Thursday, January 12, 2012

A good prince and his KL gangsters

Not too long ago, when Nokia was still king of mobile phones, I was queueing up to be served at its outlet in Telawi, Bangsar when in walked, unannounced, a prominent prince from a State in the north with his Communicator. I could see his security detail outside the shop and it consisted of one plainclothes cop on a big bike and a police car, both properly parked so that traffic was not obstructed. A staff on duty, upon recognizing the prince, hurried over to invite him to royally cut the cue. Typical, I thought. However, what was not typical was the prince's response: he politely declined and said he would wait in line. That was a regal gesture, I thought and I'm sure people there that day would agree.

Last weekened, a prince from a State not in the north was spotted at Starhill, a shopping haven in KL popular with people from all walks of life. I know the prince as a charming young single straight chap, but he had 8 bodyguards who looked like they have had a bad day. A friend who does business with several princes here and abroad happened to be there with his pre-teen, and that proved to be his misfortune that day, as he was harshly told by one of the thugs to make sure he and his son kept their distance and not come within a certain radius from where the prince was.
His pre-teen was upset, of course, and we reckon he will grow up not liking the Royalty that much.

Our princes must not only behave elegantly in public, they must tell their people not to act like thugs from the movie KL Gangsters. If they can't do this, stay in their palaces. As my friend told me, "We want them to have their space .. but don't deny us ours. And, please lah don't act like thugs."


  1. Anonymous5:24 pm


    Since my shopping is Giant and sometimes Carrefour, so I don't care much...

  2. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Good one rocky. There are plenty of them with bad behavior but unfortunately the rakyat does not want to make a big fuss. Not due to respect but out of fear. Aren't we supposed to respect and love them instead of being fearful?

  3. Anonymous5:45 pm

    IS IT TMJohor?

  4. a servant5:54 pm

    prince or pauper, we all deserve a good shopping especially if the money from halal source. Where we shop or what we buy are two diferent things but i aint giving respect to royalty yang belagak, suka parking suka hati.
    anyway, daulat tuanku to those who deserve it.

  5. Anonymous6:04 pm

    They think we are still in 1940s is it? C'mon, those cocky royalty should remember that if not bcos of the Rakyat, they can still enjoy their previleges.

  6. It's so funny how you have tried to dodge the NFC issue over and over again. Everythime i visit your website i really hope you can find the courage to shove the middle finger to these People who obviously could not be bothered on what gutter the country is heading. It's surely exasperating to have such a problem when you tried to spin them in the right yarn. But looks like the only spin here with UMNO is spinning out of control. Good luck bro...

  7. who controls the sand and or the so called silica sand export to Spore??

  8. HA HA HA Anon 5.24 ... you never knew ... not so rich prince may end up shopping at Carrefour and Giants.

  9. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Salam Dato',
    Selagi Melayu (especially) still have this feudalistic mentality of mendaulatkan tuanku (unlimited), then don't blame some of the royals to abuse their positions la...

  10. Anonymous7:08 pm

    honestly rocky, only the 'takde class' & the 'tak sekolah' ones behave like that..the rest mostly are polite and good mannered..

  11. Fortunately I came from Negeri Sembilan and I have no reason to complain about my roytalty, and their demeanour seems to be acceptable, for now!

  12. The Good Raja Nazrin?

  13. Anonymous8:06 pm

    this not considered kurang ajar? You guys are funny! When you feel like it, can bantai, when others bantai, u purposely wanna defend....pigi dah!

  14. Anonymous8:07 pm

    the photo of the brother to the sultan of kelantan is out of "place".

    the others are all raja muda or tengku mahkota

  15. Dear dayana and anon 545pm,

    It's not my intention to start a guessing game here. I think the important thing is to send a message to our princes and istanas that the people are watching all the time. Malaysians generally love their royalty when they act like royalty. Look at Raja Zarith, once of my favourite members of the Malaysian royalty: so elegant and humble.

  16. Respect is mutual.
    Prince or no prince they should have some sense of that!


  18. Just had DYTM Raja Muda & Raja Puan Muda of Perlis with their family and entourage in the hotel and I must say that they are the nicest people that I have served. Their ADC and security detail are equally as nice. What can I say? The apple never falls far from the tree?

  19. Chi8,

    I suggest you read Bujai's latest posting at

    The MACC's investigation is on-going, it will take some time of course as they need to be thorough. And in the first place, it was the Auditor-General who drew out attention to the NFC.

    So looks to me the matter is being handled professionally and with transparency. No gag-order ala some party here.

    Cheer up mo.

  20. vinnan10:14 pm

    Prince Pangkor Treaty II and the Gamuda crooks. The Rakyat have not forgotten

  21. Anonymous10:18 pm

    once one of the sultans was officiating a tennis tournament and he read from a prepared script "Tenis adalah batu LON-CATION untuk...."

    instead of batu loncatan.


  22. The Good prince who ever he is should sack his gangsters then.

  23. Anonymous11:08 pm

    I respect you for that.


  24. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Said all u like... nicest & respectable people are those who pay their income tax year in, year out.

  25. Anonymous11:15 pm

    wassup ? say what ?

    u so so rite... always be humble, stop acting like an asshole all the time.

  26. Often it is the bodyguards or those kaki bodeks around the loyalties that behave in a thuggish manner.Lebih sudu dari kuah la weh!

  27. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Haha - cakap terus aja lah - sapa lagi yg ada gangster around him kalau bukan dari selatan. He act like one, actually he father like son lah..

  28. Anonymous12:40 am

    Ha ha ha As usual tmrow during Khutbah, we all 'terpaksa' aminkan doa to those 'HAMPEH H'

    Kecuali yg Z Z Z z z z zz z

  29. Anonymous1:54 am

    oh i know why u attacking the south guy!! coz his bini defended the xmas greeting right?

    low low low locky!

  30. Anonymous2:04 am

    Respect must be earned NOT demanded! It applies to all human beings and no exceptions.

  31. Pascuale,

    This prince from your home state was out of line with his article in The Star, during the last UMNO GA. Its so umbecoming of him taking pot shots against UMNO, when it was UMNO step forward which struggled against and failed Malayan Union in 1946.

    This prince is lucky his father still has the chance to the Yam Tuan, because UMNO leaders in the 50s adopted the Constitutional Monarchy.

    Don't be too sure. We are watching closely all these cocky princes. Especially those who can't speak Malay that well.

    We're serious!

  32. Dear All:

    Two things. One, if you behave regally and with class, people will treat you accordingly, whether you are a prince or a common citizen. BTW, if you are a VVIP, why not have your staff phone ahead so then you would be spared the waiting in line. Afterwards be kind enough to tip the appropriate personnel so they would remember your generous gesture next time. That works even if you are not a prince.

    Two, I lived in JB for sometime. It was always fun to see how these Malay princes and princesses behaved across the causeway. Down south, they obeyed the laws and social protocols like everyone else, meaning, they did not jump queue and break traffic rules; no sirens blasting. Once they returned north however, they regressed to their usual infantile behaviors.

    Conclusion: if we let them get away with their childish tantrums, that would only encourage them; just like with little kids. However, if you express your disapproval in whatsoever manner you fell comfortable doing it, as with a disgusting stare, they will get the message. If enough of us do that, watch them change. That is what happens when these royalty go to Singapore or abroad; the locals there would not tolerate royal shenanigans.

    I have done my share of icy staring at these "rajas," but only to the minor ones. I do not as yet done so to a sultan as I have never had the opportunity for such close encounters!

    M. Bakri Musa

  33. Anonymous4:27 am

    I am pretty sure that the prince on the queue is Raja Nazrin. I know him since my school days where he used to visit my school every ever. As humble as one would expect. But this is beyond my expectation. Kudos.

  34. Anonymous5:23 am

    why do these guys need taxpayer-funded police escorts..

  35. Anonymous7:20 am

    rocky did right by higlighting this.No one would dare bring it up, There many princes and tengku mahkotas who misbehave - and must be higlighted so that they know at least bloggers are watching. Since their attitude is becasue theya re untouchables. They must realise that they exist in their regal luxuries becasue the rakyat the malays accept them because of respect for the royal institution. We dont ask them to be rocket scientists. Dont even have to bend over backwards to be humble - just behave and be civil if you cannot be civilised. The bad attitude bodyguards and misbehaving in public places just cuz you are drunk, or not,and excessive luxuries are dinosaur days. Its obscene.

    An undeserving prince will force the rakyat not to accept them if they ever become sultan. The younger generation is harsh and will tolerate them .They will destroy their own institution, not the rakyat.

    If rocky writes about them so they know someone's watching , we should thank rocky.


  36. Anonymous8:37 am

    Good to hear about the first Prince but disgusted about the second Prince. They forget, siapa yang mendaulatkan Raja kalau bukan Rakyat yang hina ini.

  37. Anonymous8:54 am

    we are all human, so what's the problem?

  38. Anonymous8:58 am

    Heard from friends who worked in Hotels and Disco's in the 70's(Singapore} that these people were always a trouble maker. Makan,dancing,pegang bontot and then walking away without wanting to pay. No one really wanted to present them any bills cos' they won't pay anyway.

    Even gangsters paid their bills after any entertainment. These kind just don't know what finese and class mean. But Tun Mahathir is the man who clipped their royal wings by amending the constitutional and put these people down and remind them to behave. And now I believe some of them starts to behave badly again.


  39. Anonymous10:16 am

    I think this would have been better without the pics

  40. Anonymous10:25 am

    In early 80's , I was asked to leave Studio disco by an ADC/adikong (whatever that term means).He was a bodyguard.
    Why.. " Ku --- tak suka tengok muka kau ".
    Thats all the bodyguard said.
    Since he was a friend, I left after he promised to pay me back the cover charge that I have paid.


  41. Skilgannon106612:36 pm

    M. Bakri Musa

    You forgot to mention that Singapore is the favourite shopping destination for the Malaysian royals, especially those from the younger generation.

    They appear to be especially fond of malls in Singapore's Orchard Road belt, including ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City, Paragon and Palais Renaissance. Their favoured hotels include the halal Royal Plaza on Scotts and the Grand Hyatt (both owned by the Brunei royal family). Just look for the luxury cars, SUVs and MPVs with single digit licence plates and very heavily tinted windows!

    Having said that, Singapore does provide discreet security arrangements for Malaysian royals visiting the republic, especially for the senior royals. Including special clearance arrangements at the Woodlands checkpoint for those who travel by car.

  42. Anonymous1:38 pm

    aku rasa yang komen ni semua ramai yang bongok. rocky was talking about his bodyguard's behaviour not the prince.

  43. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Good one Rocky, as it is we have so many of them. Also, royal households and commoners marrying into them must be given some form of course on how to behave. I hear from a source that the British Monarchy has it.

  44. Anonymous3:39 pm

    The Good Prince is came from Perak..I've experienced myself he walk as normal people with is consort at midvalley with no bodyguard...same goes to raja zarith sofia whom have a perak royalty bloodline...i believe most perak royalty are humble...

    Kejor Yeop Kejor

  45. Anonymous4:58 pm

    2012 still have this feudal mentality...what a shame...go to hell lah to all prince and princess like we care so much...

  46. Anonymous9:07 pm

    ....I know the prince as a charming young single straight chap,....

    Dato' are you sure he is straight?

    Nowadays with Anwar, Queer without Beer and all that, I figure one can never tell.


  47. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Lebih kurang macam PM & DPM, zaman Tunku takde pun bodyguards seramai tu

  48. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Dear rocky

    Since u adore raja zarith so much, its a wonder how she has brought up her son since we can fairly guess tht he is the latter prince u are refering to. #justsaying ;) Perhaps you should offer her or him your expert advice.

    From a humble citizen from a state not from the North

  49. Anonymous1:30 am

    malam ni terpaksa tunggu 30 minit nak start lawan bola, gara-gara nak tunggu raja tiba baru boleh kick off. Profesional??? Berapa harga air time astro habis???

  50. PJ Boy8:53 am

    I had the opportunity to witness the entourage as I was also shopping in the Bukit Bintang area, I spotted them in Pavillion. It was not pleasant, eight of them surrounding the party wearing short sleeved bush jacket, waving their arms and moving people out of their way.
    But the event that was more dramatic was the next couple of days I was driving south and a red Ferrari with a convoy of cars escorted by two leading police cars, I had my car thumped by the cops trying to shove us to the shoulder of the highway. Needless to say they were driving much more than 110 km/hour. Some people are clearly above the law!!

  51. Hey rocky, ni sudah seditious ni. No?


  52. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Don't worry Tuanku perkasa and pekida with you regardless what!

  53. Anonymous8:12 pm

    The bugis are known historically as pirates...
    Some still have their pirate mentality while most..have turned into cultured people.
    No guessing which ones still have that pirate mentality :-))))

  54. Anonymous6:37 am

    if this issue was brought up by someone from DAP, the response from Rocky will be different. Perkasa will organize big demo, the someone will be accused of being anti Malay,anti raja melayu and anti Islam.

  55. Bangsat Nasional9:59 am

    Ada bayar cukai pendapatan tak?

  56. Anonymous10:12 am

    Many years ago when Bangsar Shopping Centre had a cinema, a prominent politician was queing to buy tickets while his family wiated. The manager of the cinema came out and offered to get the tickets for the politcian. He declined and said that he will be queue in line and wait with the rest us for his turn. There was no police or bodyguards etc. The politician was the DPM then, now opposition leader DSAI.

  57. Anonymous3:02 pm

    firm words... respect you for that

  58. Are the royalty free of the normal distribution?

  59. Anonymous7:57 am

    Bet you that DSAI preferred to wait in the Q because he was waiting for the persons standing infront to drop the tickets and then bend over to pick up the tickets.
    That was Y DSAI @ Al Juburi refused to be given the VVIP treatment bcos he wanted people infront to BEND over for him :-))))

  60. Anonymous11:39 am

    Nowadays the BN politicians are the real culprit disturbing the people with their bodyguards. They felt they are too royal. What they don't understand is they get 'sedekah' from our tax money.

  61. Anon 3:39PM, don't be too quick to praise Perak royalties; you have to be in Perak to know them!

    I just want to get this off my chest! - Just 2 days before CNY, there was traffic jam everywhere with people rushing to do their last minute errands/shopping etc and 4 vehicle lanes back to back 200 meters long at traffic light junction right infront of Pantai Hospital Ipoh all waiting patiently at the red light. Then from behind we hear horns blasting away. It was a police patrol car "bagi laluan, chepat bagi laluan"! How to bagi laluan damnit(!!) when the jam was so tight? But the horns continued non-stop bullying the rakyat as they eased inch by inch, foot by foot until I saw the black 4WD behind the police car with plate "Raja Muda Perak"!

    Today he is only "Raja Muda Perak", what will happen if he ever becomes the Sultan huh? How bloody inconsiderate! Don't blame the police patrol car infront, if he has any consideration, he should communicate with them to make a de-tour or stop that irritating horn blasting away!

  62. Anonymous3:15 am

    saya ada pengalaman melihat isteri YB/PM yg lebih dr raja...satu minggu program isteri-isteri YB amat menyeksakan dgn siren n jalan dihalang dr pagi sampai mlm..bayangkan sorang satu kereta dan bergerak sikit pun ada konvoi n siren.. mungkin ke tandas pun ada siren

  63. Jemput9:27 am

    This is 10 years too late as it is 2019 now, but just thought I'd venture a guess as to who the "good Prince" is.

    It is the one wearing red in the center of the 5 pictures, isn't it?

    I've had 4-5 experiences with him. The way the story was recounted would fit with the narrative of him being a humble prince, not by others' recollection mind you, but by my own experience having seen him in public.

    A shame that he is tainted by his bad choice of a partner. With a nightmare mother-in-law. Now he is just another "Prince," albeit one with a lot of money, but not much else.