Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Businessman sues Umno top bloggers

A $10 m US court ruling against bloggers 
RM10 million apiece. I can tell you one or two things about wolves in lawyers clothing but there are more good apples out there than rotten ones, of that I am sure. And that should be good enough news to bloggers Parpukari and Papagomo. Because I hear a businessman who once named Rais Yatim's son in an affidavit against his business partner has filed a lawsuit against the two prominent Umno bloggers.

I remember Abdul Razak Mohd Noor's lawsuit against his business partner quite well because the Malay Mail had published the affidavit on Dino Rais, Rais' son in telco suit, on Oct 22 2010.  [The Minister had on Oct 12 2010 lodged a police report against my blog for my RM1 billion posting. I was the Editorial Adviser of the Malay Mail at the time].

During this blog's spat with the Minister, several parties engaged Umno cybertroopers to help the Minister angle the issue to his advantage. I saw this as a necessary PR exercise for the minister and, therefore, was not surprised when some of the bloggers launched an offensive against me. This is sopo blogosphere and I am a sopo blogger: you have to be able to take as well as you give.

But Razak is neither a blogger nor a politician. He does not understand why Umno bloggers are viciously attacking him. By his own admission, however, he is a strong Umno supporter. And that's what make this case queer and that is why the bloggers will be needing good lawyers to defend them. The same parties who had engaged bloggers in Rais' defense should come to their aid now.

p.s. The Judge in Kalimullah & Co vs Rocky's Bru this morning kindly set Jan 25th, 2012 as next date for case management. I am much obliged.

"Because the cost to the litigant is so very little, the tendency is to sue for millions. This is grossly unfair to the defendants. If the law is intended to promote justice then the litigant should also suffer from the same anxieties for the length of time of the hearing and if his allegation is baseless he should pay his victim the same amount he sued for. Then there would be justice and frivolous cases would not be brought before the courts." - Suing in Court by Chedet


  1. Anonymous2:06 pm

    for you rocky i will
    1. get muslimah PAS to sing for you once you at the high court
    2. i will buy masks of rockybru face
    3. will tell all the world that kalimullah has bought and bribe our judiciary system
    4. will try to get all the mynmars and bangladeshi people to be on site at the hight court
    5. will get my families and relatives and get the opposition media including media from US , turkey and india to tell the sad story that you have been sued.

    OK!! let the good times roll!!

  2. Salam Datuk,

    As regards to your case, I wont be using colorful language for the mo cos you are "much obliged".

    As for the suit against Parpukari and Papagomo, !!!!!!!!!!.


  3. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Parpukari and papagomo two prominent umno bloggers? Patutlah orang benci dan jelek pada UMNO selepas membaca blog mereka.

  4. Errr, you are given two weeks to get yourself a lawyer. If I figure correctly when you first got sued by these guys and the NST as well, the lawyers who walked with you and Jeff came out fully supporting you with nothing fiduciary to gain from it. When they left you standing alone I thought your new found friends would all come rushing to fill in the space left vacant. Instead your new found friends made you walk alone into the dragons's den. And the dragon did not want to talk to you. Boy...that must have felt really lonely.

  5. Anon, muslimah PAS? Lol! Kevin, thanks for the self-restraint.

    Old Fart,
    Don't badmouth my friends la. It is not true that they left me standing all alone bro, they went on to do other things like help form governments in Penang, Selangor, Kelantan and Perak (not Kedah, though). Eli is Adun, Jeff MP, Haris MCLM (until very recently), etc.

    Where got time for defamation suits against bloggers, meh?

  6. Datuk,

    I am flabbergasted even you admit that bloggers Papagomo and Parpukari are top UMNO bloggers.

    It is ashamed that bloggers who sought popularity with their daily ability to use of most vulgar expressions within the Malay language that you wouldn't use in front of your own kids or elders, have been reflected as "Top UMNO bloggers".

    UMNO should shed away with all of these persons with low class thug styled method of presenting themselves, be it in cybersphere or in real life.

    In the past, UMNO leaders and people who present themselves as fighters (Pejuang) hv been very respected members of society. Some like Dato' Onn, Tunku, Tun Razak, Dato' Hussein are actually aristocrats. Even non aristos are very respectable persons in society.

    In short, to move forward we can't hv persons in the likes of Azeez Rempit, Bung Mokhtar etc to be the 'Face of UMNO'.

    Yes, we value freedom of expression. But we also value wits and intellectual discourses as 'tools to fight', instead of exchanges of upmanship on the vulgarity front.

    Did you read Parpukari's posting on Anwar's acquittal? He actually called the judge "BABI", in capital letters!

    I'm an UMNO life member. I don't want persons like this lot to represent us in the cybersphere.

    A top UMNO blogger is that fellow Che Det. Or people like Darah Tuah. Probably Darah Tuah is not as popular as the likes of Papagomo or Parpukari. But UMNO won't get itself into trouble or being perceived negatively by the more internet savvy Malaysians.

  7. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Go Brew your Arak lah Rocky
    and while you at it ....
    Bring along your fat dog.

  8. Anonymous11:41 pm


    Can I start printing posters and t-shirt already? something along the line of FREE-ROCKY/2501/BLOGGER HAKIM NEGARA/etc :P


  9. Anonymous2:08 am

    Freddie, Warrior and your ills... Suck harder dudes...can ah?

  10. Anonymous8:18 am

    InsyALLAH u"ll escape peacefully.Ameennnn.....


  11. Anonymous11:03 am

    Latuk Locky:

    Your heading is misleading. They are not UMNO top bloggers. If they are really at the top of the food chain in UMNO blogsphere, then susah lah for your party.


  12. Anonymous11:41 am


    I pity you. All alone to face the courts and suits. Maybe, a miracle will come your way --- like Anwar's. Rais did not do you in; inspite of what you wrote about him. Go and talk to your pm friend.
    I still pity you.

  13. Anonymous12:23 pm

    siapalah pulak yg nak kill papagomo ni....jealous lah tu...baru naik submarine...dah ada melayu yg dengki...memang hasad betul lah org melayu niii

  14. Datuk,

    Share la peruntukan RM10J yg Nik Nazmi kata Datuk dapat tu kepada blogegr dua ekor ni, utk bayor duit nak hadapi saman dari businessman ni. Tu pun kalau diua ekor ni ada telor la!

    Dengo ceta ni Paupaugomo & Paupaukari ni kuat 'pow' pemimpin. Asal ada isu tahap kontroversi & pemimpin nak jumpa ja, apa apa hal kena bagi 'attendance fee'. Ada geng blogger kata minumum fee Paupaugomo ni Rm1 k.

    Soal 'blogger dapat duit' ni dah makin kronik.

    Datuk sekolahkan sikit dua blogger ni. Ecta Datuk dapat duit pun, puak puak semsama blogger pun sikit punya 'canon'kan. Rosak nama semua blooger yg dukung kepimpinan DS Najib nanti.

  15. You're a top blogger Bro. Nobody can take that away from you.