Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jejadi 2

Jelajah Janji Ditepati. While the Opposition rides on Bersih 3 to bring down Najib, the PM goes down to the people in Sarawak to rub shoulders and be reckoned with. It's the second Jelajah - the first in Batu Pahat, Johor - a roadshow for the PM to directly inform the people of what the Government has done for them so far as well as to get feedback on what else needs to be done.

Najib has taken the opportunity to bear some good news to the people of Sarawak, including those who did not vote for his government. In Sibu, where the BN lost to Pakatan in a recent by-election, the PM announced the setting up for a university.

Great gesture. Our politics should not come in the way of our children's well-being.

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  1. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Couldnt resist sharing this as I thought this would make for some light-hearted weekend reading

    After money laundering, this must be another homegrown industry destined for global greatness.

    Najib's university for Sibu......hahahaha....the less said the better.

    Warrior 231

  2. Anonymous1:35 pm

    I do not want my country to be hijacked. Does B3.0 represent the masses? Contrary to what level headed people think, I think it's time to flex some muscles. Will the silent majority please stand up. Lets organize our own rally, let the numbers speak. The B3.0 only wants to create a perception, lets give the world another perception. The silent majority silencing B3.0. Can somebody get this going? If yellow is B1.0 & 2.0 & 3.0, what does that makes all the other color?

    Perception, perception, perception...

  3. Anonymous1:39 pm

    while the people march for a better tomorrow, you carry balls.

  4. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Sarawakian, don't let this con PM con you all again. UMNO just want to rape the Sarawakian financially. After 50 years, it is amazing to know that many areas of Sarawak still without proper electricity and water. Penan kids are being raped by workers from logging companies. You can stop all these by voting against UMNO. It is time Sarawakian take charge and not let the UMNO menjajah you all.

  5. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Kuat bodeknya Rocky !!...ingat lagi Pak lah ??

  6. Anonymous4:42 pm


    Going by what he has done in Peninsula Malaysia, he will be trying to buy votes from the Orang Utans.....Using Bananas!!!

  7. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Anon 1:35. Good idea, try please. PERKASA tried before. Khairy tried before but they can only attract Bangladeshi workers by giving free t SHIRTS.

  8. Anonymous5:55 pm

    There is no march of a better tomorrow when:

    a, agencies of the law are attacked

    b. foreigners are brought in to make fun of an altogether perfectly normal electoral process.

    c. in 2008, five states were won/lost (from whichever side of the divide) under a supposedly flawed, impropriety-laden, gerrymandered process.

    1. Now assuming some Chingkie (see which ethnic stirs the shit, remember Lim Theik Gee, Kua kIa Soong with the May 13 crap, the Dong Zhao wanker) crackpot's theory of 3 million zombies, phantoms and ghouls littering the rolls sounds plausible, how come all those PR people who won proceeded with the governing instead of resigning enmasse as a mark of protest (having made their point at GE 12) and proceeded with the rioting, sitting in or standing ups arses akimbo.

    2. How come, knowing that the whole system was a sham, they took part in 15 by-erections and a state erection?

    Sounds as if it was alright then as long as the winning streak continued but suddenly flawed now when a thrashing is looming on the horizon, doesnt it?.

    My theory formulated via many conversations with people in the know is as follows:

    Stage 1 : street demos (PR's Bersih 1 n 2 (to give its propoer name as this is not B3 as the original was apolitical until the last minute as Bru has explained umpteen times) are of recent vintage, after the reversals in the last 8 by-erections and the loss in Sarawak) to establish the perception that the system is flawed.Also a useful primer of an excuse for the looming crushing defeat.

    Stage 2; Bringing in disreputable foreign idiots on free junkets to formulate the supposedly "neutral" perception that the system is flawed

    Stage 3: Float the idea that armed forces are WITH the people when in actuality the Armed Forces are bound to PROTECT the CONSTITUTION

    Stage 4: take part in the elections...mana tau boleh menang lagi...although that is a forlorn wisp of a bygone dream.

    Stage 5: The gang-leader absconds with a small coterie overseas.

    Stage 5: Results are announced , the inevitable thrashing manifests itself,the gang-leader gives the signal from the afar, all hell breaks loose. Idiots, fed with the theory that the Armed Forces are with the people, will flood the streets and begin rioting. But the Armed Forces are protectors of the Constitution NOT the winners or losers. they will do their task unpalatable though that may be and that will raise a hue and cry can you speculate whats next....your guess is probably as good as mine.

    Whatever the outcome, the events will unfurl roughly along the framework above, stages 1,2 and 3 have already manifested themselves, the premonition of things to come, omens of bad tidings lurking beneath a placid sea. The fault for all this lies not solely with the opposition. A portion of the blame lies with the government for in their over-eagerness to display their liberal, open, mature understanding of democracy and in their pompous over-estimation of themselves as sophisticate mediators of dissent and chaos, they unlocked Pandora's box, barely keeping the lid (S.O.B)on but hurriedly throwing away the key(ISA). And that, folks, is a no-brainer for the devil within, for he barely requires any prompting but to just lift the lid and usher in his wake, the gusts of hell into our collective reality

    Warrior 231

  9. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Mana Najib ??...takut kot, dah lari ke seberang !!

    Mana bik mama ?? dengar khabar tengah ber-shopping di London !!

  10. Anonymous6:36 pm


    Jejadi?? What Kind of Name is that?

    Sounds like a dish or something??

    Come on Lahhhh Think of something more Resounding Like "Berseh"

    Heh Heh Heh

  11. Anonymous6:37 pm


    You sudah Salah Spell..

    Sepatut nya "Takjadi 2" bukan nya Jejadi 2..

  12. Najib will grant instant citizenship to the Kalimantanians across the border?

  13. Bedul9:43 pm

    Pandai lagi orang Sarawak dari kita yang kononnya orang Malaya superior. Mereka dapat berjumpa dan berinteraksi dengan PM.
    Kita pula berlari macam kera melutu polis dan menjerit terpekik terlolong. Ketua beruk dan siamangpun bukan main lagi berlagak macam siamang. Achi wasnt at all lawyerly.
    If this is Bersih, I'd rather be dirty. Jijik tengok perangai macam orang gila tapi nak memerintah negara.

  14. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Woi you all bodoh dan stupid. U all semua kaki buntut lah. Fuck u all lah. U ingat ini negdri ambiga keling punya kA

  15. Anonymous9:52 pm

    boring stuff on boring arsehole....

  16. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Najib pergi Sibu,,,,,Orang xkisah pon!

    Hampir keselurohan kena paksa sambut dia disana!

    Tapi DI KL,,,ratusan ribu yang tak suka dia buat perarakan!!,,,,what about the other five state yang adakan DUDUK BERSIH!!!

    What about GLOBAL BERSIH 3,,Helsinki,,London and others!

    Nampak gaya BAU MAYAT BN da terasa!!


  17. Anonymous10:46 pm

    The Pakatan idiots are one track minded, bent on the politics of destroying.

    Instead of running wild on the streets like rebels without a cause, tell and show voters like me why I should vote for their rebel leaders.

    Any reasonable thinking individual want to see a better life ahead, not headless chooks on the street.

    Well done Najib. Even if the rebels win this coming election and run this country to pieces, at least you will be remembered for your visible achievements.

    Thus far, you have done better in many aspects, as opposed to the opposition whose manifesto is to cry over spilt milk and creating Mat Jenin stories only.

    While I seldom use crude words, I am now going to use my democratic rights to tell the useless opposition to F O.

    Unless you opposition can proof and live up to your big promises and increase my income, bring down property prices, provide free electricity, reduce fuel price for starters, you can forget my vote and millions of others who want a better life.

    Service over.


  18. Purple Haze11:57 pm

    Will PM Najib apologise to the people of Sarawak for the folly of Tun Dr M in creating the Bakun Dam ?

    Now Sarawak has excess power generating capapcity with no large industries to serve. The dam has dispaced thousands of native Sarawakians, destroyed virgin jungles and altered nature's food chain permanently in this region.

    For what ?

    PM Najib needs the Sarawak votes to survive, simple as that. He is losing the plot in Semenanjung.

  19. rocky;

    you're not only getting embarrasing but very boring. don't think that this bootlicking and spins are doing any good to najib or BN. people are not idiots anymore. give it up.

    don't you have enough money already? don't you know the concept of 'fuck you money'? or is it just you being you. if it's so , then that is too sad...

  20. Anonymous12:05 am

    Credit should be given where credit is due.

    Opposition people has nothing to say except criticism. Not much of contribution to the nation, banyak cakap aje lebih. Bulshit.

  21. monsterball12:14 am

    Najib is ignoring 300,000 Malaysians sending him a message.

  22. Anonymous8:00 am

    Anon 3.52... don't talk about UMNO/PAS/PKR/DAP.We don't welcome outside political parties to interfere in our administration. Let us decide ourselves who to vote. Sarawak future belongs to us. We have learned a lot from what these political parties do in West Malaysia. Leave us alone...let us decide.

  23. Anonymous8:09 am


    Look at anon 4.42. "Going by what he has done in Peninsula Malaysia, he will be trying to buy votes from the Orang Utans.....Using Bananas!!!"

  24. Anonymous8:51 am

    Curi 500juta, bagi 500 ringgit......BR1M

  25. Anonymous8:55 am

    Najib...please give the Sarawakians a clean water piping...we dont need your visit...just give us the clean water...anyway we are the one who support u!!!

  26. Anonymous9:44 am

    Lets turn this around and take it to his front yard... Mulakan Kempen BERSIHKAN ANWAR in Permatang Pauh.

    Seize the initiative.. BERSIHKAN ANWAR NOW!


  27. Kerajaan bertindak lebih profesional dalam menangani bersih 3.0 berbanding dengan bersih 2.0 dimana memakai baju T kuning diklasifikasikan sebagai kesalahan jenayah - satu tindakan yang dinasihatkan oleh penasihat undang-undang yang bodoh.
    Kali ini memasuki dataran merdeka pula dilarang. mempertahankan dataran merdeka dengan undang-undang dan kekuatan bersenjata menjadi matlamat utama hingga ketitisan peluh terakhir.Seolah-olah jika gerombolan bersih 3.0 itu berjaya menawan dataran merdeka kerajaan akan kalah hancur lebur seperti hiroshima dibom dihujung perang dunia ke-2.macam cerita dongeng perang antara rom-parsi pada zaman dahulu kala pula.saya rasa kalau gerombolan bersih mengadakan bersih 4.0 dataran merdeka akan terbuka untuk mereka seperti mereka bebas memakai baju T kuning sekarang. tapi apa pula yang perlu ditutup--out of bound--bertindaklah dengan lebih bijak supaya transformasi kelihatan cerdik dan boleh menewaskan gerombolan bersih tanpa perlu menembak gas pemedih mata atau air berkimia gatal..

  28. Anonymous11:30 am

    More good news for Malaysian = really bad news for Anwarian


  29. Anonymous11:34 am

    the orang utans wear yellow...even orang utans doesn't behave like the yellow pigs behaved...

  30. Anonymous1:11 pm

    how could najib go to sarawak when there are chaos at home???


    compare bolstering ones popularity with

    standing guard against the unforeseeable havoc and disruption of the country?

  31. Anonymous1:14 pm

    If Najib thinks he can buy us with 100 ringgit or even 500 ringgit he is going to be disappointed!

    That can only work with stupid hard up Peninsula fellers...

    He has to put down more than that!...No more janji janji manis.

    Bidayuh Boy

  32. It's time he gives more good news to get parents to vote for him.'s all about votes getting by Najib and not really caring Sarawakians at all.
    Tricks & treats......Najib have plenty...but all low class..except this U thing...good present to Sarawak.
    Take that and vote for change!!
    It's long overdue.

  33. Anonymous2:14 pm

    I wish those who had suffered physical, emotional or financial abuse, from the not-so-bersih 3, should be brought together and file a grade-A1 class action suit against the organizers.

  34. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Rocky. To use your logic that najib should not let politics be in the way of our kids' education in sibu, why not expand that thinking that politics should not be in the way of the kelantanese well being by returning the oil royalty to them?

  35. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Yesterday I outlined stage 6( mistakenly scribed as 5) wherein I mentioned this:

    "......raise a hue and cry internationally"

    Well, I wasnt far off the mark nor quick off the blocks for lo behold we have this as an appetiser:

    Not surprising, eh, for I did mention how local and international networking would play a key role to massage opinions on the global stage:

    And for what reason are all this evil manoeuvrings? You see, Malaysia straddles the Straits of Malacca and is close to the regional hub, Singapore that depends on it immensely. The Straits is also the lifeline for Chingkie oil, Japanese manufacturing and Korean prosperity

    American, Singaporean concerns have piqued as to Malaysia true leanings in the event of nuclear Iran lobbing its missiles at Israel and the West thus precipitating a global geopolitical crisis. Japan, China and Korea need that narrow trough of water open to channel in the oil. More importantly, the US Pacific Fleet needs the Malaccan drain for quick access to the Hormuz.

    While Malaysia is perceived to be a moderate Muslim country, that perception in recent times been tinged with doubt especially over the BSA Tahir episode, the attempted shipment of weapon parts to Iran via Malaysia and of course, rhetoric from the brilliant but strategically exasperating mavericks like Tun Dr Mahathir.

    But there is one gay, who can pliantly deliver what Christian US and Europe, Jewish Israel, the rest of infideldom hanker after, a reliable ally in their Final Crusade. Enter- Anwhore, the Wahabi, Shiah-hating Jew lovva dog who will hand the country on a platter in exchange for a bone.

    The Wahhabis are the ultimate pet poodle, they have taken over Egypt, Libya, Yemen and to a lesser extent Tunisia to add to their solid entrenchment in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Now their priced goal is Alawite/Pro-Shiah Syria, currently the center of an apocalyptic struggle between the Shiah-backed Alawites and the Wahhabi led Sunni opposition. Unroll a map of the MiddleEast and observe the pincer-like encirclement of Iran by the US and its Wahhabi allies from the West, North and East, leaving only the Hormuz open to the South.

    I mentioned the Wahabbis as pet poodles,,yep.. they are dogs alright, the outwardly benign mutt hiding the cur inside or to put it simply, pious Muslims on the outside but Kaffir/munafiks at the core. That sums up Nicky Azees, Hardy Awek, Karl Samad and their sympathisers perfectly. Pious humbug against infideldom pours from their gob yet passionate embraces are reserved for a lady kaffir called Ambiga. But then again, that is stock of trade for Malaysian Wahhabis of the Kharijite variety. There are many of them in prominent positions in public life now, ask MAZA and co.Their ultimate goal is to take over the country and realign it as an American whore while its innards are sucked dry by their Christian Chingkie bosses.

    Me being paranoid...nope..not an iota for if you disssect the works of every Yankee thinker or politician since Reagan coined the term the "Evil Empire" and Bush hawktailed in with his Axis of Evil to complement Huntington's Clash of Civilisations and sandwich Fukuyama's End of will see the broader picture from a better perspective with uncluttered foresight that will banish hindsight with one fell swoop.

    Mark my words, Bersih 2 yesterday is just a speck of dust in the larger scheme of things but a mountain of evil which we Malay/Muslims should together surmount.Anything less would leave us to be slaughetered as game by the pro-American Jewish loving Wahabi Anwhore and his Christian Chingkie wenchmen.

    Warrior 231

  36. Anonymous4:47 pm


    i know u have some infomation on the misused funds by foundation of YOUR dear prime minister's wife (the same person who give u money.. loads of it just to blog on their favour.

    please stop talking about sarawak if u've never live here like the rest of us do.

    why dont u tell us the "stuff" that u know abt our corrupt government? u cant? why? spend all the money already? kamon bru. millions kot. takkan dah habis. perut dah kenyang makan duit haram ke?

  37. Anonymous5:39 pm

    they beat journalist. so journalists gonna keep quiet about it?
    Remember how guan shit eng protect the journalist?

  38. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Rocky,,,ko orang Melaka ek!!!

    Memang BANGANG,,orang S'pore cakap BAHLOL!

    Apalah salahnya kalu Mamat BERSIH tu masuk DATARAN, kasi tangkap ajalah,,,maximum fine rm2000 or 6 month penjara. WTF mat GAMPOW tu kasi tembak AIR and GAS to everybody and at ALL ANGLE. TENTU lah RAKYAT MARAH!!

    Apa ORANG ATASAN yang gave instruction,,tak pergi SEKOLAH ke?!!!,,

    Elok-elok PEACEFUL gathering,,,NOW the POLICE and GOMEN got the BLAME,,!!

    LU blame GUA.. GUA nlame LU,,!!

    Mintaklah PAK MENTERI,,kasi RESIGN,!!

    Yang MAYOR and POLIS sekat tak bagi MASUK DATARAN apahal?? Masjidil Haram,,taklah dijaga SEKETAT ini

    Anyway BAGUS juga ada RUSUHAN...FAMOUS juga MALAYsia


  39. Anon 11.30 and all humans are the glorified animals on Earth.
    Go ahead...insult as much as you like.
    It is you...a fuck shithead brainless idiot..that is showing the stupidity.with a foul mouth expected from a poor loser.

  40. Bedul6:53 pm

    Stupid Pakatan leader. Grinning from ear to ear as though he won. The winner was Najib. The number of decent Malaysians who did not join in the dirty demo far exceed the mindless protestors.
    We are the silent majority who believe in making our voices hear loud in the ballot box. Not the monkey style of ruling the streets for some pieces of bananas.
    Anwar, are you happy to see that the Malays are depicted as the insane ones overturning police cars?
    O course you don't. To you as long as I get where I want to go, others be damned.
    The sepets are the majority who wanted the demo as a symbol of DAP support. To fight against the Malay government and Malay establishments like the police.
    But they are smart to portray themselves as sane people who sat quietly, sang songs and gave flowers to the police.
    That Achi cleverly staged the show as peaceful but allow riot to rule. When it's havoc, only she called for a stop. Typical batu api Indian.
    So Anwar lost. Winners Chinese and DAP.

  41. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Its very sad lah. We are all just taking about this bad, that bad and that too bad. Isnt it just politics to the recently liberated minds. Wonder why no one seems to talk about the vast improvements in the civil service delivery etc. Just try to visit the tax department or EPF for instance....perhaps we have taken the efficient service for granted.Or are we all bend on dwelling on negative only!!!

  42. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Bersih, Pakatan Rakyat jenama-jenama yang tidak mendapat pengiktirafan. Kenapa perlu terus diberikan jenama sedemikian. Kalau bersih tu bukan bersih, tetapi ia hanya sekadar demonstrasi jalanan. Nama Pakatan Rakyat pun tak sesuai kerana ia sebenarnya adalah pakatan pembangkang. Kenapa kita perlu beri jenama yang baik ini kepada kumpulan manusia yang terusan mencetus suasana kelam kabut dan tidak baik kepada negara. jadi jangan lah sekali-kali guna jenama-jenama baik itu kerana ia akan mengelirukan rakyat.

  43. Anonymous10:05 pm


    Monsterball ni gila ke?

    25,000 aje.

    Seated 300 can take up a hotel hall so a standing hall could takeup 1,000

    300,000 need 300 hall. So please get your spectacle power checked!!!

  44. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Bersih, Pakatan Rakyat jenama-jenama yang tidak mendapat pengiktirafan. Kenapa perlu terus diberikan jenama sedemikian. Kalau bersih tu bukan bersih, tetapi ia hanya sekadar demonstrasi jalanan. Nama Pakatan Rakyat pun tak sesuai kerana ia sebenarnya adalah pakatan pembangkang. Kenapa kita perlu beri jenama yang baik ini kepada kumpulan manusia yang berterusan mencetus suasana kelam kabut dan tidak baik kepada negara. jadi jangan lah sekali-kali guna jenama-jenama baik itu kemudian terus diwar-warkan dalam media kerana ia akan mengelirukan rakyat. bersih for demonstrasi jalanan, pakatan rakyat for pakatan pembangkang. itu baru tepat dan menerangkan branding yang sebenar

  45. Anonymous3:02 am

    If you are the intellectual person you say you are, then you should listen to this, till the end. There is a mention about DS Najib visiting Sabah eating goreng pisang

  46. Anonymous8:36 am

    Whoever in power can do the same but not everyone in power is clean, especially Najib! He is very dirty!


  47. Warrior 231,

    Please expand on the Wahabi aspect of your conspiracy theory.
    I presume you mean this of all the Wahabis?
    You accuse Anwar of his pro American leanings - but as I see Najib is taking a more pro American track than even Anwar. The number of visits by US Diplomats here plus the number of visits that Najib is making to the US is increasing.
    Surely if the Americans want their poodle here they already have him in power?
    With Anwar there are many contradictions that would make even Americans suspect where his loyalties lie....

  48. Anonymous10:47 am

    ... LOL...

    typical, according-to-script, trite response from the usual suspects of unusual persuasion...

    ... deflection from the issue at hand... deflection, deflection, deflection!

    create confusion... show support for the waning popularity of whatshisname... ah, you know lah, the "thing" that bats from both side of the plate.

    perception, perception... perception.

  49. Anon 10.05AM...keep thinking I am mad and the mamak is your saint.
    Wait for TOTAL all over the world final count.
    At KL alone...not less than 250,000.
    Open your eyes and see.
    I was there.
    You talk cock behind your mother's sarong.