Saturday, December 03, 2011

When a government-linked paper campaigns against a government-linked co

Why the Star should have said NO. The non-editorial people at The Star may be guffawing all the way to the bank with this bonus Air Asia ad.

I won't be too quickly too happy if I were them.


1. Because airport tax is a source of government revenues. Not everyone has to pay. An airport tax is charged only to the consumer (Air Asia uses "guests"). In other words: You don't fly, you don't pay; You fly, you pay. Same in other countries; the only difference is you pay through your noses if you fly to Heathrow, Changi and elsewhere. Our airport tax is second cheapest in the region after Indonesia, and still one of the cheapest in the world. And we know that we have one of the most stunning airports on Earth.

2. Air Asia's ad/campaign is misleading.

"Air Asia does not derive any profit from the airport tax collected from guests as the entire amount goes to MAHB"
Look, NO AIRLINE IN THE WORLD derives any profit from airport taxes. That's why it's called airport tax and not airline tax. Airport tax is for government (or the party appointed by the government) to maintain an airport, improve it, and build new airports, etc. In our county, MAHB is the government-linked company tasked to do all these and more. Airport is the main door to every nation so there's the issue of security, having to make sure Air Asia planes land on time and not hurtle to the ground, etc. So, other than the government, the biggest beneficiary of airport tax is the airline company.  [In Air Asia's case, there is that other story about it collecting our money we paid to the government/MAHB, to the tune of over RM100 million, and not passing it on to the government/MAHB. Ultimately, the airline paid the money to MAHB but not fully. But that's another story.]

3.Now that the Star has accepted ads to deny the government (or GLC) of their source of income, I am sure YB Tien Chua will be inspired to take the same path. Can it say NO? Of course the Star won't accept ads from PKR or DAP but what would stop those ad people in the Star from accepting ad campaigns from some affected, victimized or concerned parties.

Other thant SAY NO TO AIRPORT TAX INCREASE, possible campaigns in the run up to PRU13 period, which will affect government coffers and tarnish its image:
(Tien Chua Sdn Bhd does not benefit directly from toll charges)

(Tien Chua Sdn Bhd does not profit at all from GST)

(Tien Chua Sdn Bhd won't go bust if petrol is free!)

p.s If you have other campaign ideas against the government or its GLCs, please pass them on through my comment box. I will personally despatch them to YB Tien Chua and cc it to The Star.


  1. Anonymous2:56 pm

    airport tax to gomen (UMNO) that more money can be channel to 'Shahrizat Lembu' kind of gomen venture ???

  2. Charles F Moreira3:38 pm

    SAY NO! To Public Toilet "Tax" in Shopping Malls.

    Public toilets in shopping malls are a convenience for shoppers which in turn benefits the malls' tenants.

    So the use of public toilets in shopping malls should be free-of-charge, not 50sen or RM1.

    Protest against Public Toilet "Tax" by urinating or defaecating on the floor in front of the toilet.

  3. Agree, Mr Moreira. The one at KLCC is horrible.

    It's free to pee in KLIA toilets, by the way.

  4. To Anon 2:56...

    Yes, airport tax to the government so that our soldiers & other security personnel get paid monthly so that they can defend this country. Or you think their size should be reduced nowadays?

  5. Those sorts of anti-government advertisements had been published in the Chinese papers in the past, such as during the height of the Teoh Beng Hock issue. Star is just following their lead. They are preparing in case Pakatan wins the next general election.

  6. Jutawan istimewa Tony F is fast becoming a right nuisance. Refusing the aerobridge he showed he don't care about the elderly, children and the Orang Kurang Upaya, I guess he only cares about his wallet. Corporate greed knows no bounds.

    Always want to fight, fight with MAS, fight with MAHB last time fight with Proton over using a Mat Salleh name some more. Wonder why Azman Mokhtar is tolerating this jutawan istimewa buddy of his so much.

    As for the Star, have yet to hear Chun Wai's explanation. They seem to favor jutawan istimewa in their reporting too. Hmm...wonder why?

    By the way the toilets at the KLIA are not just free its clean too.

  7. Anonymous4:26 pm

    And Eddy I would think Bru's hangers are super clean too as you polish them so regularly!

  8. Anonymous4:31 pm


    He left the music industry to become an aviation tycoon, Chairman of QPR and Team Principal Lotus Formula 1. These are at the expense of Malaysians: (1) Refused to make full payment of taxes Air Asia owes MAHB (2) Protesting the construction of the aerobridge; and now (3) Protesting increase in air port tax at LCCT.

    He is still bitter (1) denied the Labu Airport for his Air Asia; and (2) denied the special privileges in MAS flight when Idris Jala was the CEO.

    He has managed to get away of so many things because of his connection and taking advantage of the many awards and accolades on aviation he received.

    To Tan Sri Basir, put your feet down and never give in- IN THE INTEREST OF THE COUNTRY.


  9. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Government cannot increase airport tax, but Air Asia can charge anything they like. They should pay to MAHB for every check in counter that they have so that they can have another campaign.

    Why need check in counter anymore when you already web check in.

  10. Why whack Tien Chua? He's not the one putting ads up in the paper!
    Stick to whacking Tony F as this is a Tony F issue.
    I find it bizarre that The Ministry of Transport and Finance and Khazanah are playing dumb. Why are they not defending MAHB? They should be up front and presenting the facts about Airport Tax. Right now Tony F is doing the PR blitz and no response from Govt.
    Highlight the fact how Air Asia has received many incentives from MAHB and Govt. Why Air Asia still owes back taxes. How Air Asia uses Labuan and offshore centres for their flight insurance and leasing arrangements thus saving on tax.
    Get the facts out or are they scared of Tony???

  11. Anonymous5:36 pm

    airport tax to gomen (UMNO ) and why the F**K did UMNO gave to lizard tongue CM in penang?
    why the tax given to Lucifer Nik@ mat prostate aziz?

    this is why i hate umno, got money give to dogs and lizards. tsk tsk tsk.

  12. "Air Asia does not derive any profit from the airport tax collected from guests as the entire amount goes to MAHB"

    We all know about the outstanding payments to MAHB and also the money collected from folks who did not show up.

    That statement would ONLY be correct if the Money Paid by Customers are Directly Credited into MAHB Accounts the very same day.

    In reality the Money Collected by Air Asia is INVESTED in Short Term Instruments as part of their Treasury Management Operations. They would most likely be earning the "Interest Rate" on these funds before paying the amount to MAHB.

    Don't u think so?

  13. Bru, this is just a show by Toni to get out from the share suap thing. Amok must now terminate the suap agreement or we are going to post more nasty 7 reasons. Details below:

  14. Anonymous6:13 pm

    The star has always been an opposition paper in pro-government disguise. One need only to read joceline and chun Wai between the lines to grasp my drift before it floats beyond critical thought!,

    MAHB and the government are now reaping the dividends for mollycoddling TF in the past. That's just desserts for supporting a business model built like a house of cards and now teetering under the weight of debts, increasing operating costs esp. jet fuel and diminishing or stagnant revenue. 5 year analysis of income, PBT ,PAT will reveal a pattern to the discerning save those suckers hooked on illusions or smoking weed. Airasia surpassing MAS is nothing to shout about as it was akin to a young boy overtaking a doddering grandpa in a marathon. Better management sans political meddling would have seen MAS trumping AA many times over but that's water under the bridge now.

    Endgame is near now, a soon to be cannibalized MAS, an extinct Firefly and a failed AA as a going concern saddled with grounded rusting hulks and humoungous debts that will be garlanded like an albatross around the taxpayers' neck for aeons to come. And yeah 'everyone can be grounded too'! Dire predictions? Just wait and see. And oh yes, MAHB will be tending a white elephant devoid of its trumpeting all because it once put better sense aside when serenaded to by a rotund clown..or is he a portly fool or a fat jester?

  15. Anonymous6:59 pm

    you know that when you purchase an airasia flight ticket, you pay passenger service charge (airport tax) right away (together with the ticket)

    and you know that when you can't make it for the trip, airasia won't give you any refund unless it is on medical grounds. even then you're levied a 90 ringgit cancellation fee so if you bought a cheap ticket of rm50, don't bother asking for a refund. you will technically owe airasia money when asking for a refund!

    you may also know that if you bought luggage, meals, priority seat and insurance, these too are non-refundable. even if you're travelling in a group under the same booking, and you're the only one who can't make it, the rest can't use your luggage allowance either. the meal that you've paid for won't be given to your group members. so the trick is don't buy all these frills until you're really really sure about flying on the date. these add-ons can be purchased up to 4 hours before flight.

    but where does your psc go? TECHNICALLY this is refundable but airasia will charge you a rm10 processing fee. so if you forego your domestic flight where psc ex-lcct is rm6 and ex-other airports rm9, you will TECHNICALLY owe airasia if you were to apply for your psc refund! for international flights where you pay rm25 in psc previously, you will get rm15 in psc refund. and this money definitely won't go to mab, as you're not a travelling passenger :-)

  16. Anonymous7:02 pm

    The charges of using aerobridge is only 45 sen. I don't think even RM2.00 will burn customer pocket.

    Those who think living in Malaysia is burden, Malaysia do not invite them after all and do not shoo them either.

    I think the Chinese can return to Thong san, Indian can balik negeri and let the truly Malaysian live harmony in what ever way. So, hit the road guys.

  17. Anonymous7:24 pm

    "Tony, Pay up your airport tax, mara needs the money" Dulu famous sebagai bangsa pemalas, sekarang dah jadi bangsa penyangak.

  18. Anonymous7:34 pm

    The other day I was checking in to Tune hotel. The check in time stated on their paper is 2pm. I came at 12.30pm.

    So this guy in Tune hotel said that if I want to check in at 12.30pm, I have to pay RM 15 for early check in fee.

    Damn you Tony, you would not even blink your eyes to charge people for petty things like the 1 1/2 hour early check in and now you are furious about government increasing airport tax, which it is not you who are going to pay for it?

  19. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Rocky. The ad is also in Berita Harian and maybe in some other dailies.

  20. Anonymous8:26 pm

    maybe, TF team trying out the 'burn-out' strategy. to expose and highlight as much controversy as possible linking AA. among other things, to see how much stones being thrown at them and who are the throwers. then re-asses these elements against sales impact. if, all is manageable, they will continue to create more controversies. until the public gets burn-out of such issues inflicting air-asia and its related interests. not need worry abt the gatekeepers nor the politician. cause, if the public could not be bothered, why shud the politicians or the gatekeepers! ... eventually, people will look the other way.

  21. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Actually does Tony F have power over the Gov, why drag this issues if Gov want to increase tax juz increase tax la. Why go pussy with this particular person. I say no sin tax for alcohol and cigarettes that i smoke , do the GOV give a fXXX ?

  22. Anonymous9:25 pm

    from a little boy, airasia has turned into a bully. the ad carries mahb email addresses and contact numbers as airasia ostensibly wants passengers to complain to the airport operators. this is clearly a form of harassment. it is akin to you having a dispute with a neighbour and you paste his house address and tel number all over town. claim by airasia it has not profited from airport tax is not entirely true. airport tax is usually paid by passengers upfront when they make bookings but more often than not, they don't travel immediately, sometimes up to months. airasia meanwhile only has to pay mahb the tax 45 days after passengers use the airport. in the meantime, they earn interest from the airport tax paid and the amount must be huge as its passenger base is also huge.

  23. Anonymous9:26 pm

    from a little boy, airasia has turned into a bully. the ad carries mahb email addresses and contact numbers as airasia ostensibly wants passengers to complain to the airport operators. this is clearly a form of harassment. it is akin to you having a dispute with a neighbour and you paste his house address and tel number all over town. claim by airasia it has not profited from airport tax is not entirely true. airport tax is usually paid by passengers upfront when they make bookings but more often than not, they don't travel immediately, sometimes up to months. airasia meanwhile only has to pay mahb the tax 45 days after passengers use the airport. in the meantime, they earn interest from the airport tax paid and the amount must be huge as its passenger base is also huge.

  24. Of course Tony wants a super cheap or better still FREE access to ALL Malaysian airports because he needs the money badly for his motor sports and QPR hobbies.
    You are asking TOO much, Tony. No one would complain if they had to pay for using the aerobridge but you Tony... are very good in the art of Putar Belit. If I meet you AND a snake while walking through the jungles... I know which one has the REAL venom and which one to ketuk with a kayu!!!
    Shame of you Tony Freeloader!!!

  25. Anonymous10:19 pm

    That's what we call a shrewd businessman. Remembered last time It was reported in the news about Air Asia debt not paid for a few years to MAHB.

    Always about what's benefit to his business at the expense of others.

    If you look at Air Asia, there''re a list of funny (unethical? debatable) ways of making people pay for flight related expenses. Yes, u can get cheap flights, but it's not penny to penny comparison.

  26. Salam Datuk,

    Well even though the tax goes to the Govt, Air Asia can hold it for six years and earn some interest. It owed MAHB

    Estimate airport tax per year then open fixed deposit 12 month tenure, earn 3.15 %per year and pay MAHB six years later.

    No risk, easy money.

  27. Anonymous11:09 pm

    How about we ask TF to give us free Maggi Mee on AirAsia if he wins this battle? Will he?

  28. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Tony Fernandez ni memang celaka & musibat. Dialah yang memusnahkan & memufliskan MAS. Dialah yang melingkupkan MAS dengan menarik penumpang-penumpang keluar melalui Singapore airport dari dulu lagi. Ini pun korang tak nampak ke. Bodoh belaka.



  30. Anonymous11:44 pm

    SDR Rocky mohon masuk

    kerana ini isu Maruah Negara Maruah Martabat Melayu Maruah Kehormatan Nilai Murni Rukun Negara.


    Dia amal Pruden Fund managemen
    Star sudah beli comprehensive insurance untuk siapa akan ada kuasa.
    wONG cHUN WAI MEMANG SPECULATOR HEDGING HIS BETS BOTH WAYS FOR NEXT PRU.Maklum lah dia kan dari kaum practical dan pragmatic
    dengan Pulau Pinang ,Damansara Utama MCA Inter Faith M Rantings T mukhriz T Fernandez istana I city SP sri 1Malaysia Najib MUFC Ketua Pemuda Accim Dong Zhong.
    Orang yang practical dan pragmatic pandang jauh lebih jauh
    Kena marah olih Hishamudin pun tak berkesan, ,dengan semangat 1M yang terbuka dan dengan ada lesen besar dari liberal civil liberties human rights keberlainan populist transfomaci kesamarataan 1M, saya kata
    Sdr Cucu, tak minta izin pun kerana ini isu Maruah Negara Maruah Melayu Maruah Kehormatan Nilai Murni Rukun Negara.


    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  31. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Say No to Ceramah Donations!

    Soliciting money from functions is bad manners and akin to begging.

    We want your votes! Not your Money!

  32. Anonymous11:55 pm

    i wish to make a point - if you book and pay in advance for air asia seat on any flights, domestic or international, and if you do not check into the flight to get boarding pass, ie, you forfeit the booking, air asia would not need to pay the airport tax to government because you were not using the airport services when you failed to check in. The airport tax you pay in your booking, goes to air asia pocket

  33. anti malay12:15 am

    Say NO to chinese bamboo network, who's ass pucker up tightest anytime when giving business to malay, and then scream that NEP not fair.
    Say NO to chinese attitude of anti-malay but accuse other people of being racist.
    Say NO to chinese who only network with only chinese, and then scream gov not fair trying to level the playing field between races.

  34. Anonymous12:18 am

    As ceo of a company, tony "f"* should know about costing in any business. The government too needs money to run the business of running and managing its airports.

    Who pays the government officers based there from customs, police, immigration, narcotics and so forth. Even the sniffers k9 also need to be fed.

    So government need to impose airport tax and review as and when required depending on the economies of scale and operational costs.

    Its already fair enough this tax is only imposed on those who utilise the airport services to fly.


  35. Anonymous12:22 am

    Say YES to the very small percentage of chinese, who while upholding their identity, respect the malays as the natives, and give due respect.
    Say YES to chinese who despite listening to poisonous lies from their own kind, still look for the truth.
    Say NO to VINNAN, the chinese hiding behind indian name, and is shockingly racist that even his penis shrivels in anger and can't erect, while trying to jerk off to Fasha Sandha's bare back photos.

  36. Anonymous12:26 am

    Say NO to chinese assholes who keep on thinking the malays are victimizing them, when actually they are too damn greedy, that 10 million dollars is not enough.

    Say NO to lowyat chinese operators, who sell you underwater crap, and when you claim warranty they laugh at your face, and then still claim malays victimise them

    Say yes to Prof Khoo Kay Kim.

    Say YES to helen Ang, not ashamed of her chinese identity and wants to keep it, but respects the malay language.

    Say NO to malay dudes, who do half assed jobs, and when not making money complain that the chinese cheat.

  37. Anonymous12:30 am

    Say NO to lazy malays who got up there with the NEP advantage, suck the money dry and go bankrupt because of poor self restraint, then blame the chinese, and the government.

    Say NO to malays who just want NEP but not willing to prove its worth by working hard, and blaming it all on religion.

    Say NO to malays who suddenly go AWOL during stressful time and claim "aku sembahyang jap".

    Say no to malays who are holier than thou, claiming other people not religious enough, when they are just a poor excuse of a sucker.

  38. Anonymous12:53 am

    lol! isu lembu tarak bawak....isu orang lain sibuj saje!! pigi respek for u

  39. Anonymous4:46 am

    why so upset Dato'?

    Is it good if AA fighting for the consumer's benefits in general?

    Can MAB increase their revenue by 1000 other innovative ways?

    You are upset with TF - that is it?

    Penyokong Parti Kunci

  40. TalentCop5:26 am

    Say No to hiring foreigners...
    We have enough local talents around.

  41. Malay Gentile7:38 am

    when the airport tax goes up not everybody can't affort to fly....

  42. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Sick of these people.

    All want freebies.
    Don't they know that some funds are required to maintain these airports?
    And when, say if the govt don't charge, some joker opposition will then say its our rakyat money funding these unnecessary projects. Our money. Yes our hard earned money - jokers(creating all creative emotional huh hah just to be in power)

    Maybe the govt has spoilt these people with so many subsidies etc.
    Free school, free tv, almost free medical services. That's why they never appreciate and say thank you nowadays.

    For those with kids, pls teach them to say more thank the teachers, to the pak guards who open doors for them and most importantly to you as parents each time you feed them for they are the next generation who will lead our country and thankless people are normally heartless people.

  43. Rocky Blue12:55 pm

    I'd rather believe Tony F anyday than the robbers in umno.

    And without him we won't have cheap airlines and MAS will still be screwing us left and right.

  44. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Rebel, defend Malaysia against what? Foreigners already infiltrated your country and your current 'defence' is nothing more than a sieve. Its more like gaji buta and voting blindly for traitorous leaders who couldn't give two hoots about real security.
    Mana Altantuya's immigration record? Oh she wasn't real, yeah right!

  45. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Haa Rocky,

    Doesn't sound good, does it seeing that Your Master DS Najib has just announced the establishment of UMNO's Cyber Troopers planning to go into Battle against the Public.

    It's all about money and not genuine concern for the welfare of the Country....

    BN and UMNO will plunder anything that moves....Cows and all.

    People's Cybertrooper

  46. Charles F. Moreira3:49 pm

    A relatively small airport tax increase after many years is reasonable, given increased operations costs.

    At the same time, airlines, including AirAsia, as well as the general public who would be flying through the airports have a right to voice their objection.

    However, AirAsia's objections would not have been so much of an issue had there either not been an MAS/AirAsia share swap or even if there was, MAS and Firefly operations had continued as before.

    Also, look at AirAsia's own charges to their passengers, such as RM10 for manual counter check-in.

    Are they fair on all passengers, especially those who are not computer literate or don't have Internet access?

    Why does Malaysia allow airlines to charge for counter check-in while some countries in the region, including the most advanced and developed one's don't.

    Is this not due to the "first world infrastructure, third world mentality" our former PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was referring to?

  47. Charles F Moreira4:14 pm

    Dato' Bru

    "The one at KLCC is horrible."

    Indeed yes but at least you don't have to pay to use the one on the concourse floor, though I wouldn't do a big job there but would rather do it in my pants and go home to clean up.

    Ah! but there are the free toilet's in Mandarin Oriental.

    "It's free to pee in KLIA toilets, by the way."

    And clean too. Can do a big job there.

    Hmmm! I wonder whether how long it will take AirAsia to copycat Ryan Air and charge passengers for using the toilet.

    Go check these out.

    Going back to last year

    "Ryanair confirms it WILL bring in charges for on-board toilets"

    And more recently

    "Ryanair's 5 'cheapest' money-saving schemes"

    "Ryanair reveals plan to have just ONE toilet on each plane to make room for more seats"

    "Ryanair's new controversial cost cutting plan: one toilet per aircraft"

  48. Anonymous5:02 pm


    Why are u still using a Christian name when you are. Are u a convert?

  49. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Rocky is always right - like his party.

    Minister in charge of airport is quiet, Minister in charge of finance is quiet, Minister in charge of homes is quiet, MAHB is quite quiet and here Rocky is shouting his head off not unlike the tone of speeches we just heard.

    Rocky also speaks in riddles - like what money had been collected and not returned. Ha! Rocky's afraid of being sued if he writes specifically. And Tien Chua??? What has he got to do with all these. Note spelling of name is wrong. Maybe scared of being sued.

    I pity Rocky.

  50. Anonymous5:52 pm

    45 cents for each passenger to use Aerobridge? And why is Tony Freeloader still refusing? Bet you he wants EVERYONE to blame MAB for everything and then he will most likeliest - like every Malaysian -to use prejudice against skin colour whenever they cannot get anything they want.
    Maybe it is TIME for EVERY Malaysian - melayu ka....cina kaa....india ka.. punjabi ka... serani ka...orang asli ka...kadzan ke....iban ka..and everyone that calls AND proudly declare they are Malaysians to come down hard on anyone that uses prejudice against skin colour whenever they can't get what they want!!!
    Like I said, maybe if Tony Freeloader re-invests the profits earned back into AA and not into motorsports or QPR...there won't be this issue with MAHB ya? I still wonder why doesn't he invest in Malaysian football or motorsports IN Malaysia instead of sending Malysian Ringgits to troubled UK?
    Maybe he also has a UK passport eh?
    Has anyone herd him speak bahasa malaysia in any interviews on telly? Bahasa Malaysia is for ALL Malaysians...

  51. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Ah Beng mentality: If I use other ppl services, I don't have to pay. If other ppl use my services, they have to pay triple. To get what I want, I will make noise day and night. That's why I'm also known as ultrakiasu.

  52. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Aircraft using aerobridge will consume more fuel..profit will reduce!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang.

  53. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Wow!! AirAsia is charging RM8 for using Credit card/Debit card.... This like you go to any shop, and they ask use to pay extra fee for not paying cash... this is totally wrong.... the best part is, if your booking is not confirmed...

    From AirAsia website:

    " Please select your chosen Bank and COMPLETE the online payment process. Failure to do so will result in your booking being cancelled. A booking reference number will be auto generated by the system, however, your booking status is not confirmed until you have completed and made full payment using the selected bank's direct debit payment mode ONLY.

    The next screen that will appear once you click 'OK', will be your online banking log-in screen. Please complete the FULL PAYMENT process to avoid cancellation of your unconfirmed booking.

    Kindly check your local banks internet banking operating hours before proceeding with Direct Debit payment to avoid any payment/booking failure.

    Is this really helping passeger lowering the ticket price? I got lower price by MAS for same date & time & destination by RM100... wow!! Tony you really making lots of money...

  54. Charles F Moreira12:29 am

    Anonymous wrote:-

    "Aircraft using aerobridge will consume more fuel..profit will reduce!"

    Now why should that be so?

    Am aircraft parked at an aerobridge bay is pushed backwards into the taxiway by a tug.

    I cannot remember whether the aircraft starts up its main engines while still in its bay after its doors are closed, or whether it starts up its engines after it's been pushed into the taxiway.

    If it's the first case, it will consume a bit more fuel while idling.

    Once on the taxiway, it taxis along all the way to the runway on its own power.

    If it's parked out on the tarmac, away from the terminal building, it may be able to taxi forward right away on its own power.

    However, fuel consumption also depends upon how far it has to taxi till it reaches the take-off point on the runway and also upon how long it has to wait in queue behind other planes taking off or to allow other planes to land before it's cleared for take off.

    The aircraft consumes fuel throughout all that period.

    Also, all modern aircraft have a small get engine in their tail which powers an electrical generator called an auxiliary power unit (APU), which supplies the power to keep the air condition, electrical and other systems running while the main engines are off.

    The APU is usually kept running while the aircraft is parked while disembarking and taking on new passengers. I's usually turned off if the aircraft is parked for a longer period.

    Now if you are going to have passengers walk to or be bussed out to the aircraft on the tarmac, does it not take longer and the APU have to run for that much longer than if if they use an aerobridge?

    I've travelled by air through the Sungei Besi and through Subang Airports since before the latter had aerobridges and boarding the transfer bus and getting down again before boarding the aircraft definitely took much longer than using an aerobridge.

    I basically don't see the rationale behind this claim that using aerobridges results in more fuel being consumed.

    There are so many variable factors, including beyond an airline's control which contribute to an aircraft's overall fuel consumption while on the ground, than what little extra which may be consumed as claimed, when using aerobridges.

  55. Anonymous8:24 am

    See, that's what happens when mob gets a load of power and pedophilia.
    They can't stop because they really like it.
    Look at BERLUSCONI.
    He's living it.
    But he's going to jail.
    And with him will be some of the too stars in Hollywood, so maybe he'll feel ok.
    MP3 .
    No longer WHAMBANGO.

  56. Anonymous8:25 am

    Is this ROCK MADSIN spelled MADSEN?
    He's in the NETHERLANDS?
    With DANA?
    SLYOME says it with SLYCA.

  57. Anonymous9:03 am


    It is only due to Tony that we the Pak Cik and Mak Cik can afford to Fly...

    Using the Bloody expensive UMNO Tollgates was too much for us...

    If we ever see you use AirAsia, we'll kick your Ass out onto the Tarmac..

    EVERYONE TAKE NOTE: If you all see Rocky buying AirAsia Ticket or even try to Board AirAsia Kick this Idiot Out.

    AirAsia User

  58. Anonymous9:37 am

    Say "NO" also to:
    "Checking counter fee"!
    "Seating fee"!
    "Credit Card processing fee"!


  59. Anonymous9:40 am

    We need to pay about RM2.50 per min just to call AA's Customer Service Hotline.. but most of time just to be put on hold for sooo f***ing long. Say "NO" also to this fees.

  60. Anonymous10:14 am

    The truth most melayus hate to admit! tHIS Indian boy who was rocking in music had a platter given to him his butt out with his Irish Partner and concept...of course with the help of melayu friends who are willing to work hard...became a sensation overnight with "everybody can fly " becomes filty rich ....all those green eyed melayus just cannot stomach it....
    Government comes out with this new and that and rob us subtilely with those fcuking airport taxes....
    They overblown the cost of the airport[ you know why its overcost]
    and the public is again suckered to keep this umno puteras as parasites!
    Tony is our hero and" Hail Tony"
    This melayus hate to admit it !period!Just look at that Tajuddin of MAS , Mahakuttys fly boy.....
    This towering malays ...HA HA HA!!!!

  61. thuraisingham Shun12:20 pm

    The Media should be independent, the government link(S) should be removed, only then is freedom of speech and expression can reach the citezenary, no more of government please

  62. Dumbest article ever written by Rocky.
    In that case why do everyone including UMNO goons raise hell when the toll goes up. You can choose not to take normal roads right.

    Differnce between Air Asia and MAHB

    If i want to fly for work to jakarta for work ( i am a small SME player who has to pay for my own economy ticket, not free business class tickets like UMNO goons _) i can choose to fly Air Asia or not.

    But I have to take a MAHB airport . No choice.

  63. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Umno leader linked to Alstom bribery scandal, says Singapore daily

    should not be in our GL paper as it is against a GL person

  64. Mr Fernandez is not a public servant and will never be. His professional obligations or whatever is left of it for disclosure standards have been followed to the letter but not the spirit, which should lead us to more seriously validate his credentials as an entrepreneur.

    Dr Mahathir's Vision 2020 implicitly assumes regulators have to keep up to date with innovative abuse of policy goals.

    The Vision also assumes continued power to properly question and approve, because the letter of the law can't contain all abuse.

  65. Anonymous3:33 pm

    i see the picture differently...Is TF looking to move base to Indonesia ? then this would be his excuse or barganing chip for incentives.also,If he pays the Air port Tax on schedule then perhaps MAHB might have considered his appeal.TF should look at his Accounts Books and as an Accountant realise that he has to thank MAHB for the purported profits that he declares but NEVER pays dividends

  66. oranglereh5:13 pm


  67. Anon writes:

    ... This melayus hate to admit it !period!Just look at that Tajuddin of MAS , Mahakuttys fly boy.....
    This towering malays ...HA HA HA!!!!

    10:14 AM


    I'm sorry to rain your parade but you obviously missed Tony Fernandes' interview recently.

    He admitted it was Dr Mahathir who gave him the break. That he got "very little" during Pak Lah's time, and that Najib is very helpful or great (or somiething to that effect).

  68. Charles F Moreira7:58 pm

    ... This melayus hate to admit it !period!Just look at that Tajuddin of MAS , Mahakuttys fly boy.....
    This towering malays ...HA HA HA!!!!

    10:14 AM


    "I'm sorry to rain your parade but you obviously missed Tony Fernandes' interview recently."

    "He admitted it was Dr Mahathir who gave him the break. That he got "very little" during Pak Lah's time, and that Najib is very helpful or great (or somiething to that effect)."

    I didn't like it when Tajuddin Ramli was given MAS to run but neither did I believe the media hype that Tony Fernandez "magically" made AirAsia a "roaring success" without help from the politicians who let a privately owned airline so many concessions to be able to challenge the national carrier.

    Malaysia should end that neo-liberal privatisation crap started during Mahathir's time and re-nationalise the airlines, especially MAS and also the national shipping line, MISC. That means make them state entities again.

  69. I find it ironic....
    He was at forefront at heaping praise on Pak Lah when he was in power. Then changing his tune when Pak Lah fell and he statred praising Tun M.
    Now he has his plane decked with 1Malaysia slogans and kissing Najib's ass when needed.
    He is now in bed with Khazanah.
    What more does he want?

  70. Anonymous11:22 am

    Cannot lah...we cannot simply finger thieves if the thieves are within our own stable. After all, there must be honour amongst thieves.


  71. Anonymous11:25 am

    This is called Lembu Politics. One lembu you can slaughter, but thousands of lembus you got no choice but to support, otherwise all the other lembus will run you over.


  72. Government revenue? You must be kidding!! How much of what is collected at KLIA is government revenue? In fact what is degrading and embarrassing is that MAHB through its airport tax is collecting from every passenger money to be passed on to YTL's ERL. Even those who go to KLIA by car or bus or even walk. And even those who might be in transit and have to pay the airport tax for whatever reason. What is even a bigger insult to Malaysians is that YTL charges RM35 for the 28 minute ride. Whereas, in Bangkok a greater distance is traveled between the city and their new airport. The train fare taking about the same time and going just as fast cost 45 bhat, i.e. about RM5.00

  73. Anonymous7:42 pm

    BTW I'am the lembu.


  74. Anonymous12:25 am

    Agreed with Anon 9.03. I am sure this idiot will still take AA. No shame.