Sunday, April 15, 2012

After her Kerinchi fiasco, Nurul Izzah looks for redemption

If only the Felda settlers were more gullible than the Kerinchi flat dwellers, YB. Unfortunately, for you, they are not.

And neither were the Kerinchi folks. If they had all listened to Nurul Izzah, the 467 families in Kampung Kerinchi low-cost flats would have lost the opportunity to move up in life. Fortunately, 93 per cent of them did not and, instead, stuck to what they had agreed to before their young MP emerged to derail the redevelopment project. Yesterday, these hard-working people and their families moved out of their "cheap flats" into new homes and a new beginning.

The 35 families that put their future in her hands ended up the biggest losers. All 467 are Malay households.

Nurul Izzah, the MP for Lembah Pantai where Kerinchi is, was not there to congratulate the 467 families or to help the 35. Read Nurul Izzah and Kg Kerinchi shall never twain? and find out how her constituents tracked her down to a futsal game instead of helping the residents. One Kerinchi resident was so contemptuous of the young MP:
Nurul cuma timbul bila masa nak buat kecoh dan merusuh. Masa tu dia datang dengan samseng-samseng Cina dan India, sedangkan kawasan ini 100% Melayu. Dia datang dengan orang luar macam Adam Adli yang tak pernah tunjuk muka sebelum ini di Lembah Pantai, tapi cuma datang untuk wujudkan huru-hara.
After the mess in Kerinchi, Nurul Izzah is hoping to fare better with the Felda settlers. Read her posting Peneroka Felda: Durian Runtuh atau Durian Reput? 
Jelas sekali apa yang disifatkan oleh PM Najib sebagai “lonjakan berganda” ini sebenarnya lebih cenderung ke arah membuka peluang niaga baharu dan memberi kesempatan kepada institusi kewangan terbabit mendapat hasil atas titik-peluh dan keringat peneroka dan pekerja FELDA, terutamanya 5 bank pelaburan yang dilantik menyelenggara kesemua perkara berkaitan penyenaraian, 7 bank yang dipilih untuk memberi pinjaman membiayai pembelian saham, dan beberapa syarikat pembrokeran saham yang dilantik untuk menjalankan urusniaga jual-beli saham di pasaran terbuka.
Basically, what Nurul Izzah is trying to do is, in the words of the Kerinchi blogger, "buat kecoh dan merusuh". She made no mention that this is not the first time Felda is doing an IPO. And what is wrong with  the MP? You have to involve the pros in any IPO lah. At least we know the Prime Minister is not giving "business" to one party; quoting what she herself wrote, the Felda settlers will have the help of 5 investment banks, 7 commercial banks, and several brokerage firms!

Surely politicians from both sides must know by now, you can't fool all the people all the time? Obviously, Nurul Izzah thinks she still can. No wonder talk is rife that come PRU13, Anwar Ibrahim's daughter may be sent by the Pakatan Rakyat elders to Kelana Jaya to replace a worse-performing MP from PKR. 


  1. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Apalah anak Papa ni dah nak jadi macam Papa dia. Berhenti jadi MP dan jaga anak-anak dan suami dahlah. Duit dah bertimbun, nak apa lagi.
    Ah Rocky, ko cakap dia nak dihantar ke Kelana Jaya. Sooooorrrrylah, we are already tired of that useless Whatshisname guy. And you wanna see Izzah there. We will continue voting for BN. Those who voted that lousy MP are now regretting it.

    Orang flet Sg Way

    1. Anonymous9:26 am

      Betul Orang flat Sg Way ...kelana jaya taknak anak 2-way immoral what's -his -name . Go away

  2. Anonymous11:37 pm

    For all the lies she spread to save her 'anugerah tuhan' papa, she has lost her rights to wear the Islamic tudung.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone1:50 pm

      Oh, wow.....what about Zeinab Badawi, Mishal Hussein or that dishy Bloomberg TV reporter who presents reports in flawless English with nary a head covering in sight?

      Seems to me that modern Muslim women are seemingly more comfortable in a secular environment, unlike the hothoused piety that is prevalent in other places.

      As if there is any politician who hasn't made an error or a bad judgement call or a wrong decision!

      I am always reminded that only The Almighty is infallible.

      Judge not lest ye be judged is a truism that many amongst us have ignored in a rush to judgement!

  3. Papa Borek Anak Rintik, dua-dua penipu rakyat.

  4. IT.Sheiss1:53 am

    Remember the picture on this blog two years ago where the sign read "Pantat Towers"

    I think this lady and her followers blundered badly with regards these old and decrepit low-cost flats.

    The right thing to do is to have demanded that the flat dwellers be allowed to take up residence in a luxury condo like Pantat Towers.

  5. It was KJ's Pemuda boys that blocked the thugs off. u shod thank them Dato.

  6. Anonymous6:41 am

    if it's better than Yut Kee, i ll do her anytime...

  7. alberto8:06 am

    I stopped reading (Peneroka Felda: Durian Runtuh atau Durian Reput?) at "menurut sumber yang boleh dipercayai".

  8. Anonymous9:07 am

    Come! come! BN did gave us the heavens but we ended up in Hell man!Off course they made alot of pillaging at taxpayers expense ! Remember its the BN who is government and not Nur...?

  9. Anonymous9:27 am

    hope kelana jaya people not so stupid...again

  10. Anonymous10:59 am

    Ahaha new voters??

    n_izzah @Ridzuan1706 kadang2 tergerak di hati, keperluan mengatur satu forum berjudul "adab mengkritik pemimpin: the do's &dont's" :) #fb

  11. Rocky is very good to find faults with all PR people.
    Telling half truths....ignoring Nurul's smart move to make UMNO b to act fair and square.
    Saw the prelude act at Merdeka Square Rocky?

  12. Criticizing and attacking Nurul will do you no good Rocky!Politically you are nothing compared to her!She is among the emerging thinking young Malaysians who will bring about change.You are nothing more than a self-serving blogger!

  13. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Hmmm Rocky,

    If you are such a good Journalist why don't you bring up the Issue of Abu Sahid Profiteering Billions selling Government Contracts??

    Even Dr M has the sense to bring it up.

    He is also in dispute with DBKL for taking over Public Land to build his Palace...

    Seems like the Mafia is still in Charge in Malaysia!!

  14. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Sudah Lah Cheapskate Dato

    Nitpicking on the Opposition while the 1Corrupt Elephantsize UMNO Mafia is staring you in the face!!

    Just go play with your NAin...

  15. Jasper Bloodstone4:05 pm

    "PKFZ: A Nation's Trust Betrayed" by Lee Hwa Beng, ex-chairman of the Port Klang Authority.


    Suddenly, Nurul's alleged "bungling" appears to be miniscule in the overall scheme of things.

    How much is the PKFZ project going to cost in total? RM2 billion? 4.6 billion? 12.5 billion?

    How much public funds were thrown around in "Cowgate"? RM250 million? And counting?

    I guess that Nurul has a good platform to pitch come GE13.

  16. Anonymous4:10 pm


    Who should the settlers trust more: Nurul or Isa Samad ? If you know the answer to this question, you would not have posted this shameful thread.

    There is no redemption for UMNO.


  17. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Apa komen bad about Opposition,,its gonna Be End of the BN regime!!!

    Apa lagi LANCAP la!


  18. 'You put a gun in my hand
    And you hide from my eyes
    And you turn and run farther
    When the fast bullets fly.'

  19. Mat Koding7:05 pm

    Dont make comment on Kampong Krinchi if you dont know head or tail abour the problems there.Raja Nong Chik want to contest in Kampong Krinchi seat.Good luck to him.Sharizat and gang are waiting to slaughter him.

    Nurul had done agood job there.The problem in Kampong Krinchi is not so much about the flat.It about the living standard and the poor Malay and rich chinese live in Bungsar south.Who is responsible.UMNO and BN and corruopted Bandar Raya.

    Kampong Krinchi was created by Dato Harun for malay urban settlement.Now YTL had turn that place as Super rich colony.Who to blame.BN and UMNO.You give the new flat to the Malay.Good. But the size of the flat is only 800 sq ft.Same size like master bedroom in Nong Chik house.You have a fimily of seven to live in that flat of 800 sq ft.That why I say Nong Chik and Bandar Raya have no feeling and brain.He came from eliet family.Raja Zainol kerabat di raja Selangor.He never taste poverty.He dont have feeling.


  20. Anonymous9:00 pm

    heh heh

    jasper the critic preaching and quoting from the bible

    oooohh I forgot, jasper's motto: Do what i say, not do what i do!.

  21. Anonymous9:58 pm

    monsterball ni idiot tahap tinggi

  22. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Give 10% of the NFCorp money to the Kerinchi residents and see who would fare better. UMNO is all rubbish, cheated the rakyat money.

  23. Rocky Nurul is a good sincere young very serious politician....who cares.
    Don't bully her la.
    What do you get...talking like that?
    Why not talk Shahrizat and her cows?

  24. Anonymous3:46 am


    she went to a foreign country for help when"god-gifted" papa was unceremoniously sacked for power abuse, corruption and sodomy 1.0

    that already shows the SEEDS of treachery

    very DANGEROUS family, better the devil you know than the angel you just met

    UMNO/BN with warts and scars is home-grown

  25. Anonymous6:46 am

    Mahatir is upset about Maju Express sales, can you say something nice about it to comfort him?


  26. Anonymous8:15 am

    One fine day, Nurul Izzah will beat Mukhriz Mahatiuu....and she can stand on her own...unlike Mukhriz...who still need to be pampered bu his dying father...poor guy!!

  27. Anonymous10:54 am

    papa Nurul is one super rich fella...betoi ker tak main kotor gak?

  28. Anonymous11:31 am

    "Kampung Kerinchi residents committee chairman Ahmad Rahman said the 344 families who had moved out of Kampung Kerinchi flats to make way for the development were angry with the families who were refusing to move out.

    "It has been two years since we have moved out. How long do we have to wait? Our new homes could have been ready by now," he said.

    Pitty for the majority folks! No thanks for Nurul Izzah! Typical Malays always love to hear bad story from the bad people! End up they're the big lossers!

    My advice for the left over families, go and grab Nurul Izzah's neck and demand her 600k each!

    Cakap senanglah Anak Nuar oiii....ko berani janji..nah skrg ambik ubat....ko ingat ini macam tanah felda sepang ari tuu ker yang semua melayu dapat 1.3 juta?

  29. Nurul Izzah's face has that kind of bitter look which reveals a character who cannot think straight.

  30. Anonymous11:32 pm

    The Professor said..."Nurul Izzah's face has that kind of bitter look which reveals a character who cannot think straight"

    Hahaha.....look at the faces of past and current BN cabinet members, including the PMs and do you read facial 'looks' that reveal corruption, murders, lying, cheating, raping, raba-raba, racism, sabotage, thuggery, plundering, robbery, hypocrisy ?

    Please help out, professor ! Don't forget to include the ex UMNO members too, ok ?

  31. Anonymous12:09 pm


  32. "theprofessor" is a half past six professor with half brain shut off...cannot think straight himself...accusing others be like so.
    He should open his eyes and SEE Shahrizat...Rafidah...Rosmah and compare to Nurul's.
    Yes....the face ..mouth and eyes can tell you something about that person.
    Is the a professor a face reading expert?

  33. Anonymous1:36 pm

    anon @ 11:32 PM

    Among the many features that Dr. Lombroso identified as being characteristic of crooks were:

    Unusually shaped ears, occasionally very small but more likely large “jug handle” types similar to those of chimpanzees;

    Upturned or twisted noses – hawk-like in murderers and flattened in thieves;

    Large, protruding jaws;

    High cheekbones;

    Fleshy, swollen, or protruding lips;

    Hard, shifty eyes;

    Excessively long arms.

    Check out the pakatan clan

  34. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Well like grandfather, like father, like daughter.

    This ugly twisty-mouthed anti-Malay/Islam Allah-damned bitch has offered little to the World and particularly Lembah Pantai excepting saliva and empty promises plus probably some cum for her hubby.

    She talks big but acts small, and petty, determinedly intent on destroying the Malays to satisfy the demands of her Chingkie/Christian masters.

    Her pathetically laughable pretentious posturing as some wannabe reformist out to right social inequalities is revolting to say the least when nothing but her filthy cunt needs urgent reforming and cleansing.

    Today, her cuntmouth spews more lies here:
    "The Lembah Pantai MP said PR’s position was for a gradual “phasing out” of the AP system, and to assist poor Malays and Bumiputeras through a targeted subsidy programme as well as overall improvement on “education/employment and social [progress] opportunities.”

    but the "truth" of her words reside in the data here:

    If one cares to lokk at table 4 (sourced from her dad's pal jomo Sundram (2006) and Table 5, you will get a picture how pro-Malay Anwar bin Ibrahim was between 1992-September 1998 as Finance Minister.

    1. Fact: Public Development Expenditure for economic services was slashed to 47Billion in the 1991-1995 period from 63 billion between 1986-1990.
    The figure for 1995-2000 was even lower at 46 billion (Anwar was Finance Minister till 1998 and a zealous mission to yield budget surpluses when the real intent was to decimate ncome gains in the 1980s and transfer wealth and opportunities to the Chingkies)

    Result : Malay per capita incomes dropped drastically and income inequality between Malay/Chingkies rose from 1.74 (1990) to 1.83 (1997).
    The urban/rural divide exploded even more from 1.7(1990) to reach 2.04(1997). So much for a pro-poor Malay PM wannabe!!...hahahahahaha

    This is the Anwar/PR style of impoverishing the Malays at the expense of the Chingkies. So jaga2 oghe Melayu, kalau undi PR nanti bukan sama rata tapi lagi teghuk miskin sampai anak dara dan bini kena jual kat Chingkie/Christian pimp untuk sesuap nasi.

    As I said above, this Allahdamned family from grandfather to father and now daughter have a rich history of swindling the trust of their constituents and leaving the swindled rakyat in those constituencies waist deep in lies, calumny and other such shit. So let the daughter be the masturbatory fantasy of Zainab Bedawi lusting arsefucking Chingkie bastards

    Warrior 231

    P/s: PR is vocal about Najib's defense expenditure. How come defense expenditure at RM 21.9B was the highest ever during Anuswar's reign as Finance Minister.
    "Kuman diseberang laut nampak, babi jongkot depan mata buat dunno kah?" hahahahahaha

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:25 pm

      Defence expenditures, eh?

      Well, who was the PM and who was the Defence Minister when AI was Finance Minister?

      Are you implying that the then PM and Defence Minister were ignorant of defence expenditures, and that they allowed AI to ride roughshod over them, i.e. giving him a blank cheque?

      And the service chiefs at the time - were they ignorant of defence budgets and expenditures too?

      So, who are you kidding?

  35. bourne identity9:23 am

    Aiya Nurul..buat anak and jaga anak dulu lah.
    And stop quarreling in the public with your hubby too.....

  36. Anonymous3:19 pm


    Who should the settlers trust more: Nurul or Isa Samad ? If you know the answer to this question, you would not have posted this shameful thread.

    There is no redemption for UMNO.


    i think i would go to isa samad as he have a vast experience towards a sustainable success..

    izzah? salesgirl boleh lah... talk talk talk.. what she's know about corporate world? Big 4 consultant pun x berani nak appointed dia... hehehhehe

    - parti jahat -

  37. Defence expenditures, eh?

    Well, who was the PM and who was the Defence Minister when AI was Finance Minister?

    Are you implying that the then PM and Defence Minister were ignorant of defence expenditures, and that they allowed AI to ride roughshod over them, i.e. giving him a blank cheque?

    And the service chiefs at the time - were they ignorant of defence budgets and expenditures too?

    So, who are you kidding?

    Comment: The finance minister controls the money, even PM and Defence Minister has to beg for AI mercy when he's Finance Minister because he controls the money...they can only proposed a funding but AI will have the final say...Who are you kidding bro?

  38. Anonymous8:06 am

    Judging from the last comment, can it be deduced that even the PM has to follow the 'advice" of the Finance Minister.I thought that the PRIME Minister has the last word in all decisions or as in Malaysia's case, he lets his other "players" make all the "right" decisons.Surely with any kind of national interest expenditure, there has to be consultation not just so with the Prime Minister but also the entire cabinet? Otherwise why have the two different posts of PRIME and FINANCE Minister. Just have the Finance Minister then. Makes financial and economic decisions easier right? With regards to any politically related blog, there always seem to be one or two very ignorant and blatantly racists minded contributors using degradory remarks regarding other ethnic groups. With the first class education system that we are deemed to have, it just reflects on the overall reality of every aspect of Malaysian life. Standards have gone WAYYY down. Instead of going over issues of national interests, we go personal. Don't forget the maturing of any political leader takes many terms, not just a single 4 year term. BN Goverment has had more than half a century of chances to do all the good for the country. What kind of system and real progress do we have now in place? Skewed and biased policies based on race and religion, not merit.The list goes on.End of the day, what has been said before rings so true...we get the Government we voted for. To all the marginalised rakyat, continue voting the BN and this is what we will all REAL progress just hand outs, new schools come election time and then it's back to the 'master and servant" mentality.

  39. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I admit, I voted for her during last election. No way I would vote for her again, enough is enough. Bapa borek, anak rintik.