Monday, April 02, 2012

Konrad AS, allegedly pro-Anwar, shut down in UAE

Flashback: The report by The Mole, 22/3/12
You may remember on March 22 The Mole published Konrad Adenauer Stiftung/Foundation's denial that it was backing Anwar Ibrahim's ambitions to become Prime Minister of Malaysia. This followed allegations on blogosphere that KAS was interfering with our domestic politics, especially by bankrolling pro-Anwar groups or even Anwar himself in the run-up to the 13th General Elections.

Full The Mole's full report h e r e. [No spin, just straight and honest reporting, as usual].

Well, yesterday the government of UAE decided to close down two NGOs in that country and one of them is Konrad Adenauer Stiftung! 
Read the shutdown story H E R E.

The shutdown, to me, is enough reason for Putrajaya to conduct an investigation into what really are some of the foreign NGOs up to here in Malaysia. I have nothing against foreigners or foreign elements or foreign influence etc, I just don't want some of them to think that we are so dumb that they can do as they like, even sabotage our hard-earned peace and prosperity to fulfill their own agenda.


  1. Jasper Bloodstone12:31 pm

    I suppose that it would be irrelevant to mention the provenance of Egypt and the UAE, is it?

    Both are not exactly shining icons of democracy, women's rights and religious freedoms, are they?

    It's interesting how the UAE, with it's billions in oil revenues and financial reserves, feels threatened by a foreign NGO with comparatively piffling funding.

    While continuing to rely on the US security umbrella to protect itself against a rampant Shiite Iran!

  2. Anonymous1:58 pm

    UMNO terer giler!! boleh suruh UAE dan Egypt tutup NGO's!!

  3. Anonymous2:20 pm


    It is the Minister oh Home Affairs Hishamuddin Hussein who is the dumb ass. I think the US Embassy can call him anytime and tell him how to tie his shoelaces.

    We all know these NGOs are up to no good. I sometimes wonder if Hishamuddin is also part of their game already? Who knows.

    Syed Akbar Ali

  4. Le Lutte Finale2:47 pm

    They are in in fact Very much governmental 'non-governmental' organisations.

  5. Anonymous2:54 pm

    "I have nothing against foreigners or foreign elements or foreign influence etc, I just don't want some of them to think that we are so dumb that they can do as they like, even sabotage our hard-earned peace and prosperity to fulfill their own agenda."

    Lu cakap apa, Latuk ? Lu punya statement banyak contradictory.


  6. Anonymous6:45 pm


    also heard that at the peak of the financial crisis of '97 - singapore banks paid very high interest rates for ringgit deposits

    wonder why

  7. Anonymous6:47 pm


    Konrad Who??

    These Arab Dictators and Islamic Dictatorial Fundamentalists are now Paranoid of any foreign organization that tries to Open the eyes of their people....

    And you want us to be like them??

    Are you promoting Dictators and Raja Arabis????


    kah kah kah... mari kita contohi negara arab.. kah kah kah

    undang2 kejam...
    menyimpan hamba abdi...
    menindas wanita...
    menindas minoriti...
    rasis kepada muslim bukan arab...
    pemimpin kejam dan autokratik...
    rakyat miskin, tapi pemimpin bermahligai...
    tiada ekonomi selain minyak...

    ya, mari contohi negara arab... kah kah kah

  9. Anonymous9:52 pm

    anon@6:47 PM

    how thick can you be? the point here is sovereignty

    you wont want US to tell china what to do right?

    you oso no wan Malaysia to tell chinjapore to toe the line hor

  10. Anonymous10:46 pm

    woit Rocky, apa pon ada kaitan dgn Anwar !! nanti Madey tak boleh berak pon Anwar punya pasal la ??

    Bodoh punya rocky !!


  11. trifling-jester1:51 am

    if plundering is to continue, there cannot be dissent

  12. Anonymous2:49 am

    Spot on Syed Akbar Ali. Treachery runs in that family's blood. One of them worked with British intelligence to fuck the Palestinians. You know who. So no suprises if the latest bastard on the scene joyrides with the Jew arselover.

  13. Anonymous7:51 am

    SAA, you are damn right. If there's anyone to blame, don't look elsewhere but at Hishammudin 'pengecut'. Why be Minister of Home Affairs if you don't have any courage whatsoever! PM Najib, please wake up, your cousin is taking your party down the drain.

  14. Jasper Bloodstone3:44 pm

    Anon Apr 2 03:45 AM


    Maybe that's why 1 Singapore Dollar is worth 2.43 Ringgit!

    Stupid theories need to be debunked!

  15. Anonymous7:24 pm

    You said - some of them to think that we are so dumb they can do as they like, even sabotage our hard-earned peace and prosperity to fulfill their own agenda.

    Is not Utusan Malaysia doing that right under our noses?


  16. Anonymous8:16 pm

    The point is, these foreign NGOs are up to no good. They want to destablise any country that is developing or striving to develop. It is part of their 'divide and rule' agenda.

    It can be clearly seen but our Government fell for the trap, fearing being labled undemocratic.

    The opposition took full advantage of the weak government and their head grew bigger than their shoulders.

    This is where the ISA should be used, not banned.

    To be honest, what benefit does a chaotic country enjoy? Of course it benefits these sort of NGOs. They will then appoint their proxy with dubious character to run the divided country. In return, these leaders will be blackmailed as compensation.

    So, can the voters still not see it? The Government obviously cannot see it. Hopefully the voters may see it though.


  17. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Hishamuddin Hussein bodyguard also pro anuar what to say.

  18. true democracy...that's what malaysia trying to please the so called human right movement... NOT the right of Negara and Rakyat!

    beratus repot polis, berbuih mulut majoriti....

    he..he.. end of the day its all about power and money!

  19. Anonymous11:08 pm


    You ada baca tak NST April 3, 2012?
    Please go to Business Times, page B5.
    Tengok iklan bawah sebelah kanan.
    Malaysia Institute of Management bekerjasama dgn Konrad Adenauer Stiftung dalam program mereka.
    Jangan munafiklah rocky.
    Jangan bermuka-muka.
    Apa-apa yg baik daripada Yahudi pun kita boleh contohi.

  20. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Bro rocky you know that members of psc on electoral report headed by dr max ongkili visited konrad adeneur stifftung in germany last month? wow they also getting help from jews !!!

  21. Anonymous12:05 am

    Some people are so so not patriotic at all.. Better ship them out to their ancestral place la rocky
    When it comes to foreign intervention we should be defending our nation.. But these so called citizen of Malaysia are so so fucked up..
    In their heart is blackened with pure hatred..
    Why not we ship them out?


  22. Jasper Bloodstone4:50 pm

    Anon Apr 3 09:05 AM

    If that's the case, then the Malaysian government should not have joined the Asean initiative to pressure Myanmar into holding "free and fair" elections?

    Isn't that overt interference in Myanmar's internal affairs?

    So, on the one hand, you can dish it out, but on the other hand, you can't take it....


  23. Anonymous1:34 am

    why did
    Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation's
    support anwar ibrahim and DAP?

    here the answer:

    everybody knew that anwar is only puppet for DAP.

    what DAP means? no not Democratic Action Party

    what better way to reborn hitler old party in south east asia:

    German: Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated DAPuer Stiftung of germany

    HAIL Guan Eng!!!!HAIL konrad!!!