Monday, January 30, 2012

Anwar's lawyers throw tantrums

Loyar Terlampau. So, every time a Court rules against their clients, these lawyers will stage a walkout? 

What kind of quality are they promoting, when they hold to ransom everything or everyone that they do not agree with or that/who does not agree with them?

Who did they learn this from?

These lawyers should fight their case in court. If they insist on throwing tantrums and merajuk every time they lose, join politicslah. 

Too much. Dah malampau betul diorang ni .. 


  1. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Yesss Rocky Brew

    Keep Brewing so when your turn comes in court this year let's see whether you will cry or throw tantrum!

  2. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Kamar ainiah ni bukan kena mutaah ke dulu?

    Not amir hafizi

  3. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Diaorang terlampau byk tengok filem hindustan kot.. Bila ada isu dgn "my lord" & inspektor shahab dlm court mula la meroyan....Jangan terikut sampai bakar mahkamah sudah!!


  4. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Excuse me for deviating from the thread but I wonder why you always pick only on the news that can put those not in the BN gang in bad light. When someone like Ibrahim Ali insults the Chinese community by giving them 'ang pows' in white envelopes - such coloured envelopes being used for funerals - you don't kick up the same big fuss.

    Pardon me if I sound so naive about your true agenda but I was under the impression that you are an independent-thinking and objective ex-journalist.

    I actually once respected what your wrote and your views. What happened to you Rocky?

  5. maybe rocky too should walkout when his turn in court? After all anugerah tuhan cant do wrong rite?

  6. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Ikut perangai anak guamnyalah. Kahkahkah.


  7. Anonymous10:40 pm

    She got sexy lips imagine her without her self righteous tudung, plus we know what you did three years ago!


  8. Anonymous10:48 pm

    This is what they do in Parliment as well?

    They are voted in to fight for rakyat's interest in the august house but see what happened?

    Now the strategy habit has gone to the court.
    Sad. (geleng kepala......)

    Who knows, maybe perhaps they are showing their true colors. Walking out on everything. (rakyat's interest inclusive)

  9. Anonymous5:51 am

    Locky, please lah... Write something about NFCrop lah or the East Coast Highway. Locky, do you think is okay to use public fund to purchase a condo in Singapore Orchard Rd area for private use?

  10. Anonymous8:58 am

    Hello UMNO Blogger

    Sudah lah tu...
    Kalau dah Fail dengan Malay Mail terima sahaja hakikat anda cuma perkakas UMNO untuk Cari Makan...

    Tukar Saja Profil Anda dari Jounalist kepada Penyangat

  11. Loyar Buruk 2.010:58 am

    Heard at least one of them is a loyar buruk.

  12. Anonymous11:06 am




  13. Anonymous11:08 am

    Yes and you can still Smile the DKK Sly Smile....

    Like the say...

  14. Anonymous11:20 am

    This is how the AlJuburi Sect works....
    AlJuburi is a specialist in sodomising ANYTHING that stands in his way....
    As long as he can see a tiniest hole to sodomise...he will make every effort to enlarge it... kah kah kah..
    Even the great Mullah in Kelantan and the mighty Emperor in Ipoh are part of his sodomised victimised club.
    Not sure if the Bearded Lion has also been sodomised...
    Maybe the AlJuburi has been sodomised by his Jewish boyfriends in Washington is the reason as to why he desperately needs to sodomise anyone in Malaysia...
    Wonder what or WHERE is Bar Council's ethics in lawyer buroks keep on walking out of courts...
    but just like any other BAR where people get drunk, vomit, talk nonsense, picked, solicited etc etc... all the lawyer buroks in the Bar Council have lost their respects here.
    Even a mental patient speak more sense than anyone from the Bar Council!!!!
    I guess this is what happens when they get sodomised by the great AlJuburi :-)))

  15. Anonymous11:30 am

    Latuk Locky:

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Faham tak ?


  16. Nothing new about these supporters of 'the other way round' doctrine.

    But they call themselves fighters of justice. Justice with these rebels is a one way street "Only we are right" attitude.

    Dread to see these rebels running the country, when they themselves cannot tie their own shoe laces.

    About time the voters show them the door in the next election.


  17. Anonymous11:44 am

    Anak Atan minta maaf dlm Court hari ini,,!!!!

    Maaf ya,,,Tuan Hakim,,!!!!

    Chinese New Year,,,Jokes!!!!


  18. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Cool down Kamar Oniah,

    Elok lagi pi tiup sexyphone - jadi musician kan lebih tenang?

    Sister I cerita kat sekolah dulu2 hebat dia dengan instrument ini.


  19. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Diorang ni dah termakan duit yahudi - ketagih nya amat kuat

  20. Anonymous4:59 pm

    What a shame - learned professionals behaving like immature spoilt brats

  21. Pakatan, like it's main character is an inchoate ragbag of a coalition, which cannot see the contradictions in its utterances and actions.

    The recent UK Financial Times lunch interview reveals this much, with the writer not very convinced about the logic of Mr Anwars' answers to questions on hudud, etc.

    The rationale for non-participation in parliamentary politics (which is what the lawyers tantrums amount to) is based on the theory that violent overthrow best course of action if abject poverty or oppressive warrants it. What basis when even the communists who chose this path of violence have now signed the peace accord?

    Either you are in OR you are out. Only inchoate people can be in AND out. Magical people. Such people technically have no integrity of personality and should be confined to institutions, based on more expert advice of course.

    Mr Anwar's support for Israel is likewise inchoate. What's so difficult to stomach about Palestine with rights for Jews?

    The Financial Times interview shows Mr Anwar to be a very inchote man. And so he is. We know him. Dr Mahathir knows him, his capacity for talk, for multifarious performances, etc.

    Our Minister in Charge of the Opposition should keep his guard up, lest he (& the BN he is protecting) be overcome by such multifarious activity!

  22. Anonymous2:11 pm

    well..this is one way of fighting least they have the guts instead of licking thier ass.. like u do most of time

  23. Rocky never learn..still twisting and turning...carrying Najib's ball.
    He was humbled .apologizing publicly..days back to his usual cunning self.

  24. Anonymous1:40 am

    Hahahaha seriously guys.. I hv been following your nasty comments about the owner of this blog.
    Now what i can sum up about this blogger is only one word and that is tolerance. This blogger approved all your naaty comments.
    This is a sheer example of true democracy. Freedom of expression. I don't think your kind of comments will see the light of the day if it were your bosses blogs.
    I for sure respect this blogger. Been following his blog since ages.
    Trolls la u all hahahaha but thanks to your comments it made me more informed of what trolls are. Trolls are sick puppies that should roll over and die.