Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forcing out the 1 per cent corrupt

We all know that there are bad cops in any police force. Without them, those tv series on NYPD and NOPD and action movies involving hero detectives and rotten cops would not happen. So it's good that our IGP has come out to admit that the PDRM still have officers who are on the take. The only problem with his statement is the 1 per cent he pluck, seemingly from thin air. People have started wondering where the 1 per cent cops are. At the top?

The Bernama article
Other professions have their own share of  bad apples: lawyers, judges, politicians. There are journalists and mercenaries, elite bloggers and belit bloggers, football pros on the take, and even at home you have good husbands and rogue ones.

What's important is us knowing that our police force are getting rid itself of the crooks in blue. It will be a hard and long fight but I have no doubts that the PDRM can do it. The important thing is to do everything - not "something" - do go after the corrupt cops. The IGP can't be vague and all stakeholders from the politicians to the press must be engaged. Most of all, the force needs to work with members of the public at all times.

But are we - members of the public - ready to help them get rid of those crooked and corrupt officers? 


  1. trifling-jester10:59 am

    rockybelit, you dont seem to question the fact that he thinks only 1% are on the take. it seems this 1% is the most hardworking amongst the cops, cos 90% of the time the rakyat seem to cross paths with them!

  2. Anonymous11:13 am

    kudos to the IGP

    Proton Peeva

  3. Anonymous11:46 am

    I think it is trying to say 1% of the police force are corrupt

    The rest 99% are incompetent.

    ahmad sharom

  4. Anonymous1:04 pm


    Only one percent!!!! Have a good laugh.

  5. Anonymous1:36 pm

    surely the first step is to have the police commission/tribunal in place to provide oversight over pdrm. if that cannot happen who will come forward to finger rotten cops at whichever level?
    moreover pdrm is almost 100% a malay org and the culture is not to upset 'orang kita', go figure..

  6. 15 dari 100,000 adalah 1,000. Wow..ini sudah banyak. Ada berapa buah Balai Polis dalam Malaysia.Tentulah tak sampai 100,000. Jadi puratanya ditiap-tiap balai ada anggota yang rasuah. Kalau kita ambil analogy penagih dadah, dia akan ajak kawan-kawannya yang belum hisap dadah sama hisap dadah.Apa terasa kick nya maka kawanya pun ikut sama.Rasuah lebih sedap dari dadah. Bial nampak member sentiasa loaded aja yang lain pun terlior nak ikut sama..

  7. Anonymous3:52 pm




    they hired a comical guy for the top job...

  8. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Betul eh? 1 percent in Polis force!
    It's more than that lah !
    I'ts too ingrained already so my bet a major part of it is involved!

  9. Anonymous6:01 pm

    I am curious how they derived the 1% figure. If you happen to be blocked at one of the road block in KL, 10 of of 10 times, the police can offer some kind of help.

  10. Anonymous6:09 pm


    Hmmmmm 1% you say.

    From where did you get this?

    From the guy who wants us to believe that it is only 1%

    And you call yourself a "Journalist"?

  11. Anonymous6:50 pm

    In Third World countries the ruling class makes just enough cpmpromise to win the next elections.Look at all those countries that became independent after 1945 and you will see this common thread running through all of them barring a few. They have remained in power by using the form of elected government to undermine its substance. Why is this so?. The principle of one strike and you are out was never allowed to be applied to them. In some Asian Parliaments half of its members are facing criminal charges. Everytime their case comes up for hearing the learned judge will postpone the case until after the end of the term of that parliament.If they are elected then the case is postponed further.

    In life we tell our children to put in 100% in all that they do in the hope that they will achieve at least 75%. And you are giving credence to this 1% story. If it 1% only we should be ranked above Switzerland ans Singapore in the TI's CCorruption Index.

    I know what you are trying to do. But it will not work. When a child makes a mistake he or she must be corrected immediately. Otherwise you are doing no favours.

    May be we should we should try this out. The first time a government employee indulges in corruption the Head of Department should use the provisions in the GO to take action agaist the officer. If money is involved then he should make restitution to the tune of five times the amount involved. Then after that the one strike and you are out should be applied. Believe me government servants and politicians will be shivering in their pants everytime they think of becoming corrupt.

  12. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Yes!!!! Our police force is up there with the world cleanest police force!

  13. 2kartiub8:20 pm


    1 persen rasuah? kah kah kah

    IGP kena check mata laa, sebelom check mata-mata lagi... kah kah kah

    kalau pakai spek baca baik baik... 1 persen TAK rasuah... kah kah kah

    semua rakyat sudah tau...

    berapa mau settle?
    kautim pun boleh
    you bantu i, i bantu you


  14. Anonymous10:32 pm

    hahahahahahahah.....rocky also believe this shit....1% mentality!!!

  15. Anonymous10:06 am

    Thing is, whenever I flouted the traffic rules, this 1% group will always be around to assist me.

    Talking about 'bell shaped curve' , 'nornal distribution', 'probablity' 'standard deviation' etc etc, I am inclined to think that the current IGP had most probably flunked his statistic 101 examination at college level.


  16. Anonymous11:08 am


    In a pyramid, the 1 pct at the top takes everything. Look at the fracas in Bayan Lepas days ago - 18 masked men can go thrash a factory and the cars parked outside. Maybe the factory didn't pay.

    Fake Godfather

  17. Anonymous12:41 pm

    To be fair to the police, I have been stopped for committing traffic offenses 3 times in the past (in SJ and Puchong) and not once was I asked for a bribe. I was instead given a verbal warning not to do it again. Though I ended up spending RM300 purchasing hand free bluetooth device for my hp following to avoid committing the offence again. It is more a matter of how you relate to the police who stopped you - treat them with proper respect and they will treat you the same.

  18. Anonymous10:58 pm

    How come this 1 percent corrupt never make Malaysia top spot that our country is perceived as very clean in Corruption Perceptions Index 2011?

  19. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Yes la..1% yang terang2 minta and makan
    Lain2 takleh nak kira pasal diaorang kata..ini untuk duit kopi je datuk..
    ..aiya latuk lu tolong gua,wa tolong lu la..bagi ni ikhlas ye...
    ..macam tu la....99% kes nye..bukan rasuah semua tu beb...apa celup..


  20. Anonymous12:06 am

    what i cant believe is that there are so few that has given bribes...?


  21. Anonymous10:01 am

    Only 1% written by rocky is the truth

    handsome hamdan

  22. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Why am I always so unlucky, each time I meet a policeman, that fella comes from this 1% group??

    Where do they hide all the other 99% genuine ones for us to approach?


  23. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Why am I always so unlucky, each time I meet a policeman, that fella comes from this 1% group??

    Where do they hide all the other 99% genuine ones for us to approach?


  24. Anonymous12:27 am

    Those with negative comments here are those who never serve the country whether in a uniform body or as civillian.
    Tau kritik tapi tak pernah menyumbang. Your tax money is nothing.

  25. Anonymous10:02 am

    bagi la depa gaji cantik sikit, tak cukup anggota kan boleh tangkap muat....janganlah harap sangat orang awam jadi mata kepada mata-mata.


  26. Jasper Bloodstone5:53 pm

    And now a Johor royal has spoken up!

    And in the Malay Mail too!

  27. Bamboozled5:47 pm

    How to know a police is corrupt or not?

    Their size of their belly.

    The bigger they get, the worst they are.

  28. Where is the pride in wearing the uniform? It has been spit on by those who wear it, they brought this upon themselves. "Ini... ini salah ni, nak settle? macam mana nak settle, oh kalau encik gentlemen, kita pun gentlemen". "Itu?.. Tu tak boleh saman, member". Respect is earned, but today how many can wear the uniform and tell themselves it's a respectable profession? Serving without fear or favor. Sorry sir, it's hard to believe you any more. If the IGP is serious he has my respect, but I'm weary so much talk, but everyday the same.