinggakan ada yang sampai mati kerana menyertai perarakan kumpulan ini kononnnya atas nama hak asasi manusia.

    Rakyat Malaysia sedarlah kita bahawa penganjuran perhimpunan oleh kumpulan ini hanya sekadar mencari publisiti murahan.

    Mereka mengharap publisiti daripada media asing untuk memburukkan nama negara ini apabila berlaku provokasi melampau sehingga membawa bibit bibit suasana yang kurang terkawal.

    Bukannya besar, tetapi suasana tidak terkawal itu diperbesar-besarkan.

    Inilah agenda kalangan manusia yang tidak tahu mengenang budi dan berterima kasih, hidup dalam negara yang begitu aman tenteram.

    Semua disediakan daripada yang fizikal sehinggalah kepada yang softnya. Inilah keadaannya apabila manusia sudah terlalu senang, dia lupa bahawa apa yang dikecapi adalah hasil keringat dan kudrat nenek moyang yang pada ketika tertentu bermandi darah mempertahankan pertiwi.

    Ingatlah rakyat Malaysia terutama kalangan orang muda. Kalau sejarah seperti DARURAT, PERISTIWA 13 MEI 1969, dan beberapa peristiwa penting yang membawa kepada suasana tidak tenteram dalam negara ini terusan berulang, ia mengambil masa lama untuk kita bangkit semula untuk perbaiki keadaan.

    Benarlah orang berkata, untuk meruntuhkan negara dalam sehari pun boleh selesai, tetapi untuk membina sebuah negara bangsa, kita terpaksa menunggu berpuluh tahun untuk mengecapi hasil kejayaannya.



  11. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Latuk Locky: just make sure your political masters don't simply fire teargas cannisters and chemical-laced water into hospital compounds, schools and places of worship. And if they do, just admit responsibility and don't try to deny.


  12. The Coroner's Inquest into Baharuddin's death is on-going. So, while the post mortem may have concluded he died of a heart attack, more relevant is what brought it on.

    More than that, we have seen in recent cases - Kugan, Guna, TBH - that the professionalism of some of our government doctors regarding post mortems remains highly questionable.

    Is it likely Baharuddin died merely because he marched in Bersih 2 when his widow and family have testified at the CI that he had been in perfect health and had never suffered from hypertension or a coronary condition? CLICK HERE

    So, there's not an iota of reason to try and lay Baharuddin's death at Ambiga or Bersih's door. Ambiga and Bersih members have all expressed sadness and sympathy for that regrettable demise on many occasions. Just Google it.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  13. Ala Rocky, macam tak tahu pulak trick depa. Lagi ada yang mati atau tercedera lagi bagus. Boleh salahkan kerajaan dan polis. Kalau tak mati, pura-pura matipun takpe.Janji ada modal politik. Janji ada rakyat yang kata kesian lalu kutuk kerajaan kononnya amat zalim. Nanti kita tengok lagilah lakonan Mat Sabu dan Anwar ya. Apa pulak aksi mereka kali ni. Takkan nak pakai trick dulu. Nanti jadi cry wolf.Haaha lawaknya orang yang kononnya pemimpin kita ni dan bakal tawan PutraJaya. Anak kitapun lagi pandai berfikir.Amat autawan depa ni.

  14. Anonymous11:28 pm


    Wha is your opinion on this guy who faked his death last year and got all of you all worked up against the police?

    Or, oh, you guys enjoy faking it?


  15. Anonymous12:16 am

    well that achi is sure one ambitious fella

    she aims to replace anwar as the foreign puppet

    imagine shifting from civil society STRAIGHT into politics on the same banner as Hadi

    not too close ok!

  16. Rocky....when you participated the BERSIH 1 you complained it was a political walk....with PR leaders joining Ambiga..and vowed not to participate in any BERSIH walk anymore.
    Now you cook up a story saying the death is faked.
    You seem to have lots of reasons to prove BERSIH walks are organized by the PR leaders and Ambiga is sort of a stooge to PR.
    Don't make a fool of yourself.
    Lim Kit Siang is famous to expose corruptions.
    PAS Tok Guru have always say UMNO is a corrupted party.
    keDAIlan Anwar is opening eyes of Muslims in UMNO b what they are..and he knows best..because he was a DPM before.
    Please don't bring the fucking sodomy nonsense into this argument.
    I am just proving PAS..DAP and keDAILan parties are for clean and uncorrupted government and these two are the main reasons for BERSIH walks with more and more reasons added in..foe example...a clean election rolls.
    Everyone knows you are working for UMNO b indirectly....and expects you to talk cock whenever you can.
    I am sure....after BERSIH 3 may have plenty to say again.
    I doubt you can convince smart Malaysians with your nonsense.
    After reading this post...I guess you will not be joining me to walk at BERSIH 3?
    ok la....stay home at watch history in the making.

  17. Rocky...which is worst..faking or lying?
    Faking has yet to be proven.
    Lying...tons of prove given out against Mahathir and Najib.

  18. Anonymous7:28 am

    Hypertension and panic can trigger heart attack. Could something like that have happened???.....think dato....those whose stay in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

  19. Anonymous8:06 am

    I dont want to be caught in massive traffic jam just because Ambiga and Anwar marching on the streets. I do have right to use the road smoothly. Please respect my right.

  20. Anonymous10:03 am


    What brought it on? Foolishness


  21. Anonymous11:40 am

    ah... the usual dribble from the guy from the cold, dark place... filled with hate, jealousy and pessimism.

    forever relating unrelated events to prove a non-existent/make-believe fault.

    ever heard of Fabrice Muamba?

    certified fit by medical doctors, physiotherapists, qualified coaches, qualified trainers, and others with paper qualifications so impressive that you'd want to believe all that they say must be gospel... we know what happened don't we?

    please crawl back into your cold, dark hole and keep your pessimism to yourself and your kind/species.

    yeah... it's Todi time!

    the Goatfarter

  22. Anonymous12:06 pm

    BERSIH 2.0 takes the cue from KAPERSKY 2.0.
    If all notice, KAPERSKY 2.0 is featuring an international celebrity, Jackie Chan on their adverts and billboards.
    It brought them roaring sales and popularity.
    BERSIH 2.0 wanted to do the same and tried to get AISYWARA RAI.
    They got her Malaysian cousin instead.

  23. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Kalau ikhlas nak memperjuangkan hak2 rakyat tolonglah buat lah perhimpunan Bersih kat dlm stadium. Tak perlu berarak dijalanan .

  24. begRosmah1:24 pm

    can't see why BN supporters don't want to support BERSIH3....well, actually i can. it's in their nature to cheat... so they'll never agree to a fair election.

    it's shameful for rocky to spin this. but it's understandable. a third world country jounalist humoring his bosses and supporters with their third world mentality....shameful.

  25. Anonymous3:40 pm

    this just in.

    so, will they blame the Football Association of Italy, the referee, the opposing team or, even, the ball?

    imagine the kind of fun the sick DPP and his Pakatan cyber troopers would have!

    maybe we should ship DPP and his cohorts off to Italy?

    1. Anonymous7:31 pm

      I abstain hahahahaha because i kinda like these pakatan ppl.. They make me smile with their forever bullshit that came from their day in day out rubbish arguments.. Recycling every hate issues that they could.

      This bersih thing is just another sick ploy to create another spin..

      Create a new game la u pakatan ppl..

      I kinda sick and tired of this Version 3.0 game.. New game pls.. Or else i would not buy it

  26. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Part 1

    When Kapil Sethi wrote his now widely circulated piece as to the sincerity of Bersih 3 motivations, he inadvertently tripped over a sleeping bitch and expectedly all hell broke loose amongst the PR ranks.

    Within the swirl of emotional rants, base threats, irrational ire and vituperative verbiage, important issues percolated in the eye of the storm, a zone of churchly calm in the lee of the storm where sepulchral silence sucks in any turbulence and use the slurry to bury the gold deep beneath the icy calm. And pray what are these key issues before they disappear into a vermilion sunset. An inkling is provided here:

    Observe how the response slams Kapil for not addressing the key outcomes of the PSC.

    But rather than skewer Kapil into oblivion, the response itself raises several key questions:

    a. If the alleged improprieties had been in existence after Bersih 1, why had the opposition taken part in an electoral farce in 2008?

    b. I) More pertinently, if those alleged irregularities had been in existent post 2008 as surely they had been, why did PR participate willingly in 10 by-elections and a state assembly election (Sarawak).

    II) Does not participation confer legality to proceedings, besides lending a veneer of dignified consent to the outcome?.

    III) Aren't the post-election actions of the winners from the PR ranks in GE 12, the by elections and the Sarawak elections indicative of legalizing an "illegality". By this I mean accepting the invitation to form state governments, taking the oath of office, proroguing the legislature, promulgating laws and enacting them and other such acts that together tantamount to accepting the electoral outcome and by default, legalizing the alleged improprieties of the electoral process itself. In simple language, why enjoy the fruits of victory when the process had been riddled with improprieties. Shouldnt they have resigned or refused to take their seats?

    iv) If that is the case, arent their administrative actions in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan the acts of illegally constituted governments?

    An additional point that may be of interest to legal eagles, including the ugly bitch leading the rabble is:

    Does knowing/voluntary participation in an illegality by itself nullifies any claims to future restitution?

    Contract law is replete with case studies on the issue as to when an illegal contract is enforceable. As to whether there is case law suggesting when an illegality in the electoral process does not nullify the outcome is up to the experts to inform us.

    c.Finally and equally importantly, why despite the existence of the alleged irregularities, did PR win 80 seats and 5 states in GE12 and half on the subsequent by-elections as well 14 seats in the Sarawak state assembly?

    The Pakatan brain diminished by emotion, and eroded by hate cannot fathom these issues and the contradictions inherent in them. It is the curse of being a slave to prejudice, of being the handmaiden of wrath and of being the coolie to unbridled ambition that they have to resort to goobledygook to obscure the real issues I raised above. In the end, their reliance on a mediocre legal brain to lead BErsih 3 speaks volumes of their opportunistic motives. For her part, the patent inability of the bitch to instantly recognize these improprieties speaks volumes of her ethical and professional hypocrisy.

    Warrior 231

  27. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Part 2
    The reason for that professional and ethical hypocrisy is not hard to understand. Ambiga is part of the Christian/Chinese conspiracy to deliberately derail the electoral process by disenfranchising vast swaths of Malay voters. How can this be so?

    1. Look at who form the overwhelming majority of the postal voters?

    2. Observe the complaints against alleged constituency gerrymandering and note the legality of which constituencies are being questioned? Rural; where Malays predominate.

    3. Observe too the hysterical calls for a RCI into the Sabah IC issue (when is a "much ado over nothing or mountains out of molehill variety" issue) and a verification of the Sabah roll. Who stands to be deliberately disenfranchised through such a review?
    Malay/Muslims, of course!

    4. Who stands to lose out when voters under common addresses are weeded out when such practice is a legacy from the days when Malays used to register en-bloc under one postal address and still do in far-flung kampongs. Why make a big deal of a common hitherto accepted practice unless:
    The motive is to disenfranchise those registered voters who are Malay/Muslims.

    5.Why sanction the crude indelible ink when biometrics offer a more sophisticated, physically safer and administratively verifiable option?

    Reason: Malay/Muslims will not be able to perform their daily prayers (solat) if indelible ink is used as water cannot permeate the stained finger thus nullifying ablution and rendering the Solat void for up to one week after the fact. Now tell me which Malay Muslim will place Allah below the electoral process unless he happens to be Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Hadi Awang, Karl Samad, Dzul Ahmad..all well known kaffirs who have sold kalimah Allah for Christian dollars and who have hawked Islam for Welfare receipts. The Fatwa Councillors also happen to be shitheaded turban lollipops in this regard. For evidence I append a scientific study and a religious fatwa :


    Observe how after 8 ulama opinions and a sahih hadis asserting the need for permeability in ablution and thus by default rejecting the use of indelible ink and similar equivalents like nail varnish, the idiotic fatwa council still sees it fit to rely on a weak unsubstantiated siasah syariah rationale to permit the unpermissablilty of indelible ink!!!

    2.Note that silver peroxide is not only impermeable to water but also a toxic and potentially corrosive substance.

    "Electoral stain typically contains a pigment for instant recognition, and silver nitrate which stains the skin on exposure to ultraviolet light, leaving a mark that is impossible to wash off and is only removed as external skin cells are replaced…….."

    Note applications on nail will only see removal when a new cuticle grows! on dangers of silver nitrate and its potential for allergic dermatitis.

    Warrior 231

  28. Dear Anon 340pm,

    Thanks for the link to the professional footballers death. Mandatory cardiac screening for Bersih protesters would be a waste of taxpayers money, though.

    Dear Monsterball,

    Burhanuddin died and he died of a heart attack. The guy in the picture with your YB from PKR was the PAS guy who pretended to die during the Bersih 2, and then all the Pakatan fellas believed he died and whacked the police.

    And thanks for reminding me why I'd never walk again for Bersih. I hate to be lied to.

  29. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Part 3

    We know that the Malay factions of PR, namely PKR and PAS have been bleeding massive Malay support since Bagan Pinang 2010. We know too that PAS has admitted to this fact and even spoke of Malay minority representation if PR wins:

    We know too that PKR has given up on the Malay votes despite their intensive attempts to carpet bomb the Malays with trivial issues: an opposition site)

    We know too that the DAP has admitted as much in Penang with Guano’s only 30% Malay sufficient vote claim:

    and the hints are replete in this MI despatch crafted by a lackey:

    Hence, who stands to gain by a show of support to falsely brainwashing the Malays into believing PR enjoys support as the turnout will be basically PAS Malai lembus.

    We know too that the Christian faction in Malaysian politics is adamant of capturing power due to strategic and eschatological reasons which I will elaborate upon when opportunity affords itself here.

    We know too these sudden effusions for cleanliness (Bersih) happen whenever Najib’s popularity peaks after the Merdeka Center goes to town with its surveys:

    March/April 2011: Najib’s popularity peaks. Response : July 2011 =Bersih 2
    February 2012 : Najib’s popularity re-peaks. Response : April 2012 = Bersih 3

    All these clearly suggest the need for the evil conspiracy to go into overdrive. A Christian/Chinese victory can only come about if enough Pribumi voters are disenfranchised and what better way than to initiate it via a seemingly neutral, Keling lackey. In fact, it is an apt choice as Ambiga is an amoral, unethical hypocrite whose selfish motives match her obsession for cheap publicity and political power. Want some evidence on that:

    Situation 1: She claims to be a defender of human rights. Question is whether this oft-quoted assertion is true. Case in point: Nikolai Sarkozy decorated her with a national honour, praising her for valour in upholding human rights. Sarkozy is on record of having rejected multi-culturalism here:

    And more recently below where halal meat joins the veil on the non-kosher list of Christian bigots/Gallic supremacists.

    In default it amounts to a negation of pluralism of Anwar Ibrahim and the Islam which kaffir Nik Aziz claims to champion and the reassertion of Christian/Gallic supremacy.

    Questions: 1)How come Ambiga did not say a word much less return her award bestowed by the xenophobic Gallic racist and Christian bigot, Nikolai Sarkozy?
    2)Is it because of her allegiance to the pro-Christian/Chinese lobby and a reflection of her anti Malay/Islam stance?
    3)How come PAS , Anwar bin Ibrahim and the DAP “Malaysia for Malaysian” rabble did not call Ambiga out on this issue?
    4)How come the self-styled Muslim ulamas of PAS and the “Muslims” of PKR dint disassociate themselves from this Christian.Chinese hobnobbing anti Malay/anti-Muslim Indian bitch?

    A liitle truth could go a long way towards unraveling the truths behind Bersih 3?

    Next: Samad Said and Hishammuddin Rais, sham Malay/Muslims on the prowl.

    Warrior 231

  30. Jasper Bloodstone7:07 pm

    Oh, wow - lookee here! A Chinese/Christian conspiracy, no less, to subtly "disenfranchise" certain others and deprive, nay rob, them of their legitimate voting rights.

    Never mind that it should be 1 person, 1 vote. For all Malaysians, inside and outside Malaysia.

    Unless Malaysians outside Malaysia are 2nd class and not on par.

    I don't see what Christian/Chinese has to do with free and fair elections, unless the warrior dude is reading from a separate playbook.

    But seeing as how his rantings follow well-worn themes, this is merely par for the course.

    As far as the technicalities of indelible ink versus biometrics are concerned, I would be inclined to go with the latter IF the project will not be farmed out to some crony company who will promptly farm it out to some farang outfit.

    But, then, the track record of biometrics in this country isn't exactly trust-inspiring either.

  31. Nadia AJ7:24 pm

    why is it that if you support BN means u have UMNO bosses and ur working for BN? If the opposition supporters have the right to voice their thoughts and support, does that mean that you are a genuine supporter or u are being paid by some opposition leaders to voice this out? I don't think or believe its the latter. I truly believe that you are sincere and genuine supporters. Just like Datuk Rocky. So why oppress the right of BN supporters? So what if Datuk Rocky supports BN? So what? He supports not what you support. Nor will you support that which he supports. And he shall not support that which you are supporting. Nor will you support that which Datuk supports. To you be your political allegiance, and to him his.

  32. I found that pakatan supporter sure funny 1. If u wif them u r smart, good, angel, etc... if u support bn u bcome corrupted, sleazebag idiot. I tot democracy mean u r free to choose? N the funniest thing i noticed is... most of pakatan r annonymous ...

  33. Olek Skilgannon9:09 am

    It seems that the warrior has forgotten that France is a secular state.

    That means that no religion gets to call the shots - not Christianity, not Islam, not Judaism, not get the drift?

    Is there any state proscription against Islam in France? Is there any officially-sanctioned pogrom or ethnic cleansing directed against Muslims in France?

    Ask yourself how many of the Muslim migrants who settled in France would be willing to uproot themselves from the dubious comfort of a secular state and plonk themselves in a more salubrious and welcoming environment like Malaysia.

    And if your logic is correct, then Malaysia should have said no to David Cameron's visit, because his Conservative-led government in the UK is also conspicuously secular, even if Queen Elizabeth II is of the Anglican faith.

    Nope, Ambiga has nothing to apologise for.

    Now, on the other hand, if the warrior was to get an award from the governments of Iran or Sudan or South Yemen......

  34. Anonymous11:48 am

    Only MADMEN of the Skilgannon variety will give a pathetically laughable response as he did by twisting everything outta context but that is in keeping with his diseased delusional self.

    And to equate the UK and Malaysia is akin to scrapping the pits of his delusional mind as no one mentioned anything about state to state relations, about the secular/non-secular nature of the UK nor anything about the supposed Christianity of secular France. Only a MADMAN bereft of logical thinking would do that which is not surprising given his responses over the Singapore money laundering thingy.

    To recap this is what Sarkozy said:

    replayed here:

    Sarkozy appeared to court Le Pen’s supporters by echoing remarks from his hardline Interior Minister Claude Gueant on Saturday rejecting “multiculturalism” and suggesting school canteens should not serve halal meat.

    “Let’s recognise everyone’s right to know what they’re eating, halal or not. I’d like to see, therefore, the ticketing of meat according to its method of slaughter,” Sarkozy said. “We have to consider our holidays, the church and cathedral towers in our villages and towns, our eating habits, our morality, as aspects of our civilisation not just our religion: the civilisation of the French Republic.”

    It is clear from that excerpt:

    1. that Sarkozy is plainly rejecting pluralism as espoused by Anwar Ibrahim and plainly and openly denying the rights of Muslims to kosher food as their rights to the veil, something Kaffir Nik Aziz and co claim to stand for.

    2. that sarkozy does not give a fig about Islam or any other religion when he clearly says "“We have to consider our holidays, the church and cathedral towers in our villages and towns, our eating habits, our morality, as aspects of our civilisation not just our religion: the civilisation of the French Republic.” which is as plainly as saying "the French republic is founded on Christian Not SECULAR principles" in the SARKOZIAM socio-political paradigm.
    And I stress SARKOZIAN socio-political worldview because MADMAN will twist it otherwise by imputing that I AM saying France is NOT secular.

    c. Sarkozy's blatant assault on Islam is a violation on human rights, on the right to faith and the right to practice it. He is merely reasserting his disavowment of multiculturalism. And his angling for Le Pen's support is pretty indicative of his racist predilections.

    Now the question to Ambiga is simple: If you are a fighter of human rights, how come you have not reacted to this flagrant violation of the principles you, Ambiga, claim to fight for. The least you can do is to return the awards, pronto and disavow any association with a right wing racist, Christian bigot.

    Or is there a law on the acceptance of pluralism for anti-muslim racists/religious bigots and another for Muslim "extremists"?

    I am sure Ambiga is capable of answering my question and would be deply embarrassed to have a MADMAN pimp in unlaundered clothes trying to muscle in on the discussion and try to spin pathetic delusional tales on her behalf.The fact that MADMAN is strangely SILENT on PART 1 is a clear indication of his selectively neurotic and paranoid thought processes.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:09 pm

      Does it mean that the French Pressie and his political rivals are not observing the " Liberte, Equalite, Fraternite" slogan of the French Revolution?

      All this alleged hate-mongering in La Belle France hasn't deterred Muslims from North Africa and Turkey seeking a better life for themselves and their children in a secular France.

      The supposed lack of halal food notwithstanding.

      The same Muslims haven't uprooted themselves to seek a better life in Malaysia.

      Maybe earnings in Euros is better than earnings in Ringgit. And politics be damned!

  35. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Now I have got a couple of questions for Ambiga and all her Christian/Chinese racist, extremist supporters including the insane MADMAN, SG aka JB.

    1. If the whole electoral process is fraught with irregularities and procedural improprieties, how come your ardent backer and stage manager; Anwar bin Ibrahim is hastily preparing for the hustings:

    Isnt this an indication that nothing is wrong in the process and the only place something is wrong is in your HEADS?

    2. There were 16 by elections after PRU 12:

    As we know most if not all of these by-elections would have had no bearing on the political dynamics.

    a. Why then did the opposition take part in each of these inconsequential polls if the electoral system was fraught with fraud and other improprieties?

    b. Why didnt they BOYCOTT those INCONSEQUENTIAL by elections to draw global attention to these irregularitiesgiven they provide the perfect platform for doing so?

    3. The Sarawak polls drew much unwelcome global press especially with regard to Taib Mahmud.

    a. Why didnt PR BOYCOTT that poll as that would have drawn the attention of an already besotted foreign press to the electoral IMPROPRIETIES as well, an opportunity too laden with gold to squander!?

    4. The global community has a long tradition of condemning "fraudulent" elections. two examples suffice:



    Why, even Russia was condemned by the US over the Golos polls watchdog!!

    a. How come no such condemnation of Malaysia ever happened?
    b. Why was Malaysia never made a pariah state for its so-called "fraud" elections?

    All the above suggest one thing and ONE thing only. There is NO impropriety excepting in the diseased and DELUSIONAL minds of loser bastards and bitches. Bitter WOEMEN who resort to clutching the last straws of fraud to avoid facing the reality of their deluded failed selves. "Blame others for all your woes" is their mantra for they reckon naively that the world owes ONLY them a living at the expense of others

    Finally off-topic : For MADMAN to imply me a Muslim extremist is even more pathetically laughable allt because I have outlined a Christian/Chines plot with evidence to boot.

    In the Khairy/Rafizi thread I wrote this:

    "prohibiting the use of Islam in party policy frameworks and proscribing parties flouting this provision."

    I have repeated this here and elsewhere as the sanctity of Islam is more important than the poltical shenanigans of loser turban lollipops.

    I am all for the preserving of Islam's sanctity and reject its opportunistic manipulation by any party BUT that does NOT mean that I will idly stand by and watch the rights of a Muslim in Malaysia be castarated by Christian/Chinese conspirators on the altar of political expediency in order to realise the dream of a Christian/Chinese dominated Malaysia.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:39 pm

      The "sanctity of Islam", eh?

      What about the sanctity of Christianity and Judaism, the 2 other great monotheistic faiths?

      Are they not worthy of respect too?

      Or is there one First Class faith, with all other faiths being relegated to "Second Class"?

      Maybe that is the mindset of the mullahs and ayatollahs in Iran and the zealots who subscribe to the philosophies of Al Qaeda and the Taliban and their offshoots.

      Is that your mindset also?

      Seeing as how you blather on about "Chinese/Christian conspiracies" (which are seditious, to say the least), it's pretty obvious which way you swing.

  36. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Finally, my regards about the sit-in.

    Since the ISA has been buried and one cannot force a troublemaker like the charcoal-black, old ugly saggy-titted, pot-bellied frumpy, manly looking bitch to be detained and compelled to do squats to reveal what she is hiding up her filthy sleeve...let her, her equally old shaggy potbellied white haired companion dog and their moustachioed gangster wannabe on the run, laze themselves unmolested at Dataran Merdeka come April 28 in order to cool their frenzied, scrambled brains, to reminisce about their escapades as whores with their Chinese pimps in days gone by down the road at Chow Kit and to serenade a few thousand loser Malai lembus, Chinese whores and Indian dogs with a dollop of PKR arsetalk, some ladlefuls of DAP cocktalk with a smattering of PAS twat/cunt-licks while the majority of sane Malaysians enjoy the weekend in peace with our families.

    But I also call on the authorities to allow a counter march by Muslims intent on protecting their right to worship Allah through a collective manifestation of angry protest and revulsion at the amateurish attempts by the SPR and the Fatwa Council to void their ablutions and by extension the mandatory Solat (for roughly a week) at the behest of the Christians, the Chinese racists and their pseudo-Malay supporters! "SAY NO TO INDELIBLE INK WHICH IS NOTHING BUT A LINK TO HELL!

    Let it be known that this evil design by the Christian/Chinese conspirators to disenfranchise the Malay/Muslims will be confronted by the collective stand of the Ummah even if it means only 10 turn up!

    Warrior 231

  37. Rocky he died for the country and people under so much stress the police keep pouncing the walkers.
    After his death..notice the great change of policemen attitudes?
    Heart attacks do not come from just walking la.
    I have an elephant memory.
    Don't forget my loving kindness always to you...but I hate your twisting mind for a cozy job.
    That's not a man...with principles.
    That's cari makan.... kaki ku kaki.
    Now you work for to walk?

  38. Rocky you are no Freedom Fighter.
    You are an out-dated opportunist.

  39. kah kah kah... wow, dakwat cap jari haram ke? kah kah kah...

    woit, bagaimana pula dengan lubnan?
    bagaimana pula dengan mesir?
    apa pula dengan indonesia? negara islam tebesar
    bagaimana dengan tunis?

    semua orang ni masok neraka ke..? kah kah kah

    ish betoi orang ni... mula mula tuduh didalangi kominis.. kemudian cina.. kemudian hindu.. kemudian yahudi.. kemudian kristian.

    esok tuduh didalangi orang singh kalsa... kah kah kah

    Jom turun April 28 ni! street party kat dataran!

  40. Aunty28:39 pm

    saper2 yg nak join the bersih walk, make sure u r healthy lah. Samad Said kata sitting pulak kan? Warga2 emas dok rumah main ngan cucu lebih baik. Habih lah program aku nak meronda KL...u people never consider org ramai punya hak ek? your type of!

  41. Anonymous12:47 pm

    1. MADMAN @ 5.09pm in his confused state of mind,is desperately trying to twist his underwear in public to wring out any leftover sperms from his virile days....sad case of delusional self meeting the reality of impotence....hahahahahahahahha.
    No response to part 1..says a lot of mental illness

    2.Ugly black crow + gangsta wannabe trying its best to caw garbage despite facts stating the obvious:

    Cubo hujah balik menda atae tu. itu fatwo 2007 sebelum geng ko nak dakwat....ada fehe?

    Orang kapiak, munafik dan murtad macam hang, Nik Najis dan Hardy Awek tak sembahyang tak apo, janji dapat hisap batang China, jilat pungguk Kristian, dan lidah palat/cibai Ambiga...puas. Celah kangkang kan kiblat ko oghe sejak dulo lagi,apa nak heran. Oghe lain gi menuntut balik degree, ko dok sana jilat puki...hahahahahahaha.
    Ko ada siasat dakwat kat mesir tu boleh telap air ke tidak..Oh ya aku silap, kan ko mana ada otak untuk tu semua, bahlol, tolol..otak dok dalam bontot, susah nak pikiaq (kata oghe kedah). Ko nak kata aku kelentong lawe dengan hujah, jange dok merapu macam setan gilo.Jange nak tunjuk samseng macam budak2 kat aku. Sedaq sikit yang ko hanya layak hisap juboh butoh oghe lain , jumpo gedebe kincit. Gangsta katun lagi baik hisap tiub beskal!hahahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  42. Anonymous12:39 am

    Hei Madarse

    Mad that I am a Muslim and a practicing one at that! I will cuss, drink or carouse ((Nope, I aint gonna be a hypocrite like Nik Najis, Anwar and co and act goody two shoes here) but at the end of the day , I still perform my solat wherein I renew my shahadah daily , strive to do the five Pillars, know my Rukun Iman, help my fellow Muslim brethren who are the first priority for us, Believers (kaffirs like u and Nik Najis be damned) and read the Holy Quran for I know the Infinite Measure of my Creator's Compasssion and Benevolence which you will NEVER understand, feel or experience, Infidel Loser!.

    Pretty clear from your recent demented delusional bleatings on whose payroll you are, Chingkie Christian dog!

    Al Qaeda, Taliban? Why dont you ask you favourite Deobandi obscurantist Kaffirs, Nik Najis and Hardy Awek. The former is an acolyte of the al-Maturidi School of Kharijism while the latter is a true-blue Wahhabi veiled for now as a Shaffiyite.

    Now if the wardens in Hougang Mental offer you time out and surfing privileges, google Kharijite (or better still Seraj Hendricks' historical exposition of them and compare their garbage philosophy with those propounded by the PAS kaffirs and shout 'Bingo"- not at the top of ur voice lest you wake the whole mental facility up!!!LMAO). Then get a primer on Wahabism, and yell Hallelujah into your arsehole for good measure. Make great bedfellows, don’t cha think? You Christian extremists and pseudo-Malay ‘liberals”, them deviant heretical PAS extremists and your Chingkie Dong Zhong radical pals all led down the garden path to Hell by the Dajjal of Malaysia of course...guess who, after mutual arsefucks, johnsucks and twatlicks and 69s in your little menaga a trois escapades that will leave even Katy Perry blushing.

    Sedition? Happened a long time ago when your clueless, stone-drunk, hapless dad fucked his ugly loose-holed bitch in a moment of madness to yield you in the sow's tummy thus procreating the first Sedition against Nature. Then nine months later, when she disposed her constipated bawling piece of shit in some goddamn toilet bowl, the first Blasphemy against Reason was born and when that pig turd began his babbling, the first Heresy against Sanity was baptised, and when the selfsame pig turd, now a fully grown bearded pig, began snorting garbage and lies in these parts, the first Sacrilege against Truth reared its demonic head…hahahahahahaha.

    Now go to the confessional pew in your mental yard's chapel and puke your frustrated angst to your confessor. He will probably give you an arsefuck for paining his soul with your shit as all good “god-fearing” arsefucking monks in vestments do:

    After they have had masturbated on the Momma’s cunt and licked her Satan begotten hippie son's cock to receive their sacraments, that is. Remember (Second, Third, Fourth or Never??)Cumming and cum….er…bread and wine…..hahahahaha(LMAO)

    You call that a religion or even a faith, crackpot?

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:58 pm


      Then I suppose Christians will find solace in the Ten Commandments, which predates other religious texts.

      As well as in other texts in the Old and New Testaments.

      And it must be a supreme irony that the Muslim states in the Middle East rely on the armed forces of the kaffirs and infidels to protect them against another rampant Muslim state.

      Which only goes to show that pious pontificating goes a certain distance, and no more.

      It must be tough to acknowledge this geopolitical reality. Hence there is a need to divert attention away from the mother of all inferiority complexes.

      I am pretty sanguine about the future of Christianity and Judaism.

      It's about hope and trust in God, which is what these two faiths are all about.

      And it's a pity if you can't see that.

      History will show if your views are right or abysmally wrong.

  43. Anonymous11:16 am


    Mohon Perhatian

    Umat Islam di pinta memberi pendapat dan pandangan tentang cadangan pemfailan saman permulaan (originating summons) di mahkamah bagi mendapat perintah injuksi sementara penguatkuasaan dan perintah certitiori kekal menasakhkan pengwartaan penggunaan dakwat kekal dalam pilihanraya di Malaysia kerana tidah sah dan menyalahi

    a.Seksyen 8, 12 dan 17 (Bahagian III) AKTA 559

    dan dengan yang demikian bercanggah dengan

    b. Artikel 8. 10 dam 11 Perlembgaan Persekutuan.

    Pandangan saudara/i kalian adalah sangat di hargai dalam menentukkan tindakan susulan cadangan berkenaan.

  44. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Yeah, a faith that quotes the Torah when it suits it and disses Moses commandments when it doesnt must be as schizophrenically delusional as its followers, i reckon. And a cult that celebrates a pagan festival as Nativity or valorises the infidels' season of Lent as its symbol of resurrection must be an impoverished cf collocation of mumbo-jumbo indeed, devoid as it is of principles and kept alive away from its citadels of yore by blind suckered by the lure of blind faith

    Yeah, a faith that cherry picks the Old Testament (mosaic Law) for its tenets, culls pagan Hinduism for its Trinity concept and robs Islam for a name for its crap god must be some great faith indeed. Seems to me it appears to be a hodge podge pagan cult for hippies, gays, whores, pimps, trannies plus madmen to feel sanguine and mighty contemplative about. No wonder, the Jews sneer at the Chrsitian Christ for they know he is as fake as the rest of his faggoty demonic followers.

    Yeah as if we Muslims are stupid enough not to know that those rulers of the Muslim states you speak of are the equivalents of Anwhore, Hardy Awek, Nik Najis et al.....Chingkie/Christian cock loving pseudo-Muslims for whom the desert sand clock is slowly winding down the world over.

    "right and ABYSMALLY wrong" Why the adverb modifying 'wrong', crackpot? Why not profoundly right either?

    I know whats going on ur mind Christo bastard, that pukish smug feeling that you are right and I am destined for the abyss right? Oh woe me...Oh my poor petrified soul.......

    Hahahahahahahahahaha, u aint no better than your pal Nikki Najis another syurga-neraka peddling Satan in human guise. But then should I expect anything different as demons that flock together scheme the better as they all are surely destined for hellfire forever in the hereafter ( see I have poetically returned serve)....hahahahahahahahaha...LMFAO.

    Ultimately you, Nikki and the rest of your ilk know no better due to your arrogance for it is Allah the Master of our destiny and the sooner you, Nikki, Anwhore et al repent the better it is for you lot in the hereafter

    Warrior 231

  45. bourne identity8:36 pm

    Wah...someone must be making good money with these sequels of Bersih 1.0 to 3.0
    My advise is...te top brass of this silly organisers are lawyer trained and experienced people - why cant they waster their own lowyah burok time fighting in the courts instead of dragging and using so many BARUAHS to demo for these top brass?
    Duduk rumah bersihkan rumah atau halaman rumah lagi sihat atau go for beach day visits with the family lah...

  46. Anonymous10:54 am

    A couple of things, fuckhead

    1. Quit proselytizing here about your crap pseudo-religion whose fake god is so personality torn and tattered that he even forgot his supernatural name so much so his moronic minions on Earth have to resort to brazenly robbing kalimah "Allah". How come a fuckedup son does not know his father's name, speaks volumes of that dad-son relationship, doesn't it? Ah, I see the son was so pissed off he was born a bastard that he disowned his dad completely including erasing dad's name off his(son's) mental template or dad was so dumbstruck by his own perfidious deed in fucking an unmarried defenseless bitch that he vaporized himself outta son's life.......hahahahahaha. Either way, what a poor sod, to walk the world without a father and to be crucified as a bastard!! Did you pause to figure all that out or was it kinda too heavy for your porous brain or did all that got mashed into your sanguine self in a moment of madness, you dementedly deem an 'epiphany'. Oh what would I give to be a Joyce or a Scorcese to examine that schizophrenic mystery in prose or on screen in the twilight 'twixt joy and misery.....hahahahahahaha.

    2. Your laughable attempts to brand me an extremist smacks of smug podsnappery, dont you reckon? You know the kind that pigeonholes everyone in pat compartments just because they do not fit into ur delusional worldview. How come nary a whisper of Nikki Najis or Hardy Awek who are confirmed deviant extremists, who peddle hereafter crap and dare to speak on Allah's behalf as if they hold a hotline number. You never seem to chastise that lot, do you? Simply because they can be easily manipulated by your kind to serve your diabolical ends, aint it Chingkie Christian pig?

    Why dont you just nail urself onto a cross and have it raised on a huge mound of shit and proceed to contemplate your Sin, Redemption and Resurrection crap even as flies and shitworms crawl around your personal Golgotha and save us all your crackpot rants till kingdom cums!! eh bastard?

    Warrior 231

  47. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Oh I forgot..

    Your deluded Christian rants echoes the madcaps of this guy:

    Any relations of yours? or, by chance, any facial resemblance? though I reckon he probably looks slightly better than you, pig face:


    By the way, sokongan padu untuk usaha murni Anon 11.16am.

    Warrior 231

  48. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Its clear that politics only caused hatred among ppl,d ruling gov is blamed for being corrupted and opposition is causing riots and distrupting peace. Either way both are with personal agendas.of all above i will still choose peace, afterall we are still living in peace and able to make a living..