Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear God/It's 2012!

Dear Readers and Commenters,

I know we are going to start 2012 with a bang or two, with one or two rogues in the bag for corruption, the Flee Anwar Campaign, etc. My court case against those guys will come up again at the KL High Court in the middle of January 2012 (it was filed against me in Jan 2007, so that also makes it the 5th anniversary of Bloggers United!). It should be General Election year, so so everybody says, and 110,000 Felda settlers have a chance to become glocals with 2012's most-anticipated IPO.

May all of you remain healthy of body and mind throughout the new year.

And may Dear God keep Malaysia and my loved ones safe.


Anonymous said...

rocky , just one Q , do u think this will be the last yr where Tun M , saiful , eskay and some of them who leave anwar will enjoy their freedom , just in case PR win the election and the iman mahdi , the nelson mandela and the martin luther king junior of malaysia will be sworn in as the 7th PM of Malaysia ?


Anonymous said...

In 12 days time, I'll be one year older. How time flies.

Happy New Year to you bro.


eddy said...

Good luck with the court business Bro and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...


NEW YEAR,,,,,Welcome NEW GOMEN!!!

Menunggu hari NEW Leadership!!!


Anonymous said...

The only way Malaysia can be safe is if you and your Lot is Put Away

ABU Ozland

Chi8 said...

Great song, happy new year!

SSS Admin said...

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Salam Sejahtera,

Anonymous said...

There will be come-uppence for the likes of Mamakthir and Daim, the architects of Malaysia's doom. Hope it'll happen in 2012.