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NUR(IN) Alert: Why it's not working

Updated, Sat 14/4: Did bureaucracy screw things up?
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...And why the Home Minister must take over. Jalan Sudin has all the reasons to be sad and angry with the manner the authorities react each time a child is abducted. In 2006, it took the police EIGHT days after the abduction of  little Nurin Jazlin Jazimin before a search was launched. Last month, the nation mourned the abduction-murder of another child. The cops have a special team to look into missing kids under the Women and Community Ministry's NUR Alert (a watered-down version of the NURIN Alert some ordinary Malaysians proposed to the ministry in 2007) but they are not doing as good a job as they would had they been properly briefed by the ministry.

A magazine cover in 2006, the call for NURIN Alert

We can't blame the cops but some of the top cops and half-baked politicians (read Why Missing Children May Never Be Found ... to know who these politicians might be) should keep their mouth shut and do their homework.
The cops need our help to make NUR Alert work. Jalan Sudin's Nuraina made some suggestions as to how we can beat the predators and killers. I would like to add two things:

1. Replace NUR Alert with Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network (NURIN) Alert which those bloggers - with the help of local NGOs concerned with crime - adopted and proposed to the government in 2006. NUR Alert is too associated with a ministry; we need to bring back the initiative that was started by those concerned parents

2. Get the Home Minister, no less, to lead the NURIN Alert initiative. Hishammuddin Hussein has the clout to make this a TOP PRIORITY project within PDRM and bring in the other stakeholders - the media, MCMC, Women's Ministry, NGOs, private sector - to really make this work.

Tomorrow it might be your kids.


  1. Come to children stuffs...don't fool around with Rocky.
    He is a bloody great father.

    1. Anonymous9:18 pm

      Of course he would if not, he doesn't care less. You, on the other hand, I'm not so sure because some of us feel that there's a sense of sarcasm in your comment.

    2. Anonymous12:47 pm

      Let us give him the benefit of doubt. Well at least we are kind enough to show kindness.


  2. vinnan1:54 pm

    Why? Because the authorities are damn good at going after RM2,000 invoices and killing the nons. Doesn't that count for something?

    1. Anonymous9:21 pm

      Your comment have a racist connotation: 'killing the nons'. So what differentiate you than any other racist person/group in Malaysia?

  3. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Urrrr Rocky,

    You are not Serious!!

    The Home Menteri?
    You mean the Guy with the "Mad" Grin?

    He can't even take care of his Undies Mannn...

  4. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Our government should look into this proposal seriously.. Dont let out kids be the next victim.

  5. Aunty23:50 pm

    Until today macam tak caya how parents could let their underaged children roam around unattended. Jgn play the blame game here lah...Hantok kepala kat dinding pun tak boleh come up with better suggestions. As a mum, I agree that the parents are at fault!! Apa2 ALERT pun tak guna coz mak bapak yg kena bertanggungjawap atas kehilangan anak2 masing2...Pintu dah terbukak luas, penyamun mana yg tak terlior nak masuk weh??

  6. 2 bloody ID10T on top, jz ignore them ~ well the problem have is always the same thing. LACK of will power to enforce n follow through. The system is there , not perfect but not many want use it . Instead they created excuses y they cant use the system. As Rocky said tommorow it might ur kid...

  7. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Rocky Bru,

    Kalau free layarilah blogspot tentang cabang penting dalam Kerajaan iaitu Perkhidmatan Awam.
    Selamilah keluh kesah mereka selama ini yang terpendam, dan hanya meletup sekarang..bacalah,

  8. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Aunty2 ..
    You live in a gated bungalow or linkhouse, having an Indon bibik to care for your kid..boleh la cakap.
    Try la if your hubby is a lorry driver balik every 3 days..and to make ends meet you have to work with a cleaner company..and the most affordable housing you can afford is a cramped 2 room low cost flats for your 5 children...
    Amacam..?? cakap jangan la dengan bongkak dan sombong..


  9. aunty2,
    memang betul ibu bapa yang bertanggungjawab menjaga keselamatan anak2. memang, kalau anak hilang, di bawa lari orang, ibu bapa sendiri berasa salah, tak payah kita nak salahkan mereka bertubi2.

    tapi, dalam banyak kes2, mangsa adalah golongan yang berpendapatan rendah, atau dalam kes Wan Hazim, mangsa keluar rumah apabila ibu bapa tiada, wlhal pembantu ada.

    bukan semua ibu bapa mampu menjaga anak 24 jam. dan anak2 berlari ke kedai, bermain bersama kawan2 di kawasan berhampiran rumah perkara biasa.

    kita memang senang nak salahkan ibubapa.

    kalau seorang kanak2 di culik semasa berjalan ke sekolah...ada kah itu salah ibu bapa?

    ramai kanak2 di kampung2 dan kawasan "low-income" berjalan atau menaiki bas tanpa di temani orang dewasa.

    dijaga macam mana pun keselamatan kawasan kita, penculikan akan terjadi juga...kita harap tidak. Tapi alert seperti NUR Alert adalah untuk kita semua membantu pihak berkuasa mencari kanak2 yang hilang.

    "Pintu dah terbukak luas, penyamun mana yg tak terlior nak masuk weh?" - pernah berlaku, kita kunci pintu kita, kita jaga keselamatan kita, penyamun masuk juga.

    tak ada blame game di sini. apabila kanak2 hilang, di culik, yang penting, kita cari dan selamatkan kanak2 itu.

    terima kasih.

  10. Anonymous12:45 am

    Get the Home Minister, no less, to lead the NURIN Alert initiative. Hishammuddin Hussein has the clout.........

    Response: hahahahahahahahahaha.....(with tears streaking down as I roll about laughing).......hahahahahahhahahahaha......OMIGOD, I gonna burst my guts with all this laughing.

    Good one, Bru. A swig of Bacardi for that gem.

    The truth of the matter is that,this is the "minister" who has compromised National Security and you are nominating HIM to lead the thing??? Mighty sarcastic there, bru but I reckon that sarcasm isnt misplaced for Idiot Nincompoop Hisham will definitely mess any Nurin schemes up and is more likely than not to leave our innocent kids at the mercy of childfucking perverts like those who used to frequent the candlelight vigils organised by the Saya Anak Bastard Malauns not too long ago.

    Nope, the security of our flesh and blood is as dear to us as is National Security and we definitely cannor rely on a bunch poopbags, who have dissed National Security by their fuckheaded rejection of the ISA. to protect our young. No way, comprende!

    And since the opposition are no better than a bunch of stupid, braindead,arselusting and twatcrazy scoundrels, I suggest we hope and pray for the military to take up the cudgels via a coup and restore order in our nations' affairs even as they restore security for our hapless kids.

    Warrior 231

  11. Anonymous9:29 am

    Is this the first you have notice ?
    This dammed GOVERNMENT always have this fanfare to start something with a big bang but then they lupa so fast and always blurring most time when the panic button is pressed ! Macham like the first stage of human shit comes out hard and then tails off with softness like italiano ice cream!
    Anyway no kudos to this so called pdrm and others....
    Someone wrote that its best it starts with the family ..Parents have that fcuking duty to take care of their wards and their surroundings..Don't bloody depend on ze government services? Now the blame game starts never ends!

  12. Salam Datuk,

    When the lives of our little loved ones are concerned, political sentiments must be pushed aside.

    I wholly support your endevour in the matter.

    RHB must be commended for their role. They post missing kids alert on their ATMs.

    Best regards

  13. Anonymous11:09 am


    The government is so obssesed with Sodomy and Political Sexual Delights that the safety of our children is left on the Backburner!!

    The Mainstream Papers were frontpaging Sex by politicians so much that innocent minds have been corrupted and now we are seeing the effects of those JournoVoyeurism years

  14. Anonymous11:17 am

    i wonder why rocky bru didnt comment on recent development on the altantuya case (not even a spec on mainstream media or PRO-GOVERMENT BLOG, including the mole. yes rocky, ur a tool for najib now)

    1. Anonymous12:50 pm

      Do you understand the word FOCUS?


  15. Anonymous11:28 am

    Yes, please replace NUR Alert with NURIN!!

    Nobody knows about Nur Alert, lets not get into its effectiveness.

    Change name to NURIN!!!

  16. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Delays in all these alerts actually point to the actual persons responsible. Take yesterday's earthquake as an example. Just check how long did it take for the Meteorological Department to issue out the alert! Too bad, it was a holiday yesterday.

  17. Politicians are all busy looking for money to win elections. Where got time to look for missing children. Even if look for children, it will be to gain political mileage. So yes, maybe this is the time to highlight the plight of parents of missing children

  18. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Salam Bro,
    Kita perlu melihat isu ini dengan lebih terbuka sebelum menyalahkan mana2 pihak. Bagi saya NUR(IN) Alert adalah inisiatif yang baik, tetapi memerlukan pemahaman yang lebih tentang cara pihak berkuasa menyiasat kes-kes kehilangan kanak2. Pelbagai kemungkinan kanak2 malang itu hilang, antaranya diculik, sesat, dilarikan keluarga dan sebagainya.

    Publisiti yang meluas adalah merbahaya bagi kes-kes penculikan dan tugas pihak polis lebih sukar sekiranya ... Bagi kes Nurul Naditrah, saya percaya beliau dibunuh kerana publisiti yang meluas menyebabkan sipenculik tertekan dan mencari jalan keluar. Salah satu pilihan ialah dengan membunuh. Tujuannya adalah utk mengelak dari rahsia terdedah.

    NUR(IN) Alert akan berjaya jika kanak2 tersebut tidak diculik atau dilarikan orang yang tidak dikenali.

    Apa yang saya harapkan sebenarnya ialah kesedaran masyarakat tentang peri pentingnya sikap ambil tahu keadaan jiran tetangga kita, dan perihatin tentang persekitaran terutama di kawasan rumah dan sekolah.. bukankah pencegahan itu lebih baik?

    Tetapi dizaman serba moden ini, nilai nilai murni yang wujud sejak zaman berzaman sudah tidak lagi dianggap relevan, malah dianggap menyibuk hal orang...

    You can have al sort of ALERT, but in the end it might be too late if we don't change our altitude. Kanak kanak menjadi mangsa kerana kelalaian dan kealpaan orang dewasa..
    Renung renungkanlah


  19. I hope this time Rocky will walk a BERSIH 3.
    43 cities around the world..nine from Malaysia and 9 Chinese Associations...all participating cannot be wrong.
    Working for Najib is one thing.
    Don't sell your soul to the Devil
    Walk for Teoh Beng Hock..Kugan AND Atlantuya and for the two poor policemen ...taking the blame.. out of no choice.
    Walk to get rid of robbers and thieves governing our country.
    Rocky knows that is true.
    He did walk at BERSIH 1 and when his personal matters..all Mahathir...he was a changed man.
    Now change back to be normal......Rocky....walk with me.

    1. Anonymous12:50 pm

      Aaaaahhh dare game.. I likeeee

  20. Anonymous7:03 pm


    Anyway we can take this NURIN initiatives further WITHOUT the police involvement? I mean if they refuse to help or get serious about it due to some stupid images management issue (the sensitivity to NURIN denomination), cant we as citizen DIY it?


  21. Anonymous9:11 pm

    By the way a.tan, why are you so silent about camerons visit? Werent you against it once? Or was that blair? Then again with mongolia dude being so pally with him, I suppose ita against your contract to say anything huh?

  22. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Polis are busy catching speeding car and helmetless riders.

  23. Anonymous5:56 pm


    TH eyes 200m pounds investment in UK

    Fri, 13 Apr 13:34

    KUALA LUMPUR: Tabung Haji expects to make at least one investment amounting to 150-200 million pounds (1pound=RM4.8732) worth on a commercial property in the United Kingdom this year.

    Its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ismee Ismail, said the property had been identified for investment from a study carried out since 2008.

    Among the considerations taken in the study included the adherence to syariah principles.

    "We had to be careful as we needed to study each of the tenant company occupying the property and ensure their compliance with syariah," he told reporters after signing the Malaysian Corporate Integrity Pledge here today, along with his senior management, CEOs of subsidiary companies and 450 members.

    The event was witnessed by Tabung Haji Chairman, Tan Sri Abi Musa Asa'ari Mohamed Nor, Chief Commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed and the President of Malaysian Institute of Integrity, Datuk Mohd Tap Salleh.

    Tabung Haji today also became the first government linked investment company (GLIC) to have taken the corporate integrity pledge in order to bring further up its corporate governance, accountability and culture of transparency.

    On the sale of its oil palm plantation in Indonesia, Ismee said Tabung Haji was planning to use the US$910 million received from the sale towards the purchase of plantation land in Malaysia.

    "We will be looking out for land (oil palm plantations) which are more closer to us in Malaysia itself or in other nearby countries which we can manage easily."

    He also reiterated that oil palm plantations remained a core sector for the company and that the sale of its land in Indonesia was part of a restructuring in the sector's portfolio. --BERNAMA

  24. Anonymous2:22 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I have always admire your articles eventhough the accusations of being pro-govt now and being paid and so on. The reason for this comment I am writing to you is that I would like to know what happen to the "Ghost of Johor" articles and follow-ups.

    Everything seems to quiet down since your meeting with Tuanku SI. Were u guys asked to be quiet or threatened.

    I would like to give you another lead here. I could have given the leads to pro-opposition bloggers but I still choose you as we have our faith in you for fair and just reporting. Please check on Gagasan 1Malaysia. Well, i have reasons to strongly believe that it is another scam to plunder money from the country and the rakyat is alrd sick of these actions of a few greedy ones.
    If you see on the road, most G1M cars are all luxury cars. Well, it is privileged only to those who can afford it and the cars (brand new) are being bought cheaper than market price. The "service" provided by G1M includes registering your car in Langkawi, bring it into Mainland of Bolehland, and then re-issue the Registration Card into a new JPJ registration. I have known transactions of Luxury cars being sold at 20%-40% off market price with G1M plates. As I say, it is not about benefits to the purchasers but how unscrupulous money is being mDe using G1M and some corrupted JPJ officials to cheat the country taxes at a time when our country are facing so many financial scandal (MAS, Scorpene, NFC, Michael Chia) why not add this further.......

    The ball is in your court, bro.......


  25. bourne identity3:42 pm

    Maybe get Theresa K(ock)ok to take over Nurin....and Im sure she'd rattle the whole world whenever there's a missing chinese girl. She has done that once with the squatting woman in the police lockup but when she found out that it was a malay girl... Theresa K(ock)ok was like a prostiute with a kok in her mouth... so quietlah...

  26. Aunty26:28 pm

    I'm a working mother with an income within the BRIM. Never had a bibik and I don't live in a bungalow/link house at a gated housing area. I am also from the lower income group.

    I am just pissed off by the fact that a 4/5 year old child was sent to buy grocery with an excuse that it is just a short distance away. Why let a 10 year old child and sister go to the pasar malam on their own although it is just down the road?

    Nobody is being cruel or heartless here! Setakat rasa bersalah, tak guna juga. Mesti ada undang2 khas utk mendakwa ibu/bapa yg SAH didapati cuai dlm penjagaan keselamtan anak2 masing2. Jika tidak, kita akan dengar lagi kes anak2 kecil yg hilang/dibunuh.

    By the way, I have 10 kidding! Never lost one before n I am not going to lose one during my lifetime!!

    The family unit has to be supportive of each other to ensure the safety of our young children.

    1. Anonymous7:10 pm

      Spot on sis.. I hear you and i respect your views as a mother

  27. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Part 3

    We know that the Malay factions of PR, namely PKR and PAS have been bleeding massive Malay support since Bagan Pinang 2010. We know too that PAS has admitted to this fact and even spoke of Malay minority representation if PR wins:

    We know too that PKR has given up on the Malay votes despite their intensive attempts to carpet bomb the Malays with trivial issues: an opposition site)

    We know too that the DAP has admitted as much in Penang with Guano’s only 30% Malay sufficient vote claim:

    and the hints are replete in this MI despatch crafted by a lackey:

    Hence, who stands to gain by a show of support to falsely brainwashing the Malays into believing PR enjoys support as the turnout will be basically PAS Malai lembus.

    We know too that the Christian faction in Malaysian politics is adamant of capturing power due to strategic and eschatological reasons which I will elaborate upon when opportunity affords itself here.

    We know too these sudden effusions for cleanliness (Bersih) happen whenever Najib’s popularity peaks after the Merdeka Center goes to town with its surveys:

    March/April 2011: Najib’s popularity peaks. Response : July 2011 =Bersih 2
    February 2012 : Najib’s popularity re-peaks. Response : April 2012 = Bersih 3

    All these clearly suggest the need for the evil conspiracy to go into overdrive. A Christian/Chinese victory can only come about if enough Pribumi voters are disenfranchised and what better way than to initiate it via a seemingly neutral, Keling lackey. In fact, it is an apt choice as Ambiga is an amoral, unethical hypocrite whose selfish motives match her obsession for cheap publicity and political power. Want some evidence on that:

    Situation 1: She claims to be a defender of human rights. Question is whether this oft-quoted assertion is true. Case in point: Nikolai Sarkozy decorated her with a national honour, praising her for valour in upholding human rights. Sarkozy is on record of having rejected multi-culturalism here:

    And more recently below where halal meat joins the veil on the non-kosher list of Christian bigots/Gallic supremacists.

    In default it amounts to a negation of pluralism of Anwar Ibrahim and the Islam which kaffir Nik Aziz claims to champion and the reassertion of Christian/Gallic supremacy.

    Questions: 1)How come Ambiga did not say a word much less return her award bestowed by the xenophobic Gallic racist and Christian bigot, Nikolai Sarkozy?
    2)Is it because of her allegiance to the pro-Christian/Chinese lobby and a reflection of her anti Malay/Islam stance?
    3)How come PAS , Anwar bin Ibrahim and the DAP “Malaysia for Malaysian” rabble did not call Ambiga out on this issue?
    4)How come the self-styled Muslim ulamas of PAS and the “Muslims” of PKR dint disassociate themselves from this Christian.Chinese hobnobbing anti Malay/anti-Muslim Indian bitch?

    A liitle truth could go a long way towards unraveling the truths behind Bersih 3?

    Next: Samad Said and Hishammuddin Rais, sham Malay/Muslims on the prowl.

    Warrior 231