Monday, April 09, 2012

Pitting a BN elder against another

When I read this piece on the Malaysian Insider yesterday, I wasn't surprised. The general election is near. Pitting a BN elder against another would be a good way to undermine the enemy. It's an old tactic: the Americans do it in Iraq, pitting the Sunnis and Shiites against one another.

I read on and, well, looks like I owe my friends at The Malaysian Insider half an apology: It wasn't their original article.  (Can't blame the pro-Pakatan portals for lapping up the story, see Mkini and MToday. It  has gone viral on blogosphere, too).

Malaysia Today
Right there with the other pro-Bersih/anti-BN articles
Eight years after Dr Mahathir Mohamad voluntarily stepped down as our PM, the country's media still entertain people who take potshots at him. It is something I find hard to understand. Why can't they let Dr M retire in peace?

When Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was PM, his media barons demonized Dr Mahathir. But that's because there was bad blood between the two. That's past. Those barons have even apologized to Dr M. 

Dr Mahathir may be critical sometimes of Najib Razak but there is no bad blood between them and Dr M has never openly attacked Najib. In fact, he has defended Najib's policies when they come under attack.

Samy Vellu must realize that he lost because he was no longer popular. Blaming Dr M for his 2008 defeat is lame. He was powerless then. Abdullah was the powerful one and Samy Vellu had Abdullah's trust and support. At the time, Dr Mahathir did not even have a blog. The newspaper quoted Samy Vellu as saying that Dr Mahathir had incited Malays in Sungei Siput not to vote him in the 2008 GE. Think, guys! The Tun could not even win the UMNO G7 election at Kubang Pasu level in September 2006, so what influence did he have over Sg Siput voters?


  1. Anonymous10:35 am

    "Why can't they let Mahathir retire in peace?"

    It's called tit-for-tat. Mamakthir refused to retire in peace and took potshots at Sleeping Beauty, and continues to take potshots at anyone and anything. He openly "advises" Najib through his posts and media conferences.

    So, Latuk, please tell Mamakthir to retire peacefully and stop being the patron of an active and racist body like Perkasa.


  2. I know Rocky could not mention the name of the paper which interviewed Samy Vellu but I read it in the New Straits Times, personally I did not see why almost half of the intervierw highlighted his (Samy) dissatisfaction with Tun Mahathir and why such interview would be allowed at this time!

  3. Anonymous11:36 am

    The paper which used to be the No 1 English paper in the country seems to be doing the dirty job for the Opposition.
    A tactfully carried out sabotage at a time when Najib is working very hard to unite the people.
    Well done Encik J (hows your new pussy)

  4. Gawdfather,

    It is good to get your chronology of events right.

    Mahathir was going to retire peacefully at the end of 2003 until the the NST (then, which made it very clear that it was very, very close to Abdullah) started attacking him. And the attacks - they were vicious and vengeful. Somebody had a personal agenda against the old man. The attacks began in not long after Abdullah's landslide victory in the 11th PRU. That got to the heads of some people.

    Dear Pasquale,

    Those who have read the Insider or Kini stories would know where the article was lapped up from, but thank you for help.

  5. Anonymous12:00 pm

    "Why can't they let Dr M retire in peace?"

    if the old man just shut up and enjoy his retirement we won't even want to think about him...

  6. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Dear Anon. 10.35 AM

    Luckily we have this Mamakthir around. Otherwise do you think we could have enjoyed a stable and prosperous Malaysia - good network of highways (for you to travel to all nooks and corners of Malaysia), mega developments such as Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, KLIA, KLCC and others to name a few; which did not only help beautify our national landscapes but also generate employments and national income, vocal views at international arena to say that we are a nation of substance, small we maybe, but not easily intimidated by the superpower bullies. Do you see an able candidate who could accomlish all those better than him? Name the persons please.

    Of course no human being is perfect, but we have to be grateful!


  7. Anonymous1:30 pm

    mr rocky bru ...heard of our good malay saying ' kalau tak mahu kena ombak jangan main tepi pantai' tell that to your good patron.....

  8. Anonymous1:31 pm

    well you throw stones at the glass ceiling surely it will break and fall and some might hit you as dot be naughty.....

  9. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Just got back from somewhere over something urgent and couldn't help laughing over the kerfuffle that JubohSundal the whorepiss swilling whore'sboy from a No 23 (15 places below the hated Utusan) ranked shitrag created.

    Bet the great statesman would be laughing as well at Samy Value and, by unexpected default, at JubohSundal as well.

    You see the Samy machai was kaput and hanging like a dead dodo (yeah not albatross cos a dodo is really and truly extinct) around their necks as far as the Hindulens were concerned and anyone just hastening its burial merely earns brownie points in their eyes, which, by default, means what Tun M allegedly did is most welcome indeed and by default bonus votes for BN on top of the 30-40% who have melted away from PR:

    You see Juboh was too hasty to suck cock that he/she would do anything to shore up dwindling support but being a whorepiss swilling whore'sboy he/she does not have it up there between his/her ears to figure out even a simple strategic strike.The responses to the article is pretty obvious as to what everyone excepting, fuckhead shiteating sleepyhead Dollah Lah Lah, thinks of Mr Value. No wonder the article tumbled off the shelves beneath other garbage after playing its mandatory sensationalist spoiler filler role early in the morning...hahahahaha

    Just as those guys at MengulumKoteh, JubohSundal would be better off stroking chancred pussies with his/her filthy tongue in his/her Pakatan pimp's den than trying to act like a journoboy which he/she never was or never aint gonna be.What a laughably pathetic stumpy cocked son/daughter of a bitch. A wasted sperm of a ball-less, clueless, brainless cowardly dolt!

    Warrior 231

  10. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Bro Din,

    Have to agree with Pasquale that this isnt time for such an interview. Who ok such an atrocious idea?

    Even if samy wasnt using d newspaper to do a plse-forget-me-not-interview-since -general election-is-around-the-corner what good should a "retired" mandore could say to help the ruling party?

    And if the contents were to be examined, why shud the editor ok the piece after knowing how this would help throw in another problem for bn?

    Have they not learnt about agenda setting? Bukankah nst ada eic baru? Dia x buat kerja kah? Susahlah mcm ni...

    The Sicilian in Langkawi...

  11. Mazlan3:54 pm

    The original article was in NST over the weekened.
    Since Najib took over - the NST editorial team and commentators are all aligned and approved by him. Thus for them to highlight Samy Vellu's points regarding Tun M campaigning against him as to have some sort fo green light from PMO.
    My point to Pasquale and Anon is that the NST has been extremely pro-Najib for the past 3 years. Thus the Samy Vellu interview can't have been a coincidence.

  12. Anonymous4:08 pm

    When everyone starts feelng the chips are down, all the fingers for past misdeeds will naturally start pointing at whoever is convenient to them. Toyo and now Sami. Who's next? Ling? Koh?

    Fear is slowly creeping in for past misdeeds if BN loses the next GE.

    What a drama. Malaysia Boleh!

    It's a matter of time before Rocky also start changing direction while swimming midstream soon.

    Wonder whose ass going to get really screwed as GE13 gets nearer.

    Malaysian Karma

  13. drMpower5:24 pm

    so samy thought he lost 2008 seat because of mahathir?wonder what he thought of the Hindraf march into whole KL sometime BEFORE 2008 GE?

    when those fella march for whatever reasons (the trillions they asked from the Queen was the best humor i've ever read in 10 years but that storys for another day), stevie wonder saw what samy was capable of.

    he was very incapable to smooth down the angst of the indians!

    so an incapable leader is no use for any political purpose. its called politically expired. i bet my last dollar samy knew he no longer popular within indians community but not very unpopular so fast!

    without facts blaming others for his own shortcoming is a hallmark of a leader u CANNOT support.

  14. Anonymous5:33 pm


    When Mahathir "retired in peace" did he let his annointed (yes, he voluntarily put them in-charge) successors "govern in peace"?

    Did he "hold his peace" against what purportedly ails UMNO/BN & this country ( corruption, wastage gross mismanagement & incompetence) when actually he held "the lion s share" of tenure as PM?

    I know we all have to "cari makan" but please la for once write truthfully & with sincerity..


  15. Anonymous6:10 pm


    Isn't that Obvious??

    No Need to Pit one against the other laaaa

    When the Boat is leaking and starting to sink all on board scrambles to be the first to get out....

  16. Goatfather,
    Agree with you that those PERKASA fellas are idiots and racists for believing that they can defend the Constitutions and refusing to roll-over and play dead.They should just move aside and let your good old buddies the DAP/DONG ZONG establish Chinese supremacy in Malaysia.Itu baru tak racist kan..?

    1. Anonymous3:09 pm

      Extremists are everywhere. Ask codfather.

  17. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Surely you are not naive to believe M was powerless. He was the chief instigator of the anti badawi movement. Sudah lupa ka?

  18. Anonymous7:21 pm

    dr m might had nothing to do at all with samy losing sg siput. but i wont question his influence over d voters.
    this is big man mahathir we're talking about!

    1. Anonymous1:22 pm

      IMO if samy n tdm are to measure the length of their dick based on their track record performance then all ppl should know la koteh sapa xnmpak lansung..
      Itu samy bola 2 bijik saja besar tpi koteh tara nampak..

      Aiyooooo sammmmyyyy! Deyyyy!

  19. Rocky is a smart twister...ignoring the fact...that Mahathir never retired at all..these 8 years.
    He keep hounding and pounding on Dollah..for cancelling the crooked bridge project...and support Najib..even he was wrong..because Najib put his son in as a deputy Minister....and performed as he direct from the back.
    You mean Rocky ...such a smart man cannot see that?
    Sure he can....but under payroll of BN...he must always do his part.
    I was hoping living in Singapore for so long...Rocky should be fighting against the corrupted robbers and thieves all the way...not pick and choose as he likes.
    Concerning Samy comment on is his final play sting on Mahathir...knowing Mahathir cannot do anything to him at all.
    It's a crook blaming another crook....and Mahathir talk too much..Samy will have reasons to reveal ALL..crooked deals approved by Mahathir....and bring UMNO b down.

    1. Anonymous9:07 pm

      Why wait for Samy to reveal? If you have something, then reveal to us and let us all evaluate what has been reveal. It's just that easy, right?

    2. Anonymous1:25 pm

      Not to forget those fathers n their sons n their daughters in DAPig n also PKRshit too..
      Fuck u la.. Mau cerita pasal anak pulak..
      Anak seberang sana lu xmau cerita ka kawan

  20. Lets see all good Malaysians support BERSIH 3 walk for CLEAN and NON CORRUPTED government...on 28th April 2PM.

    1. Anonymous9:03 pm

      The very same system that made PR political masters in Selangor, Penang, Kedah, retaining Kelantan and briefly, Perak; also increasing the majority of seats on the Oppostion side.

  21. durgabai7:54 pm

    ayoyo....samy samy cry baby. you must blame someone, aaah... if your voters love you, they will vote for you no matter what. you deserve the voters you get and they deserve the wakil rakyat they chose. dr mahathir ask them to masuk longkang, they masuk longkang? ayoyo....

  22. Anonymous7:57 pm

    What da F... Samy? I'll say its you that causes MIC as a whole to loose big time.

    Why cant losers politician shut the F... up? Mr Sammy if you retire earlier, in all likelihood there will be no HINDRAF.

    Thats why theres is this saying about killing a Sammy type before you kill the snake...

  23. Concerning Samy blaming Mahathir for his downfall...I do believe Samy is telling the truth.
    Mahathir has said..time and time again...Samy is too powerful..cannot be sacked by him.
    Why feel so surprise that Mahathir can influence UMNO b voters not to support Samy in an election?

  24. Anonymous9:09 pm

    it the first place rocky ol boy, why did you let this topic take place? Some people are better

  25. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Good on You Sam...

    You are Lucky Though..You could have ended up like our friend LING.

    Look at What Happened to LING...Done so much for Mahathir to be rewarded this way.

  26. bagi tahu sama samy.
    pigi main layang-layang


  27. Ayoyo Samy, what nonsense are you spewing? You lost because Sg Siput people are tired of seeing your pubic hair toupee for five terms.
    Can't you accept defeat graciously?
    Typical Indian putting blame on others for their own failure or stupidity or unpopularity.
    You should be grateful Tun M even gave a chance for you many times over to contest in view of your position as Indian leader.
    Now Najib is giving you the roving ambassador to India post. Money not enough??
    Najib is so kind to give your blue-eyed boy, Vel fella. a Senatorship. Then elevated him to a full minister despite not deserving it.
    And UMNO will be giving him a safe seat either in Cameron Highlands or Sg Siput to ensure Vel wins.
    If he loses in Sg. Siput, this means the voters could not accept an MIC leader to represent them.
    You get it Aya?

  28. Anonymous11:43 pm

    NST GEIC ada girlfriend baru mak janda isit? NST GEIC busy with new mak janda is it? NST GEIC kicking out his wife and kids because of mak janda isit? NST is doomed isit? Nobody knows what is happening in NST isit? WTF is Jalil Ayam doing in NST? Cari ayam is it?

  29. Anonymous11:46 pm


  30. Anonymous1:08 am

    Very clever sabo tactic.

    They throw firecrackers(old/new/false one)at the enemy's office and just hope/watchhow people dance.

    Typical under the belt moves.

    Somebody should documents these tactics and teach a How to Win Votes 101 course. Easy money.
    The opposition can be a good sifu. Of course maybe have to pay them royalty.

  31. Mustapha Ong7:27 am

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    I think NST is doing injustice to their readers in highlighting the personal issues between Tun Mahathir and Samy Vellu. While we are unable to stop Tun Mahathir from talking about his ups and downs during the 22 years of his autocratic rule in government, it is a waste of time to repeat the old and stale political attics of Samy Vellu.

    Is Samy Vellu still relevant in the context of our national politics, as he is no longer a credible leader in the eyes of the present MIC leadership, a lame component partner in BN?

  32. Anonymous8:27 am

    As a young grad with a good degree, why shud we give a flying toot about these has-beens? Not being disrespectful lah, give younger ppl a chance lah, ini tak abis2 muka2 recycle in our political scene.

  33. Anonymous9:37 am

    RBru, NST's article was either paid for or deliberate. Afterall these days you can pay journo to get your story our. , quite easily. Especially the entertainment writers. So what if NST wrote that. Samy got his say 'now go to sleep on your bed of wealth'. Its a political MO. Like the ones applied by Opposition , be the first to attack, aggressive all the way. Accuse BN of importing voters and usurping EC's roles, accuse them of whatever, but do exactly what you accuse them of because they will be busy defending themsleves to notice. Its the opposition states thats slowly importing and moving voters, promising citizenship.Where is the increase in chines voters from? Pray explain. yes thats the whisper , keep the government busy attack, with whatever.! So samy go away, dont come again even on rainy days.

    Whatever reasons,we will always remember that not just Indians but malays , Chinese and Malaysians wanted Samy Vellu to disappear from this face of the earth. We could not bear his arrogannce , he rode roughshot with comments that were ' 'vulgar', a typical powerful wealthy politician who knew he could squeeze balls because he and his sons were blinded by corruption and thought no one could touch him. He had threatened BN and the Prime Minister because he thought he had the indian votes in his hands. So the truth must have hurt so bad and hes still traumatised.

    Its true that Mahathir's comment had helped to bring Samy down but it wasnt personal. Although the full impact of Mahathir's anger had shocked us. Mahahtir had also caused the downfall of many others in BN and almost caused the downfall of the BN government!

    That was how powerful and inlfuential Tun was, when retired! He could still turn the country upside down. I wish he had say then 'dont vote Anwar, the backdoor activist'.

    Tun Mahathir had been part of the cause of BN defeat. Many took him seriously when he said 'Dont vote BN'. I still remember that. Maybe it was something Tun himself had not expected.MAny were angry with him then, even though most of what he said were true.

    As BN supporters, but my friends and I had worked hard to make sure the few leaders we know and are worth ensuring they stay on as leaders got voted in.Our hard work paid off. We did not get rewards, but its rewarding enough to see them work for the people.Because they care for the people. If Samy or his son gets back into politics we will make sure the traitor is defeated.

    I hope this time Tun knows better, afterall hes a wise bapak.
    He wasnt a 22 year PM and a much feared, much loved and much respected PM for nothing. As we say 'his pukulan still got nuclear sengat'. Turn your missiles in the right direction Tun, please.


  34. Anonymous10:24 am

    Cucu yang saya sayangi:

    The Chinese don't want anything extra. They don't need crutches. They pay taxes. They don't want idiots to keep harping on assumed rights, and if they don't get their way, then there will be hell to pay.

    Perkasa is similar to Mamakthir in one respect - both say "it's my way or the highway".


    1. Anonymous12:56 pm

      Ooooo pertama kali aku dgr cina xmo extra ha3 u wanna spin until kingdom comes ka apek

  35. Mahathir can cook up a case and jail Anwar for 6 years....what is Samy Vellu to him....piece of cake.
    It's the art to get rid of him...without getting upset and reveal all that counts.....hoping Najib will make him a Senator too...since he was still MIC president.
    Samy he is not wanted by UMNO b....especially by Mahathir...who is the founder of UMNO b and a snake he day write love poems..feed sweet cakes to Mahathir's mouth...treating him like a day...insult M.
    It needs a pure Indian to hantam a half Indian...who denies he is half Indian....kuat kuat in BN.

  36. I think the reasons he lost are (1) his own continued arrogance (2) his opponent Dr Michael Jeyakumar's grace and standing in the communty and (3) withrawal of support by pro-Mahatir camp which was of course a factor in the Badawi-led BN's poor performance nationally.

    Dr Mahathir, as a senior statesman, has dutifully supported Najib and his administration.

    I think the test of his support is the integrity of the Malay nationalist project.

    How does Najib's appointment of Samy Vellu as Minister Plenipotentiary count as visionary?

    Maybe resurrecting Dr Mahtahir's idea of voting according to candiadte's quality may be more in line with Dr Mahathir's vision.

    Mercifully, Dr Mahatir's continues to set the standards of debate and not Ministers Plenipotentiary or Penipotentiary.

  37. People takes pot shot at the old man because he does not know how to retire.Simple as that.Unlike Pak Lah who retired gracefully and is spending his twilight years with his wife and cucu, Mahathir keeps on poking his big nose into public affairs to the extent of being involved with sowing racial hatred...mixing up with the likes of perkasa and reverting to being extremist instead of being a respected statesman!

  38. People takes pot shot at the old man because he does not know how to retire.Simple as that.Unlike Pak Lah who retired gracefully and is spending his twilight years with his wife and cucu, Mahathir keeps on poking his big nose into public affairs to the extent of being involved with sowing racial hatred...mixing up with the likes of perkasa and reverting to being extremist instead of being a respected statesman!

  39. Retire in peace .... don't think so as s/o Kutty spent much of his early days of retirement trying to get his name(and family) in the media.

    Remember the time when he couldn't even get notice at UMNO branch level ! (down to the handiwork of KJ) and when Dollah Badawi was pushed aside, s/o Kutty went on a warpath to see to it that Dollah was accorded same treatment but it is OK, Dollah always a lover and not a fighter.

    Having exerted revenge, who do you think has been funding those "sinister" incidents - hallmarks of ultra's at work ?

    Perkasa, pekida, politics of hate, church burning all come to mind and what's worse, Islam falls victim and exploited by sinister people who share affilitation with s/o Kutty.

    Why won't the old man speak out of the harm done - church burning or condemn the vile rhetorics of both Ali's Hasan and Brahim and that of mufti Harusamani ???

    M'sians are a most charitable and peaceful lot but today authorities allow fear to rein - ultra's showing up to disrupt anti-Lynas congregation, or that of Anwar's or Pakatan ceramah's - all the samseng's get away with ugly behavior, all of which poses severe public threat but PDRM make bodoh - civility down the drain while these desperate elements with UMNO association (clearly the instigators) no longer bother to hide their hands (culminating in a very public bombing on the morning Anwar's verdict was delivered).

    Tell me what is M'sia coming to Rocky ? Is it still fun and games when bombs go off ?? And where is Mahathir's voice in all of this (high likelihood he is applauding all of this clandestine activities, for he is after all a vanguard of May 13th all those years ago).

    P/S Mahathir and sons - when Mubarak and Gaddafi fell, the people seized back billions that both dictators had stashed abroad - finally having to account for their wanton days of plunder.

    Mubarak and son's have their day in court but Gaddafi died a gruesome death - a man prone to winning election by wide margins was ultimately more feared than loved - makes me wonder where Mahathir stands, given the same equation ???

  40. Samy needed to only look at the mirror and see who actually caused his downfall. Blaming others for ones misfortune is certainly immature, grow old Samy the quicker the better for you.

  41. Anonymous3:03 pm


    the winner of Rockybru's Joker of the century goes to a commentator who wrote, I do believe Samy is telling the truth.

    but, seriously... who gives a toss what you believe... keep it to yourself... we are NOT Pakatan cyber-troopers ; we only believe in facts! If you can't back it up... go tell it to your own kind/species!

    1. Anonymous12:58 pm

      Agree 100%.. We r the ppl who adheres to data driven decision making ha3 give us the facts la u fucking retards be it from BN or others

  42. Anonymous3:13 pm

    you dont have to march in Bersih to be called a Good Malaysian. BO

    Am a good Malaysian and i dont march in Bersih which it is not that BERSIH (looking at those involves)

  43. Aunty 28:38 pm

    Hi all!

    M laughing all the way to the toilet..who cares whether that Sammy fella is talking the truth? So afraid nobody ingat sama dia ..PRU 13 around the corner maa..

  44. So many gates... all open..
    Cowgate..Copgate..Logsgate..Studygate..Altantuya photo shoot gate..
    5 gates on gate on murder...all open for Najib to close the doors.
    Failing to do so....big problem for him and party.
    Waiting Rocky to put out a post.
    "Gates to Hell for Najib"

    1. Anonymous8:56 pm

      Have you forgotten 'The Tailorgate'?

    2. Anonymous12:59 pm

      Opposition pun ada gates jgk apek oiii lu bnyak bising la

  45. Anon 3.03 PM ..obviously an UMNO b members said..he believes in facts...yet so many facts written in the past and now....all ignored and want more facts?
    Is he blind?
    So Samy telling the truth about a joke of the century?
    hi.idiot....Mahathir did lied 14 times to Royal Commissioners. Is that not facts?
    The fact is UMNO b plays dirty politics..with unfair ..unjust rules....all favoring and protecting them.
    Wait till after 13h GE...and see who is the joker of the low class racist.

    1. Anonymous8:55 pm

      You are also a racist even though you will not admit it based on your statement above. Politics IS about whose playing the dirtiest, same as Pakatan Rakyat especially in Penang and Selangor.

  46. Anonymous11:11 pm

    I can imagine Tun's answer.. "ada aku kesah?"

  47. Typical sickening mentality....Anon 3.03PM has.
    He tells me to keep my opinion to myself and out come his opinions.
    So many given....not good enough....must be solid and cannot be denied.
    Lawyers should take lessons from him how to win cases.
    Bloody gobolok talking cock to me.

    1. Anonymous1:00 pm

      Hv u suck ur own cock today goblok bajingan?

  48. Anonymous3:39 am

    1. Samy can kiss his black ass goodbye to politics. Dr Mahathir's influence or not, youre no longer relevant in Malaysian politics. Youre old, has been and too long in the .governmentl. Just sit back and play with your grandchildren. Other generations turn now.

    2. Dr Mahathir though not perfect, managed to rapidly developed Malaysia to what it is today. Did a good job in chopping off Sleepy head Dollah from Putrajaya and save the country from further rapings and destruction from rogue snakes like Ambiga, Liwat, Son in law and 4th floor and racist DAPigs.

    3. Bersih 3 can go f&$k itself. Shame on Menteri Amaran for allowing it to proceed. Giving avenue to irresponsible rakyat to run and demo on the streets of kl like bloody monkeys. Costong the City millions of ringgit of lost revenues and millions of taxpayers money to deploy police/rela officers on the highways. Damn bloody stupid.

    Scared of losing votes?? Bloody hell, you'll lose even more votes allowing it to go on! As a taxpayer, Bersih is a f&$king lost cause, waste of money!!

    4. BN needs someone authoritative like DrM. Not some softy who tries to please and please everyone so hard. Majority Chinese will still vote Opposition la... that one for sure, no need to waste so much money on them la. Better focus on Indians and other races especially in Sabah and Sarawak. Rural Chinese also deserve help. Chinese mau business only, like they give a rats ass about politics. Janji $$$ come in.. typical.

    5. To BN and Opposition, Rule of thumb, make everybody happy, lower expenses, increase quality of ourlives, then I promise you my vote. Otherwise, go flykite.

    The real Godfather

  49. visit it! is the newbig thing on the net!

  50. Anonymous8:34 am

    It is good to get your chronology of events right.


    Great news. Congrats,

  51. Anonymous10:20 am

    Samy no Value lost of his other Ministers of the then Bodolah regim...he became the arrogant person..bongkak..angkuh..if anyone care to delve into the TV would find the interview..which I can remember until today...of Samy no Value challenging the voter to throw him down through the ballot box...i can't remember the issue that led him to issue that challenge..but i can remember strongly what he said..."kalau pengundi tak suka sama, sila turunkan saya melalui peti undi.." and tha is what the voters did..and now..he blame Tun M for his arrogance..really no value Samy...

  52. Everyone knows who Samy Vellu is..especially the Malaysian Chinese.
    It's the UMNO b racists blindly under a spell thrown to them for 30 years by Mamak and on going...and these half brain shut off Muslims will follow what Mamak tells them to do...but time marches on...things have change and Muslims are getting smarter and smarter....with strong minds and now...Mamak and his loving adopted son...Najib...tricks and treats...tak boleh pakai anymore.
    Bring on 13th GE....and sent all racists to tong sampah.
    Having minorities as friends does not mean.. UMNO b supporters are not racists.
    They are very good in twisting and snakes...copying Mahathir...wholesale.
    Bottom line...these UMNO b members and a disunited country....thinking UMNO b is their trump card to win in every game.
    Many have awakened which worries Najib....don't know when to announce the 13th GE....even after 3 years....still undecided.
    You bloody racists ...especially the handful from MCA and MIC..are the worthless... brainless worms.
    No other country in the world will keep one party to govern for 55 years and say....not change...when lives changes everyday.
    Yes...UMNO b...MIC and MCA hypocrites..go pray to your Gods for forgiveness every day.
    Gods may not take sides in politics...but Gods do listen to TRUTHS...and act in their mysterious make all you suffer...being so selfish and conceited.....unless you are chosen by the Mahathir to have a mission to make Malaysia ...a devilish country ..for Satan to rule.
    You bloody BN supporters are the Devil's zoombies.

    1. Anonymous8:52 pm

      You are also a racist in disguise.

    2. Anonymous1:04 pm

      He does not need to hide his skeletons inside his fucking almari anymore.. Sapa xkenal mamat racist sorg ni.. Srmua komen dia mmg busuk je.
      Well at least rocky is showing how freedom of speech actually works..
      From here on we can make a decisive decision who is the actual spinner and hate mongerer.
      Malaysians are more educated to make a wise decision.
      No more politics of hate.
      Let this apek go buy a good keranda for him to roll over n die.

  53. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Aku rasa kan.. Aiyo samy ni pondan la.. Dh kalah nak salahkan orang lain.. Sore loser betul la pundek sorang ni.. Deyyyy thambiiii

  54. kah kah kah... dua orang india berlawan... kah kah kah

    di korner kiri... veloo samy...

    di korner kanan... madey kutty...

    weii, ini hal orang india laa...

    orang melayu cina jangan masok campur, pegi buat kerja lain laa...

    1. Anonymous1:05 pm

      Kurng arif nye rakyat malaysia.
      TDM melayu la mangkok.

  55. Anonymous10:59 am

    1. Samy can kiss his black ass goodbye to politics. Mamakthir's influence or not, youre no longer relevant in Malaysian politics. Youre old, has been and too long in the .governmentl. Just sit back and play with your grandchildren. Other generations turn now.

    2. Mamakthir, though not perfect, managed to rapidly developed Malaysia to what it is today. Did a good job in promoting cronyism, nepotism, chopping off Sleepy head Dollah from Putrajaya and continued to rape the country by racist Umnoputras.

    3. Perkasa can go f&$k itself. Shame on Menteri Amaran for allowing it to proceed. Giving avenue to responsible rakyat to sit and demo on the streets of kl like concerned citizens. Costong the City millions of ringgit of lost revenues and millions of taxpayers money to deploy police/rela officers on the highways. But Needed to be done for the future of this country.

    Scared of losing votes?? Bloody hell, you'll lose even more votes by not allowing it to go on! As a taxpayer, Perkasa, Perkida is a f&$king lost cause, waste of money!!

    4. UMNO needs someone authoritative like Mamakthir. Not some softy who tries to please and please everyone so hard. Majority Chinese will still vote Opposition la... that one for sure, no need to waste so much money on them la. Better focus on Indians and other races especially in Sabah and Sarawak. Rural Chinese also deserve help. Chinese mau business only, like they give a rats ass about politics. Janji $$$ come in.. typical of Najib.

    5. To BN and Opposition, Rule of thumb, make everybody happy, lower expenses, increase quality of ourlives, then I promise you my vote. Otherwise, go flykite.

    The real Codfather

  56. Anonymous11:21 am

    Agree 1000% with ZAIB.

  57. Aunty212:12 pm

    Encik Monsterball

    Why the talk of other people being racist huh? What the %$#@* calling Muslims half brain shut off beings and snakes? U g Skolah mana nih?? Hear yourself kesian with your inferiority complex!! Come 13th PRU lets hear how u rattle on n on ...

    1. Anonymous1:06 pm

      Ha3 itu la dia super trooper Pakatanfakkkk

  58. Anonymous5:20 pm

    what everyone believed i one thing, trying to change everyone's mind, that's almost impossible. Almost impossible but not impossible. everyone is programmed differently, different mold, different upbringing.

    my point is, say what you want about the man, call him mamakthir or whatever.

    Do you know how the media chases after him? you're saying that he should shut up? then tell the people especially the media to not chase him.

    I mean, when someone asked you a question, you don't answer, and then you're called rude.

    if I am the man, i'd do what he did (maybe not as good but hey).

    Samy forgotten why people started Hindraf in the first place. it was because of him. not Pak Lah, not Mahathir.

    say what you want about Tun Dr Mahathir, but personally, I think he has done tremendously. Of course no one is perfect. You'd have to be God if you are.

    I think Malaysian's problem right now is that they can't handle peace, gotta have drama in their lives.

    Malaysia is too peaceful that they need to stir the whole situation into a chaos.

    I don't really care about what you people think but I think Tun Dr Mahathir is a great man. You people just don't know how to appreciate such a great man.

    Funny how foreigners and outsiders salute him more then his very own people.

    p/s: he never denied his heritage, in case you're wondering, he did mentioned and explained this on numerous occasion including in his Memoir that he is also of Malayali descent. So what if he is a mamak? being a Malaysian, you can never be truly a pure blood. I am proud to say that my grandmother is mamak, my grandfather is Javanese, with some local Malay and Chinese blood.

  59. Anonymous11:28 am

    Latuk Locky: Mamakthir refused to lie down even now, so what say you ? All your theories are kaput, right ?


  60. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Alamak very sad lah Samy.

    For decades Dr Mahathir counted on you to take care of the Indian community.
    Even after his watch pun, you nak blame him for your loss in GE12. How come you don't point finger at Pak Lah for failing to drum up more support for you then. (Pandai betul Pak Lah tidur so that everybody excuses him for being literally unaware).
    You marah Dr Mahathir for giving his views ke? Everybody is entitled to his/ her opinion. Mana boleh just shut up and you do whatever you fancy. Its a democracy deyyyy not an Indian mafia movie anymore. Citizens not happy. You find a solution. Cannot find a solution. It means you can't do the job anymore. Time to go lah!

    Its done Samy. Make peace with that.

    I bet Najib's biggest headache is how to get rid of all the dinosaurs who don't know its time to go gracefully for the sake of the country.

    1. Anonymous1:07 pm

      We need young blood!!! Not the oldies with no substance

    2. Jasper Bloodstone1:40 pm

      hat's what Mahathir said too!

      A Singaporean Malay friend of mine who is living and working in KL has an interesting take on this.

      He says that the "culture of entitlement" is so pervasive in Malaysia that every business discussion he has participated in has had this looming in the background.

      In other words, participants up and down the food chain expect to be "taken care of".

      Why would anyone want to step down voluntarily and forego the benefits?

  61. bourne identity3:44 pm

    Samy Vellu talks with his hands all over the place like someone making roti kosong...and the contents of his talk is always kosong.
    Podah Samy... u were the godfather and warlord all in one and thank goodness youre gone from the screen.