Saturday, April 07, 2012

Stand By Me

STAND BY ME has been performed by many greats, from Ben E. King (in 1962) to John Lennon. I don't know what Najib Razak's favorite song is but the group of young local grads who came up with this montage thought it should be made the theme song for the PM, especially with the general elections around the corner and as a tribute to his accomplishments in the last 3 years.

Advisory: There is a VOTE FOR BN liner at the end of the clip.

UPDATES: Najib kicks off Jelajah Janji ditepati in Batu Pahat, report and pic by Big Dog, Kita Menepati Janji Bila Berjanji

midnight update: A Voice has proposed the song SELAMAT JALAN, ROMEO for Najib's challenger


  1. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Yeah latuk... Stand by Rosmah should be the rite title.


  2. T Ramlee2:00 pm

    The song for us is 'Najib fucks the nation'

  3. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Here come the hate-mongers ...!

    Stand by Najib! Stand against Hate Racist Politics!

  4. Jasper Bloodstone3:18 pm

    5 more years?

    Sure, lah - eliminate subsidies, balance the budget, restructure the economy, roll back affirmative action, fix the education system, come down hard on racial and religious intolerance and discrimination, repair the election system, allow dual citizenships etc etc.

    Shouldn't take 5 years to do all that, right?

    Where there's a will, there's a way....

  5. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Are you and big dog voluntarily escorting and reporting Najib 's trip around the country or being paid by BN?

    Hope you can come clear on this so that the objectivity of the reports can be better understood.

  6. Anonymous4:11 pm

    if they paid me well, i will do the same as ROCKY!

    sad to see u being scolded in every each one of your post!

    but that's what u get when u get paid and the rest of us dont!

  7. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Good job the young grads, at least you show the appreciation to what the PM did

  8. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Good job the young grads, at least you show the appreciation to what the PM did

  9. Anonymous5:41 pm

    If all races are not racist, we should be happy to sing the same song with DS Najib.

  10. Anonymous6:46 pm


    Why don't you declare yourself as a Full Fledged Card Carrying UMNO Cadre instead of Masquerading as a "Journalist"...That's Cause you have a Teeny weeny CHICKEN HEART in that useless Big Hulking Body!!

    Look at Dato' Sak... He Ain't Scared Like you Man...

  11. Anonymous6:48 pm




    Unless of Course Najib and the Forty Thieves are living in Syokland...

  12. Anonymous7:04 pm


    Ha Ha Ha Ha ....

    The only ones who will be standing by him will be..

    Nalla The Kurap
    Ummi The Slat and
    Ezam the Trannie

    Please La Rocky...Another Joke like that and I will burst my guts laughing...

  13. Anonymous7:08 pm

    amateurist static slide.

    Theme song shud be

    Lost In Love

  14. Anonymous7:23 pm

    kesiannn anuwar. here's a song for anuwar, guan eng racist and nik aziz 'die still the MB'.

    lady gaga - bad romance
    "I want your ugly, i want your disease, i want your everything as long as it's free"

  15. Anonymous7:30 pm

    remember the famous "work with me not work for me" ex-PM? yeah sounds more or less the same with this one...


  16. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Stand by Najib. He hardly had three years up to now. Yet he achieved much. Imagine how much more he can deliver if we stand by him and give him another 5 years. Count us in Sir. We will stand by you.

  17. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Haiya these PR cybertroopers, never cease to spout filth and rubbish like those piling up in Selangor.

    Bottom line is I think they just love trash whether it is verbal or physical.

    That jasper bs act like he knows how to govern Malaysia. I think he just picked up a textbookand regurgitate.

    Act macam bagus aje ...

  18. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Somebody said "objectivity?"

    Obviously you don't agree with the post. So you questioned the poster's objectivity. I bet if it was something negative then objectivity is achieved?...according to you? are funny!

  19. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Woi Rocky, baik tutup blog hang...hari-hari tulis sampah !!

    Goh Wei Liang

  20. Anonymous9:56 pm

    'lelaki lembut Najib' sudah jadi menteri wanita !! kekekekeke.... jawatan PM akan disandang oleh Rosmah secara rasmi !!

    patutlah lelaki lembut Najib buat video standby me.....dah jadi menteri wanita....kekekekkke

  21. @anon 3.20pm

    majority of the people will voluntarily do that since we don't want the country to be ruined by the politics of lies and deception championed by PR.

  22. I think Najib is better than Pak Lah where it was "lay by me".

  23. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Five More Years?

    Moar like... No More Years

  24. Anonymous10:46 pm

    We rather stand by Muhyiddin and Mukhriz than Najib and Rosmah.

  25. To most of the douchebags here, have you ever questioned about empty promises made by opposition? no? why being a selective mofo?

  26. Anonymous7:46 am

    People always say empty promises by PR.Of course they are empty and not fulfilled cos they are not the govt yet
    Why not vote them in and see if they remain empty and unfulfilled
    Just like when you want to get married you make promises to your don't fulfill them your wife divorce you
    BN govt like bad marriage for 50 years first syok now like nightmare -the only choice give talk satu.Talak satu can come back again lah

  27. Anonymous7:51 am

    Anon6:48 PM


    The descendants of PRC are so happy living in Syokland, such that they refused to return to their ancestors land far far away

    1. Jasper Bloodstone2:52 pm

      No need, lah. Their ancestors' land is throwing it's weight around the South China Sea....

      Who else to call, but Uncle Sam!

  28. Anonymous8:31 am

    Stand by me. Reminds us of so many good things Najib did. I wonder if we can have enough photos of what Anwar did. Let us all volunteer to help Najib's election campaign. He deserves more than 21 years that Mahathir had.

  29. Anonymous9:08 am

    Stand by Najib or
    Bend over for Anuaaa

  30. Stand by Me is very apt for Najib's campaign song. Another one is You And I Were Meant To Fly by Celin Dion.
    Janji DiTepati show yesterday was a resounding success.
    Najib has put across the message that the voters want promises fulfilled and do not want conceited and arrogant leaders.
    Those two banes of the people are exclusive owned by Anwar and

  31. Anonymous11:24 am

    the PKR cyber troopers are out en masse whenever a blogger writes anything good about Najib... they have a standing order from Al-Juburi to write negative comments to give the impression that Najib is sooooo unpopular.

    the typical Anwar Al-Juburi modus operandi , i.e. impression, impression, impression!

    it has become too obvious as the years go by...

    Pathetic if you asked me...

    But, no one asked, I'll just stop here.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone2:57 pm

      All smoke and mirrors, right?

      Let's see who has the better strategy for economic restructuring.

    2. Anonymous12:11 pm

      You mean like your Dear Leader shifting 600m off to Federal and called it a debt reduction success? If that's the best DAP can produce in 3+ years, no thanks.

      HM, syd.

  32. Anonymous11:34 am

    Najib is najib, mahathir is mahathir..oops forgot pak lah, pak lah is also pak lah...then u guys wanna put who?..anwar?..welllll anwar is also anwar..none of them is perfect but at least anwar's bullying tactics is not the type of admin or governence i need.. if he can spin and slither his way out of all the accusations outside of power..imagine what he can do when he has power. I shudder just thinkin bout it...lambs to the slaughter all of ya pakatan sad sods...

  33. Dual citizenships , my food. What nasib should have dine is kick out Allah tuisyen christians missinaries out of Malaya.

  34. Anonymous2:07 pm


    When is Najib going to don a Skirt?

    Sekarang he is Meneteri Hal Perempuan Kan?

    Lepas Pakai Skirt Nyanyi Lah Macam Perempuan....

  35. Anonymous2:21 pm


    Najib will look so cute wearing a Red Tudong Now that he is Minister for Wanita...

    Call All the Wanita Together and Sing "Sleep By Me"

    Heh Heh Heh

  36. Anonymous2:58 pm


    Yes Mr "Pathetic" You can stop there!

    We aint Opposition Cybertroopers Man

    We are just the "man on the street" who is fed up and tired of Najib's Gimmicks and Money Politics and of course his "Pathetic" Alphabet Soup

  37. Anonymous3:19 pm


    Sungguh menyedihkan melihat komen2 yang tidak kritis, dan menghina di blog ini. Saya boleh agak dari pihak mana komen2 tersebut datang.

    Harap dapat didelete sahaja komen2 seperti ini. Kebebasan bersuara ada hadnya. Tidak perlu ada ruang untuk cacian, hinaan dan makian tanpa sebab.


  38. The damage done by the previous PM will take years to undo, its good to see that after almost 3 years of hard work and patience with a smile PM Najib is getting his act and BN's together.

    "Stand By me" is "fine by me" :))

  39. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Don't waste time jelajah here and there DN..We are not interested.

    Preferable for DN to use his precious time to jelajah his Ministries n Govt Agencies offices and "STAND BY" at their reception counters ...

    Seeing is believing DN.

    The hopeless services accorded to us the ordinary citizens.


  40. Anonymous11:36 pm

    See lah if anwar become the PM. Sure he do less. Further, we make record of having PM with porno video every where in the websites. Congratulation to the liberalist. So to those of the supporters, you should feel proud of Anwar.:)

  41. Anonymous11:48 pm

    It's okay for them to say nasty word as those are the lesson they got from their PR leaders. the leaders were always do that during ceramah. With good 'Adab' which they thought that the religion ask them to say, that what currently they practice. Attitude shows from what they write. thank you PR for developing your supporters. Do more so they will be looked uncivilized.

  42. Anonymous12:00 am

    this is like mugabe asking people to sing rasa sayang..

  43. Anonymous4:31 am

    Made by young local grads or umno cybertroopers

  44. Anonymous8:44 am

    I love the work of the young graduates. They have spoken. Judging from their wisdoms, I believe millions of Malausian youths are appreciative of Najib too. I am dedicating a website to encourage more youths to come forward and join us all to stand by Najib. Suggestions are welcomed to improve the website by sending email to Pls log on

  45. Anonymous9:04 am

    Let's organise "Battle of the Band : Stand by Me, Stand By Najib" Any sponsor ? Email to

  46. Anonymous11:43 am

    one Anon wrote, "We aint Opposition Cybertroopers Man We are just the "man on the street" who is fed up and tired of Najib's Gimmicks and Money Politics and of course his "Pathetic" Alphabet Soup"

    it's WE, is it now?

    so, how many of YOU's did it take to come up with two gems of words in serial format?

    btw, how Pakatan cybertroopers does it take to write half a sentence?

  47. eduardo7:49 pm

    and anwar ibrahim as PM can do better?
    look at him and what he says ;;he refuses to entertain all the "fitnah' thrown to him. yet he expects everyone to answer all the mud-slinging. and abuse of power is something anwar understands very well.

    DAP: Kit Siang will fix anyone who tries to unseat his son. that's the dynasty. DAP doesn't believe in free speech-lah. or free anything. and, sorry...DAP has shown that they are worse than BN put together.

    PKR: Anwar and family, excuse me. wife and daughter will make sure Anwar gets away with
    anyway, most of PKR were Umno members..Anwar formed Keadilan because he got whacked for trying to topple Dr mahathir which means that he wanted to be PM and then of course Umno whatever he says agaisnt Umno is a lot of bull because he'd happily be Umno president then if he could, only that he couldn't.

    PAS: Nik Aziz...refuses to step down. his son is there somewhere. But do you really want PAS to have power? Ayoyo...look at Kedah-lah. as for kelantan...the kelantanese get out of kelantan to have real good fun. Clerics must not get power...everything they do to you...will be in the name of's like that in every Islamic country. PAS gets a little power, they will get crazy..

    ok-lah enough already.

    BN is the devil I know and they will allow can criticize them to hell and back..

  48. Jasper Bloodstone5:01 pm

    Anon Apr 8 05:44 PM

    Your optimism is touching.

    But you should read the Reuters report "Korea youth may tweet Opposition into power" (Google for it).

    Tweets. Social media. Cyberspace. Smartphones.

    No wonder the PM is trying to push all the buttons that he can, given that Malaysians in their 20s and 30s are reasonably iconoclastic in their views and political leanings.

  49. Aunty23:40 pm

    Stand by me...sure, why not? the thought of DSA as prime minister surely turns me off. Arggh!!!! Help!