Saturday, April 28, 2012

A response to OKM's "merapu"

Ong Kian Ming is PKR/Selangor
political/policy consultant, a fact
often omitted byb our media
MERAP's Ong Kian Ming, who came up with the fantastic 3.1 million-voter claim against the Election Commission earlier this week, sees himself as, er, quite valuable, actually. In one interview, he brags: I believe I can have access to any politicians whom I want to meet within a certain period of time, including meeting the Prime Minister because I can offer a value to them. 

He was certainly able to convince the people at MCA and Gerakan of his value as he worked for both Insap and Sedar, the BN component parties' think tanks after returning to this country. Now, though, Kian Ming is with PKR or/and the Selangor government, meh. He's helping MB Khalid Ibrahim come up with the state's much-awaited (or long overdue) economic blueprint while be builds his own portfolio as an academic and his own political consulting firm, OKM Consulting.

But value is subjective, and after you've read SatD's Internal Migration and Electoral Roll Accuracy Rate: A Quick Look on Merap's 3.1 million "Preliminary Analysis", which totally ridicules and destroys Ong Kian Ming's claims and theories that Malaysia's electoral roll was rife with errors (millions of them!), you'd be left wondering what exactly is the value this Singapore Raffles'-educated chap was supposed to bring to the Malaysian table.

Firstly, SatD points out that Kian Ming was relying on 10-year old data. Too old, the anonymous blogger writes:
The NRD Data given to EC was in 2002
Hell it could even be 10 Million now or maybe just a few hundred thousand.
Would Ong Kian Ming of the MERAP project be able to provide an accurate number to be included in its "Reseach Project" Report
To do that MERAP will need the IC Number of All Voter, the Voting Area Location Details and the Address in the IC....
I can do that in 10 Minutes via a simple SQL Query if I have access to the Data.
But does MERAP have access to the Data?
That data resides in the system below

You seriously think MERAP got the access?
Let us look at another data to understand the magnitude of the problem
First we must look at the data of Internal Migration during prior to NRD giving EC 3.1 Million people with IC Addresses not equal to their Voting Area.
Internal migration in Malaysia is driven primarily due to Rural Urban Movements ... READ MORE
In an interview, Ong Kian Ming said, he is in a unique position to offer a value that most people in Malaysia can’t, through his own political consulting company, OKM Consulting. “For example, I’ve access to election polling data that I’ve gathered and collated as part of my PhD research over the years that enables me to make detailed analysis analyses and predictions, which I doubt most people can."

Well, Ong Kian Ming, maybe most people are not half as clever as you are but when you take them for fools, you'd find that they can teach you a thing or two, as well. Read SatD's posting at the risk of finding you might need to go back to school, mate.

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