Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Malaysia's educational excellence Part l: Dong Zong

With updates
Did the double (or is it triple?) PhD holder deserve this?

Original article:
The World Economic Forum's report on Malaysia's academic excellence is making some Malaysians extremely unhappy. I was going to comment about this earlier today but since they are still jumping up and down like those monkeys in our Dewan Rakyat did this afternoon, I thought I'd let them calm down a little first and draw your attention to this Dong Zong boss (right) who is said to hold two PhDs, both allegedly unaccredited! Now, if this is true it is certainly affect Malaysia's world ranking, no?

Read the Mole's latest, Dr Yap should resign if ..
[The Star went to town with Dr Yap's PhDs like any good rag would but, just for the record, it was our "mole" SatD who broke the story in Standing "Obengtion" for Dr Yap on March 26, complete with a photograph of him getting punched in the nose!]

My take on WEF's ranking of Malaysia later ..


  1. Anonymous12:43 am

    Hahahahahahaha........LMAO...........what else you can expect from a Chingkui. Most of these arsefucking bastards are so plain styoooopid that they have to badger the gov' to recognize the degree mills of Taiwan, China in order to show off their arseshit intellects. Yeah, excepting two in ROC and two in PRC, the rest are plain hogwashed up pig farms with little or no quality. That explains why the best brains if they can muster a few go West to the US to shamelessly steal any knowledge, idea or innovation, they can lay their filthy hands on.

    The best thing any sane government will do to preserve its accreditation by the WEF is to SHUT DOWN ALL VERNACULAR GHETTOES in the education system and bar the use of other languages other than BM and English in schools. Then we can see how really bad the Chingk vermins are without their mother tongue crutch hiding an anti national agenda ( read anti Malay/Muslim agenda), a pro- PRC educational syllabi instilling a racist ideology which a pack of useless piglets imbibe like swill and an outdated curriculum that nurtures immoral and uncouth pimps, whores, counterfeiters, bootleggers, moneylaunderers, drug pushers, pirates, gangsters and scumbag politicians.

    I say enact a SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA system and save up to RM 1 billion upwards on grants, aid etc which is now being wasted on a bunch of uneducated, selfish and greedy Pendatang ingrates.

    Warrior 231

  2. aaiyyaa dr yap ... be smart , learn from lim guan eng how to lie or just blame it all on umno .. say la someone from umno introduce u to that uni ...

  3. If its true that his degrees are faked or bought than the DZ boss should not resign, I hope he stays and make DZ a laughing stock.

  4. Anonymous8:40 am


    Coming for Uneducated Turds like you Yesssss!!!

  5. Anonymous9:16 am


  6. Anonymous9:30 am

    Warrior 231,
    Chingkus will win the day and you twat licking melayus can dream on for your satu sekolah.....even your 1 malaysia politicians are scumbags with eyes shut will fall on their knees begging for arse fucking chinku bastard's money....Thats the trouble with you melayus ? Anything for money lor!
    Thats why arse fcuking bastards know your weakness....ANything can do with money ?? No ? Best! you jerk yourself in one corner! O K ?

  7. Anonymous10:05 am

    Don't we already know that the title of world's "copycat" belongs to the motherfuckers! they took it away from the japs. Nothing about them is authentic.

  8. drMpower10:52 am

    one phd is bad enough. i mean to do it. PROPERLY. two PHD? u have got to be kidding me. THREE phd? jesus u are really kidding me.

    i know how hard it is doing phd. because i am in the middle of completing one.

    i believe now we dont ask this guy to step down. we do the contrary. he is just one pawn in this DZ thing. let him stay there and better still we 'ask' him to stay there.

    so that we can render this DZ thing irrelevant. once and for all.

  9. Anonymous12:19 pm

    It is understandable that some politicians including MCA-backed The Star newspaper are out to discredit Dong Zong & its president Yap Sin Tian after MCA Youth chief and deputy education minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong was booed and heckled at during the recent Dong Zong rally.

    But seriously, for a better Malaysia, politicians need to stay out of education and education out of politics.

  10. Anonymous2:33 pm

    biasa la cibai komunis ni.
    gangster. bunuh org. curi duit org. rasuah org. bini org.
    cilaka punya cina.

  11. Jasper Bloodstone4:01 pm

    Oooh, the warrior rides again....

    Having said that, I get part of his argument - phase out the vernacular schools and bring back an English-medium education system from pre-school to university.

    And bring back the mission schools.

    A perfectly good education system handed to us by the Brits was summarily dismantled in the name of ersatz nationalism and a misdirected sense of patriotism. Post-60s Malaysian children were the losers.

    I am not sure what the WEF take on the Malaysian education system is, but Deputy PM Muhyiddin has said it's 14th best out of who knows how many. Quick question to the DPM - is being 14th some 50 years after independence something to celebrate?

  12. tengok bulu kening dia.

    tubuh badan masih belum bergerak,masih lagi belum bangun,masih lagi diatas katil,hari sudah pagi,tiba-tiba mata dia terbuka.

    tahukah kamu semua apakah yang bermain di fikiran YAP sohai ini? (dato, lain kali jangan letak huruf Dr. sebelum nama dia)

    tahukah kamu semua apakah yang bermain di fikiran YAP sohai ini?

    `apa penipuan dan manipulasi yang ingin aku lakukan kepada kaum melayu hari ini.'

    ya ingin diulangi lagi sekali(pasal melayu mudah lupa) :

    `apa penipuan dan manipulasi yang ingin aku lakukan kepada kaum melayu hari ini.'

    tengok bulu kening dia.

  13. Ellese6:55 am

    There's not one person who can give me an answer why Malaysian government should support racial segregationist policy of vernacular schools? It is founded on the culture that Chinese people and Chinese culture is superior. These vernacular schools limits intake of non Malays. These racists should be stopped in particular these head of DZ. utter racists. Give excuse they believe in mother tounge education. But only believe in Chinese mother tounge education only. Not ibanese, kadazans, Sikhs etc. Racists bigots.

  14. Anonymous11:49 am

    muka pun sebijik macam babi yg dia makan daa....kasi besembur darah lagi hidung kepala chingkie babi racist tu..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  15. Anonymous11:26 pm

    I really love to see the thesis that "Dr" Yap wrote in order for him to get PhD... come on, publish that online and let our academicians here look at either its worth or not.. he may have wrote articles in journal etc...why dont publish that also?