Friday, April 20, 2012

Bad Drivers

Bad drivers are not better than bad politicians - Anon

I don't have a driver and I sometimes envy those who have. Only people with spare change or those who are senior enough in a corporation or government are chauffeur-driven. Most drivers these days are Malays and Indians, though many years ago Dr Mahathir Mohamad did have a Chinese neighbor to be his driver. I knew of a senior flamboyant diplomat who briefly had a female driver. 

Malaysia's most famous driver is probably Azizan Abu Bakar, the man who was allegedly sodomized by a politician in the 90s. Since Azizan, drivers have been viewed suspiciously. But they have not been making headlines, until this week when two personal drivers linked to two well-known politicians lodged fantastic police reports:

Driver No 1: Abdullah Sani Said
(Personal Driver: There is attempt to assassinate Anwar)

Driver No 2: Nor Azman Azemi
(Artiste's driver tells on minister who pays RM100 thousand for each mating)

Both articles are courtesy of Keadilan Daily, the official website of Anwar Ibrahinm's PKR party, unfortunately. Driver no 2's police report was also highlighted by a PKR MP during a press conference yesterday.

Confirmed lah, Malaysia has the worst drivers in the world!


  1. Anonymous11:36 am

    Here you come, you start spinning again. Do you expect us the rakyat Malaysia to foot the bill for the Minister's bunny? Where is the hypocrit JAIS and JAKIM? Do they only dare to investigate the powerless Muslim not this UMNO crook?

  2. Anonymous12:09 pm

    ???????????????...what you trying to spin now Rocky ??? I'm confused !!

  3. Datuk,

    There is this other famous driver, of the late Clements D'Cruz.

    Then he was known as Keetheswaran. Now, he is a 'Dato' (from Negeri Sembilan), had owned plcs and has a 'Christian name'.

    There is also a former car repossesor whose name is with 4 'e's, who is also now a 'Dato'. This guy faked his 'Masters Degree' too.

    Then there is a more recent man, who wanted tp hv his team of professional drivers. He almost duped Petronas to pay for his team. And there is a legal battle to use the name of the team. In the end, the courts decided that this chap is not allowed to use the 'Kiambang' brand.

    So he had to use the label 'Babi Hidang' (Caterham). Soon, there would be a premium jet service from SBZ which would be known as 'Babi Hidang Jet' and probably suck money from the national carrier again.

    The story of 'drivers', live on!

  4. Bad Muthafucka1:08 pm

    Rocky, Malaysia has the worst drivers or the worst Ministers in the world? Your article should change to "Bad Ministers" la.

  5. Anonymous1:14 pm


    Tak Payah Lah nak bangit Apa Apa...

    Semuanya nak di POLITICISE kan sampai Cerita "Bad Driving" pun kena bangkit nama Anwar Ibrahim???

    Rakyat pun dah Muak Dengan Anjing Anjing UMNO ni

    Besok Nanti Topic Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak Pun Nak kena Politicised....

  6. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Dah banyak usaha nak bunuh anwar, sampai lari ke kedutaan turkey

    tapi tak mati dibunuh pun, masih hidup demo jalanan tak habis habis

    seri kat nama masih ada, cuma seri kat muka dah hilang - buruk

  7. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Anon 12.09

    Mr Confused,


    Rocky Pun dah terlampau banyak sangat "Spin" sampai Otak dia dah spinning hingga dia sendiri pun dah confused tentang apa yang dia tengah "Spin"

    Heh Heh

  8. Anonymous2:56 pm

    the white car in the picture must be azizan's car. the black one is anwar's lah...anwar is a bad driver, that's wny end up like that.

  9. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Rocky hari-hari tulis cerita dongeng ......

    Malay Mail : Hancur berkecai

    bagi free pon jadi paper bungkus nasi lemak.... lepas 2008 sekali lagi Rocky masuk Malay Mail..hancur jugak, bagi free orang pon tak mahu !!

    Sudahlah Rocky, hang ni berdosa besar pasal hari-hari bersama UMNO nak bodohkan orang2 Melayu !!

  10. Anonymous3:55 pm


    Mohon Tuan share link kami di web portal tuan yang hebat.

    Terima kasih..

  11. Yes I agree with you ROCKY, the worst driver of all is our PM NAJIP. He is driving the country to the shit pile.

  12. Anonymous8:36 pm

    mengapa kereta tu hentam belakang ?

  13. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Looks like some write to cari makan and hence lose the bite which would be more valuable in the long run. Used to enjoy reading blue's blog before but now because of blue ocean, the bites lost. dont know about your readers. I drop in once in a blue moon and sad to read such pointless articles. To each his own anyway.

  14. Linguini9:45 pm

    Rocky, dah jadi blog sampah ke?

  15. Dato

    Norazman story does not make sense. No one have their financial matter so openly known to anyone including their spouse. Let alone their driver.

    Coming from Zuraidah Kamaruddin and anyone PKR, kena taruk banyak cili, garam, kicap, olice oil, asam, kunyit, black pepper, mayo, garam massala, cumin, coriander, etc

    Pasti masam macam ketiak Zuraidah.

    Dalam bab tokok tambah, menipu, wayang, dan fitnah, mereka memang hebat seantero dunia sampai mahkamah perancis pun termakam auta temberang mereka dan kuncu kuncu mereka.

  16. Anonymous10:09 pm


    We, the Rakyat wonder how much of our tax money is paid to you by your master to continue spinning the news?

  17. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Here we go again. Another attempt on Brader Anuwa Bin Ibrahim


  18. Anonymous2:31 am

    (Artiste's driver tells on minister who pays RM100 thousand for each mating)


    Awesome typo

  19. Anonymous4:08 am

    Anwar was acquitted by the Court so are you disagreeing with that ?


  20. Anonymous8:24 am

    Rocky's pissed off cos Shafie's driver's police report is gonna end the career of this Sabah leech. Another product of the UMNO academy.


  21. Anonymous9:26 am

    But don't you think the biggest nut behind the wheel today is the unelected head honcho of Malaysia who tend to reverse into everything? And bolted down in the pillion seat is an overweight Birkin luvin 1Lady with a penchant for dubious PHDs and ShopTillUDrop attitude? And directing the traffic are a host of moronic deputies who think their grandfathers own all the roads leading to Putrajaya? And not to mention every other gomen agency involved including AP holders to mata2 dibelakang pokok are out to fleece the motorists out of his last coin?


    kah kah kah... mungkin boleh buat siasat... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... kalau persatuan drebar-driver malaysia berkomplot dengan pakatan... kah kah kah

    wah... betoi hebat drebar driver ni... jadi spai macam james bond

    dapat pandu kereta mewah cun jugak... kah kah kah

    pun boleh dapat awek cun anak pompuan datok datin ahli korperat... kah kah kah

  23. Anonymous11:49 am

    Bad drivers ke atau bad Pemandu.

  24. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Hello Voice'

    You Said:

    "Dalam bab tokok tambah, menipu, wayang, dan fitnah, mereka memang hebat seantero dunia sampai mahkamah perancis pun termakam auta temberang mereka dan kuncu kuncu mereka."

    Hmm Dalam Bab semua diatas terutama menipu, wayang dan fitnah nampak nya kamu memberi gambaran tepat tentang kerenah Najib & Co.

    Agaknya Kamu pun Sama saperti Rocky....Spinning sampai dah tak tahu hujung Pangkal!!!

  25. Ah, Godfather, again you cast aspersions.

    If Shafie Afdal is a leech, Umno will get rid of him. This driver thingy may be the way to do it. It won't be the first time a driver had caused the downfall of a Malaysian politician.

    Whatever you say about it, Umno is a party with built-in mechanisms that have helped it got rid of corrupt leaders, including a sleeping prime minister (with the help of the Opposition, too) and a corrupt Deputy Prime Minister!

    Many Umno rejects and sacked leaders are leading or have led your party, mate. How bad is that?

  26. Anonymous12:34 pm

    There are bad drivers, then there are bad politicians and the there are bad bloggers

    You gotta know who is it

    anom nimous

  27. Anonymous12:42 pm

    "Many UMNO rejects" you say. What about the proven criminals like the former Melaka CM as Chairman of Risda, the former Negeri CM as Chairman of Felda, the former sexist MP as Chairman of Majuikan ? Aren't these people still with UMNO ? UMNO keeps these people because they know too much. If anyone knows too little, then they are expendable.

    When you talk about a corrupt DPM, you ought to be careful. We know the identity of that person esp when he was CM of Johor.


  28. Rocky is a natural born driver that can drive you like a well trained chauffeur or like a drunkard ...driving you to hell.
    One is his character ...the other is like a nightclub bouncer....paid to be a crazy nut to make all patrons confused and obey.
    Many supporting change of Govt...treats him like a clown.

  29. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Dear Godfather Anon 4:08 am ...

    Flashback on old stories ...

    The Federal Court had found '... evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen' as the trial judge perceived. However, the court still gave an acquittal because '... even if it is proved that the incident did happen but if it is not proved 'when', in law, that is not sufficient.

    And he gonna b the nx PM ... THINK!!!

    Budak Johor

  30. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Flashback to old stories...when Anwar was charged with sodomizing Azizan in a location which wasn't built yet, and on a mattress full of everyone's DNA. The Federal Court found it was unsafe to convict so overturned the earlier decisions of the Mamakthir-appointed judges.

    If the Federal Court finds the guilty verdict as unsafe, what makes Mahathirites still think that Anwar is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt ?

    Budak Johor, THINK !!


  31. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    There are bad drivers everywhere - that much I agree with you. US Government, Malaysian government, UMNO, PKR, PAS, DAP, MCA.....everywhere you go there are bad drivers. In the context of governance, we are not so dumb as to believe that every party has perfect drivers. We choose a coalition that has ON AVERAGE better drivers that the alternative.

    Having said the above, let me tell you who I think the worst driver is in the history of Bolehland.

    He was at the wheel for 22 years. He "killed" every relief driver there was. He caused some serious accidents such as MAMINCO, BMFL, BNM, Perwaja, MAS, Proton, etc etc. He was so adamant at holding on to the steering wheel at all costs. You either sit quietly in his bus, or you better get off. Sometimes he would throw tantrums and threaten to stop driving by shedding tears.

    The accidents kept piling up - APs, PKFZ, Cyberjaya.....but he would never acknowledge that he caused those accidents. In fact he blamed them on his navigators (e.g. Ling and Chan).

    Finally the old driver called it a day due to old age, but he still won't give up. He is still a backseat driver, telling another bad driver - Najib - what to do.

    History will show that this driver did untold damage to Bolehland. May he stay alive to see the bus go "over the cliff" with the current driver.


    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:15 pm

      He lambasted George Soros.

      Soros is still around, with the bulk of his fortune still intact.

      He condemned forex trading as meaningless and irrelevant.

      Also still very much around.

      Doesn't say much for his prescience, does it?

  32. Anon 9:20

    After the wayang is over, you face the real world.

    By then u r saddled w of actors and actresses in parliament who know nuts about nuthin

    Then we will be in real trouble

  33. Anonymous4:29 am


    dont forget during tun reign, he made tens of thousand dog and pig a millionaire.

    denial syndrome ka?

    got father or not?

  34. Anonymous5:29 am

    dear pendatang,

    this month is the month of u to fulfilled ur duties as citizen of malaysia.

    hopefully when u declare ur income tax, just like A filial son/daughter it is your responsibility to declare your income tax with an honest and transparent coming from your heart.

    if u cheat and manipulate (majority of them) the income tax meaning also u steal and rob the country earnings and at the same time u steal other poor people right that need to be assist which happen to be run by umno led government.

    we the bumiputra citizen of this country (the majority tax payer of this country) were always diligent and honest when declaring our income tax.

    from an honest (majority though) bumiputra tax payer.

  35. elizabeth ngan2:26 pm

    I think you meant it as a joke when u said malaysia have the worst driver in the world. I have been driving in australia and malaysia and i can say for sure malaysia driver is better than australian driver.

    elizabeth ngan
    kuala lumpur

  36. Anonymous1:57 pm


    are you regretting your move to the south

    and wants to be invited back with the red carpet

    skewedmoron fervently wish to return to Malaysia as an equal (macam bagus, konon)

    1. Jasper Bloodstone10:14 am

      Not really, no.

      I see hundreds, if not thousands, of Malaysians living and working in Singapore, from PME types to skilled labour to unskilled labour (think Sabahans and Sarawakians working as security guards, cleaners and construction workers).

      Not to mention the hundreds of Malaysians who commute across the Causeway daily to cari makan in Singapore.

      This is something that racist supremacists in Malaysia carefully ignore, or blatantly evade the issue when confronted.

      Oh, btw, I don't see anything wrong in paying a personal income tax rate of 20% tops and a corporate tax rate of 17% - which is the stuff of dreams as far as Malaysia is concerned.

      And earnings in rock solid Singgie dollars - what's not to like?

      No wonder the warrior goes ballistic and off his rocker every time Singapore crops up.

      It must be a major affront to his cool maruah intellect to see how the world connects to a Singapore that is also, allegedly, a repository of ill-gotten funds, and a tax haven to boot.

      It's majorly offensive to his sense of propriety and antithetical to his worldview where the cool maruah intellects reign supreme!

  37. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Pardon me, do we see any Warrior 231 comments on this thread? Nope.

    Must be on the wrong thread or someone must be off his rocker.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone7:57 pm

      Don't be so hasty to jump the gun, dude.

      Nowhere in my post did I explicitly link my comments to anything that the warrior guy had posted in this thread, because he did not.

      Go reread my words. I just said the w guy goes ballistic everytime Singapore is mentioned. There is plenty of evidence for that in other threads in this blog.

      So, nyah, but thanks for trying anyways.

  38. Anonymous3:04 pm

    jasper jasper

    don't kid yourself dearie, if you still don't nurse that intent to return to good ole solid Malaysia, you won't be fervently commenting on Rocky's blog

    the downside to red dot - the purchasing power of your singdollar is minimal in relation to the 52 hours work week

    no time for genuine leisure, no time to make babies, no time to take mum, dad, son, daughter, siblings to the doctor etc etc

    1. Jasper Bloodstone8:05 pm

      Ouch, that hurts, heh heh.

      But given a strong Singapore dollar, a corporate tax rate of 17% and a general sense of safety (i.e. a paucity of snatch thefts, car jackings, house break ins and robberies, I guess I can tough it out.

      Plus host my Malaysian friends at Lady Gaga concerts and the occasional flutter at MBS....what's not to like?