Sunday, January 29, 2012

Indian group kills Abu

Hindraf NO to ABU
Hindraf wants ABUR. Common sense still prevails among the majority of us Malaysians. Even Hindraf boss P. Uthayakumar, described as the Soul of Hindraf, cannot stomach the hypocrisy underlining the Anything But Umno (ABU) campaign [Kenapa Uthaya Menolak ABU]. Personally, I disagree with Hindraf from day one but now that Uthaya has openly rejected ABU and will instead advocate ABUR (Anything but Umno and Pakatan Rakyat Racism), I can see Hindraf in a slightly different light. But only very slightly.

Another major setback for Haris Ibrahim, who has just quit MCLM because of RPK's Jan1 interview, which contained some of the most damning comments about Anwar Ibrahim.

Anas Zubedy, who was one of the earliest to attack ABU's logic and sincerity, throws in another cinder for its cremation in his posting today, Fundamentally Flawed.


  1. Anonymous3:55 pm

    cannot brain wat tis all about... arent we going to kick all de corrupte out?

  2. Bedul5:07 pm

    Actually Rocky, it's not only Anas who saw the follies of Abu.
    Regular people like me and friends and others see it too. It's just that Anas is a blogger to vent his feelings. And like you he his high-profile.
    We ordinary people think it's a stupid thing.
    Why UMNO only when it is a component of BN. Why not BN. Or is is just to have a nice acronym?
    They could have beautiful acronyms too from the words Barisan Nasional. Or UMNO, MIC and MCA.
    Sounds so foolish they are hung up on acronyms like the Indonesians.
    For me, Abu means ashes. Which is Pakatan is burnt to cinders.

  3. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Balik-balik cerita dongeng!!!! Mentality Melayu memang begitu!!!

    Cerita sikit pasal ekonomi,,,Why MP BN tak boleh tanya BIG BOSS dia as what the DAP persoalkan!!???

    DAP wants PM to explain how RM7b Highway will benefit public,, lagipon itu projek bagi kat KRONI dia!

    Minister fooling Public on Sugar subsidies!!!!

    Cerita begini yang Malaysian hendak,,,,bukan cerita DONGENG,,MEMANTAT,,or Cerrita Haji Najib tepong TAWAR Van,,,PALAT betul,,!!!


  4. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Perkasa buat CNY open house bagi WHITE Ang Pou kat Orang Tua,,Perkasa nak ORANG TUA-TUA tu mati!!!

    White packet biasa nya bagi kat keluarga yang MATI


  5. Anonymous5:32 pm


    Haris started Blog something with some friends. Then he left that and also his friends. After that he started 'Saya Anak Malaysia' or 'Bangsa Malaysia' (cant recall exactly) again with some friends. Then he left that too - and his friends.

    After that he started Article 13 (or 11) with some friends. After a while he left that too.

    Then he started Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement or MCLM with some friends. Then he left that too, leaving his friends one more time. Malik Imtiaz had to foolishly announce his resignation also.

    Now he has started ABU - it stands for "Aku B&&ger U". Thats what Haris has been doing to people who were with him in the Blog club, Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Article 11, MCLM and now ABU. B&&ger them and then leave them.

    He married wife No 1. Then he kahwin Siam wife No.2. So No. 1 left.

    While married to No 2, he impregnated No 3 - kena shotgun wedding. So No. 2 left. No. 3 also left.

    Too many people including old friends avoid him. He does not inspire trust.

  6. Anonymous6:27 pm

    There's another group who hated PAS stupidity called Anti bAhlul PAS (ABAS). They were the ordinary PAS members (ahlul PAS) who think PAS has become bahlul a.k.a bengong these days, hence the anti-bAhlul PAS. The bahlul part comes after seeing PAS kept being bullied all the time by chauvinist DAP and not so straight PKR...hahaha

  7. Anonymous7:28 pm

    most of us did an ABU for PRU12. It was not becoz we want the oppositions back then but becoz we hate the ol man and wanted to teach him a lesson. And how we got punished for making that mistake.

    So Haris and all the ABu wannabes, we did ABU wayyyy before you BRAND it. In fact, during PRU12, if the third force was a carpet, i think we would not hesitate to vote for that carpet more than we would vote for opps.

    I still believe the opps are still in a delusional state that PRU12 was a sign of their strength. Hell to the NO.

    Again, get that to their thick skull, we just hate the old man and the SIL and that didn't mean we loved the opps.

    We know ABU way earlier mate and look where we are with ABU. terBAKAR!


  8. Anonymous8:00 pm

    P. Uthayakumar .... soul of Hindraf !!


    Ibrahim Ali......soul of UMNO !!

  9. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Anyone but Rocky

  10. Anonymous10:36 pm


    You are so deluded. And clearly you are of the opinion that your readers are dumb and stupid.

    It's OK, Rocky. Keep spewing your pro-UMNO bigotry. After all, you have to, or you won't get paid.

    How low can a journalist go to put food on his table?

  11. Anonymous10:45 pm

    The mixed breed issue of a SLUT (Sri Lankan Unwanted Tamil) bitch and a maruahless sperm wasting me-LAYU is probably tearing his hair out in exasperation or whatever's left on the idiot's balding pate at this unexpected development. This pundek kalathai, a failed lawyer in the Ambiga mould, talks the big talk but thus far has only a small cock to satiate his DAP whore's filthy unwashed Chingkie cunt.

    From candle vigils to black frocks to Zaid Ibrahim to RPK/MCLM and now ABU which is the handmaiden of his favie demented war-cry 'the End for BN', this legal moron just keeps stumbling like a toddy drunk from one embarassment into another. I bet his ex-drink kakis at the Wharf are having a good laugh at his buffonery and a couple have intimated to me that the moron is planning a getaway if the oppos flop big-time as expected in PRU 13.

    A social anarchist who is a DAP fanboy, this mixed breed mongrel is just another version of the me-LAYU who yearns for condescending pats and the occasional pig bones, his handlers throw to him from their sumptous dining table. Bones which the stupid dog probably washes down with alcohol-laced cock-juice pissed into its mouth by its Chingkie pimps.

    As for Uthaya, Waytha and Hindraf, the sails have drooped ever since Najib began making significant inroads into the Indian heartland so much so that Hindraf is fast becoming an inconsequential player in the equation. Hindraf's best chance would be to form a loose alliance with the MIC, failing which they dissolve and join Gerakan or the PPP to better further their interests. Largely composed of the dead Pandithan's fanbase, they should realise they are too fragmented, dispersed and volatile to effect a change in their fortunes through electoral means, more so through any linkages with the anti-Indian/Hindu PR (just look at whats happening to Kula, Mano, Rama etc in the DAP and how Guano destroyed Buah Pala but keeps the illegal jetty clans in jelutong, Penang under some perverse heritage designation, to get my drift).

    Yeah, PRU 13 is gonna be a massacre for PR with PKR suffering heavy losses (8-10 seats) and PAS
    (4-5 seats) virtually wiped out (Hadi has been secretly intimating this fact to his pals recently hence his reluctance to stand again). The only winner on the PR side would be the DAP (52 seats or so) and they are already preparing for the post PRU 13 scenario by inducting me-LAYU dogs to serve as stuffed poodles in their showroom window to attract unenlightened and unsuspecting Malai lembus.

    Bet the SLUT bitch's son wouldnt be outta place in that menagerie of mongrels with arses upended and mouths wide open, tongues lolling readily for the next DAP arsefuck and cockshaft. What a stupid fella-tist of a lawyer burok!

    Warrior 231

  12. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Dismantle Hindraf, then he can talk about eliminating racism.
    Or is he about to sell his soul to the highest bidder? Or a seat to contest in the coming GE?

  13. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Dismantle Hindraf, then he can talk about eliminating racism.
    Or is he about to sell his soul to the highest bidder? Or a seat to contest in the coming GE?

  14. Anonymous1:35 am

    Dei, tukang karut, you're either full of shit, or you did not even bother reading the press statement (or maybe your engrish bad loh hehe). Pls point to me which part that says they reject ABU yeah (except the title loh)

    Hindraf joins hands with ABU to oust Umno
    Sharing the same goal to oust Umno from Putrajaya, Hindraf Makkal Sakthi has joined hand with the ‘Asalkan Bukan Umno’ (Anything But Umno, ABU) movement and called for all anti-establishment forces to unite come the next general election.
    Speaking in Kuala Lumpur with ABU co-founder Haris Ibrahim (right in photo) today, Hindraf national coordinator W Sambulingam (left in photo) said the NGO’s chairperson P Waythamoorthy has agreed to work with the ABU movement for the sake of the rakyat.

  15. Anonymous7:58 am

    awat blog amir hafizi tak buleh komen?


  16. Anonymous10:37 am

    So the enemy of your enemy is now your friend ? Shy lah, this type of reporting.....


  17. Anonymous11:44 am

    lets all ABAI...Anything But Anwar Ibrahim..manusia tak malu ..orang datang ceramah nak tengok perut dia dan muka dia ..nak confirm whether its the same in the video..he uses works like "kepala hotak and pergi mampos in the ceramah...the people laugh cynically..his clowns will clapped heartily though, he sounds very desperate indeed.Opens his mouth and said bad, very bad things about the country overseas, mana maruah dia!!!Malaysian should just ABAI this bugger!!!

  18. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Uthayakumar wanted a free ride in Pakatan but has so far has not been recognized. He should also realise that the major impetus for change in the country will be provided by the Malays which will also benefit all downtrodden communities. This is reality of the politcal situation Malaysia. Why did he not fight UMNO on a solo basis. Because he knows it is impossible.

  19. Anonymous12:32 pm

    ASH blog mentioned Lely had a stroke.Which she in?Sorry to bother u.


  20. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Is it because You India Mari (DKK)that you now lead the Indian Cause??

    You should should be made Head of paper Tamil Nisan

  21. Anonymous1:17 am

    @ Anon 11:44 AM:

    baru semalam saya tulis di kotak komen fb kawan saya yang saya ABAI (Asal Bukan Anak/Anugerah Ib) jer.

    happy to read/hear yang ada orang yg berfikiran sama. :)


  22. Adakah ini kesah Cikgu tak mandi tu?

  23. Anonymous5:06 pm

    What's the hullabaloo with white angpows huh?

    PRU12 - teresa cock roasted 5 pigs, no issue what

    white angpow only make noise - inside got MONEY what? big deal, so childish

    this is not CHINA ooiii

  24. Anonymous5:08 pm

    I have reformed. We should treat getting rid of anwar as jihad.


  25. Bourne Identity10:18 am

    Kalau jumpa Uthaya, Hindraf, AlJuburi dan Lim Guan Eng serta ular, agak2 yang mana dulu patut kena ketuk sampai lunyai?

  26. Anonymous3:00 pm

    BA B(ourne) I(dentity),

    Kau ni tak habis2x dengan patok ular...patok ular je? Lawak bodoh...tak menjadi...tu, takde kelas la.

    Beruk with 4 eyes?

    King Cobra