Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bersih and the law: Tunku Aziz was right

Bersih 3.0 Thugs. Watch the latest videos sent out by the Police at StopTheLies. Ambiga guarantees it would be a peaceful assembly. Normal, peaceful people don't mock the cops and kick a police car.  Good thing the cop(s) in the car did not stop to say hello.


  1. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Hi Coffee Bru, not joining the BERSIH 3.0 rally? Come, get a feel & see how normal malaysians are like.

  2. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Thank goodness there are some who do not believe in cleaning up the electoral rolls.

  3. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Too early to give your analysis...
    btw few of normal policemen kicked some
    Peaceful people before... lupa ??


  4. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Did you see any other colours other than Malays and kopiah in the vid? Apa nak jadi pada orang Melayu eh? Sanggup tinggal anak bini dan bilik kolej untuk bersapau malam buta menyokong apa yang mereka sendiri tak pasti apa yang disokong...walhal, orang lain tidur lena selepas mengira untung dan memikir macam mana nak meraih lagi untung untuk esok hari.

    1. Anonymous8:29 pm

      Melayu mmg dungu dan senang dikuda...

    2. Anonymous10:11 am

      Itu la aku tengok semalam org2 melayu jugak yang jadi samseng taik kucing. Mana samseng kaum lain? Dorg sebok buat duit hahahahaha samseng2 melayu yang bodoh tahap gaban

  5. Anonymous5:43 pm

    duduk bantah became serang bantah.this is why the organiser dont want to duduk bantah in stadiums offered by gomen.

  6. Anonymous7:33 pm

    you're right. they were thugs. hired by the very people who are out to condemn Bersih....

  7. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Kamu tak ada otak, perjuangan mereka adalah untuk kebenaran salah guna kuasa, korup guna duit rakyat sesuka hati, macam duit poket dia saja. orang buat semua salah, mereka buat semua betul walaupun menyalahi undang undang. mereka keluar untuk menunjuk kan keberanian mereka menentang kezaliman yang di laku kan olih Dumno.

  8. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Bad hats they are fact of life....however you cannot deny the fact that they are tens of thousands who came up to rally with one common purpose, and that is for a Malaysia clean and fair and a Malaysia that would blossom to it's fullest potential regardless of race and creed

  9. bourne identity8:17 pm

    Nice to see malays become baruah... they just follow what non malays tell them to do kah!kah!kah!
    For all the so called political powers that the malays have - they are still baruahs to non malays kah!kah!kah!
    Pass this comment to every malay you know who went to this senseless bersih kotor rally...
    What melayu baru? Looks more like melayu baruah!

  10. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Woi bodoh bodoh semua yg ikut telunjuk kepala mutad, kenapa bangang sangat, woi penyokong bersih yg ksts too ealy to give analysis, lu serupa babi bodoh

  11. Raymond Saw of Penang9:25 pm

    Tunku Arsehole, stupid idiot of a man. What law when these law makers are cheating us. No wisdom for a man of is age. We have every right to fight for our right to a clean effective government, ok?

    1. Anonymous4:31 pm

      Now u r saying this man bodoh.. U speak as if u hv no brain la bodoh

    2. Anonymous6:20 pm

      Raymond u like what i called u...

  12. Bunnies12:04 am

    I was told that the police car mowed down a protestor or 2.. hence the "kemek" front.... Sigh.. but than, the police didnt say this right?? So, who do we believe?

    Rowdy is bound to happen when force is being used. It is not right but it's human nature if one is hurt and angry. So, I wont say it is right to turn a police car upside down but I will say it is not right to mow down human being as an act to instill fear in people. It is wrong!

    So, perhaps you can clarify if the police car did infact mowed down a protestor or 2??

  13. Anonymous12:11 am

    You don't respect the law, you can't rule the country.


    Dr M would have put all those shitty leaders under ISA and the country will be much more peaceful.

    Why don't they just do it at Bukit Bintang? Or Petaling St? Mutiara Damansara? Just do it at places with a lot of Chinese traders?

    Sendiri mau ingat..

  14. Anonymous12:54 am Watch this on how the police car ramped into the crowd and killed one of them

  15. orlando10:04 am

    Govt image is important. W

    isma putra or home ministry must brief all foreign ambasadoor or journalist on what really happen on 28th Apr to counter wat brother AI did b4

  16. Bersih yg Kotor4:16 pm

    Api sedang membara didadaku. Sakit hati dengan kera-kera yang merusuh tak pasal-pasal. Sakit hati juga sebab kerajaan terlalu berlembik dengan mereka. Apa guna tahan sekejap lepas tu bebas? Sumbatkan dalam penjara lama-lama sikit. Silent majority dah sakit hati. Kerajaan tolong jangan lembik sangat.

  17. Anonymous4:33 pm

    I hate these idiotic f***ers. Kecik2 xnk mampos.
    Penyangak negara.
    Tak hormat undang-undang.

  18. bourne identity8:21 pm

    Simple..when monekys throw rocks onto the windscreen of any cars, it is the fuck can anyone drive? Unless they have dick rammed inside their anal like what Anwar has done to many.
    Now you hear even the fuckhead named Nik Aziz has even cordoned these monkey like actions. But this silly senile mangkok hyun Nik Aziz bukanya ulama...siapa lantik dia jadi ulamak?
    Ynag buat ni bukan orang KL..orang KL educated...these monkeys are all outsiders, paid to to work like prostitutes...
    Now it is time for the police to do what they are recognised all over the world...the police defeated the is time to handle these monkeys like monkeys.
    Funny thing is that when these monkeys ran riot..where the fuck was Ambiga? Anwar Buntut? Lim Kit Sial? Nik Aziz Senile?
    Even Tunku Aziz has comdemned this shameless acts of violence.
    Belum lagi control PutraJaya... imagine if these fuckheads rule Malaysia.....

  19. Anonymous9:19 pm

    the police are supposed to protect the rakyat and not attack them. it is the police actions that start all the violence...the police and govt will not allow peaceful demos cos they can blame the opposition for the violence.. if the govt does not listen to the rakyat this is what happens...time have change.this is not about race or religion...

  20. Tunku aziz is right, but that doesnt mean bersih cannot go on at dataran merdeka, just because something may happen does not mean you dont pursue yr goals. this is not utopia. if the EC has reform ,then they will be no bersih. blame the EC first

  21. Anonymous9:46 pm

    NAJIB frightened! The crowd will hang him for murder if he loses the election.

  22. Anonymous11:51 pm

    The protesters threw missiles at the police car. A piece of metal hit the driver and caused the car to get involved in an accident. The protesters then hauled out the driver and beat him up.

    You tell me, is this police brutality?

  23. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Tahniah kepada Pak Pandir-Pak Pandir taik kuching kuning kunyit busuk belakang mari. Menang sorak kampung tergadai la kau...


  24. Anonymous8:31 am

    He is a gentleman that abides to the law but our Umno government is not.


  25. Anonymous7:19 pm

    I am sick and tired of all these horrible dramas.. Pls stop it