Friday, April 06, 2012


Updated: Ambiga, I'm afraid you're not a very bright lawyer because ... by Hantu Laut

Original posting:
A quick and easy political IQ test for Bru readers: Take a quick look at the photograph of the poster representing Pakatan leaders, ie PKR, DAP and PAS. Now answer the question: Which political party does Ambiga represent?

Stumped? Yep. Many were shocked by the naked political ambitions of Ambiga as pictured by the billboard. I was told that this poster, pasted on billboards around Selangor, has been ordered to be brought down after the Pakatan chaps realized that they had unnecessarily exposed Ambiga ...  


  1. Anonymous1:43 pm

    kah..kah..kah... Rocky sudah jadi macam anjing nak jilat ekor sendiri, pusing pusing sekeliling !!

    tak ada cerita lain lagi ke ?? lingkuplah UMNO...blogger NO.1 UMNO pon sudah kaput !!

  2. Salam Datuk,

    And who paid for the billboard ads since Madam Ambiga of BERSHIT has nothing to do with PR Selangor state govt?

    Thanks and regarsd

    1. Anonymous2:17 am

      Well freddie, it sure wasnt you. Now fuck off back to.your hut.

  3. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Why do you look at it as Ambiga being part of Pakatan ? Can't you look at it as Pakatan fully in support of free and fair elections as demanded by Bersih ?

    That's the problem with spinmeisters like you - you can't see the wood from the trees and you try to make an issue out of your own blindness.


  4. Anonymous2:53 pm

    anony. 143pm,

    either your dont understand the content, dont understand the language or you are just so lame??

    God bless you!


  5. Anonymous2:56 pm


    Well captured and well said, I wish TMI will link this post or comments on this...I doubt...sigh...

    Keep up the good job Sir! All the Best.

    SS Mike

  6. Ambiga? Parti BAR Council right? But guess only lawyer & LGBT will vote for them ~

    1. Anonymous11:07 am

      Bar council = liars = choose sides = full of shit
      I despise them a lot
      There is no difference between bar council and politicians.. They are full of shit liars


  7. Now, Godfather, that's not kind of you. If both sides of the fence aren't happy with Jocelyn, to me that means she is doing something right, ie she's not writing to please any side. go ahead and disagree with her, but let us try to be a little civil about it la.

  8. Kalau nampak gambar Dr Hasan Ali pula kita bolehlah tanya rocky - Ini wakil parti mana ?

  9. Anonymous4:10 pm

    What can you expect from someone who goes to France to receive an for doing something in her own country? Makes you wonder who pays the piper, doesn't it? Japanese politicians will never go out to a foreign country to wash their dirty linen, let alone receive an award for stirring up shit in theirs, no matter how they despise the other side. But wait, is this France that has given the award the same France that bans the wearing of hijab in schools, bans the display of religious symbols on your person, be it Christian, Buddhist or Jew? Is this the same looney France that now stirs up anti Muslim frenzy during an election year but never told the public that that man Merah was working for their security service? Perhaps Ambiga would like to examine all these with her human rights candle.

  10. aiseh.. that one also dun know arr datok.. ambiga represent pas laa.. dont you know there was rumour that she gonna be pas vice president.. hehehe so this billboard just confirming the rumour la.. when it really happen nanti takde la lebai2 pas terkejut pulak..

  11. Anonymous4:47 pm

    As clear as crystal - ambiga is the replacement icon in case anwar goes to jail

    the foreign sponsors have given up on anwar wrt conning and lying to the Malay masses - his love for israel was the last straw

    so ambiga will conveniently be leading the anti-UMNO movement, as she is swollen-headed being awarded woman of courage by hilary

    so the MASK will shift to civil society rather than any of the dissipating parties namely the dinosaur (limkitsiang) the dodo (nikaziz) and the quagga (anwar).

  12. Anonymous5:10 pm

    kah..kah..kah... Pakataiks sudah jadi macam anjing nak jilat ekor sendiri, pusing pusing sekeliling !!

    tak ada cerita lain lagi dah ?? lingkuplah Pakataik lepas PRU13 nanti...kantoi lagi penipu negara NO.1. DAPsters dan PAStoon sudah kaput !!

  13. Out of the five personalities on the bill board Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Ambiga are unelected heads of their respective movements.

    Anwar; unelected ketua umum PKR, Kit Siang; unelected adviser(emperor) of DAP and Ambiga unelected leader of Bersih.

    They are talking about free and fair election but do not want to be subjected to free and fair election themselves, bunch of hypocrites these Pakatan leaders aren't they?

    Anyway not on the bill board, I heard Guan Eng son of Kit Siang is in his fourth term as unelected Secretary General of the DAP too.

    1. Anonymous12:34 pm

      Hahaha well said bro. Sooo many blind followers.


    2. Anonymous4:26 pm

      I agree.. Like i have said before.. These people r too much..
      Why don't they just roll over and die rather than bring so undemocratic hyphocrites?


  14. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Will PAS protest to PKR for putting their President beside a kafir who is also of the OPPOSITE SEX? Queue also kena separate kan?

  15. Anonymous6:05 pm

    kau punya cerita semua dah tak laku....tutup kedailah, mat stim

  16. Anonymous7:10 pm

    tak ada cerita lain lagi ke ??

    s! It was at the tip of my tongue, but she escaped a lashing

  17. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Rocky, you forgot to ask, which political party does Anwar represent. Is he a member of PKR?

  18. Why are Perkasa and UMNO/BN quaking over one classy lady?

    What frightens them so much they have to resort to calling her anti-Islam and deviant and bring racism and religious bigotry into politics?

    And what do Perkasa and UMNO/BN think now OUR Poet Laureate, a Malaysian Muslim and Malay, Pak Samad Ismail has come out in open defence of Bersih and Ambiga? What, he too is part of the LGBT fraternity and conspiracy? How low IQ'd can these low life get?

    Yes, Hasan Ali and Ibrahim should avoid going near the YMCA in case they are tempted and become doubly converted! Lol!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  19. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Hello Booo Han, Hassan Ali Independant lah...

  20. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Cant you see Dato' Rock, she is from the party of people. Of course you will know no shit about all these.


  21. Anonymous3:59 am

    Postal putted up by BN supporter to create confusion, don't you know BN is running out of ideas. I am sure Latuk Rocky has a hand in this too to report it so quickly.

    1. Anonymous11:03 pm

      Lies3 and more lies are all u pakartun ppl can bring in this issue

  22. Anonymous6:24 am

    what contributions she got other than bershit ? is she a politician ?

  23. Anonymous6:50 am

    Bhai, keep stirring......

  24. These type of postings by Rocky really makes Pakatan cybertroopers who try to harrass him look like idiots. They simply got no proper answer to it. Well, Rocky, as that long haired brother of yours used to tell me, short n sweet is the best. Salut.

  25. Gedebe8:02 am

    Hassan Ali NGO laa mangkuk! Ade nampak poster dia dengan pemimpin UMNO? Takde kan.

  26. Anonymous10:54 am

    My dear, Bersih is for all! I feel sad for you BN lovers ...cant do the right thing according to its conscious knowing full well what the government is doing is'nt right ?
    How do you guys wake up ,live a life and see and spin evil is good???
    Is it because of your datukship ?
    Its always the trouble with muka for you people!

  27. Anonymous11:05 am

    Bershit is pure shit.. Trying to gain political milage for the coming election..
    That ambigas lady is full of shit too i do say


  28. Hahaha, good one Rocky. Tembelang Pakatan dah pecah. Ooooh busuknya!
    Caught in the buff exposing themselves. Not a pretty picture for Achi Ambiga who declares herself a neutral person.
    Ms Ambi, are you gonna be DAP candidate or PAS VP and candidate in Kelantan? But pity the old Keadilan man. Of course, you are not joining his party, right?

  29. Anonymous11:31 am


    Welcome to the Real World and not the World of UMNO....

    You will forever be the Stooge for UMNO and don't hope to rally people for any chicken shit business you might fancy!!

  30. Anonymous11:36 am

    Rocky an umno full of shit

  31. DPP,

    There is a world of difference between Samad Ismail and Samad Said. You obviously could not see that world of difference.

    Samad Ismail was the one co-founder of PAP, the one that Lee Kuan Yew so feared that he was barred from entering Singapore. 3-times ISA detainee, Tokoh Wartawan Negara, a great novelist. greatly respected by both Opposition and Government politicians for his views and wisdom and etc, etc.

    Samad Said, on the other hand, has never made a political stand. Not as far as anyone can remember. He's finally decided to make a stand now. I suppose better late than never but certainly a convenient "Malaysian Muslim and Malay" for some quarters.

    By the way, did they call your "classy" lady anti-Islam? Only idiots would do that. Ambiga is an ex-Bar Council president who allows herself to be Anwar Ibrahim's political geisha because she has intentions to be up there together with the other four poster boys

    It can't be the other way round, ie it is Ambiga who is using Anwar and Gang to support her. Only bigger idiots would believe that. Because Bersih, as you and I know, isn't even Ambiga's. The first one was hijacked by Anwar. She was allowed to hijack it from Anwar for the second one because a lot of people were upset over the first hijacking.

    p.s I don't even remember her taking part in the first one (I remember Bar Council members did serve as neutral "observers" back then). Before Bersih, she was best remembered for the dinner she threw for Abdullah Badawi and Tun Saleh and the rest of the "wronged" judges, on the eve of her Datukship. I remember how that had riled so many people, lawyers, and those who were against Pak Lah .. Did you think she was "classy" back then?

  32. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Tell them Rocky, just tell them. Let them know. All they can spout are vulgarities, nothing substantive. I guess I understand now why the country will go to waste with PR and supporters like the ones who expose themselves here.

    More people should know what Ambiga really is! Nothing "Brahmin" about her ya?

  33. Anonymous1:07 pm

    thank you Rocky for clarifying "There is a world of difference between Samad Ismail and Samad Said. You obviously could not see that world of difference."

    However, I have to disagree with that last sentence because, as everybody is aware that, it is directed at DPP, the Malaysian Cyberspace Master Idiot!

    You see, Rocky, it is so obvious that DPP cannot see that world of difference for one simple, and obvious, fact... i.e. DPP is absolutely clueless about the existence of another world!

    He is just a big, black parrot... regurgitating what his political masters have fed him with.

    He is filled with hatred, jealousy and self-loathing. He lives in a black and white world.

    Those he worshiped, can do no wrong and he will twist, turn and spin until he confused his own fragile mind.

    On the other hand, those he has been programmed, by his political masters, to hate, can do no right!

    He listens but never quite understanding... for people like him, a Samad is a Samad... expecting others to be just as idiotic as he is, not knowing the difference between the sons of Ismail and Said.

    Also, it shows what a racist he really is... as far as DPP is concerned a Malay is a Malay, i.e. a Samad is a Samad.

    Over the years how many has he proved wrong... but, did he learn?

    Not DPP, he is the same as he was umpteen years ago... living in a cold, dark place; filled with self-loathing, hatred and jealousy... thus, providing him with a perfect excuse to get drunk!

    It's todi time, yeah!

    Pathetic, if you asked me.

    But, since no one asked... so, I'll just stop here.

  34. Anonymous1:41 pm

    I see that those who support BERSHIT are losers. They know that their gain in the previous GE was due to Pak Lah & KJ factor. The know that will perform very poorly this time but can't accept the fact. So buat kacau la... Selangor has been managed poorly...and they are high elements of corrupt with all the projects, sell of govt properties without proper tender & the enormous advertising going on. hahaha... I was shock to see DHL lorry was used to cut trees in front of my house - don't know what kind of contractor the govt has appointed or DHL has diversified to cutting trees.

    It is good for them to clean up Selangor garbages rather than buat kacau, this will get them to gain one or two votes.

    Also see Apanama "Shahrir Samad sets it straight for Bersih"

  35. They should change BERSIH 3.0 to BODOH 3.0.

    Seriously, I'm amazed at the BODOH 3.0 (bershit) stupidity.

    ...and only idiots will support BERSIH 3.0.

    Now, lets count the number of idiots on 28 April 2012.

  36. Anonymous2:03 am

    Kalau tengok board yang dibuat Kerajaan Selangor, tulisan cina mesti dekat atas, walaupun huruf BM lebih besar tapi mesti kat bawah. Apa maknanya? Fikirlah sendiri.

    Aku lebih suka board yang dibuat oleh BN dulu, hanya BM saja, mengikut 100% keperluan perlembagaan negara yang menuntut BM sebagai bahasa rasmi.

  37. Anonymous7:42 am


    Congrats Rocky for your astute rebuttal to that expired politician dpp

    To label that achi as classy is the joke of the century

    To confuse Samad Ismail with Samad Said just shows the ignoramus that he is

    and to use a "self-righteous all knowing" tone is the icing on the cake

    Syabas Rocky, we luv ya

  38. Anonymous8:20 am

    Kesian those yang buat kenduri, berniaga, berwindow shopping berdating...where are the rights...

  39. Anonymous2:38 pm


  40. Samad Ismail, Samad Said - slip of the pen lah. I'm sure you and most have made such typo errors before. I have been reading Nuraina's blog for a long time and so know the difference between the two.

    As for whether Ambiga took part in Bersih 1 or not, that's irrelevant. Times and issues change, as do leaders. Ambiga was "allowed to hijack" Bersih 2? By whom? As they say, "cometh the hour, cometh the man (or woman)". And has anyone the slightest doubt that classy lady achieved great success to the extent the Govt was forced to convening the PSC?

    As for the "wronged judges" issue, Ambiga also had huge support in rectifying a gross miscarriage of justice originally initiated by Dr.M. Otw, why and how could she have had PM, Govt and Bar Council support?

    As for Perkasa labelling Ambiga "anti-Christ for Muslims", it shows unbelivable ignorance and stupidity. Samad Said a traitor, but not those involved in billion dollar corruption cases and $250 million cowgate financial scandals?

    See where ignorance and bigotry leads to - the BTN brainwashed Anons 1.07 who are clearly a classic (not classy) product of DPM Muhy's Jibberish world class education system.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  41. Anonymous7:01 pm


    Very true, went to Kuala Selangor 2 weeks ago (to get fresh ocean catches), noticed a number of these billboards and made me thought what Ambiga got to do with these politicians.

    TODAY went to Kuala Selangor and the billboards are GONE.

    FLIP, FLOP, what a waste. They don't know what they are doing..that's why Selangor full of RUBBISH

  42. Anonymous9:19 pm

    dpp and his "classy" ambiga should really make a trip back to their ancestors land

    where female infanticide rates are shamefully high

    where women are sold to husbands and resold to other husbands in a legalised prostitution

    where the widow burn herself alive in public

    where the inhumane caste systems denies millions of basic human rights and courtesy

    where the police force are buddies with the underworld

    where politicians get bombed by their "supporters"

  43. Anonymous9:42 pm

    For dpp

    I noticed that dong zong yap and ambiga share a similiar facial feature.

    They both have flared nostrils - could that be a sign of tendency to fake

  44. Anonymous11:17 am

    ah, yes... someone has awoke from his drunken stupor!

    an Anon wrote, Those he worshiped, can do no wrong and he will twist, turn and spin until he confused his own fragile mind.

    On the other hand, those he has been programmed, by his political masters, to hate, can do no right!

    how true your words of wisdom... must be boring being right all the time, I guess?

    ya, ya... it's always the slip of the pen lah, this lah, that lah... words like sorry, my bad etc. will never pass through the thick heads of Pakatan supporters because they never take responsibility for their own actions... it's always BN's fault... never mind if I'm not a BN supporter.

    Pathetic, if you asked me... but,....

    1. Anonymous11:08 pm

      Hahahaha he's a goner la bro..

  45. Aunty28:52 pm

    Now watching canton drama word twisters on TV2...ceta tentang loya2 yg tak brapa cerdik..macam sapa ek??

    p/s: jgn lupa bwk strepsils banyak2 on 28/4

  46. Anonymous3:49 pm

    No big deal bro.
    Recent BN backbenchers briefing by MAS, we had Wee Choo Keong who walked in.
    When asked, the BN Backbenchers said they invited him.
    Dua x 5 juga!


  47. borhan at 3:25 PM,

    dato dr hj hassan ali doesnt take a ride on any political party at the moment but move along his new movement - jati!!

    see the difference??

    go dato hassan!

  48. a very big difference!
    appearance in talks & seminars by invitation is not the same as having the face pasted (free??) on the billboards everywhere la bro!!
    it's so glaring!!
    a wannabe 'winnable' candidate, eh??

  49. Anonymous8:45 am

    You can always make a pariah become a 'classy-lady'.. but you can never take the pariah mentality out of that 'classy-lady'..

    you can take the pariah out of the estate but cannot take out the estate out of the pariah..

    just see the quality of those pariah cybertroopers' brain.. so K-line pathetic..

    keling suka pusing keliling sampai pening kencing kuning kaki tungging sekali lesing jatuh berguling..


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-