Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yellow sticky note 2: Avoiding another Baharuddin

Ambiga and Pak SS say they will issue health notices to their fellow protesters who may have chronic illnesses but stop short of saying they will take responsibility for any untoward incident, or another death like Baharuddin Ahmad. They may also deploy a medical team at the rally later this month. "The plan is in discussion at the moment," Pak SS told The Mole, here, yesterday. He and Ambiga were responding to the Bru's post A yellow sticky note to Bersih re Baharuddin (April 14).

That's a start, at least. If you want others to be responsible, you must show that you can be responsible too.

A "student" at OccupyDataran, Picture courtesy of a Bru reader

And those involved in the anti-PTPTN rally by "students" who do not want to repay their study loans, I wouldn't be too concerned with those dudes you called "thugs" who attacked you guys the other day. I saw the clip of the so-called attack. Real thugs don't push and shove. Looks to me like really poor acting. 


  1. Brader,

    just to share some interesting points in regards to the photo of the individual attached in your posting.

    This particular fella or female, whichever preferred was my junior in USM, doing a Bac. Fine Arts (BFA) degree, majoring in Acting and Directing.

    Well, for most of us we graduated with a degree in our hand but unfortunately for this fella, she/he (hehe, jokes aside) left the University with a feeling of dissatisfaction and hatred, all over her/him (again, jokes aside bro..)and left my alma mater only with a sore thumb minus the BFA degree.. (hehe..)

    I wonder whether did he/she took the PTPTN or not or have she finish paying all the amount taken(if she/he has taken it), though she/he did not complete her/his studies..

    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  2. Dear Rocky..

    Forget about whether they are real or fake. Why can't we just arrest those involve? The video or picture should be sufficient to track them down, No?

    May be we the people should use Citizen Arrest.


  3. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Ace Electronics Complex

  4. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Ambiga and the gang will issue health notices... OK. Please add on to the list, each and every protesters need to bring with them a broom and garbage bags because they need to clean up the dataran. Please ya, throw all the mineral bottles and leaflets in the dustbins. Do not litter the dataran.

  5. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Rockybru : "I wouldn't be too concerned with those dudes you called "thugs" who attacked you guys the other day."

    so, the students deserve to be bashed ??

  6. Anonymous6:26 pm


    Yeah Whilst you are at it why not make citizen arrest against Abu Sahid of Maju Highway for selling of Govt Contract to another party without govt. consent...Worthy of the Arrest cause it amounts to about 1 Billion Ringgit and not the miniscule PTTPN amount!!

    Very ShiokGuy

  7. "Real thugs don't push and shove. Looks to me like really poor acting."

    This must rank alongside with that famous remark by Maha Firaun that DSAI faked his injury by throwing himself against his prison bars (for which no less than an IGP was later convicted of assault)!

    Read the online news portals and blogs and you know an organized assault was staged to intimidate these students as their actions cast a poor light on the UMNO/BN Govt, more so with elections just around the corner.

    In the immortal words of a gold shop blogger sitting on the Board of MACC:

    These things happened. Guess who was the PM and Home Minister then, and who stood by and did nothing to help our citizens from harm? Lol!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  8. Bedul7:06 pm

    Hahaha expected. What else is new. Same goes for the Bersih demo where you can see drama minggu ini lakonan Anwar and Mat Savon.
    Achi Ambiga, City Hall has banned your demo at Dataran. Still going ahead with that illegal demo? Ooh another political capital fo Pakatan yeah.
    If the students are my sons, I will just spank them. They either study or they get a job. No sitting in on my money or the government's money.

  9. wajarkah bersih nie ada...

  10. rocky, kalau mereka ini terdiri daripada golongan2 yang bertanggungjawab sudah pasti mereka tidak akan mengadakan perhimpunan tersebut.

  11. Anti PTPTN is a prime example of subsidy mentality that plagues many.
    People just want to take. What about giving?

  12. bruno9:28 pm

    Rocky,with a group of four oversized thugs against one male/female student sheer intimidation like pushing and sholving is more than enough.

    If you were among the students would you have dared to go face to face with them.Do the students have to ended up with broken teeth,jaws or legs before we call gangsters thugs.Or do someone has to get killed before you can be convinced that it is not sheer acting.

  13. Anonymous9:50 pm

    This woman i saw today at SG WANG rubbing her head with SAMSU and drink it too it was at 2pm .Her bottle emptied.

  14. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    CITOS..the freelance Malaysia Debtors' Tracker Agency should include those inclined towards PKR, DAP and PAS as high risk potential borrowers....they tend to default borrowing and will use political patronage for waiver...reminders to foreign and local banks such as Al Radhji, Kuwait Finance House, Maybank, OUB, RHN OCBC, CIMB, AmBank, Standard Chartered, HSBC and many more.....

    Salleh Telegu

  15. Datuk,

    We at BigDogDotCom had asked on 6 July 2011 that Govt (whether DBKL, Home Ministry and/or Police) request a Bank Guarantee from organizers of 'high risk' rallies such as Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 is being held.

    Its the responsible thing to do and it is only fair.

    Aggrieved persons, such as petty traders and shop owners must have somewhere for their claims and recourse.

    And cases such as Baharuddin also. Baharuddin's family could claim from Bersih 2.0 organizers, the very least for their funeral expenses.

    We cannot have anarchists to abuse and irresponsibly and wrongfully utilize the freedom to assemble as and when they like. With BGs, the more responsible and serious organizers of public rallies can stand out against these anarchists.

  16. Anonymous11:11 pm

    OOOOOhh, I'm having so much fun looking at the Dataran campers. Hey it's the Sixties once again. Hippies and flower power. Love-in, sit-in, poems, prayers and promises. May i suggest some slogans for the Beautiful People on the 28th?

    "Free education, free love".
    Make Love not War.

    And abang polis (what was the lexicon of America's Hip era? "Fuzz," "pig"), pls stay away. Jgn lah kacau. Biarkan mereka. Syiok lah tengok. Msian tv so boring.


  17. DPP,

    Heh, I wanted to feel flattered by the comparison but Dr M never said that, actually. He was responding to a leading question by a foreign correspondent ..

    But since you raised it, the thought did occur to me that these were "thugs" sent in by the same "side", a common tactical move to draw maximum sympathy but, unfortunately in this case, very poorly executed! Almost comical, in fact. The "thugs" behaved like pondans.

    In any case, I hope neither side resort to this dirty tactic. Let the "students" enjoy the Dataran but don't get their hopes too high la. They borrowed money, they pay. If they had been excellent students, those loans would have been converted into scholarships.

    A few years back, I stood guarantor for two of my nephews who borrowed from PTPTN to further their studies. When they defaulted, saya yang kena. Last I checked, my name was still on the blacklist because of those two defaulters. But I will spank them if they demand that they do not have to repay what they took.

    My clan, the Leraps of Seri Menanti, we have pride.

  18. Perhaps this is relevant:

    "A senior police officer told FMT that the Peaceful Assembly Act is already in force though the areas supposedly gazetted for assemblies have yet to be officially listed and announced......Yesterday, Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee urged the authorities not to deny Bersih 3.0 its constitutional right to a peaceful assembly.

    He was also quoted as saying that based on his research, the Peaceful Assembly Act has yet to come into force." FMT . 06/04/12

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  19. Anonymous4:51 am

    the broke back mountain gang is back!

    nia ma hai....

  20. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Seen when were you guys concerned about the Christians, according to the current administration and friends of the administration aren't the Christians public enemy No.1.

  21. Anonymous2:40 pm

    You Sudah nyanyok la bru. I think youve gotten lost in your own spins

  22. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Pfftt..... smoking some more..sooo not cool minah come lately. still in puberty phase - finding her *self*.

  23. Anonymous6:18 am

    Cheapskate politicians getting desperate, so instigate cheapskate students go the cheapskate way to please the cheapskate politicians

  24. Anonymous4:19 pm

    i. "Samseng" vs "Nuisance (Pengacau)". Baru la padan.

    ii) Mesti mau ingat, bukan semua rakyat sokong kerja keji ni. Ada yang tak sokong. Ada yg tak suka. Ada yg marah dan meluat. Pengacau ni bukan mewakili semua rakyat Malaysia.

    iii) Kalau dah nak jadi hero, kena tahan dugaan la. Kalau setakat nak camping, makan makan, lepak, hisap rokok. Tak payah berniat nak jadi hero. Merengek tak nak bayar hutang satu hal. Merengek pulak tu bila kena duga. Hero apa niii ...

  25. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Perempuan merokok is the ugliest thing there is - menunjuk sangat sifat2 ketingalan zaman - tak indahkan kesihatan sendiri - mulut BUSUUUKKK!!! Cepat tua!!

  26. bourne identity3:25 pm

    Y not organise Bershit rallies in Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan and Penang.
    Why KL and eecially Dataran Merdeka?
    Lu ingat semua orang di KL kaya ke? Tarak kerja ke?
    Im not sure how they train and make lawyers nowadays.... no wonder there is a word called LOWYA BURUK.
    During my time, some of us students open burger stalls or sell t shirts part time to supplement our scholarships.
    I say let these students LEARN how to appreciate money by getting them to ask for loans, learn how to spend thriftly and learn how to pay back.
    If you learn how to pay back a debt or a loan, it can only mean one thing - you are a matured and responsibile person.
    Otherwise, sell your backsides to Al Juburi - he will pay you back :-)