Friday, February 24, 2012

Evil scheme, Rafizi?

Evil: So this dude thinks settlers should be just settlers forever...
PKR's chief strategist Rafizi Ramli has described the proposed listing of Felda as "an evil scheme". Scary. Since when did an IPO become an evil scheme to cheat the rakyat? Yes, it's scary when young politicians like Rafizi start to label things "evil". 

What really is evil in the scheme of things involving Felda and its 113,000 setllers? I'll tell you what, Rafizi: Evil is the scheming going on to stop the IPO and to deny the settlers' children and their children to have a shot at a better life, for them to be able to get out of the little plots that the government opened up years ago so that they could pursue bigger and better opportunities.

Evil is the scheming minds of politicians - young ones like Rafizi and old ones like Tengku Razaleigh - who want settlers to remain as settlers forever, and who expect the settlers' children and grandchildren to continue to become settlers.

Yes, that's evil. 

What the IPO offers settlers is not just the windfall in terms of ringgit and sen. It allows these settlers to move up in life and become part of the future growth of Felda in Malaysia and the rest of the world. It allows the settlers to keep what they already have and, in addition, open up vistas for the settlers' future generations to become more than just settlers.

A few years ago, an think-tank conducted a study on more than 20,000 settlers in the state of Sabah. One of the questions they asked the settlers is whether they would like their children to become settlers after them. None of them said they wanted their children to become settlers.

Zero, dude. Zilch!

These settlers in Sabah, almost all of them Bumiputeras, wanted their children to become accountants, pilots, doctors, and businessmen so that they can have better lives.

Now, what's evil about transforming the Felda settlers, almost all of whom are Malays, into more than just settlers so that they can have the better lives, Rafizi?


  1. yaa.. depa tak mahu jadi peneroka , TAPI depa mahu jadi pekebun kecil ..

    cuba tanya pekebun kecil cina kat pahang , perak ... anak anak depa yg kerja kat pekan, bandar ,ramai yg balik jadi pekebun , kerana pendapatan lebih tinggi .
    Yg jadi engineer kat Penang pun dah balik ke Triang. Yg jadi mekanik Honda pun dah jadi penoreh getah .

    1. Anonymous12:25 am

      Hang ini merepek org cakap pasal mertabatkan lagi peneroka FELDA hang dok cerita pasal cina. Dia org cina dah tahu transformasi ini masa zaman komminis lagi.Itu lah dia org buat kebun dan duduk di pinggir hutan sampai dihalau org inggeris. Depa transform di kampong2 baru dan terus buka bandar.Maka hal FELDA kita nak transform bumiputra dan Melayu, tapi org macam Rafizi tak faham.Mungkin dia org pekan mana dia tahu hidup dikampung.

  2. Biasalah Dato

    When the moolah is not going into these 'rare examples' pockets, everything will become evil.

    Cakap jer pandai...

  3. Anonymous3:21 pm

    the whole thing about the PKR esp their leader is EVIL..and SATAN combined together...

  4. Anonymous4:50 pm

    That Dude is a STUPID DUDE..

  5. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Rightly or wrongly people smell a rat when Najib put Isa as Chairman and to head the listing. The latter has been tried, tested, and failed the trust. Why Najib want people with bad records around him? Don't blame the public's perception.

  6. maybe you can help me clear this up, but what exactly is it that a public listed FGVH can do, that the current Felda cannot?

    What's so special about Felda that is that to list publicly before it can go global?

    Also, maybe you can help clear up on how FGVH will get settlers out of their settlements? If it's so simple as getting them to be shareholders of a public listed company, we should have just sold their land and bought proton shares for them 20 years ago.

    Regardless of your side of the divide, no one has yet made it clear other than high level ambiguous details like "make felda a global company", rather than some concrete that gets everyone edgy.

  7. Anonymous6:26 pm

    UMNO tidak boleh dipercayai. Pengalaman pengurusan MAS oleh UMNO menunjukkan mereka bukan pakar mengurus tetapi pakar merugikan wang negara dengan sekala BILION. Jika diteruskan listing FELDA, bukan mustahil UMNO akan bankrupkan FELDA dan penerokanya. UMNO tiada risiko tetapi peneroka yang akan tanggung risiko kerugian. Malahan wang rakyat tambahan dari penyumbang cukai yang bukan peneroka terpaksa digadai untuk bailout pada masa akan datang. Peneroka yang bersetuju berisiko untuk hilang segala galanya untuk generasi mereka akan datang dalam masa hayat mereka.

    1. Anonymous12:39 am

      Ingat,setiap perniagaan ialah percaturan,UMNO mungkin membuat percuturan silap spt MAS, tapi tidak semua yg dibuat tu buruk.Klu tidak buat sesuatu utk rakyat nanti dikritik lembab dan tak proaktif.Kita senang mengkritik tapi susah nak innovate sesuatu. Easy said than done.Jika kerjaan PR belum tentu dpt cipta rekod terbaik.Ini pd pandangan saya pemimpin kanan PR kebanyakannya ada rekod buruk blh diumpamakan recycle leaders with old bad blood.

    2. Anonymous11:45 pm

      I definitely agreed with you buddy - it's easy said than done. BN and Umno had been ruling the country since independence. They had done their jobs to administer the country - sometimes good sometimes bad. It is a vicious cycle. The govt had innovated FELDA something which previous administrators thought it was prematured to undertake such transformation.Just because of PR unbinding hatred towards the BN govt, that everything it does is bad and must be put under badlights.Much thought had been put in by experts and wait and see what is the result. Spectics and PR are always there with load of negative arguments but seldom unfortunately come up with alternatives.It is an open secrets those with PKR are mostly ex-Unmo and ex BN components parties members, each and every one has black spot when they were in the govt before.Don't wash dirty linen in public. Malays saying: dua kali lima dan lima kali dua itu sama jawapan nya. How sure are you PR is good alternative when we know some of them are bigger crooks than TS Isa? History is fact and we cannot from facts. So let FELDA transforms itself and why should we bother so much when we have our own lives to deal with.

  8. Anonymous6:57 pm

    So base on your rationale..... sekarang ni tiada anak-anak Felda yang menjadi akauntan, engineer, lawyer etc.etc.....sebab belum dapat listing lagi.

    Come-lah Bru....there's more than one way to skin a cat...

    Tell you what....what's "evil" and scary to BN is when Rafizi makes a statement/accusation... scary that its going to gain plenty of NFC's case.

    We definitely live in interesting times.

    Charlie Chan

    1. Anonymous12:31 am

      Pls let not your emotion overrules. Think rationally,just because you may hate the present govt doesn't mean what they do is always bad.

  9. how right you are. afterall, you have the right of your opinion. can't dispute that.

  10. Anonymous7:39 pm

    I read your writing about RR. In the first place I have very little respect of this guy. However your post has failed to do justice to anyone. The very least you should do is to do an objective analysis and presented here for a discourse.

    Personally from economic perspective, I think the listing carries no significant benefit to KPF 220,000 members. It however carries out a lot of risk to KPF members.

    You can read my 8 parts analysis on the subject matter

    p/s- My own observation, RR press release on the facts and figures most likely to have come from my own research and writing. I believe he "chilok" it!

  11. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Rocky, Pls lah, Rafizi has better greater matter than whay you have. Please be informed.

  12. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Seems like the opposition likes to destroy or oppose whatever the govt does,at the expense of rakyat.

    Are they fighting for our good?
    Or just for them to gain power.

    See what they have done or not done at the states won?

  13. Anonymous9:43 pm

    at the end...CIMB are the one who makes a lot of money...that anybody can guarantee you!!Rocky, are u interested with that money too?

  14. drMpower9:47 pm

    i suspect there will be concrete efforts to fail this venture, just to make a point. this cah keting thing is possible given the fact in all government agencies, GLCs, and even ministries consist of quite large number of people who ...

  15. felda settlements was described as being the fixed deposit of you think bn leaders were stupid enough to risk the future of felda's settlers and their support for the bn?

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  17. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    Felda settlers should remain as peasants...because for Trinity of Evils (DAP,PKR and PAS) it is easier to cow a horde of peasants than a herd of cattles.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  18. dia ckp evil, dia sebenarnya evil

  19. Anonymous11:03 pm

    "What the IPO offers settlers is not just the windfall in terms of ringgit and sen. It allows these settlers to move up in life and become part of the future growth of Felda in Malaysia and the rest of the world. It allows the settlers to keep what they already have and, in addition, open up vistas for the settlers' future generations to become more than just settlers."

    wow this is great, if it happens, but will it happen...I have my doubts looking at their track record and who will be managing it, The injunction of few, you mentioned, was to prevent KPF from disposing of all or part of its equity in FELDA Holdings Bhd to FELDA Global. You may remember that KPF owns 51 per cent of FELDA Holdings while the remaining 49 per cent is owned by FELDA Global. Among the grounds for the application was that the KPF’s proposal to dispose of its equity in FELDA Holdings and other subsidiaries, worth RM3.13 billion, to FELDA Global would not benefit them or KPF shareholders. Its always good to specify the details then just make propaganda...

  20. Semua orang tau12:09 am

    I think "evil" here refers to corruption.

  21. Anonymous12:26 am

    Bro. Rocky,
    I respect your perspective on this issue, BUT see the other side of the coin also la... the mgt of Felda & the gomen always BRAG about Felda's being cash rich and the largest plantation co. in the world, etc. (in fact they are suing somebody for saying Felda is almost bankrupt, remember?)... GREAT! So, with Felda as it is as claimed by the mgt of Felda & the govt. why on earth do you need IPO? The MAIN reason co's go for IPO is to raise funding for expansion (and for the owners to get rich la), so Felda needs money for expansion? I don't think so; its for somebody to get rich la bro.! Can't you smell the s%#& in this whole thing? This is the other side of the coin... Btw, this was the line of argument when Salleh Budu & Co. put up the proposal for NFC bro.! And see where we are now? Same thing can/will happen to Felda after IPO few years down the road.. but then the damage has been done and the actors have "retired" rich & filthy...


  22. Anonymous1:47 am

    Can you trust someone who was banned for a few years from UMNO for money politics and resurrected by Najib to be FELDA chief ?

    What's the matter with UMNO ? Can't find someone else untainted ? Is the talent pool that shallow ?


  23. Well, if the listing price is RM3 and it went down to RM2, the farmers would have lost 33% of their holdings. And, they would have 0 right to their land .. double whammy. Then their accountant children can menyara them la.

  24. He started of well with the expose' on the NFC but with Felda, Rafizi has completely lost the plot.

  25. Mustapha Ong5:31 am

    Salam Bru,

    Suddenly everyone wants to jump into the wagon and exploit the FELDA IPO issue which is currently being debated in public. Malaysian politicians especially the Malays are being jittery in their comments and thus make everybody uneasy when they become unnecessarily protective of the NEP, etc.

    NEP was created during the Razak administration not only to protect the economic rights of the Malays and bumis through various incentives and subsidised schemes, especially in the rural and semi-urban settlers of the nation. NEP is not only for the Malays and bumis, but there are also non-Malays selected based on quotas system.It is now more transparent as more non-Malays have been encouraged to participate in the scheme under new branding.Now with the economic transformation programs initiated by prime minister Najib, there are more opportunities for both the Malays and non-Malays who will benefit tremendously when the programs go on full swing towards 2020 and beyond.

    Past veteran politicians from both sides of the political divide should be fair in their criticism and say their piece without any fear or favour. The younger political leaders from both BN and the PR opposition should not condemn issues beyond their times, which they hardly understand as most of them are still ignorant of the truth in order speak from the right perspective.

    Politicians like Lim Guan Eng, Rafizi, Nurul Izzah, Tian Chua Khairy Jamaluddin do not actually understand some of the past economic policies that had driven the Malaysian economy to what it is today. Having said that, nobody should deny the fact that every prime minister will have their own preferred cronies from all races during their time.

    However, not all cronies were truly transparent and successful as some were upfront nominees with vested personal interest, while others were just "Ali Baba types of modus operandi"

    In conclusion, I opined that FELDA will be further protected with better transparency once it goes public (IPO) in order to reach a wider economic platform, both local and abroad.There will be no compromise and FELDA will be professionally managed in order to protect the majority settlers through their cooperative schemes.

    1. Anonymous11:06 am

      MAS is a listed entity what happened now need to save n turnaround how many times

    2. Anonymous1:00 am

      I definitely agreed with you, FELDA will be well protected if there's more transparency and professionally managed.PM cronies are from various races and they are still around,so it is really unfair to state cronies belonged to one particular race.As to the younger politican,I suggest to them don't be carried away when debating issues that have historial facts.Facts are facts, history is still a history. If you failed to understand history you failed being a politican.In fact, there are many hidden good things in FELDA Global listing what we need at this juncture is let it takes its natural course of listing and let see how it's faring thereafter.

  26. Nuwara Eliya6:54 am

    Anon 5.01pm, Keith, Anon 6.26 pm, and Anon 6.57 pm (Charlie Chan) have very valid points. Want to make anak-anak FELDA better-off? Best way to raise standard of living is via education. FELDA should invest in the education of their children. The gain is long-term and Islam also says one with education/ knowlege stands higher. This is achievable without risk of losing their inherited FELDA land to opportunists in the open market managed by people who has no competency and 'ownership' in FELDA matters. Gaining lots of money via durian runtuh is not a long term solution. Ya la, kaya now, but without knowledge, this is not sustainable.

  27. Anonymous8:00 am

    The real satan or evil is Anwar Ibrahim and his followers is like Rafizi, kasi tumbuh tanduk sikt. What thethinker said only a small exambple. Sudahlah bro, biasa dengar ayat
    "Balik Kampunglah". People like thethinker always said that.

  28. Anonymous8:10 am

    Apa gado-gado ni.

    Kalau benda ni bagi kat Anwar (Penashat Ekonomi Selangor) dan Tan Sri Khalid (MB Selangor), isu ni tentu dah lama settled! Tengok la dengan Anwar bergaji hanya RM1 dan Rafizi orang bawahnya bergaji RM45k mereka berjaya transformkan Selangor. Dan ada surplus billion RM untuk negeri Selangor. Hebat tu!

    Lagi elok panggil la pulak pakar ekonomi PAS Mahfuz dan DAP Tony Puah, banyak yang kedua mereka boleh kerjakan FELDA ni. Kedua2 orang bijak bestari ni punya banyak idea2 bernas yang panas.

  29. Anonymous9:26 am

    Malays are always melayu-layu. Merely
    condemnation. Hoha hoha...hidup segan mati tak mau.

    1. Anonymous1:11 am

      You are shit, pls keep you mouth shut if don't have anything to comment. It's really unbecoming of you to label another Malaysian race in an uncivilised manner. Don't abuse freedom of speech and expression.Use such freedom in useful manner.Got that?

  30. Anonymous9:32 am

    Rafizi? just like a shit.

  31. Anonymous9:34 am

    Teringat pada masa Allahyarham Tun Razak membina kepompong baru untuk orang-orang Melayu. Mengalihkan pandangan kepada kepompong "settlers" supaya jangan jadi pekak badak selama-lamanya. Melayu mudah lupa. Itu pun masih ada lagi Melayu yang pekak badak yang liat untuk menerima perubahan.

  32. Anonymous10:03 am

    Get the children to be one up like doc, engineers and accountants if they prefer listing is a poor excuse...You are diverting the living standards thats all!

    The Gov'nt started this on the wrong foot and practically shot its foot!
    Felda was supposed to be a fat cow but yet to explain why the need to borrow from EPF...A thick skinned corruptor was made Chairman mind you...could not explain the timing of this listing...Yes! the spinning is a yawn now....Well the settlers are waking up and they smell a rat in the making...Its just pure simple greed for some people and you all know why ?

  33. Anonymous10:16 am

    Does Rafizi want the settlers children to become sttlers too? I don't think so. But maybe he want them to become politician. Just like him.


  34. Anonymous10:37 am

    Those who steal from the rakyat are evil. No ?


  35. Anonymous10:38 am

    Why put a fox in charge of the hen-house ?

  36. Anonymous11:06 am

    Hola Rocky and BHM Fella's.

    Blogger superstars PapaGomo yang anggap dirinya THE UNTOUCHABLES terduduk kena balun kerana tindakan bodohnya.

    Dulu serang BigDog and you, now dia rasa! Kelakar bila PapaGomo tidak mampu membalas cabaran oleh Yuseri Yusoff.

  37. Dear rights2write,

    Objective analysis is good if everyone wants to think objectively. Rafizi is not speaking objectively when he calls the scheme evil. You weren't all that objective, either, when you choose to title your series "smell of easy money". But that's it, Dr Rafick, in the end when we succeed in politicizing an issue people don't look at the numbers and the analysis but at the punchline, the conclusion, at those few phrases that sum up everything in a nutshell. That's how most people think these days and that's what help a lot of people decide.

    Having said that your 8-parter is a great effort and helps people who want to think objectively come to a decision. And if Rafizi did "borrow" your work to form much of his press statement and his prognosis, I wonder if you'd call the IPO "an evil scheme"?

  38. Anonymous1:07 pm

    I think no one here has really captured the bigger plot on Rafizi Ramli's agenda. It's not just the scheme of evil he spews on FELDA or for that matter his rantings on National Feedlot Corporation. The final chapter reads he wants to be Anwar's successor. And very possibly Malaysia's youngest Prime Minister. At the cost of others, how devious can evil intentions get?

  39. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Frankly, I think Rafizi Ramli is one to play to the gallery and rile the public for his personal political agenda. Rafizi abused the Auditor-General's report and used it to great advantage when flaming the National Feedlot Corporation.

    Under the terms of reference, the auditor general in his foreword had declared that under Article 106 and 107 of the Federal Constitution, the AG is required to audit the financial accounts, management accounts, the activities of the Ministries and Departments as well as the management of companies of the Federal Government, and to present a report in relation to it to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang diPertuan Agong for his assent so that the report may be tabled in Parliament.

    The Auditor General did not audit the National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd. Instead, the AG had audited the Ministry of Agriculture and its departments managing the Pusat Fidlot Nasional, and provided an assessment of the centre and not the company. I had downloaded the full report from the web site of National Audit Department and found that what has been reported has been a gross misinterpretation of the facts.

    Auditor general Tan Sri Ambrin Buang had in a statement said the audit was never on the company, National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd (NFCorp).

    Rafizi is expected to know this as a trained accountant. Or is he training to be a good politician to his advantage? But I agree with you he has his evil intentions. Very abusive character. Scheming to paint others blacker than black to make his cause look whiter than white.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone2:38 pm

      Then why acquire not 1, not 2, but 3 luxury apartments in Singapore?

      You mean to say with a straight face that investing in Singapore real estate is part of NFC's corporate strategy?

  40. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Evil Scheme? Rafizi still blur, la.

    Looks more like a cover-up scheme to solve several problems.

    1. Pay back the loan from EPF to Felda when it was exposed. Why borrow was never explained fully and still in the dark.

    2. Public listed company will have different set of shareholders to bear future losses incurred by it's international loss making business when the actual losses are finally made known. Will those businesses turn around after listing?

    3. Public listed company makes it so much easier to pay huge bonuses, pay and allowances to those in management and the Board.

    4. Subjecting Felda settlers hopes in the future to the whims and fancies of the stock market is like gambling their futures? Why trade off something in hand which is already profitable for them to take on bigger risks in the hope of getting richer?

    5. Felda is one of the few cash cows left of any former Govt. agencies and it's time to milk the cows before PRU13 and the best way is thru a public company listing?

    6. A lot of people on the sidelines also supporting cos underwriters, bankers, special share issues, brokerages, advertising etc. Last one on the bottom of the list are the original settlers if they survive the public listing and pray hard the company is managed well for the next 20 years.

    Very blur person.

  41. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Dear Rocky
    Your 11:14 comment is referred. The series was named as the smell of easy money as it is what it is. The content of the write up justify the title. To me that is objective evaluation. As an ordinary person who has no single link with Felda, I feel it does no justice to KPF members, and it is neutral to other settlers who are non members.

    I have dealt with RR in my personal capacity and I must say it clearly that integrity is definitely not his strength. He had unnecessarily link NFC with Shahrizat on speculative basis where as the facts are clear that it is a business of one man and his 3 children of misusing NFC funds. For the record, I was the first to expose the issue of NFC in Dec 2009 under the heading "where's the beef"

    Coming back to Felda, my objective assessment would be from financial perspective
    (1) It is not a good idea for KPF members
    (2) Settlers who are not KPF members are not impacted by the decision to list
    (3) The land owners would be landowners.

    You sit at a desk that has access to greater amount of information. It would have been great if your writing clear highlight the facts. I think we all know RR is an AXXhole but it does not mean that we have to be like him.

  42. AnugerahTuhan4:07 pm

    What else can you expect from another MCKK faggot?

  43. Anonymous4:48 pm

    FELDA listing will be the second KUB. Before being listed the management of KUB gave a lot of promises where sky was the limit, but it turned out to be contrary. So FELDA will be the same, so please don't repeat the same mistake. As far as Rafizi is concern, I think this boy is a genius not like you Rocky Bru...your writing got no facts

  44. Anonymous6:55 pm

    rocky, don't look too far, see what has happen to your MAS, UMNO just plundered it left, right and center. Now they are gunning for FELDA, soon it too will be stripped bare.

  45. Anonymous6:59 pm

    anon 8.21, where have you been living, Mars ?? Don't utter rubbish just because you were asleep all these while.

  46. Anonymous12:37 am


    dulu proton akan gagal
    twin towers membazir
    Malaysian astronaut tak perlu

    doomsayers ...

    Rafizi ni anak NEP so just shut up

  47. Thuraisingham Shan9:47 am

    Hi Bro
    The Felda perspective has to be read in betweenn the lines,first of one needs to know, how the shareholdings of Felda frm 51 % to Gabungan Koperasi Felda and40% Goment,strayed into felda global ventures, Why was there a hostile takeover of the FELDA koperasi management, and what the hell is the FELDA chairman meddling in the affairs of the Koperasi, recall of how 2 Felda schemes were privaeised in Ns, and now where are the settlers, what happened to Koperasi usaha Bersatu now and Ipo. Best to leave the matters to rest,and the FELDA Chairman has to be immediately, replaced, or otherwise the Parlimentary stronglehold of the 54 decisive would fall inro the wrong group

  48. Anonymous11:29 am

    Tahniah kepada kerajaan yang telah berjaya memakmurkan rakyat menerusi felda. Malah bagi warga felda yg rajin berusaha mempelbagai bidang dan bersikap positif menjadi lebih berjaya termasuklah anak anak mereka. Oleh itu, sebarang pendapat berunsur negatif yang tiba tiba nak jadi hero konon, memanglah kaum yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

  49. Dear Dr Raffick,

    RR and AXXHOLE?

    I have to give it to you, you've got to know your stuff. You are the only one who's calling Rafizi and axxhole.


  50. Dear Thuraisingham Shan,

    A lot had been happening in Felda and the Koperasi. I've written about the little kingdom those civil servants had built on the blood, sweat and tears of the Felda settlers. Someone there was earning more than half a million ringgit just sitting on the various boards of Felda, man, and how much is my auntie who is still at Felda Air Tawar getting, you think?

    Why do you think the Koperasi was dead against the listing? Those goons up there will lose all those sweet perks they've enjoyed all these years. They will do anything to stop the IPO. They are doing everything now to stop it.

  51. Jasper,

    The one investing in the condos is a company, not the government. The cops have completed investigation and reportedly recommended that the company's directors be charged with CBT.

    The appointment of the NFC (the company) did not go to Cabinet. It should have because the company was headed by a Cabinet minister's husband but the Prime Minister then, who was fighting for his survival, may have other ideas.

    Stranger things had happened during that era, my dear Jasper.

  52. Anonymous7:03 am

    yes good for settlers if their interest in FGVH more than 51%

    If lower than that, what will happen? other interest may control them........

    And listing in stock exchange first board means that the shares may go up and may go down..... if go up, good for settlers... if go down....... up to settlers to decide, their future lies on it....

  53. Dato Rocky,

    saya adalah anak peneroka.., saya antara ramai anak-anak peneroka generasi ke-2 yang tidak bersetuju dgn penyenaraian ini.

    banyak detail mengenai penyenaraian ini tidak di nyatakan dgn jelas. apa yg di war-warkan - durian runtuh.. durian runtuh..!

    cukup2-lah durian runtuh sana sini.. yg sebenarnya bukan lah durian runtuh pun - tiap kali bagi duit raya - kata durian runtuh - walhal itu wang lebihan pendapatan peneroka.. dan juga keuntungan lebihan felda hasil dari harga komoditi yang tinggi.

    cukup lah kami peneroka ada satu koperasi yg boleh bagi kami konsisten 15% dividen setiap tahun.. ,itu lebih baik dari ASB.. atau epf pun. mak bapak kami mana ada epf.., duit dividen tu lah sikit2 boleh bantu perbelanjaan orang tua kami (di samping kami anak2 yg tinggal dikota menghulur setiap bulan).

    Penyenaraian ini - yang paling kami bimbangkan adalah - masa depan tanah ladang dan tanah tapak rumah kami! sekarang felda dah ambil balik tapak tanah kami.. pegang geran selagi hutang tanam semula tidak habis bayar.. ibaratnya.. mak bapak kami ni.. dah berhutang 2nd round dgn felda.. dan geran di sandar semula.
    malah jika di teliti perjanjian hutang tanam semula - telah ada satu klausa baru yg memberi kebenaran kepada kerajan utk menukar syarat perjanjian tanam semula utk keuntungan mereka.

    Kami sangat risau akan nasib semua generasi ke-2 ygmasih bekerja di dalam felda2.. yg menggantikan ibu bapa yg telah tiada.

    Orang luar tak nampak apa - mereka tau - bila felda di senaraikan.. mereka boleh beli saham felda di pasaran terbuka., bila ada untung - jual..! itu saja..

    Tapi kami generasi kedua berfikir - jika satu hati pasaran merudum. dan harga felda jatuh berdebuk.. dan orang asing yg beli majoriti saham felda.. apa yg tinggal pada peneroka sedia ada? balik jadi pekerja estet ? pasti nya syarikat baru yg memiliki saham besar mahu keuntungan maksimum?

    banyak lagi perkara yg kami tidak setuju berkenaan penyenaraian ini. Isa samad adalah salah satu nya! kami tidak suka Isa.. , cukuplah rekod nya bercakap mengenai dirinya.! Tanyalah rata-rata peneroka - adakah mereka suka ISA? rata-rata akan mencemik muka! dan berkata- dia ni ada tipu muslihat tiba2 masuk felda ni!

    ikhlas dari anak peneroka (juga komen dalam blog rights2write sebagai - Sons of Peneroka)

  54. Yang lebih tahu hal FELDA ni orang yg bekerja di FELDA saja.

    BTW, betul ke pada Hari Raya Puasa lepas, ISA ada buat rumah terbuka sebanyak 2 kali menggunakan duit FELDA?


  55. Dah banyak tolong orang FELDA ni, ada bantuan khas utk masuk akademi laut Malaysia, akademi MAS, nak masuk Uni atau Matriks dapat imbuhan lagi, kami rakyat yg pertengahan ni apa pun tak dapat....

    Kerajaan Terengganu bagi duit bila pelajar dia masuk ke uni/matrikulasi..

    Johor hapah takde? Zapin je lebat...

    Ada tanah pun pajak ke LKH, WM Firdaus apa cerita? sejak jadi BOD ni senyap je kat Twitter...