Friday, March 16, 2012

RPK calls Anwar chicken (!)/A 6-hour dinner with The Dog

updated: RPK observes "changes" under Najib, wants "meaningful engagement" with the PM on civil liberty issues. 

Friends, rivals and mates again: RPK and Big Dog

London: Blogger Big Dog met up with RPK at Tok Din's in Paddington for dinner last night. These two have fought alongside and against each other in cyberspace since 1998. RPK more or less led the online onslaught against Dr Mahathir's government to free Anwar Ibrahim;  Big Dog was one of the pioneer Umno cyber warriors who came forth to do battle with RPK's "army". In 2006, both men joined hands to help take down the former PM and were often seen with Tun Dr Mahathir. Shortly before PRU12, RPK rejoined Anwar Ibrahim and helped Pakatan Rakyat to an unprecedented near-victory, and once again the two men became bitter rivals. Lately, as we all know, RPK has seen the "real" Anwar and the long-time staunch supporter of the Opposition leader is today probably his greatest pain in the butt.

Last night was the first time RPK and Big Dog had met since just after the PRU12 in March 2008.

Read Big Dog's account of their meeting in Anwar don't tolerate any dissent. 

Original posting:
“How is Anwar going to debate Najib when he is too chicken to face me?" - Raja Petra
How is it that Anwar Ibrahim, hailed by many as Malaysia's voice of freedom (or something like that), has forced the organiser of a forum to drop Raja Petra Kamaruddin, a fellow Malaysian, from the panel if they wanted Anwar to be part of that forum?

Our "mole" is in England right now and is expected to have dinner with Raja Petra Kamaruddin today. We hope to get more meat on this soon.


  1. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Apa pasal Anwar nak debate dengan RPK? RPK tu sapa bro...Hehe!!

    1. Anonymous3:09 pm

      Apa pasal Anwar nak debate dengan RPK? RPK tu sapa der

  2. The chicken is the one who ran away from justice, not the one who stands and fight!Anwar is the "junzi" and rpk is the "xiao ren".Anwar did the the right thing....not to be with a "xiao ren" in a forum.It is unthinkable for Anwar to debate a fellow with no credibility.There is no knowing what the bugger is capable of doing especially if his narrow personal interests are concerned!

  3. sape yang sebenarnye chicken tu, bila dah terdesak perut pun dah mula kelaparan terus buat corner baring.

    ini manusia yang hidup nya makan minum nye atas fitnah saje. kalau tak buat fitnah dia kelaparan.

  4. Anonymous9:52 pm


    lu pergi debat dengan budak hisap dadah saja, dah tentu apa lu cakap dia orang boleh layan sampai subuh.

    janji lu supply barang. tu saja syaratnya.

    din klang

  5. Anonymous9:59 pm

    some love one
    some love two
    i hate one
    and that is you... RPK

    din klang

  6. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Is this the same RPK who called anwar homosexual,99% sure is the guy in some porn video,morally unfit to lead. All this on TV3 and utusan.He made some unbelievable and ridiculous claim of PM's wife involvement in a murder case?('reliably' informed he said) His MT blog was popular at one time.You could comment by subscription only. Recently he allowed all and sundry to comment and would admonish people whose comments he didn't like. Now its back to subscription only. So only sycophantic comments can be seen.Why should Anwar debate him? Who does he think he is?Anwar should debate Najib

  7. Who was it who fled Malaysia to avoid a court appearance? Anwar or RPK?

    Who is chicken? I rest my case.

    1. Anonymous3:11 pm

      Hahahaha who was the one who ran into a foreign embassy? Anwar or RPK?

      Who WAS the piggy fucking chicken shit? I do not need to rest my case.


  8. trifling-jester2:02 am


  9. Anonymous6:41 am

    I believe that's called freedom, is'nt it. One can choose who to talk to, debate with, what we eat, what we wear. Same like what the government of the day is doing. Choose who to penalise, what constituencies to redelineate, which ethnic group/s to openly abuse, what crimes their "friends" can commit and get away with. Certain people are just not worth the time and space(real or cyber). Enough said...for now.

  10. Anonymous8:26 am

    anuwar transparency? fucking asshole only know how to taruk people from behind. F2F, he got no balls and no brains.
    may he die in hell!!

  11. Anonymous10:26 am

    Rocky Bru also chicken

    Chicken out to report the truth

    kfc chicken

  12. RPK and Anwar are a good match for each other. They both can go to hell for all I care. Najib is way above to be debating with Anwar. He is better off meeting the rakyat.

  13. Jasper Bloodstone11:02 am

    It's interesting why RPK is choosing to remain in the UK instead of returning to Malaysia.

    If he has the courage to back up his accusations, he would have done so.

    Say what you like about Anwar, he hasn't run away from Malaysia or judicial proceedings here, much as he likes to "ventilate" in forums overseas.

    I would say that marks the difference between RPK and AI.

  14. Anonymous12:49 pm

    alamak... ramainya PR Cybertrooper.

  15. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Why Rocky so jeleous ?

    Both Anwar and RPK don't want to debate with you. perasan saja

    Dahlah cakap salah, dahlah apologize
    sekarang nak cakap lagi ?

    Nanti kena apologize sekali lagi mau ka ?

    hassan ah leee

  16. Anonymous1:58 pm the tide has turned. Not too long ago, Anwar & RPK are considered best buds,supposedly working hard to impose the american model of freedom in M'sia even to the extent of lying about Rosmah and just about everything. Now they can't stand the sight of each other.

    I'm all for a strong opposition, but, are these jokers the best the opposition can offer.


  17. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Dalam politik musuh boleh jadi kawan. Kawan boleh jadi musuh. Aku lagi suka muauh daripada kawan yang akan tikam dari belakang.

    Auuwwww BABI suka belakang.


  18. Anonymous3:36 pm

    RPK oh RPK... who do you think you are, a great man, superman. All the articles you wrote base on the information of your informer. Actually you does not know the actual incident. You just write whatever was given to you and that mean you claimed you are great man and you want peoples listen to you and moreover you want those you support before listen and detect them what to do. Actually you are nothing, you cannot look after your own kid and dream to be ruler, my foot. Thinks before you speak. Now you make noise against PR so that dump Umno can take action on them and your intention is to destroy PR because you are already desperate for a exile living. What You want is to put troubles and shame to PR because your grudge on DSAI. You sell you dignity to the clumsy and corruption party because of your hungry stomach. Shame on you RPK, from beginning I know that you are not principle man. You cannot stand pressure on exile living abroad. I will expect you will write more contradict article in order that dumpumno will take action on PR personals. You will write more unthinkable accusations on PR personals because of your grudge.

  19. Anonymous4:15 pm

    dear rocky,

    why are u so chicken....not writing ur own opinion...only report what other people said about anwar...say out la, if u r not chicken la...chicken!

    another thing, when chicken meets chicken, and writer/reporter also chicken, they would of course use chicken language...coz they understand each other lor...

    now i know umporno's chicken is actually a 'big dog'...literally..and would always bark and play catch with the master...

  20. Anonymous4:15 pm


    Heh Heh...Dulu RPK Criminal Terbesar kerana bersuara menentang kerajaan...

    Sekarang sudah tak Jadi Criminal lagi sebab penyokong Kerajaan...

    Sekarang dia "Small Dog" dibawah Jagaan "Big Dog"\

    Hah Hah Hah

  21. Anonymous4:35 pm

    anon 158
    RPK is on umno s side now to diescredit PR and deliver selangor to umno

  22. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Both can go to Neraka for all we care. Satu bapok tua , satu lagi tua mulut penjilat cibai. Dua2 pon haprak.ptuyiihhh!!!

  23. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Who is sponsoring flight costs of your mole to the UK?

  24. Kadir6:30 pm

    Big Dog.

    RPK is a liar and coward.As a muslim I was shock.You dont have to support Anwar or Najib,just wite the truth.Back bitting is a seious offence as aMuslim.Ultimately we have Allah to answer.Scary bro ,we will be roasted in hell fire.Istifar .From Lord we come and to lord we return.Amin

  25. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Who is RPK to debat with Anwar and who is Anwar to debat with Najib

  26. "How is it that Anwar Ibrahim... forced the organiser of a forum to drop Raja Petra Kamaruddin, a fellow Malaysian, from the panel...?"

    Anwar doesn't own the Skype global forum or have influence over the organizers. It's up to then if they want Anwar more, or RPK. It's truly a free world out there where meritocracy wins (except of course in M'sia).

    Free speech? No one's stopping RPK from writing his blogs or from speaking out, is anyone, other the Malaysian Govt and Najib? So, what is he complaining about? He wants some special privilege rights in UK under some affirmative action rules? Sorry, then come back home and take your chances.

    It's interesting though - mutt meats dog! Has Tok Din's eatery been flooded with so much Malaysian lard in one sitting, ever? Lol!

    we are alll of 1 Race, the Human Race

  27. Rocky I am glad RPK has seen the light!

  28. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Well said HM, I certainly agree with you!


  29. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim itu adalah bekas Timbalan Presiden UMNO and bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Satu masa dulu, PM Dr.Mahathir memberi kepercayaan lalu Anwar Ibrahim menjadi Pemangku Perdana Menteri. Jadi tak heranlah....

    terima kasih

  30. Rocky,there is no need for Anwar to meet with a nobody like RPK,whose tongue is wagging and saliva dripping at the sight of the carrots dangling in front of him.

  31. jeebong11:29 pm

    the most impressive achievement of umno so far is to neutralize RPK....that does not mean that i will not vote PR (i will)...

    i wished that dog, big dog asked him about that carpet seller guy who rpk said had interesting going ons with dr rosie...and what he really think about altantuya being allegedly sodomised by najib (according to PI bala's first SD)

  32. Anonymous11:52 pm


    Money talks Bullshit walks! You should know it by now bro!

  33. Rocky.
    Do you think Najib will attende the Forum if Anwar is one of the speaker,?

    RPK is a loose cannon.First he shot BN and Najib Rosmah and now he turn his cannon to PKR and Anwar.I think is a matter of time he will turn the cannon to himself.

    If you follow his writting in his blog lately,he wrote a lot of rubbish.Good luck to BN and Najib,if they think he is still influential.

  34. Anonymous1:36 am

    the obese dog....he should try that name....

  35. Anonymous8:40 am

    RPK observes "changes" under Najib, wants "meaningful engagement" with the PM on civil liberty issues.

    The same guy previously wrote about Let's send Altantuya Murderer to hell. My foot for this loose cannon.


  36. Jasper Bloodstone10:21 am

    Why is "the mole" meeting RPK in London?

    Why not in KL, Bangkok, Jakarta or Singapore which are a lot closer (and cheaper)?

    Perhaps "the mole", like RPK, can't resist the fleshpots of the British capital, unlike, for example, where the moral police run rampant!

  37. Jasper,

    Why did "the mole" meet RPK in London and why not in Bangkok, Singapore etc?

    Because "the mole" is not in England to meet RPK and interview him over Anwar's gag order.

    He happens to be on holiday in there. Two or three weeks before he left for London, this mole told me that he was going to try and meet up RPK there, they being old mates. I encouraged him to do so. You see, Jasper, we're all old friends. When I was in London last year RPK and I got in touch with each other but we could not meet.

    We Malaysians forget whatever little differences we have when we are overseas. Most of us, at least.

  38. Some of us have forgotten the Turkish embassy episode already? Hehe. Thank for reminding us Dontplayplay.

    And dear Donplaypuks,
    I read your piece on how utterly disappointed you were with RPK when he gave that interview exposing Anwar. RPK is closer to Anwar than you and 1 bro, he's even gone to jail for that man. So who are we to say that RPK's sold out? He must know something about Anwar that you don't and it must be something so rotten.

    Donplaypuks® said...
    Who was it who fled Malaysia to avoid a court appearance? Anwar or RPK?

    Who is chicken? I rest my case.

    12:07 AM


    Anonymous said...
    Hahahaha who was the one who ran into a foreign embassy? Anwar or RPK?

    Who WAS the piggy fucking chicken shit? I do not need to rest my case.


    3:11 PM

  39. Anonymous12:05 pm

    DPP, just dont show off yr pariahness here lah Bro

    Like what we have seen years then how RPK jailed for his stand. What about you? If a chicken is a pariah, your are worst. Can u stand up straight?

    Wa tak caya sama RPK / Anwar satu habuk. I just want to see and hear when two buddy have to say what is their mind when they ve decided to take own path. but Anwar (thru his darling in west) cant stand any one view not correspond to his. That is what IS ALL ABOUT.

    U are diverting. I oso can spill all hatred and BS about u if I want just to avoid the real issue

  40. Turkish Embassy is on Malaysian soil. London and Manchester are not!

    Ultimately, in the real world, it's not what you think that matters; it's what you do. Action speaks louder than words. Did Anwar run off to Turkey? Or flee abroad as many pro-BUMNO bloggers were predicting (and urging)? No, he took his chances with our judges.

    As for pariah etc., grow up. This BTN brainwashed attitude is counterproductive. It gives a bad image of Malaysians everywhere. Argue your points logically, otw you are wasting time.

    Stand up straight? I don't use a wheelchair or crutch. Don't need to.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

    1. Anonymous11:31 pm

      Some ppl are so straight fucked up when it comes to common sense.. Geez
      What's the difference hiding inside a foreign embassy? Foreign Embassy la bro.. My tadika son also knows that soil is turkish owned.

  41. Jasper Bloodstone4:53 pm


    Yeah, I'd forgotten about the Turkish Embassy incident.

    But the bottom (no pun intended!) line is that AI didn't run away from Malaysia, not even when, reportedly, he was given the opportunity to go into political exile back in the day when he was sacked as DPM.

    You may not like the man, his morals or his political leanings, but he stayed put in Malaysia.

    Unlike RPK who was happily whacking the government until he had a transformation and turned against AI, from the safety of overseas.

    And, Bru, are you seriously saying that Malaysians who meet other overseas forget "whatever little differences" they may have?

    Remind me to tap you on the shoulder and invite you for a latte when we are both next in Singapore!

  42. Dear Jasper and DPP,

    When RPK fled the country for the UK, you guys hailed him as a hero and semi-martyr. Let's face it: he becomes a "coward" in your books now because he's no longer supporting Anwar Ibrahim.

    That aside, while the Turkish Embassy is in KL, diplomatically speaking it is recognized internationally as a sovereign part of Turkey, a foreign power. The embassy, therefore, provides immunity for the person who seeks - and is granted - immunity there.

    When Anwar ran to the Turkish Embassy, the Malaysian authorities had no power to take him out. Anwar claimed the Turkish government had offered him the protection of its embassy but this claim was refuted later, of course.

    On the other hand, you can run off to England like Waythamoorthy and Uthayakumar, the two Hindraf blokes, or Hihammuddin Rais, who left his student activist friends back in KL to face the music in the 70s, or RPK ... and yet not get immunity or political asylum.

    As for "differences", Jasper, ahh, I didn't realize we had any serious ones. I'd have a cuppa here in Bangsar any time. :-)

  43. Anonymous10:27 pm

    dei Dontplaypuks..u got brains ah?

    Why can't you see that Anwar Ibrahim is a chicken?

    I thought you were just an Anwar sucker but you have confirmed that you're also a stupid sucker.

    Dei..Anwar ran helter skelter to the Turkish embassy for Turkish delight or to seek diplomatic protection from them?

    Dei Donplaypuks! Y u so stupid like that ?

    RPK is in UK but he is not seeking for the British to protect him or interfere in his legal battles at home.

    Dontplaypuks, if you still have any grey matter left in your ugly bald head;;;try to use them.

    The fact remains that your lover Anwar is nothing but a pussy in an ailing tiger's skin. The pussy which dare not face RPK, even via Skype.

    U still there dontplaypuks?


  44. Anonymous8:59 am

    what chicken you bitching chicks?

    those mafuckers that now condemn RPK should look at themselves in the mirror..

    You are the descendent of malai lembus, pariahs & pigs deciples that formerly eat and lick clean anything that come out from your former "holy prophet" ass especially when he attack the majority people of this country..

    And now you all talking about no principle when your prophet revealed his 'true religion'?? preaching 'holiness' to who hah, mafucking assholes? you mafuckers already got fire in your!

    2x5 lah lu all malai lembus, pariahs & pigs..don't try hard pretending to be holy moly..especially to the pundek kalathai..Anwar also run like chicken to Turks embassy, remember pariah brain?

    Bunch of stupid assholes that think they're smarter than others whenever thing favour them..if suddenly Anwar fuck them in their assholes, they surely will turn and crybaby condemning Anwar as a fucker also thought every sane people out there know Anwar is a goddamn motherfuckers..

    lalang.. sure! we need another Ops Lalang to weed of these idiots without dignity & principles..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  45. Bro Rocky

    Good, logical riposte. Well written.

    But the fact remains Anwar fought ALL his battles here and that ain't no sign of a chicken. I repeat, actions speaks louder than words.

    As for RPK, it's not just that he's not supporting Anwar, it's the way he's doing it plus the backstabbing of Haris Ibrahim plus wild totally unfounded accusations and allegations against PKR lawyers and politicians (all proven to be false) etc.

    Well. GE 13 will sort out the men from the boys, for sure.


    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  46. Jasper Bloodstone4:16 pm


    Whether it's at Devi's in Sri Hartamas or Starbucks at Singapore's Raffles City, I am more than willing to buy you a cuppa or two.

    Maybe we could also invite the warrior dude along and spend a lazy afternoon debating economics and politics...

    I don't hold either RPK or AI in any particular regard. And that goes back a ways seeing as how I first met AI in '65/'66 at the UM campus in Pantai Valley.

    But, Bru - you have to admit that AI is here in Malaysia. Where is RPK?

    And AI's peregrinations to the Turkish Embassy in KL notwithstanding, he has subsequently visited Turkey on a number of occasions, without being "blacklisted" by that government. So, no embarrassments there, much as certain parties wishing otherwise.

  47. Anonymous6:52 pm

    What is RPK smoking this time, to me the one who runs away from trouble should be labelled 'Coward or Chicken shit', RPK is like the Malaysian weed 'lalang' blows with the wind, as the Chinese saying goes "One who eats from the top of a bowl then flips the bottom up". This type of character the Chinese dispice most.

  48. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Oooo i can't wait for GE13 to come because the pondans and peliwat supporters will be boys who cried wolf.. Real men does not condone stupid baseless arguments.
    Pls roll over n die YOU low life boys.. Let the men handle it.

  49. Dr MADhathir3:34 pm

    RPK is obviously homesick and wants a "freedom" ride home on the brand new MAS A380 1st class!

  50. Mustapha Ong6:14 pm

    Rocky Bro,

    The "chicken out" episode of Anwar versus RPK has not ended yet with today's statement from Ibrahim Yaacob, Anwar's Chief of Staff that "Anwar had agreed that the interview hosted by WikiLeaks is one-on-one with assange".

    If Quick Roll Productions had decided to include Raja Petra Kamaruddin in the interview, why should there be a showdown or even perhaps a protest from Anwar to exclude RPK from the interview? It would have been an exciting interview between the two controversial personality without any media censorship.It is no surprise that RPK was upset over the refusal of Quick Roll Productions to exclude him from the interview as proposed.

  51. big dog looks like peter griffin from family guy