Monday, December 05, 2011

Air Asia X CEO and the "tin kosongs"

Kucing kurap and Tin kosongs. I can understand Azran Osman Rani is not amused by the way some people have been criticizing Air Asia or Air Asia X but calling those who criticize AA names is not on, I did tell him in response to his tweet this morning. A lot of us rooted for Air Asia when it was a victim of the industry bullies; today, some of us still are, even though AA and Osman's boss Tony Fernandes are perceived as the big bully. Many of us mean(t) well and "tin kosong" is an unkind thing to call us. Maybe the noise soounds to Azran like the noice empty cans make but some of us just want to see all the players - Air Asia, MAS and Malaysia Airports - work together in the nation's interest. Some of us don't give two hoots about your brashness or how big your ego is.

Sure, a lot of people have called Tony Fernandes names and recentlyeven the YBs, from Wee Choo Keong to Anwar Ibrahim and Bung Mokhtar to Tan Seng Ghiaw, have been talking, sometimes bitching, about the man and his airline in Parliament. Like Tony said in an interview with the Borneo Post recently, he has even been called "kucing kurap"  (actually, a YB used that on Air Asia, NOT Tony Fernades, see screenshot below).

But how many of his critics called him that? And if Azran thinks the whole world is against Tony and Air Asia (and Azran himself, of course), dig up the good things people have said about Tony and the praises they have heaped on Air Asia. Dr Mahathir said some flattering stuff about Air Asia recently. Even the King has conferred Tony a Tan Sri-ship at such a young age.

I am sure that without the critics, Tony would not be quite where he is today.


  1. uh uh...I think I am of the same level as Tony Fernandes lah like that...some hotshots of a powerful authority call me kuching kurap proud leh :)

  2. Anonymous8:01 pm

    goverment can see ONLY ONE black
    eventhough msia full of 'sawomatang'tansri ?? duit ??
    i look at him -rubbishhhhh / big timer tipu semua orang wang sudah TERBANG -AIRASIA BNYK UTANG

  3. Anonymous9:26 pm

    This is the trend today. People forget the goose that laid the golden egg. Every body wants to see blood.

    When some one wants to do something, critics will be there to dampen things. But if that someone succeeds, the same critics will drink and be merry together. At the same time, that someone will be flattered by his ego and wants more, err... to cut the story short.... becomes greedy.

    The level of greediness trickles down to all the merry makers and so the ball keeps rolling.

    Pioneers, leaders, bosses,and in fact many people suffer the same fate or syndrome if you like.

    When you laugh, the world laughs with you. But when you cry, you cry alone. Ever heard that before?


  4. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Talking cock as ever Rocky..first you look towards your fellow dumno dogs and cut the insults coming from there will ya?

  5. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Bro , are u converted to vegetarian ... no meat on your blog la ... boring live up your reputation be more interesting

  6. Basree Rakijan9:56 pm

    azran osman rani dgn tony sama saja. boss kencing berdiri dia kencing berlari. dah kaya, dah besar tak ingat diri!

  7. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Ni apa cerita! MAS sememang nya dari dulu RUGI,,,AIR ASIA salahkan MAB,,,tapikan AIR ASIA not that bad dia punya REPUTATION,,!!!!

    MAB ni apa LANCAU dia buat pon tak tau,,,,bukan nya banyak AIRLINE turun di KLIA,,and our STUPID GOMEN dah 6 PM,, tak bole tanding SINGAPORE AIRLINE/AIRPORT. BODO betul PM Malaysia,,,,taxda BRAIN,,!!!

    Anyway,,,tak pa lah the existing PM pon tinggal berapa hari saja akan memerintah MALAYSIA coz rakyat dah fed up with his double tounge,,,sekejap MALAYSIA1,,sekejap MELAYU1.

    Akhir-akhir ni dah nyanyok MAMAT ni. May be its the begining of the end of the GOMEN.


  8. Anonymous11:56 pm

    ahhh tony,

    are u still remember when u ask one of top airbus male management exec to dance infront of u?
    by the way i had encounter twice flight delay using ur airasia recently and we say not efficient afterall.why u want to built your own airport?when the time u meet dr mahathir u did not mentioned about new airport, u did not mentioned about swapping share with mas right?and certainly when u meet dr mahathir ur proposal is only , (repeat) only a cheap airline for the rakyat right? baik punya `kipas' aaaa…. Macha … of your aircraft u paint with dr mahathir picture with twin tower on it.


    we believe dr mahathir vision is, during the first meeting, when he give u the license is for u to compete with other airline (especially singapore airline) and show to mas, make profit through ur idea of `cheap airline and everybody can fly’ right? not more and certainly not less right?
    so tony the ular, can u just stick to the idea and just concentrate of how to expand ur cheap airline fare idea? u said u and your team have ton of hundred thousand of idea how to expand ur business so just concentrate on your business of cheap airline ok? Don’t mess around on other people turf ok?And how did the level four boyz involved on this matter? Mind you tony, in republic communist of china, the gang of four were executed swiftly with such precise and efficient.

    Ahh Tony, Tony, Tony you remind me of the DAP goon, the communist, the parasite, the habit of cheating (manipulate still ok) and their denial syndrome (its in the blood system).

    So tony , just concentrate on your business of cheap airline airfare, expand within boundary of your original idea, nobody going to hold you and don’t u ever mess around with other people business ok?

    Dear my brethren, from now on go to hell with airasia the priority should be firefly.

  9. Sure - I think the costs for KLIA2 are very suspicious. And MAHB is still not at the standards of Dubai, Changi or Hong Kong. But certainly a lot better than Europe.
    MAHB has its fault - but I think they have really been very accommodating to AA and AAX - in comparison to anywhere else in the world.
    I have never heard of any other country deliberating building a huge LCCT for practically one airline.
    Tony - you don't even use the Budget Terminal at Changi. I don't hear you bitching to other airport operators regarding Airport Tax and facilities. Changi and Bangkok and other places charge same rates as premium carriers. Why don't you scream at them as well?

  10. Anonymous8:06 am

    Tin Kosong has its English equivalent namely, An Empty Vessel Makes the Most Noise. So who may I ask is louder, more brash and emotional in this issue? Also it is arrogance to think that the views of your critics do not count in any way.

  11. Anonymous8:20 am

    Got a feeling...that Air asia will not make its passengers happy ever after.Hoping Malaysian airlines shall give the BEST service internationally.


  12. Anonymous8:46 am

    Anak Tony yang botak pun dah kepala besar.

    Ni lah salah PM beri muka sangat.

    Penipu dan anak2 dia dah naik muka.

  13. Anonymous9:13 am

    Sudah la Rocky, you are just a lapdog la. Why never write about Shahhrizat la? Where's your sense of "investigative" journalism la? No balls? Please dont let your super nova ego fool you to think you are a a great journalist la....dont live and glorify the past mate...

  14. Skilgannon10669:23 am

    Anon 11:56 PM

    ahhh XXX

    Looks like you are another of those who blindly support MAS.

    Tell me, how many times has MAS gone on "life support" and had to be "resuscitated" by government bailouts?

    How many times has MAS raised the canard of having being forced to do "national service" by operating unprofitable domestic routes?

    How many times has MAS postponed much-needed fleet modernisation because of financial constraints?

    Seems to me that the people who have been running MAS from the time of it's set up are the real "tin kosongs".

    Because what has MAS done to support the objective of KLIA becoming a regional air hub a la Changi Airport?

    Or what it has done to counter it's image as a dowdy third world airline compared with the glitz and efficiency of Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Emirates?

    Oh, wait - maybe MAS is really a dowdy third world airline, shackled by management and unions who have little comprehension of the realities of the global aviation industry.

    Which is pretty much par for the course for most Malaysian GLCs, Proton included.

  15. I have to admit I originally was sympathetic to Tony when this whole issue came up.
    However after seeing the letters between him and MAHB the facts are a lot clearer. He had projected the large numbers for usage of the LCCT, and it was him who urged MAHB to put in place a fully automated Baggage system. Thus it was MAHB who are going out of their way to accomodate Air Asia.
    The cost of the new LCCT should be independently checked by auditors - but I do think his vitriol agaisnt MAHB should be stopped. It is unfair and uncalled for.

  16. Anonymous9:45 am

    I say let's allow MAS to have their own version of AA..exactly the same and see how AA can fare against MAS. MAS will always rugi because the government OWNS it and MAS has to show its corporate responsibility while AA is privately owned and they dont really care about corporate responsibility - Tony even refuses to have aerobridges for the old makciks, wheel chair bound passengers and the lot!!!
    To compare MAS and AA is really bodoh... and to compare MAS with SIA is even bodoh as SIA does not have domestic flights!! Domestic flights costs a lot for the operators unless of course the government stops all train and bus operators from flying down to JB!!!!
    Tony is asking SOOOO much... and at the same time tries very hard to show that he cares for the masses.
    He even only allows one tissue paper for every meal served on board on the pretext that he is trying to save the environment!!!
    MAHB is charging ALL airlines using its why the fuss AA?
    Let's see if Tony can make money by setting up an airline EXACTLY like MAS...serving both domestic and overseas would be fun to see him do that. Bet you he would sell his motorsports and QPR in order to sustain the operational costs.
    Tony might even have to put up his house again :-)

  17. Anonymous11:00 am

    Airasia bully d passengers, with all unnecessary charges, last time MAB gave thm special low charges but now thy go against MAB,Tony good in show off n drama king.collect airport tax but keep to free loan n nvr pay in full to MAB. now tony cry like baby...improve ur service...flight delay, bad service,evrythg charge, check in charge, to request retn airport tax for no flying guest also tony charge passengers whic as high as airport tax. Credit card tony charge....d plane conditions so dirty..I'm not sure if d air quality in AA plane is safe...Tony ur big bully

  18. Anonymous11:01 am

    Taib is an honest man....lets not talk about him Locky Blusheet

  19. MAS(Mesti Ada Susah)11:37 am

    Ah,all these got to blame it on the present govt which has been ruling for over 50 years and see how is MAS(Mana Ada Sistem) today?
    Who created all this scenario today?
    Last time MAS was making profit but when it was privatised(literally the govt sold to one individual who has no experience and mismanaged it and finally the govt got to bail it out),MAS was ever on the sliding path.

  20. bru, is he talking about you when he said tin kosings?

    biadab betul.But the reality is MAHB is no angel also. No need such an extravagant 2nd airport. cukuplah with KLIA.

  21. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Isn't a bigger and better airport good for Air Asia? Or just not good for TF and his major shareholders. guess AA has another reason not to dish any dividends to its minor shareholders.

  22. Anonymous3:36 pm

    "and to compare MAS with SIA is even bodoh as SIA does not have domestic flights!! Domestic flights costs a lot for the operators unless of course the government stops all train and bus operators from flying down to JB!!!!"

    response : Well said Anon, comparisons to be done by sane, intelligent and rational people always involve like and like comparisons as logic dictates that to be so.

    Anyway, regarding "Tin Kosong" and "cakap kosong" lies a vast difference. I would rather be an empty vessel whose potential usefulness as an object to contain things or liquid far outweighs wisps of empty talk floated into thin air. Only a braggart with his brain lodged in his anus would deign to do the latter!

    And precisely that is what those inflated projections of passenger carriage implies - harebrained illusions spouted by an idiot. Now the chickens are flying home to roost and what a gaggle in the coop its turning out to be. As reality chomps off the arse of illusion, the bleeding will be slow and terminal. There aint gonna be any 45 million or even 30 million pigs jammed into flying coffins, revenue has 'plateued' and with cost, especially jet fuel, skyrocketing, its only a matter of time before the coffers are emptied to pay the Shylocks.

    Add to that new kids on the block, like Scoot, airlines offering aero-bridges for the infirm and courteous on-time service to boot, less people opting not to fly and one can see the writing on the wall. One simple question; Why the brouhaha over a paltry sum for aero-bridges unless there isn't dime in those seemingly bulging pockets filled with hot air. Think about that!

    And to act the hoi polloi's champion saviour in times of distress has always been the hallmark of scounderels and scums alike the world over.

  23. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Anon 9:45 am. You're absolutely right! Comparing SIA and MAS is really stupid.

    I was a supporter of AA too until I found out first hand how unethical they are. Their "success" is not really a success..

  24. Anonymous6:56 pm

    If AA is so good why did they get more subsidy than MAS when flying in Sabah and Sarawak. Then they abandoned the services and MAS has to take over.

  25. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Bro, I just came back from London, riding on AAsia XXX both ways and stayed at Tune Hotel along Westminster Bridge Road.

    First, there was more than an hour of delay to London. I arrived at London Gatwick Aiport when it was already dark. It was supposed to be at 2.30pm when London was still bright.

    When I checked in at Tune Hotel, I was shocked to find the room was so SMALL. Tune Hotel guys (TF included) did a good camera trick to put the pictures in the website (the room looked so BIG). I did not hesitate to book one for 8 days! I cursed myself for being hoodwinked by Tune Hotel guys and gals.

    It was really a dreadful stay! I told my family members that we were there just to SLEEP! But it didn't work because we just dreaded to come back to the hotel after a good day's outing in London. After three days, I decided to drive outside of London (to Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham and Cardiff) and slept in comfortable and spacious rooms at Day's Inn for just 50 pounds per night. I didn't mind the extra expenses as my family really enjoyed the excursion outside London.

    While Tune Hotel charged 45 pounds per night, but we had to pay for extra towels, 3 pounds for 24 hours of TV viewing, xxx pounds for 24-hour internet access and even a charge of 20 pence to print the boarding pass from their computers. All in all, it cost me an average of 60 pounds for 1 night stay. I also had to deal with "warm" and not hot tap water while in the room. What a scam and ripoff!

    On the way back from London, I had to deal with a "retarded" check-in counter girl at London Gatwick. While some passengers were allowed 2 cabin luggage, I was denied one. When I asked why some passengers were allowed 2 cabin luggage, the lady pretended to be "retarded". Maybe TF and the management have taught the check-in personnel well to act as "mentally retarded" when posed with such questions and could not provide a sensible answer.

    I had to check in one of my bags which contained some fragile items. When I asked the "retarded" check-in girl whether AAsia XXX will pay me if some of the items were broken, she replied, "Did you take insurance for the items?" I was lost for words to answer her back!

    The "tin kosong" label that you had put on AAsia XXX is appropriate when you take my case as an example. TF and gang, please don't shout and brag when AAsia XXX services are sub-standard and nowhere compared to MAS. Look between your stomach and knee before you speak, and check you upper body for any loose wiring.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    Ex-Journalist With Mainstream Media.

  26. Do you think Tony is great businessman? What happened to his national service for rural folks in Sabah n Sarawak? He fooled us all to get the license for his AAX...
    Remember our leaders compaining those scholarship holders forgetting to return to serve the country? But they don't backstab the country.
    Look at Tony and his gang? Said they want to compete. But they kill the domestic competition. And keep complaining this and that.....
    Beri betis hendak paha....

  27. Skilgannon106610:03 pm

    Anon 9:45 AM

    Please don't put your ignorance of aviation industry realities on public display.

    "Domestic routes"? What's preventing MAS from operating these routes at a profit, i.e, by setting fares at the right level?

    Elsewhere, airlines in the US, Europe and Australia fly domestic routes and make money doing it; if they don't, they just drop the routes. It's the law of the free market, something that the Malaysian government has yet to understand.

    Get real, ok? Do you think that the Malaysian government can control the price of jet fuel or the salaries paid to pilots and aircraft engineers who have skills that enable them to work anywhere?

    Of course, there is always the magic word of last resort - "SUBSIDIES"! Which is something that even the mighty Petronas is struggling with as it supplies cheap gas to Tenaga Nasional and the IPPs.

    Airlines doing "national service"? In the words of Scrooge - "bah, humbug"!

    You might as well make MAS a government department and let it run itself into losses year after year instead of going through the shenanigans of "restructuring".

    Counter that if you can, and I can then bring up the topic of what is happening to the airlines in India and why some of them are screaming for bailouts!

  28. Penembak Babi11:10 pm

    Hoi Babi Skilgannon 1066!!

    Kau dah kembalike? Pukimak punya babi. Aku pikiaq ko dah mampos sebab malu. Penipu punya Babi, jilat pukimak hanglah babi. Aku telah londeh ko sebagai penipu + bangang + tolol + bahlol punya pukimak sial!:

    Ada muko lagi nak taruk komen kat sini, pondan, penjilat pepek!. Hoi babi ko jange nak senda oghe melayu sini dengan komen third class palat hang! hang tak dah otak, penipu dan pengecut. Bila kena londeh,nyembunyi kejap lepas tu muncul' mula dengan shit baru pulak.

    Ko babi tarak kredibiliti, komenmu macam tahi babi , busuk penuh cacing!. Dengan sebabi Peter Ho pun ko ngelak mace betino sundal, nak kecek pasai MAS lagi, tak malu punya babi! Woi Barua, go fuck your mother dirty cuntlah babi pundek. Bagi nyonyot kelentit kering kedut tu habis, kasi hisap tetek dio lepas tu tibai dia depae belakae. Bagi sorong puas-puas, baru betino tuo puki kering kedut berdaki tu rasa syok dengan batang pendekmu, hai babi!
    'Pas habiq bantai puki busuk mak hang, jerut leher dia dan kelar lehermu, babi chou chibai, tiuniamah puki tiang, lancau tak guno punyo Cino babi.

    Pasai AA dan TF sial pukimak tu, tak heran pun. Kapiak nate haram meme otak babi dah nak buat mace' mano? Patut pukimak perut boroi muko babi mace' ni kena masuk lokap aje. Bori tu sebab sumbat ngan dengan mende haramlah tu Bagi kurung aje buang kunci lagi baik si bangsat-bangsat haram jadah pukimak keling ni semua.Bikin meluat aje kito dengan kecek loyar buruk depa!!

    Aku sokongmu MAHB dan Tan Sri Bashir, jangan bagi chan kat sial pukimak punyo koling pariah tu! You can get lost to Indonesia or Singapore, Tony Fuckurarse aka thaioli fernandes, stupid piece of shit!

  29. Anonymous12:49 am

    Banyak cantik dia orang panggil tin kosong rightttttttt
    Just look at it this way they Air Asia is getting to big for their boots.
    Please lets be reminded , a few years ago Air Asia owed MAHB round 60 mill , our My Tony paid 40 mill and got a discount on the remaiding 20 mill. People pay tax for the airport but AIR Asia makan peoples money ha ha ha and now AIR ASIA bitching bout MAHB plseas explain the 20 mill discount Air Asia received from MAHB for Airport TAX cheers

  30. Anonymous12:54 am

    1. Air Asia kenakan caj kalau kita bayar guna kredit card atas nama convenient charges.? tapi syarat ini disembunyikan...tidak dimaklum awal. Kesian penumpang kena sembeleh.

    2. Di Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung dan lain lain tempat Air Asia guna airport yang sama , guna aerobridge, tak pulak bising bising minta airport asing, dan tak mahu guna aerobridge? Kesian MAB kena buli.

    3. Air Asia kutip airport tax tapi tak dibayar kepada kepada MAB? Putar alam yang jelas.Kesian MAB kena buli.

    4. Air Asia membunuh penerbangan Firefly ke Kuching, Sandakan, dan Kota Kinabalu. Kenapa Air Asia ada kuasa besar dalam MAS? Kesian rakayat sabah dan Sarawak. Kesian MAS kena buli.

  31. Anonymous1:24 am

    Gua rasa MAHB should proceed to build the KLIA2/LCCT2 as what they plan now.

    But as an alternative plan, in case this AA or AAX bikin banyak hal sangat in the future then open this KLIA2/LCCT2 also to other normal-cost airlines. And not only to the so-called LOW-COST Tony F* Carrier. Kalau tidak nanti MAHB akan rugi kena buli dan kena main dengan songel Tony F* ni. Then tak payah la nak khaskan satu airport canggih untuk AA n AAX.

    Buat apa bagi aiport special to him yang tak reti berterima kasih kepada pihak yang sama-sama cuba menolong dia? Bagi la balik LCCT sekarang yang macam gudang ni kat dia.

    Fuck you la Tony F*!

  32. Anonymous2:20 am

    There are praises for AA and so for MAS. Both are airlines in Malaysia. Lets not give less credit to MAS too.
    1. When there was no airline industry in Malaysia, MAS was started (sure those days MSA). To start a business like airlines, you need alot of capital investments and people to fly. MAS was sure to suffer with vast initial investments in planes and place to land and take off. At that time the population was small and many cannot afford it. So it was a high cost industry which the government has to start.
    2. Learning the industry is also difficult, not like to day, many countries provide this knowledge and skill. Communication was also difficult due to poor internet facilities.
    3. Those days you have to go to the airport to buy tickets, nowadays you can buy on line, cheaper (need not physically go to airport), faster and can buy in bulk. You can buy forward too (airlines collected your money months and years ahead/earlier before you fly).
    4. Tony has many advantages.
    a. Ready industry to try on (Southern airlines done it).
    b. Technology already there.
    c. Airplanes are better, faster, fuel efficient, etc.
    d. He can pinch staff from MAS, with less training cost and do it immediately with available trained staff.
    e. Easier to find investors now than before.
    f. Infrastructures to airport are available from all parts of malaysia. Those days few highway and takes a very long time to airport.
    g. Turnaround at ground (plane land and take off) is faster due to better and new equipments vailable nowadays.
    h. baggage handling is faster nowadays due to better automation, less handling by human, reducing loss of bags and belongings.
    i. etc, etc, etc.
    5. Basically, Tony had many and better advantage than MAS, other than the Government giving him an oppotunity to do that business.
    6. Tony had on many occasions in his talks, criticise MAS, so what is wrong when he is criticised this time.
    7. I think as Indian businessmen, I have more respect for Nganalingam of west port than this Tony.
    8. Anyway "nasi dah jadi bubur" by giving this character the opportunity JUST like Selangor and Kedah given to the Opposition Party. Those states we can vote and get back...Tony? Not sure.
    9. I am very fond of Dr Mahathir and the best thing he ever did was sacking his deputy, but the worst thing he did was making Pak Lah the replacement and giving Tony the licence to operate AA.
    10. Well what to is too late unless all of us completely fly MAS from now on.

    -Arab- KPM

  33. Anonymous7:25 am

    why need all the confrontation.. the losers will be all rich these people want.. moderation please

  34. Penembak Babi8:25 am

    Woa ha ha ha ha Woa ha ha ha ha

    Woit, Koling pariah tu kantoi. Surrender habit. Pundek fernandes, lain kali macha kena fehe ini negara oghe Melayu dan keturunan pendatang kena ikut undang-undang dan peraturan oghe Melayu, ada fehe, pukimak?

    Tahniah kepada Tan Sri Bashir dan MAHB kerana menangani telatah dan fehel budak koling ini dengan tegas. The law is the law and procedure is procedure! You dont like it, get lost to Indonesia or Singapore di mana ada jungle law!.

    Woi, anak Fernandes, lain kali pikiaq baik-baik sebelum bukak mulut besar ko!

  35. Anonymous9:59 am

    And for all you know, Tony Freeloader is going to put coin slots on aerobridges...meaning to say that if you want to use aerobridge - put in 50 cents lah!!!
    Maybe he will also install coin slots for toilets too?

  36. Anonymous10:18 am

    Think this one, why the Tony so kpc one? Airport tax nothing to do with him. That one is between passenger and airport (government). If passenger not happy take it up with the airport lah. Why airline want to sibuk??? Go and busy with your airlines operation lah. Use the money to improve your operations instead of stupid campaigns. Leave that to the passengers. Please be focused!!

  37. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Yaaa Right Rocky,

    Who is running this country? Seems like it is running on Autopilot!

    Who is the PM? Maybe he doesn't think he has the time to bother (as Mahathir said Najib is "too busy")?

    Well then go find a monkey to be the Prime Minister....

    Not that the monkey knows anything but then again the monkey might be better than the last PM who was a Sleeping Beauty and may even be more independent than this one who only does when told to do so by his wife or other...


  38. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Of coz la he called u tin kosong...becoz your his "tin" is much, much fuller n richer than yours ;)

  39. Anonymous9:28 pm

    He doesn't even what kurap means.

  40. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Pirah rocky, hang yang tin kosong, hang ni tulih pasai orang saja. Tengoklah diri sendiri tu dulu, jadi ayam tambatan orang, toksah duk tipu orang la...tak payah jadi batu api. Hang cuba tulih pasai juta juta yang kawan kawan hang duk lesap la...

  41. Nice share Mr. Rocky
    i really enjoy read your article above
    but I totally support Air Asia in that case

  42. Anonymous9:40 am


  43. Anonymous9:59 am


    A truce is in the offing and I'm anxious to know what the terms are.

    Let's hope MAHB and Malaysians are not taken for a bumpy ride AGAIN.

    Under the guise of championing the cause of fellow travellers, the reality is to subtly solicit their sympathy in furtherance of his scheme of things.


  44. Anonymous11:54 am


    In a Malay literature, we have read during the days of the old and traditional Malay villages, how the mighty consolidated his power and opulence by bullying, plundering, oppressing , exploiting and in fact murdering in cold blood the poor villagers.

    Their meager harvests that could hardly sustain their living were robbed of or confiscated.

    Yet, for all these heinous crimes, the mighty escaped any form of punishment simply because of the strong connection he enjoyed that was established through deception.

    In modern days Malaysia, to-day, we are witnessing someone of that kind - may be not that heinous yet.

    Despite the fact that he is already an aviation tycoon, despite the fact that he is already the Chairman of QPR and despite the fact that he is already the Team Principal of Lotus F1, over a relatively short time - yes! despite all these, he is still accusing everybody particularly MAHB for victimising him. He is making a monster out of MAHB, bent to seize any little opportunity to pounce on him and Air Asia.

    So, MAHB, watch out, tread cautiously as you walk the rope in the impending truce.


  45. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Tony sudah ketaq lutut mana mau cari RM76 billion nak bayar dia bikin ribut sini sana lah...

    Wag the dog punya kes ni....

  46. Rocky

    You and UMNO are the biggest tin kosong. You and UMNO attacked Tony Pua for even suggesting the public service should be more efficient e.g. reducing head count.

    Now UMNO Gov is doing the same thing, dont hear a peep from you.

    Eat your vomit dude!

  47. Anonymous8:14 pm

    don wan to sound rasis.but my old chinese boss did not give any chance at all to these type of you know who.and we learn from from our previous mistakes.

  48. Calling people kucing kurap on twitter? It doesn't need much brains to become a CEO of AirASia X, does it? All one need to do is to give Tony F's butt a good kiss.

  49. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Rakyat malaysia semua kene tipu dgn cerita psl airasia,mab,mas.. depa ni satu kapal..bawah telunjuk pm..hanya dicipta untuk melahap duit negara..merompak dengan cara yg sah..rakyat boleh la tipu..jawab la kt akhirat nnti...stupid umno

  50. Anonymous1:00 am

    This ppl are just too much ie TF and the gang. Why government never come out to defend MAHB. Current government leaders have no ball. Tun Mahathir please offer your wisdom

  51. Anonymous1:00 am

    This ppl are just too much ie TF and the gang. Why government never come out to defend MAHB. Current government leaders have no ball. Tun Mahathir please offer your wisdom

  52. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Hahaahhah Dato'Rocky, you pun jadi tin kosong ! Inilah pepatah Melayu '' Cacing dah naik kemata ''...malangnya ubat cacing pun dah tak ada dipasaran...

  53. Anonymous12:26 am



  54. Skilgannon106610:22 am

    Ah, my porcine friend - the redoubtable "Peter Ho" suddenly clammed up when I raised the the point of Singapore's AAA credit ratings.

    Why so dumb, ah?

  55. Anonymous11:49 am

    Check this out..
    Tony Freeloader ONLY wants to make money and now QPR fans are angry because he gave them empty promises.
    Will AA suffer financially soon with Tony Freeloader using and wanting to make FAT profits to pay for his football and motorsports hobbies in the UK?
    Good to know that KLIA2 has aerobridges and it only costs RM 85-00 each time to use the aerobridge - so whats Tony Freeloader bising2 sangat? Maybe he doenst want handicapped and old people to fly his airlines? One day he will be very old and let's see if he doesnt mind walking up and down the steps in the heat and rain and cold as well.

  56. Penembak Babi7:49 pm

    Woi Anon 12.26 pukimak haram jadah. Ko dah dok hisap konek Tony sampai berbuih mulut kau dengan cum dio...hahahaha

    Habit hisap ko segera kesini dan bagi komen bodoh bahlol bangsat pukimak kepala butoh lanchau ko, bangsat punya pariah dog!

    Woi babi, yang dok naik haji dan umrah bayak antara 5k-9k satu trip itu cino babi yang batang ko dok hisap itukah? Betoi kau otak babi kerana sebelum AA lagi, 70% yang naik MAs oghe Melayu dari student Bumiputera nak ngaji kat luar nogheri hingga korporat Melayu buat bisnes merata dunyo.

    Woi pariah anon 1226, hang tak pernah naik ka'terbang jangan merapu bodoh gilo babi ko kat sini. Haram jadah punya nate bangsat!Lain kali jange nak tekan cap lock kalau nak meapu dan meroyan mace oghe sawan babi, ok...ada fehe?Understand, stupid fella?

  57. Anonymous3:15 am

    I have been a frequent flyer on AA for the past 7 years, flying with them at least once a month, to attend to business in Sabah.During that period I have seen the services going down and the fares going up.When I flew with them last month, cabinnya pun bau hancing from the toilet even though the air cond was on...itu pun bukan kali pertama bau begini.A round trip from London on Etihad masa promo will cost abt the same as AAX to Gatwick, plus Etihad lands in Heathrow which is more convenient and the baggage allowance is 30kg and food and services surpasses that of AAX. Its best if AA focus balik to its original objective of providing cheap flights rather then squabble dgn MAB and beli football club.TF tak payah nak ikut cara macam Branson.'Now everyone can fly'... just keep to that ok

  58. Penembak Babi8:08 am

    Woi Babi, siapa chalen dulu, lu kah atau Peter ho babi? Cakap benar babi pslst, jange belit mace koling pariah!!

    Muka tak malu punya bangsat. U answer his challenge firstlah pundek son of a bitch. Lepas tu baru throw challenge bodoh ko. Wadafuck babi, u cannot answer so throw red herring, bastard coward pukimak pigshit babi!!oink, oink,oink bodoh aje ko tahu, babi sial lanchiau chou chibai!

    Ini tak. macamm pondan nak elak, oghe tanya lain dio tak leh jawab, dia kona lain. patut peter Ho pun boring nak layan ko babi!

    Babi Cino mace ko memang otak tak dah kote kecut bilo kena challenge. lalu baling tipu helah dio nak elak, memang perangai pondan bangsat.

    Woi babi Skilgannon, jual pantat ko kat Anwar, karpal dan anak pinak Lee, mesti dio oghe suko pantat penuh cacing ko, bangsat. Go Fuck ur mother and suck your pig's cock. Penipu, pondan, sial laknatullah kapiak haram jadah, nate bahlol!

  59. Skilgannon10668:54 am

    Hi, Rocky

    Why don't you publish yesterday's (11 Dec 2011) commentary by B K Sidhy in The Star paper and let the "instant experts" on aviation post their rebuttals to the views expressed by the analysts quoted in the commentary?

    Fair enough, right?

  60. Jasper Bloodstone4:29 pm

    Seems to me that this penembak babi dude seems to have a perpetual hard-on as far as the skilly dude is concerned.

    Why is anybody's guess.

    But having read skilly's postings on MAS, AirAsia and Malaysia Airports in week choo keong's blog, I note that wee and other posters have shied away from answering the questions he/she raised or from refuting the points made.

    Because, insofar as aviation-related matters are concerned, it seems that skilly knows what he/she is talking about.

    Which is more than I can say for the mindless drivel posted by penembak babi.

    Incidentally, wrt to the "peter ho" guy, I didn't see anything in his posts that have not been refuted by various analysts and commentators, including singapore's finance ministry and defacto central bank.

    The triple A credit rating is a hard fact to refute, as is the strength of the singapore dollar and singapore's local banks (who have better credit ratings than their malaysian counterparts).

    Funnily enough, "peter ho" skirted around all these facts which are on public record.

    And penembak babi seems to have fallen into a similar trap in his urge to score points over skilly.

  61. Penembak Babi1:26 pm

    Woi Pundek Jahanam Jasper Bloodstone

    "and you have a perpetual priapismic erection for Skilly's arsehole!"

    amacam? you nak kecek hodoh kat aku, aku lagi suka bangsat nate harae, anak babeeee!

    Cibai lanchiau, "skilly is an "expert" in aviation" pukimak mak hanglah Jasper. Aku dah londeh hero ko sebagai PENIPU haram jadah kat atas:

    Dio expert jilat pukibabi adalah atau jilat pungguk bertahi si Kuan Yew tuo bolehlah!! Fuckin piece of shit!!

    Woi bangang sial laknatullah Jasper, oghe mace Wee Chee Keong malas nak layan si bodoh rasis bangsat haram jadah mace kawe ko tu sebab buang masa aje.

    Lagipun semua oghe tau yang hang dok merapu mace gilo babi angkat bakul sendiri!! tak usahlah nak kelentong diri sendiri sedaq sikit ok...londeh seluar tengok ada kote tak dari dok self-masturbate syok sendiri pakai nick lain...Fuck ur motherlah and Lick Her Arse Clean, Jasper aka Skillgannon 1066.

    Ngaku aje diri pondan dari buang pixel nak kutuk Peter Ho babi ke nak hentam aku...bangsat nate haram jadah pukimak betoi!!

  62. Jasper Bloodstone1:28 pm

    Pity the poor penembak dude who can't even refute one of skilly's arguments!

    The same goes for his clone, alterego and general partner in ignorance, the "peter ho".

    Can't take on Tony f and airasia, some more trying to pose as a champion of mas and msia airports when they have done sweet fricking all to develop the aviation industry in msia and make klia a regional air hub.

    Bladdy heck, qantas wouldn't even be talking to mas, mahb and the msian govt if Tony f & airasia weren't in the picture! Go suck on that particular fact!

  63. Ayah Man7:51 am

    Air Asia kena control betul2lah. Suka2 saja naikkan caj itu caj ini.
    Kononya penerbangan tambang murah. Kalau serba serbi dinaikan suka2 saja, ini dah macam rompak orang acu pisau kat leher.
    Mula2 dulu hormat warga tua, bagi masuk dulu, sekarang ini taada. kalau kena pijak pun buat buta sahaja. Fikirlah orang tua nak jalan begitu jauh naik turun kapal terbang.