Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Did we even remember Nurin?

Nurul Nadirah Abdullah, 5

Nurul Nadirah Abdullah or Dirang, like Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, was murdered. Nurin was eight when they found her body. Dirang, for heaven's sake, was only five when her charred remains came back yesterday. If not for DNA, nobody would have known what had happened to her after she did not return to her home on March 1. Perhaps that would have been kinder.

Sometime in August or September 2007, after Nurin disappeared, a small group of us bloggers resolved to take matters into our own hands. We worked with Nurin's uncle and came up with a mechanism based on the hugely successful Amber Alert. We named it the Nurin (Nationalwide Urgent Response Information Network) Alert. We pushed the idea to the Press and then to Shahrizat Jalil but she lost the 2008 election and Ng Yen Yen, who replaced her as the Women, Family and Community Development Minister, had better things to pursue.. When Shahrizat returned to the ministry, we got her to revisit the idea. In Jan last year, she launched the Nur Alert. We pleaded with her to stick with the name Nurin Alert because we needed that name to be kept alive at all times, to be remembered by everyone, and to serve as a reminder to the society that had failed her, no matter how grim.

But because of this consideration and that sensitivity, Nur Alert it became. Still, as Nuraina A. Samad, one of the people behind the Nurin Alert idea, writes h e r e:
"No matter, what's important is that an alert system and mechanism is now in place to save the lives of missing or abducted children."
Several missing children later and after what happened to Dirang, can we really say we have set up an effective alert system? The answer is, we have not. Sure, not even Amber Alert is perfect, but do we - the parents, the police, the media, members of the society - know exactly what each and every one of us are supposed to do when a child goes missing in order that we do the most to save that child's life?

I don't think we do. 

And now we seem to have gone full circle. Shahrizat, buried under tonnes of her own domestic problems, has been forced to quit the government next month. Will the new minister care a hoot more?


  1. Anonymous11:28 am

    Aiya, Latuk, itu Shahreezat pegi umrah berapa kali pakai duit NFCorp ? Dia pegi holiday seberang laut pakai duit NFCorp. RM 250 million bukan cepat boleh habis. Orang am tak penting lah. Orang miskin tak dapat bayar babysitter, mana boleh dapat protection ?

    Real Godfather

    1. Anonymous2:35 am

      Stupidity at the highest degree lah u bastard. Cuci u punya mulut guna cuka getah. Bodoh punya olang. Ini topik anak orang kena bakar lah bodoh. Anak lu kena bakar baru lu makan tauhu.
      Hati babi betul lah lu.

  2. Johana11:39 am

    Unfortunately some people are too busy chasing mega projects and billions to care enough for ordinary children like Nurin or Nurul. If these kids belong to privileged families, the whole force will be used to search for them and there will be all kind of alerts and campaigns launched.
    But no these are ordinary kids who live in flats and whose parents are unknown folks, so the same unfortunate incidents keep on recurring.
    The government have to provide a better environment in low cost housing/flats where the kids are better protected even with minimal supervision from parents who are normally working or don't have maids to help them.
    Until now we can't seem to have proper day-care centres to help working parents who need a good centres to look after their kids.
    We can spend billions to build palaces, bridges and buildings but we can't even build good childcare centres and train the staff in proper child handling.
    Aku dah letih la. So Rocky if you want to start a campaign to demand better environment and chidlcare centres for "ordinary" kids, I'm with you.

  3. Real Godfather,
    you are really sick. Little girl murdered also you want to bitch about politics.

    1. Anonymous5:16 pm

      Isnt rocky doing.the same? What the hell has rhis got to do with the cow lady?

  4. Anonymous1:08 pm


    Is she the victim of pedophile activity? I am afraid, like Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual, pedophile activities are spreading like wild fire among the Malays..

    Ibrahim Kati

  5. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Don't get me wrong. I emphathise with all those victims and their families. Why is it that the rich are the ones given protection like "guarded" communities while the poor are left to fend for themselves ? Why are the rich driving lamborghinis and sipping tea at Coffee Bean, while the poor can only look through the windows ?

    Can RM 250 million buy enough CCTVs for poor enclaves ? Or extra police beat-bases ?

  6. Real Godfather my ass. Aren't you sensitive enough with the issue highlighted by D Rocky?

  7. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Baik kita ambilalih dan pakai balik nama Nurin Alert.

    Lets have blog house takeover balik.

    They dont really care ...

    Minister dok nak sapu kontrak.

    PTD mengetuai di Ministry yang patut implement hanya nak SBPA ... sapu bersih (kenaikkan gaji) pegawai atasan dengan 100% increment.

    Bila buat kerja, mereka cuma nak kebas idea dia orang dan pass off as their own.

  8. rocky,

    you know how sickening it was for us to just get the government to do something that has been proven to be good and effective to help missing kids?

    2007, we came up with the initiative and got it going, thru 2008. Shahrizat was keen and upbeat. and then after she lost her seat and was not reappointed, Ng Yen yen took her place. what a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT she was...she just swept it under the carpet and said that it was being incorporated under the children's protection policy or something. Which simply meant that the idea was buried.
    and so on..until 2011 - when it was approved by cabinet under a different name.

    I've answered my own question -- politicians don't care about anything unless that something can help them politically.

    There. I've said it.

  9. Anonymous4:33 pm

    It's so sad to see so many kids gone missing, murdered....what can we say to their grieving parents..WE(the govt and to certain extent the indiffrent general public)have failed them.Some ministers better put their heads together immediately and come out with great plan ASAP,

  10. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Perhaps, if our police force is free to focus on the policing of security rather than the policing of political issues, we would be rid of this mess.
    something is seriously wrong with our society when these murders of children keep repeating. comeon latuk, do your duty, inform the relevant authorities, the media especially, that the right things must be done, and done quickly. we are all afraid for the safety of our children

  11. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Some people are quick to blame everbody else. That doent help at all. I would like to suggest the govt to come with a wrist ban or watch with chips, with GPS features etc for us parents or whoever which can help us keep track of our underaged sons and daugjters wherever they are until they can take care of themselves.


  12. Salam Dato',

    Saya bercakap dengan beberapa rakan wartawan semalam.

    Mudah sahaja. Adakah simpati itu sama seperti merasai? Kekadang pemimpin mudah melafazkan simpati, namun adakah mereka merasai?

    I was there at the scene. Persekitaran flet itu sendiri tidak kondusif. Kawasan itu sendiri bagai melambai, menjemput jenayah.

    Flet yang didiami adalah flet kos rendah. Ia seharusnya di bawah pentadbiran kerajaan negeri. Tetapi banyak sangat masalah hinggakan sebatang lampu pun tak boleh ditukar di kolong flet itu. Pathetic tak? The 4 blocks low cost flats are in darkness.

    My take on this is, guna Akta Perlindungan Kanak-Kanak 2001.

    Buatlah berjuta alert sekalipun, kalau kehidupan di kawasan itu sendiri tidak kondusif, berguna ke Dato?

  13. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Enough with politicians lah wei...

    First we as parents must play an active role. Always ask this question: Do you know where your kids are at this moment?

    There are so many roles we can all play. Village level, yr residential assoc, etc.

    I'm wondering: Do shopping malls have a drill when a kids go missing? Can they make public annoucements immediately? Close exits?alert guards?

    I go to pasar mlm. I see kids playing unattended at kawasan lapang while the parents are trading. Ok, ok, you can all say the parents can't afford babysitters. So have the sense to band together, appt one adult to keep an eye on the kids.
    At pasar mlm, can't city hall or some organisation set up a simple desk with a p.a system, so that if a child is separated fm parents they can immediately alert shoppers/traders?

    Concerned Parent.

  14. Anonymous2:27 am

    firstly, Real Godfather, even if you are one of the Oppositions Anti-Govt Machai, try to be sensitivela... Maybe if it happens to you then you'll know how it feels. Brain dead or what.

    Secondly, I think NURIN Alert is a much better and a more effective name than NUR. Everybody is so familiar with that name and it reminds us of what its all about. Who's running NUR alert.. Im sure many are still wondering what the hect it is. If its NURIN Alert, most averaged IQ person could tell what it is. Also, like mentioned by Rocky, it keeps the efforts alive so much.

    Bravo bloggers like Rockybru, Nuraina .samad and others for initiating the efforts of the Alert program. Nevertheless, i feel that the implementation could be more improved.

    Relevant Minister, what the hell are you doing about it?! Pls make the NURIN Alert working perfectly and effectively!! By the way, do us a favor and change the name to NURIN Alert coz the other name suxks.

    Concerned Citizen

  15. Anonymous7:14 am

    Many years ago, a school boy by the name of Daniel Moorcombe went missing in Sunshine Coast QLD. The whole community, police and state got involved. Daniel's parents never gave up and after a few years, the culprit was finally caught.
    But child kidnappings continue to this day and a few still go missing each year. But many attempts have also been foiled or prevented as the community become more aware of such dangers.
    One of the reasons for the success is that the police is a well respected institution in Australia. Can you say the same for PDRM without 'kopi duit' cropping up somewhere??

  16. Anonymous7:20 am

    Big Cat, Big Dog, Big Locky: I am very sorry if I made myself misunderstood. I am very sorry I sounded so callous. I am very sorry I got pissed off and blamed everything on your employer UMNO. I am sorry the PM's function at the Shangrila Hotel came to almost RM 410k. I am sorry I said Shahreezat used taxpayers' money to buy luxury condos, luxury cars, luxury trips and high-end restaurants.

    The victim and her family have my sympathies.

    Real Godfather

  17. Anonymous7:38 am

    sharizat or no sharizat.. some ass should re-establish the NURIN or NUR alert. society must put aside political believes to make things work.

    To Ketua Polis Johor..u look so garang..hope u succeed in taking this task.

    somehow the script by Samuel L Jackson comes to mind.."yes..they deserve to die" arghh
    wait.. some ppl wanna abolish capital punishment..

  18. Anonymous9:02 am

    i have a five year old daughter but i don't ask her to go buy me maggie mee
    no matter what alert systems you have but if the parents are stupid, we will see this incident repeating soon


  19. Soon Shahrizat won't be busy enough with politics so she can help do something with poor, under privileged kids and families. Nak berbakti pada rakyat dan negara bukan bila jadi menteri/ahli politik saja. With her experience and contacts she can do a lot for the community. Tak payah lah permata itu ini, give the basic needs first baru bercakap pasal yang pintar. Yang dijaga di pusaat jagaan pun macam-macam hal jadi.
    Kerajaan Malaysia tak miskin, setakat nak bagi security & pusat jagaan di kawasan perumahan kos rendah, boleh sangat.

  20. Jasper Bloodstone12:37 pm

    Ibrahim Kati

    What's being LGBT got to do with it?

    Do you mean to imply that there aren't "normal" heterosexual monsters walking amongst us?

    The best policing in the world can't replace the duty of care that parents owe to their children.

    How many innocents have to be lost before this truth sinks in and takes root?

  21. siewchin12:53 pm

    when we continue to allow children to go missing or die tragic deaths, we have failed as a society.
    we may be a small country but we are rich enough to afford the resources to protect and nurture our children.
    where are the cops to walk the beat in every neighbourhood especially in areas where families have many children?
    is it that impossible to allocate a handful of policemen to patrol these neighbourhoods on foot every day and night?
    and we do NOT need CCTV in areas where tourists patronise! we need CCTV in areas where children are!!!! play-areas, schools...
    but then again, how do we protect children from harm and danger from the very people who are suppose to love them? :-(

  22. Anonymous2:11 pm

    The mother is not working, she supposed to take of the girl instead she surf the FB - your kids your responsible otherwise dont have kids. Nowdays the parents put the responsible to the teacher to police and whoever else, and they themselves busy with their peronal matter like FB. You can have all the sophicated security and guarded area but the parents are the one who should take care of theirs little one otherwise forget having children simple as that.Adopt the a ptes if that is also missing: rates your self: human or ?????

  23. Anonymous4:10 pm

    My condolence to the family but if you had shown a little mercy & care you would not have send the child to the shop alone. In Malaysia today people are very selfish. Protect yourself by organizing committiee at your respective area, so that everyone knows one another and their children. This may help prevent such incidences.

  24. And you said it true and well Kak Ena. It should have been Nurin Alert and even when it's not, Nur Alert should have been implemented. Nampak sangat macam tak kisah cause it doesn't bring any financial gains to anyone. We need to stop this rot for once! And Johana, agree with you. Child care centres need to be managed & staff by qualified people.

  25. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Yeah, send a five year-old girl to the shop... Genius...

    - Azlan

  26. Mat Gelap7:02 pm

    Salam Bro.

    Good news.Police had arrested Nurul Killer.He is a drug addict.Now we must continue to look for Nurin.

  27. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Latuk, don't you know what is the problem? Remove BN from government is the only way we can give hope to people like Nurin.

  28. Nurin Alert boleh bagi Rafizi atau Zuraidah, mereka lagi baik dan mereka mesti all out punya...lagi pun mereka berdua orang yang baik dan suci tentumereka gumbira membantu, jangan bimbanglah...smal matter.

  29. Anonymous9:49 am

    your mole portal dead?

  30. Anonymous9:50 am

    Nuraina, u are right..thats why we need to fire UMNO! But then how would you get paid?

  31. Anonymous10:38 am

    seriously, i really don't understand why other people always shown their finger at political... why don't we just put our hand together and try to help those missing and murderer kid.. just put away about the political this is all about human being... maybe this thing not happen to your family and you can say this and that... once it's happen then your realize...

  32. Anonymous3:52 pm

    I am kind of sick to read some of the comments regarding this tragic incident. Some blame the police, government and there are others who just "ke laut" with their political skewered comments. How about us, the parents? Ask ourselves what we can do to help eradicate the issue. Any of you participated in the rukun tetangga program? You will then said rukun tetangga is a failed initiative and you have a better idea. Why don't you pitch the idea to your community and actually start doing something tangible?

    As a Malay always say, "takkan tau beranak je?"

  33. I can't believe some of u here are so insensitive to talk about politics when the issue here is so different. Some of u Pakatan guys really are disgusting rotten people, ashamed that u r even human beings!