Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Malaysia's Education Excellence Part ll: The unhappy Malaysians

Perception is good, so why is Lim Guan Eng unhappy? For someone who says he wants the best for Malaysia, Lim Guan Eng ought to be proud with the way Malaysia scores the World Economic Forum's global 2011-2012 survey. We are far from perfect (we ranked 21st most competitive in the world, overall) but we are up there, bros and sis, not down there.

Instead of congratulating his fellow Malaysians, Guan Eng is angry and upset. Or unhappy. With the Deputy Prime Minister, especially. How dare Muhyiddin Yasin said the quality of our tertiary education is better than the UK and Germany! But, hello, that is what the WEF statistics say lah. If Guan Eng is not happy, he should lodge a complain with the WEF...

I used to "process" these WEF reports as a journalist with Business Times. It was not a chore I enjoyed. But for the sake of enlightening Guan Eng and Gang, I've taken out the part in which the WEF ranks Malaysia ahead of Germany and the UK. I have added Singapore here (although Abang Din did not mention Singapore) to assure Guan Eng that Singapore is still ahead of us and for those who just love to compare Malaysia with Zimbabwe, I have also added Zimbabwe's scores here.

Malaysia: 14th
Germany: 17th
The UK: 20th

Singapore: 2nd in the world
Zimbabwe: 33rd

Once again, boys and girls, remember that these are WEF's statistics and findings, not the Government of Malaysia's. For more detailed comparisons with Germany, click h e r e, and with the UK, here. If you would like to look at the entire WEF report page by page, click h e r e.

Quality vs Quantity. The data show other information as well. Enrollment is a question of QUANTITY and not quality. The WEF report differentiates the two. The weightage 33% is given for quality and 33% for quantity. Take page 48 of the report: tertiary enrolment rate is 36.5 per cent. The reason is not because the quality of our education is low, but the places at tertiary institutions are limited and admission is highly competitive. Quantity is straight forward and based on hard facts/official data. WEF gathered official data and distribute scores based on it. The hard fact is our enrolment rate is low so we got low score on quantity. 

Quality, on the other hand, is subjective. There is no available data on the overall quality of educational system. So WEF uses Executive Opinion Survey to measure quality. And the fact is those who participated in the survey viewed the quality of our educational system as superior than that of US, Germany and UK. So if Guan Eng does not agree with them, take it with them. 

But then again, we have to ask Guan Eng, why are you so against them if they think highly of the quality of education?

Does he want people to  believe that we are not as good as we actually are or perceived to be?

Tony Pua also not happy


  1. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Pakatan strategy is to make sure BN governmnent cannot take credit for the country's progress. Buggers!

  2. DPM Muhy said our education system is ahead of USA, UK, Germany etc.

    You can produce a hundred surveys, but no one in their right state of mind will believe such claims, and everyone in the world knows why. Because it's a blatant, manipulated lie!

    If we are so far ahead, why have PM's, Ministers, UMNO/BN elite as well as Royalty been sending their children overseas to study for over 30 years?

    Why were Najib, Kerismudin, KJ etc. in Nottingham, Cheltenham, Wales and Oxford and not in MU or USM? Why then is JPA sending so many M'sian students year after year on fully paid scholarships overseas at a great cost to the Taxpayer? Why haven't the Brits, Americans and Germans made a beeline to our colleges and universities?

    So, let's not kid ourselves with spurious statistics. This is the typical denial syndrom our politicians suffer fro.

    Check out my take on DPM's stupid declaration on education at

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  3. Anonymous8:58 pm

    of course they are unhappy, their mission is chinese supremacy at all costs

    so when the Malays led by the Malay government achieve world standards - naturally they are UNHAPPY coz their sifu down south is already jumping with fury and worry - what with the red dot sinking 2 inches every year

    they need the hinterland - good ol' Malaysia, only problem is the excellent Malay-led governance under capable DS Najib

    Hoooray .......

  4. LGE bengang sebab dia ingat dia sorang saja pandai!...then the fact
    stares into his face!.

    Lagi bengang.

  5. apolitical9:16 pm

    please lah. are you running out of money to buy RON97 for your X6 that you need to stoop so low ?

    Save the taxpayers money. Stop sending students to these countries to further their studies as what Wan Saiful of IDEAS said.

  6. Anonymous9:20 pm

    We have the lowest quality of opposition members in world,worst than Zimbabwe.Guan Eng is one example of a monkey in the opposition.Bastards opposition!!

  7. Anonymous9:27 pm

    This has to be your most pathetic spin ever. If we are that good...get your umno mates to send all their kids to local schools? Got the balls ? Truly pathetic.

  8. Dear DPP,

    A politician sends his kid(s) abroad for studies is not proof that the education quality in Malaysia is not good enough. It is a reflection of the politician's state of mind/bias/own perception.

    Many Malaysians who can afford to send their children overseas do so for various reasons. They include business people, senior managers, civil servants.

    If I can afford to send my kids to study in Cardiff and I can afford to, because I know the place and I have business there, it does not mean the teachers and the education system at home is bad. It's just more convenient.

    So let's get out of this narrow-mindedness. Having said that, I am all for our politicians and rich sending their kids to school locally at least for their primary education. The grounding is important. But these kids should not be deprived of overseas exposure just because their parents are politicians or rich or both.

  9. Apolitical,

    Si Wan Saiful tu tak gi overseas ke?

  10. Anonymous10:52 pm

    WannaBeng is always unhappy.

  11. apolitical11:03 pm

    my point, why is the gomen wasting so much tax payers money to send our brains there to study ? For the forex losses, they can give more scholarships to more students to do it locally.

    Why get Fullbright teachers when you can got retired teachers at 20% of the cost.

    That is my point.

  12. "A politician sends his kid(s) abroad for studies is not proof that the education quality in Malaysia is not good enough." Rocky.

    If it's just 1 or 2 politicians or Royalty ot Ministers, then there's nothing to argue about.

    But, as the Bard put, "it is a custom more honoured in the breach than in the observance." If our education system is more advanced tha USA and UK, we don't need to send anyone overseas for "grounding." The foreigners should be flocking here to learn from us. Cambridge and Harvard should already be here. Is that happening?

    Also, it's not perception that is really important, but actual reality. Which is why DPM Muhy continues to live in a make-belief dream world that's dragging our progress to the dark ages.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  13. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Bugger is making a lot of fuss because this report is positive for Malaysia. To them this report isnt credible and bias because it is only an opinion survey not hard facts.

    Eh Guan Eng and Tony, if that is the case then why the heck did you happily quoted the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) everytime it came out in order to show how bad Malaysia is. The operative word here is PERCEPTION INDEX!.

    Come to think of it, this smell more and more like something taken out of Mao's Little Red Book.

    Care to explain the discrepancy?


  14. Anonymous12:25 am


    Terbaca dalam Mingguan Malaysia baru2 ini di mana MB Negeri Sembilan membuat kenyataan kononnya hanya nama dia saja dicalunkan di DUN Rantau.

    Kononnya juga pengundi diNegeri Sembilan dah kembali sokong BN.

    Sapa kata? Mat Hassan?

    Kalau PM hendak Negeri jatuh ke tangan Pakatan, letaklah Mat Hassan untuk terus jadi MB.

    Perangai Mat Hassan tak berubah. Pendendam. Busuk hati. Bongkak.

    2008 BN kalah banyak kerusi. Kenapa? Kerana Umno berpecah. Apa tidaknya. Semua Ketua Bahagian, Mat Hassan letak orang lawan untuk jatuhkan Ketua Bahagian.

    Mat Hassan ini tinggalan Pak Lah. Legasi Pak Lah.. sombong macam menantu Pak Lah, KJ.

    Boleh menangkah BN kalau Mat Hassan terus jadi MB?

    Hampeh, kalau menang. Macam mana nak menang, kalau tiga suku ketua bahagian tak sokong mat hassan.

    Najib patut check kehadiran mesyuarat perhubungan Negeri Sembilan. Semak kehadiran 10 mesyuarat perhubungan terakhir negeri sembilan. Siapa yang hadir.

    Tak lebih dari 3 orang saja hadir. Yang hadir hanya Hashim Rasidi Ketua bahagian Rasah dan Ismail Lasim Ketua Bahagian Kuala Pilah. Berapa kali Isa samad, Rais Yatim, Shaziman, Lilah hadir mesyuarat perhubungan?

    Kalau dalam perhubungan pun Mat Hassan tak dapat sokongan majoriti, macam mana BN nak dapat sokongan majoriti di negeri sembilan?

    Sokongan pada mat hassan dah lama hilang. Umno Negeri Sembilan dalam keadaan paling teruk dalam sejarah kali ini.

    Semasa Isa Samad jadi MB, Isa dikutuk macam2. Macam isu berbangkit masa era Isa. Isa digelar Isa Pendek. Isu babi Bukit Pelanduk. Isu Kubur Cina di Nilai.

    Tapi sokongan pada Isa dari ketua2 bahagian kuat. Tak pernah semasa Isa menjadi Ketua Perhubungan, hanya 3 orang ketua bhg hadiri mesyuarat perhubungan.

    Tak ada sorang pun ketua bhg zaman Isa yang tak hadir mesyuarat perhubungan.

    Hari ketua pemuda helmi pun tak hadir mesyuarat perhubungan. Ketua Puteri Negeri Sembilan merata mengadu cara Mat Hassan melayan Puteri. Ketua Wanita tak kering gusi mencurah isi hati kekecewaan dgn mat Hassan.

    Busuk betul hati Mat Hassan. Taukeh Restoran Nelayan dihalau Mat Hassan semata2 kerana tak se-geng dengannya. Sampai merana Towkay restoran nelayah.

    Lilah, Ketua Bahagian Jasin, nak dicincangnya Mat Hassan. Mat Hassan sanggup pengaruh semua AJK bhg Jasin sehingga tinggal Lilah terkonteng2 keseorangan.

    Begitulah perangai buruk Mat Hassan.

    PRU-13 nanti, pasti isu RM10 juta duit yang mat hassan hantar ke London akan hidup kembali.

    Mahukan PM buang masa pertahan isu ini dalam kempen akan dating.

    Baru2 ini, apabila TS Muhyiddin dibawa melawat War Room di Seremban, tidak seorang pun ketua bhg dijemput.

    Kenapa? Sebab Mat Hassan nak nama. Nak claim kredit.

    Yang buat kajian, konsultan yang di bayar Mat Hassan. Konsultan mana nak bagi gambaran negative. Tak kan nak gigit tangan yang membayar mereka ribuan ringgit.

    Dengar kata, Mat Hassan nak buat lawatan sekali lagi ke War Room. Kali ni nak jemput semua ketua bhg. Kita tengok siapa yang akan hadir.

    Kalau BN nak menang di Negeri, Najib kena singkir Mat Hassan. Jika tidak, kita boleh ucap selamat memerintah kepada Pakatan Rakyat. Baru padan muka Najib.

  15. Guan Eng and Kit Siang is asking for change of Federal Gomen so this WEF report does not support condition for change.

    What we actually need is to change these low class Opposition leaders so that they can change from being divisive and finding faults to being able to suggest positive ideas to help build this blessed nation.

  16. send this denial syndrome people to :

    no, not the mental hospital


    Biro Tata Negara - re educate them.

    if they fail to comply give one way ticket and ship them out.

  17. Anonymous2:13 am

    I have enough of all these wannaBeng, trying to grab everything in the Nusantara.

    If you re not happy here, just get lost to singapore.

    And leave us alone to decide whats best between us.

    -skulls and bones-

  18. trifling-jester5:15 am

    malaysian kids in local schools are hardworking,talented and a studious bunch. especially the non malays. because they know, once theyre done with school - its no level playing field and the only way to survive is to be waay better than the next person. i find kids from other systems lack this hunger. see folks, this ridiculous implementation of this bumi policies does have its unintended positive effects - it makes non bumis a lot more hardworking. thats why you have about a million of them overseas, a lot of whom are doing well.

  19. Anonymous8:57 am


    What right does an UNeducated Turd like you have to comment on education!!

  20. Anonymous8:59 am

    Your spin is getting ridiculous. You know Cardiff better than you know KL and that's why you send your kids there ? Won't they be better off in UKM since your boss says that Malaysia is ranked higher than the UK ? All those people who sent their kids to Cambridge, Oxford, LSE all were stupid to waste their money ?

    Truth is you guys don't want the kampung folks to know that a Malaysian university education is hopeless and graduates are unemployable. So you stick to the spin that a graduate from Universiti Islam Sains Malaysia is more employable than a graduate of Oxford.

    Shame on you spinmasters. UMNOputras have money to send their kids overseas because they know the local education is hopeless.


  21. this is the thing that i just dont get it with leaders and supporters of pakataiks. the 14th rank is not what the government said one.. its wef said one.. dpm only pointed it out..
    now.. we all know that if malaysia was to rank at 34th below zimbabwe by the same body, these monkeys definitely going to jump up and down country-wide hailing the news..
    do you guys notice that since this 14th rank issue surface, these pakataiks gang keep on singing the same tune that if we are that good why are we keep on sending our kids overseas? how lame and pathetic is that..

  22. Anonymous9:01 am

    It is more convenient for me to send my son to Harvard. I know Massachusetts so well AND I have the money to waste mah. My son is angry with me - he now says I should have sent him to Universiti Tun Hussein Onn.

  23. Goatfarter,

    Get in the queue behind Guan Eng and complain to the WEF!

    The World Economic Forum says our education quality is decent. Who are you and Guan Eng to say otherwise? Didn't you guys benefit from that good quality of education, locally? Or your supremacy is the result of overseas education?

  24. Anonymous 12.25 am

    Bukan pada muka Najib, Padan muka Negori lah. Memang susah orang baru macam Mat Hassan memerintah di Negeri 9 ni. Sebab banyak sangat orang lama, bekas bekas yang berkuasa dulu teralu pentingkan diri sendiri dan nak rebut peluang buat duit. An honest person in a sea of corrupt buggers will have a very hard time. But Mat Hassan has done good so far and he will just get better. So D S Najib, be wary of people who want to bring him down for their interest - not BN's interest.

  25. Anonymous11:00 am

    Latuk Locky:

    My local education was 45 years ago, when University Malaya was even ranked higher than Singapore University. Since then, UMNO chopped and changed the education system to suit its political agenda, and killed the local education system.

    If it is so good, why did Ng Yen Yen, Hishamuddin, Nazri, etc send their kids to Oz and UK ?

    For you to suggest that you send your kid to Cardiff because you have so much familiarity with Cardiff is an outright lie. You have money, you don't have faith in the local system compared to the UK system. Just admit it like a man.


  26. Average Malaysian11:08 am

    Does Lim Guan Eng's opinion matter? He will support anything that makes this country look bad and is against anything that makes this country look good. He's shown it time and time again. So lets not get our boxers in a twist over what this desperado says.

  27. Anonymous11:10 am

    If Muhuyudin says so and Rocky Bru fully supports the MOE's statement that our education is far more superior than Germany, USA or UK, just accept it. Be grateful, our's is more superior than and be more grateful that MOE & Rocky Bru and whole load of malays accept this fact and feels good. If people want to live in disillusion of the reality, why wake them up rudely.....let them continue with their dreams. Dont deprive them of such disillusions of their own fact we have no right to deprive them.

  28. Gotfatter,

    Did I say I sent my kid to Cardiff for his education? Hehe. No I did not. It was hypothetical, broo. So I didn't lie lah.

    My kiddo is 17 and he is so adamant about going to UiTM because his dad graduated from ITM. Well, I am trying to get him to go overseas for the exposure, you see. What's important is that he's got his local grounding -- six years in primary and five years in secondary schools in Puchong. Since I think I can afford it, I would like him to try for a place in a university overseas.

    I hear Canada is a good place to open your mind up. You might like to try going there too.

  29. Anonymous11:37 am

    chingkies will forever behave & think like pigs..flock of pigbrainers..they are what they eat and snort out loud too.. oink! oink!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  30. Anonymous11:40 am

    This Guan Eng fella shoots from the hip. Like the last time in Singapore, and many other times, he ends up shooting his own home!! Relax Encik Guan Eng. You must think before you even start to draw your gun.

  31. Anonymous12:15 pm


    No Wonder....

    You ITM Graduate Rupa nya!!
    Padan Lah Mencarut Gila
    Typical exITM

  32. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Go ask Hishamuddin why he sent his kids to Alice Smith School.

    I don't want to go Canada lah - don't want to be associated with Taib Mahmud's brethren there. Shameful.


  33. Anonymous12:34 pm

    rocky said: "I hear Canada is a good place to open your mind up. You might like to try going there too."

    haha, you do realise that this sentence of yours reflects on the quality of our tertiary education here.... hahahhahahahaha :D


  34. Anonymous1:00 pm

    bla bla.. see rocky.. cant believe all this crap i'm reading. Dudes.. dont talk bout Uni's laa..malaysian cant even go to one school,wanna talk bout next level of education.

    U want a good education system. remove SRJK, SAR ..put everything in one roof..

    Save the tacpayers money.. Everyone goes to the same school..
    better funded..

  35. Jasper Bloodstone2:25 pm


    Can you publish comparisons between salaries earned by fresh grads from Singapore's NUS, NTU and SMU and Malaysia's UM, USM and UiTM?

    These should be in the public domain, right?

    Let's see what employers' PERCEPTIONS are in the real world! After all, this is what matters.

  36. Jasper Bloodstone2:33 pm


    Why limit your kiddo to Canada?

    Might as well go for broke (heh, heh) and apply for admission to the top-tier Ivy League colleges.

    11 years in the Malaysian national schools system should surely qualify Malaysian kids for admission to the top universities in the world, seeing as how the PERCEPTIONS of the Malaysian education system are garnering universal approbation.

    Should it not?

    That will show up LGE good and proper!

  37. Jasper Gallstone3:27 pm

    Jasper Bloodstone
    So you consider Singapore "the World". Not surprising la. Youre a typical Singapore groupie just like LGE with a huge inferiority complex when you compare yourself to anything Singapore. But showing delusions of grandeur when youre in the company of fellow Malaysians. Poor thing- quick la migrate....if they want you la.

  38. Anonymous4:52 pm


    You should tell nom de plume Godfather that the reason Hishamuddin sends his kids to Alice Smith is for the same reason Anwar sent his kids to Mont Kiara International School and the same reason Lim Kit Siang sent his son to Monash University - because they can afford it.

    As a comparison, Lim Guan Eng graduated from Monash University, is a failed accountant and now in his second career. Failed to win a state on his own and has to use his daddy's connection to give himself a job as a chief minister. On the other hand, Tan Sri Hassan Marican graduated from University Malaya, built his reputation through Petronas and now in demand worldwide for his experiences.


    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:08 pm

      Ooh, do tell.

      Maybe that explains why Dr M's kids graduated from overseas universities?

      Or why a former minister's kids were/are studying in an international school in one of KL's most salubrious suburbs?

      For Hassan Marican, I could counter with Maybank chairman Megat Zaharuddin Megat Mohd Nor who is an alumnus of MCKK and the Imperial College of Science & Technology - the product of an English-medium education system.

      Or, maybe, Umno and corporate figure Megat Najmuddin who, I understand, is a MCKK alumnus and a law graduate from the then University of Singapore - the latter being an all-English-medium institution.

      All of the above doesn't detract from the issues surrounding the WEF rankings and how politicians have isolated little bits of that to suit their agendas instead of looking at the big picture of total competitiveness.

      Has anyone in the government dissected the WEF (and IMD) rankings in their totality, as well the Times and QS rankings too?

    2. Jasper Bloodstone12:41 pm


      As a point of interest, the Singapore Sunday Times ran a report on Hassan Marican - "The man who turned Petronas around".

      It appears that he is a director of Sarawak Energy, Sembcorp Industries, Sembcorp Marine, Singapore Power, Lambert Energy Advisory and ConocoPhillips. He will be Singapore Power chairman from June.

      He was educated at MCKK ("the elite boarding school for Malay boys"), before going to Britain to qualify as a chartered accountant.

      So, he has a British connection.

      And he's not exactly a "failed accountant", is he, seeing as how he has stepped across the "corporate drawbridge" into Singapore?

  39. Olek Skilgannon5:12 pm

    The WEF Global Competitiveness Index 2011-2012 rankings show Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan and the UK as the top 10 most competitive economies. No arguments there, I trust?

    Malaysia is ranked #21, which is up 5 places from the previous rankings, and which is creditable (though, arguably, it could have done better).

    Delving into the minutiae of the WEF rankings and zooming in on the contentious Higher Education and Training category, it shows Malaysia's overall ranking as #38 (for the sake of comparison, and because it's going to p**s off a lot of people, Singapore is ranked #4).

    In the subcategories under this category, Malaysia's rankings are as follows (with Singapore's rankings in parentheses):

    Quantity of education #91 (#20)
    Secondary education enrolment % #101 (#17)
    Tertiary education enrolment % #66 (#27)

    Quality of education #19 (#1)
    Quality of education system #14 (#2)
    Quality of math and science education #23 (#1)
    Quality of management schools #27 (#8)
    Internet access in schools #36 (#6)

    The DPM has focussed on one particular subcategory - quality of education - in the Higher Education and Training category and, wanting to look good, highlighted those countries that Malaysia has outranked - in this subcategory - which, as you have said, is based on perceptions.

    Why the DPM didn't reflect on the countries that scored higher than Malaysia in this subcategory, and the other subcategories, and ask how they did it, is not surprising. I guess he wanted to score political points by making comparisons with the lower-ranked countries.

    To validate his statements, I looked up the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook's World Competitiveness Scoreboard 2011.

    This ranked the top 10 countries/economies - Hong Kong, USA, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Canada, Qatar, Australia and Germany. Malaysia was ranked #16.

    In the IMD rankings, under the Infrastructure category, Malaysia was ranked #27. In the Education subcategory, Malaysia was ranked #35 (in both, Singapore was ranked #10).

    Perhaps the DPM's research staff neglected to bring this to his attention. Or, maybe, WEF and IMD use different methodologiess to work out the country rankings.

    Be that as it may, one ranking showing Malaysia at #14 in quality of education system, and another ranking showing Malaysia as #35 in the education component of infrastructure, leads one to question who is right.

    Coming to the subject of university rankings (again the subject of much controversy over methodologies etc), there are two major rankings to reference.

    The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011-2012 showed Singapore's NUS at #40 and NTU at #169. I could not find any Malaysian universities in the Times rankings. This could be due to the fact that they chose not to participate in the study.

    Be that as it may, the QS World University Rankings 2011/2012 showed Singapore's NUS at #28 and NTU at #58.

    The QS Rankings also had rankings for Malaysian universities - UM #167, UKM #279, USM #335 and UPM #358. UTM was ranked in the #401-450 category.

    (By comparison, the top Hong Kong and Chinese universities in the QS Rankings are University of Hong Kong #22, Chinese University of Hong Kong #37, Peking University #46, Tsinghua University #47 and Fudan University #91. That should give the Malaysian government some food for thought instead of willynilly rushing to recognise degrees from scores of universities in China. Another subject for another day!).

    In sum, therefore, I think that LGE has some grounds for grousing. Part of which is the Malaysian penchant to compare yourself against your inferiors than against your superiors, and then ballyhoo the comparisons.

    I am always conscious of the fact that UM and NUS shared the same parentage back in the day when it was the University of Malaya in Singapore, and before that, Raffles College.

    Their paths have diverged since then, perhaps not to UM's credit.

  40. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Well well well,

    the Malays in Malaysia have progressed very well

    and the poor indians like dpp could not accept the fact

    the ah bengs and ah lians suspect that the ranking is rigged, which is anatural reaction, having suspicious dna in their blood

    Syabas Malays in Malaysia - the much touted Malays in red dot only have the Wisma Geylang Serai to celebrate - pathetic

  41. Anonymous6:51 pm

    @trifling-jester is the master of all denial syndrome ah bengs

    the malaysian chinese roped to help lead singapore have proven to be substandard lah beng

    they have consistently failed in their KPIs

    and I sense that they want to come back home to Malaysia the huge hinterland

    only stupid pride is in the way - so they pretend they are enjoying the 50 hour week schedule

  42. Anonymous6:53 pm

    trifling-jester MUST realise that in a knowledge-based industry, real TALENT is now the key to success not hardwork lah

    hardwork only for the coolie kang

  43. Anonymous6:56 pm

    why bother about the pap spokesman in penang - he loves to sue people following in his sifu's footsteps

  44. Anonymous7:06 pm

    jasper darahbatu

    singapore is ranked LAST at 150 for being the filthiest place

    Environmental-conscious companies will shun that place like the plague

    anyway with its 2-inch annual sinking, foreign investors will flock to Malaysia

  45. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Jasper db

    MNC's perception of singapore's scholars is that they can't think beyond their 10-year series handbook

    they scored straight As in exams but hey working life is definitely UNLIKE the exam halls with its eerie silence

    1. Jasper Bloodstone1:16 pm

      How many MNCs and regional HQs in Singapore? How many in Malaysia?

      How many companies from the EU, US, Australia, Japan, India, China, S Korea are in Singapore? How many in Malaysia?

      How many graduates from Malaysian public universities are still unemployed? What is the corresponding figure for grads from Singapore's 3 public universities?

      For quality of workforce, what are the WEF and IMD rankings for Malaysia and Singapore?

      Don't try to bluff your way out of this one by bringing up irrelevant issues!

      And I dare say that there are a lot more expats (and their families) in Singapore than in Malaysia.

      Gee, whiz - I guess the "filthy environment" south of the Causeway hasn't deterred these gwailos and farangs from living and working in the "little red dot"! So terrible, is it not, that they have ignored the pristine beauty north of the Causeway!

      Or, maybe, it's because they get to watch ballet performances in Singapore, tutus, tights, scanty costumes and all, instead of worrying about the moral police or discrimination against "soft men" and LGBTs!

  46. Anonymous10:38 pm

    The opposition will always do things the other way round, from their leader to followers. They must find fault with anything and everything and then blame UMNO/BN for it.

    In a way, the blame may actually be a credit for UMNO/BN. For example, they say that the Karpal/Ramasamy issue is Najib's doing. The Kedah PAS issue is also UMNO's doing. The Rear Admiral's missing Omega is also BN's doing, including the Wanita MCA actress in the video. Oh, what else? Yes, tomorrow's sunrise is also UMNO/BN's creation.

    It goes to show that UMNO/BN is really good to do all these and even the CIA or FBI should enrol for a course at UNMO head office.


  47. Anonymous8:55 am

    Dear Pakataiks,

    This ranking is not made by Datuk Rock. Its WEF's.
    Therefore, please revert your displeasure to the WEF.


  48. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Olek olek

    The MNCs that employed red dot's scholars were complaining that they can't perform beyond their 10 year series

    Malaysia beat red dot in the press freedom index, the safe country index and recently red dot has the honour of being the "filthiest country" at 150 ranking which is right at the bottom

    heh heh

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:19 pm

      Dude, read my reply above.

      Rebut, if you can with facts about investments, jobs created, salary levels, workforce quality etc.

      The education system is supposed to be the bedrock of the economy, isn't it?

      So, where's the Vision 2020 when the education system is struggling to catch up, press freedom and environmental issues notwithstanding?

  49. Anonymous2:49 am

    Even though Malaysia education is better than US/UK, exposure of life in US/UK is good. We know that when kids are exposed, their mind are more developed.

    The statistic is from a neutral third party, why is DPP and LGE so angry? He wants Malaysian education to have lower score so that he can continue bashing?

  50. Anonymous7:08 pm

    the measurement is wrong, study carefully

  51. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Why is jasper bs super furious eh?

    The expats have a place for weekend and holiday getaways...

    jasper, you wanna guess where they ride their harleys, benz and ferraris to, eh?

    Jackie Chan was spotted many times crossing the second link to the beautiful and vast hinterland that is Malaysia

    Now if I could convince Najib's govt to block singaporeans and their expats from entering Malaysia on the cheap, you might want to know that these expats might just apply to relocate to environmentally friendly Malaysia

    and leave the red dot to sink 2 inches every year and submerge like Atlantis

    1. Jasper Bloodstone12:23 pm

      Good try, but not good enough.

      Which Malaysian government has the "guts" to close off the Causeway and the Second Link?

      Oh, while you are about it, you might as well lobby the government to close off the country's airports and seaports too.

      Getting a little too big for our britches, are we? Or is it a delusions of grandeur syndrome based on some obscure intellectual process?

    2. Jasper Bloodstone2:56 pm

      Alas, you conveniently forget that they take their Ferraris, Benzes, Porsches, Lambos back to their safe and secure homes in Singapore after speeding around on Malaysian highways (pollution from exhaust fumes and carbon emissions, anyone?).

      "safe and secure". Geddit?

  52. Anonymous9:37 pm

    hullo jasper bs, those names you quote have already graduated years ago

    NOW Malaysia is catching up and overtaking red dot in so many aspects

    Soon your forefathers descendants will be queuing up to study in Malaysia

    And then we will reject based on authentic IQ results not some exam hall based memory tests or regurgitation of 10 year series

    1. Jasper Bloodstone12:28 pm

      Give examples, please, instead of wonderfully vague generalisations.

      The WEF and IMD rankings are on record, have been widely disseminated and discussed, without any substantial disagreements or rebuttals, least of all from the Malaysian government.

      So, what kind of bull**** are you trying to pull here?

  53. Aunty212:36 pm

    Anyone with extra money please DO SEND your children to study overseas!!! Let our children ( parents with no money/less money) grab the tempat kosong in local unis. Buat apa nak bertekak psl ni? Leaders frm the gomen and opposition are doing just that for ages. It's NOT against the law kan?? B fair lah . kalau perkara baik jgn dijadikan isu just bcoz bkn kaum kerabat kita yg helped paved the way. Hehe...

  54. Anonymous1:07 pm

    skilmoron in another of 'its' schizophrenic piggy character.. so predictable this pig..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  55. These two are unhappy because they are not educated enough, based on the standards here or anywhere else.

  56. Jasper Bloodstone11:20 am

    Ooh, the anti guy has surfaced again. After a prolonged hibernation, looks like.

    Wassup, dude? Tilting at windmills again?

    The Malaysian education system is one such windmill, izzit?

  57. Anonymous10:10 pm


    Belajar di mana ya? Marah2 aje..