Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Conclusion to Rocky's Bru vs Kalimullah & 3 other ex-NSTP journos

Enclosure 44. The defamation suit against me was filed by the New Straits Times Press and its 4 top executives then in January 2007. It made headlines as the world's first case involving a newspaper and its journalists against a blogger. The NSTP dropped the suit against me two Ramadans ago and this morning, I'm happy to report to you, the 4 individuals, all of whom are no longer with the NSTP, dropped the suit against me after I've agreed to what the High Court tags as Enclosure 44.

In a nutshell, I've agreed apologize "for the considerable distress, embarrassment and inconvenience caused to the plaintiffs" as a result of some of the things I'd written about them on my blog.

Both parties agreed that there will be no order as to costs.

As part of the settlement, I am pleased to publish Enclosure 44 in full:

Syukur Alhamdulillah.


  1. Salam Datuk,

    I am extremely delighted this is now all in the past.

    All the very best to your good self.

    Thank you

  2. Congratulations Rocky for having the courage to apologize when it is due!

  3. Anonymous1:36 pm

    So what does this mean Dato'? Will the postings be removed from your blog?

    - Hamdan

  4. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Hey Bro,

    It says "in the spirit of an amicable settlement between parties" bla bla.

    Bro, if amicable is plural what is the singular? Amicity? Is there now amicity betwix you & the four dragoons (dragoons means "mounted infantry men" - don wori). I believe the word 'goon' may have been derived from there somewhere but lets not get into that too much.

    I am happy for you bro that this thing is over. But let us not forget some of the dragoons or the goons.

    They say 'it aint over until the fat lady sings'. This does not refer to The Fat Lady. There will be a reckoning bro. There has to be.

    We will get them. Someday, one day, when they least expect it.

    Hj Hoe.

  5. Anonymous1:52 pm

    why didnt u apology earlier, why only now.

  6. Jasper Bloodstone2:26 pm

    So, it's counted as a draw?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. it ended well, Alhamdulillah.

  9. Well, time to move on, then. Best of luck!

  10. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Kalau salah, minta maaf. Kalau fitnah, Allah yang memutuskan. Don't be in too much of a hurry to say the wrong things.


  11. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Alhamdulillah Datuk,

    And syabas to Kalimullah & 3 others..


  12. dang wangi4:23 pm

    hello datuk, the plaintiff (Kalimullah) - i shall refrain from calling him a name that best descibes him only because it's your blog and you have agreed yadayadayada..-- issued a statement to the press that is so so *&^%$#@@...

    now, that's the kind of person he is...

    you can fool some people, as they say...but you sure can't fool everyone...

    you probably won't publish this....

  13. Hamdan,

    The 48 postings that offended the plaintiffs were brought down early 2007 at their counsel's request.

  14. Anonymous4:50 pm

    In my eyes, you have lost all credibility already. I am glad that the world can now see that you are only good at conning people and use your so-called status as a 'morally upright' ex-journalist to make yourself credible.

    Let's see if you can ever regain your credibility by writing fairly and not just whack only the opposition people while closing two eyes to your benefactors in the Bloody National (BN) front.

  15. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Bagus lah , apologise to close case.
    The case will be just history now just as the plaintiffs are themselves history when Paklah resigns.
    Now lets move on to present.
    PRU13, Khazanah , Johore ..oh Johore...sigh!!


  16. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Good on You Rocky:

    Grovel and Beg for forgiveness...

    And perhaps you should just become a "Winnable" candidate for UMNO...Cause you need to be a liar to qualify for that..

  17. Anonymous7:28 pm


    You can post here as many self manufactured compliments as you like...

    The fact is you have declared yourself in court to be a liar and that may be the reason why your former bosses kicked you out.

    They knew you better as a person or "journalist" than the

    I bet you this fact will not get posted

    Joe Black

  18. Forty eight defamatory items within a short period of time. Really? Gee, am trying to remember all these collector's items now.

  19. Anonymous12:32 am

    Patut ambik amir hafizi jadi lawyer, daripada bior dia melalut tak tentu hala tu


  20. Anonymous8:55 am

    The end game? you capitulated lah!
    As they say the Pen is mightier than the Swoard!
    Just be careful !

  21. salam bro Rocky...we are also very glad to read this piece of news.

  22. Anonymous11:46 am

    Happy for you dear Datuk

    Thank you

  23. Anonymous11:57 am

    In a nutshell: U apologise and they drop the suit.

    What took u so long to say sorry?

    In a reply to a comment, you said that the "offending" posts had been taken down.
    Now, does it mean that having to say "sorry", what you've written was in fact scurrilous.
    It's been so long, I for one can't even remember what the issues were?

    Whatever, glad for you.


  24. You apologised. In other words you are now saying it was not plagiarism. So what is plagiarism? Wouldn't you say that that article by Brendan provides a useful basis for a debate on what plagiarism is? Even if it now has been put behind you as well as Jeff, it does not mean it did not happen. Even if it has not been determined either way if it was plagiarism, it does provide all the ingredients necessary to debate the subject matter in an academic environment, wouldn't you say?

  25. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Kes sudah SELESAI,,,, diamlah,,!!!

    Cerita terkini,,,,"Anak Ali,,,ala IBRAHIM and HASSAN" Kedua duanya dah SCREW LOOSE.

    Cakap dah MERAPU,,,,, ini anak BANGSAT yang dikata MUSLIM,,,,memfitnah saja,,,pandai reka cerita!!!

    Apa kata CINA CINA whole of Malaysia and Singapore kasi saman ini LEBAI.


  26. Anonymous11:26 pm

    you said sorry; yet you are smiling and flashing a 'V' sign. Man cannot know what lies in the hearts of others. Are you sincere?
    By the way, how much money did you save?????

  27. Anonymous12:21 am

    Dear all
    A non relevant post

    Just a amateur theory for reflection. Pls correct if wrong

    Zaid left Keadilan due to a drop out
    That was when Keadilan was simmering with unsatisfaction. Many voting irregularities.
    Formed his own party Kita.
    End day Kita is opposition friendly.
    Now can it possible that the forming KITA may have been to stop keadilan members from crossing over to BN ie those not happy can still join KITA and hence not weaken the opposition in overall?

    Now currently Hasan Ali episod, after being sacked.
    He is forming a new party.
    There are some simmering in PAS, thats for sure.
    Now is it possible that this new party will also function to do just that?
    We'll see if the newly formed group is opposition aligned.If so this may be an excellent strategy to retain the punch of the opposition, while tackling the simmering in PAS.

    In politics there are no friends nor enemies, just common interest

  28. Salam Dato,

    Tidak jatuh mertabat kita apabila meminta maaf.Malah di angkat satu darjat.

    Memaafkan pula teramat inggi nilai di sisi NYA.

    Maka iktibar nya, orang-orang Islam yang berpecah belah, BERSATU LAH. Jangan suka sangat saman menyaman. Hancur seluruh kehidupan kita baik pada orang menyaman dan orang kena saman...

    Kato omak ayah kito, jangan lupo Tuhan di mano juo kito pogi...

  29. Anonymous9:57 am

    pLEASE ROCKY give this article a review.. http://satdthinks.blogspot.com/2012/02/bayan-mutiara-duit-jatuh-dari-langit.html

  30. Anonymous10:19 am




  31. Anonymous10:41 am

    Let's hope Cocky Bru learn a hard rock lesson on your postings

    Let me teach you a malay proverb

    Sesal Dahulu pendapatan
    Sesal kemudian tiada gunanya

    Rocky Lee Shen Long

  32. Rocky....Star had huge write up of your apologies and paint you an unreliable rumor monger.
    First time I read Rocky apologized in papers ...read all over the world...by all International air crafts .. carrying to every destinations...all over the world.
    Now that issue is over..life goes on.
    It can make him more famous than RPK.....hahahahahaha

  33. Anonymous11:58 am

    There will probably be more lawsuits against you and more apologies coming because Rocky didnt realise how bad a blogger he is

  34. Anonymous7:17 pm

    So Rocky, you were spared because you changed Camp, so not so Solid anymore ya???

  35. Mustapha Ong11:08 pm

    Salam bro,

    Glad to know that the water dragon year has washed away your bad omens to a new beginning for a successful and challenging path ahead for 2012. NSTP issues with Kali & out of court settlement with a warm handshake. Congrats and let's bury the hatches.

    On another note, I wish to congratulate u and your team of columnists for the transformation of MM which is excellent with the new make over. (bukan susuk but ada style with all those better "English literate writers")

    I have only got hold of the second issues and already fall in love with some of your articles, published with flawless good text and decent English, neither Manglish or Singlish. I am confident that if you could maintain at RM1.00 (subsidised) MM will be a new hot item on the media block.

    I believe MM could overtake NSTP and STAR within the coming months.Congratulations and keep up the good work and fair media exposure on both sides of the political divide. MM has value-add journalistic materials and most of all it's reader friendly.

  36. Anonymous2:34 am

    Apa benda lah dia org ni bising2. Malaysian Insider pro-Pakatan yang tuan punyanya kita pun tau siapa pun kena mintak maaf kat Tajuddin Ramli takde hal pun. Mintak maaf court case ni biasa lah. Bukan jadi kudis pun.

  37. Anonymous10:28 pm

    I was about to post in the above thread but saw the comment section disabled.

    Reading the Star online garbage and the actual enclosure 44 afforded me a bird's eye perspective of how Chingkie controlled media spin is shaping opinions and stoking animosity.The former to subvert Malay-Muslim privileges as enshrined in the 1957 Constituition after being agreed upon in the Social Contract. And the latter to nurture the fires of hatred that will assist the ascent of the cocksuckling, clittonguing, arsefucking and mouthshafting immoral bastard Chingkie racist supremacists. (the pighead outbreaks in mosques all over Malaysia is the work of this extremist Chingkie faction in cahoots with their liberal,arseraped, gobcocked pseudo-Malay whoreboys and filthy sluts bearing names like Anwhore, Nik the Dick, Hadi, Azizah , Izzah et al).

    So what else can you expect from the Star, Bru but daylight calumny and nightime arsefucks orchestrated by Chingkie maquereaus and whores like Ah wai, Joselyn and their hired wenches and whoremongers

    That is the reason why I counsel you to quit tangoing with the chingkie devil, u know, by expunging my comments. Remember Bru, no sane enlightened Melayu Bermaruah will ever consort with scumbags, slimepoops and douchebags called the Chingkie, filthy arsed, wormycunted, chancred clitted, pustuled cocked sons and daughters of ugly faced sows despised like no other goddamned beast.

    Warrior 231

  38. Udeserve , what u get.. first rais n now apology.. ths iswhat happens when u BECOME a Frog

  39. Dear Warrior 231,

    Thank you, but I had to shut the comment box so I won't have to expose my "friends" at The Star who are still praying to this god of theirs.

    But as for your comments that vanished, that's a mystery W231. Like I said before, I don't reject intelligent comments.

  40. Anonymous3:07 pm

    "I don't reject intelligent comments..."

    You are either arselicking sick or glaringly stupid. W231 is nothing more than a foulmouthed idiot who has shit for brains.

  41. Anon 4:50 - you talk about "credibility" and "being morally upright| while you hide behind a pseudonym. Very brave indeed.

    Salam, bro Rocky, I am glad that this is over and you get to move on with your life. I'm sure you have better things to do.

    As for Kali and the Star's spinning, I only have two words - haak ptui!