Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anas Zubedy v ABU

His latest posting Why I Disagree with ABU will get Anas Ibrahiim in trouble with both sides of the political divide. For saying ABU (Anything But Umno) is an "irresponsible, unthinking way of choosing our people's representatives, Anas is rubbing the anti-Umno faction the wrong way. On the other hand, for supporting the ideals ABU is promoting, he will get an earful from the other side, too. But life is such, eh? Well done, always, for having the guts to say it bro.

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p.s. Tahun 70an dulu, ABU ni pendek untuk Angkatan Bawah Umur. Gelaran "anak ABU" tu macam minah resen (ration) tahun 80an dan bohsia di tahun2 90an. ABU tahun 2012 macam tu jugak lah gua rasa ..