Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not in her name, Anwar

So, Anwar Ibrahim has refused to retract his statement defending the "security of Israel". Damned if he does. And, woe, with ex-boss Dr Mahathir Mohamad on his case [Protecting Israel with Palestine blood], damned if he doesn't. 

Damned if I don't finish this book I shall not hate by a Gazan physician, an advocate of peace, who lost three of his daughters in a raid by the Jews. Somewhere in the book, Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish mentioned Nomika Zion, a journalist and peace fighter who also lives in Gaza. The passage below is taken from a posting by Nomika in Huffington Post a little while ago, in response to an Israeli Minister's assertion on the war that was deemed necessary in the interest of the security of Israel.
[I have taken the liberty to turn her words into a poem].

Not in my name 

Not in my name and not for me did you go into this war
The bloodbath in Gaza is not in my name nor for my security
Houses destroyed
schools blown up
thousands of new refugees 
they are not in my name or for my security. 

In Gaza, there is no time for funerals; 
the dead are put in refrigerators two by two in the mortuary for lack of room
The bodies of policemen and children are laid out
and the eager journalists jump between the tactics of pro -Israel advocacy and 
"the pictures that speak for themselves"

Tell me, what is there to explain? 
What is there to explain?

- Taken from War Diary from Sderot by Nomika Zion in Huffington Post


  1. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Bro Bru,
    Having known him from the sixties, a kinda specie with great oratory skill (but still can't stand the sengauness) he can transform shit into a chocolote cake for the gullibles .
    Luckily he did not stay put, stay low profile, completely subservient, kept his mouth (and zip) shut when he was DPM, otherwise Tun would be amongst those yang kena kencing. Allah forbids that he'll lead this country into disarray!

  2. Jasper Bloodstone2:50 pm

    A "raid by the Jews"?

    How about addressing an equally unfashionable topic - Israel's right to exist as an independent and sovereign state?

    And how about addressing the human rights issues involved in the Arab states treatment of their Palestinian minorities?

    Why the fixation on Israel when even Asean doesn't have a common foreign policy stand on the issue?

    Don't we have enough problems to fix in Tanah Air kita?

  3. Anwar is a sicko.

  4. Anonymous9:36 pm

    spinning for UMNO, what else you are good at Rocky?

  5. Anonymous1:39 pm

    is it okay for umno to use APCO?and Malaysia have a business with Israel what about this? Is it ok with u Rocky? please dont be hypocrite ok "special brew"

  6. Salam Datuk,

    @Jasper Bloodstone

    How about Rachel Corrie?

    Thank you and regards

  7. I've said it somewhere in the other blog some days ago. Our ministry of home affairs and PDRM should put some serious intel on our brader's latest Israeli-supporting showcase. This time he shows his utmost confidence.

    He's putting a sign.

    Too bad if we can't read it.