Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MH 002, a lost engine, and the best cabin crew

Lucky escape for Virgin passengers, too. Read the story.

Original article
This engine explosion on a Qantas flight recently cost Rolls-Royce A$90m 

I was on board the Malaysia Airlines' 11.40 flight to Heathrow last night that lost an engine mid-air during take-off at the KLIA. Ten or 15 seconds in the air and there was this huge, ugly "thud" and immediately those who had flown enough times knew something had gone awry. The big bird shuddered and then someone said "Fire!". A stewardess was running up the aisle to the First Class cabin, followed by a male colleague. I did not see any fire; I was at the window seat on the 16th row, just a few seats before the four engines of the 747, and the engine that we lost was on the left wing. Moreover, my eyes were trying to locate the ground about 5000 dark feet below. The worst did cross my mind ...

It was the scariest two hours of my flying experience. But those two hours reaffirmed one thing for me and my fellow passenger (other than the fact that life is fragile), that Malaysia Airlines has the best cabin crew. The Captain took too long to make the announcement about the engine failure but salute to stewardess Wai Soh and her colleagues, for they allayed the passengers and were cool despite their own fears, and continued to engage us well throughout the 90 minutes that the aircraft had to circle low over KLIA to dump fuel for the landing.

MH 002 is scheduled to fly out to Heathrow this morning at 1030. Another plane will be used. But the one day's delay means we will miss our scheduled programme in Lisbon so we decided to cancel the flight. 

We live to fly another day. Amin.


  1. Alhamdulillah you and the others on the plane are safe. My salute too for the MAS crew. May you have a safe and pleasant trip later. Anyway, I still think our boys and girls at the national carrier are among the best in their business. Too bad some people up there screwed things up.

  2. Olek Skilgannon8:39 am

    MAS maybe has the best cabin crew, but the management......?????

    Why is the airline still flying long-in-the-tooth Boeing 747s when their competitors have moved on to A380s and Boeing 777s? The airline's refleeting programme is way overdue!

    SIA has 3 A380 flights daily from Changi to London Heathrow, with very healthy passenger loads (according to my sources).

    MAS should be cleaning up on the KLIA-London Heathrow route now that it has a defacto monopoly on the sector (with the pullout of AirAsia X); if it is making losses on this route, there's something wrong.

    It would also be interesting to ask MAS the percentage of premium travellers (Business and First Class) on it's KL-London flights. Other premium full-service carriers like SIA and Cathay Pacific reportedly earn as much as 40% of their revenues from the premium cabins.

  3. Salam Datuk,

    Thankfully you and everyone are safe.

    God bless


  4. Anonymous9:22 am

    Glad that your are safe.


  5. No wonder hujan hari ni kat Sepang lain macam sikit. Melekit semacam. Minyak kapal terbang rupanya.

  6. Anonymous10:34 am

    So why use a Qantas engine for a MAS story?

    Is that how the MAS engine was also?

    And what do you mean by 'lost an engine'?

    You are creating panic actually and not helping at all to explain the situation!

    So much for your style of reporting!


  7. Anonymous11:06 am

    Alhamdulillah.. nothing bad happened to you and other passengers.. 'Kena buat khenduri Dato'...'

  8. The photo is a Qantas flight problem.
    The message is about MAS engine problem.
    Is this how one gets news these days?
    Why can't Rocky just write his post WITHOUT the photo?
    For his information....Qantas is recognized the safest way to fly anywhere for decades.
    I was invited by the Captain to sit next to him at the cockpit...when all are sleeping...on one flight home.
    This is how hospitable and caring Qantas people are.
    I hope Rocky do not mix up MAS problem wit Qantas.
    These to are miles and miles apart in reputations.
    MAS is political airline.
    Qantas is the pride to all Australians.

    1. Anonymous1:47 pm

      Hei telor

      still alive n talkinh cock, ah?

      Qantas oso oxzie pride. Oso losing money.

  9. Anonymous11:12 am

    I love Wai Soh....


  10. Shihab11:15 am

    I'm just glad u r all ok Bro. Alhamdulillah

  11. Thank God everyone walked away from this!

  12. Anonymous11:27 am

    Wah, row 16 means business class lah....fly business class to London siapa yang bayar, Latuk ? But happy that you and everyone else are safe.


  13. Anonymous11:38 am

    Thank god it is ole work horse 747.

    Mas will still be choice of airline coz i am a Malaysian.

    Better still.

    If the proper mgmt is in place rather than the same failed wau team from khazanah, specifically that wimp danny yusof.

    And the dishonest lying weasel from airasia, tony fernandez n kamaruddin meranun.

    Why not have eee choo keong as chairman?

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:26 pm

      I am curious - just what do you mean by "proper management"?

      Are you implying that MAS's management, from back in the day, has been "improper"?

      How so?

      And I note that you are vocal in your comments about Tony Fernandes.

      Why not "man up" and voice your comments openly under your real name, instead of hiding behind a cloak of anonymity?

      YB Wee CK as MAS chairman? What unique abilities and talents does he bring to the table, apart from a vociferous blog? Why not Hassan Marican? Or David Conner who just retired as CEO of OCBC Bank?

      Plenty of talent out there.

  14. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Hi there,

    That was scared. My colleagues is taking the same flight. She saw the exploded and fire came out.
    Anyway, may all of you have pleasant and safe journey.


  15. Malay Gentile12:16 pm

    Rocky, this was to remind you to.....

    The Almighty is giving you another chance and please don't ignore. Besar kemungkinan salur galur anda (yr family lineage) terdiri dari orang yg baik2 & beriman dan tidak seperti anda.

    There are many rooms for you to improve your self if you want too.

  16. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Syukur alhamdulillah Datuk selamat.

  17. Rock

    Nice to hear that u are back safely on solid ground...although we might be on the different side of the fence on most of the issues...

    Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

  18. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Alhamdulillah everything turned out alright. Praise be to Allah azza wa jalla. Take care, Bru.

    As for MAS, is this unwanted development indicative of indiscriminate cost cutting to the detriment of craft functionality and passenger safety in order to fatten future bottomlines or is it symptomatic of the low morale pervading the organisational structure in response to the Air Asia intrusion or is it suggestive of low-cost carrier style minimalist maintenance procedures to reap maximal profits predicated upon quick aircraft turnarounds.

    I certainly hope none of the above is the case.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:54 pm

      An aircraft engine failure is indicative of "indiscriminate cost cutting"?

      I wonder what feat of logic led you to that conclusion?

      Did you find out if MAS is investigating this incident, as they are bound to do?

      Under the protocol, they will have to file a report with the regulator in Malaysia, which comes under the Transport Ministry.

      The engine manufacturer may conduct it's own investigation.

      And since MAS carries out it's MRO activities in-house, the attribution of possible QC failures is hard to fathom.

      And other airlines have had similar incidents too.

      So why not highlight those too as instances of "indiscriminate cost cutting"?

      I don't think that Qantas, BA, SIA, Korean Air or Emirates would take kindly to such unsubstantiated assumptions.

  19. Anonymous1:35 pm

    The pilots did their job - that is dealing with the emergency and ensuring the 747, its passengers and crew are safe. You should thank them for their professional airmanship.

    The cabin crew also did their jobs - its a team effort.

    Kudos to all the crew on MH002! :)

  20. Andrew Gopal1:56 pm

    All's well that end well bro. Thank God.

  21. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Allah s.w.t giving u a 2nd chance. if u sleep in the same bed with Najib & Rosmah bad things will happen here or afterlife.

  22. Anonymous4:24 pm

    The Captain probably was too busy to make an announcement sorting the problem of his engine failure, establishing and stabilizing the situation, managing his crew and directing what needed to be done to expedite a safe return to landing. Making an announcement to passengers is important but the safety of the flight is paramount!

  23. Anonymous5:29 pm

    That must have given you a big jolt that felt deep inside.
    If still not then the 2 opening sentences of Malay Gentile and Warrior should do it.
    Hang in there bro.
    ALLAH still loves you.


  24. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Ever reflect on your sins when death was near? What harm you have done to others and what good you have done also?

    If all you see are flashes of your sins of harm to others and still live to tell the tale, then consider yourself given another chance to undo things and given a litle bit more time to reflect on your past.

    If instead what flashes past when near death are all the good things you have done, be grateful that someone up there wants you to have a second chance to complete what you have intended to do.

    Don't you think money compared to life is nothing now?

    Experienced 2nd chance.

  25. Anonymous6:08 pm

    purser of the said flight is joyce tan.....the same crew involved on danny nanny upgrade flight.

  26. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Someone asked about row 16 blah blah, I think Uncle Rocky was on a trip courtesy of Nasim, to a town outside Lisbon where Peugeot are launching their new 208

  27. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Oh and Rocky..glad you are all safe

  28. Thank God that you and the rest came out unscathed.

    But what's cooking in London? First Big Dog, now you. Was there a hook up with RPK or Julian Assange that you are going to write about?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  29. Jasper Bloodstone6:43 pm

    AFP report: "Fatigue fracture caused Qantas engine blast: report".

    ATSB (Australian Transport and Safety Bureau) said it agreed with the findings of engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce that the most likely sequence of events was triggered by the fatigue failure of a single turbine blade in the number-4 engine of the Qantas Boeing 747-400. The engine failed 15 minutes after take-off from San Francisco on Aug 20, 2010.

    The flight, which was headed to Sydney, landed safely back in San Francisco after crew shut down the problem engine.

    The ATSB said the engine's last overhaul was in May 2009 and both the turbine bearing and turbine blades were maintained according to the maintenance manual.

    It would be interesting to see a report on the MAS incident from the Malaysian counterpart of the ATSB.

    Instead of embarking on innuendo-laced witch hunts!

  30. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Announcement to the passengers more important then flying the plane Dato? We should write to MAS, ask them to get their priorities straight.. Shame on you MAS pilots !

    1. Anonymous6:18 am

      Yes.we need to change the sop.to all MAS pilots.next time make ur announcement.flying the aircfaft is least priority.haha

  31. Anonymous7:50 pm

    MAS should sack whoever is handling their Corp Comm department.
    It took them 12 hours after the incident happened to issue a statement!!!


  32. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Ada no telefon Wai Soh?


  33. Anonymous8:55 pm


    For ur info, when a pilot is faced with a non normal situations, he and his co-pilot have literally hundreds of things to consider. In the case of engine failure, eventhough it is practiced every 6 months( in a simulator) the situations surrounding the non-normal itself is different. Flying an airplane(jumbo jet no less) is not like driving a car or a bus or a boat. It is a demanding job on a normal day and on a non-normal situation requires more of his/her attention.

    In a pilot's training, announcement to passengers is the LAST thing to consider in a loop.

    By stating that the captain took to long to make announcement actually shows that the captain is doing his job properly and making sure everyone can see their family back is the first priority.

    Please dont make such ignorance remark publicly as this is reflected in the news. If u have any complain whatsoever with the airline, file it to a proper channel and it can go from there.

    1. Anonymous6:22 am

      I agree.after the pilots had done a good job this is what they get.u shud be thankfull.with on going problems with the management n insecurity of they job.they had maintain such a good profesionalism.well done mh 2 crew.

  34. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Rocky ada special assignment given by Rosmah utk pergi ke London ke ?? Apa cerita boss ??

  35. Anonymous11:20 pm


    They did not lose an engine...It was just a normal proceedure to shut down an engine when ever there is an indication. FYI, a B747-400 can still fly safely with 3 engines at any time. There was no danger of what happened on Virgin or any other airlines...Plse do not give any false impression if you dont know nuts abt aviation...shame on you rocky....

  36. Anonymous11:46 pm

    "The Captain took too long to make the announcement about the engine failure..."

    They are certain procedures before the Captain can make the announcement. I list down some of the universal procedures (The procedures may differs to a/c type)

    1. Engine Fail/Fire !
    2. Aviate/Navigate/Communicate
    3. Carry out abnormal checklist
    4. CRM and Decision- Return, Diversion, Continue etc
    5. Inform and liase with ATC
    6. Performance calculations- Landing speeds, distance etc
    7. Set up the FMC for arrival
    8. Approach briefing
    9. Fuel dumping if required
    10. Along the way inform cabin crew (nature of failure, time to land etc)
    11. Inform pax (PA).

    1. Anonymous6:24 am

      Well prepared.thats why mas pilots is one of the best in the world.hahah.just some people like dato' himself dont understand the nature of our job.haha

  37. Anonymous12:06 am

    Sometime in the late 1980s, I experienced a similar incident - when an SIA plane caught fire just after taking off. It made a U-turn back to S'pore.

    We were made to wait in transit from about 2 to 6 am before they decided to transfer us to a hotel.

    The next day we were back at the airport to fly again to Heathrow, same plane, same crew!!!

    And there was a news blackout in the papers about that incident.

    Maybe: if God meant us to fly he would have given us wings? In the meantime we just have to take what we've got and be thankful for each new day.

    So let's stop all the jibes and the pontificating and just count our blessings.


  38. Rocky.

    Its a sabotage.Too many incident plane sakit.From India,From KL,From London.Its cannot be a coincident.

    Read comment on WEE blog.The union not happy,the cabin crew not happy and the pilot too not happpy.

    Dont take chance.Stop flying MAS ,Fly AA X ot AA.new plane,new crew,batter servive.

    1. Anonymous6:26 am

      Haha.aa is kedekut.if they can buy plane with only one engine.they would have done it.and now bcoz of tony n the gangster.mas is in deep shit.shud have ask danny n his nanny fly on mh 2 that day.haha

  39. Charles F Moreira1:14 am

    Glad you and the others are safe Bro.

    From a technical perspective, a loss of one engine on a B747 results in 25% loss of power but on an A330 or B777, the loss is 50%.

    The big question is why two engine power losses in such a short interval?

  40. Anonymous2:26 am

    Apparently the Chingkie Christian dog's unrestrained anger against me has caused its leash to knot its balls to its tail

    I raised this valid query:

    a is this unwanted development indicative of indiscriminate cost cutting to the detriment of craft functionality and passenger safety in order to fatten future bottomlines

    the fucking shithead twisted it as this:

    An aircraft engine failure is indicative of "indiscriminate cost cutting"?

    and it tried to garner brownie for its deluded self by spouting this:

    I wonder what feat of logic led you to that conclusion?

    Alas, its inability to see my references to "craft functionality" in the original is yet another indication of its rotting deluded mind not to mention its rotten "Inggeris" ....hahahahahaha... LMAO

    Now one for the road for those sober and sane enough to want a teaser on how cost cutting has an impact and also for some laughs at a lunatic's madcap and ultimately crackpot show of bravado worthy of the moronic braggart, he is:

    "John Goglia, a member of the five-person National Transportation Safety Board, which investigates crashes, said cost-cutting has hurt maintenance. He said the industry needs to focus on improving it or expect more disasters."


    Now, a joke as a nightcap:

    High over Changi Airport:
    Mayday...Mayday , we call upon resident JB from the Hougang Mental Asylum to shut up these pesky CAMC fellas..Mayday Mayday...hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahhahhahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahaha...

    oh God...Goodnight Malaysia wherever you are. Sleep tight , a lunatic is on the prowl for "English" leftovers.............hahahahhahahahah )LMAO).

    What a clueless, useless, spermless Chingkie Christian bastard of a bigot!!!

    Warrior 231

  41. Anonymous2:48 am


    another one folks, more recent and with MRO shortcuts to boot. See ya....

    Psst .......Tony called and asked if he could have me ask Rocky to send the lunatic JB over to service his (T's) cock with JB's arse.

    I said JB is too busy playing stopcock at Hougang Mental.....hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Come on Chingkie Christo bastard, write a letter to the FAA and tell them to shut up or u will stuff your stumpy spermless cocks into their throat as a stopcock for daring to expose Chingkie MRO shenanigans in China....hahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  42. Mrs M3:30 am

    My hubby was on the plane as a steward..n thanks 2 God coz him n all of u are safe..:)

  43. What a terrifying experience! I'm not sure I'd ever want to get on a plane again after that.

  44. Anonymous9:00 am

    Does it frightens you that Mas is using aging planes? You are talking of a flight thousands of kilosmeters to London not to east malaysia ?
    Thats why old planes dont have that safety factor.... engines dropping from the sky is common in older aierlines and my guess Mas is stretching their planes too far off.
    Lets be frank as most will opt for SIA as planes less then 5 years old.hey! we wanna sleep well!

    1. Anonymous6:30 am

      Haha.new plane doest mean it is safe.go n read how many A380 have been ground.next time dont talk bullahit.make sure ur facts is right.b747 has been the queen of the sky for decades.so far its the best airplane to fly.haha

  45. Anon 9 am,

    The 747 is an old(er) plane, a workhorse, yesterday's supermodel. I was told that MAS is phasing out these wide bodies and replacing them with newer aircraft. I don't know if MAS will be forced to buy from Air Asia (which had ordered about 200 new planes nobody knows for which destinations yet) but at least the A380 that's coming its way is not an AA's used plane!

    I will still fly MAS whenever I can, though. It's our flag carrier. It has the Jalur Gemilang painted on its body.

    And like, I said, it has the best cabin crew around.

    p.s Regarding the pilot making the late announcement, I was stating a fact. The pilot could have told passengers the obvious, ie "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it seems that our aircraft has lost an engine. As we've done a thousand times before, we are going to stop our climb and size up the matter. I will be back once I have more news. "

    I must put on record that the pilot did land the bird smoothly despite having just the 3 engines.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:29 pm

      Ironic, isn't it, Bru?

      Today, Turkish Airlines ran a full-page ad in the Singapore Business Times, portraying itself as "Europe's Best Airline", with full flat-bed seats in Business Class, and flying "to more than 200 destinations via Istanbul with our A330-300 and B777-300 ER aircraft".

      See, nary a mention of the B747-400!

      And there's another full-page ad from Emirates Airlines in the same paper. It has the tag line "Tomorrow rewards the curious....Fly Emirates to 6 continents".

      Again, no B747s around.

      It's depressing to see how far MAS has declined vis-a-vis it's competitors.

      And here you are, posting innuendos about AirAsia's 200 Airbus A320s.

      Why don't you ask what Indonesian carrier Lion Air is going to do with all the new-gen B737s it has ordered? Probably they are gonna kick MAS's ass in the Indonesian market come Asean Open Skies in 2015!

      Oh, btw, why haven't Garuda's unions complained about the "depredations" wrought by Lion Air?

    2. Anonymous6:33 am

      Its bcoz thos garuda do mind their own business.not just like some people.da kaye kacau periuk nasi org.masuk campur hal org lain.pigila.one day when they times r up.thrust me.thousands of people will be laughing at them.its not u who will always be on top

  46. Anonymous1:18 pm

    woiii skewedmoron, red dot a** licker

    Fatal Events Since 1972 for Singapore Airlines and SilkAir

    The following events involved at least one passenger death where the aircraft flight had a direct or indirect role. Excluded would be events where the only passengers killed were stowaways, hijackers, or saboteurs.

    19 December 1997; SilkAir 737-300; near Palembang, Indonesia: The aircraft crashed in a river about 35 miles (56 km) north of Palembang while en route between Jakarta and Singapore. All seven crew members and 97 passengers were killed.

    31 October 2000; Singapore Airlines 747-400; Taipei, Taiwan:
    The aircraft crashed and burned shortly after taking off from Taipei on a scheduled flight to Los Angeles. The aircraft reportedly attempted to take off on a runway that was undergoing repairs and struck construction equipment on the runway. There was rain and wind in the area from an approaching typhoon at the time of the crash. There were 79 fatailities among the 159 passengers and four fatalities among the 20 crew members on the aircraft.


  47. Thankful you and everybody else are OK Bro.

  48. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of April 16, 2012 has the story "Bad Weather leading to more flight delays at Changi airport"


  49. Anonymous4:09 pm


    Jasper Bloodstone has just been Junked Bombed by warrior

    1. Jasper Bloodstone12:49 pm

      Not really.

      Btw, your English leaves much to be desired. "Junked Bombed" (sic)? Is a weak pun the best you can do?

  50. I agree with you on one thing - the MAS crew are well-trained and know how to keep a cool head. I had to help resuscitate a lady on my flight out of London. I wrote about it here:

    The Angry Medic: Emergency at 35, 000 Feet

    (sorry for the shameless plug)

    It's a damn shame MAS is being mismanaged. Malu je depan omputih, kononnye 5-star airline tp poskad free pon tak kasi dh. I had several conversations with the stewardesses (who always sit down cos I'm ridiculously handsome. Cough) and they all told me how sad they were that such a proud national institution had been brought so low.

  51. Wai Soh is a long time fiend of mine. I'm glad that she and everyone onboard were safe.

  52. Ir Ismail12:09 pm

    I remember going thru that harrowing experience in 1986 boarded SIA from Hong Kong to San Francisco . One engine catch fire during take off and knowing how tricky the flight path in Kai Tak airport make you pray to Allah for the safety. After 90 min circling , the bird safely landed back in HK. I know how Bru feel, and thanks Allah all are safe.

  53. Anonymous6:57 pm


    Bosan dengar cakap kosong kau. Kalau nak lawan, guna hujah. Tunjuk bukti dengan link dan dapatan kajian.

    Ini tak, cakap kosong aje lebih. Nak tunjuk pandai sangat tapi nampak sangat bodoh sombong dan mengada-ada.

    Tak usah nak bohong lah apek. Kita semua dah nampak banyak kali. Ingat tak kena tibai dengan Warrior pasal Singapura pusat gelap duit. Awak tak berani jawab pun, kita dah nampak tembelang awak dah.

    Paling kurang kalau tak cakap kotor macam Warrior pun, lawanlah hujah dia dengan fakta. Ini cakap propaganda kosong aje lebih.

    Wei Cina, orang Melayu zaman ini dah pandai, tak mudah kena tipu lagi oleh apek bodoh sombong macam engkau, faham-faham aje lah kalau tahu malu.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone2:03 pm

      Oh, my - such a list of grievances and angst-baring!

      Can we even begin to comprehend such numbing, nihilistic mindlessness? Do ask your good warrior friend to explain that phrase to you in case you are confused.

      Let's see now. Enough has been said and written about MAS. At the end of the day, it's all on the public record - it's financials, industry rankings and benchmarking against it's competitors.

      (let me just repeat here, ad nauseam, that MAS's competitor and bete noire is not AirAsia, but every premium full-service airline that operates in the Asia-Pacific region. If the MAS staff unions and assorted politicians are determined to ignore this basic reality, then the writing is already on the wall as far as MAS is concerned. No amount of posturing, bailouts and restructurings will work if the MAS staff unions and their politician supporters and sympathisers refuse to acknowledge the brutally competitive realities of the global airline industry).

      Now, where were we? Ah, yes - the question of Singapore as an alleged haven for, and repository of, "gelap duit".

      Your warrior friend has been going into paroxysms, quoting chapter and verse in an increasingly frenzied (but ultimately futile) attempt to portray Singapore as a haven for money laundering, illegal funds and tax evasion.

      In fact, his attempts would be comical, if they weren't so pathetically sad.

      Why? Because, in spite of his diatribes and his all-too-visible angst against Singapore, the world still continues to do business with that city-state, instead of shunning it as a pariah.

      And that gets the warrior's goat. Big time, every time!

  54. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Good to know you're safe...

  55. Berdasarkan pengalaman saya sebagai kru dahulu, saya rasa insiden selepas beberapa waktu selepas take off sebegini disebabkan oleh ada benda asing masuk ke turbin. Saya menjangkakan disebabkan oleh burung masuk ke turbin tersebut.

    Yang penting kru MH terbaik mententeramkan keadaan dan Datuk selamat bersama semua penumpang dan anak2 kapal.Alhamdulillah.

  56. Anonymous12:00 am

    I think I'll avoid MAS from now on. Experienced the same thing while taking off from Mumbai a few year ago. The cabin crew were fantastic but not the ground staff.

    The new top management is even worst. I guess this is part of the failed share swap?

    Hantu Gigi Jarang.

  57. Anonymous3:36 pm

    let me just repeat here, ad nauseam, that MAS's competitor and bete noire is not AirAsia, but every premium full-service airline that operates in the Asia-Pacific region.

    let me just repeat here, ad nauseam, that Changi Airport's competitor and bete noire is not KLIA or even Suvarnabhumi but every regional hub that operates in the Asia-Pacific region including Dubai and Hong Kong.

    1. Hk 2. Dubai 3 dan last : Singapura

    B.he world still continues to do business with that city-state, instead of shunning it as a pariah.

    Amboi,bodoh sombong dan lawak katun betul awak ini.Macamlah kita pembaca tak nampak Hilary Clinton berdiri sebelah Menteri Luar Swiss bagi menyelesaikan kemelut skandal cukai UBS. Memang sah pun Swiss salah tapi tak jadi pariah pun. Malah Swiss masih jaga lagi kepentingan US di Iran di mana US tak ada embasi.

    Jelas, awak tak tahu apa dia kesalahan jenayah kewangan dan hubungan diplomatik, hubungan dagang dll yang bersabit. Mengaitkan undang-undang urusan wang luar negara yang lemah dan yang melindungi gelap duit dengan urusan lain seperti FTA atau hubungan diplomatik adalah kerja badut dan lawak katun macam awak ,kelakar sungguh! Kalau logik gila awak di guna sebagai hujah maka alamatnya US, kerana pelbagai siasatan IRS, Perbendaharaan dan Jabatan Luar Negaranya, terpaksalah putuskan hubungan dengan HK, India, Belgium, the UK ...ah.... 90% negara dunia....senang aje tak usah bilang.

    Bagi bukti yang Singapore dah kena declare "clean jurisdiction" oleh State Department US dan Perbendaharaan US , baru kita boleh kata Warrior gilo. Sekadar nak cakap merapu tak ada link, data atau bukti ....tak leh pakai dah...pooorah apek.Itu namanya nak tutup bangkai gajah dengan pelapah sireh, bodoh dan lawak betullah otak kamu.

    3.And that gets the warrior's goat. Big time, every time!

    Yang aku dan pembaca lain duduk nengok ialah komen Warrior yang kacau kambing betino kau kot, Jasper. Setiap kali Warrior buat komen, awak melatah dekat dia walhal dia tak pernah pun melatah kat komen awak. Cuba tengok semua komen atas mukasurat blog ini dalam setiap post yang Warrior bagi ulasan awak mesti serang dia tak tentu pasal. Aku bagi contoh, post ini pun dah cukup. Siapa mulakkan dulu?

    Warrior bagi ulasan tentang kejadian dan teor2inya (memang logik pun sebab ada buktinya dengan diberi link sekali lepas awak cabar dia). Yang awak gatal sangat ungkit dia sebagai tidak logik dalam komen awak siapa suruh. Lagi mana bukti yang dia tak logik...kita tengah tunggu ni.

    Ulasan bermaksud memberi pendapat bernas dan berfakta tentang sesuatu isu, kalau awak tak setuju dengan pendapat yang di beri , bangkang dengan fakta bukan merapu tak tentu hala macam beruk. Lagi baik biarkan pendapat dia duduk disamping pendapat awak, dan kita pembaca akan nilai siapa yang betul dan siapa yang mereng

    Tapi awak lain, awak datang sini bukan nak bagi pendapat tetapi nak lepas geram kat Warrior. Nampak sangat awak ini troll atau cybertrooper bukan pengulas atau pengkritik hujah yang berakal. Kita nampak awak di pandu emosi benci dan nafsu walhal jelas Warrior dipandu akal,bukti dan nafus jahat mencarutnya. Orang yang dok baca akan lihat macam mana kotor pun bahasa Warrior, ulasan sentiasa ada bukti, ada link, ada data dan boleh di terima akal sihat. Sayangnya, awak tak mampu buat begitu, kalau orang yang ada malu, ada maruah dah lama berundur, ada faham.

    Tapi memang sah awak gila kot macam Warrior kata, kerana 1. awak tak sedar perangai lucu awak 2. apa aku sebut pun awak pusing sebagai " angst baring...blah..blah...blah...blah
    pooorah..orang gilo!

    1. Jasper Bloodstone10:35 am

      All that turgid verbiage which means s**tall in reality.

      Talk about an exercise in futility.

      Like Proton trying to be a world-class car manufacturer.

  58. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Rocky, this could be a warning from Allah to you, next time you won't be as lucky hmmmm !!

  59. Anonymous1:18 am

    Hello Babi 2.03

    frenzy, eh babi? Wonder who went into a tizzy of a frenzy trying to ram a worthless toilet paper called the OECD Whitelist (hahahaha!) down our throats:


    and who turned into a quiet dormouse when exposed for making patently stupid, moronic linkages between porous Money-laundering legislation + lackadaisical prosecution and FTAs, diplomatic links,etc....hahahahahahahaha


    Why? The BABI tried to MARGARET CHAN us in the Nambikei thread above when he scraped the dried shit in his sty for cool Chingkie intellects (even roping in Koreans cos there were NO, Chingkies around except CHan to match that coolness shit..Yep,.zilch hahahahaha). Well, MARGARET CHAN IS A STUPID BABI ALRIGHT JUST LIKE YOU. + she has plenty of dead souls vexing and hexing her conscience, I reckon. Me saying so. Nope. Your fellow BABIS did so in the Hong Kong Legco in 2003:


    Choice pork chops: ""According to the Legco report, Chan was guilty of dereliction of duty before and during the early stage of the Sars outbreak," he said. "[Her inaction] had a serious impact on public health and global health, which should disqualify her from working for the WHO."

    "Sars has cost us 299 lives and some 1,400 people are still suffering
    from the disease, [Yeoh's and Leong's] resignation is not enough,"
    independent Albert Chan said. "Margaret Chan is most guilty of
    dereliction of duty, but she is smart, she left Hong Kong before it
    all ended."

    Typical BABI, don't cha think? Some coolly negligent, utterly clueless and 'cooless' BABI intellect, you have there isnt it, BABI? Got your goat again dint I, BABI?

    Finally, why the silence over my queries about your support for Nik Najis and Hardy Awek when their terrorist pedigree is well known:


    OIC, they gel well with the terrorists in DA' Pigs, right:


    aint that so, Chingkie Christian extremist BABI. I wouldnt be surprised if the DA Pigs also have links to Chingkie or Christian terrorists going by the looks of it. By the way, so much for your believe in secularism and religious equality shit when reality smokes you out as an avid supporter and maybe even participant purveyor of religious extremism and racist bigotry, hypocritical BABI! Would do a world of good if you look your BABIISH self in the mirror firST before slinging shit at others, pathetic BABI.

    You know my Melayu Bermaruah ancestors had a reason for the word BABI. It is an acronym that succintly describes your ethnic, Chingkie pig:

    B-Bodoh/Bahlol/Bengong ; A= Angkuh ;B = Becok/Bangsat/Busuk ; I=Idiot/Ingkar/Iblis = BABI

    Now get into ur mad frenzy suit, extremist Chingkie fanatic Christian BABI

    Warrior 231

  60. Anonymous7:20 am

    U r seated at row 16......may I have a look at ur birding pass sir.....??????be a responsible blogger

  61. Anonymous8:12 pm


    Can't respond to facts with facts because nothing to rebut the truth with, very bodoh ,mad and blessed with a cowardly trannie personality.

    Too prim and proper like a pondan to write out a cuss word in full but not genteel enough to avoid it in the first place. What a goddamn hypocritical, shameless BABI !!

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:46 pm

      What are the "facts", eh?

      - You claimed that Singapore is a tax haven and a repository of illegal funds, as well as being a centre for money laundering. When I pointed out that, in spite of all these allegations, Singapore is still.doing good with foreign governments, the G20, the IMF and the World Bank. You never explained just why all of the preceding are still doing business, at the highest levels, with an alleged haven for all things nefarious. Score a big, fat zero for the cool maruah intellect!

      - In a pathetic attempt to pin the blame for recent MAS engineering mishaps on the MAS-AirAsia share swap is scraping the bottom of the barrel for absurdity. Are you accusing certain parties in MAS of deliberately interfering with flights in order to vent their unhappiness over recent developments. What happened to the vaunted professionalism of MAS staff and their pride in providing excellent customer service in ground handling and in-flight?

      Further, you have attempted to tar low-cost carriers with accusations of negligence and slipshod maintenance procedures. That will be news to the ever-increasing millions of passengers who fly on LCCs and reach their destinations safely, not to mention the national aviation regulators.

      All your verbiage is merely a smokescreen to conceal the threadbare nature of what you are trying to put across.

      Sad, really.

  62. Anonymous3:55 am

    I flew on this particular flight - and was actually sitting in the window seat of the left-hand wing where the outer engine caught fire.

    Compliments to the captain for dealing with the issue safely. I have to say, however, that the crew on this side of the plane looked just as scared as some of the passengers. When he could announce what had happened the captain said 'please follow cabin crew instruction'. However, the cabin crew mainly sat silently and did not come to see how some of the most frightened passengers were - especially the one who shouted 'An engine's on fire'.

    Drinks were handed out, but instead of thinking on their feet, the steward/esses, probably sticking rigorously to their training, started at either end of the cabin - with the people who were least affected by the engine blowing and then emitting sparks - and only reached the most affected people at the end.

    On returning to the airport we went back to the departure lounge and then were directed to buses to take us to a hotel for a 2-hour stay to wait for our rescheduled flight. I say 'directed' because we were mainly left to wander through an empty airport at 3am in the morning, having only been given vague directions as to how to get to the departure bay for the bus.

    Malaysian Airlines gives me the impression of an airline that provides good service when nothing goes wrong. However, some of their contingency planning didn't seem as tight as it should have been.

  63. Anonymous6:02 am

    That is well and good. I think sitting on business class gives you a different sense of feel and also service. Similar happened to my wife just recently on 17.08.2012 on a flight from London to KL. Her comments were totally opposite to what you have described. She described the whole incident as frantic and the crew is not helping calming the passengers rather than making them panic. This is what you expect from a first class cabin crew as you so elliquently described it......I do not think so. I do agree with one blogger that MAS 5 star rating is more of of political statement rather than actual fact.........if true it is based on only the experience gathered by their first and business class clientele.